• Today's guest is Ulrik Christensen, ServiceNow Lead at Gavdi Group in Copenhagen. Founded in 1999, the Gavdi Group is an employee-owned company with a proud heritage and an outstanding reputation for delivering award-winning SAP workforce management solutions built around human experience management. Gavdi has built an enviable reputation amongst peers and SAP of providing an unrivalled depth of reliability, trust and partnership with all their customers in both private and public sectors.

    Ulrik is passionate about helping organizations create business value and great workplaces enabled by HR technology. He has more than 15 years of experience in designing and implementing technology in complex, international organizations. Ulrik's key skills lie in HR Transformation, HR Technology, Selecting and Implementing HCM-solutions with extensive experience in all market leading HCM suites, including Workday, ServiceNow HR and SuccessFactors.

    In this episode, Ulrik will discuss:

    An overview of his 20 years of expertise in HR Transformation,

    How ServiceNow addresses cloud fatigue, integrates HR processes & offers customization solutions,

    How Gavdi transform onboarding & enhances the employee experience,

    Exciting trends in HR tech evolution, innovation and client-focused sustainability

  • Today's guests are James Fiorendino, Senior Research Data Scientist and Sadie O’Neill, Deputy Director of Data Science at Two Six Technologies. Founded in 2021, Two Six Technologies build, deploy and implement innovative products that solve the world’s most complex challenges today. Through unrivaled collaboration and unwavering trust, they push the boundaries of what’s possible to empower their team and support their customers in building a safer global future.

    Through private R&D, relentless innovation and deep technical expertise in cyber, information operations, data science, electronic systems, mobility, and user experience, Two Six Technologies serve customers that include DARPA, the Department of State, U.S. Cyber Command, the Department of Homeland Security and beyond. Their leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in data science, cybersecurity, R&D and more, which enables them to provide effective solutions that help clients around the world meet their mission needs.

    In today's episode, Sadie and James talk about:

    Their non-traditional journeys to joining Two Six Technologies,

    An overview of their next-gen security platform and diverse products,

    The day-to-day life of the Data Science team,

    Excitement for their "Discover Next" platform leveraging large language models,

    Valuing diverse backgrounds, problem-solving and skill development,

    What makes Two Six Technologies a great place to work

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  • Today's guest is Gino Sferra, Managing Director of Platforms at Accenture Federal Services. Headquartered in Virginia, Accenture Federal Services believe nothing matters more than helping the federal government do the extraordinary things it takes to make the nation stronger, safer and life better for everyone. They bring the most advanced R&D, the latest technologies, and human-centered design together with the power and commercial innovation of Accenture’s global network to the federal government.

    With more than 10 years of experience running complex, large-scale Platforms implementations for federal agencies, Gino has helped government C-suite executives maximize their investments in SaaS products. As MD for their Platforms work at the AFS Energy account, he supports pre-sales, sales, project mobilization and delivery oversight, as well as advocateing for developing and empowering their people. Gino provides solution advisory support to government clients, aiming to be their partner of choice to guide them on their Digital Transformation journey.

    In this episode, Gino will discuss:

    His journey to leading the ServiceNow federal business at Accenture,

    How Accenture leverages ServiceNow beyond IT, transforming federal processes,

    AFS’s focus on ERP modernization with ServiceNow integration,

    Prioritizing generative AI, cybersecurity and governance for ServiceNow,

    Seeking diverse talent passionate about mission-driven work

  • Today's guest is Mark Brady, Deputy Chief Data Officer for TRMC (Test Resource Management Center) at KBR. KBR partner with government and industry clients to provide purposeful and comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on efficiency and safety. With a full portfolio of services, proprietary technologies and expertise, KBR's employees are ready to handle projects and missions from planning and design to sustainability and maintenance. Whether at the bottom of the ocean or in outer space, their clients trust them to deliver the impossible on a daily basis.

    Mark works as the Deputy Chief Data Officer of the Test Resource Management Center at KBR, which provides testing and evaluation capabilities to develop, acquire, field and sustain reliable and effective weapons systems to meet current and future needs of the warfighter. In previous roles with the US Space Force, Air Force Space Command, Department of Justice and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Mark established the first data management programs and data policies for all four organizations.

    In today's episode, Mark talks about:

    His fascinating background and journey to KBR,

    Advocating next-gen data management to tackle low Data Science maturity,

    Why Data as a pipeline is vital for Next Generation data management,

    Addressing AI safety concerns with six laws,

    Building diverse data teams by prioritizing skills and training,

    Key skills needed to excel in the data world

  • Today's guest is Shannon Chapman, Director of IT Service Delivery at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Founded in 1966, Norwegian Cruise Line has been the premier innovator in the cruise line industry for nearly 60 years. They were the first to eliminate set dining times and provide guests with the freedom to cruise on their timetable to over 450 incredible destinations around the world. In the coming years, Norwegian’s commitment to innovation will continue to raise the bar for the cruise industry.

