• Cindy is a mother of three who was using opioids during each of her pregnancies. She knew it wasn’t healthy for the babies, but she didn’t know how to safely stop. Fearing the doctors would notify authorities, Cindy was afraid to ask to help. Then one day, she made a call to a hotline. This led her to a doctor who gave her the support she needed, and now Cindy is in recovery and wants to share her story. Nzinga goes over some of the options available to pregnant women who are using and gives Cindy a call to check-in. She also shares a bit about how the pandemic has impacted recovery options--both the good and the bad.
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    This week from MSNBC’s podcast Into America, we hear about the ways the government has failed to track coronavirus in nursing homes that house vulnerable populations. Investigative reporter Susie Kim has tracked the numbers herself, and she breaks them down for us.

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    Here are some resources Nzinga mentioned in this week’s episode:

    Dona International is an international group of doula’s. On their website, you can search by zip code to see if there is a doula in your area.  

  • Coming May 18th from the creators of the Last Day podcast, In Recovery will fill the much-needed gap for individuals and their loved ones seeking immediate and long-term support with addiction. Hosted by physician and addiction medicine specialist Dr. Nzinga Harrison, this weekly series will field questions in a radio-style, call-in format from real people struggling with every form of addiction, from drugs and alcohol to work and gambling. In Recovery is also for healthcare providers and anyone committed to a more values-based, comprehensive and compassionate approach to recovery and mental health in America and abroad.

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