• What is responsible role-modeling and what does that look like? Why does it matter? How does it positively impact your relationship with your dogs? These are questions you may not feel the need to ask, but as they say: we don’t know what we don’t know! In this episode, Kathy is giving you one of the most powerful tools to put in your toolbox to ensure that you’re loved and respected enough to be listened to by your furry friends! After all, Monkey see, Monkey do. A lot of what our dogs do mimics our behaviour perfectly, but without knowing we’re guilty of the same behaviors, we often try to correct our dogs without first correcting ourselves! Want to know how to spot which behaviours to correct? Want to know how your dogs look up to you for guidance? Tune in to this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs and put your best foot forward so that your dogs can do the same!

    How do you keep a pack of Border Collies happy when they can’t go outside because of landscaping and construction? What does responsible role-modeling look like? Why did Kathy stop looking at the sky? There is huge power and harmony to be found in meeting our dogs’ social needs. Tips to help you practice responsible role-modeling effectively!

    “I’m role modeling, and what I mean by that is Iam not acknowledging that there’s anything happening”

    “I’m just carrying on with my normal stuff as I always do”

    “They look to me for guidance”

    “We’re literally expressing with all of us, congruently”

    “It has nothing to do with us, it’s none of our concern, it’s just life as usual”

    “Life is one big experiment”

    “I am a role model”

    “Dogs easily mirror our behaviour”

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  • Being a Brilliant Partner to your dog takes a shift in perspective. In fact, it takes multiple shifts in your mindset to become the best partner you could possibly be! But what are these shifts? How do you identify them? What can you do to begin reframing your dog’s needs, wants and behaviours? In this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy is sharing the 10 perspective shifts you’ll want to experience in order to truly show up for your dog! What does that mean? Often times, how we think of something creates our feelings and reality, so by changing the way we think about things, and adjusting our mindset, we can create huge impact in our lives! You don't even NEED to do them all to begin seeing results! Even just taking one of these shifts, and using it on a daily basis will show massive improvements in how you think, and how your life changes as a result of that!

    Recognizing the Brilliant Partnership Ambassadors! The cornerstones of a loving partnership. 10 mindset shifts that will massively impact your relationship with your dog! Why wait for someday?

    “Those deep seeded beliefs influence our thinking”

    “If we can think about things differently and if we can shift our perspective, we are opening doors to brilliance”

    “Move into coexistence with your dog with the intention of inviting partnership”

    “How can we rewrite our story into a beautiful love story”

    “We can have happiness, freedom and joy right now. Today.”

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  • Imagine adopting 2 Great Pyrenees dogs and having them join your family. Everything is going well, and everyone is getting along. Then one day, you decide to take in a deaf dog, and give him a chance at a great life with your loved ones. It starts going down hill. The new dog is stressed out, frustrated, and you can’t communicate with him. Your other dogs are feeling out of sorts. The new dog starts to destroy the house, and fight with the other male dog in your house. You have to start boarding off rooms and keeping everyone separated. Sound a little like a nightmare? Well that was Bettina Nowicki’a life when she adopted Murphy!! Murphy is not a bad dog, but when he came into a new place, with strange new people and dogs, he didn’t adjust very well. Everything seemed hopeless until Bettina met Kathy and stumbled upon the winning formula! Murphy began to improve within days of making small “baby step” changes, and now Murphy is a full fledged and loved member of her family! The other dogs even lie with him and play with him! It’s become like night and day in Bettina’s house, and Kathy’s Brilliant Partners played a small role in making it happen! Want to know how it transpired? Tune in to this episode of Enlightened By Dogs!

    Adopting Murphy into the family Was Murphy a lost cause? Would he need to be sent to a new home? How the family was able to come together as a unit and embrace a new way of living! Learning how to communicate with a dog who is deaf, and things that Bettina had never even considered! How Brilliant Partners differ from dog training programs.

    “I think the dogs were taking over the leadership because we didn’t know what to do”

    “We can drive them again! We can walk them again!”

    “We weren’t even able to have them in the same room together, they are now lying on the couch together, they’re playing outside together”

    “Our dogs don’t bark at the neighbors anymore”

    “I never knew how to communicate with my dogs until I met you”

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  • Over-arousal is a real problem that shows itself in a lot of different ways. In some cases, it can look like chasing cars, animals, or running along the fence. In other cases it can look like digging hundreds of holes in the yard or jumping on strangers. The extreme cases can be horrific and lead to people or other dogs getting seriously hurt. No matter how it manifests on the outside, the cause of over-arousal looks pretty common on the inside. Over-arousal has been linked to high stress hormones in the brain, and while the solution may not happen overnight, there is definitely a way to get your dog feeling less stressed out, and more safe, calm and happy! Want to know how it’s done? Tune into this episode of Enlightened By Dogs!

    The horrific reason why overarousal needs to be addressed in an episode of its own. We’re responsible for our lives, our dogs lives, and the lives that our dogs can impact. How do we best handle that responsibility? Looking for ways to be safe, calm and happy for everyone. How do we avoid the worst case scenario of someone getting bitten by your dog? The definition of arousal, how it differs from over-arousal, and how to determine calm activities to do with your dog. Getting started today for a much better tomorrow!

    “I hope you are enjoying life with your dog and finding ways to be safe, calm and happy every day”

    “We’re also responsible for others that our dogs might impact”

    “We want to be happy, we want to enjoy life. That’s why we have dogs in our life in the first place”

    “Your dog is not happy behaving that way! Trust me! Your dog is over-aroused”

    “Let’s do this!”

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  • Does life with your difficult dog frustrate you? Are you feeling stressed out or overwhelmed by their behaviour? Does it feel like there’s no end in sight? Never fear! Brilliant Partner and recurring podcast guest Sue Mimm is joining Kathy on the show today to talk about how she went from dreading her days with her difficult dog, to loving every single minute of their time together! Sue sheds light on some of her difficult moments early on in their relationship, and explains how she managed to turn it around. She describes where she put her focus and how things progressed into such an amazing transformation! A year and a half ago, Sue would have never imagined things going the way they are today, but it has happened, and she’s here to help you see the hope in your story!

    We get an introduction to Sue, her dogs, and the golden standard of partnership. What got Sue from being overwhelmed and stressed out by her difficult dogs, to having the greatest partnership possible Facing the inner pressure created by thinking “this isn’t how it should be” versus “this is how it is, but we can improve it.” The core things that Sue focused on to make the transformation happen! Does your dog get better, or is it actually you who gets better?

    “Can I just make it through one day in a semi-normal way?”

    “Life is good”

    “You never think that’s something that you can attain or that you can have with your dog and it’s just a very beautiful thing”

    “They had to be big transformations before I was willing to celebrate them and then I realized these big transformations just weren’t coming”

    “Why do you have a dog? What do you want to do with your dog?”

    “Don’t put your dog in a situation that they cannot handle”

    “I want to take all of the hard stuff away, and whittle it down to the most crucial pieces”

    “I can start to enjoy life with my dog today”

    “Believe in yourself, believe in your dog, it is possible way beyond your wildest dreams”

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  • Do you have hard days? Well, there are things you can do to make it through those days and come out the other side ready, able, passionate and excited to live life with your dogs! Have you ever noticed that a dog has the ability to show us how to enjoy life? They’re so good at brushing off the small stuff, living in the moment and having fun! It’s hard to believe that our dogs can have bad days, but they’re just as susceptible to them as we are! Sometimes we can even be the cause our dog’s bad day! Before we can return the favour and light up their lives, we have to make sure we’re brightly lit up too! In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares her most solid tactics and ideas on how to get through hard days in the most positive ways possible, so that you can be a light for your dog when they need it the most! Click play and find out how to help yourself, and your dog through the hardest of days!

    In This Episode

    Dogs can illuminate our path forward when we’re feeling lost or stuck! Why you may want to start celebrating your baby steps and small accomplishments. Focusing forward on the life you wish to live can be a great motivator if done right! How to avoid creating a giant ball of misery and drama.

