• CityBillyHowl's
    Lightning Ridge

    Featuring thrills and chills by :
    Alphabet Bombers (D.C.)Astro Zombies (Dijon)Black Knights (Stockholm)Bobby Sisco (Tennessee)Crazy Cavan (Newport)
    Donna Dunne (Dublin)Dusty Chance (Fresno)Frantic Flintstones (London)Gene Simmons (Mississippi)
    Glen Glenn (Joplin)Gradie O'Neal (San Jose)Guana Batz (Feltham)Hi-Strung Ramblers (Los Angeles)Johnny Cash (Arkansas)LaVern Baker (Chicago)Les Cole (Texas)Ray Tyler (Tennessee)Rockin' Rebels (San Clemente)Roy Orbison (Texas)Salidos De La Cripta (Bogotá)Sonny Flaharty (Dayton)Spellbound (Bray)Stressor (Tula)The Barnshakers (Helsinki)The Cramps  (New York)The Eyelids (Cornwall)The Flying Saucers (London)The McCoys (Texas)The Meteors (London)The Sirocco Bros. (London)The Wise Guyz (Kiev)T.J. Mayes (OKC)Uptown Psychos (Los Angeles)Zeb Turner (Lynchburg)

    1.) Connie Lou  - Ray Tyler & The Alabama Pals [Rockabilly Hoodlums Vol. 1]

    2.) Everybody's Movin' - Glen Glenn [Everybody's Movin'/I'm Glad My Baby's Gone]

    3.) Full Grown Cat - The McCoys [Full Grown Cat/Throwing Kisses]

    4.) Meteor Bop - Dusty Chance & The Allnighters [The Real Deal]

    5.) I Ain't No Good - T.J. Mayes [Dig It Up]

    6.) I Done Told You - Gene Simmons [I Done Told You]

    7.) Juarez - The Barnshakers [North of Juarez]

    8.) Dix-A-Billy- LaVern Baker [I Cried A Tear/Dix-A-Billy]

    9.) The Sun Shines Down - The Sirocco Bros. [The Jungle Stomp E.P.]

    10.) Jungle Stomp  - The Sirocco Bros. [The Jungle Stomp E.P.]

    11.) Jungle Rumble - Guana Batz [The Peel Sessions]

    12.) Rebel Heart - Black Knights [Yonder Comes a Sucker]

    13.) Roughneck - Johnny Cash [Blood, Sweat and Tears]

    14.) Eileen - Johnny & The Jailbirds [Out on Bail]

    15.) Go, Go, Go - Bobby Sisco [Go, Go, Go/Tall Dark and Handsome Man]

    16.) Traveling Boogie - Zeb Turner [Traveling Boogie/Oh She's Gone, Gone, Gone!]

    17.) My Baby's Casual - Sonny Flaharty [My Baby's Casual/Our Love Is Real]

    18.) The New Politician -  Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers [Mr.Cool]

    19.) The Rockin' Alcoholic -  Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers [Wild Cat Scream!]

    20.) Pure Misery - Hi-Strung Ramblers [Run Boy Run]

    21.) Thinkin' About You - The Rhythm Rockers [Evening Star/Thinkin' About You]

    22.) Baby Oh Baby - Gradie O'Neal [Baby Oh Baby/Turkey Neck Stretch]

    23.) Untamed Youth - Rockin' Rebels [Let's Bop]

    24.) Rain - Stressor [Burn Out!]

    25.) 3 O'Clock - Alphabet Bombers [Wreckless]

    26.) Guitar Slinger - P. Paul Fenech [Daddy's Hammer]

    27.) Hell's Angels - Johnny Bond [Hell's Angels/A Way of Life]

    28.) A Cat Called Domino - Roy Orbison [A Cat Called Domino/Mean Little Mama]

    29.) High Voltage - Bobby Lord  [Just Wonderful/High Voltage]

    30.) No More, No More, No More - Bobby Lord  [No More, No More, No More/Why Were You Only Fooling Me]

    31.) Alabama Boogie - Hank Mathews & The Twilight Ramblers [Alabama Boogie/I'lll Come On Home]

    32.) Bee Boppin' Daddy - Les Cole w/ The Echoes [Bee Boppin'Daddy/Rock-A-My Baby]

    33.) Keep On Comin' - The Flying Saucers [Keep On Comin']

    34.) Insomnia - The Eyelids [Rats]

    35.) Devil Doll - X [Devil Doll]

    36.) 1000 Demons -  Uptown Psychos [Uptown Psychos]

    37.) Al Acecho - Salidos De La Cripta [Como Alma Que Lleva El Diablo]

    38.) Just In Time - Spellbound [Eleven Deadly Sins]

    39.) Runnin' from the Law - Donna Dunne [The King Of Rock'n'Roll] 

    40.) Do The Stroll - The Wise Guyz [Stay Cool !!!] 

    41.) Margarita - Astro Zombies [Convince or Confuse]

    42.) Hardworkin' Man - The Cramps [Look Mom No Head!]

    43.) Jailhouse Rock - The Cramps [The Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon E.P.]

    44.) You Haunt Me - Alphabet Bombers [Panic Attack]

    45.) Beast Before Midnight  - The Eyelids [Rats]

    46.) Psycho Man - 999 [Bish ! Bash ! Bosh!] 

    47.) Lunatics Are Raving (Demo Version) -  Frantic Flintstones [Rare Psychobilly - From The Vaults Vol.1] 

    48.) Jimmy Jazz - Frantic Flintstones [Rock It Boy]

    49.) Psychobilly Stomp (The Real McCoy)  - The Meteors [Bastard Sons Of A Rock'n'Roll Devil]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Xmas Gorilla

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Atomic Hi-Tones (Melbourne)Bamboula (Los Angeles)Batmobile (Rotterdam)Billy Fury (Liverpool)Brenda Lee (Atlanta)Buzz & The Flyers (New York)Carlos Mejuto (London)Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys (New Hartford)Elvis Presley (Mississippi)Frantic Flintstones (London/Berlin)Gene Vincent (Virginia)
    Guana Batz (Feltham)Gunsmoke (Ottawa)Johnny Burnette (Memphis)Johnny Cash (Arkansas)Johnny O'Keefe (Bondi Junction)Jonny Barber & The Rhythm Razors (Denver)Josie Kreuzer (New Orleans)Kathy Kane (Pittsburgh)Kings Of Outer Space (Bristol)Knock Galley West (Georgia)Laura Lee Perkins (West Virginia)Leroy Washington (Louisiana)Memphis Morticians (New York)Moonlight Howlers (Arizona)Ro & The Skullboys (Madrid)Shark Bait (Dublin)Taggy Tones (Copenhagen)The Cramps (New York)The PeaBrains (Ontario)The Radium Cats (Edinburgh)The Red Rippers (Virginia Beach)The Reverend Horton Heat (Texas)The Slippers (Helsinki)The Quakes (Buffalo/Phoenix)The Youngsters (Los Angeles)Thee Merry Widows (San Francisco)Tommy Steele (London)Wanda Jackson (Oklahoma)Wild Wax Combo (Copenhagen)

    1.) Oh Little Town of Bedrock - Frantic Flintstones [Not Christmas Album]2.) Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Frantic Flintstones [Not Christmas Album]3.) Ghost Of Christmas Past - Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys [Ghost Of Christmas Past]4.) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee [Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree]5.) Baby It's Cold Outside (w/ Ann-Margret) - The Brian Setzer Orchestra [Boogie Woogie Christmas]6.) Little Pig -  Buzz & The Flyers [Little Pig]7.) Under The Moon - The Slippers [Johanna Years 1980-1981]8.) Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight - Laura Lee Perkins [Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight/Come On Baby]9.) I'm Restless - Johnny Burnette [We're Having A Party]10.) House With A Tin Roof Top - Johnny & Dorsey [The Brunette Brothers]11.) Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley [Elvis' Christmas Album]12.) Billy The Kid - Jonny Barber & The Rhythm Razors [Western Riot!]13.) Further West - Jonny Barber & The Rhythm Razors [Western Riot!]14.) Alone and Forsaken - Backwood Boys [Backwood Boys]15.) Big Sky - The Reverend Horton Heat [Liquor In The Front]16.) Baddest Of The Bad - The Reverend Horton Heat [Liquor In The Front]17.) Shakin' At the North Pole - Atomic Hi-Tones [Addicted to Rockabilly]18.) Cinderella Rock - Kathy Kane [Cinderella Rock]19.) Merry Christma Baby - Wanda Jackson & The Continentals [Merry Christma Baby]20.) Gimmie My Rights (When I'm Not Wrong) - Leroy Washington [Gimmie My Rights (When I'm Not Wrong)/My Chinatown Gal]21.) New Orleans - Johnny O'Keefe [Twist]22.) Wearing The Crown - Moonlight Howlers [Rocket To The Moon]23.) Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - Thee Merry Widows [Psychobilly Christmas]24.) Gunslingin' Santa - Knock Galley West [Psychobilly Christmas]25.) The Undead West - Knock Galley West [The Quick and the Undead]26.) Gunfight - Gunsmoke [Gunsmoke From Somewhere]27.) Tortured Soul - Gunsmoke [Gunsmoke From Somewhere]28.) Speak With Your Guns - The PeaBrains [In The Hangman's Shadow]29.) Rockin' Boy Blue - Johnny & The Jailbirds [Out On Bail]30.) Rock With the Caveman - Tommy Steele and The Steelmen [Rock With the Caveman/Rock Around Town]31.) No. 9 (Lonesome Whistle)  - Gene Vincent [I'm Back And I'm Proud]32.) Better Call Cliff - Dead Elvis & His Gravemen [Six Bone Crackin' Hits]33.) I Waited Up - Josie Kreuzer [Hot Rod Girl]34.) Gorilla Beat - Batmobile [Amazons From Outer Space]35.) I'm Getting Pissed for Christmas - Bamboula [Psychobilly Christmas]36.) Christmas In Jail - The Youngsters [Christmas In Jail/Dreamy Eyes]37.) I'll Be Home for Christmas - The Red Rippers [Punk Rock Christmas]38.) The Ballad of Psycho Steve (feat. Dale Watson) - Hillbilly Casino [Tennessee Stomp]39.) Chain Gang - Johnny Cash [Blood, Sweat and Tears]40.) Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash [Love, God, Murder]41.) Monster of Madness - Wild Wax Combo [Flat Out]42.) Monster Bop - Taggy Tones [Lost In The Desert]43.) No One Knows - Taggy Tones [Taggy Tones E.P.]44.) Wondrous Place - Guana Batz [Undercover]45.) Baby Sittin' Santa - Barry Richards [Baby Sittin' Santa/Kissin' Doll]46.) Lonesome Drifter - Jericho Brown [Lonesome Drifter/I Need You]47.) Watch It Burn - Gunsmoke [The Kitchen Sessions]48.) Bela Lugosi - Ro & The Skullboys [Un Ataúd Lleno de Cancione]49.) My Girl Is Like Uranium - The Radium Cats [Other Worlds]50.) Sea Of Tears - Carlos Mejuto [Carlos Mejuto]51.) Girl In The Mask - The Kings Of Outerspace [Cosmic Debris]52.) Something's Gonna Break - Memphis Morticians [Bereave It Or Not]53.) Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio - The Ramones [End of the Century]54.) Merry Christmas - The Ramones [Brain Drain]55.) Ramones Christmas - The Queers [Punk Rock Christmas Vol.2]56.) Night Time People - Shark Bait [1988 Demo]57.) Metropolis - Shark Bait [One More Bite]58.) Don't Get Funny With Me - The Cramps [Look Mom No Head !]59.) Winter Drag - The Quakes [Winter Drag]60.) My Christmas Prayer - Billy Fury [My Christma Prayer/Last Kiss]61.) Run Rudolph Run - The Reverend Horton Heat [We Three Kings]62.) I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' - Laura Lee Perkins [Don't Wait Up]63.) Kiss Me Baby - Laura Lee Perkins [Don't Wait Up]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

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  • CityBillyHowl's
    Come Hell or High Water 
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Alphabet Bombers (D.C.)Calavera (Los Angeles)
    Carl Perkins (Tennessee)Chad Thomas & The Crazy Kings (Texas)Charlie Feathers (Mississippi)Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers (Newport)Darrel Rhodes (Texas)EightBomb (Ljubljana)Epileptic Hillbillys (Sheffield)
    Frantic Flintstones (Berlin/London)
    Gamblers Mark (El Monte)Gene Vincent (Virginia)
    Gorilla (Budapest)Guana Batz (Feltham)Hasil Adkins (West Virginia)Jean Chapel (Kentucky)Jimmy Johnson (Texas)Johnny Amelio (Santa Clara)Johnny Cash (Arkansas)Ken Lindsay (Baton Rouge)Kings Of Outer Space (Bristol)Larry Williams (New Orleans)Lew Williams (Texas)
    Los Benders (Monterrey)Marcel Bontempi (Kassel/Catalonia)Peter & The Wolves (Calgary)Ritchie Hart  (Phoenix)The Barnshakers (Helsinki)The Deadcats (Vancouver)The Dispoto Sisters (Reseda)The PeaBrains  (Ontario)The Quakes (Buffalo)The Spectres (Seattle)The Wages Of Sin (Seattle)The Whiskey Daredevils (Cleveland)Tommy Blake (Texas)
    Uptown Psychos  (Los Angeles)Warren Smith (Mississippi)Wild Wax Combo (Copenhagen)

    1.) Broken Mama - Chad Thomas & The Crazy Kings [Shake Alive] 2.) Bad Boy  - Larry Williams [Bad Boy/She Said,"Yeah"]3.) Jugue - Johnny Amelio, Bill Paradis & His Downbeats [Jugue/Jo Ann-Jo Ann]4.) I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight - Jean Chapel [I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight/Welcome To The Club]5.) Miss Froggie - Warren Smith [Miss Froggie/So Long I'm Gone]6.) Johnny Come Listen - Charlie Feathers [Tip Top Daddy]7.) A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash [The Greatest - The Number Ones]8.) Rebel Without A Cause - Wild Wax Combo [Flat Out]9.) Lou Lou - Darrell Rhodes [Lou Lou/I Thought About You]10.) Rock N Roll Mama - Gamblers Mark [The Last Chance Saloon]11.) Lobo Feroz - Los Benders [Llegaron Los Benders Vol.1]12.) Godzukee - Los Benders [Llegaron Los Benders Vol.1]13.) The Great Duane - Ritchie Hart [I'm Hypnotized/The Great Duane]14.) All Dressed Up - Jimmy Johnson [Woman Love/All Dressed Up]15.) Ghost Memories - The Barnshakers [Five Minutes to Live]16.) Let's Have A Party Tonight - The Dispoto Sisters [Timber/Let's Have A Party Tonight]17.) Cat Talk - Lew Williams [Cat Talk/Gone Ape Man]18.) Crazy Dreams - Ken Lindsay [Boppin'By The Bayou]19.) Man At The Crazy House - Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers [Rollin' n' Rockin'] 20.) Ready For War - The Quakes [Negative Charge] 21.) Let's Lynch The Landlord - The Whiskey Daredevils [Greatest Hits]22.) Senorita - The Whiskey Daredevils [Introducing the Whiskey Daredevils]23.) Private Detective - Gene Vincent [Private Detective/You Are My Sunshine]24.) King Of Fools - The Deadcats [Millions Of Dead Cats]25.) Wolfman Rock - Peter & The Wolves [Howlin' and Prowlin']26.) Turn My Coat Tails Loose - Hasil Adkins [He Said]27.) Put Your Cat Clothes On - Carl Perkins [Put Your Cat Clothes On]28.) Switching Heads - The Spectres [The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown]29.) Django - The Wages Of Sin [Custom Of The Sea]30.) Jonni Went Overboard - Uptown Psychos [Uptown Psychos]31.) Jaguar Calling - Calavera [Day Of The Dead]32.) Strange - Epileptic Hillbillys [Insanity]33.) I'm A Hillbilly - Epileptic Hillbillys [Insanity]34.) Folding Money - Tommy Blake [The Hanging Judge/Folding Money]35.) Brown Eyed Girl - Frantic Flintstones [Cuttin' A Fine Line] 36.) All Night Long - Frantic Flintstones [The X-Ray Sessions] 37.) Wreckless - Alphabet Bombers [Wreckless]38.) Diggin' A Grave - The PeaBrains [In The Hangman's Shadow]39.) I'm So Lonely - Marcel Bontempi [Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes]40.) What's My Name - The Clash [The Clash]41.) Needles & Pins - The Ramones [Road To Ruin]42.) Empty Heart  - EightBomb [High Heeled Devil]43.) Csavargó - Gorilla [1996 Demo]44.) Werewolf Blues - Guana Batz [Single Minded - Best of Big Beat Singles]45.) Ghost Town - Kings Of Outer Space [Cosmic Debris]46.) Dog Day Heat - Kings Of Outer Space [Cosmic Debris]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Halloween Rumble 
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Al Epp & The Pharoahs (San Antonio)Archie King (Koolsville)Black Knights (Stockholm)Boogiemen (Tokyo)Calavera  (Los Angeles)Carl Perkins (Tennessee)Danny McVey (London)Dave DelMonte & The Cross County Boys (New Hartford)Elektraws (Lyon)
    Frantic Flintstones (London/Berlin)Gene Vincent (Virginia)Jack Earls (Tennessee)
    John Hampton (Chicago)Johnny Burnette (Memphis)Johnny Cash (Arkansas)Kenny Parchman (Tennessee)Kip Tyler (Chicago)Los Difuntos (Los Angeles)Los Hell Gamblers (Puerto Rico)Los Leopardos (Mexico City)Louisville Boppers (Friedrichshafen)Marcel Bontempi (Kassel/Catalonia)Mean Cat Daddies (Geordie Land)Messer Chups (St.Petersburg)Numbskulls (Scotland)Ruby Ann (Coimbre)Shark Bait (Dublin)Spellbound (Bray)The Blue Echoes (Detroit)The Last Word (Atlanta)The PeaBrains (Ontario)The Polecats (London)The Quakes (Buffalo)The Shadows (London)The Sharks (Bath)The Spectres (Seattle)The Wages Of Sin (Seattle)Wanda Jackson (Oklahoma)Will & The Hi-Rollers (Las Vegas)1.) Howlin' to the Moonlight - Louisville Boppers [Howlin' to the Moonlight] 2.) Hey Jim - Jack Earls [Let's Bop]3.) Look At That Moon - Ruby Ann [Train to Satanville]4.) She's  My Witch - Kip Tyler [She's My Witch/Rumble Rock]5.) My 53 - Will & The Hi-Rollers [Do The Town With Will & The Hi-Rollers]6.) I Feel Like Rockin' - Kenny Parchman [Love Crazy Baby/I Feel Like Rockin']7.) Jiggedy Wiggedy Wolly - Don Coates & The Playbacks [Jiggedy Wiggedy Wolly/Spinnin' My Wheels]8.) Headless Horseman - Marcel Bontempi [Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes]9.) Witch Girl - Marcel Bontempi [Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes]10.) Sleepy Hollow - The Last Word [Sleepy Hollow/Jump, Point And Shout]11.) Apache - The Shadows [Apache/Guitar Tango]12.) Howlin' - The Spectres [The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown]13.) Austin Prison - Johnny Cash [Love, God, Murder]14.) Gravedigger Rock - The Polecats [Rockabilly Guy]15.) Silent Type - The Quakes [Live By the Sword]16.) Me And The Bear - Johnnny Burnette [Me And The Bear/Gumbo]17.) The Vampire - Archie King [Chicken/The Vampire]18.) Breaking My Heart - Al Epp & The Pharoahs [My Dream Girl/Breaking My Heart] 19.) Blue Blue (K)night - Black Knights [Lost Knights Return!] 20.) Shadow Blues - John Hampton [Shadow Blues/Honey Hush]21.) The Living Dead - Jim Burgett [The Living Dead/Let's Investigate]22.) Living Death - Marcel Bontempi [Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes]23.) Old Mad Witch - Marcel Bontempi [Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes]24.) Rollin' Danny - Gene Vincent [Rollin' Danny/Lovely Loretta]25.) It's Witchcraft - The Blue Echoes [Debbie/It's Witchcraft]26.) Swing del Hombre Loco - Los Leopardos [Viejos Dias De Radio]27.) Puente de la Muerte - Los Leopardos [Viejos Dias De Radio]28.) Haunted House - Marcel Bontempi [Haunted House]29.) Lend Me Your Comb - Carl Perkins [Lend Me Your Comb/That's Right]30.) Crazy To The Bone - Danny McVey [Crazy To The Bone]31.) Jailer Jailer - Bob Wilson [Jailer Jailer/And Her Name Is Scarlet]32.) Why Do I Cry - Mean Cat Daddies [Four Track Demo 1992]33.) Ghost Of Your Love - Mean Cat Daddies [Ghost Of Your Love]34.) Hello Mary Lou - Frantic Flintstones [Skin Up Chill Out] 35.) Lazy - Boogiemen [Zorch Monsters From Far East Vol.1]36.) Through The Woods - The PeaBrains [In The Hangman's Shadow]37.) Lost In A Time Vortex - Elektraws [Shock Rock]38.) Crypt-a-Billy - Messer Chups [Spook-O-Rama]39.) Cemetery Rock - Shark Bait [Demo 1987]40.) Celine  - Spellbound [New Blood]41.) Jack The Ripper - The Sharks [Dredged From The Deep]42.) Dracula's Daughter - The Sharks [Dredged From The Deep]43.) Did It For Elvis - The Spectres [Blood Sweat & Nitro]44.) Mean Mean Man - Wanda Jackson [Rockin' with Wanda]45.) Haunted Horror Howl - Dave DelMonte & The Cross County Boys [Haunted Horror Howl/Creepy]46.) Creepy - Dave DelMonte & The Cross County Boys [Haunted Horror Howl/Creepy]47.) El Diablo - Los Hell Gamblers [El Diablo]48.) Rise Of The Deceased - Los Difuntos [Los Difuntos]49.) Now I'm Gone - Los Difuntos [Los Difuntos]50.) Sugar Skulls - Calavera [Day of the Dead]51.) TiJuana Rain - Calavera [Plaga De Rock]52.) Night Of The Zombie - Numbskulls [Psychophobia]53.) They Won't Stay Dead - The Spectres [The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown]54.) Dia De Los Muertos - The Wages Of Sin [Custom Of The Sea]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Stick To Your Guns 
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Carlos & The Bandidos (London)Cecil Campbell (North Carolina)Chuck Willis (Atlanta)Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros (Tottenham)Dale Hawkins (Louisiana)Danny McVey (London)Elektraws (Lyon)Frantic Flintstones (London/Berlin)Glenn Reeves (Texas)Guana Batz (Feltham)Guitar Slingers (Dublin)Hasil Adkins (West Virginia)Jimmy Johnson (Texas)Jimmy Lloyd (Kentucky)Johnny Carroll (Texas)Johnny Cash (Arkansas)Kieron McDonald  (Melbourne)Link Davis (Texas)Mac Curtis (Texas)Marcel Bontempi (Kassel/Catalonia)Mickey Hawks (North Carolina)Scotty McKay (Texas)Steve Bledsoe (St.Louis)Terry Daly (Utica)The Black Cat Trio (Manchester)The Hoodoo Tones (Lille)The Kingbeats (Portsmouth)The Kings Of Outer Space (Bristol)The Numbskulls (Scotland)The Meteors (London)The Monsters (Bern)The Sirocco Bros. (London)Tooter Boatman (Texas)Torment (London)Uptown Psychos (Los Angeles)Wild Wax Combo (Copenhagen)
    1.) Down Home - The Sirocco Bros. [Down Home]2.) Mooch Around - The Sirocco Bros. [Come On In]3.) Hangin' On The Line - The Kingbeats [The Rockin' Won't Stop]4.) Rock And Roll Rhythm - Mickey Hawks (w/ Moon Mullins & His Night Raiders) [Bip Bop Boom/Rock And Roll Rhythm]5.) Rock-A-Boogie Lou - Glenn Reeves [Rock-A-Boogie Lou/Betty Bounce]6.) Its Your Voodoo Working - Marcel Bontempi [Mambo Voodoo]7.) Woman Love - Jimmy Johnson [Woman Love/All Dressed Up]8.) You're Gonna Change - Steve Bledsoe [You're Gonna Change/Move On Down The Line]9.) Move On Down The Line - Steve Bledsoe [You're Gonna Change/Move On Down The Line]10.) Rollin' Dynamite - Scotty McKay [Rollin' Dynamite/Evenin' Time]11.) Come On Along - Hasil Adkins [Peanut Butter Rock And Roll]12.) Texas Eyes - Guana Batz [Electra Glide In Blue]13.) Gettin' Down - Wild Wax Combo [Rumble In The Jungle]14.) Where The Rio De Rosa Flows - Jimmy Lloyd [Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/The Beginning Of The End]15.) Django Il Bastardo - Guitar Slingers [Six String Bandit]16.) The Ballad Of Jimmy Miller - Guitar Slingers [Adios Amigo]17.) Zoltar Says - Guitar Slingers [Carnevil Of Souls]18.) One Night - Guana Batz [Rough Edges] 19.) You Don't Bug Me - Terry Daly & The Nu-Tones [Why Did This Happen/You Don't Bug Me] 20.) Space Boppin' - Kieron McDonald & The Hi-Tones [Martian Girls & Space Boppin']21.) Martian Girls - Kieron McDonald & The Hi-Tones [Martian Girls & Space Boppin']22.) Crazy, Crazy Lovin'- Johnny Carroll & His Hot Rocks [Crazy, Crazy Lovin'/Hot Rock]23.) I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry - Wild Wax Combo [Jungle Fever]24.) If I Had Me A Woman - Mac Curtis [Grandaddy's Rockin']25.) 44 - The Kings Of Outer Space [How To Fly A Rocket]26.) Moon Buggy Baby - The Kings Of Outer Space [How To Fly A Rocket]27.) Hello Heartache - Danny McVey [One In A Million]28.) Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes - Chuck Willis [Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes/What I Am Living For] 29.) Handcuffed In Reno - The Hoodoo Tones [Confessions Of A Loner]30.) What Else Man Could You Do? - The Numbskulls [1990 Demo]31.) Dark City - P. Paul Fenech [International Super Bastard]32.) I'm Gone - Elektraws [Shock Rock]33.) Pass It On - Torment [Psyclops Carnival] 34.) Gypsy Woman - The Black Cat Trio [Red Hot & Rockin'] 35.) Rock And Roll Fever - Cecil Campbell & His Tennessee Ramblers [Rock And Roll Fever/The Rocking Guitar]36.) Busted - Frantic Flintstones [The Lunatics Are Ravin']37.) Everglades - Dale Hawkins [Daredevil]38.) Tall Tall Trees - Carlos & The Bandidos [The Usual Bandidos]39.) Don't Big Shot Me - Link Davis [Don't Big Shot Me/Trucker From Tennessee]40.) Pass The Bottle To The Baby - Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros [Wild At Heart]41.) Broken Hearts  - Uptown Psychos [Uptown Psychos]42.) My Brother Told Me - The Monsters [Youth Against Nature]43.) I Don't Worry About It - The Meteors [Wreckin' Crew]44.) 5 For Her, 3 For Him - The Meteors [Bastard Sons Of A Rock'N'Roll Devil]45.) They Won't Let Me In - Tooter Boatman [Rockin' Tooter Boatman]46.) Thunder & Lightning - Tooter Boatman & The Chapparals [Thunder & Lightning]47.) Foggy Mountain Top - Hasil Adkins [The Wild Man]48.) One Piece At A Time - Johnny Cash [One Piece At A Time]49.) Jackson - Johnny Cash & June Carter [At Folsom Prison]Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Astro Zombies (Dijon)Carlos & The Bandidos (London)Crabs ! (Dijon)Dave Delmonte & The Cross County Boys (New Hartford)Frantic Flintstones (London/Berlin)Hi-Strung Ramblers (Los Angeles)Jack Clement (Memphis)Jerry J. Nixon (London)Johnny Cash (Arkansas)Lost Souls (London)Mac Curtis (Texas)Ray Smith (Kentucky)Spellbound  (Bray)Steve Bledsoe (St.Louis)The FiftyNiners (Abruzzo)The Invaders (Christchurch)The Psycho DeVilles (Atlanta)The Rhythm Tones (Wichita)The Satellites (Adelaide)The Tremors (North Carolina)The Twilighters (Kiev)The Wise Guyz (Kiev)T.J. Mayes (OKC)Torment (London)Voodoo Zombie (Santiago)Wild Wax Combo (Copenhagen)

