• Hello! It's been a while, as always. I have a couple of awesome news! This mix is almost 2 hours long because a listener contacted me on Twitter and told me to make a big mix (I won't do it again, it's a pain). Also I released a new song called Night Walks and it has almost 1K streams on Spotify! WOW! We still in the top 500 podcast in the United States (Jeez guys, relax a little bit) and I have another release on August 9 so stay tuned! Also I updated all my playlist so go and check them out! And I think that's it. You are awesome! You still review this show with 5 stars and that is insane, I can't believe the massive support I have. Thank you so much

    Love you all,


    Apple Music Playlist:  http://bit.ly/BamfRadioApple

    Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/BamfRadioSpotify


    0:00 Dweeb - Oolong

    1:06 Clément Matrat - Showing You Love

    3:09 Kuranes - Night.Time Stroll

    4:27 leaf beach - White Sage

    6:12 sleepdealer - Polaroid

    8:11 Smeyeul. & SPEECHLESS - Collecting Dust

    9:26 soho - Carolina

    10:38 Stxnx - Castor + Poluxxx

    12:32 Leo The Kid - Elderflower

    14:03 Jinsang - Girl at the Bus Stop

    15:42 Flitz&Suppe - Whenever Wherever

    19:43 [bsd.u] - Without You (Bonus Track)

    23:02 Deeb - About the Island

    26:57 Seneca B - Angels

    30:11 B-Side & Philanthrope - Stratussphere

    33:06 Misc.Inc - Agena

    34:51 Dwyer - Pulp

    36:59 Cheeki - Doze

    38:12 Stan Forebee - Whistle Tune

    40:09 Flitz&Suppe - Nothing To Do

    42:33 Tomppabeats - Summer Lover

    44:54 w00ds - Out of Love

    47:02 eevee - I wonder if we're dead

    49:35 Smeyeul. - Re'laks

    51:23 Smoke Trees - W-58025

    53:28 SMUV - Indigo

    55:09 Oatmello - 88 Keys

    57:38 eevee - jasmine

    1:00:02 Maple Syrup - Paris

    1:03:00 DRWN. - Might.Be

    1:05:32 Axian - Drive

    1:07:12 CRAETION - Onward

    1:10:35 Yuutsu - Escape

    1:12:41 Toonorth - Void

    1:15:12 Made in M - Frape

    1:17:12 Lilac & Invention - Lvndr

    1:19:28 Fatb - Copy Girl (feat. Kupla)

    1:21:20 Instupendo - Beauty Unit

    1:23:31 Arbour - Every Night

    1:24:51 Peachy! - This Is What Happens

    1:27:42 Sleepy Fish - Fall's Echoes

    1:30:15 [ocean jams] - Valentine

    1:34:27 Bamf - Night Walks

    Contact: bamfwav@gmail.com

  • HELLO EVERYONE! Yeah, I changed the picture and I think it's AWESOME! (If you don't like it hit me up on Twitter @itsBamf and tell me to change it, then I'll block you... I'm joking... Maybe...) Also I released a couple of weeks ago my new song called Falling. What do we have here? Well a lot of good stuff. I must admit that you guys are awesome, I never expected so many possitive reviews on iTunes (I'm talking about this podcast) 200 reviews with 5 stars and THAT'S CRAZY! We are almost top 500 podcast in the US. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it, as you know this is a hobby to me and this is why I upload an episode every month. Don't forget that I have some playlist on Apple Music and Spotify. I'll put the links down here so you can use them. So yeah thanks again for your awesome support, your awesome reviews and for beign awesome as a person, love you all. That's it, no long text, no nothing. ENJOY!



    Apple Music Playlist: http://bit.ly/BamfRadioApple

    Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/BamfRadioSpotify


    0:00 GentleBeatz - Chilling at the Park

    1:53 Jinsang - Homecoming // Memories

    5:34 Robot Orchestra - Winding Rhodes

    8:32 tusken. - Mocean

    10:57 goosetaf & Timothy Infinite - Bumblebee 

    13:16 jhfly - Ode

    14:48 Dontcry & Styn - Oasis

    16:40 Casiio - Ascend

    17:49 L'indécis - Lost

    21:49 HM Surf - Couch Day

    24:17 A L E X - I Need To Paint My Walls

    26:56 Flovry - Laze

    28:29 Philanthrope & Yasper - Slopes

    31:23 mell-ø - Waiting for You

    32:55 Barnes Blvd. - Now, I See

    35:35 j'san - Waking Up In the Park

    36:37 Wun Two - Nunthatch

    38:05 jobii - Fragile Stevie 

    40:47 Kupla - Emerald

    43:16 Bamf - Falling

    Contact: bamfwav@gmail.com

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  • Welcome back everyone! I want to present you my first album called Dreaming. With lots of reworks and a couple of new songs. First of all I want to say thank you for giving me courage to still making my podcast and my music. I really appreciate your support and your awesome ratings on iTunes. This podcast is 5 stars in the US with more than 50 rewievs. That's crazy tho! 

    THIS is my first album and I called it Dreaming (thanks to a subscriber who gave me the idea) 

    It has that name because I started a year ago doing this just for fun, I was working and soon I was going to start my studies. No one supported me. Big thanks to GentleBeatz who supported me on my first release and gave me courage to release more songs, InYourChill who uploaded my songs to his channel and his stream and is always waiting for more submissions, to 9GAG users who promoted my songs with awesome videos, to my friend Sebastian who guided me in this fantastic world and did the guitar on Childhood Memories and to my girlfriend who supported me since day 0. Also many thanks to YOU! Yes, you, who are reading this, because whithout you this would never have happened. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart 💕💕💕💕

    So what do I have here? Well... Kind of stuff. I'll put a tracklist below this comment. I reworked a lot of songs (Lost in Kyoto and Tokyo Nights are the same tho...) In this album you can find Farewell reworked (I was thinking on make a full rework but you love it how it is so I just fixed some drums and melody volume) Also happens with Goodbye and Our First Date. The big rework is for Rain on a Sunny Day. It's a little bit different. Also as you know I released a song called Childhood Memories, I made it with one of my frieds and it was a part of this album. 3 new songs. Dreaming, Chillin' and Simplicity. 

    Also I created a Lofi playlist on Apple Music. Just type: Best of Bamf Radio - Lofi and Chill

    So yeah! That's it, now I'll take a break making more songs but without a release date. And making more mixes!

    Love you all 💖💖💖



    0:00 GentleBeatz - Glad

    2:14 Jesse James - Legend

    6:28 Embee - Starlight

    9:15 Gill Chang - Limbo

    11:03 Veritas - Vindication

    14:41 Bamf - Dreaming

    18:01 Bamf - Chillin'

    20:50 Bamf - Simplicity

    23:11 Bamf - Childhood Memories

    25:29 Bamf - Lost in Kyoto

    28:40 Bamf - Our First Date

    30:37 Bamf - Rain on a Sunny Day

    33:12 Ouska - The Woman Who Was Heartbroken

    35:41 Bamf - Goodbye

    38:02 Bamf - Farewell

  • Contact: bamfwav@gmail.com


    0:00 Pandrezz, j'san - Blur

    2:30 Dweeb - Got Ur Money

    4:35 Casiio - Hang Five

    5:55 Snaer. - Loosyfit

    8:07 Tim Legend - When the World Ended

    11:03 goosetaf, Kyle McEvoy - Hollow Park

    13:09 B-Side, Flitz&Suppe - Ozone Tribe

    15:41 Casiio, Sling Dilly - Beechnut

    16:53 Ajmw, enjo - Healing

    18:45 Dontcry, Nokiaa, Philanthrope - Torpid

    20:55 Flitz&Suppe, Kupla - Mutiny

    23:21 Leavv - Mind Garden

    25:29 goosetaf, Timothy Infinite - Swing Set

    27:49 .ihaveaface, Kuranes - Moon Phases

    30:12 Toonorth - Reflection

    32:56 H E R B - Purpose

    35:05 Delayde - To Breathe

    37:32 Smoke Trees - Redux

    39:27 Leavv - Far Away

    42:50 HM Surf - Scopophobia

    45:06 Charlie - Here, Now

  • Hello everyone! I'm back with a new mix and with a new song: Childhood Memories (I released it today) I had like 5 or 6 deleted versions of this song so I finally picked the simple one. This song will be on my first album. That's it I guess, thank you so much for the support and for the reviews. I'm glad you enjoy this little project, I don't speak at all but I think that is the best part of this podcast :) and thanks a lot for your amazing mails. Massive hug to Joep, Дмитрий, Octavian, Kabelo and Ross. I replied to your mails and thanks a lot for your kind words!