    “Hard days are just hard”

    “Our dogs are amazing at showing us the path forward”

    “The power of living a partnership lifestyle lies in baby steps and celebrating each one of those”

    “We do need something that helps us focus forward”

    “Clear is kind”

    “Sometimes it’s easier to start with what you don’t want”

    “Let’s choose to be the light for our dogs”

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  • Hello friend! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and Kathy is here to tell you all about it! Unexpected issues and life happening all over the place caused her usual sense of calm to bubble over and lead to a bit of a meltdown. Luckily, Kathy is a master of calm and it took her no time at all to find it again, and get back to living her best life! Want to know what she did? Tune into this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs to find out exactly what physical and mental steps Kathy took to go from being stressed and overwhelmed to tears, to being calm and happy while walking her dogs! It’s not complicated, and it’s something you can start doing right now to improve your health and relationships. Take a deep breath, click play, and unlock the secrets to calming yourself and your dog!

    A heartfelt thank you to the new Brilliant Partners and podcast listeners! Mishaps and mayhem create a perfect storm for Kathy. The one and only thing you may need to know in order to calm your dog. Why does breathing play a role in calming the mind and body?

    “It influences everything we do and it makes our whole life better”

    “I felt renewed, refreshed, ready to take on the day”

    “We also have the capacity and capability and everything we need to influence our dogs to be happy and calm”

    “Your body senses your breathing and adapts its heart rate in response to that”

    “We’re generating love, appreciation and gratitude for someone or something special in your life while we breathe”

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  • Do you really need your dog to sit and perform for their cookies? Do you truly want your dog to lie down in a specific place all of the time? Or is there something else that is more appropriate, and more aligned with a partnership lifestyle?

    Ok, so today is a little bit of a rant episode about what we truly want from our dogs! Are we actually giving up what we want most, for what we want right now?

    While it is a possibility that you may want these things, we tend to spend a lot of energy trying to train behaviors out of our dogs, or train new habits in, while we fail to ask why we’re doing it in the first place.

    In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy really breaks down for us how to stop training and start partnering with our dogs. She gives tons of examples and stories to back up the silly things we do, and why they may not actually be the best use of your time and effort!

    Are you doing this thing over and over again without even thinking about it? Is our view of the human/dog relationship completely out of touch with reality? What do you truly want out of your relationship with your dog?

    “Move away from habits that are not stepping stones to the life that we dream of living with our dogs”

    “It’s not about having the perfect dog”

    “We’re all different. That’s okay. Our dogs are all different, and that’s okay too.”

    “When you know what you really want, then true partnership begins to happen”

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  • Are you ready to become a Brilliant Partner to your dog? To expand into the best human you could possibly be? In this episode, Kathy leads you through a series of very specific exercises to help you blossom into the best possible version of yourself for the benefit of you, everyone around you, and of course: your dogs! The breed of your dog doesn’t matter. How old your dog is doesn’t matter. How reactive your dog is doesn’t matter! If you stick with this and follow the protocol Kathy teaches, you will have an amazing relationship with your furry friend! If you allow it to, and if you take inspired action, this episode will change your life!

    In This Episode

    Why would you want to be a Brilliant Partner in the first place? It all starts with you, and your ability to take inspired action! Who are your dog role models? Why do you admire them? Why it’s important to reaffirm your values, and the values of your dog!

    “Your success is inevitable if you stick with it”

    “When we are more and more brilliant, our dogs automatically match us”

    “Discover the qualities that you most value, discover the qualities that your dog most values in you as a human and expand them”

    “What might a dog admire in a human that they would love to engage with?”

    “I want to be this way with my dog”

    “The qualities that you value, you already have”

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  • Judgement is a slippery slope when it comes to holding ourselves and our dogs back! We misjudge ourselves, we misjudge our dogs and we lock ourselves in Judgement Jail all the time. Never Fear! Kathy is here with 3 different keys to unlock those doors and let you out! On top of that, she’s handing the keys over to you so that you can use your “get out of judgement jail free” card whenever you find yourself locked up! Another week brings another Brilliant Partners secret on this episode of Enlightened By Dogs Podcast!

    Measuring the gap between your current place and where you want to be isn’t the best approach! Stop comparing yourself to others. How blossoming into the next version of yourself benefits not only you and your dog, but the world at large. Are you forcing a timeline on yourself and your dog where there doesn’t have to be one? Can you reframe your pain into something better?

    “I’ve been sentenced to failure”

    “How far have you come?”

    “You already know where you measure the gap”

    “Your first chapter may be another’s twelfth chapter”

    “Your dog that is challenging you is a gift”

    “Our dogs don’t have a timeline”

    “Forcing timelines creates pressure, stress, frustration and even more judgement”

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  • If you consider yourself to be a savvy, dog-centric individual, then this episode will definitely resonate with you! It can be extremely disheartening and frustrating when we’re constantly finding ourselves in situations that are making us and our dogs upset! So what do we do about it? What is this big life changing secret that will make our lives and the lives of our dogs so amazing? In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy shares her first of many skills that will help change the relationship you have with your dog, and with life itself! This one has everything to do with how you think. How you think about you, how you think about your dog, and how you think about the situations you keep finding yourself in!

    How your thinking can hold you and your partnership with your dog back from being as enjoyable as it could be. Clearing out your mental clutter is a big part of perfecting the skill! The chain reaction of thoughts and emotional response. When is it appropriate to change your emotional state and how do you do it? Building and protecting your self image!

    “We need to learn to be loving leaders and role models for our dogs”

    “We won’t be able to do the things if we’re not thinking about it correctly”

    “We can’t untangle ourselves from the mental clutter until we get to critical mass”

    “Becoming conscious and aware of what you are creating with your thoughts is the first step”

    “We are way more powerful than we know”

    “We keep getting better and better”

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  • There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to being resilient. Things like genetics, your environment, your level of activity and how often you get outside can greatly impact your response to ugly situations. Now if this is true for you, imagine how true it is for your dog! The exact same thing applies to them as well! Our socially intelligent furry friends require the same care we do if we expect them to be strong and resilient in the face of adversity! In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy invites us to sit in on a masterclass she hosted about creating resiliency and balance in the lives of our dogs! She pulls back the curtain and shares a segment of an in depth teaching designed to help us build our dogs up and help them succeed in ways that only a Brilliant Partner possibly can!

    Why do we neglect talking about resiliency? Dogs can feel support in a few different ways, how does your dog feel supported? Giving your dog choices in life will create a more balanced life! The beautiful benefits that come from unstructured play. Strategies for dealing with unfavourable situations you find yourself in with your dog.

    “Resilient partners don’t give up when life gets hard”

    “There’s a lot to be said about the power of resilience”

    “What is this difficulty teaching me?”

    “They need to feel like they have some amount of control over their own life”

    “Resiliency in us and our dogs comes from the inside out”

    “There’s nothing as renewing and healing as being connected to nature”

    “There are no failures, there are only opportunities to learn”

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  • Dogs are masters of meditation. It sounds crazy, but it’s 100% true! Our dogs live in a constant state of presence, and rarely (if ever) allow mind drama to cloud their judgement. If we can learn anything from our furry friends, it’s to slow down and take in the moment. In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy takes us along for a walk with her dogs and shows us exactly how they help her connect with the present moment and reach a meditative state! Are you truly connecting with your dogs as deeply as you could be in the moment? Click play and find out exactly what that looks like!

    A few reasons why you may want to start meditating on a regular basis. The benefits of not being caught up in mind drama. Debunking meditation myths. Kathy takes us for a walk with her and her dogs! How your dog can help you reach a meditative state. Kathy’s meditation challenge.

    “By observing your own mind and your own thoughts, our perspective shifts”

    “We don’t have to be a slave to our own mind”

    “Meditation is simply an act of being present in the moment”

    “I’m seeing what my dogs are curious about. I’m noticing what they’re noticing”

    “Every time I make a connection with my dogs, it’s a meditation.”

    “All those moments add up to clearing that mental clutter”

    “Dogs live in a state of presence”

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  • Why can’t my dog walk on leash? How can I keep my dog off of the furniture? Why doesn’t my dog listen to me? Does any of this sound familiar? A lot of dog lovers go through these moments! you're not alone, and you might be a little surprised at Kathy’s solutions to these common issues! Behaviour is communication, and these rebellious actions are no different! Your dog is trying very hard to tell you something, and you may not be getting it! Join Kathy as she pulls back the curtain and welcomes you to listen in on a coaching call where she answers some Brilliant Partner’s questions about rebellion on this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs!

    In This Episode

    Why is your dog rebelling in the first place? Does your dog dislike the leash, or do you dislike the leash? Reframing the problem can bring new solutions to the problem. Are you choosing to be confused?

    “My dog is not giving me a hard time. My dog is having a hard time”

    “This is what you’ve been practicing for”

    “The leash is what you make it to mean”

    “A leash is just a safety net. That’s all it is”

    “The more we choose to be confused, the more confusing things get”

    “We get better and better at being brilliant partners as we go”

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  • The safe, calm and happy storm continues on this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs! Kathy is loving the topic, and has decided to go deeper into the way we think about it and how badly we resist when we’re first exposed to new things! Why do we automatically dismiss things that could be so helpful to us? Why do we find reasons to keep doing the same thing instead of making a change? She explores those questions and more as she unfolds the roles of the primitive mind, as well as the executive brain, and how they coexist to help us through the big decisions. Tune in to find out why it’s important to both you and your dog to figure out how to make them feel safer, more calm, and happier.

    You are the observer and thinker of your thoughts What are your safe, calm and happy activities? Which are not? What happens when your primitive brain takes over. Which brain are you going to employ to change your life? The lengths that Brilliant Partners go to make their dogs feel safe, calm and happy.

    “The more impatient you are to fix your dog’s unwanted behaviour, the longer it’s going to take”

    “Understanding how this works is how we evolve”

    “Your thoughts and your feelings are two completely different things”

    “What is the point of having a dog if you don’t take your dog for a walk”

    “All your primitive brain cares about is keeping everything the same, even if the same completely sucks”

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  • Safe, calm and happy. Last week’s talk with Sue Mimm brought up the idea that the more time we spend safe, calm and happy, the safer, calmer and happier we’ll be! It sounds simple and logical enough, so why are we in a constant battle with ourselves and our dogs to be happy?

    Kathy takes us deeper into the topic this week, and sheds light on a few key elements we might be missing, as well as what safe, calm and happy actually means to our dogs. What makes them feel safe? What calms them? What makes them happy? There are so many exciting things happening when it comes to spreading the message of brilliant partnership with our dogs, and this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs is no exception!

    How the partnership ripples are spreading throughout the world Circling back to the safe, calm and happy talk with Sue Mimm The key quadrants of the trust accelerator What does calm actually mean from one dog to another?

    “Brilliant partners think a lot about building and protecting trust and confidence ... ours and our dogs.”

    “Every successful dog enthusiast has one thing in common, and that is the mindset of building trust and confidence with our dogs, no matter what.”

    “When there is trust, uou and your dog are able to handle anything life throws at you.”

    “We don’t want our dogs to be overly stressed”

    “Safe, calm and happy is what helps us to enjoy life today, instead of waiting until someday when our behavior issues are fixed.”

    “Tell your dog how perfect he or she is, every single day.”

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  • Have you ever wondered about the science behind what we do as brilliant partners? We strive to live in harmony with our dogs, and do our best to create an environment that’s safe, calm and happy for them! Today Kathy welcomes Sue Mimm to Enlightened By Dogs to discuss the intriguing Polyvagal Theory. Introduced by Dr. Stephen Porges in 1994, the Polyvagal Theory surrounds the school of thought that we have different pathways through the brain which determines our response stress, anxiety and fearful situations. Since dogs and humans are both highly socially intelligent, it makes a lot of sense that our dogs would experience the same kinds of things we do! They get anxious, nervous and fearful too, and their responses aren’t as obvious to us sometimes. In this episode, Sue clues us in to some of the things we miss as dog lovers, and how the brain actually creates these responses in the first place! Tune in to find out if your dog is actually a pain, or if they’re just scared!

    Digging for new ways to help dogs deal with trauma. The science of safety and the social engagement system The three pathways of response, and how they show up in our dogs. How to do the safe, calm and happy protocol, in order to strengthen neural and emotional responses.

    “There’s a lot of research done into human behaviour as far as trauma and anxiety, etc. but obviously very little in the animal kingdom”

    “We miss the smaller signals that they’re sending us that they aren’t feeling safe.”

    “Just because we might perceive it as not being dangerous doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t perceive it as being dangerous”

    “You are actually doing something by being safe, calm and happy”

    Get in touch with Sue at https://heartconnectiondogs.com

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  • When Kathy heard about Maya, she felt compelled to see what this little Border Collie was all about. Maya needed a home to call her own with someone who could communicate on her level. She found that home, and that person with Kathy. She also found a bunch of other dog friends, and some interesting reactions to them! Maya’s story is one filled with excitement, a willingness to learn and an eagerness to work. But it wasn’t without challenges. Tune in to this episode of Enlightened By Dogs to hear all about her rescue rehab story!

    How hard can it be to train a border collie? The longest leashing in history and emergency dental surgery. Building a foundation with a wild and compulsive herding dog. How past punishment impacted Maya’s personality. How Kathy nurtured a brilliant partnership with Maya.

    “Shaking my head at the failure of her 3 previous owners to train her, I pondered: How hard can it be to train a 6 month old Border Collie?”

    “Maya's rehab focused on my number one rule: Don’t ask your dog to do a thing unless you’re 95% or more certain that your dog can do the thing.”

    “I heard her needs and I worked on our partnership foundation at her pace.”

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  • What does your dog want more than anything else in the world? Even though we’re completely different species, there are some core things we have in common with our dogs.

    While we want the same things out of life for the most part, the trick lies in being able to communicate those things to one another. Often, we see our dogs effort to communicate as misbehaving or acting out, when really, they are just trying desperately to be heard. Are you recognizing your dog’s signs? Are you respecting their communication?

    Dogs have 3 major social needs that need to be fulfilled, similar to humans.

    In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy gives us insight into what to look for when trying to listen to your dog, and how to strengthen the bond between you both by being present, connected and open to feedback from your best friend!

    In This Episode

    Did you know that dogs and humans share a similar social intelligence?

    How dogs help us belong, and how we help them do the same.

    Meeting your dogs needs goes deeper than praising them or playing with them.

    What is your dog supposed to do when their human just isn’t getting it?

    The value of a feedback loop between you and your dog.


    “As socially intelligent animals, both humans and dogs need to be appreciated and loved. We both need to feel like we belong.”

    “Behavior is Communication. Respect your dog’s communication as a valuable contribution to the relationship”

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  • Trials and competitions with our dogs can be really exhilarating and exciting events! But, a great many of us make big mistakes while preparing for the big day! With so much pressure mounting as the trial approaches, we as dog lovers tend to take an ambitious approach to the whole process, but what if that’s putting a strain on the relationship you’ve formed with your dog? How good can competing be if all of the fun gets sucked out of it? It’s very possible to have a blast while prepping for competition day, and still get brilliant results!

    If you do herding, agility, obedience or rally, nose work, tracking, disc, conformation, freestyle ... any dog sport trials or competitions ... this episode is for you!

    Why do mistakes and failures happen so close to trial day? It’s possible to avoid regrets! There’s a better way to attain competition success! Setting and revising and modifying your goals The biggest mistake people make when training for a trial or competition

    “Most of us will rely on some intense training sessions the week or two or three before the trial. And that, my friends, is where it falls apart."

    "Knowing the reason you are entering a herding competition will either make this a successful adventure for you and your dog…or leave you miserable and frustrated."

    “The pressure starts long before we arrive at a trial”

    “Whenever I put too much pressure on her before a trial, she would basically stop working”

    “We don’t want to plan for failure. We want to plan for dog trial success”

    “Oftentimes, you’re not going for the win. You’re going for having a successful outing...for staying connected with your dog under dog trial pressure”

    “Once you’ve got your road map for success, just work it!”

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