    1.) Willing and Ready - Ray Smith [Call Me Shorty]2.) Rockin' Bandit - Ray Smith [Rockin' Bandit/Sail Away]3.) Cool Steppin' Baby - Steve Bledsoe & The Blue Jays [Blue Jay/Cool Steppin' Baby]4.) Blue Jay - Steve Bledsoe & The Blue Jays [Blue Jay/Cool Steppin' Baby]5.) Shorty Shorty - Bob & Ray [Love You A Thousand Ways/Shorty Shorty]6.) Sloppy Jalopy - Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys [Sloppy Jalopy]7.) Made of Me - Hot Rod Walt & The Psycho DeVilles [Country Gold]8.) Red Sun - Jerry J. Nixon [Gentleman Of Rock'n'Roll]9.) Far Behind - Hi-Strung Ramblers [Hi-Strung Ramblers]10.) Mean 'Ol Train - Hi-Strung Ramblers [Hobo Bop]11.) Baby Sue - The Rhythm Tones [Baby Sue/Be Gone Blues]12.) Wrong - Jack Clement [Black Haired Man/Wrong]13.) Black Haired Man - Jack Clement [Black Haired Man/Wrong]14.) The Pool Shark - Dave Dudley [The Pool Shark]15.) Nervous Wreck - The Tremors [The Scourge Of The South]16.) Forgive Me Of My Sins - The Tremors [Old-Fashioned Hillbilly Feud]17.) Gone Gone Well Gone - Frantic Flintstones [A Nightmare On Nervous!] 18.) Blood Love & Rock And Roll - The Wise Guyz [Stay Cool !!!] 19.) Alligator Man - Astro Zombies [Frogs Legs] 20.) The Low Road - Mac Curtis [Grandaddy's Rockin']21.) Jump - The Satellites [Jump]22.) Heartbreaker - Jets [Cotton Pickin']23.) Old Man Atom - Sons Of The Pioneers [Old Man Atom / What This Country Needs]24.) Demon Boogie Fever - The Tremors [Demon Boogie Fever]25.) Haunted Dreams - Wild Wax Combo [Hot Rod Doll]26.) Prisoner Of Love - Lost Souls [Chasin' A Dream]27.) I Can't Stand The Rain - Torment [Hypnosis]28.) Cat's Eyes - The Invaders [Cat's Eyes/I Wanna Be Your Man] 29.) Vida Entre Tumbas - Voodoo Zombie [Voodoo Zombie]30.) Bad Damn Cats - The Twilighters [The Twilighters]31.) Devilene - Carlos & The Bandidos [Kiss You Goodnight]32.) The Alibi - Carlos & The Bandidos [The Good,The Bad And The Bandidos]33.) Silhouette - T.J. Mayes [From The Plains To The Piers] 34.) She's A Tommy Gun - T.J. Mayes [When Love Come Down] 35.) Brand New Cadillac - The Clash [London Calling]36.) Howling At The Moon - The Ramones [Too Tough To Die]37.) Red Sun - Crabs ! [Crabs!]38.) Down With The Sun - Spellbound [Stir It Up]39.) Fools Gold - Spellbound [Eleven Deadly Sins]40.) I Got Stripes - Johnny Cash [Live At Folsom Prison]41.) Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash [I Walk The Line/Get Rhythm]42.) Rumblin' Like A Big Bang Boogie - The FiftyNiners [Hard Times] 

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Bandaí Rithim  
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Astro Zombies (Dijon)Buck Griffin (Texas)Carlos & The Bandidos (London)Charlie Feathers (Mississippi)Dean Carter (Champaign)Don Woody (Missouri)E.C. Beatty (Charlotte)Gotham Katz (Paris)Joyce Green (Arkansas)Little Richard (Georgia)Los Benders (Monterrey)Rebel Cats  (Mexico City)Rusty Pinto (Melbourne)Sirocco Bros. (London)Stormy Gale (Alexandria)Tabaltix (Healdsburg)The Broken Toys (Buenos Aires)The Cramps (New York)The Curs (San Francisco)The Daffys (Sylmar)The Epileptic Hillbillys (Sheffield)The Eyelids (Cornwall)The Farrell Bros. (Falkirk)The Go-Katz (Loughborough)The Griswalds (Herts)The PeaBrains (Ontario)The Quakes (Buffalo)
    The Re-Vels (Philly)Torment (London)Warren Smith (Mississippi)

    1.) Gonna Leave This Town - Rusty Pinto [Press-Tone Rockabilly Volume 4]2.) Ubangi Stomp - Warren Smith [1956 Single]3.) Gato Rebelde - Rebel Cats [Diversión]4.) Flipsville - Stormy Gale [1959 Single]5.) Twilight Blues - Sirocco Bros. [Down Home]6.) Lightning Bolt - Sirocco Bros. [Lightning Bolt/Devil Bones]7.) Runnin' Around - Charlie Feathers [Get With It : Essential Recordings (1954-69)]8.) Old Bee Tree - Buck Griffin [1957 Single]9.) Hound Dog - Little Richard [Little Richard Is Back]10.) You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree - Don Woody [1957 Single]11.) Dead Man's Stroll - The Re-Vels [1959 Single]12.) Twilight Zone - Gotham Katz [I Go Wild]13.) Lil Henry - Astro Zombies [Control Your Minds]14.) Winnebago Warrior - Dead Kennedys  [Plastic Surgery Disasters]15.) Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys  [Plastic Surgery Disasters]16.) Al Caer La Noche - The Broken Toys (Del Lado Equivocado]17.) Hills On Fire - Demented Scumcats [Splatter Baby]18.) When The Mutants Rise - The Curs [The Curs]19.) Wanted In The West - The Curs [The Curs]20.) Dead Bandidos - Sirocco Bros. [Come On In]21.) Los Bastardos - Carlos & The Bandidos [No Country For Old Bandidos]22.) Little Blue Eyes - E.C. Beatty [1960 Single]23.) Tomorrow - Joyce Green [1959 Single]24.) Shadow Of Evil - Dean Carter [Call Of The Wild!]25.) She-Monster - The Eyelids [Rats]26.) Wink - The Farrell Bros. [Dead End Boys]27.) Nightmare - The Go-Katz [Real Gone Katz]28.) Swine Flu - The Daffys [California Psychobilly]29.) John Wayne's Clone - The Daffys [Escape From Hell]30.) Into The Sun - The PeaBrains [In The Hangman's Shadow]31.) Psychobilly In Love - The Griswalds [Better Late Than Never!]32.) No Time To Dance - Tabaltix [Sex, Pugs And Rock'N'Roll]33.) Give Me A Woman - The Cramps [A Date With Elvis]34.) The Way I Walk - The Cramps [...Off The Bone]35.) California Sun - The Ramones [Leave Home]36.) California Über Alles - Dead Kennedys [1979 Single]37.) Descarriado - The Broken Toys [Del Lado Equivocado]38.) Sobre Tu Cadaver -  The Broken Toys [Sobre Tu Cadaver]39.) Men From Mars -  The Epileptic Hillbillys [Atomic - It's The Bomb!]40.) I'll Never Love Again -  The Epileptic Hillbillys [Tales From The Underworld]41.) Uncle Sam - Torment [The Best Of...Torment]42.) El Diablo Encabronado - Los Benders [Más Vicio Sessions]43.) Robotzombie - Los Benders [Who's Your Daddy?]44.) What Will They Say About Me?  - The Quakes [Voice Of America]Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Benny Joy (Atlanta)Bobby Brown & The Curios (Arkansas)
    Chuck Berry (St.Louis)Dick Robinson (Boston)Don Cavalli  (Paris)Doyley & The Rejects (Dublin)Eddie Stapleton (Detroit)Frantic Flintstones (Berlin)Gene Vincent (Virginia)Janis Martin (Virginia)Jimmy Wayne & The Scarlet Combo (Louisville)Lee Cole & The Beau Jesters (Texas)
    Little Donnie Dowshier (Ohio)Los Pardos (Mexico City)Mike Waggoner & The Bops (Minneapolis)Mitchell Torok (Houston)Narvel Felts (Arkansas)Paul Peek (North Carolina)Prentis Slade (Detroit)Polecats (London)Roy Orbison (Texas)
    Roy Moss (Arkansas)Ric Carvey & The Jiva-Tones (Atlanta)Rusty York (Kentucky)Sanford Clark (Tulsa)Shark Bait (Dublin)Speed Crazy (New Jersey)Spellbound (Bray)
    The Chop Tops (Santa Cruz)
    The Guana Batz (Feltham)The Prestones (Melbourne)The Quakes (Buffalo)
    The Real Gone Tones (Warsaw)The Surf Riders (Nashville)Vince Anthony & The Blue Notes (Louisiana)Voodoo Zombie (Santiago)
    Wynonnie Harris (Omaha)

    1.) You Can't Catch Me - Chuck Berry [1956 Single]2.) The Cause Of It All  - Roy Orbison [The Best Of Roy Orbison]3.) Red Light, Green Light  - Mitchell Torok & The Tulane Sisters [1956 Single]4.) No Money Down - Mitchell Torok [1956 Single]5.) Camino Al Infierno - Los Pardos [Don Nadie]6.) Sweet Skinny Jenny - Paul Peek [1958 Single]7.) I'm Gonnna Move - Benny Joy [Benny Joy Story 1957-61 Vol.3]8.) That's The Way The Mop Flops - Jimmy Wayne & The Scarlet Combo [1961 Single]9.) Scrapiron -  Prentis Slade [1958 Single]10.) Well, I'm Weak - Eddie Stapleton [1964 Single]11.) Rock And Roll Joys - Little Donnie Dowshier [1957 Single]12.) Cry, Baby, Cry - Narvel Felts [1957 Single]13.) Ooh-Eee - Ric Carvey & The Jiva-Tones [1956 Single]14.) Bang Bang -  Janis Martin [Here I Am]15.) Suzy Ann - Lee Cole & The Beau Jesters [1959 Single]16.) South Electric Eyes - Legendary Shack Shakers [Pandelirium]17.) Why Don't You People Learn To Drive - Gene Vincent [Crazy Times!] 18.) I'm Out  - The Surf Riders [1958 Single] 19.) The Girl Can't Help It - Rusty York [1956 Single] 20.) Rockin' Bones - Frantic Flintstones [Rockin' Out]21.) Purple People Eater - The Guana Batz [The Peel Sessions]22.) Nightmares - Spellbound [Stir It Up]23.) 40 Days - Doyley & The Rejects [Isolation Boogie]24.) Bobby's Blues - Bobby Brown & The Curios [1959 Single]25.) Doin' My Best - The Chop Tops [Evil Six]26.) Tennessee Walk - Sanford Clark [Son Of a Gun]27.) Bad Luck - Sanford Clark [1959 Single]28.) The Deacon Don't Like It - Wynonnie Harris [Women, Whiskey And Fish Tails] 29.) Don't Cry Baby - Polecats [Polecats Are Go!]30.) Hey, Hey Baby - Don Cavalli & The Two Timers [1997 Single]31.) You Nearly Lost Your Mind - Roy Moss [1956 Single]32.) Mad Momma - Speed Crazy [Tales From The Train Wreck]33.) I Can't Stay  - The Quakes [The Quakes] 34.) Comin' Up - Mike Waggoner & The  Bops [The Kings Of Minnesota Rock N' Roll] 35.) Watch My Smoke - Vince Anthony & The Blue Notes [1957 Single]36.) Go On Home - Sanford Clark [1960 Single]37.) The Boppin' Martian - Dick Robinson And His Makebelievers [1958 Single]38.) She's My Girl - Shark Bait [1988 Demo]39.) Hey Mae  - Rusty & Doug [1958 Single]40.) Bedlam Boogie - The Prestones [The Prestones E.P.]41.) Cheap Thrills - The Real Gone Tones [Backseat Bingo] 42.) Black Coffee - The Real Gone Tones [Backseat Bingo] 43.) Con Estos Chicos No Se Juega - Voodoo Zombie [Santa Muerte]44.) Existencia Infernal - Voodoo Zombie [Reviresco]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Creature Feature
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    Benny Joy (Atlanta)Bobby Lee Trammell  (Arkansas)Bobby Sisco (Tennessee)Buddy Holly (Texas)Carlos & The Bandidos (London)Gamblers Mark (El Monte)
    Jerry J. Nixon (London)Jimmy Carroll (Detroit)Lloyd McCollough (Memphis)Marcel Bontempi (Kassel/Catalonia)Milton Allen (Houston)Ritchie Valens (Pacoima)Roxie Williams (Detroit)Sky Rockets (Moscow)Spellbound (Bray)
    The Atomic Men (Placentia)
    The Blue Cats (London)
    The Farrell Bros. (Selkirk)The Hydrant (Bali)The Meteors (London)The Quakes (Buffalo)
    The Scallywags (Berlin)The Spastiks (New York)
    The Test Pilots (Gothenburg)The Thrillionairs (Berlin)
    Wynona Carr (Cleveland)

    1.) Hole in my Heart - The Quakes [Psyops]

    2.) I Get The Blues When It Rains - Roxie Williams [1965 Single]

    3.) Don't Care Blues - Lloyd McCollough (AKA Lloyd Arnold) [Memphis Vol. 7]

    4.) Don't Bug Me Baby - Milton Allen [1957 Single]

    5.) Big Green Car - Jimmy Carroll [1958 Single]

    6.) Cry Cry Cry - Ritchie Valens [La Bamba]

    7.) Rockin' All Night - Ritchie Valens [Ritchie]

    8.) This Is A Riot -  The Farrell Bros. [This Is A Riot]

    9.) R.E.B.E.L. -  The Farrell Bros. [This Is A Riot]

    10.) Killer Diller - The Cues [Crazy, Crazy Party]

    11.) I Sure Do Love You Baby - Bobby Lee Trammell [1958 Single]

    12.) Drowning All My Sorrows - The Meteors [The Lost Album]

    13.) The Blob - The Test Pilots [Parachute Party]

    14.) A Murder of Crows - Carlos & The Bandidos [The Good, The Bad & The Bandidos]

    15.) Radiation Baby - The Spastiks [Sewer Surfing]

    16.) Idle On Parade - The Blue Cats [Early Days]

    17.) Snowstorm - Sky Rockets [Rockabilly Girl]

    18.) Travellin' Free - Jerry J. Nixon [Gentleman of Rock'n'Roll]

    19.) Please Mr. Jailer  -  Wynona Carr & The Bumps Blackwell Band [1956 Single]

    20.) Move Around - Groovey Joe Poovey [1958 Single]

    21.) Rave On - Buddy Holly & The Crickets [The Buddy Holly Story]

    22.) My Guitar - Gamblers Mark [The Last Chance Saloon]

    23.) Lagrimas De Agave - Gamblers Mark [The Last Supper]

    24.) Year 1 - X   [Wild Gift]

    25.) Breathless - X   [1983 Single]

    26.) Danny Says - The Ramones [End of the Century]

    27.) Great Googa Mooga - Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys [Great Googa Mooga]

    28.) Creature Of The Nite - The Atomic Men [Bomb Shelter Boogie]

    29.) Legend Of The Past - Spellbound [Legend Of The Past]

    30.) Haunted  - The Thrillionairs [Haunted]

    31.) Get Crazy  - The Scallywags [3 Of A Kind]

    32.) Answers  - The Scallywags [3 Of A Kind]

    33.) Cheap Tragedies - Avengers [Avengers]

    34.) Dark Angel - Benny Joy [Hillbillies In Hell]

    35.) Adelita  - Carlos & The Bandidos [For A Few Dollars Less] 

    36.) Well ! - Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys [2021 Single]

    37.) Go Go Go - Bobby Sisco [1957 Single]

    38.) Old Mad Witch - Marcel Bontempi [Old Mad Witch]

    39.) Dig A Hole - Marcel Bontempi [Dig A Hole]

    40.) The Riot Angels - The Hydrant [Lokananta Riot]

    41.) Whiskey Warriors -  The Hydrant [Whiskey Warriors]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Back Street Boogie
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    12 Step Rebels (Albuquerque)
    As Diabatz (Curitiba)Astro Zombies (Dijon)Black Raven (Düsseldorf)Carl McVoy (Mississippi)Charlie Feathers (Mississippi)Damage Done By Worms (Berlin)Guana Batz (Feltham/San Diego)Guitar Slingers (Dublin)Johnny Angel (San Diego)Johnny Carroll (Texas)Johnny Dollar (Texas)MadDogCole (Gosport)Pee Wee King (Louisville)Red Hadley's Wranglers (Tennessee)Ronnie Dawson (Texas)Salidos de la Cripta (Bogotá)Spellbound (Bray)The Alphabet Bombers (D.C.)
    The Cramps (New York)The Dee Cats (Limoges)
    The Go Getters (Västerå)The Meteors (London)The Nitros (Tottenham)The Quakes (Buffalo)The Rocketz (Los Angeles)The Sirocco Bros. (London)The Spastiks (New York)

    1.) Davy Jones Locker Sirocco Bros. [2014 Single]

    2.) Boneshaker - Sirocco Bros. [Down Home]

    3.) Frankie & Johnny  - Charlie Feathers [Long Time Ago]

    4.) Tootsie - Carl McVoy [1958 Single]

    5.) Green-Eyed Cat - Johnny Dollar [Action Packed]

    6.) Black Leather Rebel - Johnny Carroll & The Blue Caps [1975 Single]

    7.) Brother, That's All - Red Hadley's Wranglers [1955 Single]

    8.) Up Jumped The Devil - Ronnie Dawson [Up Jumped The Devil]

    9.) Catty Town -  Pee Wee King & His Band [1956 Single]

    10.) Poor Little Fool  -  Johnny Angel & The Dodgers [1958 Single]

    11.) Give Back -  Black Raven [No Way To Stop Me...]

    12.) Gang War - The Go Getters [Gang War]

    13.) The Devil's Music - Sirocco Bros. [Down Home]

    14.) I Don't Hold Anything but the Blues -  Sirocco Bros. [Down Home]

    15.) She-Shaved-Away-My-Sideburn Blues - Black Raven [No Way To Stop Me...]

    16.) Walking Through the Storm - Black Raven [No Way To Stop Me...]

    17.) Real Gone Daddy - The Go Getters [Real Gone] 

    18.) Thirty Days - The Go Getters [Real Gone] 

    19.) Please Give Me Something - The Dee Cats [The Dee Cats]

    20.) Final Call - Guitar Slingers  [One Man Freakshow]

    21.) The Fly With The X Ray Eyes  - Guitar Slingers  [Carnevil of Souls]

    22.) My Kinda Rockin'  - The Meteors [Undead, Unfriendly And Unstoppable]

    23.) Rockabilly Psychosis - The Meteors [In Heaven]

    24.) Johnny Roy - Spellbound [Mystical Madness]

    25.) Joe - Spellbound [Mystical Madness]

    26.) Devil's Ship - The Nitros [Stompin' Beat]

    27.) Big Black Bug - The Spastiks [Go To Hell]

    28.) Rise of the Undead - The Rocketz  [Rise of the Undead] 

    29.) Johnny Casanova - Astro Zombies  [From Strength To Strength]

    30.) Fight Back - Guana Batz  [Rough Edges]

    31.) Streetwise - Guana Batz  [Rough Edges]

    32.) Rebel Rock - 12 Step Rebels [Go Go Graveyard Rockin']

    33.) Woman In White  -  As Diabatz [Riding Through The Devil's Hill] 

    34.) Corpus Christi  - Avengers [Avengers] 

    35.) Hollywood Babylon - Misfits [Bullet]

    36.) Psycho Revolution -  Damage Done By Worms [Evil Eyes]

    37.) Vertigo - MadDogCole [Ultra Violence]

    38.) Queen Of The Wild Wild Wind - The Meteors [Hymns For The Hellbound]

    39.) Endless Sleep  - The Meteors [Hymns For The Hellbound]

    40.) Loaded Gun - The Alphabet Bombers [Panic Attack]

    41.) Hey ! Senor Juez ! -  Salidos de la Cripta [Enemigos De La Humanidad] 

    42.) Other Side of the Tracks - The Quakes [The Quakes]

    43.) Suburbia  - The Quakes [New Generation]

    44.) I Can't Hardly Stand It - The Cramps [Off The Bone]

    45.) Human Fly - The Cramps [Off The Bone]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Temblando Choza
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :


     Benny Barnes (Texas)Benny Joy (Atlanta)Butch Paulson  (Seattle)Colleen Frazier  (Los Angeles)  Edwin Bruce (Arkansas)Elvis Presley (Mississippi)Fern Fisher  (Memphis)Gene Walker  (Ohio)Gradie O'Neal (San Francisco)Jack Huddle (Texas)Janis Martin (Virginia)Johnny Carroll   (Texas)Jules Blattner  (St.Louis)Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars (Texas)Lowell McGuire  (Nashville)Marcel Bontempi (Kassel)Marti Brom (St.Louis/Portland) Rebel Cats (Mexico City)Ruby Ann (Lisbon)Rudy Grayzell  (Texas)Rudy Hansen  (Cincinatti)Rusty York  (Kentucky)Skeets McDonald (Arkansas)Spellbound (Bray)Star Mountain Dreamers  (Texas)The Blue Cats  (London)The Champs (Los Angeles)The Cramps (New York)The Guana Batz (Feltham)The Hi-Tones (Richmond)The Moonlighters  (Texas)The Pharaohs (Harlow)The Quakes (Buffalo)The Satellites (Adelaide)The Sirocco Bros. (London)Wanda Jackon (Oklahoma)

    1.)  Blue Moon Baby  - Marcel Bontempi [Havana Moon]2.) It's A Jungle Out There   -  The Satellites [Jump]3.) Green Stuff    - Jules Blattner & His Teen Tones  [1959 Single]4.) Rollin' To The Jukebox Rock  - Benny Joy  ['Rollin' To The Jukebox Rock Vol. 2]5.) Bopper's Rage  - Star Mountain Dreamers [Rhythm, Feelin' & Phrasin]6.) Rockin' Bandit - Star Mountain Dreamers [Greetings from El Paso]7.) Last Breath - Spellbound [Psycho Tendencies]8.) Say It Isn't So  - Spellbound [New Blood]9.) You're Mama's Here  Colleen Frazier  [1958 Single]10.) You Oughta See Grandma Rock  - Skeets McDonald  [1956 Single]11.) Sweet Rockin' Mama  -  The Hi-Tones [1960 Single]12.) You Gotta Pay  Benny Barnes w/ The Echoes  [1958 Single]13.) Ummm  -  Ken & Roy  [1961 Single]14.) He's The Most  Fern Fisher  [1958 Single]15.) Ready Teddy  -  Elvis Presley [Elvis]16.) Rip It Up  - Elvis Presley [Elvis]17.) My Boy Elvis  - Janis Martin [1956 Single]18.) Devil On My Shoulder - Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars [Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars]19.) Black Cadillac  - Marti Brom And Her Barnshakers [Snake Ranch]20.) Subway  - The Champs [1958 Single]21.) Rock-A-Bayou Baby  The Moonlighters  [1958 Single]22.) Turkey Neck Stretch  - Gradie O'Neal & The Bella Tones  [1958 Single]23.) Riot In Cell Block Number Nine  - Wanda Jackson [1961 Single]24.) Spellbound Lowell McGuire   [1958 Single]26.) Shake 'Em Up Baby - Rusty York [1957 Single] 
    27.) Chimpanzee ' Count Yates  [1961 Single] 28.) I Go Ape  - Gene Walker [1969 Single]29.) Rock Boppin' Baby - Edwin Bruce [1957 Single]30.) Southbound Blues - The Blue Cats [The Blue Cats]31.) Goodnight Cincinatti, Goodmorning Tennessee - Rusty York [1961 Single]32.) Be Bop A Lula - Rebel Cats [Rockabilly Y Algo Más]33.) Ducktail - Rudy Grayzell [1956 Single]34.) Spellbound - The Sirocco Bros. [Down Home]35.) Saturday Jump - Rudy Hansen [1956 Single]36.) Starlight  - Jack Huddle [1957 Single]37.) Man from Mars -  Butch Paulson & The Motations [1961 Single]38.) Stealin' Sugar - Ray Batts [1954 Single]39.) Mean Ole Boogie - The Tennessee Drifters [1952 Single]40.) Mr. Moonlight - Johnny Horton [The Best of Johnny Horton]41.) Two Timin' - Johnny Carroll [Texasbilly]42.) Run Wild  - Ruby Ann [Running Wild]43.) Turkey Dance - The Pharaohs [Blue Egypt]44.) No Particular Place To Go - Guana Batz [Loan Sharks]45.) Negative Charge - The Quakes [Negative Charge]46.) Behind The Wheel - The Quakes [New Generation]47.) Uranium Rock - The Cramps [Bad Music for Bad People]48.) Georgia Lee Brown - The Cramps [A Date With Elvis ]49.) Rockin' Bones - The Cramps [Psychedelic Jungle]
    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :


     Andy Anderson (Mississippi)Black Knights (Kilafors)Bloodshot Bill  (Montreal)
    Bob Center  (Texas)Bob Luman  (Texas)Carlos & The Bandidos (London)Charlie Feathers (Mississippi)Chuck Berry (St. Louis) Cigaratz (San Fernando)  Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros (Tottenham)  Cyclone (Rome) Don Cavalli (Paris) Dwight "Whitey" Pullen  (Alabama) Dypsomaniaxe (London)Elektraws (Paris) Gene Vincent  (Norfolk)
    Glenn Honeycutt (Mississippi)Hillbilly Moon Explosion (Zürich)
    Joe Clay  (Louisiana)
    Jody Reynolds  (Denver)Kennie Parchman (Jackson)Kip Tyler (Chicago)Larry Brinkley & The Twisters(Jackson)Mad Bats (Berlin)Maddox Brothers & Rose (Alabama)Marcel Bontempi (Kassel)Psycho DeVilles  (Atlanta)Restless (Ipswich)Reverend Horton Heat (Texas)Ronnie Allen (Tennessee)Round Robin  (Watts)Rusty York (Kentucky)Salidos De La Cripta (Bogotá)Sonny Burgess (Arkansas)Spellbound  (Bray)Squidbillys (Moscow)The Arkhams (New York)The Cramps (New York)The Jet Tones (Kansas City)
    The Krewmen (London)The Meteors (London)The Phenomenauts (Oakland)The Quakes (Buffalo)T.J. Mayes (Oklahoma City)Tommy Blake (Texas)Voodoo Zombie (Santiago)Wild Wax Combo (Copenhagen) 
    1.) All Night Rock  - Glenn Honeycutt [1957 Single]2.) Devil Is A Woman   - T.J. Mayes [Dig It Up]3.)  Old School Boogie  - Spellbound [Stir It Up]4.) The Streets Of Paris - Don Cavalli [The Pharaoh]5.) Juvenile Delinquent - Ronnie Allen [1959 Single]6.) Shake Around - Tommy Blake [1957 Single]7.) Tappin' That Thing  - Rusty York  [1958 Single]8.) Tom Cattin' - Russ Marlo & The Kingpins [1958 Single]9.) Dead Of Night - Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros [Still Taggin' Along]10.) Tears - Mad Bats [All The Time]11.) (The Girl With The) Raven Hair - Jody Reynolds [1960 Single]12.) Thrills for Sure - Psycho DeVilles [Super Charger]13.) Buzzbomb from Pasadena - Dead Kennedys  [Plastic Surgery Disasters]14.) Metro - Squidbillys [Scram!]15.) Camino de Sangre -  Voodoo Zombie [Voodoo Zombie]16.) Blues del Vicio - Salidos De La Cripta [Enemigos De La Humanidad]17.) El Catrin - Cigaratz [Rat Feast]18.) Jungle Cat - Cyclone [The First Of The Cyclone Men]19.) Demon Quiff - Dypsomaniaxe [One Too Many]20.) Enola Gay - Hillbilly Moon Explosion [Buy Beg Or Steal]21.) Movin' Faster - Bloodshot Bill [Get Loose Or Get Lost]22.) The Death Of Rock And Roll  - Maddox Brothers & Rose [1957 Single]23.) Crazy Legs - Dwight "Whitey" Pullen [1959 Single]24.) Doggone It - Joe Clay [Ducktail]25.) Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry [1958 Single] A Side26.) Merry Christmas Baby - Chuck Berry [1958 Single] B Side27.) Santa On The Roof  - Reverend Horton Heat [We Three Kings]28.) I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes - Hillbilly Moon Explosion [Introducing The H.M.E.]29.) Move Over Rover - Larry Brinkley & The Twisters [1962 Single]
    30.) Satellite Rock - Joe Tate & The Hi Fives [1958 Single]31.) Rumble Rock - Kip Tyler [1958 Single]32.) In The Deep Dark Jungle - Bob Luman [Rockabilly Classics]33.) Jungle Hop  - The Cramps [Psychedelic Jungle]34.) Funeral Director -  Wild Wax Combo [Lip Lickin'Lou]35.) Mars Attack - Wild Wax Combo [Model A]36.) Galactic Pioneers - The Phenomenauts [Rockets And Robots]37.) The Bug of Planet Zee - The Krewmen [The Adventures of The Krewmen]38.) Bar Room Fantasy - The Krewmen [The Adventures of The Krewmen]39.) Earwigs In My Brain - The Meteors [In Heaven]40.) Dark Shadows - The Quakes [Planet Obscure]41.) Mad Man - Elektraws [Shock Rock]42.) Get Off The Road - The Cramps [A Date With Elvis]43.) Screamin' George - The Arkhams [The Valley Of The Arkhams]44.) Tough Tough Tough - Andy Anderson [Tough Tough Tough]45.) I'm The Wolfman - Round Robin [1965 Single]46.) Pistol Packin' Mama - Gene Vincent & The Beat Boys [1960 Single]47.) Race With The Devil - Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps [1956 Single]48.) Long Winding River - Restless [Rock'n'Roll Beginners]49.) Waitin' In School - Ricky Nelson [The Best Of...]50.) Black Cat - Marcel Bontempi [Black Cat]51.) Blue Blue (K)night - Black Knights [Lost Knights Return]52.) Spellbound - Sonny Burgess [Spellbound]53.) Cold Dark Night - Charlie Feathers [1980 Single]54.) Corrine, Corrina -  Charlie Feathers [1956 Single]55.) The Devil's Slate - Carlos & The Bandidos [The Good, The Bad & The Bandidos]56.) Lost In The Jungle - Bob Center [1957 Single]57.) Twangy - The Jet Tones [1959 Single]58.) Treat Me Right - Kennie Parchman [1957 Single]59.) We Three Kings - Reverend Horton Heat [We Three Kings]60.) Santa Bring My Baby Back -  Reverend Horton Heat [We Three Kings]

    Rockabilly Psychobilly 

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Rockin' Halloween(Haunting Rhythm)

    With some of the spookiest Psychobilly & Rockabilly(And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :


    Astro Zombies (Dijon)Carlos & The Bandidos  (London)Contessa & The Squires (Firenza)Cold Blue Rebels (Los Angeles)Demented Are Go (Cardiff)Donna Dunne (Dublin)EightBomb (Llubjana)Frantic Flintstones (Berlin)Gamblers Mark (Los Angeles)Hasil Adkins (West Virginia)Hillbilly Moon Explosion (Zürich)Imelda May (Dublin)Klingonz (Dublin)Koffin Kats (Detroit)Las Pistolas (London)
    Lobos Negros (Talavera de la Reina)Messer Chups (St.Petersburg)Mike Fern & The Del Rays (Los Angeles)Misfits (New Jersey)Rebel Cats  (Mexico City)Reverend Horton Heat (Dallas)
    Rockabilly Mafia (Berlin)Ronnie Dawson (Dallas)Spellbound (Bray)
    Star Mountain Dreamers (El Paso)
    Tabaltix (Healdsburg)Taggy Tones (Copenhagen)
    Terry Lee & The Poor Boys (Fargo)
    The Alphabet Bombers (D.C.)
    The Chrome Daddies (Sydney)The Coffin Shakers (Karlstad)The Cramps (New York)The Epileptic Hillbillys (Sheffield)The Howling Wolfmen (Dresden)The Jiants (Indiana)The Legendary Raw Deal (London)The Nevrotix (Gothenburg)The Meteors (London)The Phantom Cowboys (Norwich)The Ricochets (London)
    The Sharks (Bath)The Spectres (Seattle)
    Tigermen (Antwerp)
    Wulfsblood (Buffalo)