    See you next time!

    Don't forget to stream my new song!



    contact: bamfwav@gmail.com


    0:00 Hope - GentleBeatz, Bluedoom

    1:58 Marbles - tusken., Kupla

    3:43 anything in the world - loftii

    5:35 Genesis - Axian, Kuranes

    8:15 Distune - JinSei

    10:08 Bloom - .ihaveaface, Sebastian Kamae

    12:23 Bonsai - Styn, Sebastian Kamae, Sleepermane

    14:45 Dippin' Dots - goosetaf, Oatmello

    16:52 Rosewood - Harris Cole, Arbour

    19:30 Things That I See - Flitz&Suppe

    22:00 Wind - Leavv

    25:03 Jaffa Cakes - HM Surf

    27:01 rosemary whispers - santpoort

    29:12 Lemon - Tom Doolie

    30:55 Gin - Oatmello, Cloudchord

    32:59 dozing off - chief., less.people

    35:51 Shinigami - SINY

    38:02 It's Ok - Pandrezz, j'san

    40:43 Downtime - Delayde

    42:17 Distance - SPEECHLESS, Berholet

    43:55 sunrise - mt. fujitive

    45:32 Louie's Lullaby - Harris Cole

    48:18 Flashes of Calm - mommy, Delayde

    50:47 light leaks - santpoort, Rhoda

    53:25 Lego - Tesk

    55:36 Regrets - SPEECHLESS, Rinse Cycle

    58:46 Childhood Memories - Bamf

  • New mix!

    Contact me: bamfwav@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf


    0:00 jrd. - The Way We Were

    2:35 Nohidea - entheogen

    4:18 Sebastian Kamae - Cerveza

    7:11 Handbook - End Credits

    10:00 Keem the Cipher - Alpha.

    12:25 Kupla - Afloat

    14:50 SwuM, quickly, quickly - this again...

    17:02 oofoe, Sugar Cane Davis - peace

    18:43 G93 - City Rain

    22:07 Veritas - Vindication

    25:46 mago - grnsh

    27:46 Bamf, GentleBeatz - Peaceful Loneliness

    29:45 Kupla - World of Clay

    31:57 AGM - Conclusion

    33:57 Single Friend - Lofi Single Serving Butter

    36:47 Bertholet, Sebastian Kamae - Chimney

    38:42 Casiio, Sling Dilly - JayJay

    40:05 Dontcry, Styn - Rolling Paper

    41:34 Sinitus Tempo - Life's Strange

    45:24 Delayde - sekao

    47:27 Brock Berrigan, Allem Iversom - Moonshine

    49:29 eli filosov [p h i l o] - hurt

    50:45 Slumberville - Ladybug

    52:37 santpoort, Rhoda - across all arcs

  • HELLO! It's been a while! I must admit that we are a lot of people now. I had a lot of problems with my laptop lately, my screen just broke and I had my mix done but I send it to fix it and I must wait a couple of weeks so I had to make some weird stuff to make another one and finally I'm here, again... With a new mix with all my favourite songs! (Almost forgot to tell you that I'm using a new software to make this, let me know sending me a mail or a DM on Twitter about this telling me what do you think about the quality, do you like the old one or the new one? Or it's the same?)

    News: I made a song with GentleBeatz and it's called *drums* Peaceful Loneliness, this is like a gift for my birthday and I'm so excited to show you and read what do you think about the song! It's something new and different but it's still the same but different.

    Thank you so much for your awesome mails! I replied them all. Also thank you for the "gift-donation" on Paypal but you don't have to do that. Save your money and spend it on better things. You can also donate it to charity or to the people who really need it. Don't make a guy rich when you can make the world a better place :)

    I'm doing an album (not yet because of the laptop) and I'll put there all my best songs and some new songs. I also have Peaceful Loneliness but the simple version. Yes, I will release it with the album. So yeah! That's it, hope you have a great time, thank you so much for the support and your awesome mails, was a great year! and see you next time!



    mail: bamfwav@gmail.com


    0:00 Friends With Animals - Rotations

    2:50 eli filosov [ p h i l o] - oneofone_rwrk

    4:12 Tesk, Golden Ticket Tapes - The Remedy

    6:05 Nymano - Sorry

    7:47 Fujitsu - Motions

    9:33 Limes - Jovial

    11:43 Sugi.wa - Je T'aime

    12:54 Chill Children, jhfly - Sudden Death

    14:35 Nymano - I Wish I Could Sleep

    16:27 Plusma - Monza

    17:46 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place

    21:18 Bamf - Rain on a Sunny Day

    23:28 Kupla - Rose Garden

    25:27 GentleBeatz - One With the Wind

    27:31 jhfly - sheets

    29:31 Knowmadic - Fade

    32:01 Bamf & GentleBeatz - Peaceful Loneliness

    34:03 Leavv - Home

    35:40 santpoort - rolling down this lazy wave

    38:07 Tomppabeats - Smoking at Midnight

    39:36 Bamf - Farewell

    42:00 potsu, Shiloh - im closing my eyes

    43:45 Dream Koala - We Can't Be Friends

    47:10 Sarcastic Sounds, Beowülf - Runaway

    49:00 Philanthrope - Leavin'

    51:06 j'san - Alone by Your Side

    52:20 Pensees - Your Lips

    56:07 Sonn - Choke

    58:51 Philanthrope - Remtach

    60:30 SPEECHLESS - unwanted

    62:30 Beowülf - Today is a Gift

    64:55 Dwyer - Pictochat

    67:10 eevee - m i s t

    69:00 santpoort - hide and seek

    70:40 moow, Lotte Kestner - You'r in My Head

    72:05 Hakaisu - Life of Troubles

    74:30 Leavv - Lighthouse

    76:36 Barnes Blvd. - Perspective

    78:08 Misc.Inc - Vibes

    80:06 Knowmadic - Faces

    82:13 Vague003 - I Hold Your Hand as We Drift Away

    83:50 A L E X -  The Burn Marks on My Epiano Wont Go Away

    85:18 moow, Lotte Kestner - Wake Up

    86:30 Smeyeul. - send me a song

    88:40 mommy - passing

  • Hello! Didn't expect this right? I know! Welcome to season 3 (Yeah!) GentleBeatz has a new EP that you should check it out, it's awesome! I don't have a new song but... BUT... On February 26th I'll celebrate my birthday and I'll put here my top favourite songs, you can also say something to the listeners or send a message to someone, record your audio with "Hi Bamf or Hi Bamf Radio this is (Your name, where are you from and your message)" and send it to: 


    I'll feature you and will make this like something new on every episode. Don't be shy! So see you on my next episode (Remember, 26th February, you have a lot of time so send me your audio and a message saying hi to me or your lovely ones or a song you want to listen to)

    Also don't forget to follow my Spotify Playlist "Best of Bamf Radio - LoFi and Chill"

    (I made a Q&A on a podcast called The Descent Into Illumination, you can hear my voice there!)




    0:00 Currents - Dontcry, Nokiaa, Jade

    1:55 Back Home - Limes, aimless

    3:24 Slippery - Bertholet, Dontcry

    4:55 City Samba - Konteks

    7:51 Thinking of You - Robot Orchestra

    11:00 Soul City - GentleBeatz

    13:16 Oxygen - Sebastian Kamae

    15:27 Away with the Fairies - Philanthrope, Sleepy Fish

    18:07 closer - chief., Chill Children

    20:05 Sweet Berries - Handbook

    22:47 Ripple - Bertholet, Sebastian Kamae

    25:51 Lonely - Hyperparadise

    28:54 Sticks & Stones - Feiertag

    31:00 Lotus - Elijah Nang, Misc.Inc

    33:26 a song for you - Smeyeul.

    35:25 Heartbroken - GentleBeatz

    38:05 Still Standing - GentleBeatz

    40:38 Lost in Kyoto - Bamf


    Hey everyone, this is my second Christmas mix and THAT’S AWESOME! (Also I have a new release OUT RIGHT NOW! Called Lost in Kyoto.) I’m so proud of you, we are a HUGE FAMILY! Thank you so much for the support, the rating and most important the subscriptions and plays. So I’ll tell you why I started a podcast back in 2017. I remember that day as if it were yesterday, I had a very serious depression, my life was sinking more and more, I touched the bottom, I think I even lay down. I had to do things to get out of that, so I decided to create this podcast. At the beginning it was LoFi and Synthwave. I uploaded 3 episodes, it seemed like I was coming out of that but I fell back but harder. I disappeared for a while after deleting almost all the episodes except the first one. In the middle of recovery in September I opened the mail and read many comments from people who enjoyed my podcast and helped them with their problems, I was shocked. They were sad because I did not upload more episodes. After a couple of weeks I decided to return thanks to my current girlfriend who helped me to recover. And here I am, uploading episodes, sharing my music, showing new songs and helping people. What I want to tell you is that if you have a problem and you do not have anyone to go to, you can contact me on Twitter. I'm here to help you :) 

    So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you so much and see you next time with a new episode and a new Season! 

    Stay Chill, 


    Instagram: ItsBamf (New!)


    0:00 Good Morning - Laxcity 

    3:58 for you - jhfly 

    7:03 nothing but love - Bassti 

    9:36 Sakura III - Elijah Nang 

    13:50 Borren - Arbour, Underbelly 

    16:33 When You’re Around - Late June 

    18:38 Sunshine - Seneca B 

    22:08 Serenity - Arbour, _houseplants 

    23:56 amber - Delayde 

    25:48 About The Distance - Flitz&Suppe 

    28:55 when the leaves come falling down - j’san 

    30:52 Existence - Cold 

    33:03 Iloveyou - A L E X 35:44 let’s run away and never look back - Essence 

    36:43 north fell - Delayde 

    39:25 Lost in Kyoto - Bamf 

    42:35 I Hold Your Hand as We Drift Away - Vague003

  • Hey there! It's ya boy Bamf! Welcome back to another mix, I just finished a song and that means I'll take a break. Yes, because with this song there are already 13 since May and that's crazy! (as always you can stream it on every platform) Don't worry this doesn't mean anything to the podcast. You will have a Christmas mix, you can still contact me. I'm trying to save some money and do a giveaway. So yeah! Thank you so much for this amazing support, I really appreciate it. I wish you the best and thank you for making me happy.
    Truly yours,

    Also I forgot to tell you that I created a new Snapchat, add me if you want (no streaks please!): itsBamf

    0:00 C Y G N - Mindfulness
    2:40 Kupla - Tiger
    5:12 Kalaido - Hanging Lanterns
    8:45 Leavv - Within
    11:23 invention_ - [nstlgc]
    13:40 jhfly - warm up
    15:41 chief., less.people - dozing off
    18:29 Flovry - Car Radio
    21:00 Pholanthrope, Devaloop - Eston Martin
    23:12 Delayde - antony passage
    24:51 moow, Lotte Kestner - You’r in My Head
    26:23 Idealism - Far Apart
    30:50 Sleepy Fish - Branches
    33:29 Instupendo - Boy
    37:16 Bamf - Drowning in Thoughts
    40:14 santpoort, The Field Tapes - fields of forever

  • Whoa! Welcome back, in this episode I included my song called Tokyo Nights. Experimental of course, it's a mix of Chillwave and LoFi beats (I'm talking about my song). See you next time!

    Ah yeah, the tracklist:

    0:00 Juan Rios - Noche
    2:40 Moose Dawa - Momatter
    5:39 .Shin, Masego - Early Spring
    8:35 Axian - If I Ever Build a House
    11:32 Leavv - Within
    14:10 Moose Dawa - Daylight
    16:23 Flitz&Suppe - About The Distance
    19:30 Nohidea - this is a love story.
    21:43 shogonodo - Arise
    24:13 Smeyeul. - Distant Travels
    26:45 stream_error - sleep well
    29:05 Idealism - Iatenite
    31:00 Arbour, Underbelly - Borren
    33:42 Kupla, j’san - Memories Fade
    36:04 chief. - forget it
    37:50 Leavv - Lighthouse
    40:02 Sleepy Fish, Philanthrope - morning rises
    42:47 Bamf - Tokyo Nights

  • Hello! So I had a busy month, I made a new song (Call ed Shirohae, you can stream it now), also I'm stuDYING (haha) but I found some time to make this episode (YAY!) If you had some issues with my podcast I must to say sorry, it's because I changed the host. But with this one I have unlimited uploads (NO, I'm not gonna upload every week) and a better quality. Hope you are doing awesome and yeah, See you next time! (no one reads this but I have to say something)

    0:00 Crossing Paths - Brock Berrigan
    2:24 Meditation On God - Melodiesinfonie
    5:43 Watz - enjo
    6:42 Pen Anubis - B-Side
    9:46 Noche - Juan Rios
    12:25 Nice With the Dice - Fortnight, Too Ugly
    14:00 sheets - jhfly
    16:03 Nothing’s Gonna Hurt U - SwuM
    18:46 The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Barnes Blvd.
    20:51 Hydrangea - Knowmadic
    23:37 Light Year Love - Kendall Miles, Somar
    25:30 Don’t Think About Tomorrow - fantompower
    27:55 Yesterday - chief.
    30:25 Iloveyou - A L E X
    33:06 Props_ - quickly, quickly
    34:10 Sunday - Lunchmoney, Dontcry, Nokiaa
    35:35 Shirohae - Bamf
    40:37 Couch Day - HM Surf

  • WOW! This podcast is now 1 year old, this is amazing. A lot of things has changed this year, we are 5000 unique listeners every month and still growing. This is crazy! Also I started doing music and have all your amazing support. I just can't believe it. Hope you enjoy this podcast, thanks a lot for the massive support, for waiting every month for another episode and you are amazing. See you next time!

    0:00 Leavv - Valley
    3:06 Kupla, j’san - My Love
    5:45 Oatmello - No Way Back
    7:25 Cloudchord - Stay Puff
    9:22 SwuM - ????
    11:51 Sofasound - By The Shore
    14:54 Melodiesinfonie - Wanderlust
    17:29 The Breed - Morning Love Affair
    19:05 Philanthrope - Laverne
    20:56 Psalm Trees - Me
    22:16 Barnes Blvd. - Joan of Arc
    25:03 Shy Cope - Drive Home
    27:10 SwuM - Leila
    28:59 Ckwnce - Yrnn
    31:04 Barnes Blvd. - Perspective
    32:37 Chill Children - Ténegro
    36:10 DRWN. - dark blue
    37:11 Misc.Inc - Island of Monks
    40:01 Devaloop - Suffer No Fools
    42:38 Bamf - Goodbye

  • Hello! So I just released my new album called Experience Tranquility. 5 new songs and a remaster of Dearly Beloved. Hope you guys enjoy and sorry for this short episode, you'll have another one this month (I guess)

    Bamf - Time Passing
    Bamf - Tea For Two
    Bamf - Our First Date
    Bamf - Eternal Return
    Bamf - Dearly Beloved
    Bamf - Goodbye

    I'll take a rest, now I have to study but I will upload episodes so don't worry about that. See you next time!

  • Hey guys! I'm back, I know I told you I'll be back on September but I was bored and did this. Also I'm doing a new album so I hope my next mix will be my full album. Hope you still having fun this summer and thank you so much for your support.


    0:00 Bamf - Time Passing
    2:11 Rude. - Endless Joy
    5:03 Masked Man - Coupe_90
    6:10 mommy - hammock
    8:02 Ian Ewing - Two Avocados and a Microphone
    11:02 SwuM - Nothing’s Gonna Hurt U
    13:49 Misc.Inc, Leavv - Pictures
    16:00 shogonodo - Arise
    18:33 Estugarda, Tesk - Home
    21:33 Lost Son - It’s Been Raining
    22:33 j’san - Ain’t Leavin’ without You
    25:00 Flitz&Suppe - Too Late
    27:50 Smeyeul. - send me a song
    30:06 Devaloop - Suffer No Fools
    32:44 Bamf - Our First Date

  • Hey guys! So this is the best of Bamf Radio so far. I took the most listened songs and put it here with a bonus song, Farewell, it's my new track, you can stream it on every platform. Also I will take a break in August because of health issues. I'll be back I promise. You can contact me on Twitter : @itsBamf and stay tuned. So yeah, was an amazing year, hope you enjoy this mix. Farewell.


    0:00 Rude. - Eternal Youth
    3:18 Rude. - Love & Sorrow
    7:00 Plusma ft Philanthrope - Lament
    8:46 Deeb ft Asteroid - The Story
    12:55 Deeb - Theme from Endless Sunset
    16:37 Plusma - Monza
    18:02 Kupla - Alone in the World
    20:17 Tomppabeats - Will You Stay Here with Me
    21:25 Ford. - Bedford Falls
    24:37 jhfly - sheets
    26:40 SPEECHLESS - unwanted
    28:45 Tomppabeats - Smoking at Midnight
    30:20 moow - You’r in My Head
    31:55 Fujitsu - Awaiting
    33:55 Nymano - I Wish I Could Sleep
    35:50 Kupla - Nowhere Else
    38:23 Bamf - Lonely Nights
    39:56 Dwyer - Pictochat
    42:05 Beowülf - Today I

  • Hi there! I just launched my new song “Rain on a Sunny Day” and it’s on every stream platform. You can stream it whenever you want. Also this month I will upload another mix because on August I will take a break.


    0:00 Bamf - Rain on a Sunny Day
    2:19 Hakaisu - Life of Troubles
    4:47 alfon zaaberg - 8 Bit Sunset
    7:02 xJK. - Crunch
    8:49 Juan Rios - Clay
    11:36 Seneca B - Sunshine
    15:05 chief. Rockets
    16:34 Mt. Marcy - okay, but this is the last time
    18:57 Robot Orchestra - Thinking of You
    22:07 Bassti - Time
    23:40 Rude. - Loneliness

  • Hello! Last month I finished 2 tracks. Dearly Beloved and Lonely Nights, you can stream it on every platform. Also follow me on Spotify, it will help me a LOT! Also I created a Vero account, you can add me and have a chat with me. Just search for Bamf and talk to me. Tell me what do you think about the show, if I you want some other tracks here, whatever you want. Do you have a pet? Send a picture! I love animals. So see you next time! Bye! ??

    *You can find this podcast on iTunes*


    0:00 Dearly Beloved - Bamf
    2:53 Don’t Think About Tomorrow - fantompower
    5:14 spring bit - mommy
    6:26 Love Rework - Chill Children, jhfly
    8:27 Troubadix - Plusma
    10:36 Geraldine - Black Taffy
    13:54 Akaido - Gorila
    16:49 Amber - Liphe
    19:05 Your Favorite Place - Joey Pecoraro
    22:38 Moments of Clarity - Es-K
    25:39 Time - Bassti
    27:13 mocean - tusken.
    29:21 Wildflower - Joe Corfield
    31:44 rolling down this lazy wave - santpoort
    34:14 spliff - Knowmadic
    35:21 Call me - 90sFlav

  • Hello! So these are the news. I will upload now 1 episode every month (sorry my limit of uploads are 20 episodes per year) Also I’m on Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music/Deezer… Check out my track. Follow me, will help me a lot. I put a preview of a track I’m working on it. And yeah! Hope you enjoy it and see you next time.

    0:00 Bamf - Dearly Beloved (Preview)
    1:02 Rude. - Love & Sorrow
    4:42 Nymano - Sorry
    6:23 Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are
    8:26 Smoke Trees - Intersomnia
    11:11 digitalluc, Bill adlib - 003
    13:25 Masked Man - The Jamming Interlude
    14:57 Beatboxbandit - One Last Thing
    16:44 Philanthrope - Clockwork (feat. Tusken.)
    18:57 Philanthrope - Rematch
    20:34 Tomppabeats, rei brown - Goodbye
    22:26 invention_ - querencia
    23:42 Arbour - Elusive
    25:08 Vague003 - It Rained Today (Inside of Me)
    26:41 Kupla - Nowhere Else
    29:14 SPEECHLESS - unwanted
    31:19 GentleBeatz - One With the Wind
    33:27 Bamf - I Fell In Love With You

  • Hey! So I just finished a song and of course I put it here. Hope you enjoy it and can tell me what do you think about my track. Also I made a Paypal link, only if you want to help me. See you next time!

    Paypal: paypal.me/BAMFOfficial


    0:00 BAMF - I Fell In Love With You
    2:03 Sarcastic Sounds, Beowülf, Mishal - Runaway
    4:01 HM Surf - Swix
    5:54 Fujitsu - Steady
    7:17 santpoort - hide and seek
    9:02 Oatmello, chief. - Inside
    10:59 Jinsang - Bliss
    12:22 HM Surf - Discount
    14:21 Toonorth - Angapesiss
    17:17 j’san - in time
    19:28 Plusma - Small Days
    20:57 Eda Lee - Black Coffee
    23:33 tusken. - Premace
    25:57 less.people - ?
    28:40 Aso - Snug
    31:10 Hazy Year - Magnolia
    33:46 Fujitsu - Motions
    35:33 Aso, Todd Pritchard - Laz
    37:48 Flitz&Suppe - OdeToYou
    40:47 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place
    44:23 Beowülf - Today Is a Gift
    46:53 Dwyer - Pictochat