• From being the daughter of the man who first connected environmental toxins to cancer to starting a world-class organization leading the charge on cancer stem cell and cellular health research—this is an episode worth listening to twice.

    Tune in to learn about the groundbreaking 3-Step Beljanski Approach to solving cancer, why emotional toxins are just as important as environmental ones, and how specific herbs are critical in preventing metastasis.

    You will also get an insider's look into Winning the War on Cancer: The Beljanski Integrative Cancer Conference happening in Flordia, Oct. 13-15th. (Use my code: “ICC1023DRV” for 10% off). You can learn more about the event via this blog post (LINK), and you can meet me in person because I’m one of the speakers!

  • For years, I have warned women who are told they are "cancer-free" about breast cancer stem cells. These are the "baby cancer cells" responsible for the recurrence and spread of breast cancer.

    This is why I sat down with Nathan Crane—a natural health researcher and certified holistic cancer coach. He is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, Amazon's #1 bestselling author, and 20x award-winning documentary filmmaker. I trust his insight on breast cancer stem cells, and so do the world’s leading experts at the “Winning the War on Cancer: The Beljanski Integrative Cancer Conference (I’m also speaking, and you can use my code: “ICC1023DRV” for 10% off!)

    While chemo and radiation treatments are critical for healing in certain cases, they actually do NOT kill the breast cancer stem cells. This fact must be more widely acted on, as untreated stem cells often lead to recurrence. Tune in to learn the latest research and how to act strategically.

    For our listeners, Nathan has gifted access to his e-book, Becoming Cancer Free.


    Here are some highlights from this Podcast: Breast Cancer Stem Cells: Understanding the significance of breast cancer stem cells is crucial for preventing recurrence. These are rogue cells that conventional treatments often miss, leading to potential relapse. Importance of Targeting Stem Cells: Treating breast cancer must go beyond removing tumors. Targeting cancer stem cells is essential since they can give rise to new tumors and cancers if not addressed. The Beljanski Foundation: The Beljanski Foundation conducts scientific research into natural solutions for cancer, focusing on plants with mechanisms to inhibit and eliminate cancer stem cells. Mirko Beljanski's Legacy: The foundation's work is inspired by Mirko Beljanski, who faced government opposition for his cancer research. His legacy lives on through his daughter Sylvie Beljanski, who continues his mission to find natural cures. Integrative Cancer Conference: The Integrative Cancer Conference in Jacksonville, Florida, is a fundraising event hosted by Nathan Crane and the Beljanski Foundation. It aims to raise funds for breast cancer stem cell research and share cutting-edge breakthroughs in holistic and natural cancer treatment. Empowerment Through Knowledge: Understanding breast cancer stem cells removes fear of recurrence and provides hope. Integrative approaches, including specific plant extracts, aim to target and eliminate these cells, leading to more effective prevention and treatment strategies.
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  • Dr. Hania Bednarski at Serenity Surgery & Wellness is one of the few physicians in the United States who offers Truly Comprehensive Breast Care. One of her game-changing breast cancer healing tools takes surgery and chemo out of the equation for cancers measuring 2cm or less. It’s called Cryoablation—and it works! This is a quick, non-invasive way to heal breast cancer.

    Cryoablation is a quick 60-90 minute non-invasive, in-office procedure that can effectively treat early-stage estrogen-sensitive, progesterone-sensitive invasive ductal breast cancers. After the quick procedure, you stand up and drive home. It’s a real treatment that really is all that simple—freeze the cancer.

    Get your free copy of Freeze Breast Cancer: Your Guide To An Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment. This book is purposely short, factual, based on science, and straight to the point, without any doctor's jargon.

  • Looking for ways to boost the lymphatic system?

    Cheryl lovingly seeks out the underlying causes of health challenges which are often toxins and stress. She then heals your body with herbs and homeopathy.

