• Flashback to 2020 continued at the Marine base, Dorset England where the Captain and Giles reflect on what really happened. Satellite pictures show that the house was not destroyed by a drone strike, but de-materialized before. They consider an image of a girl being helped out of the crater by what looks like two local women.

    The Captain remembers that the island had been approved by all members of the ‘five eyes’ as Giles admits that he works for the Ministry of Defence! Giles explains that they needed to find a place for the cylinder to land, where the event could be kept secret. Somewhere off the grid, somewhere still British, but with a US airbase just 20 minutes away on Antigua. That was possible to cover up with the Island in lockdown.

    After this breaking news, the next installment goes back to Caribbean island in 2020.

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  • After his return to England, a British Commando on the joint task force to the island is arrested and taken to a Royal Marine base to provide a report of what happened on the Caribbean island. This is just the beginning, as he recounts a force field on the beach with dead fish and birds and someone called James doing strange things with the cylinder they found underwater, that he thought saved a lot of lives.

    When he meets his Commanding Officer, he shows that he had a relationship on the island with a female Navy officer and expects to be disciplined. To his surprise, the Captain accepts his report and congratulates his actions, sending him off on unpaid leave. The reason is clearly to prevent him from appearing at a formal inquiry, as the military must come together in shared determination to protect themselves.

    But will they be successful in their quest to preserve that which they know cannot be disclosed, as we find out in the next installment.

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  • The Protagonist James, is now found in the year 2030 in a damaged house, in hot sunshine. He looks outside at a land of nothing but sand and starts to walk west towards the setting sun.

    When he reaches a gully, he sees he's on an island, with a mile of water to a coastline of tall buildings glinting in the setting sunshine. Finding a damaged paddle board, he starts to cross the water towards the mainland.

    As dusk falls, he sees a red light on a damaged quay and paddles faster until his way is blocked by the accumulation of debris from big waves that must have hit the shoreline. His path is cleared by helpful dolphins and he lands against the stone steps of a quay. There he hears the voice of Ben Romford; someone he knows from his past. Ben’s asking where James has been for the last ten years, but he doesn't remember.

    All James knows is that Janet’s house on the Caribbean Island has been moved to an island off the coast of Portugal. Ben explains that the planet was hit by a comet that created massive waves of tsunamis, and flooded the coast and the local airport. He shows James a reverse engineered alien plane and takes him back to a RAF airfield outside London.

    Now we must go back to 2020, to understand what really happened on the Caribbean Island.

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  • An extraterrestrial cylinder is spotted by a US military satellite and falls into the sea close to the British island of Monserrat, in the Caribbean.

    It's early 2020 the show starts, with an aerial view of the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in the quiet English countryside. Inside we find the senior officer trying to understand the images on the screen. These events lead to a humanitarian disaster when hundreds of survivors are seen to have survived, sitting on the beach.

    Before a Navy task force can arrive, a joint evaluation mission is launched, with complete media blackouts. When a house above the beach is destroyed by a drone attack, it sets off an entire chain of events that do not make sense of what has occurred. But it’s the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and the island is locked down for over a year with observation and only military flights allowed to land.

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  • Welcome, to this Sneak Peek on the first Monday next month, about my Journey to Science and Fiction. The first of ten episodes are to be released on the November 6th, two thousand and twenty-three.

    Hello, my name is Andrew Man and I’m an independent author who lives and writes close to one of the largest lakes in Europe. I started my SciFi series over ten years ago, but to understand where this journey to science and fiction comes from - you need to see the link to to my website below.

    Without giving too much away, the first episode starts with an ‘alien contact’ that takes place near a Caribbean Island at the beginning of the pandemic. Western Governments are able to keep this ‘contact’ secret with the island in lockdown.

    So, the story starts from around February 2020. With flashbacks and moves back and forward in time to 2030, but remember these events could never happen in 2030, right…!

    I hope you will enjoy the show, starting on November 6th, 2023.

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