• A fascinating re-examination of the battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval encounter in history and probably the most decisive naval battle of the entire Pacific War, and one that saw the Imperial Japanese Navy eliminated as an effective fighting force and forced to resort to suicide tactics.

    Mark Stille is the author of numerous Osprey titles focusing on naval history in the Pacific. He recently concluded a nearly 40-year career in the intelligence community, including tours on the faculty of the Naval War College, on the Joint Staff and on US Navy ships. He received his BA in History from the University of Maryland and also holds an MA from the Naval War College.You can purchase the book HERE

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    Kira’s back in her affluent hometown for the first time in years and determined to unravel the secrets of her mother’s death–hidden in the unpublished memoir she left behind– even if it kills her. . . .
    After her troublemaker mother’s mysterious death, Kira fled her wealthy Texas town and never looked back. Now, decades later, Kira is invited to an old frenemy’s vow renewal celebration Though she is reluctant to go, there are things pulling her home. . . like chilled wine and days spent by the pool . . . like sexy Jack, her childhood crush. But more important are the urgent texts from her grandmother, who says she has something for Kira. Something related to her mother’s death, something that makes it look an awful lot like murder.
    When her grandmother gives Kira a memoir that her mother had been working on before she died, Kira is drawn into the past and all the sizzling secrets that come along with it. With few allies left in her gossipy country-club town, Kira turns to Jack for help. As she gets closer to discovering what—and who—might have brought about her mother’s end, it becomes clear that someone wants the past to stay buried. And they might come after Kira next.


    May Cobb is an award-winning author of The Hunting Wives, My Summer Darlings, A Likeable Woman, and Big Woods. Her books have received attention from Book of The Month, The Today Show, and Oprah Daily and have been optioned for film/TV. She has an M.A. from San Francisco State University and her essays and interviews have appeared in The Washington Post and Good Housekeeping. She currently lives in Austin with her family.

    You can purchase the book HERE

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  • Marie Bostwick’s ESME CAHILL FAILS SPECTACULARLY is an emotional, humorous, and very human novel about what it means to be family—the ties that bind us together and the unintentional hurts that can render us apart. Along the way, Esme learns that failure can be the first step toward the life you’re meant to find.

    Set amidst the stunning landscape of Asheville, NC, Esme Cahill returns Esme Cahill returns to her childhood—from New York City, where she was fired from her publishing job, divorced from her husband—at the request of her late grandmother, Adele, who dies suddenly before Esme arrives.

    While she finds her footing in a place she hasn’tbeen back to in years, Esme finds the once-charming lakeside retreat run by her family is sliding toward financial ruin. With her grandfather George, estrangedmother Robyn, and a travelling chef Dawes, they set out to rebuild their family’s legacy. In the attic, Esme unearths a trove of museum-worthy art quilts, sewn by Adele. Piecing together the inspiration behind them, Esme discovers a forgotten chapter in her grandmother’s untold story, that of a gifted artist who never received her due.

    Marie Bostwick began her writing career in 2005 with her debut, Field of Gold. In the eighteen years since, she has written more than 20 novels and novellas. A lifelong quilter, she weaves quilting into her narratives both to instill her characters with creativity and as a metaphor of piecing together their life stories. Marie travels extensively, speaking at libraries, bookstores, quilt guilds, and at quilt shows. You can follow her book tour appearances for ESME CAHILL FAILS SPECTACULARLY at www.mariebostwick.com.

    She lives in Gig Harbor, WA.

    You can purchase the book HERE

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  • In My Real-Life Rom-Com, Carrie Berk shares her dating adventures (and misadventures) to help teens discover more about themselves and the relationships they deserve. Berk tackles some tough questions with honesty and humor: “I guide the reader through the ups and downs of teen love, intimacy, and coming of age in a social media-saturated society,” Berk says. “My goal is to normalize these conversations between teens and their parents. We don’t have to whisper ‘sex’ anymore.”

    Readers will laugh at Berk’s dating disasters experienced during middle and high school. Like the guy who had a fly stuck in his tooth or the boy who had his mommy send a breakup text. Through Berk’s relatable words, teens will learn how to get over a first breakup, understand the art of the “situationship,” make smart, not impulsive decisions, and above all, learn to love themselves.

    Twenty-year-old Carrie Berk is a verified content creator across several social media channels including TikTok (3.7 million followers, 114 million likes), Instagram (960,000 followers), Snapchat (116,000 followers), and Pinterest (227,000 followers), with a monthly engagement of more than 70M. Bella Magazine declared her “an ambitious and dedicated boss babe,” and The Wall Street Journal dubbed her “a community-minded young creator.” Berk voices the role of Heather on Season 3 of Brat TV’s Crown Lake and plays Karina in Brat TV’s Stage Fright. She was a cast member of the Paramount+ series Next Influencer. Carrie Berk is a bestselling children’s book author and has co-written over 21 children’s books. My Real-Life Rom-Com is Carrie’s solo YA debut.

    You can find the book HERE

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  • Bestselling author, Reese pick, and GMA pick Chandler Baker is

    back with a funny, daring mystery about what happens when ten preschoolers with an odd craving for blood are the only

    witnesses to a murder, pitched as Big Little Lies meets Nothing

    to See Here Darby, Mary Beth, and Rhea are on personal quests to reclaim aspects of their identities subsumed by motherhood—their careers, their sex lives, their bodies—when their children, who all attend preschool at Little Academy, develop an unsettling medical condition: the kids are craving blood. Then a young teacher is found dead, and the only potential witnesses are ten adorable 4-year-olds. Soon it becomes clear that the children are not just witnesses, but also suspects. . . and so are their mothers.

    As the police begin to look more closely, the children’s ability to bleed their parents dry becomes deadly serious. Part murder mystery, part motherhood manifesto, Cutting Teeth explores the standards society holds mothers to—along with the ones to which we hold ourselves—and the things no one tells you about becoming a parent.

    Chandler Baker lives in Austin with her husband and toddler, where she also works as a corporate attorney. She is the author of several young adult novels and her adult debut, Whisper Network, was a New York Times bestseller and Reese's Book Club pick. The Husbands was a USA Today bestseller and a Good Morning America Book Club pick. Cutting Teeth is her third novel for adults.

    You can find the book HERE

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  • Propulsive, complex, and well-crafted, FORGOTTEN WAR by Don Bentley is part military thriller and part spy novel. The story reads like an action-movie and is the perfect read for fans of Tom Clancy, Mark Greaney, and Lee Child.Don Bentley’s military background gives him the unique ability to write pulsepounding action with authority. He flew an Apache attack helicopter in Afghanistan and was the air mission commander of the aerial quick reactionary force attempting to rescue Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell as part of Operation Red Wings. This operation was the basis of the book and film Lone Survivor. After his time in the military, Bentley was an FBI special agent.In his writing, Don draws from his own combat experience and hopes that fellow veterans will connect with Defense Intelligence Agency operative Matt Drake. Readers were first introduced to Matt Drake in Without Sanction (2020) and were immediately captivated by his humor, heart, and desire to do good no matter the cost that sets him apart from your typical thriller protagonist and is one of the reasons dedicated fans have been eagerly awaiting each next installment in the series.

    About the AuthorDon Bentley is the New York Times bestselling author of Tom Clancy Zero Hour, Tom Clancy Target Acquired and the Matt Drake series (Without Sanction, The Outside Man, and Hostile Intent). In 2023, he was named as the new author for the Mitch Rapp series begun by the late Vince Flynn. Don is a former FBI Special Agent, SWAT Team member, and Army Apache helicopter pilot. Learn more at DonBentleyBooks.com

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  • The trial of Alex Murdaugh captivated the nation and his subsequent conviction for the murder of his wife and son made headlines far outside the South Carolina Lowcountry. Murdaugh, the once powerful patriarch of a prestigious family fell far and fast. Now, in anew book, Tangled Vines: Power, Privilege, and the Murdaugh Family Murders, bestselling true crime author John Glatt takes readers deep into Murdaugh family history to explain their legacy and trace how it all came tumbling down.

    English-born JOHN GLATT is the author of more than thirty books including The Lost Girls and My Sweet Angel, and has over thirty years of experience as an investigative journalist in England and America. He has appeared on television and radio programs all over the world, including Dateline NBC, FOX News, ABC’s 20/20, BBC World News, and A&E Biography.

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  • From a young age, Larry D. McClure's life was rife with tragedy following the deaths of his cousins, neighbor, father, and twin brother. This series of unfortunate events set him on a course to find answers as to why his life was filled with so much pain. Godward / The Prodigal Steps compiles the answers Mr. McClure found to this burning question over a 40-year period.

    Though originally not intended to be published, after many years of research and study, Mr. McClure came to realize that others could benefit from this powerful and lifechanging experience. Using the Bible as the foundation for his research, Mr. McClure draws upon other sources, such as the readings of Edgar Cayce, the Gospel of Thomas, The Law of One: The Ra Material, and the Unity Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, delving deeper into the "how" and "why" things happen in our lives.

    Larry D. McClure is just an ordinary man with an extraordinary God. Having been born in poverty, he had the pleasure of sharing the company of others from all walks of life, be it rich or poor, black or white, young or old, male or female, and he found through many conversations that each of us wants the same thing: to know the Truth. Many go their whole life never having found the answer.

    Through his research, Mr. McClure strives to help others to find answers and free them of their burdens, for it is only the Truth that sets us free.

    You can purchase the book here:


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  • Amber Glass has spent her entire adult life putting as much distance as possible between her and her hometown of Baltimore, where she fears she will forever be known as“Prom Mom”—the girl who allegedly killed her baby on the night of the prom after her date, Joe Simpson, abandoned her to pursue the girl he really liked. But when circumstances bring Amber back to the city, she realizes she can have a second chance—as long as she stays away from Joe, now a successful commercial real estate developer, married to a plastic surgeon, Meredith, to whom he is devoted.

    The problem is, Amber can’t stay away from Joe. And Joe finds that it’s increasingly hard for him to ignore Amber, if only because she remembers the boy he was and the man he said he was going to be. Against the surreal backdrop of 2020 and early 2021, the two are slowly drawn to each other and eventually cross the line they’ve been trying not to cross.

    And then Joe asks Amber to help him do the unthinkable…

    Since Laura Lippman's debut in 1997, she has been recognized as a distinctive voice in mystery fiction and named one of the "essential" crime writers of the last 100 years. In 2022, Lippman celebrated her silver anniversary as a published author. In that time, she has produced 24 novels, 2 collections of short stories, a serialized novella, a book of essays, and a children's picture book. Her work has been published in more than 25 languages.A New York Times bestseller, she has won more than 20 prizes for her work and been shortlisted for 30 more. Her 2019 novel, Lady in the Lake, is being adapted into a miniseries starring Natalie Portman and Moses Ingram. Lippman lives in Baltimore and New Orleans.

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  • This book documents events experienced after becoming a Whistleblower against the most powerful debt collection organization in the world. Using fictional characters and conversations, this story exposes efforts to cause financial, emotional, and mental harm to me, my family, and my friends. Tactics such as privacy violations, illegal monitoring and surveillance, misuse of government records, and violation of trusted agreements with third-party banking, healthcare, credit, government officials and data are exploited by this institution to achieve their goal.

    About The Author:

    I am a senior leader with over 20 years of experience focused on business, finance, and acquisition management. I’m a change agent; transforming and improving business operations and processes. I have two Masters degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical and Research Technology. I am also certified in Information Assurance (cybersecurity) and Project Management. I am by no means ignorant or naive. For several years, I worked for the Federal government with no problems, until I decided to take a stand against corruption. I did not know that taking on this new role would also mean a new title - a Whistleblower.

    You can puchase a copy of the book here:https://www.writersrepublic.com/bookshop/digital-assassins-surviving-cyberterrorism-and-digital-assassination-attempt

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  • The planet Saturn is attacked by an overwhelming alien force. David and Danielle Odessa along with family and friends are forced to flee the only homes that they have ever known. Pursued by the Pyorian Domain, the siblings battle overwhelming odds to escape their grasp. They then join a mission to end the alien's siege on the galaxy.

    Robert Perrin's A Quest for Survival is for anyone wanting more than a simple science fiction story-and for anyone wanting a moral themed story that is relevant for the current times.

    About the Author

    Robert E. Perrin is from the small town of Everett, PA. He has been writing for years, and loves to write all kinds of literature, from novels to religious poetry. He uses his writing to focus on a moral or life lesson.

    You can purchase the book here:


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  • Life's Unexpected Blessings is about a woman named Shelia whose life has not turned out like she planned or expected. Along the way she has faced some obstacles but has gotten through them with her faith in God. During her journey, she meets James, who has also faced some of the same challenges. Love soon blossoms between the two. Maybe her life turned out better than she expected.