    For breast cancer conquerors, Cheryl and her mom created Healthy Girls® Breast Oil. The oil is a strategic blend of herbal formulas. It helps to balance, detoxify, soften breast tissue, and stimulate your immune system. It also improves lymphatic circulation while it nurtures and protects.

    Tune in to discover the science of why soothing your lymphatic system is an essential part of your healthy breast journey and why I prioritize using Healthy Girls® Breast Oil before bedtime.

  • Experience images of Hope and Healing through the words of Breast Cancer Thrivers.

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” is 1,000% true for Dana Klein’s powerful and boundary-pushing conceptual photography portraits for breast cancer thrivers. Dana blends compassion, storytelling, and visual artistry while weaving in messages of hope, strength, and resilience.

    She started her art journey to fill a void, and now it provides a need. A service of love—directly from the heart. Click here to experience the strength and beauty of breast cancer survivors' portraits and words, Images of Hope. Dana is also generously offering the Breast Cancer Conqueror Community a free chapter of the book! Click here for your bonus chapter.

    Tune in to be audibly inspired, and then let your eyes and heart visually connect with her beautiful work of hope and healing!

  • Can you rewrite your fears about Cancer?

    A committed hypochondriac, or was my nervous system rewired after a traumatic event during my tender teenage years? Is there a cancer personality? How do doctors’ own fears influence their comments to patients? Is there a gendered response to illness?

    Elizabeth Benedict, a bestselling novelist, journalist, creative writing professor, editor, writing coach—and cancer thriver—tries to answer these questions by sharing her story.

    Her story may be part of your journey—making excuses not to see a doctor, firing your doctor to find a better one, trying to find a realistic wig…and then dealing with the global Covid-19 shutdown. This podcast episode is hilarious, relatable, and, most of all—real.

    To dive deeper into Elizabeth’s inner thoughts and journalism, check out her book, Rewriting Illness, and website.

  • The key to finding clean beauty products starts with making smart choices.

    "Be gentle with yourself. And do your research.

    Find a company you trust. But don’t be afraid to ask questions about ingredients.

    The more transparency we start to see, the more we can uncover, the better the industry will be as a whole. "

    Wise words from Rachel Pachivas, COO of Annmarie Skin Care—creators of wildcrafted skincare that is truly made with organic and non-toxic ingredients.

    Since what you lather on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream, tune in to learn more about what sets “clean beauty products” apart and how to create a skincare routine that is Essential #2: Reduce Your Toxic Exposure approved! You can also learn more via this blog post on beauty products.

    You can also try the Annemarie Skin Care Aloe Herb Cleanser, Anti-Aging Serum, and Anti-Aging Facial Oil—Plus, get a FREE Sun Love (sunscreen) with free shipping. Click here to order!


    Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

    Importance of asking questions and doing research when it comes to skincare products

    Greenwashing in the skincare industry

    Anne-Marie Skincare's unique infusion process

    Toxicity of skincare products

    Anne-Marie Skincare's commitment to purity and sustainability

    Recommended products for aging skin

  • School is in session! Get your pencils out—it’s time to learn to master your mindset. Life is perfect and a huge classroom full of Gifts & Lessons, but only if one chooses to look at life with Gratitude! YOU matter, and it’s time to create 100% Responsibility for everything you do. A Ph.D. is not necessary to master your mindset and be a helpful, good friend.

    Those are Lilly McDermott’s core beliefs, and they lay the foundations of her conversations on her radio show, social media pages, keynote speeches, life coaching sessions, website, and the Wellness Warrior podcast.

    Join us for a heart-centric discussion focused on Essential #4: Heal Your Emotional Wounds. You will gain a whole new perspective—starting with how responsibility leads to freedom, ownership, and power!

    To learn more about Lilly’s mindset work, please check out: LillianMcDermott.com

  • In this episode, we discuss some tips for surviving and thriving after cancer. The importance of mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, as well as the role of conventional and alternative therapies in a comprehensive cancer care plan.

