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    #72 What's Your Number? Enneagram 1-0-1.. Everything You Need To Know with Holly Heuer

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    Content Summary:

    14:00 Holly’s Background

    Owner of Growwithenneagram.com

    “Studying enneagrams has been the most profound path of growth in my life.”

    16:00 What Exactly Are Enneagrams And How Do They Work?

    The enneagram is a marriage between the search for what is true in reality, and the depth of who we are and why we are here.”

    The best ways to figure out your own enneagram

    29:00 Defining the Enneagram: 8

    The strongest of the types that are often great leaders and very reliable

    People who are an 8 speak their mind frequently and are drawn to big ideas

    When they get into trouble: Can be a little bossy or dominating

    31:30 Defining the Enneagram: 9

    The type that likes to be “behind the scenes” by supporting others and not causing trouble and creating conflict

    When they are confronted with challenges: Can be known to disappear a little and withdraw

    33:00 Defining the Enneagram: 1

    The responsible one who provides a world of knowledge and useful advice to others

    This person seems to always know the right thing to do but can be too critical of themselves and others

    36:00 Defining the Enneagram: 2

    The “helper” of the types that desires to connect, feel valued and accepted by others

    When in trouble: Can be codependent or too flattering

    38:00 Defining the Enneagram: 3

    The “achiever” type that is typically very charming and successful, a person who loves goals and is very performance-based

    When in trouble: They can be too competitive and overwork themselves

    43:30 Defining the Enneagram: 4

    The one who is most in touch with themselves, can easily understand the depth and tenderness of our souls, very intuitive

    When in trouble: Can be a little moody and self-absorbed

    44:00 Defining the Enneagram: 5

    The “investigator” of the group who is typically an expert in some area or field and loves to use their curiosity for gaining further knowledge

    When in trouble: Can choose to withhold information or be intellectually detached

    49:00 Defining the Enneagram: 6

    The “loyalist” to close family and friends who is also often found strategizing for danger ahead and can use humor to ease the discomfort

    When in trouble: Can be too indecisive and anxious

    51:30 Defining the Enneagram: 7

    The most imaginative one of the group, very future-oriented and quick to put dreams into action

    When in trouble: Can become too scattered with ideas and overpowering

    56:00 What We Do When We Are “In Trouble”

    We typically don’t want to see our downfalls, but it’s best to acknowledge them head on

    We need support that will help hold us accountable so that we can continue to deepen our awareness of ourselves and others

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    #70: Laura Mahony Reads Em's Tarot, Sitting in the Shit(Hibernation anyone?)

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    Laura Mahony‘s spiritual journey began at a young age and has since then grown into fruition. Past experiences of numbness and feelings of unworthiness led Laura to a defining moment in her life as she leaned into her own intuition. “I decided it was time to sit in my shit. I felt all of my feelings.” In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Laura talks about opening up the world of tarot cards and illuminating the energy that guides us through some of life’s most questionable and challenging moments. The process of tarot card reading starts with meditating and becoming the boss of your own mind. We must allow ourselves to settle in a parasympathetic state in order to listen to the answers our hearts are trying to tell us. Laura also talks about manifesting your highest energy and learning how to receive life’s blessings without feeling like it has to be earned. We must not block the flow between giving and receiving… “Accessing self-love is an expansive energy.”

    Follow her: https://www.instagram.com/lauramahony_photography/

    Content Summary:

    6:15 Opening Up the World of Tarot

    Laura’s spiritual journey - the moment she began to follow her heart instead of her head

    Feeling through the numbness by listening to her inner voice

    “I decided it was time to sit in my shit. I felt all of my feelings.”

    15:15 Defining Meditation in Simpler Terms

    Knowing difference between tension and relaxation

    “Meditation is simply awareness,” where insights suddenly become clearer

    20:15 Controlling the “Monkey Mind”

    Becoming the boss of your mind through meditation

    Getting yourself into a parasympathetic state by allowing your heart to give you all the answers

    27:15 Feeling Emotions in Your Body

    “When you have an issue, see where you feel it in your body. That’s where your heart is speaking to you.”

    Releasing control of suppressed memories

    32:15 Manifesting Your Highest Energy

    Defining the pendulum's abilities to read energy

    Learning how to change the frequency of your own vibrations

    “You have to find what is authentic to you that creates those little bridges of joy.”

    41:15 Constrictive Energy

    Finding out what is blocking you from your full potential, your highest frequency

    “Accessing self-love is an expansive energy.”

    Resting among the chaos and letting your body take hibernation

    53:15 Learning to Receive Without Guilt

    Acknowledging that you are in alignment and do not need to “earn” the universe’s gifts and blessings

    Feeling guilt, unworthiness = Blocking the flow, cannot fully receive

    59:15 Letting Go of Control

    “Thoughts are just thoughts,” until the minute you decide to attach emotions to them

    Listening to where the universe is telling you to place your energy

    “Our bodies are a guide of constriction and expansion.”

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    #69 with Bobby Gill on Regenerative Agriculture, Ultra-Running, Fall and Fasting

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    As a former ultra-marathon runner, Bobby transitioned from long distance running to a life dedicated to improving our world’s ecosystem. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Bobby talks about one key aspect to farming sustainably that not many people are aware of, and that is the concept of “regenerative agriculture.” Working with Savory Institute, whose mission is to teaching farmers and ranchers how to plan the grazing of their animals in a way that mimics their natural, migratory movements, Bobby emphasizes that, “The health of the planet depends on how we treat our grasslands.” Additionally, Bobby discusses the harmful attributes to industrial feedlots, organic standards with the food industry and how we, as consumers, can make daily conscious decisions in supporting our ecosystem.

    Content Summary:

    6:30 Bobby Gill Journey in Health

    Trained as an ultramarathon runner for 5 years and learned that he is capable of “suffering really well”

    “You’d be surprised what the human body is capable of if you have the mental fortitude to push through the pain.”

    15:00 Fasting.. Is It For You?

    Learning how to balance the social aspects while dieting and trusting yourself in the process

    Figuring out whether or not fasting works for you by attuning yourself to your body’s needs

    20:00 Sustainable Agriculture

    Considering what really matters: How animals are actually managed on the land

    Learning how grasslands have coevolved with grazing animals

    Ted Talk: How to Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Change by Allan Savory

    28:00 “Organic Standards” Within the Food Industry

    Comparing the reduced prices of organic foods due to industrialized farms calling themselves “organic”

    “Sustainability is not enough. Sustaining is maintaining the status quo of the current system. The current system that we are in is very broken.”

    31:00 Industrial Feedlots and Meat Production

    A deeper look inside industrial feedlots and the harm they are causing the ecosystem

    Discussing materials and clothing made from the fibers of livestock by-products, such as wool and leather

    37:40 All About The Savory Institute

    A non-profit organization that trains farmers and ranchers in regenerative livestock grazing created by Allan Savory, a firm believer in holistic management of agriculture

    Teaching people to plan the grazing of their animals in a way that mimics their migratory movements

    “The health of the planet depends on how we treat our grasslands.”

    49:00 Fundraiser and How to Get Involved

    Roam Ranch Event hosted by the founders of EPIC who have regenerated their beautiful landscape in Texas

    Prizes, giveaways and donations to support regenerative agriculture


    “We need to eat food that represents and gives back towards healthy ecosystems.”

    “Sustainability is not enough. Sustaining is maintaining the status quo of the current system. The current system that we are in is very broken.”

    “Sustainability is not good enough. We need to do better than that.”

    “We need to not just maintain the landscapes, but regenerate them and bring them back to health.”

    “As consumers, we have the potential to support regenerative agriculture.”

    “Consumers should be able to tell if their food is regenerative.”

    “The health of the planet depends on how we treat our grasslands.”

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    #68 with Alex Swanson: How Genes Affect our Ability to Handle Stress

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    This is taken from Part 2: ADRENAL REPAIR with the founder of NUTRITION GENOME, Alex Swanson!

    Find Alex here: https://www.instagram.com/nutritiongenome/
    Test your genes here: https://nutritiongenome.com/ref/21/
    Find Adrenal Repair here: https://www.thebodyawarenessproject.com/pages/adrenal


    7:30 Alex Swanson’s Personal Background

    “I started looking at data files with all of these genes and began to connect the dots that I couldn’t before.”

