• This week we have "Style Life Academy" Lead Instructor Jason aka "The Sneak".

    Jason has been a part of Neil Strauss's Style Life Academy for 9 years and has taught thousands of guys how to approach and attract women.

    Many years ago Jason read Neil Strauss' book "The Game" and entered a competition to attend an exclusive seminar by Strauss. This was the beginning of Jason's journey and through some good fortune and many years of dedication and hard work he has cemented his place on Strauss's team.

    Jason tells his amazing story and gives our listeners an insight into what it takes to become great at what you do and then to teach others. He and the team also discuss spirituality and ceremonial plant medicines and the trio share some personal experiences.

    Grab a seat at the back, put on your 3D glasses and get ready for Jason aka "The Sneak" in his first full length feature for Male Mastery.

    Become the man you were born to be

  • This week we have best selling author, public speaker and therapist Dominic Knight in the studio.

    Dominic Knight is one of the UK's most recognised and highly credited clinical hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners. Having helped thousands of people turn their life around and be the best that they can be, Dominic has built an impressive reputation based on his impeccable results.

    As always we like to delve deep into male and female psychology and there is no one better to discuss this with than Dominic. He and the team discuss the perfect mindset to have as a man when it comes to attracting women and how it's based upon your own direction and purpose in life. Dominic also shares his insights on natural ability vs time invested and hard work and some of his observations are very enlightening to say the least.

    Please come in, take a seat on the chais lounge and get ready to have your insecurities vanquished by the exceptional skills of Dominic Knight.

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  • This week we have the elegant yet hard hitting Kezia Noble on the show.

    A published author, Kezia has been on the seduction scene for a long time. From the beginnings of her career working as a leading coach for a well known pick up company, to her own current successful dating company and brand, Kezia has always been known for her honest, direct, no bullsh*t approach to teaching men how to attract women.

    We always like to get a woman's view on sex and dating here at Male Mastery and Kezia doesn't disappoint. Kezia and the team discuss the common pitfalls men have to avoid on their journey to mastery and what they need to focus on in order to make themselves as attractive as possible. Not only that but Kezia shares some personal stories of hers and updates us about where Kezia Noble and her brand are headed for in the future.

    Sit back, put your feet up and let the sweet-sounding voice of Kezia wash over you as you learn what it takes to be an attractive man in the modern world.