    Stage 3 breast cancer and stage 2 lung cancer are “so so scary.” Fast forward to today, Christine Elliott, owner and operator of Live Free Wellness and Mindset Mastery School, has helped women worldwide reintegrate into their post-treatment busy days and rekindle their love for life.

    Tune in to discover how to turn your pain into power and purpose. If you are feeling lost, struggling with all the changes, overwhelmed by the unknowns, and looking for encouragement and guidance—this episode is for you!

  • How critical is healing emotional trauma and stress for cancer prevention?

    Honestly, if I were to start over with the 7 Essentials System®, I would put Essential #4 (Heal Your Emotional Wounds) as number one because it's that critical for healing.

    Emotional trauma and stress are triggers that can initiate the development of cancer in your body. Over and over again, I hear from women in the BCC community that they can pretty much pinpoint the trauma and stress that led to the development of their diagnosis. However, healing emotional wounds from trauma is tragically sometimes the last thing people think about when receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

    Today, join me on a journey of learning about how your emotional and physical health is directly connected, and practical ways to let the healing begin!

  • How can meditation help if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer?

    Countless studies on mediation have shown positive effects on decreasing psychological stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and fear of recurrence. Even more, cancer cells have receptor sites for adrenaline.

    Therefore, you CAN stop fueling cancer by getting into relaxation mode (meditation) daily. It’s free, effective, and can be done at any location at any time!

    Listen to this short podcast to learn more about the best meditations for Breast Cancer Conquerors and a few types of meditation techniques you can do right now.

    Keep calm, and carry on!

  • Today I am going to dig deep and share my personal story about getting breast cancer—twice—as a breast cancer coach!

    This episode is 25 minutes of uncovering my soul to understand the shame, disappointment, and fear—and the immense learning, finding of real solutions (that you can use today), and healing joys that my breast cancer journey has taught me.

    I couldn’t just keep my countless hours of research and discovery to myself, so I curated the 7 Essentials System® and the Survive & Thrive: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine self-paced program to give women a true healing plan—for life!

    My dear Wellness Warrior, you never have to fear breast cancer again! You are now part of a worldwide Breast Cancer Conquerors community giving you the empathic support, practical healing tools, and world-class education to help you THRIVE!

  • First, I want to clarify that hormones do NOT cause cancer! If hormones did cause cancer, every hormonal teen would have breast cancer. We need our hormones for healthy brains, bones, immune systems, and cardiac health—they're an essential part of healthy functioning bodies.

    However, there are TOXIC “hormones” called Xeno-estrogens or chemical estrogens lurking around your home and the outside world that CAN cause cancer. Tune into this short podcast to uncover where you can find these damaging Xeno-estrogens and actionable steps you can take today to clear them out of your life.

  • Mastectomy, chemo, and radiation—and then eleven years later: a metastatic cancer diagnosis. Instead of letting her world come crashing down, Karla Mans Giroux decided she will throw the party of the century for her 100th birthday and do whatever it takes to get there.

    She became a holistic health coach and curated the Radical Remission 10 Healing Factors. As of 2016, Karla’s scans have reported the four words everyone dreams of hearing: “no evidence of disease.”

    Join me for an inspiring and actionable episode on taking control of your healthy breast journey through Karla’s pain-to-passion story!

  • “While I am the healthiest person I know, I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.” Dr. Ellen Albertson: a psychologist, registered dietitian, and national board-certified health and wellness coach.

    Upon a lot of honest self-discovery, Dr. Ellen found a few key areas that needed healing and reshifting. In just 30 days, she reached remission and continues the numerous new self-care practices and routines that help her remain cancer free.

    Dr. Ellen has done the work to help her inside be as healthy as her outward appearance. I’m thrilled to share this encouraging and insightful episode with you, as well as her 10 Tips To Rock Midlife! Today is your day to add more JOY to your midlife journey!

  • Algae is one of the most alkaline, chlorophyll-rich, high-protein, nutrient-dense foods in the world! Thanks, momma ocean!

    Catharine’s journey into the fascinating world of algae began in 2008 when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would improve her healing. She felt called to leave a 25-year corporate career to help her sister heal, and ENERGYbits®—the first company to launch premium algae tablets—was reeled in!

    Endorsed by NASA and the United Nations for nutrition—algae has extensive nutritional, health, mitochondria, longevity, beauty, brain performance, and sustainability benefits. A nutrition powerhouse—without the effort of shopping and cooking—all in one bite. I’m hooked!

    Tune in to hear all about how her sister is doing, how it can help prevent chemo nausea, and why algae are finally making big splashes across North America.

    As a gift for our listeners, Catharine has offered 20% off her store on www.energybits.com, use code bcc at checkout.

  • “Truly live the f*ck out of life!!” - Bethany Webb: Mindset Coach, Stage IV Cancer Thriver, and Author of My Guru Cancer.

    As a mindset coach, Bethany approached cancer with an open mind, heart, and sense of humor. The mindset practice that she uses is The Work by Bryon Katie. It has helped free herself (a 33-year-old, organic eating yoga teacher!) from the mental and emotional pain that arises with a cancer diagnosis.

    Join us on this compelling journey into harnessing the power of your mindset for whatever comes your way—chemo treatments, the different shapes of motherhood, or just being open to life’s lessons. Come with an open soul and discover how you can view a cancer diagnosis as one of your most beautiful, empowering, and life-changing experiences.

    After listening to this episode, it is time to DO The Work. This mindful meditation on 5 steps to soothe medical stress and “scanxiety” is a great place to start!

  • Using the Advanced Gerson Therapy to Reverse the Breakdown of Human Health.

    Cancer is a metabolic disease—a problem at the cellular level. You truly are what you eat.

    Glutamine, glucose (sugar), and processed toxic foods feed cancer. But the opposite starves cancer cells.

    The late Dr. Max Gerson, "The most eminent genius in medical history," has the most storied reputation for reversing advanced cancer and degenerative diseases. 20 pounds of organic veggies and fruit, coffee enemas, and strategic supplements throughout the day are at the core of how Gerson Therapy restores bodies and kicks cancer far away!

    Today I am elated to talk with Dr. Patrick Vickers, the representing face of Gerson Therapy worldwide. He is personally trained by Dr. Gerson's family and is one of the few people who have studied Dr. Gerson's handwritten files. Dr. Vickers now continues to carry on Dr. Gerson's legacy through his Advanced Gerson Clinic in Mexico and speaking around the world.

  • It's beyond just treating the symptoms. Killing the tumor isn’t the answer—truly healing the woman is. That means removing the parts of your life that lead to cancer and covering your life with what is beneficial and brings you joy.

    This is Dr. Jenn Simmons's philosophy and life mission. After spending 17 years as Philadelphia’s top breast surgeon, an illness she developed led her down the path of studying functional medicine and rethinking everything. What came from her ah-ha moment was Real Health MD, a place for breast cancer patients determined to take back their health.

    This podcast episode is from an in-depth session at the Survive & Thrive Integrative Medicine Summit. Tune in, take notes, and listen a second time because we are discussing Dr. Simmons’ top tips for chemotherapy, gut health, medicinal mushrooms, optimizing before surgery, turning autoimmune diseases into opportunities, and oh so much more!

  • Learn to break through what's holding you back! Tom McCarthy trains top people in the world’s biggest companies—Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Salesforce—to harness the power of their minds to create breakthroughs in their health, prosperity, and happiness.

    He is a husband, father, author, speaker, entrepreneur, investor—and someone who lost his father at the age of 3 and used to battle chronic mental and physical illnesses. Tom has been through the trenches, researched, learned from experts, and experimented on himself.

    His energy medicine and breakthrough techniques have helped countless people write better stories for themselves. Today is your day to do the same—heal cancer and upgrade your life!