    Observing genetic pathways and linking them to how people respond to things

    9:30 Introducing Nutrition Genome

    Looking at genetic pathways and how people are genetically different

    How Alex’s initial interest in this field stemmed from his wife experiencing a horrible reaction to pharmaceutical drugs

    “Through genetic testing, I was able to pinpoint exactly what happened based on her reaction to those drugs.”

    12:30 Genes and Stress

    Explaining the connection between genes and neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, gaba)

    Describing how our genes can indicate how we will typically respond to life stressors

    16:30 Avoiding Stress and Heat Therapy

    Explaining the hydration component to our adrenals

    Finding the right heat therapy that will work best for your adrenals

    19:30 Genes, Circadian Rhythm and Nighttime Techniques

    A new research initiative to learn more about the melatonin pathway

    Discovering sleep sensitivities - A brand new field

    23:30 Coffee and Supplements to Regulate Stress

    Explaining how caticals in caffeine can cause spike dopamine and adrenaline to spike, which has to do with your genetic pathway

    Magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 can help control our reactions to stress

    32:00 Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

    Understanding our migratory routes of our ancestors

    “Everything in terms of our genes in an accumulation from the things that came before us.”

    36:30 Boosting Serotonin

    How exercise, massages, eating chocolate, etc. help boost serotonin levels

    The importance of vitamin D and how it relates to where you live in the world

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    Ep 67 with Kathleen Shannon on Being Boss, Creativity, and Deadlifts (starts at minute 40!)

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    2 interviews today! For the incredible guest Kathleen Shannon of BEING BOSS, start at minute 40. To listen in to some Q&A with my winner of a recent IG giveaway, start at the beginning :)

    Find Kathleen below!


    Q & A - Winner of Giveaway -

    3:30 Religion and Family Relationships

    Growing up in conformity and breaking away from judgement

    “There’s no greater feeling than knowing you are accepted for who you are.”

    9:00 Suggestions on Grocery Shopping

    Learning how to buy healthy in bulk on a budget

    Where to buy prepared meals that are better for our eco footprint

    12:00 How to Find Stillness

    Understanding first and foremost why you may not feel comfortable with “being still”

    Letting creativity flow and express itself through the stillness

    16:00 The Body Awareness Project

    How Em knew what to place inside her box of essentials

    17:30 Let’s Talk About Adrenals

    Starting with, “Adrenal is the root word for adrenaline…”

    Explaining the relationship between adrenals and stress

    22:00 Hangover/Recovery Days

    Learning how your body reacts to gluten and dairy

    The perfect time to lift heavy weights is the day after a huge carbo-load and getting the glycogen storage going

    26:00 Building Strength and Balancing Cardio

    A combination of hypertrophy and endurance

    Taking off a little less pressure off of maximum weight for legs

    30:15 Celebrity Crush

    Obsessed with Angelina Jolie

    Kathleen Shannon -

    40:00 Kathleen’s Background

    Living as a Creative Entrepreneur

    How Being Boss Podcast started

    45:00 Mornings of Reflection and Refueling

    “I have a morning routine so that I can operate from a place of abundance and create whatever it is that I want to create.”

    Learning how to set a calendar appointment for time with yourself

    50:00 When Fear Comes Up

    Cultivating what it feels like to be abundant and successful from the inside

    Envisioning yourself as if you have already achieved your goals

    59:00 Born a “Creative”

    Building credentials and strategies through experience as a Blogger/Creative Director /Freelancer/Entrepreneur

    How to attract the right people and create a day job where you are your own boss

    1:11:00 Figuring It Out Along the Way

    Trusting yourself, not letting fear hold you back from taking action and knowing that you will figure it out as you go

    Trick to envisioning success: Hosting a dinner party with a famous guest list

    1:19:00 Visualization + Intuition + Belief

    Believe that you can accomplish your goals by visualizing them and using your intuition to make it actually happen

    “Health and fitness facilitate everything else in your life while allowing you to become that much better at what you do.”

    1:26:00 Knowledge is Power

    “Cultivate gratitude in your body, FOR your body.”

