• Oh what a treat to finish the year with and YES - I’ve moved our couch since my interview with Grace Niu Feng Shui is the subject this week and Grace is a true talent. Grace is one of the 9 Accredited Feng Shui Consultants in Australia by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants International (AFSC). She is a gifted Intuitive mentor, teacher, speaker and business coach, who created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful 15-year career in media to explore her life purpose. She practices Classical Feng Shui using traditional Compass School, Form School and Flying Star School. In addition, she also practices San Yuan Yuan Gua Feng Shui, which has its lineage traced back to Tang Dynasty. Currently only a handful people were taught and passed on this formula in Australia. She is passionate about practising authentic Feng Shui and only seek learnings from Masters who respects this ancient heritage. She has been formally trained by the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES). Enjoy the show and find her resources/website over on our show notes lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • This week, the wonderfully talented Dr Ann Shippy from Austin, Texas joins me on the show to discuss environmental toxin illness, specifically mould / mold. Ann’s words about the way she practices “My approach to medicine is a unique blend of measured, precise data with a heartfelt and sympathetic attitude towards all of my patients. This method stems from my engineering background and my own failed experience as a patient of traditional medicine. I treat patients suffering from any combination of physical, environmental or genetic issues. The science and research that directly relate our environment and nutrition to health, prompted me to found two health-based foundations. My hope is to contribute to and inspire a positive movement towards solving some of the more complex health challenges we face today – and to help create a world where everyone has the opportunity for wellness.” A deeply caring physician, an expert in detoxification and a desire to get people well, enjoy today's show. If you feel after today’s show you might have a mold issue, please do go back and listen to shows 55 and 77 too as well as reading through my “Whole Mold Story” blog at lowtoxlife.com - You can find all the show notes over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast - Enjoy the show x

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  • Do you have pets? Know someone who does? This is the episode for them! Animal Naturopath Ruth Hatten takes us into the world of holistic pet care for cats and dogs, from nutrition, to dental hygiene to parasites and vaccinations, we discuss the ins and outs of it all. So if you’ve ever been wondering if grains are ok for dogs or which kibble to get (newsflash: NONE!) or how often you should worm your cat… It’s all in here for you to learn from. We couldn’t cover it all so I’m going to do a live session Q&A with Ruth on more home remedies, washing and grooming, coat care and supplements with the Low Tox Club members, which you can join anytime through Patreon https://www.patreon.com/lowtoxlife for just $4USD a month. Enjoy the show and you can get Ruth’s dog supplement mix recipe over on the shownotes at lowtoxlife.com/podcast as well as enjoy the show supporter offer for this month. Alexx x

  • Steve Posselt is an inspiring change maker whose story I am so happy to bring to the show where we talk about water issues, climate change, activism, personal empowerment and what to do when people vehemently disagree with you on big issues such as this. When he talks about the risks of climate change he does it in the most powerful way I’ve heard. He’s a 66-year-old civil and water engineer, adventurer, and grandfather. He’s a Fellow of Engineers Australia and has been a climate activist for well over a decade, using extremely long kayak journeys to promote awareness and education. Currently chair of the Sustainable Engineering Society he is working with Engineers Australia to come to grips with the urgency for climate change action. Old Yella, his wheeled kayak, has served him faithfully for 12 years over 12,000km, with almost 2,000km of that dragging it overland. Using his engineering knowledge his goal has been to alert people to the real risks that climate change presents and to put them into perspective against infrastructure risk calculations that we all depend on. Steve is passionate about doing whatever he can to provide a suitable world for his grandchildren. He is the author of Cry Me a River. Tough Is Not Enough is his second book. I hope you enjoy the conversation and benefit from it, sharing it with family and friends. Don’t forget of course, the show supporter offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast Enjoy!

  • Chris Barez-Brown began in the army and took a big u-turn into brand management and subsequently innovation and leadership development. Sensing there was so much pain in people, so much more potential and connectedness, Chris went about deepening his workshops into spirituality and fulfillment, and runs programs called “Upping your Elvis” and, newly, a social enterprise called Talk it Out which has been proven to help reduce stress levels and increase self-awareness - if anything it instantly highlights how rarely we go deep when talking to people - hopes, dreams, the things that trouble us. Chris’s passion is to help people become more energetic and collaborative and his training, including meditation, allows people to get their energy right and bring their talents and sense of flow to the fore. It’s a lovely end of year chat to pave the way for deeper connection to ourselves and others in 2020. I hope you enjoy it, Alexx x

  • In this week’s show, I chat to Dr Kate Wood, founder of Healthspace clinics, ex professional athlete and someone who lives and breathes her passion for not only getting herself well, but getting to the bottom of why others are unwell and helping pull out all the stops to get them where they need to go. She has a particular passion for chronic cases. Kate has represented Australia as an 800m runner, winning five Australian titles and competing on the international stage. She also lectured track & field at the Australian College of Physical Education. After being forced into an early retirement due to injury, Kate turned to helping others with their health and wellness, with a special focus on families, pre-conception, pregnancy and paediatrics as a chiropractor and so much more as she’s added further treatment skills to her arsenal to support her patients. We talk about various modalities that can be used from NET to Thompson Drop Piece, Cranial therapy and Bicom, as well as discussing approaches to health care, preventative strategies and more. I hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to make the most of this month’s show supporter offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast. Enjoy, Alexx! x

  • Ponder this: Do you think you could grow or wild forage absolutely EVERYTHING you consumed for an entire year? Well, Rob Greenfield is 1 week shy of completing a whole year of doing so and today we talk about his latest “Food Freedom” project, talking everything from how he planned, travelled, what medical precautions he took, what he found hard and what was easy and what he’s looking forward to eating when he’s done. We also go on to talk about foraging, traveling and carbon emissions and being beholden to money and how to reverse that a little in one’s life. Enjoy the show, it’s such a pleasure to have Rob back to chat again bringing with him his infectious enthusiasm for doing better by people and planet. Alexx. 

  • When I first had Dan Palmer on the show, the feedback was a resounding “More Please!”. Why? Because often when big decisions come up in life, we don’t know how to navigate them from a place of empowerment. We are so often consumed by the uncertainty of the outcomes, driven by fear and even when we decide, we can be preoccupied with “Is this the right decision?”. Dan Palmer literally wrote the thesis on holistic decision making and in this show, talks about Quality of Life Statements, fear in decision making and we take a look at Bec’s situation with her career and Lisa’s situation deciding on schooling options to see how best to play out our decision making phase. Enjoy the show and I hope it helps support your decision-making process on your journey! The show supporter offers and show notes can be found at lowtoxlife.com/podcast 

  • In this week’s show we talk about a painful subject for the many that experience it: ACNE, where I invite Clear Skin expert with multiple qualifications and past acne sufferer herself, Asha Evertsz onto the show. Whether you’re a teen, parent of a teen or experiencing bouts of or chronic adult acne, this show is for you or for someone you can think of that needs it. Thanks in advance for forwarding it onto anyone out there who needs it. We talk through every aspect of acne to leave you feeling like you know what to do next, from diet and lifestyle, to medications, to prevention and breakout SOS strategy (Loved the ginger tip!) I hope this week’s show is useful for you and as always you can check out the show supporter offers over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast Alexx x. 

  • Kate Johnston, Naturopath and nutritionist, takes us on a journey looking into supplementation. We look at sourcing, quality, packaging, additives and then also at the act of taking them in general: do we need them, how long to take them, how to feel empowered if you think you’re being prescribed too many, what nutrients are best obtained by food, what situations require us to get added nutrients from supplements when the food isn’t able to provide a therapeutic dose. It’s a great show on what to look for when choosing supplements and how to think more sustainable about the ones we choose. Enjoy the show and find the show sponsor offers and additional resources over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • Do I have a show for you this week! Fan of exploring the gut microbiome? Did you know our nose, skin, mouth and vagina all have microbiomes too and healthy or not, they have impacts on our overall health? We look at not only gut but vaginal and nasal microbiomes as well this week with Australia’s foremost probiotic expert Dr Jason Hawrelak - back for a second time and boy were there some mind blowing facts shared in this week’s show. Dr Hawrelak did his Honours (First Class) and PhD degrees in the areas of the gastrointestinal microbiota, irritable bowel syndrome, and the clinical applications of pre- and probiotics. He has written extensively in the medical literature on these topics – including 16 textbook chapters – and his research has been cited over 900 times. Suffice it to say, this week’s show is a good one for the microbiome nerds among us. I hope you enjoy this week’s show and as always, you can find this week’s podcast sponsor offer and show notes over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast Enjoy! 

  • It all started when my SYD-LAX companion in June, Nigel and I were talking about the frustrating state of affairs in recycling tech (I know right? Hit the plane-buddy jackpot!) and he mentioned the hope that lay in the work a colleague of his was doing at the University of New South Wales. We were introduced and the rest is history. What a privilege to be able to bring you this hopeful conversation with Professor Veena Sahajwalla this week on the show. She is the woman behind the technology turning used rubber tyres into sheet steel, and used plastics into filament for 3D printing instead of what the majority of the industry is using - virgin plastics! 

    Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla FTSE HonFIEAust directs the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) at UNSW Australia; delivering scientific and engineering advances in sustainability of materials and associated processes in collaboration with industry. ARC Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla is revolutionising recycling science to enable global industries to safely utilise toxic and  complex wastes as low-cost alternatives to virgin raw materials and fossil fuels. As Founding Director of UNSW’s Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology, Veena and her team are working closely with industry partners to deliver the new science, processes and technologies that will drive the redirection of many of the world’s most challenging waste streams away from landfills and back into production; simultaneously reducing costs to alleviating pressures on the environment. She is reimagining the global supply chain by demonstrating the viability of ‘mining’ our overburdened landfills to harness the wealth of useful elements like carbon, hydrogen and materials like silica, titania and metals embedded in our waste. 

    Enjoy discovering this incredible woman’s work. I can’t wait to go visit her research centre and bring you some video footage of what they’re doing. As always you can head to the shownotes for more details and to join the low tox club at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • Enjoyed the new music for the show? It’s a song “Birds” from Independent Australian Artist Melanie Horsnell from her 2005 Album “The Adventures Of” available along with her other fine albums over at melaniehorsnell.com (digital download for instant access!) 

    Have you heard of the many ways we should be consumed with guilt for wanting to interact with digital media - you need to digital detox. You need a digital diet. Just another thing to feel guilty about or feel bad about letting our children do as a parent.  Well, it was definitely a topic I wanted to discuss on the show, but I wasn’t loving the deprivation / I’m a bad person vibes that so regularly form the discussions around tech and overuse or misuse. If teaching in the low tox space for 10 years has taught me anything, it’s that a positive mindset of “discovery not deprivation” works best for implementing changes, so we set out to find an expert who could help us navigate digital media. Enter Jocelyn Brewer, who is a Sydney-based registered psychologist with a special interest in the psychology of technology and staying human in a digital age. Alongside being part of the Cyberpsychology Research Group at Sydney University, Jocelyn is completing her Masters of Applied Science (Cyberpsychology) exploring the role of self-control and mindfulness in the prevention of Problematic Smartphone Use. This exploratory research surveyed over 500 Year 7 students in metropolitan Sydney and will be completed in 2019. The conversation we have is about the good and the bad, what to watch out for as a sign that addiction wheels are in motion, how to connect over tech instead of have it be something that distances you from your kids and how to raise them to have a healthy level of awareness and self awareness around their media use. It’s a conversation I’m proud to bring to the fore and I hope you love it as much as I did. Find the podcast show notes and this month’s sponsor offer over at www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast Alexx.

  • Have you ever tapped? Or perhaps you’ve seen tapping or heard about it and thought “what the heck is that gonna do for my problems”. Well, today’s show guest is Dr Peta Stapleton and she’s a big believer in the Science of Tapping (in fact that’s the title of her book!). She calls it a part of the “Fourth Wave of psychology”.  She has 22 years experience as a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist and has completed a Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy. Peta held academic positions at Griffith University for 14 years, teaching and coordinating psychological research trials into new therapies in the area of obesity and weight management and is now Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University.

    So if you thought tapping was a bit of hocus pocus, then today’s show will sort that out. Peta takes us through habits, fears, motivation, weight loss, self-worth and ‘tapping things in’ as we coined during the show. You’re going to want to listen to this and consider putting tapping in your tool kit. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to check out the extra notes and sponsor offer over in the show notes at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • In this week’s show we talk about the enormous power we have in the way we invest our money: Ethical investing for the world we want to see! (This episode is not sponsored nor am I personally endorsing this exact investment fund as the one you should transfer to! It’s simply a discussion about ethical investing, highlighting the great work one company is doing as an example) From today, what I hope this show will do is have us all ask ourselves: What does ethical investment look like for you on the micro-level in terms of what’s going in your shopping basket and where is your money invested right now when it comes to finance, superannuation, your 401K etc? And then finally to look and ask: is there a disconnect? Adam Verwey is the founder of Future Super and an experienced ethical fund manager and Kirsten Hunt is the COO, passionate about advancing women’s rights and financial opportunity. Together we all discuss the power in where we put our money and it’s a wonderful discussion that will leave you with great tools to start asking powerful questions of the institutions where you have your money right now as well as researching the best aligned options when it comes to your values. Enjoy the show and as always, you’ll find all the resources and the show supporter offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast Alexx x

  • What if that cellulite, or the big spider didn’t have such a hold over you? What if you could realise that it’s all just a bunch of stories we’re making up? Behavioral plans, mindsets, hard work and willpower are NOT where deep, sustainable change comes from, says my guest Dr Amy Johnson who is known for her ability to help people create lasting change. Amy Johnson PhD is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find true, lasting freedom from unwanted habits via insight rather than willpower. She is the author of Being Human (2013), and The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit (2016). I so enjoyed this conversation for the aha’s that happened the whole way through, realising just how much the made up stories impact the unfolding of our lives - if we let them! If you are held back by fear, can’t break your negative self talk or habits that aren’t serving you, this show is a must. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the sponsor offer for the show over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast valid through September.

  • On this week’s show you get to meet the filmmaker who brought us the wonderful 2040 film this year - Damon Gameau’s follow up film to “That Sugar Film” in 2014 and it didn’t disappoint. As Damon said “Once you clock the vastness of the climate crisis issue, what other issue is there?” He simply made the film he had to make as a human and a dad wanting his little girl’s 2040 to be different to the bleak picture we’re seeing now. We talk about his journey into accidental activism through story telling and film, we talk about the biggest issues of our time and we even have a crack at solving them. It’s a great conversation with a great man who has a compelling vision and path carved out for us and our planet. Enjoy the show, share it with your friends and colleagues and let’s accelerate positive change around the world with this week’s catalyzing conversation. Head to the show notes for the sponsor offer and further resources lowtoxlife.com/podcast Alexx x

  • Dr Elson Haas, one of the founders of the Integrative Medicine movement is my guest on today’s podcast. What a treat! Something that has increased in need, while our environment and food has become more and more polluted is detoxification. Our biology was not designed for this morning world and the ol’ “We don’t need to detox, that’s what our liver is for” just doesn’t fly. One form of detoxification that has become popular over the past few decades is juice fasting so I wanted to look into this more deeply with a medical doctor to understand why. Research shows our bodies thrive on bringing ‘lean times’ in the mix and as long as you’ve spoken to your practitioner and don’t suffer adrenal / cortisol issues, then you may want to look at doing a juice fast. Today we explore what got Dr Haas interested in doing a juice cleanse, how it impacted him as a Doctor and what he then went on to study to bring a more holistic approach to supporting his patients. 

    We also discuss 


    When the perfect time of the lunar cycle/year is to do a juice fast.What the keys to overall health are after his many books and decades of medical practice.How to rely less on uppers and downers - chemical OR natural! How to make lifestyle habit change stick in your life. How to know what foods work for us ultimately? What the 3 things Elson wants you to do this week to be your best thriving self. 



    It’s a great show and don’t forget to make the most of this month’s podcast sponsor offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast 

  • Have you heard of phase 2.5 detox and the key role it plays in supporting the healthy removal of used hormones and toxins from our system? Dr Kelly Halderman explains what it is and why it is so key - especially for people who live or work in high tox environments or who have detoxification impairment due to illness or (epi)genetics. We also talk about the full detoxification picture, how to optimise detoxification, links between poor detoxification, chronic illness, gall bladder issues and resistant weightloss. Join me in this brilliant deep dive and as always, enjoy the sponsor offer over in the show notes at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • Naomi Judge is a naturopath passionate about helping women find their best ‘normal’ possible in her work once clearing the path from all the things that jeopordise optimal health. If you’ve ever wanted to truly understand detoxification, how to detoxify from different things, how and when detoxification is NOT a good idea and what to do about life events that require an uplevelling of detoxification, this show is for you. We also discuss detoxification pitfalls and when to know you’re not on the right track. Enjoy the show and the wonderful sponsor offer available this month over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast