• Episode # 54 - The opportunity cost of not investing with Milly Brigden

    · 00:18:34 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Milly Brigden, from MB Property Advantage (http://www.millybrigden.com.au/) joins the show this week. Milly is a Buyer’s Agent and property investment specialist who began investing at age 19. She had a successful career in real estate and spent eight years in investment banking, before turning her passion for property into a business. We discuss the opportunity cost of not actually investing. Milly also shares her top tips for property investment success. So, without further ado… let’s just get to it!!#rethink #reinvent #rentvest

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  • Episode # 54 - Smash your mortgage (part 2)

    · 00:21:26 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Smash your mortgage (part 2) - the tips continue this week as we unload more strategies and simple suggestions to help pay down your mortgage. Getting rid of your non-deductible debt allows you to concentrate on growing your deductible or "good debt" at an accelerated rate. Plus, everyone’s goal is to smash their mortgage and do so it the shortest amount of time. Like last week some of these tips will be easy to install others you’ll need the guidance from an investment focused broker like the team at Loans Only (www.loansonly.com.au). You'll need to listen to the very end where we reveal the one strategy (above all others) that can have a huge impact allowing you to beat the banks at their own game. If you would like to contact the team at Loans Only say hello@loansonly.com.au or call on 1800 680 261.

  • Episode # 53 – How to smash your mortgage (part 1)

    · 00:15:51 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    How do I smash my mortgage? It’s a very common question we receive and in my investment lending business I see clients over and over making the same mistakes. Some of these tips are simple and easy to deploy… others you’ll need to work with an investment focused broker like myself or the team at Loans Only. Either way if you’re keen to build wealth it’s highly unlikely that you’ll save your way to wealth. It’s almost impossible, most people suck at saving money! Trying to get ahead financially by scrimping and saving can be a slow and painful way to live. That is not to say that there is not a place for intelligent saving, and for having some financial discipline. It is more to highlight that saving alone is not an easy way to get ahead.So, imagine for a moment, you are an average full-time working Australian, currently aged 30, and intend to work for the next 40 years, and will retire at the age of 70.Well, assuming you are a full-time average income earner ($1,516.90 pw or $78,000 pa), and assuming your wages grow at an average of a 3% pa, over the course of your working life you will earn just over $6.2 million. That sounds fantastic, right? Surely you will have more than enough for a good retirement?Well, that depends on how much of that income you spend, and how much of your income you can actually save or, even better, invest each year. And try not to think of how much of that you will pay in TAX!If you are working full-time right now, how much of your wage can you save every year, and still have an acceptable lifestyle?Perhaps 5%, maybe 10%, or possibly a little bit more?For the sake of this example, let’s assume you are the average Australian worker and could save 10% of your earnings each year... in the first year you would have saved a little over $7,800. In the second year you get a 3% pay rise and by saving 10% you have a further $8,300pa bringing your running total to $16,100.Continuing this behaviour, year after year for 40 years, and religiously putting 10% of your income under the mattress each year (because with savings account interest currently at near zero returns why bother putting it in a bank anyway?), you could save in excess of $612,000.Now that might seem like enough, but bear in mind that due to inflation, the cost of practically everything else has also risen in price over the last 40 years. Something that cost $1.00 today may cost $3.16, or more, in 40 years’ time. Therefore, in today’s dollar terms your $612,000 in savings only has the same approximate buying power as $193,000 today.How long do you think you could afford to retire on just $193,000 (in today’s dollar equivalent) from your ability to save 10% of your income for 40 years alone?So, if we have done our job right here, it should be apparent that to get ahead financially we will want to invest, or leverage at least some of our hard-earned income.For most people, investing will require some level of understanding and appreciation for debt, especially during the acquisition, or growth, phase of your wealth-building journey.Not all debt is created equal and, understanding how to apply for, use, and manage debt effectively, will allow you to grow your wealth faster and more predictably than by saving alone.Interest rates are currently sitting at historic lows; both bank and nonbank lenders are aggressively competing for your business, and there may not be a better time to pay down your personal debt, gear up on your tax-deductible debt and make some money.With that thought in mind, let’s look at 24 ways to smash your mortgage, help pay off your debts faster, and retire both earlier and wealthier! To get in contact with Peter for investment lending advice please email peter@rentvesting.com.au or speak with the investment lending specialists at Loans Only on hello@loansonly.com.au

