• https://comra-therapy.com/Meet Lola Goski - Physical and Craniosacral Therapist, and a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In our latest Healing with Coherence episode, Lola unfolds her unique approach to health and healing. Following a life-altering car accident that left her son seriously injured, Lola's quest for solutions beyond conventional medicine propelled her into the realm of holistic therapy. This wasn't just about fixing physical symptoms; it was a journey into the depths of true healing.In our discussion, Lola reveals her evolution from a traditional therapist to a compassionate guide and companion in the healing process. Drawing inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lola envisions her clients' body systems as delicate gardens, requiring gentle care akin to tending to a flower garden. She emphasizes the importance of addressing not just the physical aspects but also delving into the inner state of being to nurture the spirit and beauty within.Lola's healing philosophy is all about a two-way street—a collaborative journey of exploration between the healer and the one seeking healing, where exploration of possibilities takes precedence. Together, we explore her profound insights into why people do not heal, what contributes to true health, and the inherent power we possess to heal ourselves.Discover Lola's perspective on incorporating coMra therapy into a healer's practice and listen to her valuable insights into the future of health and healing. This episode promises a holistic exploration of healing beyond the physical, offering a profound understanding of the interconnected aspects that contribute to our overall well-being.Tune in now to unlock the secrets of holistic healing and join Lola Goski and Healing with Coherence host, Michail Tsvetanov, on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

  • Could medicine be unhealthy? How do we become ill? Why ill health is not something bad? These intriguing questions and more were deeply explored in a compelling conversation with our next guest on this episode of Healing with Coherence: Dr. Bernard Brom.Hailing from South Africa, Dr. Brom is a multifaceted man—a practitioner of Integrative, Functional, Holistic, and Healthy Medicine, as well as an artist and alchemist of medicine. His life's work revolves around unravelling the mysteries of healing, understanding the roots of illness, and navigating the intricacies of this intricate process.Dr. Brom's journey into medicine was fuelled by an insatiable curiosity about the unseen workings of our world and organisms. Despite completing medical school, he temporarily veered away from medicine, embracing an artistic and free-spirited lifestyle, even journeying to India where he encountered his spiritual guide and spent a transformative year under his tutelage. Returning to South Africa, he established a commune while rekindling his medical career. However, he made a pivotal decision to step away from conventional medicine, finding it perilous to prescribe chemicals that interfere with the body's natural functions. Instead, he pioneered an integrative medicine practice, focusing on lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments, which remarkably proved highly effective in aiding his clients.In our conversation, we delved deep into the quest for answers to the most profound questions surrounding health and illness, traversing the landscapes of biochemistry, the fundamental building blocks of our beings, the realms of energy and information, quantum potential, the incredible speed of thought and light, and even touching upon the enigmatic concepts of God and the essence of Life itself. Dr. Brom adeptly connected these diverse dots, offering a complex yet remarkably simple and coherent explanation of the origins of illness and the potential for reversal through intelligent cooperation with our bodies.Chapters: 1:30 -- Could Medicine be unhealthy?12:13 -- One does not need drugs to heal22:30 -- The great Mystery of Life32:08 -- Why we become ill42:00 -- Change the patient’s story 58:15 -- We’ve lost our ability to see the sacredness of life 01:04:10 -- The father of low-level lasers in SA01:16:40 -- The Art of Medicine If this discussion has ignited your curiosity about Dr. Brom's methodologies and perspectives, we encourage you to explore his other online resources for a deeper understanding. Additionally, his book, "Healthy Medicine," serves as a valuable source of further insight into his approach: http://creatinghealth.co.za/https://www.facebook.com/drbernardbromhttps://www.amazon.com/Healthy-Medicine-Philosophy-Principles-Natural/dp/1920535926

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  • Welcome back to the coMra - Healing with Coherence podcast! Today, we’re diving into the world of holistic healing alongside Leslie Carmen, the visionary behind Carmen Care Laser clinic. Leslie’s laser journey began with a profound moment - her daughter's life-changing encounter with laser therapy. This ignited a mission to help others find relief from profound pain and hopelessness.

    At Leslie's clinic, thousands have found solace from diverse chronic pain conditions, including Trigeminal Neuralgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and many others.

    In this episode, we explore the essence of low-level laser therapy, now known as photobiomodulation. Discover its incredible effectiveness in addressing chronic pain conditions deemed untreatable. From dissecting how laser therapy works todelving into the root causes of pain and inflammation, we journey through the depths of holistic healing.

    Join us as we uncover the profound link between cellular-level pain and the T3 Paradigm, Leslie’s protocol designed to address patterns where negative thoughts within our cells hinder the healing process. Understand the impact of belief systems on healing and learn how empowering relief seekers by making them part of the healing process accelerates their recovery.

    If you’re on the quest for chronic pain relief or fascinated by holistic healing approaches, this episode is your guiding light. Get comfortable, tune in, and embark with us on this enlightening discussion.


    03:22 -- Founding a new life purpose

    13:18 -- Different types of laser therapy

    24:05 -- How harmful frequencies keep you in pain

    32:27 -- The three reasons why the cells get inflamed

    45:08 -- Engaging patients in their active healing

    53:57 -- Final message to pain sufferers

  • Welcome to the third episode of the coMra Podcast series, where we delve deep into the realms of self-discovery, healing, and the boundless potential within us all. In this episode, we are joined by Mr. Garrett Murrin, the Regional Manager North America at Radiant Life Technologies and a member of Radiant Life Technologies’ Healing Team. Garrett, an experienced coMra therapy guide, takes us on a transformative journey, exploring the power of curiosity and the pivotal question: What if? Together, we unravel the incredible impact of this question on Garrett's life and how it led him down the path of healing. Join us as we contemplate the limitless possibilities that arise when we dare to question, challenge, and explore. Discover how embracing curiosity can transform not just our understanding of health but also our approach to well-being. Garrett shares his personal transformation from a skilled electrician to a holistic guide, emphasising why being our own health detectives is the key to comprehensive well-being and holistic self-sufficiency. In this episode, we challenge the notion of expertise and redefine what it means to be an expert in our own health journey. We explore the significance of wellness and prevention as proactive tools, paving the way to a healthier, happier life. In our conversation, we uncover the profound wisdom behind taking a pause – a momentary stop in the rush of life – as a fundamental tool for sustaining enduring health and happiness. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of self-discovery, healing, and the extraordinary potential that lies within each one of us. Welcome to a transformative episode where curiosity meets wisdom and self-awareness paves the way for a healthier, happier you. Chapters: 02:20:00 -- What if and why we stop asking that question?16:57:00 -- The transition from an electrician to a Healing Guide34:47:00 -- The Expert vs. The Guide48:11:00 -- Life is a journey to be enjoyed – not a problem to be solved in haste01:00:12 -- Taking the pause

  • Discover the world of groundbreaking scientific exploration and renewable energy in our latest coMra Podcast episode, featuring the brilliant Dr. Adrian Marsh, a Ph.D. holder in Physics with a wide-ranging interest in Science, Technology, and Computing.Dr. Marsh has dedicated his lifetime to pioneering clean, life-supportive, and sustainable energy and electricity environmental projects, accumulating over 20 years of expertise in renewable energy research. Drawing inspiration from the foundational work of Nicola Tesla and the principles of the Toltec System of Knowledge, he has spearheaded numerous research and development initiatives.In this episode, we engage in an insightful conversation with Dr. Marsh, delving into his extensive research in the field of renewable energy. We explore his ambitious project centered around developing an electricity generator based on Nikola Tesla’s groundbreaking concepts. Our discussion also encompasses the fundamental principles and systems that have shaped Dr. Marsh's worldview, including the Toltec System of Knowledge and New Science. Additionally, we uncover the innovative invention of coMra therapy and Dr. Marsh’s pivotal role as the founder of the Foundation for Toltec Research.Join us on this enlightening journey, gaining valuable insights into the transformative realms of renewable energy, cutting-edge technology, and the pioneering work of Dr. Adrian Marsh. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your understanding of the future of sustainable life supportive energy solutions.Related sources mentioned in the interview: Tesla Electricity and Energy Research: https://www.am-innovations.comAMInnovations YouTube Channel: / @aminnovations4082 The Foundation for Toltec Research: https://www.am-innovations.com/the-fo...The Toltec Teachings: https://www.toltec-legacy.orgRadiant Life Technologies: https://www.radiant-life-technologies...coMra therapy: https://comra-therapy.com/@aminnovations4082 Chapters: 02:47 -- Science, Technology & Computing as a Path with a Heart14:22 -- What is the meaning of Life Supportive Technology 26:21 – The willing fusion and the legacy of Nikola Tesla’s work34:49 -- True Invention48:28 – The Toltec System of Knowledge & Théun Mares1:02:13 -- The invention of coMra therapy and how it reflects the current level of awareness of humanity 1:21:50 – Foundation for Toltec Research

  • This is a test fileIn our inaugural episode, we are excited to introduce Dr. Arzhan Surazakov, Ph.D., a passionate research scientist hailing from the picturesque Altai region in South Siberia, Russia. Dr. Surazakov serves as the Director of Research and Development at Radiant Life Technologies, the pioneering force behind coMra therapy.

    Come along with us as we embark on a captivating exploration of Dr. Surazakov's life's work. Back in 2009, driven by a profound desire for a fresh perspective on science and technology that enhances the quality of life, he embarked on his journey with Radiant Life Technologies. Through his experiences with coMra therapy, Dr. Surazakov has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the realm of holistic health, firmly believing in humanity's inherent ability to nurture health and well-being.

    In this enlightening conversation, we delve into Dr. Surazakov's visionary approach to science and technology, exploring the fundamental principles that underpin his unwavering faith in the human potential to manifest health and well-being. Join us as we uncover the secrets to a life of vitality and wellness in our discussion with this truly extraordinary scientist.

    Find out more about Radiant Life Technologies here: https://www.radiant-life-technologies.com/

    Find out more about coMra therapy here: https://comra-therapy.com/