• THAT’S RIGHT… WE’RE BACK!!!!!! WITH SEASON 2!!!!!Ahh, the familiar voices are back! Nope you are not dreaming, it’s true, SEASON 2 just started!!!!Yeah we know you’ve missed us, just like we missed you all! That’s why we are back and with more awesomeness and more stuff to share with you awesome people! While this show won’t be a full 20 Episodes, we aim to make it a short but sweet season of 10 episodes or so. In this episode we focus on the slew of incredibly awesome films coming out this year, with trailer reviews and a couple of cool movie reviews, (Captain America 2 and Lego the Movie), we also have a few Tech Reviews of Google Chromecast and Amazon FireTV. But the heart of this episode resides within the Ninjitsu and Martial Arts phenomenon. With a brief but informative historic background on where Ninjas come from and what they were in comparison to Shoguns and Samurai’s, we talk about the impact Martial Arts have had on the world. From movies, music, to the military, the Ninjitsu’s way of combat has been translated into many modern fighting methods. So without further delay, we send out a special Birthday greeting to our new listener Natasha and a special greeting to Josh O’Brien who’s work can be seen here http://www.joshjobrien.comSit back and as usual, put on your easy pants, and relax, because the show is about to begin!!!-Stephen Routsis

  • This is it!! We made it! ONE FULL SEASON!!! IT is our Season Finale ladies and gentlemen! With twenty outstanding episodes and countless of hours of fun, it has truly been a joyful ride and we've made great friends.Throughout the show we've met amazing people, had incredibly stimulating conversations and laughed a great deal. Our aim was to have fun and we did that, while being so privileged to be invited into your homes, through your devices and take a moment out of your lives to share our passions and silliness. For that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It really has been a wonderful experience to do twenty episodes on topics we all love and care about. Thank you all for listening to us, taking part and replying to our shows in the most outstanding ways. Your voice was who we did this for, as much as we did it for us. We sat out to do one thing only… and that was to have fun and to share it with you. You've taken us in kindly. Our thousands of listeners, who to this day seems fantastic to us, thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing us between friends, for letting us do what we love doing.We've been featured on the internet, radio in the USA and people from far away countries have shared our conversations. This has truly been a fun ride… Our message to all of you is to never forget, anything you ever wanted to try, do, have or achieve… is all within your powers to get it. Dare to dream and dare to do the impossible, for it is only the here and now that truly matters. Next time you feel you should have turned around and asked for her name, instead of walking away, do it. Grab that moment life gives you and experience it fully and honestly. We love you all for contributing, listening and caring enough to share our moments with you. Be good, be crazy, happy, healthy and just be… live it up."We move to sound as we move to words as we move to thoughts. We move from just a moment ago, to just right now. We move between ourselves as we move between all of us. We move from here to there as we move from now to then. We move through space as we move through time. We move… and never for a moment do we move alone. We move as one greater whole in the vastness of time. We are the consciousness that shapes the world we live in... Your choice to participate begins right now. "-Stephen Routsis Thank you from the GameOver Show Team... Stephen and Mikkel Signing off...

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  • THEY CAME FROM… URANUS!!!!(Native Language is Itchi'itis)The boys are at it again, this time they talk about the Sci Fi genre, with all kinds of cool oldies and some brand new ones eagerly anticipating its release!Joining us this time is Dillon who shares his love and passion for Halo and all things related (we believe he has Halo underwear and sleeps in a Halo pyjama) :DWe talk about the good old X-Files and mention some note worthy classics along the way. Tune in, tune out, zone in or zone out, whatever makes you feel good in that special way, sit back and relax, cause we'll go interstellar in this episode and if you will, join us on a journey of Sci Fi proportions! With tons of fun, great topics we touch upon our favourite genre in a way that encourages us all to go and pick up that classic Sci Fi film that made you feel that anything is possible and we are NOT alone… With special mention to Ricardo Frietas who's generosity and awesomeness cannot be put into words, sent me (Stephen) an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure for my birthday, a blast from the past! Ricardo's work is outstanding and his work in Hollywood is just about to start, being proud of my brother I will share his wonder here:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5462983/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1http://www.starnow.co.uk/ricardofreitas1Be sure to check under his video sections the films he's been doing recently! With the aura of the X-Files over us, we leave you awesome listeners with "WE WANT TO BELIEVE" For comments and our past episodes, please visit us here:http://gameovershow.podomatic.comTill next time, stay green, stay weird and stay wonderful!!Big love to ya all!!!!

  • GREETINGS! NECHEHEÉ!! Back by Popular demand, a sequel to our successful Ayahuasca Special, we give you Ancient Cultures and Psychedelics an Ayahuasca Special Part 2! Guiding our journey this time is lead by none other than Mikkel "Big Bear" and Steven "Eagle Droppings", with a special Guest Jacob "Reads-Alot, Pees-Alot". Brother Bear gives us a Far Cry 3 review, expresses his enthusiasm in the world created in this game and through this review we venture into the world of psychedelics, shamans, ancient rituals and the world of Mother Ayahuasca. Touching upon the heavy topics of the worlds problems, such as overdosing on materialism, drugs, ego and superficial cancerous social behaviours, rotting our very essence to communicate naturally and holistically. Reaching beyond these heavy topics we naturally discuss mysteries of the Sphinx, The Great Giza Pyramids and Other Ancient mysteries. So sit back as always, light a peace pipe or any other kind of pipe, put on your feathers, dim the light and slip into our "OTHER WORLDLY" conversations. Visit us at: http://gameovershow.podomatic.com & Write to us at [email protected] We'd love to hear what you thought of this show and if you wish us to explore other unknown realms. Thanks for all your support and your amazing feedback, we bring you our first request from our listeners! ENJOY!