• In this week’s show we talk about the enormous power we have in the way we invest our money: Ethical investing for the world we want to see! (This episode is not sponsored nor am I personally endorsing this exact investment fund as the one you should transfer to! It’s simply a discussion about ethical investing, highlighting the great work one company is doing as an example) From today, what I hope this show will do is have us all ask ourselves: What does ethical investment look like for you on the micro-level in terms of what’s going in your shopping basket and where is your money invested right now when it comes to finance, superannuation, your 401K etc? And then finally to look and ask: is there a disconnect? Adam Verwey is the founder of Future Super and an experienced ethical fund manager and Kirsten Hunt is the COO, passionate about advancing women’s rights and financial opportunity. Together we all discuss the power in where we put our money and it’s a wonderful discussion that will leave you with great tools to start asking powerful questions of the institutions where you have your money right now as well as researching the best aligned options when it comes to your values. Enjoy the show and as always, you’ll find all the resources and the show supporter offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast Alexx x

  • What if that cellulite, or the big spider didn’t have such a hold over you? What if you could realise that it’s all just a bunch of stories we’re making up? Behavioral plans, mindsets, hard work and willpower are NOT where deep, sustainable change comes from, says my guest Dr Amy Johnson who is known for her ability to help people create lasting change. Amy Johnson PhD is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find true, lasting freedom from unwanted habits via insight rather than willpower. She is the author of Being Human (2013), and The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit (2016). I so enjoyed this conversation for the aha’s that happened the whole way through, realising just how much the made up stories impact the unfolding of our lives - if we let them! If you are held back by fear, can’t break your negative self talk or habits that aren’t serving you, this show is a must. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the sponsor offer for the show over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast valid through September.

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  • On this week’s show you get to meet the filmmaker who brought us the wonderful 2040 film this year - Damon Gameau’s follow up film to “That Sugar Film” in 2014 and it didn’t disappoint. As Damon said “Once you clock the vastness of the climate crisis issue, what other issue is there?” He simply made the film he had to make as a human and a dad wanting his little girl’s 2040 to be different to the bleak picture we’re seeing now. We talk about his journey into accidental activism through story telling and film, we talk about the biggest issues of our time and we even have a crack at solving them. It’s a great conversation with a great man who has a compelling vision and path carved out for us and our planet. Enjoy the show, share it with your friends and colleagues and let’s accelerate positive change around the world with this week’s catalyzing conversation. Head to the show notes for the sponsor offer and further resources lowtoxlife.com/podcast Alexx x

  • Dr Elson Haas, one of the founders of the Integrative Medicine movement is my guest on today’s podcast. What a treat! Something that has increased in need, while our environment and food has become more and more polluted is detoxification. Our biology was not designed for this morning world and the ol’ “We don’t need to detox, that’s what our liver is for” just doesn’t fly. One form of detoxification that has become popular over the past few decades is juice fasting so I wanted to look into this more deeply with a medical doctor to understand why. Research shows our bodies thrive on bringing ‘lean times’ in the mix and as long as you’ve spoken to your practitioner and don’t suffer adrenal / cortisol issues, then you may want to look at doing a juice fast. Today we explore what got Dr Haas interested in doing a juice cleanse, how it impacted him as a Doctor and what he then went on to study to bring a more holistic approach to supporting his patients. 

    We also discuss 


    When the perfect time of the lunar cycle/year is to do a juice fast.What the keys to overall health are after his many books and decades of medical practice.How to rely less on uppers and downers - chemical OR natural! How to make lifestyle habit change stick in your life. How to know what foods work for us ultimately? What the 3 things Elson wants you to do this week to be your best thriving self. 



    It’s a great show and don’t forget to make the most of this month’s podcast sponsor offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast 

  • Have you heard of phase 2.5 detox and the key role it plays in supporting the healthy removal of used hormones and toxins from our system? Dr Kelly Halderman explains what it is and why it is so key - especially for people who live or work in high tox environments or who have detoxification impairment due to illness or (epi)genetics. We also talk about the full detoxification picture, how to optimise detoxification, links between poor detoxification, chronic illness, gall bladder issues and resistant weightloss. Join me in this brilliant deep dive and as always, enjoy the sponsor offer over in the show notes at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • Naomi Judge is a naturopath passionate about helping women find their best ‘normal’ possible in her work once clearing the path from all the things that jeopordise optimal health. If you’ve ever wanted to truly understand detoxification, how to detoxify from different things, how and when detoxification is NOT a good idea and what to do about life events that require an uplevelling of detoxification, this show is for you. We also discuss detoxification pitfalls and when to know you’re not on the right track. Enjoy the show and the wonderful sponsor offer available this month over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast 

