• Craig Alexander (Crowie) was Greg's very first guest on The Greg Bennett Show well over a year ago. He’s been a good mate of Greg's for 25 plus years. They’ve logged thousands of miles together in training and they’ve had some fun battles in races around the world. Greg has taken enormous pleasure in watching his incredible success over the years - his 5 world titles and his relentless pursuit and perseverance to become the champion he is.They’ve done 5-hour rides and there’s rarely a moment of silence between them. They’ve shared coffee’s and beers, and plenty of laughs. Greg's not sure he can think of a better man to have a long conversation about anything and everything.This is simply two mates sharing some stories, their thoughts on the world of Triathlon and how it’s changed over 30+ years, and some off-topic random discussion as well.In this episode, Craig and Greg discuss the early years at Balmoral Triathlon club in Sydney and how they use to sleep in their cars before races and wait for the barrel draws to win meat packs, and how they always worked jobs to simply try to stay afloat to get o the next race.Greg and Craig discuss who is the greatest Triathlete of all time. How races have changed and how equipment changes have impacted the sport. Discount Codes and Deals Athletic Greens - a FREE year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase by visiting athleticgreens.com/gregHyperice - get an additional 10% off with code GREG10 at hyperice.comFormSwim Goggles - formswim.com/greg for $15 off - The coupon will be automatically added to the cart. Or use code GREG15 at checkout.Vital Choice - https://www.vitalchoice.com/ use promo code: 1welllbalanced5 at checkout

  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a wonderful conversation with Heather Jackson. Heather Jackson is one of the world’s greatest Ironman champions. With consistent podiums at both the 70.3 and Full Ironman World Championships. She’s the current American Ironman record holder and has won 12 IM 70.3 and 5 full Ironmans. She’s a relentlessly hard worker and is an aggressive racing, and is a top contender at every race she enters. Always smiling, one of the best people I know, but don’t let that smile fool you….She’s a smiling assassin. In this episode, Heather describes her journey to the top of the world of Triathlon. Her options of sports along the way, simply remarkable. Soccer, Ice Hockey, Track Cycling, and then finally she went all-in on Triathlon. Heather describes how she's struggled with confidence, but now in her mid 30's she's found a new coach in Ryan Bolton, she's building her weapons and she's working the mental game. She has a great team around her, with her training partners, coach, and her incredibly supportive husband Wattie. We have a good laugh about their tattoos and people's preconceptions about who they are. Discount Codes and Deals Athletic Greens - a FREE year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase by visiting athleticgreens.com/gregHyperice - get an additional 10% off with code GREG10 at hyperice.comFormSwim Goggles - formswim.com/greg for $15 off - The coupon will be automatically added to the cart. Or use code GREG15 at checkout.Vital Choice - https://www.vitalchoice.com/ use promo code: 1welllbalanced5 at checkout

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  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a wonderful conversation with Dr. Joseph Maroon. Dr. Joseph Maroon is one of the most accomplished people I’ve had the pleasure of having on the show. Neurosurgeon, Professor, Triathlete, and Author. As a neurosurgeon. He has an international referral base, including numerous professional athletes and celebrities. As a Sports medicine expert. He’s been the team neurosurgeon for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers for 30 years and the first neurosurgeon directly appointed to the NFL. He’s the Co-developer of ImPACT, a neurocognitive test that is now the standard of care for concussion management in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NASCAR. He’s a renowned author of 7 books. His most recent, which we’ll be discussing today is called Square One - A simple guide to a balanced Life. And he’s Triathlete – 8-time Ironman athlete including 5 Kona IM World Championships. In this episode, Dr. Maroon shares his journey from riding high with success in his chosen profession of a neurosurgeon to losing everything. To finding Triathlon, and how Triathlon literally saved his life, and how he was able to rebuild himself physically, mentally, and emotionally. He concludes by sharing what he feels are the most important things in life. He asks himself, what are the three most important things in life? He says: 1. A healthy mind and a healthy body2. Relationships - God, Family, and Friends3. Carpe Diem - Latin for "seize the day" Dr. Maroon is living what he's sharing. He is living life with vigor, he is seizing the day, and is he truly inspiring. Discount Codes and Deals Athletic Greens - a FREE year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase by visiting athleticgreens.com/gregHyperice - get an additional 10% off with code GREG10 at hyperice.comFormSwim Goggles - formswim.com/greg for $15 off - The coupon will be automatically added to the cart. Or use code GREG15 at checkout.Vital Choice - https://www.vitalchoice.com/ use promo code: 1welllbalanced5 at checkout

  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a delightful with Rebecca Rusch. Rebecca Rusch is one of the world's greatest ultra-endurance athletes. Her career has spanned numerous adventure sports including rock climbing, adventure racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, gravel biking, and mountain biking. She was nominated to the International Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2019, owns seven World Championship titles in multiple disciplines. Author – her book Rusch to GloryEmmy award winner for her documented cycling expedition on the Ho Chi Minh trail - Blood Road. Motivational speaker and Event promoter – With Rebecca’s Private Idaho She’s contributing to the greater good and giving back with her foundation “Be Good”. In this episode, Rebecca discusses her journey and the importance of the documentary film - Blood Road. How rather than closing a door to a part of her life it opened her life to so much more. The thing that becomes clear in this episode is Rebecca's ability to adapt and become stronger under difficult circumstances. This is true for her life, her career as an adventure racer and professional Mountain biker. Be sure to listen to this one until the end... simply so many fantastic stories and takeaways from one of the world's truly great inspiring people.Discount Codes and Deals Athletic Greens - a FREE year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase by visiting athleticgreens.com/gregHyperice - get an additional 10% off with code GREG10 at hyperice.comFormSwim Goggles - formswim.com/greg for $15 off - The coupon will be automatically added to the cart. Or use code GREG15 at checkout.Vital Choice - https://www.vitalchoice.com/ use promo code: 1welllbalanced5 at checkout

  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a delightful conversation with Cam Brown. Cam Brown is redefining what we think of aging and longevity. His passion for Triathlon is evident in his consistent, relentless pursuit of bettering himself every time he races. At 48, he toes the line with athletes more than half his age. He’s raced three generations of professionals and continues to be competitive. His resume is one of the greatest Ironman resumes in the world, some highlights include: 12 x NZ IM ChampA win at the European IM Championships (Fra) & 2 x 2ndFour podiums at the Kona IM World Championships 2 x 2nd, 2x 3rd10 x NZ Half IM Champ He knows himself; he knows his strengths and he knows his weaknesses and he played his cards accordingly. He has optimized his career in sport to its fullest and I for one truly have the utmost respect. In this episode, Cam reflects on his 30+ year career, the advances in technology, the incredible athletes he's competed against, and when he realized that Ironman was made for him. Cam shares his passion for the sport of Triathlon and how that passion is still fueling him. His goal is to race as a professional athlete into his 50s, that's something that has never been done before. His calm demeanor is evident in this conversation. Not easily rattled being a useful weapon for longevity in professional sport. Discount Codes and Deals Athletic Greens - a FREE year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase by visiting athleticgreens.com/gregHyperice - get an additional 10% off with code GREG10 at hyperice.comFormSwim Goggles - formswim.com/greg for $15 off - The coupon will be automatically added to the cart. Or use code GREG15 at checkout.Vital Choice - https://www.vitalchoice.com/ use promo code: 1welllbalanced5 at checkout

  • Ryan Bolton is a former professional Triathlete and Olympian and now one of the world’s greatest endurance coaches.With a successful college running career, he made the move to Triathlon and represented the USA at the 2000 Sydney, Olympic Games, and post-Olympics had great success in the world of Ironman.Combined with his studies in exercise physiology, and master’s in human nutrition, with an emphasis on stress metabolism, He has the perfect background for top-level coaching.He’s coaching some of the world's greatest endurance athletes including Ironman Ben Hoffman who I had on the show a couple of months back, Boston Marathon champion Caroline Rotich, and young up-and-coming Triathlon star Sam Long.He’s the founder and head coach at Bolton Endurance and the director of the Harambee (pronounced huh-RAHM-bay) project – which is a group of elite distance runners in Sante Fe, New Mexico. And is also working with USA Triathlon as a technical advisor.One of the great talents of the world of Triathlon.In this episode, Ryan discusses his journey into the world of Triathlon, some of his regrets as an athlete, and his transition from athlete to coaching. He shares how he works with each of his incredible athletes, getting them ready for their respective goals. He describes the incredible joy he receives when his athletes achieve and how that joy is far superior to his own moments of success... including the Olympic Games experience.Ryan is fully invested with each of his athletes and is doing everything he possibly can to make them the greatest.

  • It’s been one year of the Greg Bennett Show, formally Be with Champions. And Greg has had the privilege to have the most wonderful conversations, with the world’s greatest athletes, coaches, doctors, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. It's simply incredible that these incredible people have been willing to come on the show and chat. Some Greg has known but many he's only come to know from these conversations. Greg is tremendously grateful to all of them for coming on and for you for listening and supporting the show.


    Today’s episode is a little different, Greg is joined by a guest host, in fact, he'll ask most of the questions, former professional athlete and multiple world champion, now businessman and entrepreneur Chris McCormack. Chris like Greg is passionate about all sports and high performance. He is the CEO of the Mana sports and entertainment group, Co-founder of the Superleague Triathlon series, the President of the Bahrain 13 endurance team. He was on episode 8 of the show and an episode you really should go check out.


    In this episode, Greg and Chris discuss this podcast, review the year and many of the episodes, and then due to several requests, look at Greg's journey and process into the world of endurance sport and why he's doing what he's doing.


    Greg discusses some of the highlights of the episodes in year 1, and who he'd love to get on the show, and where he'd like the show to go. Greg describes his journey in the sport and gradually finding his strengths and taking control of his life. Greg and Chris conclude by discussing the fundamentals of high performance. Together they share many stories of the past and their shared journeys.

  • In this episode, we discuss Ancestral Health, the benefits of stress, physiologic headroom aka resilience, sleep and circadian rhythm, Nutrition, and Social connections.


    Dr. Wood shares his thoughts on DNA and genetics, you may be surprised with where he thinks we're at. Plus so much more in this one.


    A quick recap of Dr. Wood’s background - He received his bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University f Oxford, and a Ph.D. in physiology and neuroscience from the University of Oslo. He’s worked with the world’s greatest athletes from Formula 1 motorsport to the world’s best endurance athletes. He’s currently on Research faculty at the University of Washington in the Department of Pediatrics. His research focusing on ways to increase resilience, and treat the injury of, the developing brain.


    His depth of knowledge and ability to communicate detailed scientific literature for the rest of us is truly outstanding and very much appreciated.

  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has an incredible conversation with Gustav Iden. Gustav is spearheading the next generation of superstar triathletes.


    At 24 he’s already won the IronMan 70.3 world championships and more recently the challenge Daytona PTO championships. Both events had two of the greatest fields ever established in the world of triathlon, and both events he put on a display that indicates that the next generation is here and they’re taking the sport further than any of us thought possible.


    He’s part of the Norwegian clan that is taking the world by storm alongside his training partners 2019 world championship grand final winner Khristian Blumenfeld and World Triathlon Series podium finisher Casper Stornes.


    It’s exciting to watch this new generation and the sport of Triathlon continue to summit new heights.


    In this episode, Gustav describes the impact on his life winning the Ironman 70.3 world title. He shares an incredible story about wearing a Taiwanese hat that he'd found on the side of the road in Japan, to victory at the Ironman 70.3 world title and how that event went viral in Taiwan and had a huge influence on him signing with a Taiwanese bike company Giant bikes because of it. It really is a remarkable story.


    Gustav describes the fact that he's naturally confident but hopes it doesn't come across as arrogance. He shares the fact that his VO2 max has been tested at 92... which is one of the biggest scores in history. Consider the fact that the average man has a V02 max of around 60 and it's no surprise that Gustav can deliver so much Oxygen around his body.


    They discuss the Challenge Daytona event in detail and Gustav shares the importance of winning Challenge Daytona to let his fans and sponsors know that the IM 70.3 World title the year before wasn't a fluke.


    So many great stories in this one.

  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has a delightful conversation with Paula Findlay. Paula has one of the most incredible stories of perseverance.


    Ten years ago, she burst onto the world scene in dominating fashion. Winning 5 World Triathlon series events in a 12-month window as a 21-year-old. After those events, she dealt with several almost career-ending injuries. And spent the better part of a decade rebuilding herself. In the last few years we’ve started to see glimpses again of the great champion and on Dec 6th, 2020 at the Challenge Daytona, PTO championships, we saw more than a glimpse, we saw the physical prowess, the mental fortitude, and the emotional strength of one of the worlds greatest back on top with a dominating exhibition of how to race a Triathlon.


    In this episode, Paula describes her journey into the sport and her fast rise to the top. She discusses the effects of being a 21 year old on top of the world and the expectations that went with it. It hasn't been all smooth sailing, Paula has dealt with multi stress fractures all over her body, anemia, and body image issues. But she's kept her passion alive. She's worked with various coaches to try and find the right path. Finally, now with her coach Paula Sousa and her partner Eric Lagerstrom, she is in a great place. You can hear it in her voice. It's been a journey but she's there.


    She discusses her incredible performance at the Challenge Daytona PTO Championships and so much more.

  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has an entertaining and insightful conversation with Dr. Dan Plews.


    Dr. Dan Plews is a Doctor of exercise physiology, a world champion Ironman athlete and coach, and founder of endureIQ. His athletic accomplishments are extraordinary. He won the 2018 Age Group Ironman World Championship, was the 1st non-professional athlete to finish, and set an age-group world record of 8hrs 24mins. What’s incredible about that, is he did that whilst still working full-time as a sports scientist and coach.
    He’s worked with professional Triathletes Tim Van Berkel, Jan Van Berkel, Caroline Steffen, and Terenzo Bozzone and the list goes on, and the New Zealand America’s Cup sailing team.
    He's one of the world’s greatest minds in endurance sports. He has the practical, personal experience and he has the science.
    In this episode, Dan describes everything there is to know about HRV (Heart Rate variability). He discusses LCHF (Low Carbohydrate, High "Healthy" Fat) diets. And he discusses how he coaches his athletes by first looking at the event and what it takes to be successful in that event, the individual and what their strengths and weaknesses are, and then what training best fits. Dan shares some entertaining stories of some of the training of the power athletes in the team Emirates New Zealand Americas Cup crew. And how a 4min time trial for men that are raw power... may have been too far.
    This episode, had Greg laughing at times and then jotting down incredible knowledge at others.


    Incredible insights and remarkable stories.

  • Jamie Hunt is a former professional Triathlete who transitioned into the world of High-Performance sports apparel and co-founded the brand 2XU. He built that brand at a mind-boggling pace, to a brand that had over $100 million in transactions a year and sold for a 9-figure sum.His passion, energy, and hard work were evident as an athlete. We raced each other throughout the 90s and he was a part of the exceptional group of Kiwis that took the world by storm. He took that same passion, energy, and hard work into the world of fabrics and brand building and never looked back.He’s one of the most genuine down-to-earth men you could meet and combines that with a driven competitive streak that has fueled him to be one of the world’s great high performers.Jamie is incredibly open and vulnerable in this episode. His journey from being left of the NZ Olympic team to the co-founder of the High-performance endurance and compression brand 2XU is incredibly inspiring.His drive to produce the world's greatest products and his relentless pursuit of looking to do things better is grounded by his family, community, faith, and his physical training.It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. His family have had to pack up and move, he was on the road for 200 days a year for 13 years and he’s dealt with depression brought on by his anxiety. But, he has come out the other side wiser and more in control of his life. He understands what’s important to him and he’s making it happen.So many lessons and great advice. His passion is truly contagious.

  • Holly Lawrence is one of the world's greatest Triathletes.She’s won almost 50% of the Ironman 70.3s she’s started in since 2012 or even better 65% of the races started since 2016. And, when not winning, she’s on the podium every time she races. That includes the world championships…which she won in 2016. Then after dealing with an almost career-ending injury in 2018, she came back in 2019 with a 2nd place.In the world of endurance sport, she is still incredibly young, and I feel she’s only scratched the surface of her potential, and really, I’m excited for her next 5-10 years.In this episode, Holly describes how she's taken control of her life, learned to manage expectations and her own emotions.She's incredibly passionate about the sport of Triathlon and feels fortunate to be able to do it professionally. She describes how feeling grateful for the opportunity to train and race as a professional is helping her performances.

  • Terenzo Bozzone is one of the world’s greatest endurance athletes… with over 47 wins including 33 Ironman 70.3 and numerous ironman victories. He has 5 World Championship titles in Triathlon, duathlon, and his 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Title.It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, he’s had enormous setbacks with Achilles injuries and eventually surgeries and a frightening accident in 2018 when he was taken out by a truck on his bike. But he continues to rebound and rebuild and come back stronger and better.Never a smile off his face, you’d be hard-pressed to meet a better man. We’ve been mates for almost 20 years and raced each other for over a decade.In this episode, Terenzo describes the difficult mental, physical, and emotional journey back from an almost career and life-ending accident. He struggled with Concussion symptoms for months after the accident... headaches that would last a week at a time. He won Ironman Western Australia 5 months after the accident using the desire to show his kids the importance of never giving up even when the chips are down to empower him to victory.He discusses his hopes of going to the Olympics but missing out due to politics in sport. He regrouped and went on to win the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Championships the same year as the Games.We discuss sleep and recovery, mountain biking, supplements, and mental strategies and so much more.

  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has a powerful conversation with Ben Hoffman. Ben is one of the world's greatest Ironman athletes.


    For 15 years Ben has chased the dream of being the very best in the world and he’s on the verge of making that happen with a 2nd and two 4th’s at the Kona Ironman World Championships, He has 7 Ironman Victories, 7 Ironman 70.3 wins and when he’s not winning he’s on the podium.


    In fact, in 2019 Ironman Florida, finished 2nd in a time of 7:48:29 – and in doing so the fastest Ironman marathon ever recorded at 2:36:09 – That is an incredible sub-6-minute mile pace or more specifically 5 minutes 57 seconds per mile or 3.42 per km for the entire marathon.


    He has a relentless work ethic and there is no doubt the Ironman World title is within his grasp.


    Ben describes his journey into the sport of Triathlon. He describes moments of self-doubt and questioning whether he should continue to reaching podiums in some of the world's biggest Ironman events. Dealing with his 2018 injury and the gratefulness he felt to come back and race in 2019 and win his 3rd South African Ironman, placing 4th at the World Championships and run the fastest ever marathon in an Ironman at the Florida Ironman in 2019.


    Ben describes his sleep routine, what supplements he uses, and the importance of each member of his team. Finally, Ben gives incredible takeaways on how he uses various mental strategies to optimize himself.


    Ben concludes with one final statement - The importance of mindset - "So much of top-level racing is a mindset - Self Belief, the Passion, the Hunger, the Desire to suffer, and also having things in your life be aligned and your relationships and have gratefulness for your life"


  • In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett chats with Ky Hurst. Ky is one of the greatest endurance athletes the world has ever seen.
    For 24 years he has competed as a professional athlete across three sports.
    He stormed onto the Australian sporting scene as a teenager winning his first of four Ironman Superseries titles at the age of 17. He went on to win Seven Australian IronMan titles, and 30 Australian Surf titles, he was inducted into the Surf Life Saving Hall of Fame and is known as one of Surf Lifesaving's greatest ever all-round competitors.
    He went on to represent Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympics & 2012 London Olympics in the 10km open water swim. He was 2nd at the 1998 & 2011 World Championships for his 5km open water swim. He won ten Open Men's Surf title’s from eleven starts, solidifying in many experts mind that he is the greatest surf swimmer the world has ever seen.
    In recent years he has transitioned to his 3rd professional sport, sailing, competing for Oracle Team USA at last America’s Cup. He’s now a member of the Australian SailGP team who in 2019 won the inaugural season and the $1 million winner-takes-all championships.
    In this episode, Ky discusses his involvement in the professional Sailgp series and what it's like being in a team sport after 20 years of racing as an individual.
    Ky discusses his early years and the influence of his entire extended family with water sports. He shares his journey and his process from Surf Ironman to Olympic swimmer and professional sailor. His physical and mental preparation is remarkable, and Ky shares some of his epic workouts in the pool.
    Finally, Ky discusses his interest in the sport of Triathlon and how he hopes to do his first Ironman 70.3 in 2021.


    Fun Fact: Ky Hurst has a lung capacity of 10.2 Litres, the average man has 6 liters.

  • Lance Watson is one of the greatest Triathlon coaches of all time.

    In three decades of coaching triathlon, he has coached at four Olympics and over 50 world championships. Coached more than 20 professional IronMan winners and an Olympic gold medalist, he is one of only five Ironman master coaches and was inducted into the triathlon Hall of Fame.

    The athletes he’s worked with have reached the top of the world with incredible success, including Olympians Simon Whitfield and Brent McMahan…Simon of course winning the Olympic Gold in 2000, and Ironman champions Lisa Bentley, Chris Lieto, and Peter Reid.

    He worked with both Laura and me for several years and personally he brought the joy back to training and racing in my career when I was feeling burnt-out and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

    Lance discusses his journey into the sport of Triathlon, building the National Training Centre in Victoria Canada, and how his athlete Simon Whitfield winning the Olympic Gold affected his life.

    Lance discusses how he along with Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Paula Newby Fraser, and Matt Dixon built the Ironman University coaching courses.

    Lance describes his coaching style and methodology, his mental strategies for his athletes, Nutrition, and working with athletes over many years.


  • In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with Functional Sports medicine physician, Dr. Ara Suppiah.


    Dr. Suppiah is a certified ER physician, trained cardiac surgeon, Sports Medicine physician, Functional medicine, and Chinese medicine physician. He works with some of the world's greatest professional athletes.


    His journey from a small Malaysian town a few hours out of Kuala Lumpur to Liverpool University and to where he is now is truly inspiring.


    Dr. Suppiah describes his thoughts on nutrition and the importance of looking at the individual and starting with their ancestral genetics. He describes the importance of finding the right diet specific to you and supplementing that diet with the right supplements specific to that individual. Greg and Dr. Suppiah discuss glutathione, Creatine, Vitamin D, CBD, Melatonin, and other supplements.


    Greg and Dr. Suppiah discuss sleep and jetlag. Sleep being the one free ultimate medicine. They discuss Hot and cold therapies. Dr. Suppiah describes cold therapy as the ultimate for health benefits.


    Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below for more detail.


  • Jonny Brownlee is one of the greatest triathletes of all time.

    His resume is truly remarkable - Olympic bronze medalist at his home Olympics in London, 2012 then Olympic silver medalist in Rio, 2016… combine that with his 2012 World Championship title, 2010 and 2011 Sprint World Titles and three World Championship silver medals and Commonwealth Games silver medal, and his consistent podiums for over a decade. Truly makes him one of the greatest!

    What makes this man’s story even more compelling is that he’s shared his process and his journey with his older brother. Never before have we seen two brothers work together and dominant world sport.

    Jonny shares his journey to the top of the world and how his brother Alistair has been such an integral part of his journey. Jonny discusses the importance of family and his home life. He talks about his preparation for heat races and what he learned from his collapse at the 2016 Cozumel Grand Final.

  • Dan Macpherson describes his journey from wannabe Professional Triathlete to Hollywood actor, Television presenter, and award-show host.

    He describes the mental strength he gained from Ironman training and racing and how he was able to transfer that into his pursuit of roles in Hollywood and then optimizing those characters once he got them.

    Dan discusses the difficulties of coming out of character after months and years immersed in these roles, and the grounding tools he uses to help himself adjust back into his life. Greg and Dan discuss his family, and living life with intent and so much more.

    His work ethic is truly inspirational… he’s been known to work as an actor for 6 days of the week, and then host television shows like “Dancing with the stars” and “x-factor” on his day off, and train for Ironmans in between.

    He’s someone that is doing everything he can to uncover his potential. And as a friend of his, it’s been a real joy to watch him pursue his talents both as an actor and athlete.

    He knows what he wants, he’s taken control of his life and he’s living with purpose, and I for one take great motivation from watching this man work.