• This episode comes to you direct from New York City where Maeve lives and Mary was attending Climate Week. Governments, diplomates, business leaders and climate change gathered to assess progress and push for solutions to avert the climate crisis and deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement.

    Mary and Maeve set up in a Manhattan studio, for a special dispatch from the week joined by a flurry of Mothers of Invention. Kumi Naidoo, the new Director General of Amnesty International, passes by the studio at the start of the week, to share his perspective on environmental justice and human rights. Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres and President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands also dropped by early one morning to report back on their weeks, which countries have committed what, and where we still need more action.


    This week’s Mothers of Invention are:

    Kumi Naidoo - South African activist now based in London

    Lifelong activist, anti-apartheid campaigner, former head of Greenpeace and now Director General of Amnesty International.


    Christiana Figueres - Costa Rican diplomat now based in Washington DC

    International diplomat working on policy and multilateral negotiations. She was appointed Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in July 2010, six months after the failed COP15 in Copenhagen.


    President Hilda Heine - Marshall Islands

    Hilda Heine is a Marshallese educator and politician, currently serving as the eighth President of the Marshall Islands. She announced the Marshall Islands’ progressive zero emissions target at the start of this year’s Climate Week.

  • This episode serves up an all-you-can-eat investigation into food and its connection to climate. We meet Mothers of Invention in India, Nigeria and the US who are revolutionising the way we understand, protect, grow, and cook food around the world.

    Mary and Maeve learn that cows must not be given their own nation, discuss their good intentions to go vegetarian but also hear that this is an opportunity for the world to scale back from industrial farming for the good of all.

    This week’s Mothers of Invention are:

    Dr Vandana Shiva - Delhi, India

    World-renowned author, activist, pioneer, scientific advisor, food sovereignty advocate and seed saver. Eco-feminist. Blew our minds.

    Learning more about Dr Shiva’s work and agroecology at http://www.navdanya.org/site/

    Dr. Katharine Wilkinson - Atlanta, USA

    Lead writer of the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming (no big deal)

    Bestselling author, speaker and strategist, now working to spread the book’s message as Vice President of Communication & Engagement at Project Drawdown,


    Blessing Ekanem - Ayo, Nigeria

    Blessing Ekanem is a Business Development Associate working with Solar SIster in Nigeria, where she works with local women in Akwa Ebom to bring clean energy solutions and the opportunity to mitigate climate change, to the communities most affected.


    Neha Mistra - Delhi, India

    Neha Misra is the Co-Founder of Solar Sister, a social enterprise connecting the dots between energy justice, climate justice and women’s rights. The organization is currently supporting women in communities across Nigeria and Tanzania to deliver trusted clean energy access to their doorsteps.


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  • Mary Robinson sits on a park bench with Gina McCarthy, ex-head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US under President Obama. They watch the ducks and talk turkey about how America’s environmental protections can survive the Trump administration. Overheard by Elliot Stoller.

  • Mary and Maeve learn how all of our access to the very basics - clean air, clean water, livable temperatures - are at risk as well as the mental health implications of the destruction of the natural world. We meet a Black Lives Matter activist who believes that black neighbourhoods would be safer with less police and more trees. We speak to Siwatu Salama-Ra, a prolific environmental justice campaigner currently incarcerated in Detroit, Michigan and we spend time with a Traditional Custodian of the Fitzroy river in western Australia, currently at risk from fracking and industrial developments to consider our spiritual connection with nature.

    This week’s mothers of Invention are:

    Stella Hartinger - Lima, Peru

    Doctor and researcher exploring the global health impacts of climate change and fossil fuel pollution. Contributor to the Lancet Countdown report.


    Sarra Tekola - Phoenix, Arizona

    Black Lives Matter activist, scientist and academic working on a PhD in Sustainability at Arizona State University. Co-founder of Women of Color Speak Out.


    Siwatu Salama-Ra - Detroit, Michigan

    Climate justice activist. Co-Director of the East Michigan Environmental Action Council, building community power through environmental justice education, youth development, and collaborative relationship building. Learn about the campaign to free her from prison at freesiwatu.org

    Anne Poehlina - Kimberley, Western Australia

    Nyikina Warrwa Traditional Custodian and academic working to promote new economy opportunities and green collar jobs for Indigenous people.


