• It’s the most wonderful time of year. The holidays are here, and these days are filled with fun traditions, gatherings, feasts, and gifts. So much to enjoy, but also so much stress!

    If the holiday season leaves you feeling more blue than festive...

    Some simple self-care can make a huge difference in how you cope with the season. Tune in today to hear...

    Self-care strategies to reduce stress How setting intentions can help you stay healthy Simple ways to overcome cravings Tips to keep you from overeating at holiday gatherings And more!

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  • If You Are Ready To Make Some Changes In The Way You Prioritize Nutrients, You Should: Make sure to pick your food from the fridge first Teach your kids the difference between energizing foods and energy-zapping foods Choose foods that are going to support all of the pieces of your life

    The complexity of the nutritional world and what is really happening with our food is something that many of us lack information on. While we might think we are making healthy choices, how our food is produced has a huge impact on the nutrients we can get out of it. This is why it is so important to choose how you nourish yourself and your family with intention so that you can make a difference with your dollars and your fork.

    The Nutrition Education You Are Supposed to Know but Were Never Taught

    Jenn Trepeck, a “force of nature” in wellness, is an Optimal Health Coach specializing in weight management. The Founder of Better Life Now LLC and host of Salad with a Side of Fries Podcast, Jenn works to pay her knowledge forward and reach a larger audience, teaching the nutrition education we are all supposed to know but no one ever taught us. Jenn’s mission is to change the state of healthcare as a Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach and Consultant with nutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions.

    Think Global, Act Local

    Have you ever stopped to consider why the apples or bananas you are buying in the store were grown and shipped to you from the other side of the world? This is because we have lost touch with the nutritional power of eating locally and seasonally. While this started as an attempt to create efficiencies in the way we grow and access food, it has harmed the fundamental nutritional components of these foods. So even if you think you are making healthy choices, you may not be getting all the nutritional benefits you think you are. This is why it is important to make choices as a conscious consumer to feed your body better and shift how our food is produced.

    Becoming a Conscious Consumer

    Jenn wants you to make decisions with both your dollar and your fork by shopping local, eating seasonally, and advocating for organizations involved in providing access to fresh foods in your community.

    Being a conscious food consumer does not have to be complicated or expensive; all it takes is a commitment to reverse the metabolic epidemic we are seeing in this country and seek out foods that give you proper nutrition. Food provides us energy, which in turn impacts everything else. By bridging the gap between how our food is produced and how it is serving us, we can relieve our symptoms and improve our nutrition for everyone.

    What was your favorite takeaway from Jenn’s wealth of knowledge shared here today? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section of the episode page.


    “Our system teaches us to look at everything in isolation, but the reality is everything is so connected, in nature and in the body.” (8:32)

    “Even if we were to eat all of the things that we are supposed to eat, and never eat the things that deplete our body, we are still not getting the nutrients we think that we are from all of our healthy choices. And it doesn’t mean don’t eat the broccoli, of course. But it means that we might have to have an even greater commitment to nutrition, and potentially supplementation, to help support our bodies proper function.” (12:07)

    “All industry has a lot to do with economics, but our food supply and our food industry and what qualifies as food have snowballed to a place where we need to reclaim control. And the way that we can do that is with our dollars.” (23:55)

    “Moderation and living life, absolutely. But understanding fundamentally what we are giving our body through our food choices is paramount.” (33:31)

    “The amount of brainpower that is consumed by keeping track of what we eat and beating ourselves up over these things is such lost potential. Think about all the things you could create and the impact you could make in the world when all of that brainpower isn't caught up in all of these things.” (35:46)

    In This Episode

    What depletion in your nutrition means when it comes to the general American food system today (10:40) Learn a new way to think about cravings and feeding your body what it truly needs (15:36) The different contexts that exist when it comes to food availability, scarcity, and access (20:34) How to become a conscious consumer when it comes to your dollar and your fork (24:16) Tips for feeding your family and being more mindful about what is going into your body (34:08)

    Resources Mentioned:

    14 Healthy Hormone Recipe Guide

    Essentially Whole Supplement Line Black Friday Sale

    Seasonal Produce Locator Website

    Salad With a Side of Fries Podcast

    Better Life Now LLC Website

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  • If You Are Ready to Move Past Stage 3 and Find True Transformation After Betrayal You Should: Acknowledge if there is the opportunity and willingness to rebuild after betrayal Be honest with yourself and create awareness around what you truly want Become okay with being uncomfortable in order to heal and transform yourself

    We can all relate to the feeling of being betrayed at some point in our life. But have you ever considered that your past traumas or betrayals could be impacting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health? Navigating life post-betrayal takes some work, but the transformation on the other side is well worth it.

    From Betrayal to Breakthrough with Dr. Debi Silber

    Dr. Debi Silber, the founder of the PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute, is a holistic psychologist and health, mindset, and personal development, expert. Dr. Debi knows firsthand the impact that healing from betrayal can have on a person, which is why she has dedicated herself to helping people move past their betrayals as well as any other blocks preventing them from the health, work, relationships, confidence, and happiness they want most.

    The Upside of Trauma

    When someone you trusted and gave you a sense of security takes that security away, it is traumatizing. But, the upside of trauma is that you can not only rebuild your life, but you can rebuild yourself into a version that never would have existed if that betrayal had not happened. Once you can move through the five stages of healing, you can grow and transform into the new you. While you cannot undo the experience you have been through, you can control what you do with it and who you become on the other side of healing.

    Rebuilding Trust Brick by Brick

    The only way that trust can be rebuilt is brick by brick. It takes a willingness to heal or to walk away from a situation that determines how you live your life going forward. Even if your betrayal happened a long time ago, the lingering side effects could be driving your physical and mental symptoms. Dr. Debi is here to assure you that you are not crazy, not alone, and you owe it to yourself to experience the transformation you deserve. It is time to put in the work and learn to trust yourself again so that you can live in a place of abundance.

    Are you ready to move out of being stuck in stage 3 and get to the other side and live a life of abundance? Share your thoughts with me in this comments section of the episode page.


    “As I was moving through this, I said I have no idea what healing will look like, but if I can manage to heal from this, I am taking everyone with me.” (8:35)

    “We don’t like getting uncomfortable. But as we try to avoid, numb, and distract, we are not healing anything; we are just keeping it at bay. But it is only by the diving in do you move through it and come out the other side.” (19:39)

    “These are stats that people attribute to stress or to aging. No it is not! It is to your unhealed betrayal that could have happened decades ago.” (21:59)

    “When you have experienced the shattering of trust when you have experienced betrayal, it is not about reconciling right then; your only mission, your only goal at that point, is you work on you. And you create a version of you that never would have shown up had that not happened.” (30:49)

    “If you are willing to watch that brick wall be rebuilt, your job is to be willing. And the person who shattered it has to be a really good bricklayer. But it not your job to rebuild that brick wall, and that is where a lot of people go wrong.” (37:33)

    In This Episode

    Learn about the five stages of betrayal and healing from trauma (15:06) How to discern between how you are operating today and what has happened to you in the past (21:32) Which of your symptoms could be driven by the heaviness of a previous betrayal (23:19) How to know if there is a window of willingness to heal and if it is worth your time and energy (27:38) Tips for taking the first steps to let go of your trauma and move forward to a new normal (33:14)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Use Promo Code DrMariza for 15% PaleoValley Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

    Take the Healed or Hardened Quiz Here

    From Hardened to Healed Book

    The PBT Institute Website

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  • If You Want to Take Back Control of Your Metabolic Health, You Should: Start monitoring your bodies reaction to foods through a CGM or other methodology Ensure that you are moving your muscles after eating to stabilize your glucose Focus on your dietary patterns and get back to basics to see the results you are searching for

    One of the biggest root causes of hormone imbalance facing over 130 million Americans is metabolic dysfunction. Metabolic dysfunction can lead to insulin resistance, inflammation, and a host of other chronic illnesses that you may not even realize are linked to your metabolism. The good news is that with a few mindset and lifestyle changes, you can improve your metabolism, overall health, and long-term longevity.

    Take Back Control of Your Metabolic Health

    Dr. Casey Means is a Stanford-trained physician, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of the metabolic health company Levels, and Associate Editor of the Internation Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention. Dr. Casey works to maximize human potential and reverse the epidemic of preventable chronic disease by empowering individuals with tech-enabled tools. Her philosophy combines smart, personalized, and sustainable dietary and lifestyle choices to help others take their metabolic health back into their own hands.

    Looking at Your Metabolism Like Never Before

    Through her work at Levels, Dr. Casey and her team are able to access nutritional data in a way that has never been seen before. By getting to the bottom of which foods affect you and your glucose on a personal level, you can figure out what is best for you and your body.

    Knowledge is power when it comes to a lot of things, especially when it comes to your metabolic and hormonal health. Foods you may think are healthy for you could actually be causing a significant glucose response, which is why it is important to equip yourself with the information to serve your body in the best way possible.

    The Key to Longevity Is Your Metabolism

    As women, we need to be on top of our blood sugar more than anything. Your metabolism can impact everything from how you feel to how you age, which is why it is so crucial to identify your root causes and get them under control in order to increase your overall health and longevity.

    While your average doctor may not know about the importance of focusing on metabolic health, this episode is your sign to get down to the basics and focus on your daily patterns in order to preserve your health through all stages of life.

    Are you ready to focus on creating more resilience for your metabolism? Let me know which of Dr. Casey’s tips resonated the most with you in the comments section of the episode page.


    “There is a mismatch between the effort and the outcomes, and I think a lot of that lies in the fact that we are eating these food products that we don’t really know what they are doing to our bodies.” (15:01)

    “It is kind of this magical part of the body that can help you bring down your blood sugar all by itself. And that is why a walk, even though it is gentle, you are moving all these major muscle groups, the quads, the hamstrings, it all has to be activated.” (32:00)

    “We are flipping the switch from glucose burning to fat burning intentionally, and we are pushing our body to utilize its long-term storage, and we are mobilizing fat. And that is metabolic flexibility.” (35:54)

    “It is nothing crazy; it is nothing out of control; it is just timing things in a way that is going to optimize all aspects of my blood sugar but isn’t taking more than cumulatively an hour during the day.” (41:14)

    “A lot of these things I think we can feel like it is totally out of our control or we have to go towards hormones or whatever it is to manage these things. So to at least know there is something, a knob we can turn, a lever we can pull, to at least in some way impact these things, I think that’s pretty empowering in its own right.” (45:47)

    In This Episode

    Why adopting a routine of monitoring your response to food is key to understanding your body (14:39) Learn about the Coca-Cola experiment and how it can help you blunt a blood sugar response (25:39) The role of muscle movement and strength training when it comes to metabolic health (32:10) How stabilizing your blood sugar levels can impact your hormones and symptoms overall (42:20) Tips for creating swaps for the things that you love that will leave you wanting more (54:12)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Use Promo Code drmariza for 15% Off Your Organifi Order Here

    Join Levels Here

    Levels article about common dietary patterns for good health

    Levels Health Website

    Levels Health Blog

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  • As women, we visit the doctor seeking answers, pain relief, and support. Instead, we end up fighting stereotypes. Healthcare providers say our symptoms aren’t real. And we are treated as if we are overreacting.

    Women are more likely to have their pain minimized, their symptoms dismissed, and tests refused. This mishandling of complaints leads to delays in diagnosis and treatment, causing more pain and health problems.

    Learning how to advocate for yourself is the best thing you can do to make sure you are heard and supported. Tune in today to hear...

