• Curb's Richard Kind

    · 04:27:31 · David Feldman Show

    CONGRESSMAN ADRIANO ESPAILLAT on his ten point plan to save Puerto Rico. Comics JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING, DAVE SIRUS and host of "Trivia HQ" SCOTT ROGOWSKY. Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN, Financial Crusader AMANDA WERNER, and Constitutional Law Professor COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER. RICHARD KIND, a Drama Desk Award winner and Tony nominee for the Broadway hit The Big Knife, is an accomplished stage, screen and television actor who continues to redefine the term character actor. Kind is starring as Sam Meyers in the Amazon Original Series Red Oaks. He appeared in the 2013 Best Picture Academy Award-winning Argo. Additional film credits include The Visitor and The Station Agent, among many others, as well as voicing characters in A Bug's Life and Cars. In television, besides his infamous roles on Spin City and Mad About You, Kind starred in the acclaimed HBO series Luck, has guest starred on many shows, and has had recurring roles on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Gotham.On stage, Kind has starred in the smash hit Broadway musical The Producers, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, Candide, and Bounce, among others. Kind started his career in Chicago with the Practical Theatre Company, founded by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Brad Hill and Gary Kroeger. CONGRESSMAN ADRIANO ESPAILLAT represents Harlem and parts of The Bronx. He is the leading voice for saving Puerto Rico. RICHARD KIND talks about laughing on set, The Black Swan episode of Curb, Carol Burnett, how FDR got polio, Trenton, the beauty and ugliness of Jersey, Katherine Hepburn’s acne, Charles Laughton nightmarish existence, Halloween in Toluca Lake, realizing when you’re too old to trick and or treat, Halloween shenanigans, Diwali, moving from LA to NY to cut down on golf, being addicted to golf, phone ringing on the course, worrying about that phone call, loving to audition, how to audition, who he wishes would go away, The Producers, acting on Broadway, turning down Carnegie Hall to do The Hollywood Bowl, being pre-law, Second City, being a real working actor, Jane Lynch, George Clooney, Nathan Lane, and what David would say if he ever met Clooney, Alan Arkin and jokes. Jackie The Joke Man Martling's new book is The Joke Man: Bow To Stern. Buy it now.  

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  • Bobby Slayton Hates Your Wife

    · 03:31:11 · David Feldman Show

    BOBBY SLAYTON is back in the clubs spewing more toxic venom than ever before. He is a fearless comedy warlord and quite possibly the greatest live comic of all time. You must see him, and make sure to bring your mother and your priest. FRANK SCHAEFFER is the author of "Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God" and "Letter to Lucy: A Manifesto of Creative Redemption—In the Age of Trump, Fascism and Lies." Frank is Evangelical royalty, and tells us why he's abandoned a religious sect he calls "dangerous and crazy" and, with the help of the GOP, could end up killing us all. DAN CANON is running for Congress in Indiana's 9th congressional district. Dan is a progressive Democrat who also served as the lead attorney in the Supreme Court case legalizing same sex marriage. He is the real deal, so send him money and if you live in Indiana's 9th congressional district vote for him. COLLEEN WERTHMANN has written for all your favorite television shows including The Oscars and The Mark Twain Prize. JOE DEVITO has appeared on all the late night shows and is single. SCOTT ROGOWSKY hosts HQ Trivia.

  • Firesign Theater's Phil Proctor

    · 03:45:01 · David Feldman Show

    Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN, Comedian DAVE SIRUS, Editor-in-Chief of World Politics Review JUDAH GRUNSTEIN, and Candidate for North Carolina's 5th Congressional District JENNY MARSHALL.

  • Lizz Winstead & Frank Conniff Return

    · 03:10:53 · David Feldman Show

    Comic JOE DEVITO and Constitutional Law Professor COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER. Lizz Winstead created The Daily Show and Air America, she talks about Harvey Weinstein. FRANK CONNIFF can be heard every day on SiriusXM's Tell Me Everything, and he talks about Harvey Weinstein. Joe DeVito is one of the funniest comics working today and he talks about Harvey Weinstein. Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider's book is "When The State Speaks." He does not talk about Harvey Weinstein...Wait. Maybe he does.

  • Chris Titus Star of "Special Unit"

    · 03:35:47 · David Feldman Show

    NICK MULLEN hosts "Cum Town" one of America's funniest podcasts. CHRIS TITUS talks about his new movie "Special Unit." DAVID DAYEN talks about his new cover story for The Nation exposing possible fraud committed by Jamie Dimon, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase. Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN talks about David Dayen's brilliant reporting for The Nation and what Congresswoman Maxine Waters is proposing to do about the banksters who are too big too jail. And Comic DAVE SIRUS on the NRA and congressmen who oppose abortions except in the case of mistresses.

  • Comics Dean Obeidallah & Fred Stoller

    · 03:04:49 · David Feldman Show

    His new Showtime special, "No Bombing In Beirut" premieres this Saturday, joining us from Los Angeles is Nemr. Comic Joe DeVito talks about his latest bout with food poisoning. He won. Comic Fred Stoller spills the beans about Tom Kenney and Doug Benson. And Comic Jon Ross tells us how, during WW2, his father was able to alienate the French Resistance and the S.S. all at the same exact time. Dean Obeidallah hosts The Dean Obeidallah Show on SiriusXM and brings us up to date on Las Vegas and Puerto Rico.

  • Will Durst and Nancy Giles

    · 02:06:48 · David Feldman Show

    Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, Professor Corey Brettschneider and Comedian Kevin Bartini. The New York Times calls WILL DURST, "Quite possibly the best political satirist working in America." NANCY GILES is a regular contributor to CBS Sunday Morning and MSNBC. PROFESSOR COREY BRETTSHNEIDER is one of America's leading constitutional scholars. KEVIN BARTINI is currently working on Comedy Central's The Opposition with Jordan Klepper. JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING'S new book is The Joke Man: Bow To Stern.

  • Tony Zaret Boy Genius

    · 01:37:35 · David Feldman Show

    Comic TONY ZARET is actually smarter than the Internet. He hosts The Meme Team Podcast, the only podcast that reviews memes. Scott Rogowsky hosts the new game show HQ Trivia, we play it, and discover just how brilliant TONY ZARET, boy genius, actually is. America's Sweetheart DAVE SIRUS gives us the latest on the NFL, North Korea, Jared's private email server and Anthony Weiner.

  • Comic Jeff Cesario

    · 03:34:52 · David Feldman Show

    JEFF CESARIO has appeared on the Tonight Show, Letterman, Conan, Ferguson, The Late Late Show and Jim Rome. His comedy specials have been seen on Showtime, HBO, Comedy Central and MTV. He is also a multi Emmy award winning comedy writer. DERRICK CROWE is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in the 21st district of Texas against Lamar Smith, a Trump-supporting, climate-denying, 16-term term Republican. Plus Comics LIAM MCENEANEY, JOE DEVITO, and JACKIE “THE JOKE MAN” MARTLING. Also we are joined by the senior strategist over at the national public policy think tank Demos, VIJAY DAS.  

  • New Republic's Jeet Heer

    · 04:12:58 · David Feldman Show

    Sex Therapist Lora Somoza. New Republic’s Senior Editor Jeet Heer. Budd Friedman and Trip Whetsell talk about their new book “The Improv: An Oral History of the Comedy Club that Revolutionized Stand-Up.” Comics Sean Donnelly, Dave Sirus and Farah Brook talk Sean Spicer, Emmys, and why we shouldn’t forgive anybody associated with Donald Trump. Jeet Heer is a Canadian author, comic critic, literary critic and journalist. He is a senior editor of The New Republic and as of 2014 was writing a doctoral thesis at York University in Toronto. He has written for publications including The National Post, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Virginia Quarterly Review and was on the 2016 jury for the Scotiabank Giller Prize. Heer has published several books, including: Sweet Lechery (2014) In Love with Art (2013). Often referred to as the “Naughty Dear Abby,” Lora Somoza is a sex educator, advice columnist and the host of the weekly podcast, "Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza." (www.LoraSomoza.com)   Lora writes an online sex advice column that goes out bi-weekly to over 30,000 loyal readers all over the world with circulation growing everyday. Known for her blunt, straight talk laced with her own brand of humor, her readers are fiercely loyal followers.  She is also the host of the weekly "Between the Sheets with Lora" where she and a wider variety of guest discuss every topic related to sex, blending education and entertainment. (Available both on iTunes and on her website) Lora graduated from UCLA with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. After spending seven years working in the film industry honing her skills in script development, she turned her talents towards freelance journalism writing articles for various online magazines.  Realizing the needs of what her readers really wanted to hear, she started immersing herself in the research of all things SEX. She interviewed hundreds of couples, experts in the field and read every book on the subject she could get her hands on. The result is her e-book, “Bliss in the Bedroom: A Real Woman's Guide to Better Sex.”   She has been heard on The Playboy Channel, KABC Los Angeles, KBPI Denver, and The Naughty Show. She has also been a frequent guest on The Dr. Drew Show on HLN. Now it warms Lora’s heart every time she receives a marriage proposal from a stranger in Nigeria or Ibiza. And she knows she’s doing God’s work when a fan writes in to say, “Thanks to you, Lora, I’m GOING to try out a vibrator for the first time.” She continues to write about sex, Rush Limbaugh, and everything in between. To sign up for newsletters, order her book or ask Lora a question, please visit www.LoraSomoza.com.   When he’s not catching a nap with his bulldog, Rickles, Sean Donnelly can be found headlining clubs and festivals all over the country. He has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan and NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Sean co-hosts the podcast Defend Your Movie with Farah Brook. He released his debut comedy album “Manual Labor Face” in 2015 on Comedy Central Records. Sean has been featured on the truTV series World’s Dumbest and Almost Genius as well as Adam Devine’s House Party, The Half Hour, Broad City, and Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central, Amazon’s Alpha House, GSN’s Lie Detectors, Limitless on CBS, and Billions on Showtime. It’s no joke to say that our world would be a lot less funny without Budd Friedman! In 1963, thirty-year-old Friedman—who had recently quit his job as a Boston advertising executive and returned to his hometown of New York to become a theatrical producer—opened a coffee house for Broadway performers called the Improvisation. His goal? Simply to make a living, and if all went according to plan, to also make enough professional contacts to be able to mount his first Broadway show within a year’s time. Later shortened to the Improv, its first West 44th Street location in a seedy section of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen had previously been a Vietnamese restaurant. Initially attracting the likes of Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Albert Finney, Christopher Plummer and Jason Robards, as well as a couple of then-unknowns named Dustin Hoffman and Bette Midler, Friedman’s new venture was an instant hit. But while it drew near capacity crowds almost from day one, it wasn’t until comedians began dropping by to try out new material that the Improv truly hit its stride, not only becoming the first venue ever to present live stand-up in a continuous format, but in the process reinventing the art form and creating the template for all other comedy clubs that followed. Now, in The Improv, Friedman, along with a Who’s Who of his most famous alumni—including Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher, Richard Lewis, Robert Klein, Larry David, Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, Judd Apatow, Al Franken, Paul Reiser, Howie Mandel, Bob Saget, Dick Cavett, Paul Provenza, Drew Carey and many more—tell it like it was in the first-ever oral history of how this game-changing comedy club came to be. From the microphone to the iconic brick wall, the Improv has been the launching pad for practically every major name in American comedy over the last five-plus decades since, also placing Friedman side by side with other men who transformed entire industries. Today, at the age of 85, he is still comedy’s master imprimatur, and his fabled club endures as one of the most important incubators for live stand-up anywhere—even though its original New York location is long gone. The Improv gives readers an exclusive look at what really happened on stage and off-mike at one of America’s most venerable institutions. From the revelry and the rivalry to the smash hits, near misses, love affairs, chemical experimentation, exhilarating rises, tragic downfalls and just plain fun, it’s all here—emceed by the man who unofficially provided the laugh track for an entire nation, despite inevitable power struggles, personal and professional disappointments, and ever-changing times.          

  • Comic Lee Camp

    · 05:01:34 · David Feldman Show

    Joe DeVito, Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, Professor Corey Brettschneider and Howie Klein. Plus Comic Bruce Smirnoff reports from hurricane ravaged Florida. The host of RT’s Redacted Tonight, comedian Lee Camp explains why Trump should be impeached and says that Russia destroying America’s elections is nothing compared to America destroying America’s elections. Comedian Bruce Smirnoff is safe, and he’s dry, and he reports to us from Miami. And yes, he’s funnier than ever. Howie Klein talks David out of starting to like Donald Trump. If you don’t understand the debt ceiling or DACA then listen to our conversation and you will finally grasp the subtle nuances of Washington gamesmanship. Professor Corey Brettschneider covers the latest in constitutional law. This time David did the reading, probably because it’s a case involving pornography. Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling splits our heads wide open with some of the funniest jokes you’ve ever heard in your life. And America’s sweetheart, Joe DeVito, tells us about a McDonald’s employee who gave birth on the job and then got into trouble for clogging the toilet… yeah, don’t worry, the baby is OK.   

  • Comic Azhar Usman 

    · 04:17:33 · David Feldman Show

    Four great comic minds: Seena Jon, Dave Sirus, Bob Powers, and Azhar Usman explain Climate Change, 9/11 and why Steve Bannon is one gin blossom away from no longer being white. 

  • Comedian Rich Vos

    · 04:32:54 · David Feldman Show

    Comics Kaytlin Bailey, Joe DeVito, Scott Rogowsky and Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein. Comic Rich Vos and David get into an angry pissing match that could permanently jeopardize their friendship. Heated words are exchanged for cash prizes.  David talks to Scott and Kaytlin about getting into trouble with 9/11 jokes, getting into trouble with transgender person jokes, Rush Limbaugh callers getting paid, what it means to be a "rape apologist," what it's like having a father who was a Green Beret, sex working, anti prostitute propaganda, bullying high school boyfriends into losing your virginity, being attracted to older men, prostitution among primates, how money is used to traumatize loved ones, David’s imaginary kids, the definition of sex, cultivating the false perception of serving yourself rather than others during sex, politics being a more sexually charged atmosphere than show business, money being the most addictive element to sex work, how to pick up men at bars, the female clitorus being the size of a hand, pig clits, getting addicted to stand-up comedy, learning to talk about what exactly rape means, slut shaming, The Pretenders, Mike Tyson, manipulation under the guise of seduction, how a woman decides whether she's been raped, and examples of "non traumatic rape." Howie Klein talks DACA. And Joe DeVito on corpses with large members.

  • Comic Pete Dominick

    · 04:37:43 · David Feldman Show

    America's war on America: Trump tries to kill Obamacare, Jeff Sessions gives local police grenade launchers, and our EPA is run by a climate change denier who thinks oil companies should be monitored using the honor system. Clearly America is trying to kill itself. Comics PETE DOMINICK, JOE DEVITO, and JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING.  Plus in honor of Jerry Lewis we replay a sketch featuring MARTIN SHORT. Also HOWIE KLEIN from Down With Tyranny. And former Seattle Police Chief NORM STAMPER on why Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision this week to reverse an Obama rule and now permit local police to get more equipment from the pentagon will end up making us less safe. In honor of Labor Day we play some Billy Bragg. David explains precisely why the blame for Harvey lands squarely at the feet of Exxon/Mobil and its GOP lapdogs. Also why Chrissie Hynde is this week's HOTTEST HUMAN ALIVE.

  • Comic Aaron Berg

    · 04:17:53 · David Feldman Show

    Comedy Writers Colleen Werthmann, Dave Sirus and Jim Earl. Plus Meteorologist Mark Thompson and Cathleen Kelly, senior fellow for Energy and Environment at the Center for American Progress, explain why Hurricane Harvey highlights the intersection of Climate Change and poverty. Cathleen also vets charities you can donate to in order to help Texas. Comic Aaron Berg remembers his days as a stripper. Colleen Werthmann talks acting, writing and reading. Dave Sirus talks Sheriff Joe and Taylor Swift. Peabody Award Winning Comedy Writer Jim Earl talks Raymond Burr.       Forget The Red Cross. Help Texas by giving to these organizations vetted by Think Progress: https://teamrubiconusa.org/our-mission/ https://www.homelesshouston.org/take-action/donate/ https://www.spca.org/give?erid=20915014&trid=3333492f-4c0e-420f-84b4-9969ab405b62 https://www.hands.org/about-us/ https://ghcf.org/hurricane-relief/ https://safoodbank.org/donate/ https://secure3.convio.net/cafbtx/site/Donation2?df_id=12740&mfc_pref=T&12740.donation=form1

  • Voices In Trump's Head Now Speak German

    · 04:28:15 · David Feldman Show

    Trump's clinically insane and must be removed from the White House and placed inside a white room. On today's show we explain why he's a danger to himself and the world, and what legal remedies are at our disposal to dispose of him immediately. Just because Trump's radioactive it doesn't mean the rest of us should end up that way. On today's show Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider walks us through the 25th amendment and how and why Trump's cabinet could and should remove him tomorrow. Yes, Pence is horrible, but there's nothing to prevent Trump from launching a nuclear weapon towards Rosie O'Donnell. Reverend Barry Lynn, executive director of  Americans United for Separation of Church and State, on the need for more religious leaders to attack GOP policies. Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein on how he reunited Fleetwood Mac.  Comic Joe DeVito's dating nightmares. Comic & Gentleman Farmer Jon Ross punishes David by being happy. 

  • Judd Apatow

    · 04:48:43 · David Feldman Show

    Tony Hinchcliffe, Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, Kliph Nesteroff, Dave Sirus and America's Funniest Hero Burt Ross. Judd Apatow remembers Jerry Lewis. Kliph Nesteroff, author of "The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels, and the History of American Comedy", remembers Dick Gregory. Dave Sirus tries to forget Trump's speech on Afghanistan. Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling remembers a young dishwasher named Judd Apatow. Tony Hinchliffe on the power of the roast. And American Hero Burt Ross straightens David out on everything from comedy to health care.

  • The G.O.P.'s Eating Jim Crow

    · 05:14:55 · David Feldman Show

    Congressman Alan Grayson, Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein, Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider, Comics Kira Soltanovich, Joe DeVito and Scott Blakeman. 

  • Barry Crimmins

    · 04:35:09 · David Feldman Show

    BARRY CRIMMINS who is to comedy what General Robert E. Lee is to surrendering joins us from Scotland. Comedy Giants RAJ DESAI, JIM EARL, & JON ROSS, plus author of "Snooze: The Lost Art of Sleep" MICHAEL MCGIRR and Film Critic MICHAEL SNYDER. On today's show Comedian Barry Crimmins worries Americans have forgotten what we should be ashamed of. He joins us from Scotland to remind us how disgraceful we are as both a nation and a people. Jim Earl worries that Barry Crimmins has left out a few things that Americans should be ashamed of. He joins us from Los Angeles to remind us how disgraceful we are as both a nation and a people. Comedy Writer Raj Desai doesn't remind us of how disgraceful we are as both a nation and a people. But he does remind us of how disgraceful David Feldman is as both a comedy writer and a person. Comedy Writer Jon Ross has a farm, so he's happy and yet he's funnier than ever so screw him. We go to Australia and talk with Author Michael McGirr about sleep, and why Americans would be better off if we just stopped for awhile. Film Critic Michael Snyder talks Dunkirk. In Snooze, Michael McGirr delves into the mysterious world of sleep, including its many benefits, its stubborn elusiveness, and exactly what our brains really get up to while we’re in bed. He offers readers a tour through the odd sleep patterns of some of history's greatest minds, including Aristotle, Homer, Shakespeare, Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, and more. He looks, too, at the demise of sleep in our increasingly fragmented modern world―and examines what that means for everyone from the Average Joe in the workplace to those with serious sleep disorders. Here's what they're saying about Barry Crimmins:  "Barry is hilariously funny, but more important, his humor comes out of a deep intelligence, and extraordinary understanding of the world around him and an intense commitment to social change." -- Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States. "He breaks down reality in a hilarious way. He seems ticked off at everything, and when you hear him, you agree. One of the few political comedians who are really good." -- Steven Wright in U.S. News and World Report "The finest political satirist in the nation. A prolific writer of comedy who is both keenly insightful and superbly humorous." -- Swift Kicks "Barry makes Jack Reed look like Michael Milken." -- Dennis Miller "Barry Crimmins uses his sharp sense of irony as a political weapon. In his hands, the subversive joke is the first small act of resistance." -- Billy Bragg "Crimmins did more...to educate these folks about the arms race and other issues than hours of speeches and editorials could have done." -- Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility "A hallmark of Crimmins' shows are their unpredictability. He's known to go off on an unscripted monologue like a musician riffing in a jam session, an act of inspired spontaneity few comedians attempt." -- Mark Sommer Albany Times-Union Raj Desai has written for The 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's Hulu series for which he received a 2017 Writers Guild Award and a 2016 Primetime Emmy nomination. He's been on late night TV and Comedy Central doing stand-up. Raj has also written for Comedy Central, The New Yorker, and McSweeney's. He also played Reba on the hit show "Reba." Jim Earl is a Peabody and Emmy Award winning comedy writer. Jon Ross is a genius.