    News clip from Democracy Now! Amy Goodman: On This Earth Day, Demand Freedom for Siwatu-Salama Ra

    Radio news clip, story from Sarah Cwiek on Michigan Radio (NPR)

  • Taking into account Uber and Lyft there's now around 60,000 cabs in New York City — but Maeve thinks she's found the very best of them who's on a mission to effect change while on the move...

  • This week Mary and Maeve turn up the volume on the women who are helping us consciously-uncouple from our toxic relationship with single-use plastic, a material created to be used for mere minutes but designed to last for thousands of years.

    This week’s mothers of invention are

    Judi Wakhungu and Alice Kaudia - Kenyan politicians who created global headlines when they unleashed a $38,000 USD fine on anyone found using, making or distributing plastic bags.

    Sian Sutherland - British co-founder of A Plastic Planet and creator of the world’s first fully-functioning plastic-free supermarket aisle in Amsterdam.

    Chelsea Briganti - American self-taught materials engineer and entrepreneur about to unleash 55bn edible straws onto the world

    Rachelle Strauss - British founder of #ZeroWasteWeek - a global online campaign against household waste born from one family kitchen.

    Katharine K. Wilkinson - lead writer for the New York Times bestseller Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever proposed to Reverse Global Warming —the #1 environmental book of 2017.

    The Graduate clip from The Graduate/ Mike Nichols- Lawrence Turman Productions/ Embassy Pictures/ United Artists

    Shark Tank clip from Shark Tank/ Mark Burnett Productions/ABC/Disney

  • Mary and Maeve are talking about money, money. Fighting climate change might be a moral necessity but women are learning to hit vested interests where it hurts the most, in the pocket. They hear from South Africa where the anti-apartheid movement demonstrated the power of the boycott in the 80s before flipping the same tactics to the climate fight. In the US, a wave of organised student campaigning on campuses is helping popularise the divestment movement but it was Standing Rock when indigenous women’s leadership took divestment into the big time, with billions of dollars now moving out of fossil fuels.

    This week’s Mothers of Invention are:

    Yvette Abrahams (South Africa)

    Yvette Abrahams has worked across climate justice, gender rights, food security, economics, indigenous plant research. Her activism began in the anti-apartheid struggle in her native South Africa.

    May Boeve (US)

    May Boeve is the Executive Director of 350.org, an international movement using online campaigns, grassroots organising and mass public actions to oppose fossil fuel projects, and build 100% clean energy solutions that work for all.

    Tara Houska (First Nation, US)

    Tara Houska, Ojibwe from Couchiching First Nation, is an attorney and National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth

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  • Mary and Maeve are laying down the law. Three years ago, 886 ordinary Dutch citizens sued their government over climate change... and won. Tessa Khan, a Bangladeshi-Australian lawyer is in the studio to talk new legal strategies for climate action. Her organisation is currently helping to sue not one, but six governments around the world for failing to protect their citizens and across the US, it’s the next generation who are rising to take Trump to court.

    This week’s Mothers of Invention are:

    Tessa Khan (Australia)

    International human rights lawyer helping citizens take their governments to court over climate change.

    Marjan Minnesma (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    Director of Urgenda, Driving force behind the world's first climate liability lawsuit, and its historic victory.

    Our Children’s Trust Plaintiffs (USA, India and across the world)

    Kelsey Juliana, Victoria Barrett and Ridhima Pandey: young people suing their governments to protect their future.

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  • Before Maeve and Mary’s new podcast series can truly begin, Maeve’s got a confession to make; she doesn’t really, properly, understand what the Paris Climate Agreement actually is. Luckily her co-host, the former Irish President, is more than happy to take her to school. Let Maeve’s pain be your gain in this punchy Paris primer...

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  • Climate change is a man-made problem with a feminist solution! Join former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins in this uplifting and fascinating new podcast, and meet a host of game-changing women fighting to save all our lives.

    Launching on Monday 23rd July, across six entertaining and inspiring episodes released every other Monday to start your week, this Summer Mary and Maeve will chew over the big issues of climate change, giving us the inside track on the corridors of power AND introducing us to amazing women all over the world - our Mothers of Invention. They are scientists in Africa, they are farmers in Asia, politicians in Brussels, they are indigenous community leaders in America, they are lawyers, they are activists and they are solving climate problems every. Single. Day.

    Whether you’re a man, woman, vegetable or mineral, subscribe now wherever you listen to your podcasts and share this entertaining new series which is a must-listen for anyone who believes that climate change is real and wants to to find a more fun way into the climate challenge ahead of all of us.

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