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    Hi, I’m Helen Marie, your host of the “I Don’t Think We Talk Enough About’ podcast. Welcome to episode 6. Today I’m joined by the incredible psychotherapist Tasha Bailey - some of you may know her as the Real Talk Therapist on Instagram. In this conversation we are talking ‘real’ about boundaries. Why they are so hard to set, why they are imperative for our mental health, why they matter for our relationships, and how they can be set with kindness. We are also answering your questions on boundaries.

    In this episode Tasha brings her beautiful wisdom and brilliant boundary setting protocol to help you find setting boundaries a little easier. It’s one I think you’re going to love, especially if you feel that you fall into people-pleasing behaviours with certain people.

    Tasha is a psychotherapist, author and content creator who specialises in mental health. Tasha’s first published book Real Talk: Therapy lessons in Healing & Self-Love was released on 28th September 2023 and it’s one you need to get your hands on!

    I adored this conversation and have a feeling that you will too.

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    Welcome to episode 5 of the 'I Don't Think We Talk Enough About' podcast.

    Today I’m having the most nourishing conversation with Suzy Reading about debunking self-care as selfish but with a twist of let’s see the good in being selfish and the necessity and benefits for others in us being selfish. This episode will hopefully leave you full of insight as well as feelings of empowerment to find ways to meet your own needs, too.

    Suzy is a mother of two, an author, Chartered Psychologist and Coach. She specialises in self-care, helping people manage their stress, emotions, and energetic bank balance. It was her life experience of motherhood colliding with the terminal illness of her father that sparked her passion for self-care which she now teaches to her clients, young and old, to cope during periods of stress, loss and change and to boost their resilience in the face of future challenges. Her first book ‘The Self-Care Revolution’ came out in 2017, and she has since written an abundance of books on self-care for both adults and children.

    Suzy truly is an expert in self-care and a much needed resource for so many who may struggle to meet their needs in this ever demanding world. Maybe now is the time to say yes to you.

    This episode is full of insight and tools to help you find a way back home to yourself and a way to maybe be a little more selfish. Delve in for some deep self-care moments and a gentle reminder that you matter too. This episode feels like a deep act of self-care in itself. I hope you enjoy.

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    Today I am talking with the wonderful Joshua Fletcher, also known as "Anxiety Josh" on social media. Josh is a psychotherapist and author who specialises in anxiety. His brilliant recent book, titled "And How Does That Make You Feel?" offers a glimpse behind the therapy room door and into the mind of a therapist, aiming to demystify what is often an unknown profession. The book explores what it's like to be an anxiety therapist, as well as the beauty of therapy and the unspoken aspects of the therapist and the therapy room. Based in Manchester, UK, his practice is still open today. Josh is also the author of two other books specifically aimed at self-help around anxiety - Untangle your anxiety and Anxiety: Panicking about panic.

    What I love about this episode is the way Josh brings his personal story of anxiety to the conversation in such a heartfelt and incredibly helpful way. He has such a drive and warmth and his desire to help others is very much alive in the room. He shows us all that there’s hope to live freer of anxiety.

    I think you’ll love this conversation and it’s one I’m very excited to share with you all today.

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    Today I am talking with the wonderful Emma Reed Turrell.

    Emma is a psychotherapist and runs a busy therapy practice alongside training and consulting.

    Following the success of her debut book, Please Yourself: How to Stop People-Pleasing and Transform the Way You Live, Emma has written a second book, What Am I Missing? Discover the Four Blind Spots That are Holding You Back and How to Overcome Them, and she also presented the popular podcast Best Friend Therapy with Elizabeth Day, and is now the host of her own podcast, ‘Friendship Therapy’.

    This episode was such a fun one to record. Emma and I definitely wouldn’t have been allowed to sit next to each other at school, because we chat and laugh way too much. However, Emma brings such warmth, wisdom and expertise in this podcast. She helps us identify our blindspots which may be holding us back from breaking those cycles of behaviour in life, that we know aren’t fundamentally good for us.

    Emma helps us answer that million dollar question, what am I missing?

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    Welcome to the second episode of my new podcast ‘I Don’t Think We Talk Enough About…’. Today I am excited to share with you a conversation I had with the wonderful Ruby Dhal.

    Ruby is a writer, poet, self-love content creator and bestselling author of 5 books of poetry, prose and bite-sized self-help. Since creating her Instagram page in 2016 and sharing her words around the themes of love, friendship, healing, self-love, heartbreak, mental health and more, Ruby has gained huge success online. She now boasts an online presence of nearly 1 million followers worldwide. Ruby has featured in Harper's Bazaar India, New York Weekly and Times of India, to name a few. After losing her mum at the age of three, Ruby's lifelong healing journey began, inspiring her to create art to heal hearts all over the world.

    This conversation is full of love, compassion and vulnerability. It’s a true reminder that social media, if used in the right way, truly can be a resource in healing - something we really don’t talk enough about with social media.

    Her first personal development book, 'The Path to Self-Love', is out today.

    If this episode brings up difficult emotions for you, please pause and take some time for you, whether that’s a walk, reaching out to someone you feel safe with, or offering yourself some much needed compassion. And, of course, as always please come back to join Ruby and I where we aim to guide you gently through ways to heal through a journey of self love.

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    I am so excited to welcome my first guest, Nicole Vignola, who is a neuroscientist, corporate consultant, author and speaker committed to making neuroscience tangible for the masses.

    She has an established platform which reaches millions, providing her audience with practical tools and science-backed methods to improve mental health, optimise reflexes and reach peak mental performance to enhance their daily lives. With 12 years of coaching experience, Nicole has a BSc in Neuroscience and an MSc in Organisational Psychology.

    This conversation focuses on the effects of heartbreak on the brain - something i really don’t think we talk about enough. Nicole shares with me what actually happens to the heart in heartbreak, how to heal from heartbreak, what not to do in heartbreak, and how to choose improving yourself instead of choosing self-destructive behaviours.

    This episode is for anyone who has experienced heartbreak through loss, grief and breakups. If this episode brings up difficult emotions for you, please pause, reach out to someone you feel safe with, and offer yourself some much needed compassion, and of course, if you can, please come back to this episode as Nicole and I do discuss ways to help you heal.