• Episode 35 is  jam packed with everything you need to know. From key business foundations to marketing strategies. Amber Allen is the founder of Social Friends and The Studio Hire Mandurah as well as a busy mum of 2. She sat down with me to share her knowledge with us on all things business. Amber also revealed her morning routine that sets her up for a balanced day.  
    Find your important foundations for your business below!

    Ideal Clients

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  • “I was running my business out of fear” featuring Stephanie Bellairs

    This episode is all things business, team culture and leadership.  
    Find out whats involved in creating a positive team culture and the strategies that Steph has incorporated to effectively manage her team over 18 years.
    Steph talks about her burnout period, how she recovered as well as the change in culture all the time.

    I absolutely love walking into Cabello, I feel like its the perfect mix of high end fashion and style that is equipped with enthusiastic and educated staff. I ran a workshop with this beautiful crew on team culture and it was interesting to see the trend that formed throughout the exercises and majority of the staff wrote similar things when talking about the team culture at Cabello. So credit to Steph the culture she has created is strong and built on education and support.

    This episode is dedicated to those who are looking for advice and a little motivation, here it is and “YOU HAVE GO THIS!”

    Go chase your dreams ladies!
    Big love,

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  • Welcome back to the podcast! Today’s episode is with the beautiful Alicja Lawler, the founder and creative designer behind the brand Laced With Kindness. The business was born when Alicja wanted to support her friends who were going miscarriages and wanted to create items that she could gift with love and meaning. Her brand has evolved through the challenges she has faced in her own life. From bracelets to now a full online store with candles, clothing, defusers and other beautiful items.

    This episode is a true reflect of the beautiful nature and way Alicja shows up online and in her business. Her business has allowed her to share her creativity and feel connected to her community.
    It was a pleasure to record this episode and we hope you enjoy!
    Please share the love online so we can inspire and help Alicja reach more people.

    With love always,
    Georgia xxx

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  • Cheri shares with us her incredible career journey full of growth, challenge and pure passion. She follows uncertainty, creates content with purpose and empowers others along the way.
    Pour yourself a hot tea or a sneaky wine, sit down and enjoy!
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    Georgia and Cheri xxx

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  • Are you ready to crack the code on your own health?! 🤸‍♀️ 🍏

    Healthy pancakes, carrot chips and rainbow salads! YUM! Today’s episode is all about listening to your body, consuming food that agrees with your gut and eliminating the hidden nasties.

    What amazing high vibe foods do you get to eat?
    What food strips you of energy?
    How is your body reacting to certain foods?

    I was so excited to welcome back to the podcast Imogen Rose, the founder of Balance Me a program dedicated to helping individuals achieve their BALANCE ME through easy-to-digest nutrition tools and resources.

    I reconnected with Immy at a recent Happiness Co event and she told me about her cleanse. I’m that type of girl that is always willing to try something new and make positive changes in my life. SO YES I did the 10 day cleanse. After doing the cleanse I was blown away and felt as though I just had to share this cleanse with the kicking goals community.

    So here it is, enjoy! Pour yourself a celery juice and sit back and enjoy xxx

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  • Join me for coffee on the couch with Lea Hughes 💁🏼‍♀️. Lea is a high school teacher, a healer and a yoga and wellness coach. To add to that she also is a business owner! Lea reveals her pivotal moment that changed her career path. She is now starting a new journey where everyday is different. She has launched Lotus of the Heart Yoga as well as Rise to Shine Wellbeing. Lea takes us through her personal challenges and provides us with her toolkit that has helped her get through the character building days. She is shining her light across our community and it was an amazing experience to feel the benefits of breath work. Join me for this practical episode where you too get to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Find a comfortable space and enjoy!

    Lea has been kind enough to share her classes with us. So be sure to enter her giveaway by sharing the episode to your instagram story and tagging:


    Giveaway !!
    Win a free pass for you and a friend to join one of Lea’s beautiful intro to breath centred yoga classes!
    This will be held at Pure Vibrations Yoga Studio at Melros Beach.

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  • Steff Holmes is a fast paced Mum of 4, a Special Needs Education Assistant and boss lady who has a passion for creativity and media. Steff has combined her passions online and built her personal brand and now has developed another way to support her family financially. If you have a fire in your belly and have a side hustle that you are ready to bring to life then grab your coffee and tune in.

    Steff shares her four focus questions that have contributed to her success online!

    What is your why?
    What is your niche?
    What are you goals?
    How are you going to get there?

    Enjoy ladies! With love, Georgia and Steff xx

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  • Jemaine Finlay is a lady on a mission. I could feel the passion and drive in her voice the entire episode! Jem revealed the challenges she faced throughout school and her early 20’s. After saying yes to personal development, making sacrifices and reprogramming the way she was showing up in life she has now created an opportunity driven path. She is an NLP Practitioner, Empowerment Coach, Naturopath and Fitness Coach. She has the power to manifest and create anything she sets her mind to and so can you!
    Enjoy and dont forget to share this episode with your tribe.
    Love, Georgia xx

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  • Episode 27
    Co the Founder of Coco Studio Designs reveals the highlights and the challenges she experiences as a business owner. If you are a small business owner or have a burning desire to turn your passion into your full time gig then turn the volume up and enjoy while sipping your coffee. Co is a go getter, she uses systems and structures to ensure her clients, content and creations are set up for success. I always enjoy catching up with Co and I know you will too. Thanks for joining us.

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  • HOLLA 🌻

    Yup thats right sisters! Grab your almond latte’ and join us for coffee on the couch.
    Get set for an exciting in conversation episode featuring a lady who runs her own Graphic Design and Creative Agency, Coco Studio Designs!

    Meet Coralie de Robillard, your new inspo sister!

    She is so on brand that she rocked up to my apartment wearing the exact colours consistently featured across her instagram feed.

    Tune in for tips on personal branding and a little insight into Coco’s unique lifestyle, as well as gain tips on building a business and hustling during Isolation.

    Coco is a beautiful soul and the amazing name behind my website!!! (Insert happy dance here)
    I had so much fun working on a few projects together that I really wanted to share her advice and happiness on the podcast!

    So here it is…. Are you ready?!

    Enjoy everyone, have a lovely day xx

    P.S. Special thanks to my beautiful local coffee shop, Short, Black and Sides for this mornings coffee fix.

    How can you connect with Coco?

    Podcast: Coco Studio Chats

    Instagram: @coralie.d.r

    Website: www.cocostudiodesigns.com

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  • Good morning beautiful people, 

    I'm so grateful to be sharing the morning with you. 

    I hope you are all finding ways to keep active, stay connected and enjoy some down time. 

    In this episode I give you a sneaky peak into my morning mediation. 

    As I spoke about in my last episode, meditation plays key role in my mindset, self awareness and positive attitude. 

    Welcome to my meditation.


    Georgia xx 

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  • Put the kettle on, jump into your pj's and get ready for tonights episode! 

    The next 10 minutes will fill your ears with happiness, joy and just good vibes. 

    This extra dose of sparkle is dedicated to YOU. 

    B.Y.O pen and paper to create your own bucket list. 

    Three key take aways 

    1. CONNECT 

    2. CLEAN 

    3. EDUCATE 

    Episode Mentions: 







    ENJOY xx 

  • I believe everyone has a story. 

    So here is mine. 

    This episode is full of truth bombs and there is no holding back. 

    With everything that is currently happening in the world I want this episode to give you happiness, inspiration and light. 

    What were once my challenges are now my biggest lessons in life. 


    If you want something so badly you will APPLY yourself! 

    So dream big and drop the self doubt. 

    Grab yourself a pen and paper and SHARE with me your key take aways! 

    Oh and don't forget to order yourself a coffee... you are in for a treat!

    Happy Wednesday everyone. 

    Love and light, 

    Go and kick some goals. 

    Georgia xx

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  • This is a double episode week!!! 

    Join me for an inconversion episode with the incredible passion driven entrepreneur Zac White! 

    Zac was one of the OG Neverland Boys who was paid to TRAVEL THE WORLD. 

    His travel bug originally flourished after a trip to Rottnest Island.  

    Hear the secrets to traveling, living your ideal life and the power of saying NO. 


    Big Love, 

    G xx 











  • Today’s in conversation episode will give you an insight into the world of entrepreneurship and start up business. Mandurah creatives, Ollie Bazzani & Nic Bevan are the Co – founders of Scott’s Garage and have jumped on the podcast to share their advice, experiences and challenges around BUSINESS.
    Learn how to follow trends, step outside your comfort zone and create your own unique pathway. Tune in to find out how these two entrepreneurs have changed the dynamic of Mandurah’s entertainment scene.

    So how did this dynamic duo meet?
    The powerful duo Ollie and Nic originally met through a mutual friend. Nic and his friend Andrew were looking to expand their business and thought Ollie was the perfect addition to their team.
    By nature, Nic and Ollie are ACTION takers and are not afraid to take a risk and this attitude has played a big role in their success.
    “Going into business with a friend is great but it is extremely important to separate friendship and business.”
    “Life isn’t perfect, and we can put challenges aside when we are not working and can go out on the weekend and have a great time as friends.”
    “At the end of the day you need to give good service and always consider the customer when making decisions together.”
    “Understanding everyone’s perspective, your business partner, your client as well as your own ideas and thoughts is important.”

    Both boys are inspired by and extremely grateful for their parents, upbringing and early exposure to small business.

    I hope you enjoy their episode as much as I enjoyed chatting to the boys.
    Don’t forget to share this episode with your tribe and leave us a review so we can continue educating and inspiring others.
    Big love always!
    Georgia Perry

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  • WE ARE LIVE! 🔥 🔥 🔥
    In this exclusive episode Jules and myself will reveal the reasons why we are so PASSIONATE about this program. We hope you are excited to add an extra dose of clarity and purpose in your life and BOOST your confidence. Because WE know you are AMAZING and can do incredible things in this world.
    We will ONLY be RELEASING 70 tickets to our launch event that will go live at the end of the week.
    Take a listen, spread the love and remember go and KICK some goals.
    Georgia and Jules!

  • Hello happy humans!
    Welcome back to another episode of Kicking Goals with Georgia Perry.
    Today’s episode is all about two lovely ladies who decided to turn their café dream into reality.
    Today I am joined by the beautiful Kaylie Fernandez and Brodie Jones, the boss babes behind the café Sonder Coffee in VIC PARK.  
    Tune in to find out the truth bombs about starting a business and get ready to step outside your comfort zone.
    The girls reveal the roles that different people play in their lives as well as the importance of bouncing ideas off people that are outside the café circle.
    These two ladies are pure joy, happiness and reflect a true authentic friendship.
    Sip your almond latte, sit back and enjoy.
    See you all at Sonder Coffee soon xx

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  • Welcome back amazing people to another episode of Kicking Goals with Georgia Perry.
    I am your happy host Georgia and today’s guest is an earth angel who is a beam of light.
    Her energy is pure, organic and she truly speaks from the heart.
    Fiona Marie is an Alignment Coach, a Lululemon Key Leader and definelty a lady who is well respected in the Health and Wellness Industry.
    This episode is bursting with love, alignment and good times.
    There was no episode structure or template required for this episode because we were excited to see the wonderful way our conversation would flow.
    With that in mind we had the intent to educate, inspire and motivate you.
    Fiona is vulnerable and shares some life changing experiences that have allowed her to grow as a person, improve the relationships around her and switched her attitude to life.

    Episode recommendations:

    Thank you for joining us today for our in conversation episode with Fiona Marie.
    Have a happy day and remember GO and KICK some GOALS.

  • Stay Ahead of the Game with Stephanie Bellairs
    Steph has been a BOSS girl since the age of 23.
    She really is leading the way in the hair and beauty industry.
    You may have previously known her brand as Head Graffiti but in true Steph style she took the leap to rebrand her hair salon, in order to stay ahead of the game.
    Steph has an inspiring spin to leadership and really leads her team from the front by living and breathing everything she teachers.
    She is a lady full of love, passion and confidence. She goes above and beyond to set a great example for her team of leading hair stylists and four beautiful children.
    This lady is on a mission and 2020 is her year to spread her magic by educating and mentoring up and coming stylists all over Western Australia.
    This episode is the perfect dose of education, inspiration and motivation.
    If you enjoy this episode don’t forget to leave a five star review so we can continue spreading our light and love across Australia. Have a fabulous day and remember GO and KICK some GOALS. Xx

  • Welcome back beautiful humans to another episode of Kicking Goals with Georgia Perry.
    HAPPY 2020, I love saying that!  
    I am your happy host Georgia and I am here to give you the tools, inspiration and motivation so you can redesign your life.
    I can feel the positive vibes flowing through my body when I think 2020!
    Today’s episode we say thank you & goodbye to 2019 and welcome in the new year.

    Today’s guest is the beautiful Celeste Baker the Founder & Design of Aqua Activewear. Celeste reveals what she learnt in 2019 from a personal and business perspective as well as what new habits and goals she is going to introduce in 2020.
    This episode is perfect for those who have a burning desire to start a side hustle or are looking for a good dose of inspiration from someone who once had a dream and then decided to take action one step at a time!
    Get ready to step outside your comfort zone, create magic and spread your sparkle.

    Quotes from Celeste:
    “You have to go through the failures so you can learn and understand what success is.”
    “You can create magic, but it is the behind the scenes that you need to be open with.”
    “Stop perfecting things and just go for it.”
    “Don’t overthink it, just go out and do it.”
    “Go for things and don’t let fear hold you back.”

    Episode recommendations

    It is inspiring to see Aussie’s connecting together to look for creative ways of how we as a country can raise funds to help those in need.
    The Relief Run is an amazing global running collective that has raised over $250, 000 for Red Cross Australia. If you are looking to get involved with the virtual running event it will take place on the 18th and 19th of January and is $50 to enter.
    You can visit http://www.reliefrun.com.au for more information.

    Thank you everyone for joining us today.
    I love receiving all your wonderful feedback.
    So feel free to connect with me on the gram I’m always up for a chit chat.
    That’s all from us have fab day and remember GO and KICK some GOALS.