  • Episode # 52 - Creative investment solutions with Nick Shaw

    · 00:23:10 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    On this week’s show we have Nick Shaw, who is a property investment specialist and Managing Director of Creative Investment Solutions. Nick started investing in residential property during his career with the Defence Force. Drawing on his own experiences (both the successes and the failures) to help people, Nick develops strategic plans to achieve property and wealth creation goals. In this episode we discuss mentoring, why you need to partner with others who have already made the mistakes to help you make the most out of the opportunities. We put the spotlight on SE QLD, where to buy, what to buy and what structures you should wrap around these investments. It’s a great show ahead so... let’s just get to it!If you're interested in downloading the webinar that Nick refers to during the podcast you can grab it here: http://www.creativeinvestmentsolutions.com.au/webinar

  • Episode # 51 - The significance of your investing with Justin McMillan

    · 00:21:12 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Today we have Justin McMillan from Smartwealth on the show and we discuss the significance of investing and what it actually truly means to you. As a wealth coach Justin focuses on you, your passions, fears and dreams. Unfortunately for many, these do get neglected as you get stuck on the treadmill of day to day life. While many financial advisers focus on financials, investments and strategies (while important and not neglected), they are simply the vehicles to allow us to get you to where you want to be. So, Justin and I discuss want the focus should be on - which is your true purpose in order to bring your goals and aspirations to life.To get in contact with Justin you can reach out via https://www.facebook.com/smartwealthadvice/ or http://smartwealth.com.au/The live events that Rentvesting are sponsoring will be in Brisbane and Sydney next week. Don’t miss out on your free ticket and register here: https://www.rentvesting.com.au/register-for-our-live-events/ It’s a great show ahead so, let’s just get to it…

  • Episode # 50 - Plan your success with Luke Harris

    · 00:23:23 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    We all aspire to create comfort and security within our own lives. What separates those who achieve this to those who don’t is usually down to planning and execution. Now if you’re keen to grow the largest asset base you can, you can go out on your own (all power to you). Or, you can work with individuals who have already made the mistakes and can show you the steps to expedite the process to get you where you want to be sooner. Our guest this week, Luke Harris is one such individual who not only has a true entrepreneurial flare but is also an incredibly successful property investor. Luke bought his first property at 20 which he has subsequently grown into a multi-million-dollar portfolio. He is a full-time wealth creation mentor drawing on his experiences to empower and guide what’s now been hundreds of people through their own investment journeys. Luke is the CEO of The Property Mentors, he’s involved in over $130m of developments and has a special talent in helping people get out of their comfort zone to realise their full potential.Luke shares his property investment journey and explains the importance of planning and working with more experienced investors to get you where you want to be faster. At Rentvesting we love learning - especially if it's in regards to giving you the right tools to start your Rentvesting journey!We are excited to invite you to these exclusive free events hosted by The Property Mentors - beginning on Sept. 19 - 27 in the following cities: Melbourne, Geelong, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. You can register for the live events here: https://www.rentvesting.com.au/register-for-our-live-events/Why should you attend?- You may be less than 100% happy with the results you’ve achieved to date, and you need a clear plan to create the lifestyle you truly want- Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with all the information/ misinformation! — we're all being bombarded with every day- You want to fast track your results and retire years earlier than anticipated- Maybe you simply want an honest answer to the question, “How do I make real money investing in property?"It's a great episode ahead so without further ado… let’s just get to it!

  • Episode # 49 - The current pulse of the apartment market with Sam Elbanna

    · 00:26:29 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Sam Elbanna is the Managing Director of CPM Realty and joins us this week on The Rentvesting Podcast. Sam has been in the project sales space for 20+ years and has recorded more than $3b in sales (which is huge!). He knows the apartment market intimately and details the current inner workings that are shaping this sector. Sam shares his opinion on market opportunities and we also discuss affordability and his new upcoming property investment system that is designed help young people buy their first home. If you would like to know more about Sam and CPM Realty please visit: https://www.cpmrealty.com.au/We get through quite a lot in the next 20 or so minutes so let’s just get to it…#Rethink #Reinvent #Rentvest

  • Episode # 48 - 15 by 28!

    · 00:25:29 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    It’s great uncovering guests that have an awesome investment story to share. Peter Dodeja is a great example and he kindly came on to The Rentvesting Podcast to share his property investment journey. Pete started his business career in his early 20’s and commenced investing and developing property shortly thereafter. Pete now has a portfolio of 15 properties, he’s 28 and what’s even more impressive is that he’s accumulated these assets in the past 5 years! It’s an amazing effort. So tune in to hear how Peter went about building his empire. Let’s get to it…

  • Episode # 47 - Guide to SMSFs with Jason Cook

    · 00:22:26 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Jason Cook is a Specialist SMSF Adviser and company director of WB Financial (http://www.wb.com.au/). His career has spanned banking, financial services and planning. Jason is a firm believer that there is a strong, long-term relationship between financial advice and the achievement of lifetime goals and objectives.Because of Jason's expertise in the SMSF space we thought he'd be the perfect guest to help explain the ins and outs and general guidance on what you need to know to set up and run an SMSF. Plenty of content bombs in this one so… let’s get to it!If you would like to grab a copy of Jason's book that he refers to in the episode you can grab it via Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/Bullet-Proof-Business-Strategies-Accelerate-ebook/dp/B010YVPRF2

  • Episode # 46 - Cash Flow Vs Capital Growth: Which Is Best?

    · 00:22:02 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Joining The Rentvesting Podcast this week is Uwe Jacobs who is a property expert and financial educator. Uwe has been a full-time property investor since 2003 and his business Property Friends has assisted hundred of clients access property investments in excess of $130m in contract value. So it’s fair enough to say that Uwe knows enough to be considered dangerous when it comes to investing in real estate. Uwe discusses what’s required to grow a property portfolio. What will actually make you richer faster? Is it chasing positive cash flow, or is a capital growth strategy the better option to suit your situation?Before you decide on your preferred option, you need to know about the fundamentals that underpin each strategy which is what is discussed on this episode of The Rentvesting Podcast. If you're interested in a copy of Uwe's white paper report that he referred to in the episode please check out: https://www.propertyfriends.com.au/7-biggest-mistakes/Thanks for tuning in and be sure to subscribe because in the coming weeks we’ll be giving you the in’s and out’s of self managed superannuation funds (SMSF), showcasing more investors and getting their personal stories on how they built their own empires. If you do genuinely enjoy this podcast please leave a rating or a review. Mightn’t seem like a lot but it helps much more then you may think. Until next week… here’s to your success! Bye bye.

  • Episode # 45 - Trading shares to fast-track property ownership goals with Dale Gillham

    · 00:26:47 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    More people are turning towards trading stocks to fast-track their property ownership goals. Because of this I invited Dale Gillham, the co-founder of Wealth Within (https://www.wealthwithin.com.au/) and 'one of the country's most respected analysts'. Dale’s a sought-after key note speaker and author of the bestselling book 'How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%', (listen for the details at the end of the show on how to grab a copy). Dale has assisted thousands of traders and investors around Australia and throughout the world to become confident and profitable not only in the share market but in other investment vehicles. Dale and I discuss how the Australian dream is changing and how more people are turning towards share trading to fast track their property ownership goals. If you’re interested in trading up your knowledge on the equities market jump over to Talking Wealth (https://www.wealthwithin.com.au/news-media/talking-wealth/) where the expert team discuss the hot topics, investing in stocks as well as keeping you up to date with what is happening in the market. So… let’s get to it!#rethink #reinvent #rentvest

  • Episode # 44 - Why all the fuss?

    · 00:07:46 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    There is a lot of noise in the marketplace now. Doomsayers are pumping up the rhetoric. Journalists are probably rejoicing as they finally get to change the theme of their headlines. Talking about change - the investment lending space continues to evolve and adapt to the new norm of APRA’s intervention. Oh, and by the way, APRA won’t be going away anytime soon. There have been the obvious shifts like increased interest rates, larger mandatory deposits and interest only caps. This is the stuff that makes the news but what about the nitty gritty like lenders dumping equity release products? Higher credit assessment rates, shifts away from rent reliant portfolios, reduced Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) limits, new assessment ratios have been introduced and there is increased scrutiny of living expenses. The nitty gritty doesn’t tend to make the headlines but it certainly compounds the effects of rate rises and interest only caps. This is a challenging borrowing environment and one which is becoming the new norm (at least until the dust settles). But why all the fuss? Let’s check in with what you need to be doing to work smarter not harder. So, let’s get to it…To learn how you can work smarter NOT harder register for our coming webinar on Thursday 10th August at 7pm. Register via this link: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/35296/6d6929ca73

  • Episode # 43 - Tips from a tight arse with Luke Marshall

    · 00:26:19 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Luke Marshall from KDM Financial joins the show this week. Luke is an experienced Financial Planner who can demonstrate a history of helping every day Australian's achieve their financial goals. ‘Goals’ being a key word as Luke is very much focused on mindset and planning. It has been something that’s carried him throughout his career starting as a paramedic prior to transitioning to finance. We discussed his past investing mistakes, successes, as well as sharing some simple but very effective tips on wealth creation, budgeting and superannuation. So, let’s just get to it…To get in contact with Luke you can reach him at http://kdmfinancial.com.au/. Or if you’d like to grab a copy of his new book titled "Tips from a Tight Arse" check out Amazon. For additional information on salary sacrificing tip that Luke shared please refer to: https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/Super-for-employers/In-detail/Salary-sacrifice/Salary-sacrificing-super---information-for-employers/#rethink #reinvent #rentvest

  • Episode # 42 - Making sense of the investment lending changes

    · 00:15:29 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    What caught our attention this week was the headline: Many Aussies Aren’t Brave Enough To Invest – it came from a new survey conducted by Galaxy Research which polled 1,005 people nationwide. It concluded that 64% of Australians are interested in property investment. Which is great to see but there is a lot of concern: 65% of respondents said they are anxious about whether property investing is actually feasible. 35% feel it’s too hard to come up with enough money for a deposit, 23% say it’s too expensive to find an appropriate investment property in the area they reside in.74% of Gen X respondents say they’d like to own an investment property, but the major concern for this group is the fear that it can be tricky to secure a loan. The millennials in the survey are already looking towards the future, with 81% saying they’d like to buy an investment property at some point. It’s great that so many people are keen to invest. What’s a bit frustrating are the results on people finding it expensive to buy an investment property in the area the reside in… ah hello… we live in a pretty big country… there are investment grade opportunities from $300k-$600k right around the country. If you don’t believe we go back and listen to episode # 36. And the other major concern is that it’s getting tricky to get a loan. Well, maybe but yeah not quite… it’s understandable that people are frustrated, given that lenders have recently tightened their lending policies and hiked rates for investors. But it is still very possible to obtain finance for investment properties. So as someone that specialises in property investment finance let me share some insights into what’s happening in the lending space, who has been doing what, what the lenders are looking to see and what you should be doing about it… If you would like to Make Sense of All The Changes in the property and investment space check out the webinar hosted by Matt Bateman & Luke Harris - https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/832104186479654914 If you need to assess your current lending circumstances please contact Loans Only – the official investment mortgage partner of www.rentvesting.com.au – contact us directly by email on peter@loansonly.com.au So, let’s get to it…#rethink #reinvent #rentvest

  • Episode # 41 - An Aussie's guide to US real estate with Reed Goossens

    · 00:22:55 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Our guest today is Reed Goossens who provides us with the Aussie’s guide to US real estate. With a background in structural engineering Reed has managed to combine his technical background with his passion for real estate development and investing. Reed is the owner of RSN Property Group that specialise in re-development of apartment communities, through investor syndication in emerging US markets. Reed helps us explore the world of US real estate investing from the point of view of an international investor. We go through some straightforward questions to get an insight on how successful Australia investors like Reed break into the US property market. If you are interested in the topic please also tune in to Reed's podcast via; https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rg-009-1031-exchanges-tax/id1071004776?i=361762140&mt=2 So, let’s just get to it….

  • Episode # 40 - Nine by 25 with Eddie Dilleen

    · 00:24:11 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Our guest this week is Eddie Dilleen has bucked the trend and accrued a portfolio of nine investment properties. And he is only 25! Eddie hasn’t achieved this success because of wealthy parents or a high-paying job. It’s been through property know-how and goal setting from an early age. Plus, a bit if hustle has been thrown in for good measure. It’s fair to say that Eddie has leapfrogged many others his age… and hats off to him for his hard work and sacrifice to get himself there. Eddie shares his story on what he’s bought, how he’s bought it and why. Eddie and I chat about finance and how his understanding of debt has helped build his portfolio along the way. Along with why he chooses to continue to Rentvest and he shares what's in store for the future. So, let’s just get to it…

  • Episode # 39 - Times are changing with Claire Madden

    · 00:17:06 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Today we are talking about social change, how we are changing with the times and the impact this is having on the way we design, build, buy and sell property. Giving us some guidance on this matter is Claire Madden who is a social researcher, media commentator, TEDx speaker, and Founder and Director of the strategy and communications agency, Hello Clarity (www.helloclarity.com.au).Claire is in demand for her skill in effectively identifying the changing social trends which she highlighted in CommBank’s recent Connected Futures report (www.commbank.com.au/content/dam/caa…20-%20FINAL.pdf). The report largely focused on whether the Australian dream of property ownership is still a reality. Claire is on the board for a financial services company and on the Advisory Board of UTS Business School. Which makes her uniquely placed as an expert on social trends and generational engagement.Tune in to hear Claire's insight into an ever-changing property and social landscape.Did you like this episode? If so, we would love your support by rating us on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/rethink-reinvent-rentvest/id1076209206?mt=2)and by liking and following Rentvesting on social media. If you have any questions about what you heard today, any topics of interest you have in mind, or if you’d like to lend your voice to the show, email info@rentvesting.com.au#rethink #reinvent #rentvest

  • Episode # 38 - Building your empire with Chris Gray

    · 00:20:38 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Building an empire must start somewhere and learning from property investment experts is a great way to start. So, we have Chris Gray joining us this week who teaches people how to create wealth and improve their work/life balance through investment property. Chris is famed for seeking to change conventional thinking—and to teach people how to better leverage their income & equity to provide cash flow for their lifestyle. His strategies are easy-to-understand, but incredibly powerful and life-changing for anyone willing to take action. Chris is a professional investor, qualified accountant, a very well-known buyers’ agent and he’s funded his lifestyle through investment property with a growing portfolio of more than $15m. Chris is the CEO of Your Empire which is an independent property consultancy and you can also catch Chris at 6.30 on Monday nights as the host of Your Property Empire on business channel of Sky News. To obtain a free copy of Chris’s book titled Effortless Empire please go to: http://www.yourempire.com.au/effortless-empire/Chris shares some great nuggets with us on The Rentvesting Podcast, so let’s get to it…Did you like this episode? If so, we would love your support by rating us on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/rethink-reinvent-rentvest/id1076209206?mt=2)and by liking and following Rentvesting on social media. If you have any questions about what you heard today, any topics of interest you have in mind, or if you’d like to lend your voice to the show, email info@rentvesting.com.au#rethink #reinvent #rentvest

  • Episode # 37 - Homelessness in Australia: a discussion with Marion Mays

    · 00:24:34 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    The word home conjures up so many emotions – stability, privacy, safety, along with the actual ability to control a living space. Homelessness is a lack of one or more of the elements that represent 'home'.Now our guest this week, Marion Mays holds a strong sentiment about giving back and looking out for the less fortunate in our communities. Marion has been a long-standing supporter of many charitable organisations that support women and children experiencing domestic violence. Marion is also incredibly successful professionally as the founder of the Thalia Stanley Group (www.thaliastanley.com.au), a wealth advocacy firm based in Melbourne. Marion comes from a background of over twenty years in finance, lending and asset recovery. She holds qualifications in marketing, real estate and financial planning. She is a professional mentor/coach and has been an avid property investor across commercial and residential property for two decades.Marion and I discuss the issue of homelessness in our society along with the issue, if we’re being truthful with ourselves… that the majority of us just turn a blind eye to. It’s an insightful conversation and one that I hope compels more people to act and support Marion and others with initiatives that are helping raise the level of awareness of this issue. Please show your support by donating to: https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/ceos/vic-ceos/marion-mays/ Let’s get to it…Did you like this episode? If so, we would love your support by rating us on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/rethink-reinvent-rentvest/id1076209206?mt=2)and by liking and following Rentvesting on social media. If you have any questions about what you heard today, any topics of interest you have in mind, or if you’d like to lend your voice to the show, email info@rentvesting.com.au#rethink #reinvent #rentvest

  • Episode # 36 - Are we really in the midst of a housing affordability crisis?

    · 00:17:43 · The Rentvesting® Podcast - Rethink. Reinvent. Rentvest.

    Simon Pressley is the Managing Director of Propertyology (http://www.propertyology.com.au/) and one of Australia's most respected Buyers Advocates. Simon joins us this week on The Rentvesting Podcast and explains why Australia DOES NOT have an affordability crisis. As a nation of almost 25 million people, spread across 8 states and hundreds of local government jurisdictions only one city has an issue with housing affordability. Simon explains that in every other city in Australia, capitals and regions, we can buy a property for less than $600,000, in most cases, closer to $400,000. Even in Sydney, where median house prices have pushed past the $1 million dollar barrier there are everyday Australian's who continue to enjoy a lifestyle and let the investment strategy do the heavy lifting. So, you decide... do we really have a housing affordability issue?Did you like this episode? If so, we would love your support by rating us on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/rethink-reinvent-rentvest/id1076209206?mt=2)and by liking and following Rentvesting on social media. If you have any questions about what you heard today, any topics of interest you have in mind, or if you’d like to lend your voice to the show, email info@rentvesting.com.au#rethink #reinvent #rentvest