  • Nadine Richardson, this week’s show guest is an extraordinary woman and is the founder of SheBirths, the only scientifically proven method for preparing for one’s birth journey that demonstrates significantly reduced need for pain medication, cesarian section and tears - doesn’t that sound amazing indeed! This show is so wonderful as we explore the magic that is the transformative birth journey. This is for everyone who’s given birth to reminisce, everyone who is on a birth journey now or in the future, their partners, friends, and anyone you know who is going to have a baby. You will learn the significance of a doula, some of the most powerful things you can do to prepare for birth and what to do when it doesn’t quite go according to preference (she doesn’t use the word ‘plan’ which I LOVE!) Enjoy the show and check out the show notes over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast 

  • This week on the show, Anne Foster is BACK. One of our most popular shows last year on textiles, Anne Foster, founder of @Elkie & Ark is this time putting her environmental scientist/economist hat on and we discuss the climate crisis and the every day things you and I can work on to reduce emissions to 30% below 1990 - yep, you read that right! Anne takes us through the current research on reducing emissions and drawing down carbon, and we also spend time discussing personal changes we have on the cards or have struggled with, so that you get a good window into weighing up decisions and don’t feel quite so alone in the many changes we’re all feeling called to make in this intersection between the world where we did everything based on convenience and we now need to redefine convenience to include the care for our planet as a “successful performance” metric. I hope you enjoy the show and as always, you can find the show notes and supporter offer details on lowtoxlife.com/podcast  

  • In this week’s show, we have the wonderful Dr Gabrielle Lyon talking muscles. What happens when you cross a woman with a head cold (me that day!) and a Dr who’s about to give birth to her first baby? Well, of course, you get a very interesting show about muscles and the key role they play in the research when it comes to longevity and not just age as a number, but thriving into old age. Dr. Lyon attended the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and is board-certified in Family Practice. She also completed her research fellowship in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics at Washington University in St. Louis. The mix of study she’s done - a whopping 17 years worth - puts her in a unique position to be able to wade through all the research and cut to the chase on what brings results for people, especially those who seek to reach peak physical state. She has brought unparalleled results to her patients with personalized advanced nutritional interventions, metabolic and genetic testing, and behavioural action plans that leave no stone unturned. When you work with Dr. Lyon, you will enter into a partnership that will bring you long-term success and life-changing breakthroughs in every aspect of your life. You can feel this in the no-nonsense way she responds to questions. If you’ve struggled to build muscle and have suffered long and chronic states and want out, muscle - and Dr Gabrielle Lyon - may just be your answer. I hope you enjoy the interview. Show notes and the sponsor offer can be found over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast and click on that show’s tile. 

  • I am thrilled to have Dr John Gray join me on the show this week. His Mars/Venus book series has forever changed the way men and women view their relationships and he has authored over 20 books since the mid 90s. At the core of his work, John helps men and women better understand and respect their differences in both personal and professional relationships. His approach combines specific communication techniques with healthy, nutritional choices that create the brain and body chemistry for lasting health, happiness and romance. 

    Most of us have to communicate with the opposite sex, regardless of whether we are in a male/female relationship and this podcast will support us all that much I can tell you. We talk about the biology of what men and women need when communicating and connecting, common pitfalls in long term relationships, addictions such as porn and their detrimental effects and the role reversals often happening in families and how to navigate those in the modern world and striving for meaningful equality. 

    Enjoy the show and the wonderful show-supporter offer and grab all details over in the shownotes lowtoxlife.com/podcast and click on this show’s tile, Alexx. 

  • One of my favourite things to do for the show is to research people who are thought leaders and boy have I found one in Steve Nygren, co creator of “Serenbe”. Imagine a land plan that could provide for 20% more housing while saving 70% of the land for agriculture and recreation. Sounds impossible, right? In 2004, the Nygrens began development of Serenbe the community to demonstrate that it was absolutely possible and I talk to Steve about how it came to be that he could imagine this place and then bring it to life. The result is reminiscent of century-old communities connected to current technology. Steve has chaired many local and state boards and currently serves on three national boards dealing with environmental issues.

    Enjoy this show and inspiring story that will have us challenging the need to build concrete jungles to house everyone, and reimagine our urban futures. I’ll fight you for the plane ticket to go visit and maybe move there! You can find the details and general show notes with this month’s sponsor offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • Nicole Bijlsma is a household name for the Low Tox Life community and in this week’s show we deep dive into the concerns over 5G technology and how you can protect your family. We also take a look at common questions about reducing your exposure to EMFs in the home - especially when you have solar, metal furniture or a steel roof. If you haven’t come across Nicole’s work before, you’re in for a treat. Nicole is a woman of passion, and her passion lies in environmental medicine. Nicole was a former naturopath and acupuncturist with 15 years of clinical experience who changed her career pathway to become a building biologist after noticing a strong correlation with many of her patients illnesses and health hazards in their home. Nicole is the author of the best seller Healthy Home, Healthy Family, was a columnist for Body+Soul (Herald Sun) and is frequently consulted by the media to comment on health hazards in the built environment. Nicole has thirty years experience lecturing at tertiary institutions in nutrition, Chinese Medicine and environmental medicine, and has published in peer-reviewed journals. Her extensive knowledge in environmental medicine has seen her speak at various conferences both in Australia and abroad (USA, Thailand and New Zealand). Nicole single handedly established the building biology industry in Australia, was the former President of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists and established the Australian College of Environmental Studies in 1999 to educate people about the health hazards in the built environment. The college is the only institution in Australia to provide nationally accredited training in Building Biology and Feng Shui. Nicole is currently completing her PhD investigating health hazards in the built environment. Enjoy today’s show and head to the podcast show notes for resources and this week’s show supporter offer. www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • With the response to my solo show on doing Dr Joe Disepnza’s work, I was keen to bring someone in who has dedicated himself to sharing the power of meditation through his work. Guy Lawrence is an eternal student of life and a powerful teacher.

  • Alzheimer’s disease: It’s something you dread that your future might reveal, and sadly the statistics are showing it to be more and more likely. 10 million cases of dementia are diagnosed worldwide each year, around 70% of those being an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. This is all compounded by the fact that there’s been very little progress in the past decades when it comes to treatment, much less reversal, so it’s costing families and public health departments much heartache and money with the frustration of no real solutions in conventional medicine at this point. So where does that leave us in the hope stakes? Enter Dr Dale Bredesen. Dr Dale Bredesen, the author of New York Times bestseller “The End of Alzheimer’s”, is my guest this week and I am so, so thrilled to present this interview that contains bucket loads of hope. He is at the forefront of cognitive decline science, treatment and reversal and holds the noble pursuit of solving the irreversible nature of many cognitive decline diseases before his time’s up. In his paradigm-shifting book, Dr. Bredesen offers real hope to anyone looking to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline. This conversation goes deep into the why and the how of cognitive decline the different root causes of Alzheimer’s disease, what exactly is happening in the brain to cause decline and how best to navigate options and protocols. Dale also reveals that we have 20 years of signs that are treatable and reversible before the onset of Alzheimer’s so this illustrates to me just how empowered we can be when it comes to our health in the face of much doom and gloom surrounding this difficult disease on not just the patient but everyone in the family. Enjoy the show and if you fancy that free meditation this week, do pop over to the show notes for the link lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • How deep is your understanding of the thyroid? Dr. Eric Balcavage is my guest this week and is a chiropractic physician who has been in private practice in Glen Mills, PA since 1996. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 1990 from Kutztown University and his Doctorate degree in 1995 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Balcavage is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, along with being a licensed Chiropractor in Pennsylvania. Dr. Balcavage is continuously advancing his knowledge with post graduate studies. In this week’s show you’ll have a clear and deep understanding and feel more empowered to connect with doctors and other practitioners who can support you. So often people experience a range of symptoms caused by thyroid imbalances but did you know that A LOT is happening in the cells before the gland gets affected. And here’s the kicker: It’s often the TSH that’s tested (that’s the test that tells us if the gland is damaged. This show with Dr Eric Balcavage is your guide to not just the thyroid gland but what’s happening at the cellular level WAY before problems with the gland show up. We go through testing, what to test as well as thyroid markers to see what the big picture is, the cell danger response, thyroid health at a cellular level, identifying your key stressors and bringing your body back to balance. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. As usual the show notes and show supporter offers can be found at lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • This week there are no questions and there is no guest - I’m chatting to you guys directly about my experience of starting to do Dr Joe Dispenza’s work. When I came through the worst of mold illness (google “The whole mold story Low tox life” to hear all about that!) I realised I was catastrophising at the smallest things, always thinking the worst would happen and that was so unlike my pre-mold self that I knew I had some mental work to do to upgrade my mind. Enter Dr Joe who I’d read in the past, seen on YouTube and in documentaries and had even bought a short course via Hay House from - just sitting there untouched. The rest is history once I finally decided it was time to transfer my appreciation for his work, to doing the work myself. It’s been insightful, profound and a window into what’s to come as I make this work a part of my life moving forward. I speak about the experience of doing the Advanced Week-Long retreat - including how non retreat like it is, and what I noticed when I meditated 6-9 hours a day for a week with a splash of climbing an enormously high ladder and jumping from a high platform once I hurled myself onto the plank at the top - picture is in the show notes and quite funny! Meditation has always been a have to. Now? It’s an “as if I would miss it!” so I’m excited to share some of the aha’s, mystical moments and synchronicities that have popped up out of doing this work. Can’t wait to connect with any low toxers who are on the same journey or who wish to be, via our Low Tox Club. The show notes and sponsor offer are available in the show notes today.  lowtoxlife.com/podcast

