• Aleen and Sami are back to talk about getting your body ready for an upcoming wedding. They begin by discussing the biggest mistake Aleen made pre-wedding and the problems with extreme dieting. Plus, she tells us how her routine has changed since getting married. At 25:30 Sami tells us what she has done so far to prepare for her wedding, and admits to being conflicted over changing your body just to fit in a dress. At 53:00 they answer the DST listeners’ most pressing questions about weight and weddings. They tell us what you should and shouldn’t do in the weeks leading up to the big day. At 1:00:40 they share their favorite non-invasive procedures, then close out the show with a wedding-themed Would You Rather game and a listener Non Scale Win.

  • Aleen is back with DST’s resident dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman to talk about her new book The Better Period Food Solution. They discuss menstrual equality, nutrition on your period, and the ways in which food choices affect our reproductive health. At 8:40 they discuss The Pink Tax and the injustice it represents. At 21:25 they talk about how little some of us know about our own bodies, hormonal imbalances, and the delicate nature of our cycle. Then at 35:45 they walk us through each phase of menstruation and describe how food cycling can change the way your body functions. Should we all be rethinking how diet affects our period? At 1:03:50 they close out the show with a conversation about getting in touch with our bodies and how we’re feeling.

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  • Sami and Aleen return with DST fan favorite, personal trainer, and YouTuber Jordan Syatt, who just recently finished his month-long Big Mac Challenge in which he ate 1 Big Mac a day for an entire month. They talk about his decisions involving the challenge, the importance of walking as cardio, and calorie deficits. At 25:24, Jordan reveals the three big things he learned from the challenge, including the value of big-ass salads. At 39:00, they discuss the science of scale fluctuations. At 47:28, Jordan explains his theories of whooshes and spikes when it comes to your relationship with the scale.

  • Sami and Aleen are joined by Carlie Rice, Betches content creator and the girl behind DST’s Instagram. They start with the story of her most difficult breakup, why the healing process took so long, and how she eventually got over it. At 22:10 they discuss the signs that someone you’re dating may be toxic to your mental health and how to avoid falling into a bad situation. Plus, they talk about leaning on your friends for support, having a parent who frowns on therapy, and regrets over not seeking help sooner. At 36:10 Carlie shares her experience of trying to keep up with a roommate who suffered from an eating disorder. They also discuss what it’s like to be raised with a twin sister and still become your own person. At 53:15 they talk about how supportive the DST community is to one another, and the importance of being positive toward yourself. Then at 1:05:55 they close out the show with a list of Non Scale Wins for the week.

  • Aleen and Sami are once again here to answer your listener-submitted questions, and start by talking about how having this podcast has affected their relationship with food. Plus, they discuss the struggle to stay body positive when beginning a new relationship. At 23:20 they each tell the story of how they met their significant others. Then, at 40:52 they answer questions about how to overcome the Sunday scaries, whether or not they’re down for a wellness retreat, and tell us which clichéd wellness trend actually works. Is meditation secretly the best trick for improving your mental health? At 53:36 they discuss which cuisine is the best of all, then close out the show with a Non Scale Win of the week.

  • Sami is joined once again by comedian and Betches video creator Jessie Jolles. They start with a conversation about Instagram’s new policy that prevents people under 18 from viewing posts promoting weight loss products. Is this is a step in the right direction or just a distraction from the real problem? Next, they discuss living with a family member who has an eating disorder, figuring out your triggers, and what not to say to someone in recovery. Plus, they talk about putting your blinders on and not comparing yourself to other people. At 25:45 they discuss strategies for not sabotaging yourself, staying on a path to recovery, and getting through your most difficult moments. What’s harder to live through, disorder or recovery? At 41:20 they answer a series of listener-submitted questions, including how to help a friend with an eating disorder, and balancing body discomfort with dating. Then at 1:07:40 they close out the show with a question about dealing with body shaming in the culture as a whole, the problems with HBO’s Euphoria, and their Non Scale Wins of the week.

  • Sami and Aleen bring you a special bonus episode with special guest, Dr. Sherry Ross.  They start by talking about the taboos that surround talking about vaginal health. At 5:00 they discuss what foods and spices effect vaginal odor. At 9:00 they talk about how to safely clean vaginal areas. At 15:30 they discuss why millenials have historically low sex drives. At 26:00 they discuss whether or not irregular periods on the pill are normal.   Thanks to our sponsor, Summer's Eve! Try Summer’s Eve for a unique ph-balanced freshness you’ll never forget. Visit SummersEve.com to get a printable coupon for $1.50 off your purchase

  • Sami and Aleen are joined by audience favorite and Rumble gym co-founder Noah Neiman. They start with an update on how Rumble has grown since the last time Noah was on the show and how boxing compares to spin and running classes. At 16:05 they discuss the danger of letting yourself get comfortable in your routine and how depression factors into our health habits. Plus, Noah explains how he transitioned from using medication to using exercise to manage his mental health. At 29:30 they talk about overcoming trauma in your life, embracing your own vulnerability, and how even celebrities like Justin Bieber struggle to find happiness. If Bieber can ask for help, shouldn’t we all be able to share our struggle? At 47:25 they discuss the art of motivational speaking, serving others, and the importance of seizing opportunity when it’s in front of you. They close out the show with the story of how Noah went from living in an apartment with crooked floors to designing his dream home.

  • Aleen and Sami are joined by yoga teacher, author, and body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley. They start the show with the story of how Jessamyn went from hating yoga to making it her career and a central part of her life. At 18:10 they discuss how to get started in yoga even if you don’t think you have the right body for it, including how to try yoga at home if you’re uncomfortable with people watching you. At 27:10 they talk about how to deal with “spiritually ashy people” and tune out unhappy people. Plus, they discuss the concept of emotion surfing and how to accept your own feelings, both good and bad. At 45:40 they close out the show with a conversation about self hate as an addiction and confusing shame with love.

  • With Aleen away on her honeymoon, Sami is joined by Betches co-founder and U Up? podcast host Jordana Abraham. They start with a conversation about the source of their own anxiety and how it contributes to binge eating. They talk about how being in a relationship influences your eating habits. At 10:30 they dive into Jordana’s everyday routine, including how she eats on the weekend and what she considers sweet. They talk about Jordana’s lack of food cravings and how relationships fill the space of that obsession. At 24:20 they discuss the impact of your parents on lifelong habits, the influence of those around you on healthy choices, and figuring out what your ideal weight would be. Is the extra five pounds you want to lose equal to the food and drinks you consume with friends? At 42:40 they talk about wellness influencers and how they can make you question yourself. Then at 51:50 they close out the show with a game of “Red Flag or Diet Breaker” all about your partner’s health habits and which diet restrictions you’re willing to consider.

  • Aleen and Sami are back and talking about the new Kurbo diet app for kids from Weight Watchers. They start out with a last-minute preview of Aleen’s wedding and her upcoming appearance on the Betches Brides podcast. Then they talk about everything they ate this weekend and share some food regrets. At 8:50 they offer details about Kurbo and the traffic lights system it uses to teach kids what they should eat. Do we buy that this isn’t a “diet app” even though the website features weight loss success stories from kids? They talk about their own food experiences as children and ask how that affects them today. Are all disordered eating habits the result of this sort of childhood-dieting? At 37:20 they discuss whether or not you’re even allowed to question the backlash to Kurbo. Is the conversation around childhood-dieting too problematic to even discuss openly? At 52:45 they play a guessing game all about which foods are considered red, yellow, and green in the Kurbo ratings system. Then they close out the show with a listener Non Scale Win about looking good on her wedding day.

  • Sami and Aleen are joined by Caroline Dooner, author of the F*ck It Diet. They start out with a conversation about the difference between food addiction and diet addiction. Is it fair to compare food to drugs, or is our obsession with food something different? At 21:10 she tells the story of how she started doing paleo, finally quit dieting and began writing her book. They talk about the bizarre history of food companies and their goal to suppress sex. At 34:05 they discuss the origin of the F*ck It Diet and the importance of breaking your own food cycle. They also discuss the connection between suppressing emotions and the anxiety that drives us to eat. At 54:40 they talk about how to stop blaming your binges and break from the “diet starts tomorrow” pattern. They finish out the show with Caroline’s daily eating routine and her number one tip for improving your relationship with food.

  • Sami and Aleen are back to answer your listener-submitted questions and start off with some updates on their own lives. Aleen tells us about her upcoming wedding and they both share their honeymoon plans. At 22:30 they answer a series of wellness questions, including one about their morning and night routines. They also tell us how they each plan their days around working out. At 41:20 they respond to some diet-related questions and tell us about the absolute worst diets they’ve ever been on. Then at 51:30 they answer a ton of fun hypotheticals and would-you-rather questions. Then they close out the show with a listener Non Scale Win and some wins of their own.

  • This week’s DST is brought to you LIVE from the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Sami and Aleen start off the show with a round of Honest Insta featuring a special listener guest. Then they’re joined by DST’s resident dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman for a game of Fact or Fad where they address some of the wellness myths you see on Instagram. At 45:30 a group of listeners come up on stage to play Diet Start Tomorrow Trivia. How well do you know the show? Then at 57:00 a listener writes in to ask how to deal with a de-motivating husband. At 1:03:50 they’re joined by celebrity trainer Jordan Syatt to play a new game called “Weird Flex” all about exercises you can do with common household items. Next, they’re joined by the amazing plus-size fashion model Denise Bidot to talk about how to make the fashion industry more inclusive. They put her to the test with a round of rapid fire Q&A, then invite the audience to share their own Non Scale Wins. At 1:35:00 they close out the show with a pizza eating contest featuring Aleen as our referee and Sami competing against all three of our celebrity guests.

