• If you think or hope that we are not heading to a recession, think again. The Fed is facing some major decisions today following the debacle of Silicon Valley Bank and the ripple effect happening within the finance industry. Will they raise interest rates and take the chance of causing further problems for banks? Or will they pause rate increases and accept the risk that inflation will remain high?
    With past questionable decisions resulting in an additional financial impact on Americans as the government bailed out the banking industry... now we are possibly looking at the same scenario. This week’s Charged Up Studio podcast with host Danna Olivo is a replay of an earlier one that focused on the Federal Government No-Bid Federal Contracting program.
    The best way to maneuver a recession is to diversify revenue streams. When the economic landscape takes a turn for the worse and inflation kicks in, the Federal government pushes more money out into the market in the form of procurement contracts for different products or services. These contracts are primarily reserved for small business owners. Tune into Episode #7 to find out how you can take advantage of the millions of dollars being handed out by the Federal government.
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  • Rum Meet Coke…The Perfect Staffing Cocktail for Success!
    As small business owners, we quickly realize that running a successful business is more than a one-person job. There ultimately comes a point when we must accept the fact that we need help. However, as small business owners always looking to stretch out pennies, is the viable option to hire low-cost virtual assistants? Charged Up Studio host Danna Olivo is joined by the CEO of Chatterboss Valerie Trapunski, to explore the industry of virtual assistants and temporary workers discussing the pros and cons of value-based hiring of VAs.
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  • We’ve all heard and seen the headlines and seen the statistics. As cybercriminals evolve their attack techniques, they pose greater risks to the government, businesses, and individuals. It’s more critical than ever to improve your security strategy and proactively prepare for the next wave of cyber threats. Some may think that the ever-increasing awareness of cyber-attacks is just another scare tactic…but just speaking to the thousands of impacted business owners and persons devastated by having their identity stolen, and you quickly realize…THIS IS A REAL CONCERN.
    Our guest today on Charged Up Studio has worked for years on the Cyber protection side for Government, Medical, and Technology companies. Ken Johnson with US IT Systems knows first-hand what waits just outside your door…or perhaps even within your business. 
    Ken brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to keep your business protected, fully operational, and running efficiently. From software and hardware solutions to Cybersecurity Management, he has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you with all of your IT needs.

    [email protected]sitsystems.com
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  • Hey there, small business owners! Are you worried about the impact of the next recession on your business? You're not alone. Inflation remains a top concern for SMBs and can have a detrimental impact on cash flow and competitiveness. That's why we've invited bestselling author and financial expert Kris Miller, Healthy Money, Happy Life, to share her insights on how to thrive in an uncertain economy. Join us at Charged Up Studio for an engaging conversation on financial freedom and healthy money practices. Let's get charged up for success!
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  • In the world of business, negotiation is a crucial skill that can make the difference between success and failure. However, many people struggle with strategic negotiation, often approaching it with a haphazard approach that can lead to poor outcomes. This is where our guest on Charged Up Studio, Leonie McKeon comes in.
    Leonie is a world expert in the interpretation and usage of the 36 Strategies, which are derived from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War". Having gained a deep understanding of the 36 Strategies, she has systematically broken down each one and identified modern-day examples to explain how they can be used in the contemporary business world.
    You won’t want to miss this exciting episode. Tune in Tuesday to uncover the negotiating strategies that have won a war of nations!
    [email protected]
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  • Inspiring resilience and hope! On Charged Up Studio, we share an incredible cancer comeback story that will warm your heart and remind you of the power of the human spirit. Noisy. Bossy. Compelling. Fitz Koehler of Fitzness.com is the author of multiple books, including “My Noisy Cancer Comeback, Running at the Mouth, While Running for My Life.” 
    She shares her story about the toughest challenge of her life but refused to give up and fought back with determination and grace. Join us as we celebrate her strength, journey, and impactful message of recovery.
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  • Welcome back to Charged Up Studio as we kick off our 4th season. What better way to kick off the 4th season and 2023 is to take a look at what the next 12 months have in store? This week’s guest is economist Dr. Bill Conerly. Bill connects the dots between the economy and business. He is a business economics consultant and a Senior Contributor to Forbes.com.
    Companies have used Dr. Conerly’s expertise to drive decisions regarding capital expenditures, staffing, inventory levels, expansion into new markets, pricing, business models, and financial structure.
    An author, Dr. Conerly has published two books, namely The Flexible Stance: Thriving in a Boom/Bust Economy (2017) as well as Businomics (2007). He has been interviewed on PBS, CNN, and CNBC, and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and USA Today.
    Be sure to tune in to get the inside scoop on what we can expect to see impacting our businesses over the next 12 months.