    About the Author

    Ms. Michelle Copeland never expected to become an author. She wanted to be many things when she was younger, but she decided she wanted to go into medicine. Ms. Copeland attended UF and majored in pre-med - more specifically, she majored in microbiology. After college Ms. Michelle Copeland tried to get into medical school. She didn't get in, but people say you never get in on your first try. She learned phlebotomy and ecg after graduating college in hopes of improving her chances of being hired with no luck. She put that dream aside to help her family. However, then remembered when she was a young girl that she loved to draw and sketch, so she started painting, and one day Ms. Michelle Copeland decided to write a book. Never say never.

    You can purchase the book here:


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  • Woman of Steel is the memoir of Mary growing up in a hostile home, enduring rape, beatings, slave-like conditions and atrocious abuse, by a mother who wished she had never been born. Her story begins at the end of WWII, in farm country in New York. Mary also tells of her private moments including the paranormal and visits with a favored extra-terrestrial. She tells her intriguing story demonstrating her will to not just survive the harsh conditions she finds herself experiencing, and what she did to overcome it all so she could thrive. Readers will weep for Mary as she suffers untold cruelties inflicted upon by her parents, will wonder at the paranormal experiences that give Mary comfort, and will feel Mary’s anguish when she allows herself to feel her own pain in her private moments. And readers will cheer her on when Mary stands against her abusers, each time increasing her power for herself.


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  • Once again, meet Daisy the cat and her three canine friends, H-Dee, Smokie, and Rocky, as together they face a worldwide pandemic.

    The story tackles the Covid-19 pandemic and how everyone's life changed in just one year.

    Daisy and Friends What Happened to Yesterday: A Covid-19 Story begins with the definition of the words pandemic and essential workers. The story then explains the changes in our daily lives before and during the pandemic.

    Inspiration for the author's books comes from her working over 20 years as a pre-school teacher observing children at work and play.

    About the Author

    Barbara J Meredith retired from Kids Express Learning Center & Daycare, LLC in 2013. She was co-owner, director, and head teacher for 14 years. The animals in the Daisy and Friends Books are my pets. The inspiration for the books came from over 20 years as a pre-school teacher observing children's behaviors.

    The following are the book titles of Daisy and Friends Books series:

    Daisy and Friends How To Stay Healthy

    Daisy and Friends Rocky's New Friend

    Daisy and Friends Outside Our Window

    Daisy and Friends Waiting for the School Bus

    Daisy and Friends What Happen to Yesterday A Covid 19 Story


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  • Callie is a gifted cat tossed into the cruel world shortly after she is weaned. Callie knows nothing of the world but soon fi nds herself traveling from one place to another, getting into many different situations, and learning to adapt and survive. As Callie travels, she meets a diverse array of humans, some who are good-natured and others who lack even basic humanity.

    Callie was born with the gift of nine eyes on the underside of her tail. She embarks on various adventures throughout her story, and her tail eyes become very important to her. Come with Callie on her journeys and discover other mysteries she will uncover about herself.

    Meet Sharon Schofill, a retired elementary school teacher from rural eastern North Carolina. She has taken up writing in her free time, focusing on her favorite subject to teach - writing. Her latest piece centers around a feline character named “Callie,” who possesses almost human-like qualities. Through her work, Sharon aims to engage readers and help them appreciate Callie’s unique personality, just as she and her grandson have.


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  • “Reunion Blues” is a love story and a sequel to “Dance Steps” It is a continuation of the story of a Southern boomer coming of age and how art, music, a dance, three girls, and the Vietnam War were determining factors of his journey to manhood. Life makes a Southern boomer grow up fast and strong. The story follows Donald Emmerson and several of his classmates as they follow life’s trials and travels through young adulthood into adult maturity and full growth.
    “Dance Steps” and “ Reunion Blues” are works of fiction but are stories that could describe coming of age to adulthood for almost anyone born during the ‘Baby Boom’ following World War II.

    You can purchase the book here:


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  • Eldrin is a land of stunning natural beauty, terrifying monsters, and seven sentient species. Manipulator takes place during a tipping point in the delicate balance of peace within Eldrin. Peace treaties between kingdoms new and ancient have been broken and war is inevitable between the newly established Bynder Kingdom, a kingdom of giants, and the human Machellia Kingdom. The legendary Kaff, a reclusive and powerful retired hero from an age past, is in a race to find a devastating weapon before it falls into the hands of the ambitious Kendrick Bynder, king of the giants. Jameson, the son of Kaff, is thrust from his comfortable world of routine and seclusion into an adventure of flying galleons, pirates, and a dangerous race to control the mysterious weapon hidden in the northlands of Eldrin.

    Brad Kuipers grew up on a dairy farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and has always enjoyed fantasy novels and worlds away from our own. He began writing this story at the age of thirteen in an attempt to chronicle the games and stories created in the minds of his siblings and himself. Becoming an author had always felt like a fantasy. In that regard, he is finally living the adventure of his lifetime!https://www.writersrepublic.com/bookshop/chronicles-eldrin-book-1-manipulator

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  • Staying the Distance showcases the much-needed leadership lessons that sport can teach us: how to improve, perform and achieve, in ways that are effective and sustainable.
    Leadership can be hard. It can certainly be relentless. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the well-being, health and sustained performance of many senior leaders, and yet strong leadership remains central to the performance of every single organization.
    Business leaders are very familiar with drawing lessons from elite sport, particularly around teams, leadership and high performance. But we have all been missing a trick. Day in, day out, sport has been showing us not only how to improve, perform and achieve, but how to do so on a sustained basis, consistently delivering results when it matters. This book shines a light on these unseen lessons, and provides a clear and practical roadmap for how to deploy them in the reader's own leadership practices.
    With Catherine Baker's unique view into world-class sport and top-level business, and with insights from top performers in both worlds, this book provides a fresh and dynamic take on how - consistently and over the long term - to bring out the best in yourself, and in those you lead.Founder and Director at Sport and Beyond, Catherine Baker is highly sought after as a keynote speaker due to her unique blend of professional background and deep insight into the world of elite sport. She has appeared on speaker panels at a broad range of events, including a Women in Leadership programme (jointly hosted by Goldman Sachs and Deloitte) and the inaugural AllBright FoundHer festival, and a groundbreaking event held at Lords hosted by Women in Sport. Catherine is also Chair of the Steering Group of the O Shaped Lawyer, and has extensive experience as a non-executive director, most recently as a Trustee on the Board of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

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  • A collection of poetry Johnnie wrote when he was in the midst of a severe depression, all the while continuing to raise his son and deal with various medical conditions. Although the poems are in no specific order, they document his journey from depression to finding the joy in life again.

    About Johnnie Williams:After getting a divorce my life took a turn for the worse and I had to find new ways to “make it.” Once things started to get back on track for me, life threw in a monkey wrench, pain of all types. Through poetry, philosophy, spiritualism, and research I was able to beat the depression and move forward with my life.

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  • The story of recorded sound--the technological developments, the humans that made them happen and their impact on society, from the phonograph to LPs, EPs and the recent resurgence of vinyl.
    In Into the Groove, vinyl collector and music buff Jonathan Scott dissects a mind-blowing feat that we all take for granted today--the domestication of sound. Thomas Edison's phonograph, the first device that could both record and reproduce sound, represented an important turning point in the story of recorded sound, but it was only the tip of the iceberg, and came after decades of invention, tinkering and experimentation. Scott traces the birth of sound back to the earliest serious attempts in the 1850s, celebrating the ingenuity, rivalries and science of the modulated groove.
    He examines the first attempts to record and reproduce sounds, the origins of the phonograph, and the development of commercial shellac discs. Then he divulges the fascinating story of the LP record, from the rise of electric recording to the fall of 7-inch vinyl, the competing speed and format wars, and an epilogue that takes the story up to the present-day return of vinyl to vogue.
    Into the Groove uncovers tales of intrigue and betrayal, court battles and lesser-known names who are often left out of most histories. Discover a new appreciation of the not-so-simple black disc that holds a special place in the history of music and sound.Jonathan Scott is a music writer and self confessed astronomy geek. Formerly a contributing editor to Record Collector magazine, he has edited books about Prince, Cher and the San Francisco psych explosion, and written about Nirvana, the Pogues, the Venga Boys, Sir Patrick Moore and Sir Isaac Newton, in a variety of magazines. He received his first telescope aged eight, using it to track Halley’s Comet in 1986. Having followed Voyager's planetary fly-bys throughout his childhood, he first got to write about the missions in 2004. If he'd been in charge of the Voyager Golden Record, aliens would assume humanity had three chords.

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