    Lifting and enjoying the the movement/flow of your body through intuitive workouts

    1:33:00 Spirit Animal

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    #66 with Chrissy Chard on Strength Training, Body Image, & Body Diversity

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    Chrissy Chard is an Assistant Professor with the Colorado School of Public Health at Colorado State University, with a focus in Community and Behavioral Health. She is also the co-founder of Smart Fit Girls, Inc., a non-profit adolescent girls’ empowerment program. She received her PhD in Human Bioenergetics in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University. Her research focuses on physical activity and psychosocial health in adolescent girls and community-based participatory research. She has much experience in health and wellness coaching, both in a clinical setting as well as with the general population. Chrissy resides in Fort Collins, CO with her husband, 2.5 year old daughter Lucille, and one-year old son Jack. She enjoys leading an active lifestyle through lifting weights (or her children) and family walks to the park.

    IG: www.instagram.com/smartfitgirls and www.instagram.com/chrissy_chard

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/smartfitgirlsinc/

    Website: www.smartfitgirls.org

    8:40 Chrissy's Background in Public Health

    Expanding the vision of what health is and who is involved

    Learning about “health equity” by intentionally engaging with communities

    12:15 Food Deserts

    Going into a community and thinking - “What can we learn from you?” and “What are your strengths?”

    Mutually and equally coming together as one to raise everyone’s bar

    14:00 A Non-Profit for Adolescent Girls

    The beginning of Smart Fit Girls, an organization built to empower girls by embracing their bodies and gaining notable feelings of belonging and worthiness

    21:00 Addressing Body Image

    Acknowledging the systems at play in today’s society that are misrepresenting true body size, shape and color

    “If we don’t push for broader representation of body image in the media, we will never be able to feel good about ourselves.”

    27:00 White Feminism/White Privilege

    Paying attention to our first thoughts of stereotyping, questioning where that judgment came from and then correcting it

    A reminder to stay uncomfortable: “My ability to walk through the world comfortably is one more example of my privilege.”

    36:00 Impacting Smart Fit Girls

    “The most important outcome from this program is that these girls come out feeling like they are worthy, period.”

    Supporting the Self-Determination Theory of competence, autonomy and relatedness

    41:00 Introducing Girls To Strength Training

    Debunking stigmas by introducing girls to strength training as early as elementary school

    Creating a progressive overload and benefits as the children continue to grow

    48:00 How to Help the Development of Body Image

    “The best thing moms can do is model loving themselves.”

    Supporting Smart Fit Girls through upcoming events

    51:00 Spirit Animal

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    #65 with Katie Garces: The Dark Moon, Intuitive Eating, and Breaking the Dieting Cycle

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    Katie Garces is leading others towards “becoming the best versions of themselves, physically, nutritionally, spiritually and emotionally.” In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Em and Katie discuss the powerful depth of following your intuition. For Katie, the moment of awareness came to her when she started to battle with adrenal dysfunction and realized that there really is no “perfect diet” to heal her body. She knew that it would have to take a lot of her own curiosity by experimenting with different foods in order to see which of them would work best for her body. “When we are more in tune with our bodies, we can pause listen to what our bodies are really asking for.” Katie Garces talks about how she had to learn how to slow down and allow herself time and space to heal properly. By creating room to grow, Katie says that this helped her make an “intuitive switch” by quieting her mind, releasing control and letting herself flow to her own body’s rhythm.

    Content Summary:

    14:00 Realizing There is No “Perfect Diet”
    Katie’s moment of awareness and how she started in her career field
    Finding that “gentle middle” for yourself by experimenting with intuitive eating
    21:30 Dabbling In Intuitive Eating
    Getting comfortable that there is no framework, no yes/no food lists
    “When we are more in tune with our bodies, we can pause listen to what our bodies are asking for.”
    25:00 Being Okay With Adding Carbs
    Realizing that some of us actually need more carbs in order to heal adrenal stress and lose stubborn body fat
    “It’s okay to experiment because your body is a dynamic changing vessel.”
    28:00 Learning to Slow Down
    Dealing with adrenal stress by allowing yourself to recover and slow down
    Stepping back from the intensity reconciling within ourselves
    34:20 Understanding Yourself
    Enneagrams: Learning how your personality responds to people and situations
    Reminding yourself that there are people out in the world that will resonate with what you say
    “If it's put on our hearts, it's our responsibility to do the work.”
    40:00 An Intuitive Switch
    Listening to the little whispers that get louder and louder, following what pulls us
    “Quiet your mind, listen to what is inside and feel the flow of your intuition.”
    47:00 Using Control as a Tool
    Asking yourself “What do I need to trust and how can I release control?”
    “The universe wants to give us our desires.”
    51:00 Making Friends With Food
    How to help the relationship between yourself and food
    “We open up our energy and space when we stop stressing about food.”
    54:30 Facing Our Shame and Unpleasant Emotions
    Instead of immediately numbing out, trying to sit with hard emotions
    Getting curious, becoming aware of your feelings and gaining self-compassion
    59:00 Spirit Animal


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    #64 with Christa DeHerrera: Organizing and Creating Magical Spaces That Flow

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    Professional Organizer Christa DeHerrara: An energy mover in whatever space you need.

    Tell Christa what you thought here:



    Content Summary:

    2:00 Introducing Christa

    “I create magic in spaces.”

    Letting your space have purpose instead of collecting random clutter

    5:30 Creating Time, Creating Space

    Managing your world so that you can fully be present in other moments

    Making mental shifts and detaching your emotions from your thoughts

    11:00 Getting Clear With What You Need

    “Being who I am is creating the space for magic to occur.”

    Being open, looking, becoming good at listening to what/who is around you

    16:00 Working with Kids

    Having the permission to create and and imagine again

    Getting rid of things to open up yourself to give and receive more frequently

    19:00 Emotional Attachment and Scarcity

    Letting go of things and possessions that do not serve you

    “When your things have power over you vs. you having the power inside of using the things that you have.”

    “If you let go, you allow the space for gifts to come flowing in.”

    27:10 Saying Goodbye to Clothes You Don’t Wear Anymore

    Allow yourself to be able to express yourself in the different seasons, designs, etc.

    Thrift shopping is a game-changer

    31:00 How Do I Get Myself to “Want Less?”

    We live in a society full of consumerism, but it is not necessary

    Identifying your wants over your needs

    36:00 Managing Your Kid’s Collection of Toys

    Limiting toys - Kids do not need much!

    Guiding children to understand that they do not not need the toys they don’t use

    40:00 Being Intentional with Every Move

    42:15 Sentimental Values

    Taking photos and capturing their meaning, before letting it go

    46:10 Steps to Get Ready for a Major Purge

    Acknowledgement, agreement with all who is involved and starting with your own space first

    48:00 Spirit Animal

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    #63: TAKING UP SPACE and Business and Branding with JJ Virgin

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    JJ Virgin is a prominent TV and media personality, whose previous features include co-host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters, health expert for Dr. Phil, and appearances on PBS, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray,
    Access Hollywood, and the TODAY Show. She also speaks regularly and has shared the stage with notables including TD Jakes, Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard. JJ is the author of four NY Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook.

    Her latest book, Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, shows mothers everywhere how to be strong, positive leaders for their families, while exploring the inspirational lessons JJ learned as she fought for her own son’s life. JJ hosts the popular JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show podcast, with over 3.5 million downloads and counting. She also regularly writes for Rodale Wellness, Mind Body Green, and other major blogs and magazines.

    Find articles, recipes, helpful online programs, and more at

    Full show notes will be posted on www.emilyschromm.com/blog

    Please review if you like :)



    13:00 The Health and Fitness Realm in Media

    Learning how to connect with people on a one-on-one basis first

    “You have to realize that you are building a business and this is a process that takes time.”

    17:00 Building a Business

    Leveraging yourself, creating a bigger vision and purpose

    Reaching more people by aligning your true self to your mission and life’s work

    24:30 Limited Belief System

    “We are all exactly where we are because it's where we believe we can be.”

    Learning how to move past limitations and grow outside of your comfort zone

    30:00 Public Speaking

    Using a live audience to practice and test new material

    Learning how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

    41:30 Creating Your Personal Brand

    Staying true to being a direct person and attracting the right kinds of people

    Figuring out what makes you YOU, and finding people who resonate with you

    47:00 Tough Love with Love

    Creating a community and support system that will help raise you up

    “With time and money, comes commitment.”

    53:30 The Sugar Impact Diet

    “I am compelled to create a new way of looking at sugar.”

    Breaking bad habits to build the right fundamentals of health and peeling back the layers of addition

    59:30 Spirit Animal

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    #62 Q&A with Em: My start in my career, making motivation last, and creating the life you deserve

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    Thank you so much for all the amazing questions! Below are the times of the question asked.

    For details on my EmFit Challenge:

    For details on my Body Awareness Project:


    4:00 What brought you to Colorado?

    Feeling the desire to say yes to opportunities and trying to live a more fulfilling life

    Auditioned for MTV’s The Real World

    14:00 How did you fall into your line of business?

    “I looked into the mirror, and knew that I could do better than what I see.”

    Teaching people how to find empowerment through movement and nutrition

    18:00 Are you a shoe or flip-flop kind of girl?

    How flip-flops can be damaging to your feet

    “Reeboks and Birkenstocks are my jam!”

    19:00 What are you scared of?

    Trying to not be fearful of anything


    21:20 How do I find out what my spirit animal is?

    Power animals defined by Dr. Steven Farmer

    Finding the animal that really resonates with who you are

    24:00 What do you miss most from MTV’s The Challenge?

    “The Challenge taught me just how competitive I really am.”

    Loving the pressure of “do or die” - The most exhilarating feeling

    25:56 How did you get so fit and what keeps you motivated?

    “I don’t compete with anyone else, but I always compete with myself.”

    Wanting to be better and staying proud of who you are

    Bringing all of the fulfilling and enlightening pieces of life into alignment

    28:00 How do you deal with stress?

    The importance of supplementing vitamins, mushrooms, herbs, etc.

    “The only way I’m able to handle stress is to be aware of all the things that make my life good.”

    31:26 Do you deliver your merchandise to Australia?

    Yes, we can deliver all merchandise internationally!

    31:51 What is your favorite workout?

    Mixing functional fitness and barbell with some bodybuilding

    Platform Strength opening in September

    32:35 Do you believe eating past a certain point of day affects weight loss?

    How digestion and detox both happen in a parasympathetic state

    “If you allow your body time to detox, transformative things can happen.”

    Intermittent fasting and how to control blood sugar

    40:30 What are your thoughts on the keto diet?

    The importance of digesting fats properly

    “Gut issues need to be addressed first in order for your body to absorb nutrients.”

    45:35 What is your favorite Olympic lift?

    Feeling sexy with the snatch

    46:15 How old are you?

    29 woohoo!

    46:50 What’s your go-to wine?

    Tempranillo red wine - Paul Hobbs cabernet

    48:00 What helps motivate you on days where you don’t feel like getting shit done?

    Allowing yourself to have the rest & recover day

    Em’s “8 minute rule”

    50:15 How do you motivate yourself to constantly enjoy life?

    Finding things that light you up and challenging yourself

    52:35 What are your thoughts on marijuana?

    The benefits of CBD oil - Check out the Bam Van!

    Fighting the negative stigma to marijuana

    55:30 Who was your favorite Real World roommate?

    Mike Manning - Em’s “person” while living in D.C.

    57:00 Where is the most beautiful place you ever camped?

    Camping on an iceberg in Iceland

    58:12 What liver supplement do you take?

    Glutathione, folate and a methylated b-vitamin

    59:20 Who is your favorite Chiropractor in Denver?

    Dr. Rachel Yan and Dr. Lauren Koedyk - Both a part of The Body Awareness Project Part 2

    59:40 Who are your mentors?

    “I want to be a female mix of Joe Rogan and Anthony Bourdain.”

    People who are unauthentically themselves and have paved their own ways in life

    Advice for the new entrepreneur

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    #61: The Body Awareness Project: Toxic Skincare Products and Body Intuition

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    In this special episode of Meathead Hippie, Em highlights two (out of many) of her most favorite clips from The Body Awareness Project Part One: Skin which is all about addressing the root causes of skin issues by looking deeper into our bodies. Lauren Geertsen brings awareness to the body’s “sacred symptoms” and stresses the importance of becoming attuned to the messages that our bodies are trying to send us. Lauren provides several steps on how to listen to your own body’s intuition in order to understand its place in your healing journey. In addition to Lauren’s piece, Diane Sanfilippo talks about the importance of knowing what we are putting on our skin with beauty and skin care products. Diane provides a great amount of useful tips on how to get rid of the harmful ingredients that are problematic to our systems by replacing them with ones that will work best for YOU. “If we know that there is something that we can change with our personal care, it is just another step that can prevent ourselves from using harmful products.”


    1:00 Update On All The Things!
    5:00 Lauren Geertsen: Sacred Symptoms
    5:10 “Acne is a sacred message to our body”
    We cannot be fixed with pills
    The body is doing the best it can with the environment and materials its given
    6:10 Learning How to Not Self-Loathe
    Health challenges are an initiation to our own healing journey
    It’s not just about acne - acne is only leading us in finding ourselves
    8:00 Understanding of the Healing Journey
    Based on Joseph Campbell’s research
    Steps on how to become intuitive with your body
    16:00 Diane Sanfilippo: Beauty and Skin Care Products
    16:30 What We are Putting on Our Skin
    Your body may have immune responses to environmental toxins
    How to get rid of the stuff that we know is problematic to our systems
    20:55 Examples of Typical Beauty Products that are Harmful
    Things can be safe on your skin that are not safe to eat
    How the that we eat is digested and its relation to the skin
    28:05 Feeling Better After Switching Products
    “If we know that there is something that we can change with our personal care, it is just another step that can prevent ourselves from using harmful products.”
    Even natural ingredients can still give people negative reactions
    32:20 Products to Not Live Without
    Charcoal bar and charcoal mask
    Oil cleansing/cleansing balm - Good for hydration!

  • 01:08:13

    #60 with Rosa Jad on a Social Media, Millennial, Self-Worth, and Body.

    Meathead Hippie starstarstarstarstar

    With a lively and upbeat personality, it’s no wonder Rosa Jad’s job title is actually labeled, “Radio Personality.” The way Rosa delivers her messages is real, leaving no room for important thoughts to be filtered or left unsaid. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Rosa and Em talk about how the most important quality to pertain in a friendship is authenticity, and Rosa exudes exactly that by being authentic in her own skin. In addition, Rosa speaks on her own struggles and day-to-day challenges she faces as a Arabic Muslim living in the States. “Anytime somebody conforms to what society claims as acceptable, you automatically gave up yourself.” Other topics that are discussed in this podcast include: How to balance your personal and professional lives, a body image mindset, instant gratification in today’s world of technology, and dealing with regrets throughout life. Rosa said it perfectly when she stated, “If you are true to yourself, you give off an aura that make all people feel like they can be themselves around you.”

    Content Summary:
    6:30 Life as a Radio Personality
    What exactly is a Radio Personality and how does it work?
    9:00 Not Being “On” All the Time
    The deeper you get into your career, the more you must be “on” all the time
    Biggest dilemma: I refuse to not be who I am
    17:00 How Your Phone Can Add Stress
    Negative effects of artificial light and how your phone can damage body posture
    The rise of the Millennial generation and social media
    19:30 Body Image Mindset
    “You have to break yourself down to realize that nothing exterior matters.”
    How to gain confidence in yourself
    23:15 Instant Gratification
    Most people find it easier to feel instantly validated
    A lesson for Millenials on social media: “Just because you see it, doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do.”
    29:00 Finding Your Niche in the Market
    “You have to find a niche in the market and a drive that pushes you.”
    34:00 Being a Muslim in America
    Learning how to detach from work to reflect with God
    The surprise element of being Arabic
    46:30 Strong Friendships
    “You saw me for me, and nothing else mattered.”
    Personality types and being who are authentic vs. inauthentic
    50:00 Balancing Your Personal And Professional Life
    When to know to create because you are in a good place
    Happiness comes from the expression of self through using creativity
    59:50 Regrets
    How to overcome making yourself smaller to make others more comfortable
    Battling the boundaries and learning how to speak up

    Follow her on IG - @rosajad

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    #59 with Em: Make Magic Every Day.