  • Dr Carrie Jones is a naturopathic physician and the Medical Director for Precision Analytical, Inc, creators of the most cutting edge hormone test on the market, the DUTCH Test. She lectures, teaches and writes frequently on the same topic. Understanding adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones is complicated. Her job is not to judge. Her job is to educate and empower and that is why I absolutely love Carrie. If you missed her on Show #87 talking hormones and stress, do head back there to archive-listen, but today? It’s all about Perimenopause. It can be a destabilising time for women but it doesn’t have to be, and Carrie takes us through what’s happening, what we can do to mitigate disaster and how testing (not sponsored by the way!) can ensure we get a clear picture of what’s going on for us bio-individually so that we can move forward with our eyes wide open through this time in our lives. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed it. As usual, you can find the show notes and show supporter offer over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast.

  • I love highlighting stories of people who woke up one day and started playing a bigger game to make a difference to health or our planet. This week’s guest could be any of us.

    In June 2014, Sarah Rhodes, an Australian, attended an intensive training program on climate leadership, facilitated by Al Gore, former US Vice President and became part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. More inspired than ever and as part of her commitment to the program, Sarah set about engaging more people to take action against climate change.

    In July a friend invited her to join a month long challenge called Plastic Free July – the quest to avoid all single-use plastics for a whole month. This was a huge eye-opener to how much of the main plastics we all use and especially where there is plastic that is less obvious.

    In October of the same year, she moved to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where impacts of climate change are already felt – the time for action is now and now that she’s heading up Plastic Free July for South East Asia, the future is bright and we talk about her journey and what the plastic situation is like in Asia, as well as what we can do to keep focused on progress instead of ‘how bad it all is’. Enjoy the show and show notes and further resources can be found over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast Alexx x

  • Adaptogenic herbs: All the rage these days and self-prescribing is rife - but is it helping or hindering your health? Anthia Koullouros is a brilliant naturopath and passionate herbalist with 25 years clinical experience in Sydney, Australia. She’s also a gifted tea maker, with her OVVIO teas being sipped in some of the finest restaurants in the world as well as throughout local cafes. When Anthia and I were both speaking recently at the Mindd Forum, she closed the day with a wonderful talk and I just had to invite her on the show to share it and more with us. So, we start with adaptogens - everything from Shisandra to Amla to Bacopa Monnieri and many herbs in between, and then move to discuss stress and its many presentations, as well as fear and the block it can create for you on a healing journey. It’s chock full of useful information this show and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The show notes and podcast supporter offer can be found over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast Enjoy! Alexx x

  • Are you in a toxic family or do you know someone who is? Not a light topic this week, folks. Dr Sherrie Campbell. What a brave woman and practitioner taking this personal experience of hers out to the world to offer a road map to help others in similar situations. She is a licensed psychologist in the US, inspiring author, and nationally recognized expert who’s featured regularly on TV and radio to share her expertise from nearly two decades of clinical training. I am committed to discussing from time to time on the show, areas of our life that affect our mental wellbeing. Stress will kill us faster than a hot dog and family and relationship stress and toxicity is very real for many, keeping people in fight, flight or freeze for often years on end. This show talks about the very tough experience of living in or growing up in a toxic family and how one psychologist who lived this herself, decided that enough was enough and that she could actually cut ties and give others permission to do the same, making peace with the situation and moving on. I hope this show helps you or someone you know, navigate this tricky situation. Shownotes for further resources can be found over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast and please - if things are super tough for you right now. Australia’s helpline is 13 11 14 and Wikipedia actually has a list of all the country’s helplines. Amazing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines