• 663 - The VACVVM Week - Chapter: IV - Vanessa Foley

    · 01:00:06 · Adventures In Design

    Part One: Believe it or not but illustrator Vanessa Foley is a newcomer to the world of art and illustration. When Vanessa realized she had nothing to lose, she permitted herself to dive into her dream of being an artist. Hear how Vanessa found her confidence late in life to become a full-time illustrator and in the process earn 12 whole pounds. Leaving behind her day job she found the love of a lifetime illustrating day in and day out exploring her love and appreciation for birds through illustration. Learn how she found the courage to permit herself to be where exactly she wants to be in life and now ask you, can you say the same? Part Two For Members Of The Circle Of Trust: - How keeping an eye on interior design helps Vanessa create bird illustrations that speak to contemporary art collectors versus collectors of mobile home clutter. - Nature provides Vanessa with a subject matter that has no expiration date and works that won't expire. - We take an in-depth emotional dive and learn how a strict religious upbringing taught Vanessa to put her hopes and dreams on pause, but we also learn where the courage to try came to her. - The pleasure that comes with allowing your parents to live through your success and lifestyle. - Support from a spouse is a valuable resource for an adult wanting to switch their path in life and being able to one day do the same for the person you love most is a real blessing.

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  • 662 - The VACVVM Week Chapter: III - Brandon Holt

    · 01:00:01 · Adventures In Design

    PART ONE: Broadcasting live from a fishing boat in the mighty Missipppi river floating down the banks of Minneapolis, Minnesota we learn the love and passion that today's guest, a founding member of The VACVVM, Brandon Holt has for fishing, art, and tattooing. We follow along with early origins of Brandon Holt's illustration career and learn about his first paying job doing a commercial illustration for his mom and then quickly after discovering the quick paced grind of being a tattoo artist. When Brandon was looking to find someone that could make prints of his artwork, the printmaking world realized it quickly had just discovered a future talent that would create fans, collectors and memorable pieces of art. Sit back, pull out a Camel cigarette, pop open an Old Style and float downstream with the soon to be Johnny Appleseed of forest porn and the only artist we know that's surviving the apocalypse, Brandon Holt. PART TWO:  For members of the Circle of Trust. - The escapism that Brandon enjoys from artwork and nature. - Fundamental differences in boat culture vs. car culture and how these two vehicles make people act very differently. - How fishing and being on the river influence the artwork and subject matters that Brandon takes on in his illustration work for The VACVVM. - Composition theory by Brandon Holt, maybe the best 10 seconds of art talk in AID history. - Difference and similarities in selling original artwork and tattoos.

  • 661 - The VACVVM Week - Chapter II - Teagan White

    · 01:13:11 · Adventures In Design

    On a perfect fall day, Adventures In Design hit record with an artist that celebrates the seasons, change, death, decay and life as they are one in the same and always using her work to remind us that all of these themes are not too far away from one another. Often we find our guests after the Wikipedia is stocked full of accomplishments, today we're grabbing our co-host on the way up and telling a story that has no ending at its humble beginning. As VACVVM Week continues on Adventures In Design, in chapter II we discover the youngest member, whos age has nothing to do with her amount of determination to become the absolute best are her trade. Join Illustrator Tegan White, Mark Brickey and Bug The Cat to have a conversation about Teagan's client work created under the studio name of Tiny Moth and her personal work that has recently taken the print and gallery worlds by storm as a breath of fresh autumn air in the contemporary art scene. Talking Points - The client work that Teagan does in the children's publishing industry under the studio name Tiny Moth. - The development of Teagan's personal work and it's masterful focus on foilage, composition and a wind that blows through it all. - Working without borders and the stress that comes along with capturing the illustrative spirit of a trash animal. - Black doll eyes and working with the theme of death and decay in your work. - Working with The VACVVM and Teagan's lifelong desire to be advanced, to be doing the work that should be out of her range and allowing yourself to believe that you can become the best at what you love to do. To Hear The Full Episode Please Visit AIDpodcast.com 

  • 660 - The VACVVM Week - Chapter I - Mike Sutfin

    · 01:00:07 · Adventures In Design

    Part 1 We kick off a week of celebrating some of the most talented folks that we know in the world of illustration, painting, and printmaking with one of the newest citizens of Minneapolis Mike Sutfin. Mike moved his family and his career from Oakland a few years back to share studio space with other members of The VACVVM and to hopefully leverage this new opportunity into his ultimate goal as an artist to find more time for his self-initiated work. There was an adjustment period to going from working alone in a "vacuum" to working with The VACVVM. But now that he's settled in the new studio, Mike shares how their influence has him committing 23 minutes a day to do something that he hasn't done is a very long time, keeping a sketchbook and lets us know the significance of this daily ritual. Fans of Mike's work will be excited to hear the backstory of recently released series of small giclees and screenprints titled "Embers." Part 2 - Circle of Trust Paid Member Bonus Content The intimidation of the Corpse collab series where Mike finds himself illustrating in the same space as studio mates Aaron Horkey and Brandon Holt. Mikes love of remarking finished prints and how the remarks have a different level of pleasure than making the original piece. The VACVVM hasn't gone to Mike's head, in fact, it's made him realize how much farther he has to evolve to be the best version of himself. How to discover your inner voice to figure out what themes you should be creating with your talents and the idea of seeing a hypnotist versus a psychiatrist to try and make this happen. When it all starts to go right for you, there's a stress of what if it all starts to go wrong, the pressure that Mike feels to make this opportunity of resources from THE VACVVM work for his career growth. Join the Circle of Trust today!

  • 659 - The Logo Show with Dan Stiles and Billy Baumann

    · 01:12:01 · Adventures In Design

    Prost! This month it's Oktoberfest on The Logo Show so Dan Stiles, Billy Baumann, and Mark Brickey all put on their lederhosen to look at logos found across the wide world of beer from the most obscure craft breweries to the macro brewers we've known since our dad's asked us to grab them a can. With the success of Miller Lite's retro rebrand, the boys focus in on the masterfully crafted marketing campaign that moved the needle so much for Miller that other brands followed suit shortly afterward. We've also lined up some classic old cans, some roundeles, some suggestions from Circle Of Trust Members, and everything in between to break down what is and isn't working. Dan, Billy, and Mark pool their experience of over sixty collective years in the design industry to break down how branding affects the viewer and what makes a logo stand apart from the rest. Tighten up your line weight, establish a visual hierarchy, and start gleaming the cube (or in this case can) harder than ever before and take your work to the next level as you listen to The Logo Show. Circle Of Trust Members stay tuned for the next installment of Billy On The Beat with Josh Emerich as they talk about his work in beer branding and more!

  • 658 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 12

    · 01:04:43 · Adventures In Design

    It's time to conquer your lurking fear of Apple N and start showing that mesh tool who is boss because The DKNG Show is here for its twelfth chapter. Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman join us once again for another in-depth, behind the scenes, all access tour of their studio to break down how a top tier design duo produces hit after jaw dropping hit. With Adobe Max on the horizon and another well received Skillshare Class under their belts, Mark asks the boys about their how they determine what secrets they share, how well it's recieved by the design community, and why sharing Illustrator secrets has more potential than a traditional classroom environment. We also get to hear how DKNG reverse engineers their timeline on projects from tricking themselves to get started all the way to handing off the color separated files to the printer as we go over their rereleased Bob Moog Foundation posters. And if that isn't enough, in the Circle Of Trust Mark walks us through the St. Paul And The Broken Bones poster using their process video as a guide to break down each component of the piece as its made. Circle Of Trust Members also get an exclusive sneak peek at the latest print series to come out of DKNG Studios and how Dan and Nathan, once again, made this intricately woven work come across as effortless. Strap in and hold on because The DKNG Show is non stop, chicken nugget filled adventure into design that you won't find anywhere else.

  • 656 - Minneapolis Shop Talk with Burlesque Of North America, David Witt, and Ann Ryan

    · 01:29:01 · Adventures In Design

    From the muddy banks of the Mississippi River to the oversized logos of the U.S. Bank Stadium comes a very special Minneapolis Shop Talk broadcasting out of CO exhibitions. Mark sits down to bang the drum with Mike Davis and Wes Winship from Burlesque Of North America, artist David Witt, and designer Ann Ryan. As each guest takes the stage we uncover their current struggles and successes from their own unique facet of a career in creativity. When is it all hands on deck over at Burlesque? How do you balance child care and comic strips? What is it like to design clothes for kids to wear all across America? Does anyone know what has actually happened on that couch? Learn to fight your own lions a little bit better with some of the chicken nuggets and life experience coming to you from the Twin Cities. Live antics ensue. Talking Points The three design types, marketing bull terriers, and not taking life too seriously.  Mike and Wes start the Silk Road of screenprinting and design. Becoming an Accidental Businessman with survival scams and more.  All hands on deck at Burlesque.  Working with Jacob Bannon and thriving under pressure.  Living in a time when everything needs to look designed.  Intense print jobs and following what’s in front of you.  Bad business decisions, data, and shifting game plans.  Childcare and comic strips Working plans to pay the bills and looking at Patreon.  The language and the work in comics.  Hitting the right tone at the right time.  Seeing the gap in your work and continuing to make what you love.  Greener grass, great jobs, and some kind of dream.  Was art school worth the student loans? Dividing up design and the percentage of work that gets out the door.  Jumping departments and learning to fight a lion. Dream projects, safe spaces, and going tactile.  New works, legacies, and spotting your work in the wild. 

  • 655 - Dan Ibarra of Thriving Concern "The Exit Interview"

    · 01:26:22 · Adventures In Design

    It is time for Dan Ibarra's exit interview. After co-founding Aesthetic Apparatus over fifteen years ago, Dan now primarily finds himself as an educator of the arts in various modalities and continues to design at his latest endeavor, Thriving Concern. This pivot was slow in coming but eventually meant the end of his involvement with Aesthetic Apparatus as more and more of his time was spent teaching and filling an emotional gap design alone couldn't fill. By pulling on that string Dan found a whole new side to how he would define "success" in his own creative career and what brought him fulfillment. The work he was doing at Aesthetic Apparatus centered around continually creating new ideas and Dan knew his strengths truly lay in developing long term strategic plans for the people he chose to work with. Instead of forcing that new design approach into how Aesthetic Apparatus operated, he broke away to create Thriving Concern. This "exit interview" is about nurturing growth and having the confidence to follow something new when you know it's time to step away from what used to define you. Talking Points The search for a career you love, the arrival of desktop publishing, and the entry point Aesthetic Apparatus opened. Unfortunate truths about stardom in the design world. Painful parts behind the scenes that we make look so easy and gauging industry loyalty. Doing the best work you can by putting creative success at the top of the list. Working through the highs and lows of the design drug. Shifting from the cycle of creativity to long term strategic work and another financially fraught career choice. Just dive in and saying so long to 700. Is “success” the right word to define a creative career? Helping other people with the time you have and choosing where you’ll make your money. The start of Schoolhaus, building communities, and proving yourself through life experience. Understanding ideas, creativity, and finding strange connections between disparate objects. Other people’s creative process, the difficulty to verbalize it, and the liberty that comes from constraints. New businesses and old partnerships.  The trajectory of your life. Post Aesthetic Apparatus plans, getting cock blocked by election results, and teaching design to non-designers.  Five months to detach from fifteen years and its effect on your ego.  Leading up to letting go.  Different lives outside of design and starting from zero in education.  Balancing the practitioner side of things and working with the clients you’ve built long term relationships with. The “thing” about Thriving Concern and the flood of communication that’s missing.  The skills that will never leave you from a career in Design.  "Creative success" in conflict with the American Dream.

  • 654 - Hammer Time with Mike Hammer, Mark Brickey and Gustavo Jaimes

    · 01:11:08 · Adventures In Design

    Mike Hammer, Mark Brickey and Gustavo Jaimes return with candy sacks of treats to ease your pain on the last Monday edition of Hammer Time. The boys review and critique what qualities create great limited edition treats and what qualifies for a quick holiday cash grab. Good laughs, great topics and a little consumer reporting is awaiting for you this morning when you dive into the 12th edition of Hammer Time.  In today’s Circle of Trust enjoy hearing live reviews as the guys do an on air taste testing and Hammer risks his life for your Halloween benefits. Download, turn up the headphones and throw away your sack lunch because your sweet tooth is getting ready to hit HIGH. Your last Monday with Violent Gentlemen crew is guaranteed to get you in a good mood and already feeling like it’s Friday again. 

  • 653 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OKpants

    · 00:54:35 · Adventures In Design

    It's that time of the week when we demand you break out the nearest drum and start banging while you devise plans to kill your boss because Shop Talk is officially here. Join Mark, Billy, and Pants as they get into a week's worth of emails, invoices, and deadlines spanning the gamut of the creative profession. Billy is in the middle of calendar crammed week filled with plenty of late nights as he works on a project for McDonald's while also preparing for the upcoming DDL art show, Duotone. Hear all about landing this dipping sauce-centric design job, how Delicious handled the exorbitant amount of work in such a short time, and some direct insight into being a creative director on a project of this magnitude. The boys get into the ups and downs of working a larger job like this and how it can bring to light some of the lesser known qualms of the creative profession like how our schedules affect our pursuits for love, the hard costs we potentially overlook, and knowing when to ignore your client. Antics ensue. Talking Points Billy lands a client meeting with McDonald’s after the latest Hammer Time. It all started with an email about ten dipping sauces. Putting the League in Delicious Design League and reverse engineering the big things that come in small packages. Designing for the Golden Arches and breaking through the mental block of brand awareness. The heaviness in art and revision checklists you’re morally opposed to. Saying “yes” with purpose. Rebranding, Duotone, and sticking to a schedule. People you love, the creative profession, and guilt. Circle Of Trust Talking Points Conference adultery and the orbit of people you attract. What dipping sauce fits OKpants the best? Another drop at okpants.shop Fall holidays looming on the horizon. The pains of being the majority. Ray Kroc’s famous Jamz endorsing spy. 

  • 652 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 11

    · 01:05:20 · Adventures In Design

    Dan and Nathan return for Chapter 11 of The DKNG Show where we once again step behind the curtain of this design powerhouse and see what makes it work so well. For over a decade these two have led the way with their technical prowess and business acumen so every time they join us on AID you can bet you'll be walking out the door with more chicken nuggets than you'll know what to do with. This episode examines The Decemberists poster the boys just released from concept to completion with some tips along the way that will alter your process to use Illustrator to its full extent. We also get a look at their latest Skillshare class and how they have adapted their format to get the most out of their audience. As one of the top profiles on Dribbble, we also get DKNG's opinion on how Scout will affect them and what it means for other designers who have used that platform for exposure and potential work. Whether you're a Shareware Millionaire or still a starving artist, this installment of The DKNG Show will bring more efficiency to your workflow and help point you in the right direction on finding success in the creative field. Talking Points Circles, squares, sausages, and triangles.  Concepting out the necessary information and integrating it to your composition. DKNG keeps it smooth, preps for printing, and starts with something they can reimagine.  Setting aside style time for the things that deserve your artistic attention.  The hardest thing to design, keeping your Legos editable, and the point of no return.  The diorama of realism, textures that unify, and the science that brings your artwork to life.  Unboxing DKNG’s latest Skillshare Class.  Do clients understand which DKNG they’re trying to order? Budget, time commitments, and details.  Picking your Top 5, going bite sized, and working with that bendy thing in illustrator.  The cyclical growth of ideas within a Skillshare Classroom.  Circle Of Trust Talking Points Civic Duty almost destroys Dan’s career. Projected pros and cons of Dribbble’s Scout.  Selling tickets to a performance you didn’t know you were a part of. Building your kingdom on someone else’s land and using every single egg in your basket.  Deleting Facebook, toking with Hilary, and conspiracy theories about Apple.  Rereleasing out of print Moog posters and a teaser for the next series from DKNG. TEAM CIRCLE OF TRASH

  • 651 - Shawn Kirkham of Skybound

    · 01:15:22 · Adventures In Design

    Shawn Kirkham is in charge of everything you've ever wanted own from Skybound Entertainment. Lunch boxes? Check. G.I. Joe-esque Walking Dead Shiva Force Toys? Check. That insane bat wrapped with barbed wire he's holding on the cover? Yep! We can go ahead and define his day to day as a dream job and Shawn lets us through the doors of Skybound and into the world he helps create that spawned everything from The Walking Dead to Outcast to Saga. The American Dream is evolving into an entirely new beast centered around pop culture and Shawn is right at the center of harnessing the merchandising power behind one of the most powerful IP's around today. The real question is how and where does the next generation consume all of this content? Skybound is building an engaged community that helps provide some of the answers to that question and our interview with Shawn is an insightful look at the what is working in the uncharted new world of pop culture. Talking Points Pacing, commutes, and entertainment. Skybound is juuuuuuust right with their clubhouse of creativity. Crafting a piece of the puzzle and building your place. Breaking down the wall. From a fan to the second Skybound employee and the organic growth of the company. Getting to geek out a little earlier than the rest of us. Founding the merchandising arm of The Walking Dead at Skybound. Licensing, making what you like, and finding what your fans want. Unboxing the Megabox and analyzing the subscription model for profitability. Rewarding loyal customers, a nostalgia that never fades, and simpler times. Paid positioning to a well defined market. Partnering up and the world of video games. Split seasons with never ending release dates layered across multiple shows that makes for a lot of promotional material. Intellectual Property, Corporate Overlords, or keeping the ownership for yourself. The new Keepers Of The Gate and actively acquiring the next big thing. Moving on to the next thing and borrowing credibility from past projects. Variables in production and believing in your product. Circle Of Trust Talking Points  Flukes, timing, and the next iteration of the American Dream. YouTube Celebrities and the next generation. Keeping spending fun with what we have left and stealing the stoke. Remembering Red Flags from the music industry and how they apply to current consumer culture. Crafting a community. Sales, social media, and personal bandwidth.  Shawn’s white whale. Infamous mix ups and a being built for Desk Times. TEAM SHAWN KIRKHAM

  • 650 - Hammer Time

    · 01:23:49 · Adventures In Design

    Come eat some oats with your favorite roll dogs Mike, Mark, Gus, and special guest Biggie for the next episode of Hammer Time. The boys are in fine form to kick off your week with some serious hangtime that even got Mark to yell "Eagle." Hammer dominates at a treat guessing game where only the ingredients are given as hints, Gus gets an apology from the boys, and Mark fields a world famous "Would You Rather?" that hits him where it matters most. Don't miss the very first Postamtes Race where Biggie and Hammer anxiously watch the finish line to see who's driver pulls into the driveway first! We've got over two hours of Hammer Time that will get you in the proper mindset to be throwing sun all week long and find your own fluidity. Talking Points A fly on the wall gets the green cord, pre-nuttin, and shiny legs.  Throwing sun on old souls treat choices, making new memories, and the greatest consumer ever.  Mark yells “Eagle.” Biggie BOGOs with Tommy Toilet and in-depth look at what money can buy you in the bathroom (R2 PooPoo).  The Betes Version Of Risky Business. Behind the curtain at Hammer Time.  Guessing treats one ingredient at a time. The Postmates Race gets built up.  Circle Of Trust Talking Points Hammer explains how scientific testing works and Mark explains how handicaps work.  More snacks are uncovered ingredient by ingredient.  Brickey-Era clues, whipped by the green cord, and socks that slide down two inches per podcast.  Surprise visits from Andy Williams, jumping off bridges with your friends, and scratching for the thrill.  Hammer’s Heater in Spin City, Biggie borrows some money, and the Bob’s Hair Gauge.  Mark takes a “Would You Rather.” Immaculate grills, apologies to Signature Gus, and fluidity. Hints at what’s next for Start Today, Rascal-ing around about Hammer Time, and being a real life Rudy. Tesla’s Customer Service.  TEAM HAMMER TIME

  • 649 - Start Today: Inside Out

    · 01:20:34 · Adventures In Design

    Inside Out released a small, four song EP called No Spiritual Surrender in March of 1990 that went on to quite possibly be the most popular release ever on Revelation Records. Despite disbanding one year after its release, their intense live performances and socially conscious lyrics left a lasting impact on the scene that still ripples outward today. This episode of Start Today opens with the in depth history surrounding Inside Out, the bands working alongside them, and how they came to leave such a lasting impression on the scene in such a short time. Burning Fight was the opening track off their monumental 7" where Zach wanted to remind us that the real struggle was to come down from the soap box and open our arms to anyone who would listen to the positive message we believe in. Mark Brickey and Biggie of Good Fight Entertainment go over each lyric of Burning Fight, share what it has come to mean to each of them, and how this poignant message continues to guide them to this day. Reach out your hand and get ready for the third installment of Start Today. Talking Points Youth Of Today calls it quits and hardcore begins to turn inward. Familiar faces, new sounds, and the arrival of rivals. Understanding 1990 from the 70’s. Crafting a unique sound that took its time to explode. Burning Fight becomes the slower paced anthem for the shape of hardcore to come. What comes after Inside Out? The revolution that came along with Rage Against The Machine. Channeling your anger to take on the rest of the world.  Coming back to the center where everything started. Overcoming expectations to fulfill your dream. Music as the background to a community, cutting through all the red tape, and understanding the "it" factor. Comedown space, crowd control, and the ninety minutes bands fight for. The changing of the guard in hardcore. Expanding universes, shrinking circles, and finding your tribe. Are you ready for the music that will change your life? Circle Of Trust Talking Points Straight edge after thirty, violent misconceptions, and in-scene squabbles. Not fitting in today, cutting the fat off the bone, and the engaging art of compromise. Managing others expectations and managing your own. The social structure in the scene changes as new discovery points open the doors to everyone. Walking away when it’s time, the wormhole to heavy, and using the platform while you have it. What is your burning fight now? Spiritual surrender. TEAM NO SPIRITUAL SURRENDER

  • Best of AID 2017: 574 - Start Today - Music Business Inspiration Podcast

    · 01:54:36 · Adventures In Design

    Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far). Start Today - Music Business Inspiration Podcast On the first episode of Start Today co-hosts Mark Brickey and Biggie breakdown the 1989 Gorilla Biscuits track “Start Today” and go line by line trying to fully understand the songs greater meaning and influences that it had on their lives. However, before we get to breaking down the walls of this inspiration, first Mark provides a rich audio documentary explaining the influences, origin and history of the short lived New York Hard Core super group the Gorilla Biscuits.  Talking Points Controlling your temper, not blowing up like you used to and realizing work isn’t worth getting mad over.  Understanding that you’re never too old to hangout and the importance of finding your tribe.  Location, location, location, where you are plays a huge part in how you play.  Staying one step ahead of your current career and always planning for the next big thing.  Not just working hard, but working hard toward a focused life plan.  Procrastinating solves nothing, only creates more work.  There is no seniority in the arts, which leaves zero room for laziness.  The importance of movement, keeping moving to keep surviving.  Trusting your gut, you always know what’s right.  Put in the hours, it will always show in the work. The importance of saying sorry face to face.  Time is your enemy, friend and greatest love.  Circle of Trust Mark talks about his lessons learned from both the song Start Today and the creating the first podcast episode. As well as plays audio that didn’t make the final public cut. 

  • 574 - Start Today Music Business Inspiration Podcast

    · 01:39:38 · Adventures In Design

    On the first episode of Start Today co-hosts Mark Brickey and Biggie breakdown the 1989 Gorilla Biscuits track “Start Today” and go line by line trying to fully understand the songs greater meaning and influences that it had on their lives. However, before we get to breaking down the walls of this inspiration, first Mark provides a rich audio documentary explaining the influences, origin and history of the short lived New York Hard Core super group the Gorilla Biscuits.   Talking Points - Controlling your temper, not blowing up like you used to and realizing work isn’t worth getting mad over. - Understanding that you’re never too old to hangout and the importance of finding your tribe. - Location, location, location, where you are plays a huge part in how you play. - Staying one step ahead of your current career and always planning for the next big thing. - Not just working hard, but working hard toward a focused life plan. - Procrastinating solves nothing, only creates more work. - There is no seniority in the arts, which leaves zero room for laziness. - The importance of movement, keeping moving to keep surviving. - Trusting your gut, you always know what’s right. - Put in the hours, it will always show in the work. - The importance of saying sorry face to face. - Time is your enemy, friend and greatest love. Circle of Trust Mark talks about his lessons learned from both the song Start Today and the creating the first podcast episode. As well as plays audio that didn’t make the final public cut.

  • 503 - 3rd Tube of Christmas - Donate To Feeding Long Beach

    · 01:10:48 · Adventures In Design

    THE 12 TUBES OF CHRISTMAS TUBE 3 - DONATE FEEDING LONG BEACH For Our 2nd Annual Holiday Fundraiser We Have Decide To Help Homeless And Hungry People In Need. We Will Be Asking For Your Donations From Now Until Sunday At Midnight. 110% Of The Money Raised Will Go To Feeding Long Beach. The Brickey Family Will Match Your Donation By 10% We Will Purchase Toiletries, Underwear, Socks, Plastic Bags (For Food Distribution) And Other Basic Supplies That You And I Take For Granted But Could Greatly Help A Person In Need. Watch The Shopping On Instagram Live And Look To This Page For A Copy Of The Receipt Of Purchase. By Donating Your Name May Be Randomly Selected To Win One Of The Following Donated Prizes $100 Gift Card From Mondo $100 Gift Card From Mitch Putnam of Posters and Toys or The VACVVM $50 Gift Card From PinGameStrong.com Win 1 of 5 DKNG Polar Bear Prints courtesy of  Adventures In Design A Years Subscription To The Circle of Trust $100 Gift Card For The Adventures In Design Store *On AID/COT Merchandise Only