    [email protected]

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  • https://marketatomy.com
    Welcome to the last podcast for Season 3! Season 4 will kick back in on February 7th, 2023. I apologize for the last posting of this exciting podcast. Due to unforeseen family circumstances, this episode of Charged Up Studio was originally scheduled to air on the 6th of January. However, better late than never. We are committed to bringing you the most relevant news and information available for charging up you and your small business.
    This episode focuses on that often misunderstood or neglected sector of our economy…those who are disabled. Recent mandates and laws have brought to the forefront the fact that this sector must be included in our marketing and business development efforts, to avoid possible discrimination charges. But rather than focus on the negative side of this, let’s look at the positive and what proactive planning and implementation could mean to your bottom line.
    This week’s guest is the founder of an organization called PURE ACCESS. An experienced access technology instructor and A11Y consultant who is knowledgeable in WCAG and experienced in accessibility testing from a UX perspective, Angela Fowler brings a unique perspective on how to reach and service the disabled. Holding a master’s in organizational leadership and a bachelor's in Psychology, she understands not only the physical challenges but also the psychological and emotional barriers people with disabilities face on a daily basis.
    Check out this week’s episode of Charged Up Studio with host Danna Olivo.

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  • It's that time of year again! Time to start thinking about your strategic plan for 2023. There are hundreds of experts out there touting their expertise in helping in the strategic planning development process. So, what is unique about what we present today in Episode #34 of Charged Up Studio? First and foremost, we focus our attention on the Small Business Owner. Secondly, the concept of Strategic Planning is the same across the globe. Fellow Strategist Michael Haynes, with Listen, Innovate, Grow joins host Danna Olivo with MarketAtomy LLC to discuss the challenges, lessons learned and solutions encountered over more than 15 years in the industry working with small and micro business owners. This podcast is a must-listen for any small business owner who wants to get a leg up on their competition and start planning for a successful 2023!
    Michael’s focus and passion are empowering CEOs of Small and Medium-sized service-based companies to acquire larger business (B2B) clients and achieve the growth they seek through a combination of strategic marketing, BUSINESS innovation, and sales.
    His book, Listen, Innovate, Grow: A Guidebook for Start-Ups and SMEs to Acquire and Grow Business (B2B) Customers is available now.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelhhaynes
    Website: https://listeninnovategrow.com/
    November B2B Growth Planning Workshop: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/driving-sme-growth-thru-b2b-tickets-438806230247
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  • Brand Storytelling has been all the buzz for many years within the entrepreneurial and marketing landscape. However, since COVID it has become even more important than ever to set a brand apart from the massive number of messages out there competing for the same brass ring.
    Buyers are seeking authentic brands to trust and rely on. How do we compete with others who profess to offer the same value that we do? Brand storytelling engages the buying audience so that they see themselves as the hero in your story and trust that you can meet their needs. Transparency and vulnerability are critical components that make up a good story. Owning your lessons learned as you relay your understanding and solution to the problems, they face is how you engage and convert potential clients.
    This week’s episode of Charged Up Studio with host, Danna Olivo introduces one of the gurus of storytelling, Mr. Seth Silvers with Story On Media and Marketing. Seth discusses the importance of storytelling and how your story matters as well as the way you market it. Tune in to discover how you can build a storyline that sells.
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  • One thing that the recent epidemic and changes in the work environment have done is shine a spotlight on deficiencies within organizations when it comes to culture and succession. For years the buzz within Corporate America has been all about creating a corporate culture. However, when put to the test, as it has been over the past few years, the question arises…What is Corporate Culture and Succession Planning?
    Our guest this morning is Zoe Fragou, an Organizational Psychologist with a focus on the psychometrics of corporate culture. She comes with many other titles, as she is well-schooled in psychology, agile leadership, and business coaching.
    Zoe is operating professionally in the full spectrum of her science, taking over projects of culture transformation, employee training and development, business coaching, personal branding, public speaking, and writing, for both private and corporate clients globally.
    Today we are privileged to have her with us at Charged Up Studio to discuss the benefits of having a strong corporate culture and how that translates in the minds of not only employees but stakeholders and board members.
    Her input and insights as a trained organizational psychologist have been very powerful in revealing blind spots when it comes to leadership and succession planning. As you will hear her approach to uncovering underlying issues and limitations speaks volumes in the leadership community.
    You won’t want to miss this exciting episode as host Danna Olivo sits down to talk with Zoe Fragou.

    [email protected]
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  • Amazon is a name synonymous with Walmart, Target, or any other of the big box stores. The epitome of convenience, just-in-time delivery, and exceptional customer experience, Amazon has built a reputation in the retail marketplace for its consumer buying ease and retention. But what about on the reseller side? Granted the magnitude of logistics, systems, and governing restrictions that go into managing an ecosystem made up of thousands of different resellers has got to be daunting, to say the least. So how do you maneuver the Amazon Reseller framework as a reseller?
    Our guest today on Charged Up Studio Live is Lesley Hensell. Lesley has been working with Amazon resellers and vendors for more than 20 years helping them weed through appeals, chargebacks, reimbursements, business setups, and content development. She has personally helped hundreds of third-party sellers get their suspended Amazon accounts and ASINs back up and running. She herself has been an Amazon reseller for 10 years. She is a partner in Riverbend Consulting along with Joe Zalta and a very large support team locally and internationally.
    Join host, Danna Olivo to hear more on how to work with the Amazon EcoSystem as a seller and vendor.

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    Lesley Hensell
    Partner, Riverbend Consulting
    877-289-1017 // [email protected]
    Web site: https://riverbendconsulting.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lesleyhensell/
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  • We all know that small businesses are the bread and butter of the US and how fast they are or are not growing is an indicator of the health of our economy. Over the past 3 years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of start-ups as a result of the pandemic. One portion of the population that is largely responsible for this rapid increase is women entrepreneurs Women are opening businesses faster than ever before and are quickly outpacing the national average by more than 5 times as fast. Women of color are leading the pack. As of 2020, women owned more than 30% of the small business market with signs of significant market growth through 2022. So how are women competing in the small-business market with disparaging uncertainty and gender bias? Could it be the emboldened attitude that female entrepreneurs distinctly bring to the table? 
    This week’s guest is Robbie Walls, CEO of The Walls Speak, an organization committed to helping female entrepreneurs achieve master growth with ease so that they live powerfully through your purpose. She is the host of the “Bold Girl Biz” podcast, an author, and a speaker on the topic of Purpose and Resilience.
    Tune in to listen to host Danna Olivo, as she interviews Robbie on the process of entrepreneurship through a purpose-driven focus.
    [email protected]
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  • Have you been considering starting your own business? Are you worried you don’t have the knowledge and means to do so? If only there were a way to plug into a business and play the part of entrepreneur, without the hassle of figuring everything out on your own? What if there were a way that you could go into a business with a guarantee of a ready-made audience, brand, and model? Well, our host this week is here to let you know that there is a way to jump into a ready-made business with franchising.
    On the Franchisee side, Diane Pleuss is a Franchise Consultant and Fitter that has matched hundreds of entrepreneurs with their perfect fit franchise opportunity while successfully guiding them to avoid rookie mistakes. Franchising also allows businesses to branch out and grow while giving people the opportunity to run their own business with the help and support of a larger company that has a proven formula for success.
    Tune in Tuesday as Host, Danna Olivo sits down with Diane Pleuss to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of franchising and what to watch for.
    [email protected]
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  • Tim Hyde is a Fixer, Business Growth Strategist, and a Keep (formerly Infusionsoft) Certified Partner…and this week’s guest on Charged Up Studio. He knows all about sales and marketing automation for small businesses. We all know that being in business for yourself is tough. If you don’t get a handle on the sales, marketing, and internal processes, it can quickly drive you crazy and throw you into a bout of O.P.A. Haven’t Heard of O.P.A. before? That’s probably because you haven’t recognized the symptoms. O.P.A. is when you become so OVERWHELMED that you become PARALYZED, not knowing what to do that you AVOID doing anything.
    Well, Tim joins Host, Danna Olivo to talk about the various ways that you as a small business owner can begin to break through the fog of O.P.A. by streamlining many of the processes you perform regularly. Tune in to Charged Up Studio Tuesday for Season 3, Episode #28.

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  • As business owners, we often find it very difficult to find the time to take care of our fitness health the way that we should. Research has shown that entrepreneurs who take care of their bodies are more apt to succeed in careers and business. Why? The stress that comes from managing a growing business can have a negative effect on our bodies such as lack of sleep, anxiety, and long hours with very little downtime. Does this sound familiar?
    If so, then you will not want to miss this week’s Charged Up Studio podcast. Joining host Danna Olivo is Thomas Johnson Jr., (TJ) the GetUpNGetFit Concierge. Thomas has spent the last 15 years working with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. What he has discovered is that there are two main flaws in the wellness and fitness industry that need to be addressed. Lack of accountability and not addressing the root cause of the client’s problems.

    He understands that being a high performer can be very demanding and your schedule can be unpredictable. Conflicting responsibilities pull you in multiple directions all at once. All these demands can wreak havoc on your body and well-being. Thomas explains how he has developed a concierge fitness program that meets the demanding needs of high-performing individuals. Tune in to Charged Up Studio Tuesday to find out all of the secrets to Getting Up and Getting Fit.
    [email protected]
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  • What's the difference between tactics and strategies?
    In business, we often hear about tactics and strategies. But how do we know about their differences or maybe use them interchangeably? Tactics are specific actions that we take to achieve a goal, while strategies are the long-term plans that we put in place to achieve those goals. As business owners, we face challenges and struggles in so many different ways. We keep striving and finding ways just to go on. Despite the challenges, we make a difference and apply our own tactics to reach our goals.
    Ken Cook has successfully grown his company from a one-man operation to a small agency employing a variety of talented workers that continually contribute to its success. In 2018, The Prepared Group was voted the #1 fastest growing company in their region. The Prepared Group was created, shifting the focus from tactical agency services to a comprehensive marketing strategy consulting process.
    In this week's episode of Charged Up Studio, Ken shares his knowledge about what lessons he learned early on in his journey as a small business owner. He talks about working with other business owners and implementing new initiatives to help them succeed.

    [email protected]
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  • Let’s face facts…All of us have struggled with those inner voices challenging our abilities and bullying our self-confidence. Whether we call it limiting beliefs or self-sabotage it all comes from that place in our minds that holds on to unwelcomed feedback from years of criticism. My guest on Charged Up Studio this week is a faith-based Metacog (Metacognition) Trainer and Leadership Consultant. She brings a unique introspective look at how understanding Neuroscience and Positive Psychology can break through those self-sabotaging behaviors that hold us back. Finding those triggers deep in the recesses of our minds that we have ignored for years.
    Check out this week’s episode of Charged Up Studio with host Danna Olivo and Mimika Cooney, Business Coach and Author of “Unstick Your Mind.”
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  • As we move into the 4th quarter of 2022 we can look back and take stock of the many changes that have taken place with the slowdown of the COVID Pandemic and our re-entry into business as usual…Or Is It! A lot has changed in how we carry on our day-to-day activities whether we are business owners, solopreneurs, or employees.
    Today’s guest on Charged Up Studio is Zackary Williamson, CEO of Business Legal Management, a company dedicated to changing the way small and medium-sized businesses partner with and use legal. Zackary did not come from the legal field yet brings a unique perspective that legal professionals need to take note of.
    Attorneys have often been labeled as money-grubbing, ambulance-chasing fools. However, the legal business is still a relationship business and requires concerted effort to get out from behind the traditional hourly billing structure and pay attention to the client and their expectations. Zackary joins Charged Up Studio host Danna Olivo to provide a lighter side of the legal industry, putting a simplified approach to protecting your small business in the early stages of growth.

    [email protected]

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  • Have you ever had a great idea that you thought would be a great invention, but you ignored it? Later you find out that someone else had the same idea and patented it? How’d that make you feel? Today’s guest on Charged Up Studio is a passionate innovator with a proven track record for solving complex problems. His success has been built on one belief. Before you ever fix a problem, you must first understand the problem from each angle. His empathetic nature and experience in syndicated data, and qualitative and quantitative research make him a natural hunter of insights.
    Danna Olivo is joined by Matt Mueller, author of The Mindful Innovator as he discusses how we can innovate and create change by simply stepping back, slowing down, to move faster and more purposefully.
    You don’t want to miss this exciting episode of Charged Up Studio.
    [email protected]
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