    Examples of medical gaslighting How the history of research contributed to this issue The impact on patients And more!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    Get your PaleoValley beef sticks here (get 15% off with code drmariza)

    Is Your Doctor Gaslighting You? Here's What to Do

    Doing Harm by Maya Dusenbery

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    The 6 Root Causes Of Autoimmunity

    The Truth Behind Your Endometriosis Diagnosis

    Top 10 Self-Care Rituals for Today's Woman

  • If You Want To Create More Ease In Your Daily Life, You Should: Shift Your Beliefs and Mindset to Know That It’s Okay To Put You First Be Selective About the People and Activities You Give Your Attention Too Become Okay With Letting Go Of the People or Practices that Are Not Serving You

    Most of us know that when we don't fill up our own cup, it becomes so much more difficult to take care of anything or anyone else. So why is it so difficult for us to take care of ourselves first? Despite what society tells you, it is never selfish to put yourself first, and with a few simple mindset changes, you can create ease in your daily life no matter how busy you are.

    Putting Yourself First with Elena Brower

    Elena Brower is a real force of nature when finding inner peace and putting yourself first. Elena knows firsthand the dangers of burnout as a mama, teacher, artist, bestselling author, podcast host, and yoga and meditation teacher. She has dedicated her life to helping others learn how to talk to themselves and listen to their mind, bodies, and hearts in order to be happy on the inside.

    Cultivating Your Inner Peace

    If you struggle with setting boundaries or being truly present in the moment, you are not alone. But the truth is, your peace belongs to you, and you alone. Elena’s practices can help you communicate with people, curate more space in your life, and choose which attributes you want to cultivate within yourself.

    We are not talking about a bubble bath or a manicure here. Elena’s program is all about getting intentional about taking care of yourself and being selective about the energy that you are letting into your life.

    Creating a Life You Love Through Self-Care

    Life is short. We as women need to become intentional about selecting the people to whom we give our love and time and letting go of the things that don't serve us anymore. As we age, it becomes all the more clear that self-care is the only way to create a life you love and that loves you back.

    When you can understand yourself and what you need in a real and practical way, you can take action every day to prioritize yourself and be of service to others in whatever way necessary.

    Are you ready to start putting yourself first for at least 5 minutes every day? Because you deserve it! Share which of Elena’s practices resonated with you most with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “It is time now to design a life that has a lot more ease in it, more rest, more quality care, attention, not just for other people, but also for ourselves.” (9:37)

    “The overarching result that I aim to achieve is how to know ourselves super well so that we can serve up a dose of ease every single day.” (17:36)

    “I don’t feel like I need to explain myself, I don't feel like I need to provide an excuse or some kind of explanation, I simply let go.” (23:53)

    “Look carefully at how you spend your time. Look carefully at how you spend your money. Look carefully at the books you read, if you watch shows, the shows you watch. What are you taking in? What are the inputs? This is a conversation I will never, ever, ever stop having. Because once you can look at that, and really design for yourself how you are with yourself, what you are bringing into your space, anything is possible.” (27:58)

    “I am actually responsible for becoming an elder, one of the elders that I wish to see and learn from. That is a whole world of responsibility that I feel and honor, and I take it that seriously as well.” (34:59)

    In This Episode

    What it feels like to listen to the new pace of your body post-pandemic (11:37) How to create more daily ease and maintain your boundaries through daily practices (15:08) Tips to stop letting your inbox or obligations steal your own inner peace (21:15) How to handle resistance or struggle when starting your self-care practices (26:37) Which podcast you should listen to if you want to become more intentional in the way you curate your life (30:03)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Get 15% off your Organifi Green Juice with promo code drmariza

    Dr. Mariza’s Daily Self-Care Journal

    Get Your Free Month of the Essential Mentorship Here

    Elena Brower Website

    Practice You by Elena Brower Website

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  • If You Want To Create Cellular Longevity, You Should: Take control of your health into your own hands and empower your mind and your body Get tested to know where your hormones are at and what you can do to help them Avoid the top aging hazards by making lifestyle and dietary changes

    Do you ever think about getting older? How about how you want to feel later in life? By optimizing your cellular longevity, you can change how you age and preserve your health into your 60’s, 70’s, and beyond. With the right tools and information, you can sharpen your brain and say goodbye to the symptoms of old age for as long as possible.

    Radical Longevity with Ann Louise Gittleman

    Ann Louise Gittleman is a pioneer in the health and healing arena. Having authored more than 35 books, including multiple NYT Bestsellers, she is back with a new book, Radial Longevity: The Powerful Plan to Sharpen Your Brain, Strengthen Your Body, and Reverse the Symptoms of Aging. Ann Louise is highly respected as an international leader in diet, nutrition, the environment, and a proven health trendsetter.

    Getting to the Bottom of Your Symptoms

    There are hidden harmful chemicals in so many of the products we interact with daily. This can impact everything from your mental clarity to your cellular longevity and mood. That is why it is so important to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to ditch those toxins and create constant and straightforward habits that will keep your brain and body sharp. Everything from the pans you cook into the type of tea you drink can have a massive impact on the way your body functions from here on out, so why not make choices that serve you optimally?

    Harnessing Your Epigenetic’s for Long-Term Health

    Getting older is 20% of your genetics and 80% of your epigenetics. This means that you hold the power to decide what your future self looks and feels like. It is all about balance, knowing your hormones, genetics, and daily routines that will set the stage for you to thrive later in life.

    By repairing your cellular metabolism and giving your body and mind what they need to succeed, you can get ahead of, or reverse, the symptoms of age and continue to live your life on your own terms.

    Are you ready to create radical longevity and reverse the symptoms of aging? Share which knowledge bomb shocked you the most on today’s episode with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “When you get to be this age, you see so many people passing away, and you realize that aging is a privilege. It is a privilege that is denied to far too many. So I take it upon myself, and I want to share with everyone else that you have to be a steward of your health, body, mind, and spirit. It is up to you; your health is in your own hands.” (6:47)

    “We want to save people’s lives, we don’t want them to live longer in a period of debilitation and loss of independence. We want them to live with gusto, grace, and a lot of guts.” (15:16)

    “Aging is 20% genetics and 80% epigenetics. So it is what you are taking, what you are supplementing with, what you are thinking, what your spiritual beliefs are, what your dietary habits are, what your exercise habits are. All of that can overcome genetics.” (18:52)

    “It’s about balance, knowing your hormones, and a little bit about your genetics. But it's basically about what you are doing on a daily basis.” (21:04)

    “You need to actually measure, and test. Don't just take things haphazardly.” (29:43)

    In This Episode

    The biggest and most important discoveries around improving your longevity (7:16) What you should be mindful of when it comes to brain aging hazards (15:22) How to utilize your epigenetics for preserving your immunity and overall health (18:30) Learn the number one thing you can do to increase your longevity and happiness (21:14) Advice for navigating the transition period between perimenopause and menopause (28:16)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Use the Code podcast for 10% off the Essentially Whole: Magnesium Restore

    Radical Longevity by Ann Louise Gittleman

    Ann Louise Gittleman Website

    Follow Ann Louise on Instagram | Facebook

    Other Resources:

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  • If You Want To Process Your Emotional Baggage Better, You Should: Become aware of your stress response state and reconnect with the cycle of nature Consider where toxins may be coming into your life in a broad sense Use breathwork to check in with yourself and measure what is going on in your body

    We are seeing more and more medical doctors leaving the traditional medical space to get to the root cause of our health problems naturally. This is because our system of symptom-based management is not getting people the help that they need. Healing happens from within, and we all have the capacity to make that healing happen on our own terms.

    Harnessing the Power of Ayurveda

    Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh harnesses the power of Ayurveda, and other integrated medicine, to create a healthy modern life for her patients using simple, ancient practices. Ayurveda is the original healing science that does not play by the limitations set out by Western medicine. Dr. Kumar-Singh bridges the gap between Western and Eastern medicine to help others discover the healing wisdom within.

    Where Are Your Toxins Coming From?

    We have been programmed to think about toxins in a narrow way. But have you ever considered the broader toxins in your life that could be impacting your health? Lifestyle, career, environment, relationships, and diet can all play a role in how you are feeling and operating through life every day.

    This is why we need to broaden our perspective of the imbalances in our life and learn how to check in with ourselves to reclaim our healing power.

    Ancient Practices for a Modern Life

    Breathing is something we do every day, free, and can be done anywhere or anytime. Your breath is where the body and mind meet and can help pull you out of your stress response mode.

    By harnessing the power of your breath while also checking in with yourself through other Ayurveda practices, you can train your brain to realize there is safety in what you are doing. Dr. Kumar-Singh’s practices are so simple, take no time, and have their roots in ancient history while being adapted for your modern life.

    Are you ready to embrace these simple, easy, free, and ancient practices to digest your emotional baggage better? Share your favorite recommendation with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “I really like to think about it as sort of assessing on a daily basis, what I call course correction every day. And really looking at what is going on overall in your life and assessing how that is showing up for you in your body and your mind and your emotions.” (5:19)

    “When I am talking about toxins from an Ayurvedic framework, it is about how everything in your life is affecting you and showing up for you.” (13:48)

    “If we can learn to control our breath, or effect or change our breath, we can actually then also influence our stress response or our relaxation response, which then again comes with a whole cascade from there.” (18:03)

    “The main focus of my work is really helping people to reclaim that healing power and that healing wisdom that they have within them.” (24:57)

    “Every day, I am just blown away by Ayurveda and the wisdom that there is. It is the Mother of all healing; it's the original healing science. Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, they all come from Ayurveda; they have their roots there.” (34:32)

    In This Episode

    Why Dr. Kumar-Singh referred back to the lessons of her childhood to find healing (6:09) The three steps to processing and digesting emotional and physical toxins (11:50) How breathwork can be used as an incredibly powerful and free stress reliever (16:00) Tips for tapping into your inner female pilot light to become more aware of your body (23:38) Simple and ancient things that you can do to change the game when it comes to your health (30:20)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Use Promo Code DrMariza for 15% off at Organifi

    The Health Catalyst by Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh

    Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh Website

    Follow Dr. Avanti on Instagram

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  • Feeling tired, foggy thinking, weight gain, and headaches. These all sound like a normal part of life as a woman. But what if they shouldn’t be? And what if you don't have to feel this way?

    Imagine what you could do when you are energized, thinking clearly, and feeling great...

    It's time for an estrogen dominance assessment, so you can reverse your symptoms and get back to being the efficient, capable woman you are. Tune in today to hear...

    The risks associated with estrogen dominance Why you may not need hormone replacements My two-step approach to naturally reverse estrogen dominance And more!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    Free Class: How to Overcome Estrogen Dominance at Any Age

    Organifi Juice

    The Smart Mom's Guide To Essential Oils

    Hormone Balance Supplement


    Berkey Water Filter

    Hydroflask Water Bottle

    Pyrex Dishes

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    Do You Have Estrogen Dominance? Take This Assessment to Find Out...

    The Best Supplements for Estrogen Dominance

    What Is Estrogen Dominance and How Does It Affect Your Body

  • If You Want To Heal Your Hormones and Lose Stubborn Weight, You Should: Use your fork to make diet decisions every day that help your hormones and improve metabolic flexibility Empower yourself with the knowledge needed to stop outsourcing your hormone health Embrace an adapted version of the ketogenic diet that is personalized to you and your body's needs

    When it comes to the women I work with, the number one concern as we get older tends to be that stubborn weight gain that we just can't seem to get rid of. But have you ever considered that this weight could be directly related to your hormones and metabolic flexibility? By understanding how your hormones affect your metabolism, you can adopt a diet and lifestyle that suits you and helps you get rid of the stubborn weight gain for good.

    Transform Your Health

    Dr. Sara Gottfried is a board-certified physician who graduated from Harvard and MIT. She practices evidence-based integrative, precision, and functional medicine. She has authored multiple books, including the breakthrough and instant NYT bestseller Women, Food, and Hormones. She has dedicated herself to helping women unlock their ability to fix their metabolism, heal their hormones, and lose stubborn fat for good.

    Adapt the Ketogenic Diet for Your Unique Body

    Have you ever had a male coworker or friend experience massive success with a keto diet but have not seen those results yourself? This is because men and women have a different genetic makeup that can lead to hormone disruption when going on an elimination diet. These gender differences inspired Dr. Sara to start her research and why she created an adapted version of the ketogenic diet for women. Dr. Sara has literally discovered the key to unlocking our ability to lose stubborn weight, and it all comes down to metabolic flexibility and our hormones.

    Taking Back Control of Your Hormones

    So often, women are gaslit or faced with a double standard when it comes to traditional medicine. But the truth is the power to take back control of your hormones and get your body working for you instead of against you exists within yourself.

    While it may seem daunting to think you have to do it yourself, nobody knows your body better than you. By improving your metabolic flexibility, you can ensure that you have a fully functioning body for years to come. Through Dr. Sara’s new book, you can transform your health, lose stubborn weight, and address your symptoms before it is too late.

    Are you ready to find a personalized way to balance your hormones, improve your metabolic flexibility, and take back control of your health? Share what you are most looking forward to in Dr. Sara’s new book with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “We have been taught ‘eat less exercise more,' but it turns out that is not necessarily true. Your calories matter, but your hormones matter more.” (11:05)

    “I don’t want to be average, I want to be optimal. And I want that for our listeners and viewers, to really think about what is normal in terms of mainstream medicine, versus what is optimal.” (21:08)

    “The most effective way to deal with insulin resistance is with your fork. But I can tell you since I went through conventional medical training, is we are not taught how to do that! So even though it is the most effective way to reverse pre-diabetes, the most effective way to help you with insulin resistance, the most effective way to deal with type 2 diabetes, we are not taught how to counsel people on that.” (41:10)

    “If you are struggling with your weight, if you are struggling with your metabolism, this is a real and valid concern. Don’t let some doctor dismiss you or say you are just getting older, and it’s how things are. No! Let’s figure out how to support you, get you the food that really helps you with your hormones and helps you regulate your insulin and all these other hormones that we have been talking about today. Because the power really is within your reach.” (46:54)

    “The time to do something about it is not when you are 72 and diagnosed, it’s right now!” (50:37)

    In This Episode

    The inspiration for the new book, Women, Food, and Hormones by Dr. Sara Gottfried (7:18) How to improve your metabolic flexibility as you pivot into your 30’s, 40’s, and beyond (16:14) Tips for reversing insulin resistance and pre-diabetes through food (28:28) Why pregnancy can influence your risk of cardiometabolic disease (39:33) How to feel more empowered when it comes to taking back control of your hormones (46:30)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Food, Women, and Hormones by Dr. Sara Gottfried

    Dr. Sara Gottfried Website

    Follow Dr. Sara on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

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  • We’re all living busy lives these days, putting in the hours at work, taking care of our families, and keeping up with our homes. It’s easy to blame the stress we feel on our lifestyle. But often, there is another overlooked reason.

    If you are feeling stressed and depressed...

    It’s time to review your cycle and consider the cause. Tune in today to hear...

    The symptom I experienced with low progesterone How your body makes progesterone When NOT to test your progesterone level And more!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    Organifi Juice

    Hormone Balance Supplement

    Top 11 Supplements and Herbs Guide

    Related Resources:

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    Essentially you episode: #217 5 Signs of Progesterone Deficiency and How to Fix It

    Top 7 Essential Oils for PCOS (+ Bonus Blends)

    3 Ways to Increase Progesterone

    How Topical Progesterone Addresses Menopause Symptoms

  • If You Are Ready to Improve Your Reproductive and Overall Health Through Cycle Syncing, You Should: Use the P.U.Z.Z.L.E. Method to change the aspects of your health that you can control Learn to listen to your bodies signals and find ways to understand what those signals mean Allow your body to heal naturally by providing it with the correct diet, stress management, and mindset

    Have you ever noticed your cycle syncing with women around you or even with the moon? As women, we are cyclical beings, and optimizing your cycle by syncing with the moon is one of the best things you can do to support your reproductive health and overall wellbeing.

    Getting Clear on Hormone Imbalance

    Kela Smith is the CEO and program director of the Hormone Puzzle Society, a woman’s health hub for fertility, hormones, and the business of coaching. Kela works with women who are struggling with infertility and hormone imbalance and coaches them to get pregnant naturally and eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance. She brings over 20 years of experience as a professional fitness trainer, wellness educator, and author, as well as a mama to two beautiful children.

    There Is a Way to Get Pregnant Naturally

    When Kela was told it would be nearly impossible for her to get pregnant naturally in her late 30’s, she took matters into her own hands. After giving birth at 37 and again at 40, she went back to school to help women realize that there is a better alternative and it is totally possible to get pregnant naturally later in life.

    Our bodies have an innate capacity for healing naturally, but it is up to us to listen to our body needs so that we can provide it everything it needs to feel better, have fewer symptoms, and focus on what is in our control.

    It All Comes Down to the Moon

    The two most important things you can do to improve the syncing of your cycle start with diet and stress management. When we can follow the patterns of the moon, we can improve our reproductive health and overall physical health and well-being.

    Reproduction is a miracle, and when we can optimize it, not only does our health benefit but our hormones, productivity, happiness, and mood do too. Even if you are not bleeding anymore, syncing your cycle with the moon can still have massive benefits on your whole body's health.

    Are you ready to enjoy all of the benefits that come with syncing your cycle to the moon? Share how you are looking to improve your reproductive or overall health through syncing with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “I left that doctor’s office, and I said ‘I am on a mission to optimize my fertility naturally’, and that’s exactly what I did. I figured out what I needed to eat, what my lifestyle needed to look like, my exercise was too much, my toxins were too much, I just really dove in.” (6:10)

    “I want to go back to Jr. High and teach all the girls, this is what a normal period is, this is how you track your cycle. Forget the algebra class, let's go with some women's health classes.” (10:32)

    “We are always tapping into Earth’s natural energy. So that is where syncing with the moon comes in.” (20:49)

    “It’s about listening to your body and intuitively doing what you feel like you want to do anyways based on where your hormones are.” (22:18)

    “I like to look at going into menopause as a rebirth. This is your second season in life. Instead of things ending, this is your new beginning!” (24:53)

    In This Episode

    What you can do to support your body's ability to heal and conceive naturally (7:49) Breaking down the different parts of your cycle and how it affects your hormones (12:43) The benefits of syncing your cycle with the moon even if you are not bleeding anymore (20:42) Learn about the Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E. Method and how it can help you feel more in control (27:11) How to optimize your cycle and fertility by managing your stress and diet (30:35)

    Resources Mentioned:

    14 Hormone Balancing Recipe Guide

    Guide to Hormone-Balancing Supplements

    Cycle Syncing Quickstart Guide

    The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E. Podcast

    Follow Kela on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

    Follow Hormone Puzzle Society on Instagram | Facebook

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  • Vitamin D plays an important role in the body, supporting everything from immunity to thyroid health. But there’s a good chance you have insufficient levels of this sunshine vitamin, and the supplements found at the grocery store may not be enough.

    If you are struggling with inflammation, depression, or hypertension…

    Make an appointment to check your vitamin levels, and take control of your health! Tune in today to hear…

    How a weak immune system led me to check my vitamin D level What a sufficient vitamin D level is for your body Symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency And more!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    Vitamin D Complete

    Magnesium Restore

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    Vitamin D Q&A: What You Need to Know About Vitamin D Supplements

    Essential Supplements for Supporting Your Immune System

    Three Must-Have Supplements to Reboot Bone Health

  • If You Want to Improve Your Life Through Brain Power You Should: Recognize, Reframe, Release and Retrain Your Mindset Use ‘Innercises’ To Strengthen Your Mindset and Emotional Control Commit to changing your life and doing everything necessary to achieve your desired result Focus on your Mindset, Environment, Skill Set, and Actions to create predictable results

    Have you been searching for a way to quiet your mind and reduce the amount of stress you experience? We are all searching for easy and practical techniques to shift our focus and mindset in just a matter of seconds. The good news is there is a way, and it all starts with your brain.

    The Power of The Brain with John Assaraf

    John Assaraf is one of the leading mindset and behavioral experts in the world who has appeared numerous times on Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He has built five multimillion-dollar companies, has been featured in 10 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and "Quest For Success" with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama, and much more. John is the founder and CEO of MyNeuroGym.com, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence-based brain training methods to help individuals strengthen their mindset and emotional skills to unleash their inner power and maximize their strengths results.

    Learning How to Operate Your Brain

    The truth is, we are just one thought away from a positive mindset, feeling calm and implementing great habits. While most people live at the level of automatic reactions, John’s work proves that awareness and mastering change is needed to stop feeling triggered and start achieving the goals you want for yourself.

    Through John’s techniques, you can learn how to become a better operator of the brain you already own so that you can stop feeling like your brain is sabotaging you and instead change your brain in order to change your life.

    Finding Long-Term Results Through Patterns

    The reality that we live in is a direct result of the patterns we reinforce. Whether it is health, money, relationships, work, really anything in your life, you have the power to change your life and achieve the results you want if you are willing to invest time each day and build a pattern that you can use for the rest of your life.

    Sustainable, long-term results are achieved through habits and the commitment to strengthening our mindset and emotional control. Most people don't realize that there is an easier, better, and faster way to change your life, and it starts with the power found right in between your ears.

    Are you ready to commit to changing your brain, and in turn, changing your life and achieving your goals? Share which of John’s techniques you are going to implement into your daily routine with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “I am fascinated with how powerful of an organism, bio-computer, we all own, and how little most people know about their own brain.” (5:34)

    “When we want to have more, be more, experience more, the key for us is to work on the cause so that the effect takes care of itself.” (10:01)

    “How much does our belief system drive our perception and behavior? The answer is, a ton! We have limiting beliefs even though we have so much potential.” (17:47)

    “Our brain is paying attention to the patterns that we reinforce. And any pattern we reinforce our brain automates.” (29:11)

    “The goal-achieving process requires both conscious choices and decisions, but it also requires a change in behavior.” (36:45)

    In This Episode

    How to begin to shift your mindset and start creating your own empowered reality (6:54) Why you should focus on mastering change rather than managing disappointment (13:38) The reasons why people believe that they are a victim of their own brains (22:08) Tips for changing your brain in order to change your life and achieve your goals (30:17) Which exercises you can leverage to move in the direction of greater health and other side benefits (34:12)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Innercise: the New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power by John Assaraf

    Join the Free 9th Annual Brain-A-Thon Event Here

    Other Resources:

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  • Food choices are one of the most powerful tools we have to take control of our health. It's hard to make the best choice when surrounded by temptation. If you struggle to decide what to buy and what to leave on the shelf…

    Learning about hormone-balancing superfoods will empower you to take action!

    Tune in today to hear...

    How to set up your kitchen for success What to look at on a label Healthy swaps for your favorite junk food And more!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    The Essential Oils Menopause Solution

    14-Hormone Balancing Recipe Guide

    Buy the 14-Day Detox today!

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    Top 5 Rules for How to Shop Healthy

    5 Superhero Superfoods You Need Now!

    Stop Inflaming Your Thyroid with These 4 Foods

  • If You Want To Navigate Your Trauma, You Should: Identify and understand what your triggers are Work on your mental health and navigating your emotions Create your own reality through emotional intelligence

    Even though you might not know it, unresolved trauma impacts your health, relationships, your self-care, and so much more. Both big and little traumas that are left unresolved can have a huge impact on what is going on in your life today. By doing the emotional work and becoming a master at navigating your emotions, you will see major improvements in your health and your life.

    Learning About Trauma With Dr. Elena Villanueva

    Dr. Elena Villanueva is an expert in evidence-based approaches for finding and treating the underlying causes of chronic illness and brain-related conditions. Using the most advanced approaches in epigenetics and biohacking, Dr. V’s approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality and the integration of the mind/body/spirit for the healing and optimization of the human body and mind. Her new 5 Part Series Mental Health Master Class is a 101 introduction to trauma and how it could be affecting your health.

    How Trauma Impacts Our Health

    One of the biggest root causes of hormone issues is trauma and chronic stress. It can impact your energy, sleep, mood, metabolism, reproductive system, and more. Unresolved trauma can show up in our relationships, our ability to communicate, and our ability to handle our emotions. Trauma could be the underlying cause that is making you sick or keeping you from healing. Unresolved trauma literally changes our biology and physiology and can even be passed down through genetics and epigenetics. This is why it is so important to learn how to navigate our emotions for our physical and mental health.

    What to Do When You Feel Triggered

    If you have been feeling triggered lately, you are not alone. But the good news is that triggers are really just a warning sign from your body. If you are able to listen to your body and use the techniques Dr. V shares in this episode, you can go from being the victim to the victor.

    You have the power to master your emotions and work through your trauma and create a new reality with your health and everything in your life.

    Are you ready to work through your unresolved trauma and start feeling better both physically and mentally? Share how you are working on mastering your emotions with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “We find that there are many underlying causes that can make people sick and not allow them to fully heal. And unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotions are one of them.” (7:00)

    “The big things that we think of, sure, those are traumas. But we can also have other little things too that are really not so little when we think about it, because of how we perceive it can really rewire our brains and cause us to struggle with the after-effects of trauma for many years.” (12:42)

    “We are not taught how to navigate emotions. We are not taught how to process trauma. We are not taught any of those things. What we are taught is coping mechanisms.” (23:40)

    “All of the things that we have been submerging all of our lives and for generations, it's all coming to the surface now. And so everything is triggering everybody. And there are answers and solutions for that, and it is so amazing the things that can be done.” (31:02)

    “The trigger is a sign, it’s trying to tell you something, it is an SOS signal. So burying the trigger or getting rid of the trigger by just avoiding it is not really fixing the issue. Finding what the root cause of that trigger is, and dealing with the root cause, that’s what's going to get you long-term resolution.” (35:51)

    In This Episode

    Tips for understanding and identifying if you are dealing with trauma (9:14) Why trauma can manifest and make you sick for many years to come (13:11) What to do if you are experiencing hormone issues because of your stress and cortisol (19:16) Learn how to allow yourself to feel your emotions instead of just checking out (27:27) How to manage your emotions when you feel triggered (30:02)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Register for Free: 5 Part Series Mental Health Masterclass

    Modern Holistic Health Website

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  • Maintaining stable blood sugar and insulin levels is one of the keys to lasting health, energy, and vitality every single day—yet we often overlook it.

    If you find your energy crashing midday, or if you struggle to shed some of those extra pounds in your midsection no matter what you try, or if you are just feeling like your health isn’t where it could be…

    Focusing on your blood sugar balance is going to be a great first step! Tune in today to hear...

    Why blood sugar stability is so critical for overall health 5 quick and easy hacks to blunt blood sugar spikes (or prevent them in the first place) Lifestyle, diet, and supplement tips to help you feel your best And more!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    15% off at PaleoValley using code DRMARIZA15

    Essentially You episode #293: How Stress Contributes to Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Stubborn Weight Gain

    Essentially You episode #274 Why Are So Many Women Struggling with Insulin Resistance and Poor Metabolic Function?

    Join the LIVE 14-Day Detox group today!

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    Simple Tricks to Burn More Calories, Boost Healthy Metabolism, and Build Strength

    Key Supplements for Insulin Resistance and Healthy Metabolism

    5 Easy Steps to Help Reverse Insulin Resistance

  • If You Want To Improve Your Mental Health Through Diet, You Should: Identify your own nutritional gaps and create a personalized nutrient replacement plan Increase your Vitamin C intake for better mental health, physical health, and detoxification Incorporate Omega 3’s, B vitamins, green veggies, proteins, and grass-fed red meats into your diet

    Have you ever considered that your diet could be connected to your mental health and emotional wellbeing? Using food to heal your mind doesn't have to be complicated; you just need the proper knowledge and tools to empower yourself to start using food as medicine.

    The Power of Paleo With Autumn Smith

    Autumn Fladmo Smith is the co-founder of Paleovalley and Wild Pastures, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, and a Certified FDN Practitioner. Her passion for health began with her own struggles with IBS and anxiety when her health was in shambles. She and her husband Chas stumbled upon the paleo diet in 2011, and it completely transformed Autumn’s health. Since then, she has made it her mission to share the information she had learned with as many people as possible.

    The Connection Between Diet and Mental Health

    At this point in our lives, eating crap isn't an option if you want to function properly and show up to be your best self for yourself and everyone you love. Diet can have not only a huge impact on our physical condition but also our mental state.

    Studies have shown that dietary intervention can clear up your inflammation, and therefore the stress, anxiety, and depression that is weighing on your brain. The more we know, the better we can address that inflammation and put our symptoms into remission.

    Using Food as Medicine

    We all know that sugar and fast food don't make us feel great. It can impact our energy, mood, and emotional state. By using food as medicine and identifying your unique nutritional gaps, you can optimize your mental health with food and improve your overall nutritional function.

    If you have been feeling anxious or depressed lately and want to use food to boost your mood, the habits that Autumn shares on this episode are what your body and brain need. Let's make smart choices with our fork every day to improve our mental health, physical health, and total body function.

    Are you ready to take control of your emotional health through proper nutrition and want to gain the expertise to use food as medicine? Share what you loved most about Autumn's approach with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “Now we know that some mental health issues can start because of imbalances in the gut.” (9:04)

    “I envision a world one day where we have these baseline foundational treatments, and we explore them and exhaust them before we move up the ladder.” (17:37)

    “We always think about depression as a brain-related condition, but what they are finding now is it is often rooted in inflammation, and it should be categorized more as an inflammatory condition.” (26:16)

    “Nutrient deficiency is a huge deal, 95% of us are deficient in at least one nutrient, and when I work with women, it’s at least a few nutrients for sure for everyone.” (39:26)

    “If you can just identify where your nutrient gaps are in your diet, and then figure out how to craft your own personalized nutrient repleted diet, its a pretty amazing and eye-opening exercise.” (42:00)

    In This Episode

    Learn how Autumn became passionate about helping support people through whole foods (8:23) What to do if you do not feel aligned with the recommendations you have been given for your symptoms (16:34) The top three nutrients that can help support your mental health (19:50) What you should know about the link between diet and mental health (26:00) Answers to some of your biggest questions about your nutrient status (39:18)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Join Dr. Mariza’s Group Detox Program

    Paleo Valley Store - Use the Code DrMariza15 for 15% Off

    Paleo Valley Turmeric Complex

    Paleo Valley 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

    Paleo Valley Essential C Complex

    Paleo Valley Website

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  • This one simple sign can really give you an insight into how your body is working: If you're not pooping daily, not only is it a sign that your digestion is out of whack, but your hormones are probably struggling too.

    Tune in today to hear…

    Why chronic constipation can lead to hormonal imbalances like estrogen dominance How to know if your poop troubles are an issue What you can do to kickstart your digestive and hormone health Key nutrients your body needs for healthy detoxification and elimination of estrogen metabolites And so much more!

    Mentioned in this episode:

    Join the live 14-Day Detox here!

    Magnesium Restore

    Pure Daily Fiber

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    Powerful Herbs and Supplements to Optimize Gut Health

    What Is Estrogen Dominance and How Does it Affect Your Body

  • If You Want to Reduce Your Toxic Exposure, You Should: Make the switch to pesticide-free cleaning products Take small steps to remove toxic chemicals from other areas of your home Listen to your bodies signals and embrace the healing nature of real food

    Are you struggling with not enough energy? One of the most significant indicators that something is off in your body is how much energy you have throughout the day. When looking at energy as a vital sign or an indicator, it is essential to know the root causes that could be throwing off your energy levels and natural remedies to fix these issues.

    The Power of Pure with Allison Evans

    Allison Evans was diagnosed with PCOS in high school and suffered chronic, mysterious pain through college. After years of seeing medical specialists and a laundry list of drugs, Allison was desperate for relief and turned to her Aunt Marilee in the Texas Hill Country. After two months at Marilee’s, eating only real food, using safe products, and staying in a healthy home, her life was transformed. Her ovarian cysts disappeared, and despite her diagnosis of Lyme disease due to toxic mold in her house, she can now live virtually symptom-free thanks to focusing on mental health and other detox treatments. Her story is a testament to the Power of Pure and her brand, Branch Basics.

    Toss the Toxins

    As a woman in the modern world, it is important to understand the impacts of toxic ingredients in our makeup, personal care products, food, and cleaning products. There is strong scientific evidence linking toxins in these products to an extensive list of symptoms and diseases. Removing pesticide-filled cleaning products from your home is an easy first step, and it can help you realize the medicinal healing power of food and clean living. You don't have to buy super expensive products or do a bunch of therapies to make the switch, either. All it takes is a commitment to listen to your body and get back to basics, one small step at a time.

    Getting Back to Basics

    Environmental toxins take a huge toll on our gut, hormones, mitochondria, and more. This can impact our energy levels, aging, and hormonal imbalance. So, it is key to ensure that you are creating the safest space possible in your home. If you are looking for a place to start, swapping out your cleaning products can greatly impact your symptoms and risk of disease.

    By getting back to basics and tossing the toxins, you can get to a place of beautiful health just like Allison did for herself. Get ready to empower yourself with the knowledge necessary to regain your energy and feel like your best self.

    Are you ready to take the steps and remove the harmful toxins in your home? Share what you loved most about Allison’s story with me in the comments section of the episode page.


    “Eight weeks of that, and I haven't been on a drug since. I came out of that summer, and my eyes were opened, my body was strong; a year later, I went back to the fertility doctor, all of the cysts were gone, and I was able to get pregnant on the first try with both of my babies. It was really just a testimony to the Power of Pure and how tossing the toxins works!” (19:46)

    “Sometimes people just have no idea the neurological damage and toxicity that is created in the home when we keep all of these pesticides.” (24:25)

    “If you just start right here, you're giving your entire household a liver cleanse, and you haven't even changed your diet or done a juice detox or anything. Because people think in their heads, ‘I’m bringing these cleaning products into my home to create a safe environment for my family,' and the irony is that they are some of the most toxic things in the home.” (26:40)

    “Sometimes we think, ‘Oh my gosh, they got this bad rash, or I have this awful headache,’ and I walk into the store like ‘Guys, that is our body talking to us saying stop!; Something happened, and I breathed, or I ingested, or I absorbed something, and we need to figure it out.” (37:01)

    “Don't believe everything that you are told. And believe in the body's innate ability to heal.” (42:29)

    In This Episode

    How Allison alleviated her illness symptoms and hormonal imbalances through clean living (13:38) Which lifestyle changes made the biggest difference in Allison’s healing journey (20:52) The first place to start when looking to reduce the toxic load inside of your home (24:04) Where you should not start and tips on specific toxins you should avoid at all costs (28:52) Learn about the inception of Branch Basics and what sets them apart from the rest (32:50)

    Resources Mentioned:

    Find Dr. Mariza’s Detox Masterclass Here

    Join Dr. Mariza’s Fall 2021 14 Day Detox

    Branch Basics Website - Use the code DRMARIZA for 15%

    Follow Branch Basics on Instagram

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