    Shannon leads their ServiceNow team to enable delivery of IT Services to end-users. She partners with business owners and IT service owners to implement automation and achieve overall labor cost-savings, along with improving the user experience. Shannon and her team manages the end-to-end development lifecycle and leads the creation, implementation and streamlining of IT Service Management processes. She also leads delivery of ServiceNow development along with overall platform manageability including upgrades.

    In this episode, Shannon will discuss:

    Her background and ServiceNow journey to date,

    Her current work in prioritizing ServiceNow enhancements for NCLH,

    Boosting ServiceNow adoption with personalized work anniversary celebrations,

    Enhancing the workplace experience by streamlining hardware asset management for efficiency,

    Automating credit card merchant tracking to significantly reduce processing time,

    How the automated test framework cuts testing time & streamlines ServiceNow upgrades,

    Her key advice for a successful platform implementation

  • Today's guest is Nilanjan Chakravorty, Chief Data Officer at EmpiRx Health. Founded in 2014, EmpiRx Health is on a mission to build and grow a highly elastic and resilient value-based healthcare company. Their mission is a ‘bend don’t break’ mindset with one purpose―giving people the greatest access to great care and saving healthcare dollars along the way. EmpiRx Health are champions of health equity and take seriously the imperative to address disparities through compassionate, culturally competent care.

    An entrepreneurial and result-oriented leader, Nilanjan is responsible for leading all aspects of technology architecture and delivery at EmpiRx Health, including the enablement of a cloud-native digital footprint. He brings a security-first mindset to the company and an excellent track record of delivering solutions across a wide spectrum of technologies, including systems integration, process automation, information management and cloud-based digital transformations.

    In today's episode, Nilanjan will talk about:

    His varied IT journey from finance to healthcare,

    EmpiRx Health’s efficient pharmacy benefits with a member-centric focus,

    Use cases on how they use ML and Data Science to impact the sector,

    An insight into the life of the data team,

    Innovating in pharmacogenomics and prioritizing value-driven success,

    What makes EmpiRx Health a great place to work

  • Today's guest is Amy Giovannucci, Platforms Capability Lead & Managing Director at Accenture Federal Services. Headquartered in Virginia, Accenture Federal Services believe nothing matters more than helping the federal government do the extraordinary things it takes to make the nation stronger, safer and life better for everyone. They bring the most advanced R&D, the latest technologies, and human-centered design together with the power and commercial innovation of Accenture’s global network to the federal government.

    Amy has been invested and passionate for over 20 years in Digital Transformation, Digital Platforms, Operating Models, Centers of Excellence, User and Customer Experience, and Service Management within the Government sector. In her current role with Accenture Federal Services, she leads a group of incredible digital platform practitioners who are working to improve, digitize and change the way that the Federal government works and the way citizens consume services.

    In this episode, Amy talks about:

    Her 17 years of experience at Accenture, focusing on ServiceNow & platforms,

    Their focus on ERP transformation, digital platforms growth & converged solutions,

    Using Generative AI solutions for federal efficiency, personalization and support,

    Hyper growth with a Gen AI focus and diverse capabilities expansion,

    Team-focused leadership, adaptability & career support in hyper-growth situations,

    Accenture’s strength in evolving talent, collaboration & impactful federal mission work

  • Today's guest is Paul Handly, Chief Technology Officer at Chenega. Ranked as the most successful Alaska Native village corporation, Chenega's mission is to achieve sustainable growth in their businesses to support shareholders in their journey to self-sufficiency, actively manage their lands, and uphold their cultural traditions and values. Established in 1974, Chenega today continues to deliver value and innovative solutions to their customers while building equity and providing benefits to their Native shareholders.

    Paul is a proven technology executive specializing in revenue growth through technology innovation. His experience involves driving business value and rapid growth through effective management and strategy. Paul demonstrates a unique combination of strategic leadership and tactical know-how to accomplish business objectives. He also has hands-on experience leading diverse teams to successfully create, market and deliver products and services on time and within budget.

    In this episode, Paul talks about:

    His background in National Park Services & geospatial technology,

    Making the transition to Chief Technology Officer,

    An overview of they work they do at Chenega,

    Challenges his team are working on within the federal sector,

    Their success in leadership, exceptional performance and unique culture,

    The future of Chenega from shifting to customer focus and utilizing GenAI,

    The shift from gig economy to longer-term federal engagements

  • Today's guest is Aurélie Dardel, Principal Customer Success Architect at ServiceNow. Based in Virginia, Aurélie is an executive-Level Program Manager with more than 16 years of experience in business administration, finance and management, with a focus on contracting and program management and contracting. An excellent communicator and problem solver, she has a proven ability to deliver substantial revenue, productivity and quality procedures through well-managed projects and acquisition package development.

    In this episode, Auréile discusses:

    Her Digital Transformation journey to becoming a leader in ServiceNow,

    Her role in guiding customers embrace the ServiceNow platform,

    Case study: Empowering a Canadian customer's strategic CSM deployment,

    Promoting proactive change, leveraging governance & innovation for growth,

    Driving value realization, setting objectives & using KPIs for continuous optimization,

    ServiceNow’s aim for $20bn revenue, emphasizing delivery excellence & customer support,

    Advice to dream big, embrace failure, prioritize self-care & surround yourself with smart people

  • Today's guest is Chris Nanda, Manager of Technology at Veteran Enhanced Technology Solutions. Founded in 2015, Veteran Enhanced Technology Solutions is a rapid response, IT transformation services firm on a mission to revolutionize the technology industry. With a relentless focus on customer success, VETS are dedicated to serving their clients with integrity, courage and a mission-first devotion to duty. They aim to be a bridge and foundation for elite, transitioning veterans to continue serving by empowering meaningful change within IT.

    Chris is an experienced software engineer who has been focusing on ServiceNow development for the past 11 years. He built a successful ServiceNow Consulting practice from 2009 through 2014, which continued on as Cerna Solutions. Chris then worked for ServiceNow for five years in various engineering and customer success roles. Today, he runs a software development company, partnering with some of the most successful ServiceNow Application Development companies in the world, helping them drive their applications to the next level.

    In this episode, Chris discusses:

    How he got into the world of ServiceNow and his journey to now,

    His day-to-day role with Veteran Enhanced Technologies,

    Customization vs Configuration within the ServiceNow platform,

    Building a winning ServiceNow team,

    Five key areas to deliver effective ServiceNow projects,

    His top advice to succeed in your ServiceNow career

  • Today's guest is Matthew Greving, VP of Machine Learning and Platform Technologies at iBio. Founded in 2008, iBio envision a world where drug discovery is not left to chance but guided by AI to make therapeutic development smarter, more precise and ultimately faster. They are using iBio’s Discovery Platform to tackle complex and challenging drug targets, with the goal of developing safer and more effective immunotherapies for difficult-to-treat cancers.

    Matt is the mastermind behind iBio’s technology platform and oversees the development of iBio’s tech stack. He is driven by a passion to utilize the power of integrated computation and laboratory discovery to solve difficult problems in human health. Before iBio, Matthew co-founded RubrYc Therapeutics to pursue this passion and act on his belief that we are at the very early stage of computation-laboratory integration in biological discovery.

    In today's episode, Matthew will talk about:

    His background and journey to now,

    Advancing antibody therapies for challenging, unexplored drug targets,

    Utilizing an AI-engineered approach for successful antibody therapeutics development,

    Seeking talent bridging computation and biochemical drug discovery,

    Leveraging multimodal data for transformative drug discovery impact,

    What he looks for when hiring into his team,

    What makes iBio a great place to work

  • Today's guest is Nigel Arbery, ESM ServiceNow Senior Director at Jade Global. Founded in 2003, Jade Global create value through their vast portfolio of IT services delivered by highly skilled and experienced consultants. Their services include business application implementations, integrations, software product engineering, cloud services, technology advisory, testing and managed services. Jade Global have domain expertise in a variety of industries including manufacturing, high-tech, energy, pharmaceuticals and warehouse distribution.

    Nigel has a strong track record of outstanding achievements at multibillion-dollar, world-leading enterprises across multiple industries on both a national and international scope. His career shows an exemplary record of developing and implementing strategies, leading to next-generation business transformation based on the implementation of new and emerging business technologies. Nigel plays a critical role in driving business growth at Jade Global, by ensuring that their solutions meet client needs and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

    In this episode, Nigel talks about:

    His background and previous experience within ServiceNow,

    An insight into the work they do at Jade Global,

    Why collaboration and honesty is key for successful partnerships,

    How project success requires finding the right people,

    The "Next Gen Data Management" book & Udacity course,

    Why evolving project goals demand continuous communication and clear understanding,

    How successful partnerships involve going on the journey together,

    The value of networking in the ServiceNow community

  • Today's guest is Martin Zych, CEO and Co-Founder at Jirav. Founded in 2015, Jirav is an all-in-one financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solution that delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand where your business has been and more accurately predict where you’re going. The system connects financial and operational data to easily explore historicals, and accurately forecast bookings, revenues, workforce, expenses and cash flows.

    As a career finance and accounting professional, Martin specializes in high-growth tech companies. Before co-founding Jirav, Martin was the Finance Director at Limeade and Zephyr Health, and a Controller at Atlas Accelerator CFO firm. Throughout his career, he set up dozens of finance functions and has helped raise over $200 million in funding. Martin founded Jirav to build the tool he wished he had available during his entire career as a finance leader at high-growth companies.

    In today's episode, Martin will talk about:

    His background and journey to now,

    Jirav’s application for simplifying financial planning,

    How the company evolved from CFO consulting to serving thousands today,

    The day-to-day life and culture of the Jirav team,

    The role of AI in shaping the future of Jirav’s platform,

    How recent funding will help them fulfil goals and milestones,

    Career opportunities with Jirav

  • Today's guest is Sven Richter, Senior Consultant ServiceNow, Product Line Lead SecOps & IRM at agineo GmbH in Germany. Specializing in Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions, agineo collaborates with clients on innovative projects aimed at enhancing the company's success. With over 30 years of experience, agineo has been digitally transforming and optimizing clients' business processes to be agile and forward-thinking.

    As a distinguished ServiceNow partner, agineo relies on established platforms like ServiceNow cloud technology to streamline processes and simplify intricate workflows for their service projects. This approach ensures the swift and efficient success of projects. It is through this proven methodology that agineo has solidified its position as the largest ServiceNow Elite Partner in the German-speaking region.

    In this episode, Sven discusses:

    An overview of his six years working with ServiceNow,

    His role as Product line lead for security operations and IRM,

    Why cybersecurity is important for business,

    Offering an integrated system with CMDB & third-party tools,

    Examples of the impact their SecOps offerings bring to customers,

    His key advice for your ServiceNow career

  • Today's guest is Rohan Doctor, Founder and CEO at Louisa.ai in New York. Louisa is a cutting-edge collective intelligence platform that was born out of Goldman Sachs in 2023. This innovative platform connects to a company's various data sources and auto-creates a comprehensive map of who and what everyone in the company knows. By providing employees with a centralized platform to access the collective intelligence of the company, Louisa is the one-stop-shop for all your knowledge and expertise needs.

    With Louisa, everyone in your company can ask the powerful question, "Who at my company can help with any product, sector or client?" and get the answer in seconds. This opens up new sales opportunities and enables employees to cross-sell, win the next deal and serve clients better than the competition. With over 25,000 monthly and 3,000 daily active users, Louisa’s smart news alerts, expertise search and dynamic network graph have helped connect the right subject matter experts at the right time, spurring cross-selling and collaboration.

    In today's episode, Rohan will talk about:

    His background and the origins of Louisa AI,

    Louisa AI’s expertise in CRM-driven revenue growth,

    How the Louisa platform has evolved since launch,

    Their emphasis on mapping human expertise for accurate enterprise solutions,

    Focusing on an Enterprise GPT readiness report for personalized AI implementation,

    Aligning with universities and supporting entrepreneurship for growth,

    Valuing deep client connections and aiming for global talent expansion

  • Today's guest is Tej Hemantharaj, Director – Technical Lead at Fujitsu North America. Fujitsu is a global leader in technology and business solutions that transform organizations and the world around us. They have a long heritage of bringing innovation and expertise, continuously working to contribute to the growth of society and their customers. It is the company's purpose to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

    As the Director, Technical Practice Lead for Fujitsu North America, Tej is responsible for the technical vision and direction of the ServiceNow practice. With over 12 years of experience working within ServiceNow, Tej leads a team of SMEs and oversees the design & architectural aspects of ServiceNow implementations. He is also responsible for setting and ensuring good practices, and being an advocate for innovation. As a ServiceNow Certified Master Architect, Tej also provides technical advisory and guidance to help customers succeed in their ServiceNow journey.

    In this episode, Tej talks about:

    His background and current role leading Fujitsu's ServiceNow practice,

    Fujitsu’s investment in R&D including supercomputers and AI,

    Assisting customers in ITSM, ITOM and broader enterprise transformations,

    How the ServiceNow platform has evolved,

    His advice for leveraging ServiceNow within your business,

    Guidance for ServiceNow Consultants in their career journeys

  • Today's guest is Brian Hart, Chief Technology Officer at Covera Health. Founded in 2017, Covera Health is leading the way in the emerging science of quality, deploying AI-powered quality insights to aid healthcare providers and payers in a shared quest to better define, measure and deliver the highest standard of care to patients everywhere. From helping people access the most effective care to providing doctors with powerful tools and insights, they are working to improve outcomes and care quality for all.

    Brian brings over 20 years of experience leading digital transformation at health technology organizations. Prior to Covera Health, he worked with IBM Watson Health where he oversaw and delivered on strategic imperatives, early innovation, incubation projects and the open source. He also led the AI portfolio focused on high impact disease and cancer detection, quality tools and contextual summarization. Brian has a broad range of experience directly responsible for point of care solutions, radiology information system and revenue cycle management.

    In today's episode, Brian discusses:

    His background in HealthTech and journey to Covera Health,

    His role as the CTO at Covera Health,

    Addressing radiology inconsistencies with AI for quality improvements,

    An insight into the day-to-day life of the team,

    Plans for Platform investment, AI 2.0 transition & LLMs,

    Career opportunities with Covera Health,

    What makes Covera Health a great place to work

  • Today's guest is Florian Wallrodt, Senior Consultant and Product Line Lead ITSM at agineo GmbH in Germany. Specializing in Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions, agineo collaborates with clients on innovative projects aimed at enhancing the company's success. With over 30 years of experience, agineo has been digitally transforming and optimizing clients' business processes to be agile and forward-thinking.

    As an esteemed ServiceNow partner, agineo relies on established platforms like ServiceNow cloud technology to streamline processes and simplify intricate workflows for their service projects. This approach ensures the swift and efficient success of projects. It is through this proven methodology that agineo has solidified its position as the largest ServiceNow Elite Partner in the German-speaking region.

    In this episode, Florian talks about:

    agineo’s expertise in ServiceNow project management and ITSM,

    How ITSM standardizes processes & resolves past tool customizations for efficiency,

    Transitioning from legacy tools to ServiceNow efficiency,

    How ServiceNow improves ticket visibility and boosts efficiency,

    Unifying data, enhancing management insights & retaining future talent,

    The future of ITSM including optimization and Generative AI

  • Today's guest is Anthony Macaluso, Founder and CEO at The Verse in New York. Founded in 2023, The Verse is an immersive Web3 experience that enables users to connect, build communities and monetize on their own terms. Their purpose at The Verse is to enhance the social networking experience by using a community-based approach by interacting with other members or influencers. Members' experience will encompass digital, creative and commerce services on one collective platform served by web3 and blockchain technology.

    Using powerful generative and fundamental AI tools, you can amplify your brand by publishing existing Web2 content in your own secure, decentralized network to ignite your business. You can engage, interact and conduct business within your own Verse community where members and influencers personally invest in a shared growth. You can also protect your data by exploring and scaling your business across The Verse with peace of mind that your data remains secure on Ethereum blockchain using Z-SNARK and other cryptographic proofs.

    In today's episode, Anthony discusses:

    His journey to creating positive social networking experiences,

    How The Verse are creating authentic social networking for users,

    The role of positive relationships, an immersive platform and their authentic community,

    Community-driven direction, member comfort & networking hub consolidation,

    A customizable digital billboard that creates personalized landscapes,

    Building a strong AI team and plans for further growth

  • Today's guest is Gordon Hazzard, GRC Practice Lead at Wholepoint Systems. Founded in 2014, Wholepoint Systems, a ServiceNow premier partner, is new type of value added reseller to the tech industry. They are passionate about assisting customers in identifying the best new technologies for their environments and sticking with their customers throughout the entire life cycle of their investments. ​This means not just selling customers technology, but providing long term solutions to assist their customers in staying ahead of the rapidly changing tech landscape.

    Gordon brings nearly a decade of extensive experience in the consulting and implementation space, specializing in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions. With a track record of delivering tailored GRC solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations, Gordon is forming an elite ServiceNow implementation team built on the dual pillars of domain expertise and technical mastery. It is their goal is to empower clients with scalable, sustainable and intuitive solutions that optimize business processes, increase transparency and reduce costs.

    In this episode, Gordon talks about:

    His journey from GRC consulting to ServiceNow Practice Lead,

    Wholepoint Systems’ diverse ServiceNow solutions,

    Guiding federal agencies in ServiceNow CAM, GRC and support,

    How ServiceNow centralizes processes, integrates CMDB & automates for efficiency,

    Investing in AI to enhance GRC automation for efficiency,

    Hiring and growing exciting talent, and the company culture,

    Being a premier ServiceNow partner with holistic, client-centric solutions