    Meathead Hippie starstarstarstarstar

    A monologue on making magic. On empaths in business. On the smallest acts. On feeling SO DAMN MUCH ALL THE TIME. On what is ours to carry and what is not. On worrying about others when we can't quite figure it out ourselves.

    On making magic every day.




  • 00:52:38

    #57 with Codie Sanchez on Investing, Understanding Money, and Financial Freedom

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    With an extensive background in investments and finances, Codie Sanchez provides worthwhile tools for people looking to live out the very idea that financial freedom is the foundation of ALL freedom. Codie takes us through her personal journey as a young Latin woman and what it took in order to pave her own way in the business world. She encourages all people to find your “unfair advantage” in the business by knowing a few specific things that make you unique and how to implement them into creating side hustle. In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Codie talks about how crucial it is to understand your own worth in terms of salary, blocks for women in finance, loving the grind and how to start engaging with the big players. “Get a seat at the table instead of a sign outside the building.” Codie Sanchez provides a substantial amount of insight on investmenting, starting up as an entrepreneur and learning how to use creativity as fuel in successful growth and development in the world of business. Codie adds, “It’s really all about leveraging yourself and thinking about whose kingdom you are building.”

    Codie can be found at https://www.codiesanchez.com/ and on instagram at instagram.com/codiesanchez

    4:30 Initial Start in Angel Investing

    7:30 From Journalism to Finance

    11:00 The Scarcity Mentality and Making a Career Change

    Finding your “unfair advantage” by the things that make you unique

    16:00 Knowing Your $$ Worth, Then Negotiating It

    23:00 Starting Your Side Hustle

    27:00 Blocks For Women in Finance

    32:00 Gender Pay and Leveraging Yourself

    “Leverage yourself and think about whose kingdom you are building.”

    35:00 Survival Mode and Creativity

    Loving the grind - “Complacency is the number killer of hustle.”

    39:00 Engaging With the Big Players

    43:00 Steps in Starting to Invest

    45:45 Knowing What to Avoid

    48:30 Spirit Animal

  • 01:03:42

    #56 with Irene Fehr: On Sex, Intimacy, and the Necessity of Pleasure

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    6:30 The Start of Irene’s Life’s Work

    11:00 A Cultural Problem in Stigmas

    “Most people have sex with internal walls around them.”

    14:30 Checking In with Your Mindset

    16:00 How to Approach Shame

    21:30 The Root Chakra and Sex Connection

    Acknowledging that sex is a necessity to life and creation

    “Sex is fundamental to who we are and our need to be rooted.”

    27:30 Communication Barriers and Building Trust

    34:00 When Things Shift in Your Sex Life

    37:30 Monogamous Vs. Polyamorous

    41:30 Boudoir

    43:30 How to Improve Your Sex Life

    47:15 Sex Drive After Kids

    52:30 Regaining Your Sexy Mojo

    56:30 Irene’s “Sex For Your Pleasure” Course

    61:00 Spirit Animal

  • 00:29:15

    #55 (Updated) DOUBLE EPISODE WEEK... Q&A with Em!

    Meathead Hippie starstarstarstarstar

    2:40 Is There a Good Alternative to Pork?

    A good source: Butcher Box
    LINK: butcherbox.com/emilyschromm

    Important to know where your meat comes from

    4:20 Benefits of Collagen

    Retains skin moisture and helps with anti-aging

    Supplementing collagen into your diet

    6:20 What is Cortisol Dysfunction?

    Cortisol levels are either too little or too high

    Tips on how to regulate cortisol

    10:20 Digestion Issues

    How digestion works in the body

    Finding the connection between brain and stomach

    16:40 Back Pain and Looking at Your Diet

    Gallbladder support and its connection to upper back pain

    Checking your diet to be sure you are getting enough healthy fats

    20:20 Tasting Vs. Smelling Something

    Listening to what your body is needing by tongue taste

    Checking your heart rate in response to what you are eating

    25:20 Mosquito Bites... Why!

    Taking a good vitamin-B complex to shoo off the mosquitoes

    Specific vitamin supplements and recommendations