• Riding the highest rollercoaster in VR (watch the video!!!),<br/>

    (sponsored by disney world),<br/>

    Went to 2 roller coasters yesterday,<br/>

    Not a coaster guy,<br/>

    Pic of guy falling off a rollercoaster,<br/>

    Freak coaster accidents,<br/>

    Pussified bitch,<br/>

    Being lifted out of your seat on a coaster,<br/>

    Mr show sketch about a rollercoaster people died on,<br/>

    Giving belongings before a coaster and thinking you might die,<br/>

    There’s no waiver or rules given before a coaster,<br/>

    Super young idiot employees that manage the roller coaster,<br/>

    What if you had to sign a will before a coaster,<br/>

    Ride the crazy extreme coaster now pussy,<br/>

    Unsafe fair rides,<br/>

    Trying to impress a girl at 38 years old,<br/>

    Forcing yourself to do things is kinda stupid sometimes,<br/>

    My dream is too almost die on a coaster,<br/>

    I do parkour with a go-pro,<br/>

    Spiderman = city tarzan,<br/>

    Are parkour videos faked?<br/>

    I'm a top parkour guy,<br/>

    You can’t just get into parkour you have to know a guy,<br/>

    I'm gonna have a journalist do scoops about me being a parkour superhero,<br/>

    Parkour snobs online,<br/>

    Parkour is misunderstood?<br/>

    Dying after trying to impress your friends<br/>

    Olympic us protests,<br/>

    No one cares about the olympics,<br/>

    Background sounds in the room,<br/>

    Will I be picked up for another season,<br/>

    Allergies in my apt,<br/>

    Vaxxed vs unvaxxed,<br/>

    My apology to coaster fans,<br/>

    Essential Frontline coaster workers,<br/>

    Signing a waiver before riding,<br/>

    Saying goodbye to kid before ride,<br/>

    Fun screams<br/>

    (episode also on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_xTpd4lFbYzEU3jzKNyOQ)

  • Intro,<br/>

    12 beers,<br/>

    Boring open mic standup talk,<br/>

    “This is bad” comment during my set,<br/>

    Liking when you make people unhappy during a set,<br/>

    People saying the way you should do comedy,<br/>

    Joe’s old mic at mcswiggans,<br/>

    Joe not liking comedians,<br/>

    Audience members looking/being upset,<br/>

    Harder to secretly be a scumbag now than it used to be?<br/>

    Ellen set up?<br/>

    Youtube blocking channels,<br/>

    Joe vaccinated against his will,<br/>

    Vax vs anti vax groups,<br/>

    Individuals vs groups,<br/>

    Protests in US are parties,<br/>

    ‘Joe knows what he’s talking about’,<br/>

    Epstein’s temple,<br/>

    Trusting the government,<br/>

    Wearing a mask for homeless jacking off,<br/>

    Forgetting about immune systems,<br/>

    A doctor for SEX.<br/>

    Pickup artist youtuber,<br/>

    Karma sometimes working,<br/>

    Wipe the server with a cloth??<br/>

    Hillary and Kamala joker laugh,<br/>

    Hollywood people turning on their cancelled friends,<br/>

    Joe confessing,<br/>

    Q people vs people kinda into conspiracies,<br/>

    George Floyd still alive?<br/>

    Getting too into conspiracies,<br/>

    hillary/huma anthony weiner laptop rumors,<br/>

    People getting in trouble for posts,<br/>

    Joe posting videos of his sets,<br/>

    (follow Joe at @joeonedge)<br/>

    Open mic at the Q subway that most people hated,<br/>

    Getting a standup ‘tape’,<br/>

    Filming crazy people in the subway,<br/>

    Homeless bag person or rich person?<br/>

    Me thinking joe and others were faking an NYC accent,<br/>

    Italian comedians,<br/>

    Longer vs short sets,<br/>

    Pee break!<br/>

    Reaction to reaction videos,<br/>

    PewDiePie cancelled,<br/>

    Things that are cancelled vs not,<br/>

    Political party names not changed but other names changed,<br/>

    Political divide/mcdonalds and wendys only,<br/>

    Mad max tribal future,<br/>

    Trader joe's bread lines,<br/>

    Hoarding canned food at the beginning of covid,<br/>

    No toilet paper,<br/>

    Joe is pro Covid,<br/>

    Joe got Covid twice,<br/>

    It’s racist to say the virus is from China,<br/>

    Racist to say the chinese gov is bad,<br/>

    Biden sniffed and didn’t detect covid,<br/>

    Joe lost taste for months,<br/>

    Long Covid,<br/>

    Losing taste of cum,<br/>

    Homeless jizz is the cure,<br/>

    Homeless people didn’t get covid???<br/>

    Cnn can’t lie!<br/>

    Amazon canceling your account,<br/>

    Amazon prime top tier gets you into illuminati,<br/>

    Joe’s behind the scenes pic,<br/>

    Hair plugs/comedy plugs,<br/>

    @joeonedge, <br/>

    Comics doing lists of show dates on instagram,<br/>


    Joe’s part Jamaican<br/>

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  • Didn’t see ya there,<br/>

    Back in my room,<br/>

    No one watches the videos,<br/>

    Sick (with covid?),<br/>

    My voice might sound different bc of my cold,<br/>

    Fasting like Rogan,<br/>

    Doing diets = just being bored,<br/>

    Rogan doing drugs before sets,<br/>

    Comedians trying to do unique specials (bo burnham),<br/>

    Sick guy doing podcast,<br/>

    Everything’s already been done,<br/>

    Old school tranquilizer scene voice,<br/>

    Hoarse voice from sucking chodes,<br/>

    Binge watching lololol,<br/>

    The show fringe and netflix dvd plans,<br/>


    Catholic church sing-praying for the cloud,<br/>

    How do we keep making space for the cloud?<br/>

    A solo podcast drunk episode,<br/>

    Acting drunk,<br/>

    Recording overnight for ghosts,<br/>

    Possession lawyers,<br/>

    Hacky fart possession joke,<br/>

    Vaccine commercials,<br/>

    Hacky vaccine bit,<br/>

    Mandela effect,<br/>

    CERN collider thing super villain device,<br/>

    Guy wild child's vs girls,<br/>

    Cut out google,<br/>

    Drug dealer dick,<br/>

    Raising a boy vs girl,<br/>

    Mucus man superhero <br/>

    episode also on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_xTpd4lFbYzEU3jzKNyOQ

  • Free of the brits at last,

    July 4th firework explosions!

    People being against fireworks,

    Dogs having ‘anxiety’,

    Autistic German shepherd,

    Super dangerous old fireworks,

    TNT and ACME products in wiley e coyote cartoons,

    Acme grocery stores?

    Old cartoon jokes were all violent but funny,

    Fireworks or gunshots near my apartment?


    Locking down in Chicago was actually safe,

    Hack standup bits that end with ‘what are we… (insert thing)?’

    George w bush,

    Jeb bush actually dumber than George W?

    Rescue dogs with PTSD,

    Independence day movie people thinking giant laser looked cool from spaceship,

    Aliens in ufos - drones or robots?

    British people being ‘knighted’ still,

    Fireworks back in the good old days (REAL bombs),

    Ben shapiro foot fetish,


    Preschool costs money,

    Have your kids use YouTube instead of school,

    Trying to figure things out with YouTube,

    Barista overrated,

    Barista school,

    Fancy job titles at retail or fast food jobs,


    Bezos not liking the term work life balance,

    Biden’s ice cream truck,

    A celeb not being a pedo is now a a silver lining,

    Cosby independence day!

    I forget Jello exists,

    Cos independence day!

    July 4 + end of covid + cosby freedom!

    Cosplay or COS(by) play (dressing as cosby),

    New cosby special?

    Everyone in the streets celebrating cosby freedom,

    I never liked or watched the cosby show bc of the preaching and lecturing,

    Cosby must have thought drugging girls doesn’t count as cheating,

    Used to love puddin pops,

    Kids treats now are healthier,

    Be a kid at heart,

    Michael jackson ‘sleeping’ with kids but pretending everyone else is the perv,

    Kyle dunnigan,

    Michael ‘hiding in plain sight’ jackson,

    MJ awkwardly kissing lisa marie bc it was a cover marriage,

    ‘That’s disgustin’ catch phrase,

    MJ talking about cops looking at his penis on TV when being raided,

    MJ’s penis is multi colored,

    Tell your kids money only lets you get away with 99% of anything,

    Cosby fat albert voice,

    Cosby’s back new show
    (episode also on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_xTpd4lFbYzEU3jzKNyOQ)

  • Trapped in a cave,
    They told me not to go down here,
    The cursed cave to the lost city,
    I almost made it in the comedy scene,
    My dead body will be a warning,
    An old wise lady warned me not to go like in every thriller movie,
    ‘Conquering the deadliest cave in the world!” YouTube video,
    You can transfer viral video likes and views down to your kids,
    Put in your will 20,000 hits on YouTube,
    Real France catacombs, as above so below movie,
    Watch out for the devil,
    They always ignore warnings in thriller/horror movies,
    The ruins movie,
    Naïve Americans in movies,
    What do ya mean teach kids about how to make it in life anymore,
    College waste of money,
    No more American dream!
    We're going back to the wild west,
    Money not in banks,
    Invest in crypto,
    The future is hacking,
    Factions of different Antifa vs right groups,
    Raiders and looters everywhere,
    Hack the world,
    Kid who pretends he's hacking but is jacking off,
    You're being hacked,
    Legit studio,
    Robotic weird voices on podcasts,
    Joking about hacking on AOL in the 90s,
    Bezos and companies not donating any pandemic profits,
    Bezos seems evil,
    Amazon worker stories are prob actually worse,
    Crying meditation Amazon booths,
    Psychotic work hour calculations,
    Auschwitz Amazon,
    No donations for pandemic job losses,
    Bezos is a real piece of work,
    Not realizing I'm too low energy,
    People that are ‘polyamorous’,
    Still doing marriages the same way in 2021 is weird,
    My boys write my vows,
    I don't get strip clubs,
    People get married now just to compete with each other,
    Bachelor parties to get cum out,
    South park JO in front of each other,
    South park,
    Unmask your neighbors.
    Celebrate the end of covid.
    When will I be cancelled??!!

  • my real beach house and island,
    Beach pad,
    New bad green screen,
    I own an island,
    Beach house designed by Rockefellers,
    Elite connections,
    I visited Epstein's temple and gave offerings,
    The feds want this podcast shut down,
    The troops came after me,
    Video game soldier sound fx,
    Grenade OUT,
    I hired body guards,
    Las Vegas shooter was rich and brought in tons of shit to the hotel,
    Does Epstein have a family?? Epstein Bourne,
    Everyone famous ever even extras as on the Epstein flight list,
    No one famous ever suspected anything about Epstein,
    It's shocking Chrissy Teigen isnt nice!
    The media loved her,
    John legend gay?
    Cutting bc Chrissy is cancelled,
    Shoveling coal,
    Eat the rich,
    Chrissy edgy tweet,
    Comic who talks about old viral video s,
    Guilty pleasures,
    Tech making us dumber,
    Self driving car,
    Alien threat,
    Fucking aliens,
    Humans have to always fuck something,
    Aliens could seduce us,
    Jeremy Corbell and high energy fake guys,
    High energy guys needing high energy activities,
    Not staying out late,
    Finishing a podcast,
    I was a child actor and was called Macaulay Culkin,
    Getting made fun of for the Guay last name, (gay)
    Brian GAYYYY,
    Shame about being gay when I was in school,
    I used to wish I was gay,
    Gay guys constant sex,
    Gay partners pretending to be friends,
    Ever hear of GrindR??
    I'm a millennial,
    NYC apt means small,
    Girls pickier than guys,
    Water sports - piss,
    Code names for sex stuff,
    Inspiration for taking a poo,
    Shit is a divine gift from God,
    Types of poo are different messages from God,
    Mud wrestling = poo sex,
    Poo comedy written by little kid

    Episode also on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_xTpd4lFbYzEU3jzKNyOQ

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  • Mask update,
    We’re all in this together,
    Can’t let our guard down,
    I’m stepping back and doing the work and apologize for not masking on the podcast,
    Mcdonalds essential cashier work,
    I’ve literally been risking your lives,
    I’m sorry.
    Ill do prison time,
    More dangerous with headphones on vs speaker,
    Speaking molecules,
    Masking doesn't mean being sad! You can have fun.
    Our #ongoingresponsibility,
    Can’t let our guard down.
    This isn’t over!
    What is the new normal?
    Are the other podcasts you listen to #maskingup? #audioCovid
    I’m a satirist,
    People out more this weekend in NYC,
    I may have allergies all of a sudden,
    Founding fathers had slaves but the constitution is still good,
    Being ‘triggered’ by the us flag,
    NYC saying the entire subway would be cleaned every night,
    Soundwave covid,
    You need to update your phone,
    Hacking into everything recently,
    My room pic,
    Hacking stories in the news,
    Partisan everything,
    Netipot mucus gross,
    Sadsadconversation YouTube series,
    Mucus update,
    People not acknowledging how disgusting we are w shitting and excreting fluids, mucus ear wax
    I tell people their shit does stink,
    All goes down the same pipe then gets hacked,
    UFO/UAP alien report by senate,
    People might not believe gov if they say aliens are real bc of covid

  • Talking to the giant crowd,
    Live-aid vs live Covid,
    Moving the logo,
    Still recovering from drinking at beer fest two days previously,
    NewsNot being able to recover from drinking as you get older,
    Crazy entertaining beerfest story,
    Moshing to standup bits,
    Only feeling better when you have another drink when you're hungover,
    ‘You guys are great’ when you’re bombing,
    We need more positivity,
    Raising our vibrations together,
    Talking about my spiritual mental abilities and fasting abilities,
    Worldwide meditation,
    Talking about beerfest and atlantic city sucking,
    No water at beerfest,
    Alien and ufo news no one cares about,
    News is horrible now,
    Alternative news,
    Possession horror movies,
    HBO premium max,
    Losing weight in your 20s vs 30s
    Keto and fasting,
    YouTube related videos,
    Reaction videos,
    YouTubers running out of ideas,
    Fake reaction videos hearing songs for first time,
    Fake reactions,
    Podcast episodes in order,
    Life is a series of owing debts to things after college,
    Getting teeth taken out,
    Hollywood elites,
    All illuminati are pizza store owners like comet ping pong,
    Papa John,
    Artie Langes face is a deal breaker,
    Video backgrounds,
    Proof is in the pudding???
    Possessed sound effects,
    We are legion,
    Illuminati pizza makers,
    Too many pizza places in nyc,
    7 eleven pizza the same price as a ‘real’ nyc slice,
    You have to work in a pizza place as a kid in nyc,
    Seltzer fest in AC,
    2 minutes of funny
    (episode also on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_xTpd4lFbYzEU3jzKNyOQ)

  • Finally showing off my REAL room and house (check the video),
    This is just my summer pad,
    My antiques and how people cant look at them,
    My grand piano,
    Terribly faked green screen,
    The original FIVE freemasons (which i own coffee tables from),
    A rich illuminati old guy lives typically to 200 or so,
    Rich evil guy fake ages,
    Me figuring out effects again,
    Armie hammer and rich evil families just being into crazy stuff,
    David icke and conspiracies making sense until it gets too crazy,
    Will the armie #hammer come down?
    Memorial day and pizza shops being closed,
    Veterans DIED for you ok??
    A whole year of being inside really messed with my social skills,
    Most people just follow the group if most people don't wear masks at a place or vice versa,
    Not wearing a mask once at a liquor store,
    My fancy encyclopedia books i have to show off,
    Stop doing reaction videos,
    Making ‘content’ that's just watching someones content,
    Storytime with guy in his room,
    Real voice or voice effect?
    Grown man with a little boy voice in 2021,
    Trying new standup bits,
    The “before times”,
    Listen to this podcast through your asshole,
    Walking around with a voice effect on,
    Grumpy nyc pizza guy made me walk out,
    Being an introvert and not liking crowded stuff,
    Masons (the job not the conspiracy),
    Joe Rogan drilling down and googling topics until it's boring,
    Ai and the singularity,
    Conflicting covid info,
    Dumb people affecting real policies,
    Dumbest person in classes,
    Incompetent people being confident
    Couples looking related (the carpenters)
    Incest stories in the news
    Politician allegations!
    Biden died :(
    (episode also on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_xTpd4lFbYzEU3jzKNyOQ)

  • Messy room,
    What’s the #guyinhisroomupdate???
    I got in a car accident with a rental car,
    Rear ended = mooning someone,
    I'm a bad storyteller,
    I was in shock and the guy who got hit was prepared and friendly,
    I’m too anxious and distracted to even be driving,
    I’m an anxious fidgety idiot,
    Help I’m down in the dumps!
    Cheaping out and not paying for any insurance on the rental,
    I got pulled over frequently bc I’m a bad driver,
    Cars are way scarier than planes to me,
    It’s fun to maybe get in a plane crash!
    My asshole friend who never gets traffic tickets or anything bad,
    Is being a bad driver related to me not taking care of things?
    Self driving cars,
    People who are ‘early adopters”
    WERE IN 1984 there’s no privacy,
    Do I have allergies?
    My framed doctor certificate,
    LaBORatory or LABoratory?
    Stop being a SHEEP IN THE SYSTEM.
    Get a cabin and a water wheel thing to run your house,
    Do bears walk upright? (I'm mentally disabled)
    Yogi bear - the source of the recent navy UAP sightings,
    Live off the grid.
    (youtube link: https://youtu.be/dEeoaCYk-Ok)

  • Cgi podcast logo guy, Doing the bare minimum in school, No more masks! (maybe), Tech issues in podcasts, Figuring out green screen, Ignoring my birthdays, You young kids think you got the world by the balls, Comedy was so different before trump, Movies aren't a big deal anymore, Tom cruise is a SAINT for giving back awards, Celebs being good people only when it becomes trendy and a bandwagon Ads being in the middle of podcasts and disrupting them, @brianisaperson on instagram! Subscribe and rate! Unheard Michael Jackson quotes, Blacking out and not remembering things - is it worth it??? The podcast sucks, I’m a noise artist and just make noise, Streaaaaaming video, WX9 THE BEAST RADIO, Acdc and ugly old guy bands, Listening to music while having sex is weird, Bringing back old expressions for sex (making whoopee) I break most things that I own, My energy is too low always, Aliens invading, Creepy pickup lines to use, Steve o trying to bring back jackass, (episode also on youtube: https://youtu.be/yACtZtEfaPU)

  • New dystopia 2021,
    Hunger games is real,
    Snl mini rant,
    Can’t do standup only sometimes,
    Forgetting how to do standup,
    Still doing masks and social distancing,
    Measuring people being six feet apart,
    Changing name of podcast?
    Passive aggressive thank you’s with mask correcting,
    Starbucks mask correcting,
    I BEEN vaccinated.
    Ghosts of aborted babies,
    Ghosts of jerked off sperm (maybe vid clip)
    Hacky standup bits and ‘acts’,
    Standup bit formulas,
    I don’t technically mind social distancing,
    Hardcore fake metal screams,
    Articles about people having anxiety about us going back to normal and no masks,
    The mask provides comfort to me.
    Did 8th graders obey the mask rules?
    Kids obeying rules now,
    Prevent the (next) spread,
    PRE MASK now.

  • We’re going back to the moon!
    My mom nagging me,
    New set up talk,
    Seeing someone passed out but not thinking to call 911,
    It doesn’t make sense I’d do stand up bc of how shy I am,
    More behind the scenes TECH TALK,
    (sorry for all the mic noises and awkwardness in the beginning),
    Rogan vaccine comments,
    How dare Rogan have an opinion,
    It’s obvious now that there’s a ‘mainstream narrative’ the media follows,
    Everyone wanting people to just quit their career once they offend people,
    Cancel culture,
    Get your head outta the sand,
    Really deep voice gigantism guys getting laid?
    High voiced guys,
    Critical race theory,
    Thinking you’re smart when you read stuff by smart people,
    Rabbit holes,
    Channeling aliens,
    Would renewable energy even help at this point,
    Solar energy panels and calculators,
    Weekly episodes,
    Random effects,
    Taking Rogan out.
    Pepsi going woke means being woke is stupid,
    We do need some police

  • Episode 50 celebration,

    New laptop,

    Wasted 100 grand on an audio recording major,

    Accidentally recorded ben shapiro pitch,

    Testosterone blockers or testosterone to become more manly,

    Technical snafu’s episode,

    Half hour walks every day cause’a GERD,

    Cat owner or abusive parent?

    Sneezing cat with a cold,

    My speaking engagements with Hillary Clinton,

    Podcast idea with Dejahzh about how america is finished,

    Tin foil hat podcast idea,

    Insane focus on race and identity instead of the wealth gap,

    “Stopping asian hate’ only works on people who wouldn’t have hate anyway,

    Why does the media want shootings to be racial?

    Was he an incel who wanted a girlfriend?

    What happened to the occupy movement?

    Ironic segregation by woke people,

    ‘It’s crazy’ drinking game for a guy in his room,

    “Asian and black solidarity’ meet up in nyc,

    Whites have been bad right up until like 2019,

    Companies adopting social causes,

    Standup is dying,

    I’m way too stressed and uncomfortable doing standup,

    I was never totally comfortable on stage,

    Standup is dying bc even chappelle gets shit,

    We went straight past equality to over correction and ironic racism,

    Every group kinda sticks together,

    Straight people ruining gay bars,

    Thank God bill burr didn’t change and become totally hollywood,

    Jessica kirson and other comics not enjoying standup anymore,

    Every comedian will need their own built in audience now,

    Foreigners going to nyc standup shows,

    Audience member getting offended and thinking they’re a savior,

    I’m a ranter,

    It’s good that being ticklish goes away,

    “The Tickler” superhero!

    “The tickler” and “the peeper”,

    Can’t drink no more,

    Why no cure for hangovers yet,

    Used to not doing stuff,

    Homeless encampments in philly,

    Secret underground base in central park?

    Secret alien abductions in nyc,

    Philosophy majors in college,

    Pothead theorizing,

    Analog vs digital warz,

    Old guy talking about how it was,

    Dj’s in rock bands,

    Dj’s now just having laptops,

    Everyone exaggerates stories,

    That’s Crazy! podcast,

    Out of business podcast network,

    Hacky monologue joke writer for 2021,

  • The virus is gone!


    Tuning in standup hack bit,

    Laughing privilege,

    Sending laptops and tablets to poor countries,

    Strong passwords need to be too strong now,

    Hackers vs hackers now,

    Brians poo corner return,

    Does pegging cause constipation?

    Bring back 90s beavis and butthead style humor,

    Being crazy and an asshole was popular on mtv,

    The bachelor type shows catering to woke outrage,

    Comedians apologizing for Paris Hilton jokes,

    Paris hilton went to parties for a living,

    Everyone used to mock the kardashians,

    I have to protect my brand,

    Are young people even watching the bachelor,

    Early reality shows,

    Reality shows now “the garbagemen”,

    “Guys who work in walk in freezers in grocery stores” on A&E

    Music by TimMoor from Pixabay

    Corny reality shows with sound effects,

    Ghost hunting shows always end with no ghosts,

    Ghost reality show but actually scary,

    Jaded ghosts that refuse to be a ghost during a ghost hunter show,

    Seinfeld bit about ghosts sitting around waiting to haunt,

    Ghosts are still sayin boo??

    Let’s remake every show and movie ever!

    We can’t handle nuclear power,

    Dating app pics,

    Levels of social media delusion,


    Social media caters to narcissists,

    If someone acts crazy online maybe they are,

    Narcissistic behavior,

    Younger generations thinking it’s normal to just cut people off when they disagree,

    Weekly embarrassment report on social media apps, or lack of self awareness updates,

    Posting embarrassing medical or other stories like shitting your pants,

    The cycle of seeing embarrassing posts,

    Grown men shouldn’t be posting selfies,

    Having no pics for dating apps,

    Person i know who cut me off and hurt family member,

    Narcissistic behavior and trump,

    Being super vain and only caring about image or fame,

    My podcast listens going down :(

    American dream of just being famous to be famous,

    Borat isn’t as good bc it got too successful,

    Your true friends,

    Paying royalties for mentioning shows or movies,

    Make your life good not your instagram,

    Social media celebs probably suck,

    Maybe cannibalism is progressive,

    Embarassment reporting coming soon!

  • Friendly radio station guy intro,
    Early ipod sucked,
    Don’t wanna even say i think things are getting better,
    Gina carano firing,
    I just finished a video game while my friends have kids,
    Disney must have just listened to young sjw employees,
    Sitting around and stewing about things bc there’s nothing to do,
    Pretending you have a life because you go to open mics,
    I’m not ok being a shut in,
    It’s not the pandemics fault cancel culture got worse,
    The bachelor BS controversy,
    The bachelor did used to only be white people,
    Cancel culture is expecting people to drop their friends for any mistake,
    Twitter never deletes your account,
    Most people don’t wanna offend you,
    The woke covid test,
    I don’t think the woke stuff is genuine,
    I don’t think people even use pronouns much anyway,
    Old people will all get in trouble for thoughtcrime bc they just don’t know the woke rules,
    What did I watch recently? Segment!
    Progressive social commentary in the game dishonored 2 ,
    Tony hawk woke edition,
    Could skateboarders cheat?
    When I grew up video games were not as cool,
    Playing Sega to escape life,
    Gamers dying from just sitting and not moving,
    I would flip out bc games were so hard as a kid,
    Assuming that people are racist,
    Armie hammer and joss whedon being outspoken woke activists,
    Joss whedon fake feminist shows,
    Hollywood hypocrisy about older and less attractive women,
    Woody Allen documentary and making entertainment out of rape stories,
    Woody Allen’s a confirmed creep already bc of his adopted daughter wife,
    Gina Carano Ben Shapiro interview,
    We’re all doomed and cancel culture won’t go away,
    Coca cola ‘be less white’ training,
    Being proud of your race/heritage is weird anyway,
    Be less white list,
    Robin Deangelo racist,
    There’s no such thing as “white solidarity”,
    What if a dorky white guy tried joining another culture just to research,
    Woke authors and speakers can say whatever they want,
    Nevermind i love big brother and cancel culture,
    Woody Allen being a pedo just one time?
    Woody couldn’t control himself in that house,
    The pandemic actually probably affected a lot of people!
    The way people used to make mentally challenged noises to mock people,
    I push and bully little kids as a grown man,
    Hanging out at malls is extinct,
    Socializing is good for kids,
    Rapper who ate his own sperm,
    Young people are super messed up bc of porn,
    Porn hub having minors on the site,
    Zuckerberg “the good son” killing his friends,
    Zuckerberg yelling and being pissed off

  • Tickin’ off the time,

    Mental effects of lockdown,

    Kids being stuck home and domestic TURMOIL,

    Freaking out about time passing,

    The movie ‘threads’ about nuclear attacks,

    The new strains are a buzzkill,

    Corona not going away,

    Joe rogan constantly giving disclaimers,

    Calling social media private companies,

    Treating everyone like babies who can’t think for themselves,

    Banning everyone on social media,

    People just get roped into whatever they read,

    Shorter attention span,

    I was ahead of my time being a shy mute kid growing up,

    The cool kids in school now would be tattle tales,

    Hudson yards suicides nyc,

    Cancel culture am i right,

    Youtubers being banned,

    What’s the point of being honest on a podcast with cancel culture,

    Were living in the black mirror episode about bee drones,

    Black mirror probably try to write episodes that are now a real thing,

    Country singer cancelled for being drunk and saying a bad word,

    I’ve never blacked out and done crazy things,

    “clapbacks ‘ on twitter,

    “I expected better from you” tweets,

    There’s no strong people anymore it’s just lashing out at any criticism,

    The taylor swift ‘squad’ of politics,

    Why don’t people just know to ignore trolls,

    People trolling teachers and substitutes in school,

    Kids doing this fake cough game in a class I was in as a kid,

    Marilyn manson,

    People love going after people and taking them down,

    Armie hammer is just gross and weird,

    I just don’t understand the appeal of “bdsm”,

    What’s the plus for a guy to ever do bdsm stuff to a girl,

    You can’t even argue that armie hammer was jus kinky,

    Detective johnson,

    I used to be a marilyn manson head,

    Manson and armie ribs bit ;P https://www.freesoundslibrary.com/crowd-laughing-applauding-sound-effect/

    Cannibal fetish cop?

    Defense of armie hammer and eating your partners ribs,

    Aged smoked ribs,

    People believing there’s an actual Q guy who thinks he’s a detective/spy,

    Q Radio,

    Music by Zen_Man from Pixabay

    The Q stuff was just vague stupid sayings

  • 45 (trump) who shall not be named,

    Mlk would be rollin in his grave

    Truth helmets,

    I’m actually in a coma and you’re all in it,

    I’m about to get banned,

    Stoned freakout,

    Improv - improve,

    Starting my own cult about me being in a coma,

    Apology for coma victims,

    It was definitely from a lab,

    Mainstream media explaining what apps are to people,

    Parler didn’t seem very extreme,

    Blaming the platform or app is stupid,

    Nothing gets followed up on and goes viral,

    No nuance,

    Glass half empty cast,

    UK Queen intro,

    The royal family has its own inbred accent?

    BBC royal family podcast,

    Why isn’t prince Andrew banished?

    Prince Diana was killed but maybe not by the family,

    Podcasts just talking about shows they’re watching,

    People lumping people in with bad people just because they know them,

    Royal family uncle Nazi ties,

    Guy explaining away Hitler shaking hands pic,

    Queen and Prince Philip 99 years old,

    It’s scary when someones that old,

    A marriage lasting until you're 99,

    Stephen hawking cheating,

    White house workers afraid biden’s dead if he falls asleep,

    Are you scared of death when you’re that old,

    Really old people probably don’t regret still being alive,

    Eminem saying he wouldn’t rap past 40,

    I get annoyed when people watch the same Netflix shows,

    People binging entire shows right away and wanting the next one,

    Audio versions of Netflix shows,

    How do you reconcile with dropping bombs on countries if you’re a leader,

    New drones being tested,

    Obama sounded like bill clinton,

    Politicians speeches,

    Antifa randomly protesting bc biden isn’t enough,

    Naming Netflix shows I’ve never heard of,

    Grizzly Canyon,

    Netflix accepts any show idea,

    Shows redoing everything each season,

    ‘Very bingeable’,

    Making up fake Netflix shows:

    'Latte latinas’ and ‘the one who got away’ starring Chris Delia,

    Vague critic ‘very watchable’,

    Kristen bell and Dax do America,

    “The dax experience”

    Female 3 stooges - “The 3 strong women”,

    Kamala “that little girl was me” biopic,

  • America is back on track!

    There’s no base reality it’s just all whatever narrative you read online,

    Stop pretending one side is better than the other,

    Make political parties just a color that doesn’t mean anything,

    Crazy waco group going into the capitol,

    People thinking rules aren’t real bc of social media?

    Deliverance guys with maga hats on,

    We need to go back to funny celeb scandals like Hilaria Baldwin or jussie,

    Coworker comparing himself to Carlin,

    Hilaria Baldwin,

    White women kinda take parts of cultures and pretend they’re cultured,

    White girls being obsessed with traveling,

    Hilaria having zero spanish heritage,

    People are bloodthirsty for canceling people,

    I could pretend my last name Guay is spanish,

    People wouldn’t care if she pretended to be Swedish or a white heritage,

    Maybe every once in awhile there’s just a civil war,

    Trump telling them to go home but also not,

    Everyone just has their own views reinforced on social media,

    We need people to go after both sides,

    Going back to regular work week sucks,

    Gaining a little weight vs going past the point of no return,

    Egg nog - yellow milk cream,

    Too cold for outdoor dining,

    Still paying NYC prices for cold outdoor dining,

    Arbitrary rules for outdoor vs indoor dining,

    Social media will just delete everyone soon,

    If social media disappeared we’d all be relieved,



    X the new Q,

    I’m a deepfake,

    Sick of zoom interviews on podcasts,

    Right vs left reality show,

    Trump could just reveal aliens,

    Lockdown made everyone crazy,

    No more moshing,

    Mosher guys recording their mosh sets,

    Guys hitting girls in mosh pits on purpose,

    My alter ego Bezerk,

    Zoom moshing,

    Zoom stuff is just sad,

    Getting up late on weekends sucks,

    Starting smoking cause you're bored,

    Everyone acting like they’re gonna better themselves when the lockdown started,

    Most people would’ve picked being in a coma over living through lockdown,

    Telling people who were in a coma what happened during pandemic,

    People love drama,

    Tip the statue of liberty over,

    Ghostbusters 2 prophecy,

    Bill murray me too?