    1.) Ghost of the '50z - EightBomb [Customized]2.) Ghost Train - Carlos & The Bandidos [No Country for Old Bandidos]3.) People Are Strange - Spellbound [Stir It Up]4.) Halloween Dance - Reverend Horton Heat [Halloween Hootenanny]5.) Hello Mrs. Darkness - Reverend Horton Heat [Space Heater]6.) Mad Man - The Legendary Raw Deal [Outlaw Man]7.) The Friendly Undertaker  - Jim Nesbitt  [1965 Single]8.) Monster Jamboree -  Contessa & The Squires [Horrorama]9.) Elvira (Yours Cruelly)  - Gamblers Mark [The Cho Incident]10.) Mad Daddy -  The Cramps [1979 Demo]11.) Thirteen - The Legendary Raw Deal [Outlaw Man]12.) Runnin' from the Law - Donna Dunne [The King Of Rock'N'Roll]13.) High Heeled Devil - EightBomb [High Heeled Devil]14.) Witchcraft - The Ricochets  [On Target]15.) Tormented And Gone Bad - Klingonz [Flange]16.) I Flipped My Lid - The Chrome Daddies [Chrome Daddies]17.) Hombre Lobo Adolescente - Rebel Cats  [Rebel Cats]18.) Pagan - The Rock-A-Teens  [Woo Hoo]19.) This Song - Star Mountain Dreamers [Rhythm, Feelin' & Phrasin']20.) She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man - The Sharks [Infamy]21.) Dracula's Daughter - The Sharks [Dredged from the Deep]22.) Night Of The Living Ted - Hillbilly Moon Explosion [Buy Beg Or Steal]23.) Wolfgirl - Contessa & The Squires [Horrorama]24.) Werewolf Stomp - The Nevrotix [Alive]25.) Bang Bang  - Astro Zombies [Burgundy Livers]26.) Shadows On The Wall - The Alphabet Bombers [Wreckless] 27.) The Ballad of Frankenstein's Monster - Koffin Kats [From Our Hands To Yours] 28.) Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers [1962 Single]29.) Alabama Monster Man - The Epileptic Hillbillys [Take 2]30.) Transylvanian Girl - The Phantom Cowboys [Down and Out at The Club Cruella]31.) Love In A Coffin - Tigermen [Tigermen]32.) My Little Sue -  Terry Lee & The Poor Boys [1959 Single] 33.) Bloodsuckin' Cowboy - The Spectres [Blood Sweat & Nitro] 34.) Daddy's Goin' Crazy - The Spectres [Blood Sweat & Nitro] 35.) Pumpkin King - Cold Blue Rebels [Blood, Guts'N'Rock & Roll]36.) Zombie Love - Cold Blue Rebels [Blood, Guts'N'Rock & Roll]37.) Obsesión en el Muelle - Lobos Negros [Lobo Rock]38.) Skulls  - Misfits   [Walk Among Us]39.) American Nightmare - Misfits   [Legacy of Brutality]40.) Tornado - The Jiants [1959 Single]41.) Skeletons Dance - The Howling Wolfmen [Asylum Rock]42.) I Gotta Know  - Frantic Flintstones [The E.P. Collection]43.) Shadow Crypt - Demented Are Go [Kicked Out of Hell]44.) Rob The Bank - Tabaltix [Sex, Pugs & Rock'N'Roll]45.) Party Mad - Reverend Horton Heat [Revival]46.) Spooky Boots - Reverend Horton Heat [Rev] 47.) A-Bomb Bop -  Mike Fern & The Del Rays [1959 Single]48.) Voodoo Man - Messer Chups [Bermuda 66]49.) Halloween  - The Coffin Shakers [Halloween E.P.] 50.) Vampires Don't Cry - The Coffin Shakers [We Are The Undead] 51.) Hills Have Eyes - The Meteors [Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly]52.) Locked Away - Spellbound [Mystical Madness]53.) 20 Flight Rock - Spellbound [Mystical Madness]54.) Return Of Eddie Sin - Las Pistolas [Deadly Combination]55.) Insane - Taggy Tones [100% Rockabilly Vol. 2]56.) Monster Bop - Taggy Tones [Lost In The Desert]57.) Bedrock - Frantic Flintstones [Bedrock!]58.) Haunted House - Hasil Adkins [The Wild Man]59.) Angel Baby - Wulfsblood [Wulfsblood]60.) Halloween - Misfits [Legacy of Brutality]61.) Zombie Girl - Imelda May [Tribal]62.) Return Of The Vampire - The Coffin Shakers [The Coffin Shakers]63.) Rockin' In The Graveyard - Rockabilly Mafia [Rockin' In The Graveyard]
    64.) Vampira - Bobby Bare [All-American Boy]65.) Rockin' In the Cemetery - Ronnie Dawson [Rockinitis]66.) Blood On Your Hands - Spellbound [Eleven Deadly Sins] 
    Psychobilly Rockabilly

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Midnight Howl(It's Almost Halloween)

    With some of the best Rockabilly Psychobilly  (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring all of the best by :
    Batmobile (Rotterdam)  Billy Lathrem (Kentucky)Billy Lee Riley (Arkansas)Black Raven (Düsseldorf)Capone Bros. (Rome)Curley Williams (Atlanta)Damage Done By Worms (Berlin)Dayward Penny (Baton Rouge)Demented Are Go  (Cardiff)Don Head (Texas)
    Elvis Presley (MississippiFats Domino (New Orleans)
    Frantic Flintstones  (Berlin)
    Glenn Garrison (Arkansas)  
    Henry & The Bleeders (Bedford)
    Jessie James (MississippiJoe Montgomery (Chicago)Joey Castle (The Bronx)
    John Worthan (Georgia)King Cats (Nottingham)
    Lee Mitchell  (Alabama)Pete De Bree (Detroit)
    Rebel Cats  (Mexico City)
    Restless (Ipswich)Reverend Horton Heat (Texas)
    Rudy Grayzell (Texas)
    Spellbound (Bray)
    Th'Legendary Shack Shakers (Kentucky)
    The Black Rose Phantoms (Long Beach)
    The Coffin Nails (Reading)
    The Creepniks (Texas)
    The Epileptic Hillbillys (Sheffield)The Eyelids (Cornwall)
    The Grizzly Family (Lyon)
    The Lab Ratz (Montreal)The Meteors (London)The Monsters (Bern)The Moonshine Stalkers (London)
    The Nitros (Tottenham)The Rocketz (Los Angeles)
    The Skrunch (Rotterdam)
    Three Blue Teardrops (Chicago)
    Voodoo Swing (Phoenix)Willy Tremain's Thunderbirds (Milwaukee)

    1.) King Of Rock-N-Roll - Billy Lathrem [1961 Single]
    2.) Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Elvis Presley [1957 Single]
    3.) The Ballad of Hank Gordon - Glenn Garrison [Rock Jump Rock]
    4.) Double 50's - King Cats [Double 50's]5.) Trouble Bound - Billy Lee Riley [1956 Single]6.) Small Town Bomp - The Skrunch [The Skrunch !]7.) Rebel Rebel - The Skrunch  [The Skrunch !]8) Speed Racer - The Lab Ratz [In The Maze]9.) Fukushima Surf - The Lab Ratz [In The Maze] 10.) Zombie  Stomp  -  The Creepniks [Graveyard Shindig]11.) Pale Rider - The Creepniks [Graveyard Shindig]12.) The Dead Know Nothing - Three Blue Teardrops [Rustbelt Trio]13.) Chasing Devils - The Black Rose Phantoms [Betrayers]14.) Wanderer's Blues - Pete De Bree & The Wanderers [1957 Single]15.) Hey Mr. Presley - Pete De Bree & The Wanderers [1958 Single]16.) Red Hot Rockin' Blues - Jessie James [1958 Single]17.) Cotton Fields - Frantic Flintstones [The X-Ray Sessions]18) Leavin' This Town - Restless [Hep Cat Hop]19.) Hey I Love You So - Spellbound [Space Rockin']20.) Smash It Up - Spellbound [New Blood]21.) Domino  - The Meteors [The Lost Album]22.) Voodoo Rhythm - The Meteors [Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly]23.) You Make Me A Zombie - The Eyelids [Suffer]24.) Return of the Wolfman - The Epileptic Hillbillys [Take 2]
    25.) Black Ice - The Rocketz [California Hell]26.) I'm A Record Junkie - The Monsters [Youth Against Nature]27.) Motherfuckin' Hippie - Batmobile [Brand New Blisters]28.) Gypsy King  - Henry & The Bleeders [Scooter Boy] 29.) Pe-Te' Pe-Te' - Capone Bros. [Insane Love] 30.) Welcome To My Jungle -  Capone Bros. [Insane Love] 31.) Have You Ever Been Lonely - Frantic Flintstones [Speed Kills]32.) Jack Rabbit - Frantic Flintstones [The X-Ray Sessions]33.) Long Legged Linda -  The Kids From Texas [1958 Single] 34.) Spoilin' For A Fight - Voodoo Swing [Voodoo Beans] 35.) Cool Cat - Joe Montgomery [1956 Single]36.) That Ain't Nothing But Right - Joey Castle [1958 Single]37.) Rootie Tootie Baby - Lee Mitchell [1959 Single]38.) Jezebel - Reverend Horton Heat ?[Liquor In The Front]39.) Creek Cats  - Th'Legendary Shack Shakers [Believe]40.) Midnight Express - Willy Tremain's Thunderbirds [1959 Single]41.) I'm Coming Home - Dayward Penny [1960 Single]42.) Shot Four Times And Dying - Bill Carter [1961 Single]43.) Goin' Strong  - Don Head [1958 Single] A-Side44.) Never Before  - Don Head [1958 Single] B-Side45.) It Keeps Rainin' - Fats Domino [1961 Single]46.) You're Gone - Rudy Grayzell [1956 Single]47.) Move In A Little Closer - Curley Williams [1967 Single]48.) Where The Rio De Rosa Flows - The Grizzly Family [Don't Mess With The Grizzly]49.) Deadly Nightshade - The Nitros [Nightshades]50.) John Doe - The Moonshine Stalkers [Last Day On Earth] 51.) Last Day On Earth - The Moonshine Stalkers [Last Day On Earth] 52.) Crazy Horses - Demented Are Go [In Sickness & In Health]53.) Take Me Away - Damage Done By Worms [Psycurity Inc.]54.) House On The Haunted Hill - The Coffin Nails [Ein Bier Bitte]55.) Mound of Clay - Black Raven [No Way To Stop Me...]56.) No Hagas Caso A Tus Papás - Rebel Cats [Rebel Cats Y Sus Amigos]57.) The Cats Were Jumpin' -  John Worthan [1959 Single]58.) Jekyll & Hyde -  Jim Burgett [1961 Single]
    Rockabilly & Psychobilly

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • Savage Sounds of September

    With some of the best Psychobilly ,  Punk Rock & Rockabilly  (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Savage is an Irish slang term, orginating in Galway,  meaning "something really great; cool, exceptional", which is a great adjective to describe the music featured in this episode of CityBilly Howl ,
    Or you can go by the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of this word, which is just as applicable to this brilliant music we love :
    Savage : 

    1a : not domesticated or under human control: untamed.b: lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings : fierce, ferocious
    2: Wild, uncultivated

    Featuring all of the best by :

    Al Casey(Long Beach)Billy Lee Riley (Arkansas)Carlos & The Bandidos (London)
    Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros (Tottenham)
    Doug Amerson (San Francisco)
    Doug Powell (Roanoke)
    Gamblers Mark (El Monte)
    Guitar Slingers (Dublin)
    Johnny & The Jailbirds (Northamptonshire)
    Los Benders (Monterrey)
    Perkele  (Göteborg)Rebel Cats (Mexico City)
    Restless    (Ipswich)
    Reverend Horton Heat  (Dallas) Rezurex   (Hollywood)
    Sanford Clark  (Tulsa)
    Sonny Burgess  (Arkansas)
    Star Mountain Dreamers  (El Paso)
    Spellbound  (Bray)
    Switchblade (London)
    Taggy Tones  (Copenhagen)
    TeenCats (Elverum)
    The Chop Tops  (Santa Cruz)
    The Dead Milkmen (Philly)
    The Effigies (Chicago)
    The Epileptic Hillbillys  (Sheffield)
    The Go Getters  (Västerås)The Guana Batz (Feltham)
    The Jets (Northamptonshire)
    The Lincolns (Adelaide)
    The Nevrotix (Gothenburg)
    The Meteors (London)
    The Pharaohs (Harlow)
    The Pole Cats (London)
    The Quakes (Buffalo)
    The Radium Cats (Edinburgh)
    The Ramones (New York)
    The Rocketz  (Los Angeles)
    The Sharks  (Bath)
    The Swamp Dogs (Berlin)
    The Tabaltix (Healdsburg)
    The Tremors (North Carolina)
    Three Blue Teardrops (Chicago)

    1.) Rockin' Boy Blue - Johnny & The Jailbirds [Out On Bail]2.) Gonna Rock - TeenCats [Rock Around The Box]3.) James Dean - The Jets [15 Rockin' Years]4.) Atom Bomb Baby - Carlos & The Bandidos [For A Few Dollars Less]5.) Stone Killer - Carlos & The Bandidos [For A Few Dollars Less]6.) Relentless - The Epileptic Hillbillys [Wreckin' at The Lost & Found]7.) Fire On The River - The Chop Tops [Always Wild]8.) My Guitar -  Gamblers Mark [The Last Chance Saloon]9.) I'm A Road Zombie - The Go Getters [Welcome To Sin City]10.) Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein - Carlos Casal Jr. [Monster Bop]11.) Ghost - The Nevrotix [New Worlds] 12.) Send Me An Angel - The Quakes [Psyops]13.) Die Too Young - The Quakes [Planet Obscure]14.) Sound of Guns - Taggy Tones [The Taggy Tones]15.) Mosca Española - The Chop Tops [Deadly Love]16.) Marie Celeste - The Pole Cats [Polecats Are Go!]17.) Dynamite - The Guana Batz [The Peel Sessions]18.) Prisionero  -  Rebel Cats [Diversión]19.) Robot Zombie - Los Benders [Who's Your Daddy?]20.) Maldito - Star Mountain Dreamers [Rhythm, Feelin' & Phrasin']21.) Hound Like Me - Star Mountain Dreamers [Greetings from El Paso]22.) Lonesome Train Whistle - Reverend Horton Heat [The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds Of...]23.) Sixteen Tons - Restless [Do You Feel Restless?]24.) Ghost Town - Rezurex [Dance Of The Dead]25.) Haunted Town - The Effigies [Haunted Town E.P.]26.) Bob's A Zombie - The Rocketz [California Hell]27.) Into The Darkness - The Meteors [In Heaven]28.) Nightmares - Spellbound [Stir It Up]29.) Black Cat Blues  - The Tremors [Demon Boogie Fever]30.) College Man - Billy Lee Riley [1957 Single]31.) She Gotta Shake - Al Casey [1957 Single]32.) Restless - Sonny Burgess [1957 Single]33.) Bop, Man, Bop - Doug Amerson & The Empires [1958 Single]34.) Chicken Run - Switchblade [The Lost Album]35.) Blues Blues Blues  -  Switchblade [The Lost Album]36.) Moonblood - The Swamp Dogs [My True Story] 37.) Mind And Music - The Swamp Dogs [Bad Moon Rising] 38.) Dead Man Walking - The Tabaltix [Sex, Pugs & Rock'n'Roll]39.) When You're Dead - Perkele [The Complete Perkele Parcel]40.) Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - The Ramones [Leave Home]41.) Glad To See You Go - The Ramones [Leave Home]42.) Dracula's Daughter - The Sharks [Dredged From The Deep]43.) A Tornado Called Smith - The Sharks [Infamy]44.) Tiny Town - The Dead Milkmen [Big Lizard In My Backyard]45.) Jekyll & Hyde - Spellbound [Stir  It Up]46.) Smell of Cop - The Pharaohs [Blue Egypt]47.) High Flyin' Cat -  Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros [Wild At Heart] 48.) Last Dance Saloon - The Lincolns [Hundred Dollar Bill] 49.) Houston - Sanford Clark [1965 Single]50.) Crazy Georgia Shake - Doug Powell [1960 Single]51.) Six Foot Down - The Radium Cats [Other Worlds]52.) Little Sister - Guitar Slingers --  [Psycho, Mad'n'Proud]53.) Alone At Last - Three Blue Teardrops [Rustbelt Trio]
    Psychobilly Rockabilly

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Howls from The Black Lagoon(Swamp Fever Boogie)

    With some of the best Psychobilly ,  Punk Rock & Rockabilly  

    (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)
    Featuring all of the best by :

    1.)  Go Hog Wild -  Th' Legendary Shack Shakers [Hunkerdown With...]

    2.) Tickle Yore Innards -  Th' Legendary Shack Shakers [Hunkerdown With...]

    3.) Roadkill Cafe -  Hillbilly Hellcats [Our Brand]

    4.) I Hate Music -  Hillbilly Hellcats [Rev It Up With Taz]

    5.) Three Alley Cats Roy Hall [1956 Single]    

    6.) Hop In The Rod The Rhythm Torpedoes [Hop In Da Rod]    

    7.) Gamblers Mark  Gamblers Mark [The Cho Incident]    

    8.) Madame Ching  Gamblers Mark [Dirty Needles]    
    9.) Rock This Town  Klingonz [Flange]  10.) My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike  Klingonz [Jobot]   
    11.) Guy Fawkes  The Krewmen [The Adventures Of The Krewmen]   12.) Banshee's Wail   -  12 Step Rebels [Go Go Graveyard Rockin'] 13.) Drink With The Living Dead   -  Ghoultown [Life After Sundown]  14.) Stick To Your Guns   -  Ghoultown [Ghost Of The Southern Son] 15.) Unstabled (Steeds of Macha)   - Cruachan [The Middle Kingdom] 16.) Long Wrong Way    -  Vanilla Muffins  [Long Wrong Way] 17.) Mexican Radio  -    Vanilla Muffins  [The Drug Is Football]18.) Blue Red Rose   -    Vanilla Muffins  [The Football Years]19.) Plan 9 From Outer Space - The Monsters  [In Hell]  20.) Voodoo Love - The Monsters  [Youth Against Nature]   21.) Break These Chains - Raygun Cowboys  [Cowboy Up!]   22.) Don't Leave - Hi-Strung Ramblers  [I'm A Rambler]   23.) Mean Ol' Train - Hi-Strung Ramblers  [Hobo Bop] 24.) Swampblood  - Th'Legendary Shack Shakers [Swampblood] 25.) Feelin' Bad   - Gene Ski & The Troubadours [1966 Single] 26.) Movin' On    -  Raygun Cowboys [Heads Are Gonna Roll] 27.) A Letter Full Of Tears  - Rhythm 55  [Rhythm 55]   28.) Can't Find My Way Back Home  - Batmobile  [Bail Was Set At $6,000,000]   29.) Pick Your Poison  - The Spectres  [Blood Sweat & Nitro]   
    30.) Up Jumped The Devil  - Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms  [Triskaidekaphobia !]   31.) Hotroddin' Gravediggin' Man  - The Afterdark  [Blood Sweat'n'Gears]  32.) Linda Lee  - Memphis Morticians  [Dial 'M' For Morticians]   33.) I Lie    - Naked Raygun  [Basement Screams]34.) I Don't Know    - Naked Raygun  [Throb Throb]35.) We Don't Wanna Play    - Niblick Henbane  [NJ Oi !]36.) She   -  The Misfits  [Static Age]37.) Some Kinda Hate   The Misfits  [Static Age]38.) Red Hot Motorbike  - Scum Rats  [Demon Of The Dark]39.) Voodoo Idol     - The Cramps [Voodoo Idols]40.) Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon    - The Cramps [1990 Single]41.) The Creature From The Black Lagoon    - The Monsters [The Hunch]42.) Diggin' My Grave      - The Monsters [I See Dead People]43.) Spellbound   - Spellbound [Mystical Madness]44.) Ballad Of Bobby Kane   - Spellbound [Stir It Up]45.) Psycho Hillbilly   - Brown Bird [Salt For Salt]46.) Pistol Packin' Peggy Sue   - Las Pistolas [Deadly Combination]
    47.) Hot Rods   - Raygun Cowboys [Underground Boogie]
    48.) In These Walls   Raygun Cowboys [Heads Are Gonna Roll]
    49.) Just For Me   - Naked Raygun [Growing Away/Just For Me]50.) Don't Need A Job    - The Cavemen [Stone Age Beat]51.) Post Apocalyptic Serenade   - The Test Pilots [Urban Image]52.) Runnin' & Gunnin'   - Hank III [Ramblin' Man]

    Psychobilly - Punk Rockabilly

    (Keep A' Howlin')

  • (The Sequel)

    With some of the best Rockabilly, Psychobilly & Punk Rock

    (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)
    Hello, I'm Rory, I'm the podcaster here at CityBilly Howl and thisis the sequel to the last episode dedicated to Extraterrestrial Rock & RollRockin' Renegades (From Outer Space) and I've decided to call this oneHell-Billies from Mars. I've often wondered if these Little Green Men came to Earth, would these Martian visitors have good taste in music and would they really get down tothis Rockin' Sound here at CityBillyHowl, or would they be totally lost and listen to Techno and Barry Manilow ?Man, I sure the hell hope not. Please Lord, let them be Hell-Billies from Mars, a little strange, but totally long gone,like many of my favorite musicians.
    This episode of CityBillyHowl has a little bit of joy for everybody, whether you're a PsychoRockabillyPunk , Herbert or just someone that loves Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Punk. There is over 2 1/2 hours of music here that would appeal to a Psycho, plenty to make a Rockabilly howl and enough to get a Punk pogoing. So whether you livein the darkest holler of Appalachia or the noisiest city on the planet, this blast of howling Hell-Billies from Mars shouldkeep you inspired from beginning until the End. And of course there will be a few straight out Rock & Roll tunes and evena song that is properly termed "Roots of Rock & Roll",just to show how deep I can howl here at CityBillyHowl.

    Featuring all of the best by :

    Boots Walker (The Bronx)Frenzy (Bristol)Henry & The Bleeders (Bedford)Hi-Strung Ramblers (Los Angeles)Jane Rose & The DeadEnd Boys (Nashville)Joe Dee & His Tones (Vienna)Klingonz  (Dublin)
    Los Benders (Monterrey)Rumble Club (Kentucky)
    Sir Psyko & His Monsters (Bregenz)Tall Boys (London)Tédio Boys (Coimbra)The Cramps (Sacramento)The Epileptic Hillbillys (Sheffield)The Go-Katz (Loughborough)The Highliners (London)The Krewmen (London)The Magnetix (Tula)The Meteors (London)The Misfits (New Jersey)The Neanderthals (Nashville)The Phenomenauts (Oakland)The Ramones (New York)The Rocketz  (Los Angeles)The Tremors (North Carolina)Voodoo Swing (Phoenix)

    1.)  I Wanna Get A Mohawk -  The Rocketz [We Are...The Rocketz]

    2.) Razor Blades - The Rocketz [We Are...The Rocketz]

    3.) Spoilin' For A Fight - Voodoo Swing [Refried Voodoo Beans]

    4.) I'm As Blue As A Jailhouse Tattoo - Voodoo Swing [Greasers Por Vida]

    5.) On The Other Side - Hi-Strung Ramblers [Hi-Strung Ramblers]

    6.) Gunning For The Dog - The Go-Katz [It's Not Fair]

    7.) Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Kat  - The Go-Katz [Real Gone Katz]

    8.) Hillbilly In A Psycho Band - Henry & The Bleeders [Out of Cash, Out of Luck, Out On Bail]

    9.) The Ballad of Razor Smith - Henry & The Bleeders [Out of Cash, Out of Luck, Out On Bail]

    10.) Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll - Voodoo Swing [Voodoo Beans]

    11.) Hot Headed - Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys [Poultricide]

    12.) Voodoo Heartbeat - Tédio Boys  [Porkabilly Psychosis]

    13.) I'm A Hillbilly - The Epileptic Hillbillys [Insanity]

    14.) Underworld - The Epileptic Hillbillys [Tales From The Underworld]

    15.) Public Enemy #1 - The Krewmen [Into The Tomb]

    16.) Young Punks - Rumble Club [The Bad In Me]

    17.) Lonesome Gunman Traveler - Rumble Club [The Bad In Me]

    18.) Nowheresville - 12 Step Rebels [From Our Hands To Yours]

    19.) Honky Tonks in Heaven - Roaring Jack [The Cat Among the Pigeons]

    20.) Outlaws - Sir Psyko & His Monsters [Till The End]

    21.) Wayback Home - Klingonz [Psychos From Beyond]

    22.) Old-Fashioned Hillbilly Feud - The Tremors [Old-Fashioned Hillbilly Feud]

    23.) Invasion Of The Saucermen - The Tremors [Invasion Of The Saucermen]

    24.) Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer - Ella Fitzgerald [1951 Single]

    25.) Rocket Ship - The Highliners [Spank'O'Matic]

    26.) Robot Girl - Joe Dee & His Tones [Schnitzelbilly : Rockabilly Made In Austria, Vol. 5]

    27.) I Am Robot - The Phenomenauts [Re-Entry]

    28.) Galactic Pioneers - The Phenomenauts [Rocket And Robots]

    29.) Robot Love - The Phenomenauts [Rocket And Robots]

    30.) Robot Zombie  -   Los Benders  [Llegaron Los Benders Vol.1]

    31.) Robot Riot - Frenzy [1984 Single]

    32.) Cyborg - The Krewmen [The Final Adventures Of The Krewmen]

    33.) Forbidden Planet - The Krewmen [The Adventures Of The Krewmen]

    34.) Mojo Man from Mars - The Cramps [Fiends of Dope Island]

    35.) My Rockabilly Martian Gal - Voodoo Swing [Greasers Por Vida]

    36.) Jitterbug All Night Long - Voodoo Swing [Refried Voodoo Beans]

    37.) Robot Rock - The Rocketz [We Are...The Rocketz]

    38.) East L.A.  - The Rocketz [We Are...The Rocketz]

    39.) Vampire Girls from Outer Space -  Rumble Club [The Bad In Me]

    40.) The Martian Boogie - Brownsville Station [1977 Single]

    41.) They're Here - Boots Walker [1967 Single]

    42.) I Turned Into A Martian - The Misfits [Walk Among Us]

    43.) Teenagers From Mars - The Misfits [1978 Single]

    44.) Zero Zero U.F.O. - The Ramones [Brain Drain]

    45.) Attack Of The Zorch Men - The Meteors [In Heaven]

    46.) They Came from Another World - The Epileptic Hillbillys [Atomic - It's The Bomb!]

    47.) Rock On The Moon - The Cramps [Songs The Lord Taught Us] 

    48.) Twist To The Moon - The Neanderthals [The Neanderthals In Space]

    49.) Knocked Out Joint On Mars - The Neanderthals [The Neanderthals In Space]

    50.) I Come From Another Planet Baby - Tall Boys [One]

    51.) Spacehog - Spacehog [Resident Alien]

    52.) Martian Fever  - The Magnetix  [Rabbit The Robot, Robot The Rocket]

    53.) Tastes Like a Martian  - The Magnetix  [Boo-Bop-A-Boo]   

    54.) Books About UFOs - Hüsker Dü  [New Day Rising]

  • CityBillyHowl's

    Rockin' Renegades(From Outer Space)

    With some of the best Rockabilly, Psychobilly & Punk Rock

    (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

      The Rockabilly scene in it's genesis was unique. In the early years of the 1950's Rockabilly was alot like Punk - Rockabillies were some of the only, primarily white musicians (and their fans), sometimes Latino as well,  who at that time, rejected the Establishment's refusal to play Black music on the radio (or display it on TV) -- which the Status Quo called "Race Music" -- the Rockabillies (sometimes mistakenly called "Greasers" or "Teddy Boys") loved this African-American music so much that they began to form their own bands and cultivated their own DJ's and Juke Joints to highlight Rock & Roll and they didn't call this brilliant music "Race Music" -- they called it what it was and still is -

    Rock & Roll  

    And their version of Rock & Roll with a Southern accent, with musicians like Rusty York, Hasil Adkins, Laura Lee Perkins, Peanuts Wilson, The Maddox Brothers and Rose, who brought that "Hillbilly Boogie" that would synthesize with Black music and become known as Rockabilly.

    What would visitors from a distant galaxy think of this new development of sound and communication, would these Little Green Mensch see the Rockabilly musicians & fans as Rockin' Renegades or see them as another step forward in Evolution for mankind that would cause these Music-Loving Martians to climb down from their Flying Saucers and do the Ubangi Stomp ?

    Featuring all of the best by :

    Billy Lee Riley (Arkansas)

    Blackie Jenkins (Mississippi)

    Buck Trail (Miami)

    Connie Allen (Tennessee)

    Dell Vaughan (Flint)

    Delta 88 (Exeter)

    Dick Robinson (Boston)

    Frenzy (Bristol)

    Gene Vincent (Virginia)

    Jackie Fautheree (Arkansas)

    Jackie Lowell (Denver)

    Jimmy Stewart (Tennessee) 

    Joe Carson (Memphis)

    Klingonz (Dublin)

    Koffin Kats (Detroit)

    Les Vogt (Vancouver)

    Marcel Bontempi (Kassel)

    Omar Romero (Los Angeles)

    Radarmen (San Gabriel Valley)

    Red Elvises (Los Angeles)

    Ronnie Dawson (Texas)

    Rumble Club (Kentucky)

    Screamin' Jay Hawkins (Cleveland)

    Stressor (Tula)

    Terry Dunavan (California)

    The Barnshakers (Helsinki)

    The Epileptic Hillbillys (Sheffield)

    The Guana Batz (Feltham)

    The Guitaraculas (St. Petersburg)

    The Krewmen (London)

    The Magnetix (Tula)

    The Phenomenauts (Oakland)

    The Polecats (London)

    The Radium Cats (Edinburgh)

    The Raymen (Berlin)

    The Rezillos (Edinburgh)

    The Saucer-Mens (Toul)

    The Spastiks (New York)

    The Test Pilots (Gothenburg)

    The Velvetones (Texas)

    The Wild Tones (Orlando)

    Three Bad Jacks (Los Angeles)

    Three Blue Teardrops (Chicago)

    1.) Switchblade Pompadour - Three Blue Teardrops [One Part Fist]

    2.) Sinner's Spiritual - Three Blue Teardrops [One Part Fist]

    3.) I'm Movin' Out - Three Bad Jacks [Made Of Stone]

    4.) Downtown Gonna Rumble - Three Bad Jacks [Made Of Stone]

    5.) Black Magic - The Polecats [Polecats Are Go ! ]

    6.) Men from Mars - The Epileptic Hillbillys [Atomic - It's The Bomb !]

    7.) Flying Saucers - Klingonz [Psychos from Beyond]

    8.) Flyin' Saucers Rock'n'Roll - Billy Lee Riley & The Little 

    Green Men [1957 Single]

    9.) Needles & Blades - Koffin Kats [Koffin Kats]

    10.) Martian Princess - The Guana Batz [Back To The Jungle]

    11.) Tiny Robots - The Phenomenauts [Rockets And Robots]

    12.) Mission - The Phenomenauts [Re-Entry]

    13.) Roswell Area 51 - The Guitaraculas [Two Bottles Of Blood]

    14.) Planet Zero - The Magnetix [With Their Amazing First Album ! ]

    15.) Crazy For Your Love - The Magnetix [Boo-Bop-A-Boo]

    16.) Asteroid Rock - The Magnetix [Boo-Bop-A-Boo]

    17.) Creature From Outer Space - Stressor [The Cat]

    18.) It Came From Outer Space - The Raymen [Going Down to Death Valley]

    19.) Man from Mars - The Raymen [Going Down to Death Valley]

    20.) Flying Saucer Attack - The Rezillos [Can't Stand The Rezillos]

    21.) The Day the World Turned Dayglo - X-Ray Spex [Germ-Free Adolescents]

    22.) I Married A Monster From Outerspace - The Radium Cats [1989 Demo]

    23.) The Bug of Planet Zee - The Krewmen [The Adventures Of The Krewmen]

    24.) Interstellar - Radarmen [Radarmen]

    25.) Thin Blue Line - The Test Pilots [Parachute Party]

    26.) Knocked Out Joint On Mars - Buck Trail [1957 Single]

    27.) Rockin' Calaveras - Ronnie Dawson [More Bad Habits]

    28.) Living Death - Marcel Bontempi [The Headless Horseman And Other Tales...]

    29.) Bury All My Troubles - Marcel Bontempi [Bury All My Troubles]

    30.) Coffin Nails - Omar Romero [Omar Romero]

    31.) Twilight Zone - Rumble Club [Rumble Club Rides Tonight]

    32.) Surfing In Siberia - Red Elvises [Surfing In Siberia]

    33.) Space Mutants 4 - The Phenomenauts [Rockets And Robots]

    34.) 10,000 Light Years -  The Phenomenauts [Escape Velocity]

    35.) Rock The Universe - Dell Vaughan & The Fortune Aires [1958 Single]

    36.) Spaceship to Mars - Gene Vincent [1962 Single]

    37.) Spaceship Life - Blackie Jenkins & The Satellites [1967 Single]

    38.) Hillbilly Band from Mars - Joe Carson [1957 Single]

    39.) The Martian Band - The Wild Tones [1958 Single]

    40.) Spacemen - The Velvetones (w/ Tommy Hudson & the Savoys) [1959 Single]

    41.) Boppin' Martian - Dick Robinson & His Makebelievers [1958 Single]

    42.) The Flying Saucer Part 1 - Dickie Goodman [1956 Single]

    43.) First Man On Mars  - Jackie Fautheree [1960 Single]

    44.) Rock-It On Mars - Terry Dunavan & The Earthquakes [1958 Single]

    45.) Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship - Hank Snow [1953 Single]

    46.) Boppin' In Roswell - The Barnshakers [Five Minutes to Live]

    47.) The Flying Saucer Part 2 - Dickie Goodman [1956 Single]

    48.) The Little Moon Men - Lee George [1958 Single]

    49.) Rocket Trip - Jackie Lowell (w/ Duane Diamond & The Astronauts) [1961 Single]

    50.) Moon Rocketin' - Les Vogt [1960 Single]

    51.) Rocket 69 - Connie Allen [1951 Single]

    52.) Rock On The Moon - Jimmy Stewart [1959 Single]

    53.) Galactica - The Saucer-Mens [Réalité ou Fiction]

    54.) My Baby Was Abducted - The Spastiks [Sewer Surfing]

    55.) Rocket Powered - Delta 88 [Rocket Powered]

    56.) Space Girl - The Phenomenauts [Re-Entry]

    57.) Neptune City - The Phenomenauts [Re-Entry]

    58.) Space Crazy - The Krewmen [The Final Adventures Of The Krewmen Part 1]

    Psychobilly Rockabilly

    Keep A' Howlin'

  • CityBillyHowl's
    Rumblers Rhythm
    With some of the spookiest 
    Rockabilly Psychobilly (And Whatever the Alley Cat drags in)

    Featuring thrills and chills by :

    1.) Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee  - Johnny Burnette [Tear It Up]

    2.) Rock Billy Boogie  - Johnny Burnette  [Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'Roll Trio]

    3.) Tin Can Boogie  - The Delta Bombers [Howlin']

    4.) The Shack -  Dime Store Dukes [Look At That Moon]

    5.) Chicamauga Jeanie  - Jussi Syren Rockabilly Revival [Stayin' on Top of the Beat]

    6.) Rockin' Bandit  - Star Mountain Dreamers [Greetings from El Paso]

    7.) 44 - Frantic Flintstones [A Nightmare On Nervous]

    8.) Alley Cat King  - Frantic Flintstones [A Nightmare On Nervous]  

    9.) Shishok (Alone In The Woods)  -  Fuzzballs [Old Fairy Tales]

    10.) King Kong Moonstomp  - Fuzzballs [Rotten Swamps]

    11.) Where Eagles Dare   - The Misfits [Night of The Living Dead E.P]

    12.) Everything Goes - The Cramps [Stay Sick !]

    13.) Aloha from Hell  - The Cramps [A Date With Elvis]

    14.) Go Johnny Go  - The Eyelids    [Cosmic Dust]

    15.) Sideburns & Switchblades - Raygun Cowboys [Raygun Cowboys]

    16.) For The Whiskey - Raygun Cowboys [Raygun Cowboys]

    17.) Not Anymore  -  Dead Boys [Young, Loud and Snotty]

    18.) Fire Train  - The Nevrotix [ Alive]

    19.) Jimmy Scavafosse  - The Bone Machine [Sottoterra]

    20.) Insane  - The Meteors [Wreckin' Crew]

    21.) Graveyard Stomp  - The Meteors [Best of The Meteors 1981-88]

    22.) Red Shadows  - T.S.O.L. [Change Today?] 

    23.) Riboflavin  - 45 Grave [A Tale Of Strange Phenomena] 

    24.) Surf Bat  -  45 Grave [Sleep In Safety] 

    25.) Fast Cars  - Buzzcocks [Another Music in a Different Kitchen]

    26.) Victims of the Vampire  - Slaughter & The Dogs [Do It Dog Style]

    27.) Black Is The Night  - The Damned [Black Is The Night]

    28.) Whiskey and Me  - David Vanian & The Phantom Chords [Self Titled]

    29.) Growl  - The Polecats [Pink Noise]

    30.) Cotton Pickin' Rocker  - The Polecats [Won't Die !]

    31.) Bust Out   - The Guana Batz [Held Down....At Last !]

    32.) Chupacabra Twist   -  Messer Chups [Bermuda 66]

    33.)  Che Twist  -  Los Benders  [Llegaron Los Benders Vol.1]

    34.) Oye Gato   -  Los Benders  [Llegaron Los Benders Vol.1]

    35.) At Ease    -  The Baboons [Boogie Curse]

    36.) Red Light Love   -  Those Darlins [Those Darlins]

    37.) Love Bites    -  The Sharks [Phantom Rockers]

    38.) Hangar 84    -  The Sharks [Colour My Flesh]

    39.) Setima Patrulla  -  Los Belkings [1968 Single]

    40.) King Creole    -  Memphis Morticians [My God Save The King: A Psychobilly Tribute to Elvis]

    41.)  Shake- Kum-Down - Dave Atkins & His Offbeats [1958 Single]

    42.)  Get With It  - Charlie Feathers [Get With It : Essential Recordings (1954-69)]

    43.)  Young And Wild  - Al Hendrix [1960 Single]

    44.) Rock 'n' Roll Zombie -  Frantic Flintstones [Freaked Out & Psyched Out

    45.)  Werewolf Stomp   - The Nevrotix [Alive]

    46.)  Daddy's Goin' Crazy  -  The Spectres [Blood Sweat & Nitro]

    47.)  Jungle Fever  - Klingonz [Jobot]

    48.)  Jungle Fever  - Charlie Feathers [Jungle Fever]

    49.)  Car 76  - The Blue Cats [The Tunnel]

    50.)  Fight Back  - The Blue Cats [Fight Back]

    51.)  Mars Bars  - The Undertones [Jimmy Jimmy]

    52.)  America  - Agent Orange [Living In Darkness]

    53.)  Surf Combat  - Naked Raygun [Throb Throb]

    54.) Insight  - Dead Kennedys [Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death]

    55.) Police Truck  - Dead Kennedys [Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death]

    56.) When Darkness Falls  - Demented Are Go [Hotrod Vampires/Out Of Control]

    57.) Cough/Cool  - The Misfits [1977 Single] (A Side)

    58.) She  - The Misfits [1977 Single] (B Side)

    59.) 20 Eyes  - The Misfits [Walk Among Us] 

    60.) Shadows On The Wall  - The Alphabet Bombers [Wreckless]

    61.) New Rose  - The Damned [Damned Damned Damned]

    62.) Melody Lee  - The Damned [Machine Gun Etiquette]

    Rockabilly - Psychobilly - Punk 

    (Keep A' Howlin')