  • Trigger Warning: This episode of DST contains graphic content about personal struggles with eating disorders, and may be unsettling to some listeners. Sami and Aleen are joined by Jessie Jolles, comedian and Betches video creator. They start out with Jessie’s childhood story about struggling with food, including the pressure to diet from her parents, the food diary she started in 8th grade, and the letters she wrote to her younger self. At 17:45 she shares her experience with severe eating disorders until the age of 24. She talks about joining a sorority and the way bulimia became normalized in her life. At 37:00 they discuss going to therapy and learning not to purge. At 51:20 they dive into an email Jessie’s mom recently sent and discuss the way she was able to respond this time around. Why do our parents fail to recognize how the pressure they put on us actually makes things worse? They close out the show with a conversation about how fear controls our decisions, both on and off the scale.   The first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show is this week! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive

  • Sami and Aleen are joined by Denise Bidot to talk about her career as a plus-size fashion model. They start out with the story of how she was first discovered while working as a makeup artist, and eventually became the first plus-size model to walk the runway for two straight size brands during NY Fashion Week. At 6:30 they discuss the origin story behind the “No Wrong Way Movement” and how she learned to be comfortable in her own body at an early age. She tells us about her mother’s struggles with body image, and explains how she was able to break from that pattern. At 15:50 they talk about the rejection she experienced early in her career and how she developed an alter-ego after becoming a model. They discuss some of the most empowering elements of the new HBO series Euphoria, and explain why you should be watching too. At 28:45 they talk about all the airbrushing that goes on in the fashion industry. Is it time we all embrace our bodies and stop retouching our photos to death? They close out the show with a conversation about the brands that are actually getting it right with body positivity.

    Denise will be a guest at the first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive

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  • Aleen and Sami are back and start with a recap of all the amazing food Sami ate on her trip to Asia. At 14:50 they announce how you, the DST listener, can get involved in the show and potentially be a guest on this podcast. Then at 17:30 they dive into a conversation about the Instagram beef between Amanda Seyfried and influencer Something Navy. Is it fair for Seyfried to call her out over posting bikini pictures without acknowledging the work it took to get there? Or is this really just body shaming, plan and simple? They discuss the responsibility influencers have to their followers and how to be mindful of the way your posts can affect others’ body image. At 40:20 they share an audience Non Scale Win all about tackling Summer activities with confidence. They close out the show with an explanation of the “Hot Girl Summer” trend and why you should embrace it.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive

  • Aleen and Sami are back with DST’s resident dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman and start the show with a few exciting announcements. They discuss Flat Tummy Tea’s new pregnancy collection and how weird and harmful it actually is. At 13:55 Tracy answers a listener question about intuitive eating and debunks the myth that you can avoid foods on an intuitive eating plan. They discuss how hard it is to get into intuitive eating when you’ve been dieting for most of your life. At 40:35 Tracy gives the inside scoop on whether or not the Impossible Burger is worth the hype or even good for you. At 58:30 they play a game of “Guess The Healthy Option” all about foods you should be prioritizing throughout the day. They share a list of foods and supplements to take when you’re on your period, then close out the show with their Non Scale Wins of the Week.   Don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive   Thanks to our sponsors...   BirchBox: Go to BirchBox.com/DST and use promo code DST to get $5 off your first Birchbox!  

  • Sami and Aleen are excited to invite DST listener (and email contest winner) Tara Delany into the Betches office to tell her personal story. They start with a conversation about body dysmorphia and how to change the way we look at our own bodies. They discuss her career as a flight attendant and how she learned to stop mindlessly munching on airport snacks and fast food. How do we control snacking without being too restrictive? At 22:10 they talk about the things that helped Tara lose a significant amount of weight and gave her the motivation to start running. Then we hear the story of how a crazy car accident changed her life forever, along with the inspirational path she took to restart her fitness journey. They finish the show with a conversation about the enormous benefits therapy can have on our mental and emotional wellbeing.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive   Thanks to our sponsors...   Beauty By Design: Go to beautybydesign.com/dst and use the promo code DST. First-time customers get 20% off!   ThirdLove: Visit ThirdLove.com/DST now to find your perfect-fitting bra and get 15% off your first purchase!   

  • Sami and Aleen are joined by celebrity trainer Jordan Syatt to talk about the right and wrong ways to approach weight loss. They start with an exciting announcement about Jordan and the DST Live Show, then launch into a conversation about how not every workout is going to be a great one and why. They talk about Jordan’s 10,000 calorie challenge and how the scale doesn’t reflect weight loss as accurately as people think in the short term. At 16:00 they explain the importance of understanding what calories are. What’s the difference between health and weight? At 44:00 they revisit the “smash the wellness industry” conversation from last week’s episode. Why does bad advice seem to get more likes on social media than good advice? They finish the show with a conversation about different body types and why we need to stop comparing ourselves to one another.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive