• After a six month hiatus, it’s the return of The TGN Film Club! Now in Volume 5, Jason and James reprise their roles as would-be movie critics to bring you ten varied films to add to your winter watch list. From cycling in hell to canoeing into the unknown, learning to be a spy, saving the world, and taking on a neo-nazi played by Patrick Stewart, it’s safe to say this may be the most wild list ever to hit a Film Club.

    Aside from their movie picks, the TGB boys have a lot more for episode 131, including Jason’s new Land Rover Defender, a new (and great) NATO strap, and updates about both Jason and James’ watch discomfort zones (new watch alert x2!!!). It’s an action packed episode that’s proudly brought to you Seiko – thanks so much for listening.

    1:40 Jason’s new Defender 110 https://bit.ly/2UE4aQZ
    6:40 anOrdain Model 1 https://bit.ly/2UE4gYR
    7:07 Jason’s write up about getting a dress watch https://bit.ly/3kJmhPU
    16:14 Submechanophilia https://bit.ly/3kHVrrk
    20:39 Bremont MB-II https://bit.ly/2RUOBCV
    20:45 Crown and Buckle Matte Supreme NATO https://bit.ly/2IGldz3
    21:00 Aquastar Deepstar https://bit.ly/3khqL0G
    26:00 Seiko’s New SPB Prospex Divers https://bit.ly/seikoTGN
    30:12 Deliverance (1972) https://imdb.to/3ntCdaI
    36:28 Prisoners (2013) https://imdb.to/2UDHKiS
    38:59 A Sunday In Hell (1977) https://imdb.to/2IQzyZF
    43:02 The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) https://imdb.to/2KcZjnH
    45:45 Spy Game (2001) https://imdb.to/36KdkRp
    51:12 Edge of Tomorrow (2014) https://imdb.to/3kJnkzk
    56:13 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) https://imdb.to/35CfvXX
    1:01:13 Green Room (2015) https://imdb.to/3kJnyqa
    1:05:30 Arctic (2018) https://imdb.to/36Dy8tK
    1:08:55 Good Time (2017) https://imdb.to/3kDKqHx
    1:16:13 The Wristorian https://bit.ly/3nzNarm
    1:19: Sunblaster Grow Light Large https://amzn.to/35HDAgd

  • It's the October edition of Q and A and it's a big one! From dream no budget watch collections to fantasy travel, budget one watch solutions, and ideal coffee and watch pairings – you all sent in some amazing questions.

    Thanks so much to everyone who sent in a voice recording for the show and to all of you for listening. Just press play, we hope you love it.

    1:30 Omega Ploprof titanium https://bit.ly/2GQMkXx
    5:00 Citizen Promaster 1000M https://bit.ly/38DlkpZ
    6:00 Bremont S2000 https://bit.ly/35mrUPF
    6:15 Seiko SBDX014G Tuna https://bit.ly/2GQN279
    6:55 Casio G-Shock Rangeman https://bit.ly/3eWYue7
    7:55 Victorinox INOX https://bit.ly/3bZ4gus
    16:15 Tudor Black Bay GMT http://bit.ly/2SrZU4t
    27:15 Seiko SPB143 https://bit.ly/32s7Qc2
    30”00 Citizen Nighthawk https://amzn.to/3ncnNvJ
    30:30 Citizen Skyhawk A-T https://amzn.to/36phTR2
    46:21 Breitling Single Pusher Chronograph https://bit.ly/35mxFNt
    47:28 1930’s Audemars Piguet Full Calendar https://bit.ly/2UjPpCI
    53:28 Rolex Milsub https://bit.ly/2UjPpCI
    53:47 Royal Oak QP 25554 https://bit.ly/3d5kbrl
    55:30 AP Royal Oak diver https://bit.ly/3eRYWuk
    56:38 Patek Philippe 2597 Cross Country https://bit.ly/3nh6d9P
    59:20 Richard Lange https://bit.ly/2IuGbAI
    1:00:35 Rolex Explorer II 1655 https://bit.ly/3naSFwo
    1:02:00 IWC Mark 11 https://bit.ly/2UikLJR
    1:03:30 Briggs Cunningham’s 1526 Patek Philippe https://bit.ly/32SeCJh
    1:04:40 Vintage Omega Ploprof https://bit.ly/35mz1rx
    1:06:18 Lange 1 https://bit.ly/35mkLip
    1:35:15 CanWatchCo https://bit.ly/3nm76y5
    1:46:20 Long Way Up https://imdb.to/3ncpyZR
    1:49:00 Safari 911 from Leh Keen https://bit.ly/3lm94xO
    1:55:10 Seiko SRP777 https://bit.ly/3kubmty

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  • This week Jason and James have attempted to fill in some blanks concerning new watch coverage on the show. As the past few episodes have been busy and in-depth, the TGN boys wanted to make sure they highlighted some of the great new watches that have come out since the summer.

    From Rolex to Breitling, Bremont, and even some microbrands, Jason and James have a long chat about some of their favorite watches from the second half of this year. Once that wraps up, stay in the mix for a Final Notes that brings you deep into the arctic and on the search for Superman (don’t skip this story, Jason and James are obsessed with it). Thanks so much for listening, just press play, and subscribe in your podcast player of choice, and don’t forget a huge thank you to G-Shock for making this episode possible.

    0:01 Casio Master of G Mudmaster http://bit.ly/mudmastertgn
    6:20 Rancourt Acadia Chukka https://bit.ly/2JG2uEt
    10:45 Tailer Hitch Carrier https://amzn.to/3p7PMP0
    16:50 Topper’s Oris Divers Sixty-Five Limited Edition https://bit.ly/3k1sHcO
    19:29 Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 with yellow dial https://on.rolex.com/3l0a9Lk
    23:30 Aquastar Deepstar https://bit.ly/3khqL0G
    23:50 Prometheus Design Werx Ti compass https://bit.ly/32gLPh8
    29:40 Solid gold Rolex Oyster Quartz https://bit.ly/2HW3GmE
    32:05 G-Shock Master Of G Mudmaster http://bit.ly/mudmastertgn
    34:35 Oris Aquis Date Caliber 400 https://bit.ly/32eyIwP
    42:18 Bremont Broadsword Bronze https://bit.ly/38bVOYL
    47:22 Breitling Chromomat 36mm https://bit.ly/3k2GHmx
    53:35 Doxa SUB 300 2020 https://bit.ly/34VnsXO
    1:05:15 Farer Pilot Automatic https://bit.ly/2TUB9jK
    1:11:05 Astor and Banks Fortitude https://bit.ly/3mSznvF
    1:19:50 Alone Across the Arctic https://imdb.to/32czNFr
    1:23:00 Searching For Superman - Jeff Long for Rock and Ice https://bit.ly/2TSJu7x

  • This episode features an extra-long interview that has been in the making for a very long time as Jason and James have an in-depth chat with the man behind the re-launch of brands like Doxa and Aquastar – Rick Marei. From the early days of online watch retail to how Rick’s watch collection helped set him on a path of bringing us all some of the best vintage re-issue dive watches ever made.

    Along with watches, Rick chats with the TGN boys about some of his wild cars, almost losing Clive Cussler’s watch, and how he came to own Jacques Cousteau’s own Doxa. After that, stay in the mix for a set of final notes that sticks closely to the diving and car themes brought up in this episode. Thanks so much for listening and to G-Shock for supporting this episode. Just press play!

    0:01 This week’s sponsor: G-Shock http://bit.ly/TGNfrogman
    10:46 Aquastar Deepstar https://bit.ly/3khqL0G
    18:28 Frogman GWF-A100 http://bit.ly/TGNfrogman
    27:27 Clive Cussler https://bit.ly/3jdOcH1
    1:00:43 Mazda 323 https://bit.ly/3kjusTJ
    1:07:35 Innocenti Cars https://bit.ly/2Hhq6hF
    1:11:52 E30 BMW https://bit.ly/3kh1Hal
    1:15:50 “A Man And His Car” by Matt Hranek https://bit.ly/34fwbUp
    1:20:40 “Underground Movement: Cave Diving in Jämtland” https://bit.ly/3kfW5Nj
    1:21:07 “Diving Into The Unknown” http://bit.ly/2pXnpEt

  • Finally, it’s the September Q and A! Thanks so much for all of the great questions. Do you have a question for Jason and James? Record it into the voice memo on your phone and then email it to thegreynato@gmail.com. Just want to listen in? Then hit play and say no more.

    18:42 Autodromo Group B Series 2 https://bit.ly/357soHV
    25:08 Richard Mille 25-01 http://bit.ly/2G8W4dN
    25:10 Richard Mille 32 Diver https://bit.ly/31dKfMs
    30:50 Pagani automotive https://bit.ly/35bpZfI
    32:10 Lemania 5100 https://bit.ly/3lUhzji
    35:10 Sinn 140 St https://bit.ly/3nZwDxW
    35:20 Damasko with center minutes https://bit.ly/2T1wHz6
    35:35 Tag Aquagraph https://bit.ly/31c9PBk
    37:14 Ultramarine watches https://bit.ly/345PiA8
    49:56 Gishani on Instagram https://bit.ly/344zyO7
    50:09 Megan Hine https://bit.ly/2Hg9NBa
    51:01 Kit Deslauriers https://bit.ly/3jbPNNK
    52:29 Kellee Edwards https://bit.ly/3nWhEF2
    53:19 Caroline Gleich https://bit.ly/2Izrnkp
    59:05 Seiko Baby Turtle https://bit.ly/2Fz4Djm

  • This episode the boys are digging into their watch discomfort zones – those types of watches that simply haven’t worked for them in the past. For Jason, it’s dress watches. For James, it’s chronographs. From special examples to wild blind spots, the guys know they are in the wrong and chat about how best to frame these genres in a way that might work in the future.

    From the top, Jason and James are talking Speedmaster bracelets, bronze watches, and the never-ending sagas of vintage Land Rover repairs and project property updates. Sit tight for Final Notes for historical deep dive on NATO straps, the calamity of building a remote cabin, and a brand new album James can’t stop listening to. Finally, a huge thank you to Seiko Watches for supporting this episode via their Built For The Ice Diver US Special Editions. Just press play for all this and more – thanks so much for listening!

    00:30 Seiko! bit.ly/seikoicetgn
    14:10 Forstner Flat Link bracelet https://bit.ly/2GLBFgh
    16:45 Oris Holstein Edition 2020 https://bit.ly/36znYMy
    21:10 Vertex Bonze 75 https://bit.ly/2GA5yR0
    25:22 Seiko Prospex Built for the Ice Diver bit.ly/seikoicetgn
    32:38 Grand Seiko SBGM021 https://bit.ly/3lnxVk6
    45:13 Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar In-Depth https://bit.ly/3d5kbrl
    46:37 Collectability https://bit.ly/2F5rN0u
    48:59 Hamilton Intra-matic 38 mm with a Champagne Dial https://bit.ly/30BND39
    55:!7 Speedmaster Apollo 11 Anniversary LE https://bit.ly/30DUJV9
    59:54 IWC ceramic chronograph via AnalogShift https://bit.ly/30DUYj1
    1:01:13 Longines BigEye Chronograph Hands-On http://bit.ly/2mWchYE
    1:02:10 Sinn SRS 910 Anniversary Chronograph https://bit.ly/3nivtxc
    1:05:19 Junghans Max Bill https://bit.ly/3iCUwYm
    1:08:50 Milestones In The Development Of The NATO Strap https://bit.ly/36EuqC3
    1:11:03 Rover Haven straps http://bit.ly/2licIwC
    1:11:54 Fleet Foxes “Shore” https://bit.ly/3npJ3is
    1:12:20 Robin Pecknold on Instagram https://bit.ly/33zuX6g
    1:17:44 “We Quit Our Jobs To Build a Cabin – Everything Went Wrong” https://bit.ly/3jxObyF

  • For episode 125, the guys are talking about one of the top four seasons - FALL! With a meandering chat about the best bits of fall, how to make the most of the shorter days, gear for the cooler temps, and even some grill envy, this is an episode that will have you oiling your best boots, considering a vest upgrade, and wondering (like James) where to get a tiny funnel suitable for filling a flask.

    From the top (and at the end) the guys also chat about new overloading platforms (Jeep vs Land Rover), Jason’s recent road trip, new watches, hard-fought legal battles, and a whole lot more. Whether you want to live in your car or simply want to relax by watching someone else living in theirs, this episode will have you covered. Just press play and a huge thank you to G-Shock for sponsoring this episode of the show and for helping to make The Grey NATO possible.

    6:15 Bishop and Rook https://bit.ly/3mUuQtN
    11:35 Vortic Watches Wins Lawsuit https://prn.to/2RUMb7A
    15:04 Beyond the Dial’s Mission Lake George with Oris https://bit.ly/3iYc0iS
    17:02 Farer’s new GMT Bezel Automatics https://bit.ly/303SNF1
    19:24 Banana Republic Photojournalist Vest https://bit.ly/2G8hY1S
    23:22 Honey browser plugin https://bit.ly/32TTCSy
    24:55 Jason’s Bremont MBII https://bit.ly/2RUOBCV
    25:37 James’ Seiko SPB143 https://bit.ly/2Ew0BYG
    42:12 Shearling liners for Blundstones http://bit.ly/342ZNSH
    46:18 G-Shock Gravitymaster GRB200 bit.ly/gravitymasterTGN
    50:1 0 Norrona Clothing https://bit.ly/33peiBd
    57:17 Penderyn Whisky https://bit.ly/2RUMWgU
    59:20 Elijah Craig bourbon https://bit.ly/2G4GtNs
    59:30 Four Roses Single Barrel https://bit.ly/2HstRk7
    1:01 Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill https://bit.ly/361DxfF
    1:04:51 Artaflame https://bit.ly/2G3aBck
    1:07:27 The Long-Shadowed Forest https://amzn.to/360hsOq
    1:10:15 Alone In The Wilderness https://imdb.to/2PRCmse
    1:11:55 Kraig Adams Hiking 45 Miles Alone on the Grand Teton Loop https://bit.ly/3hUtKu5
    1:15:40 Venture4WD on Youtube https://bit.ly/2EsuM2V

  • It’s the (extra late) August Q+A! A huge thanks to everyone who sent in questions. If we didn’t get to your question we will in the next one, which should come out in the first week of October. If you have a question for us, please record it into the voice memo feature on your phone and then send the file to thegreynato@gmail.com. Thanks so much for listening and don’t forget to subscribe and tell a friend!

    34:15 Swiss army knifes for camping https://bit.ly/33rhpse
    35:20 Leatherman Multi-tools https://bit.ly/2RmVyg1
    35:35 Benchmade Mini-Grip http://bit.ly/2SSpMJk
    35:45 Spyderco Knives https://bit.ly/33vZwsp
    41:05 Chronos Wearable http://bit.ly/2J8unPj
    54:44 Peking To Paris https://bit.ly/35zhX1L
    1:00:03 Victorinox Inox https://bit.ly/3bZ4gus
    1:10:13 JLC Reverso https://bit.ly/2FAtWkU
    1:11:41 Patek Philippe 1518 https://bit.ly/3iwdCQu
    1:11:50 Patek Philippe 2526 https://bit.ly/3bWGjDS
    1:12:04 Patel Philippe 2499 https://bit.ly/2RsfE8G
    1:12:22 Closed caseback Lange 1 https://bit.ly/2RmNxrg

  • It’s as easy as one-two-three for this episode of The Grey NATO which features an in-depth (accurate pun) chat between Jason and the wonderfully talented and very adventurous Laurent Ballesta. Widely known for his Blancpain-supported Gombessa projects, Ballesta is a world-class underwater photographer and has created several projects that pushed the very limits of diving, photography, and our collective knowledge of several key aquatic species. From deep dives under Antarctic ice to living at pressure for nearly a month of incredibly long and deep dives, his films are nothing short of TGN required viewing.

    Before that fascinating chat, the guys are catching up on end-of-summer camping plans, project property updates, Land Rover maintenance, and some excellent outerwear. Keep your fingers away from that pause button as James is sporting a brand new bag and Jason has a special report from a Royal Navy diver. Finally, a huge thank you to G-Shock and their Master Of G watches for supporting this episode of The Grey NATO. All this and more, just press play.

    0:01 G-Shock Master Of G Watches https://bit.ly/masterofg
    2:33 Norrøna Clothing https://bit.ly/33peiBd
    17:05 CWC 1983 Quartz Royal Navy Divers watch http://bit.ly/2yprs1J
    18:12 Tudor Black Bay Chrono Steel and Gold https://bit.ly/33dmMev
    21:25 Laurent Ballesta https://bit.ly/2R9v8OF
    22:00 Laurent’s book “700 Sharks In The Night” https://bit.ly/35iml5l
    30:00 Blancpain Watches https://bit.ly/33e9bna
    38:45 Blancpain Ocean Commitment https://bit.ly/3k67Fu8
    48:20 Nikon D5 http://bit.ly/2H0Xx1I
    1:33:15 Tango bag from The Observer Collection https://bit.ly/3k2VXjJ
    1:34:10 Robert Spangle on Instagram http://bit.ly/2qwmmMQ
    1:39:02 “From the Diary of a Royal Navy Dive Watch” via CWCaddict.com https://bit.ly/2R94xkQ

  • In this week’s episode, Jason and James look back on an amazing year for dive watches with a breakdown of several watches that they haven’t had a chance to talk about. From Ocean Stars to SUBs, Mokarrans, Superman, and even Holsteins, it’s hard to remember a better summer for enthusiast dive watches and the TGN boys wanted to take a few minutes to cover some of those that didn’t seem to get their fair share of the limelight.

    From the top, Jason has been diving and James has been working on a new photo setup with some new gear. Stay in the mix for a bird-themed set of final notes and please remember to send in your voice memos for the upcoming Q and A episode that will be posted in the coming week (subscribe to the feed or you’ll miss it!). Thanks so much for listening.

    4:35 Mack wagon https://amzn.to/30wkN2R
    5:58 Jason’s Swimpruf Substack Newsletter https://bit.ly/31vmksf
    9:20 Seiko SPB143 A Week On The Wrist https://bit.ly/32s7Qc2
    13:00 Godox TTL-equipped Flash https://amzn.to/3jhOxci
    13:01 Godox Remote trigger https://amzn.to/2Eyty5Q
    15:36 Donut Media’s Past Gas Podcast https://bit.ly/2EG5rSY
    18:40 Kraken Continuous diving lights https://bit.ly/3gwCc23
    21:00 Watchgecko waffle rubber strap https://bit.ly/34yDdnW
    22:10 Haveston straps http://bit.ly/2IQlVYq
    24:58 Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 LE https://bit.ly/3hxGcAK
    27:30 Mido Ocean Star Tribute https://bit.ly/3ljfSwp
    31:00 Blancpain Bathyscaph Mokarran LE https://bit.ly/2FVczv3
    33:30 Scurfa MS 20 https://bit.ly/34E87ey
    36:12 Doxa SUB 300 https://bit.ly/3hxwgHh
    42:50 Yema Superman 63 diver https://bit.ly/3jftiHY
    47:12 Breitling SuperOcean 57 https://bit.ly/32zlBG2
    50:00 Oris Carysfort LE https://bit.ly/3hwPQTX
    51:10 Oris Holstein LE https://bit.ly/2Etniwx
    52:40 Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze https://bit.ly/2YEym0N
    1:00:10 Dagbert on Instagram https://bit.ly/32rHeIe
    1:01:20 Audubon Birdwatching App https://bit.ly/3gvQNuK
    1:04:44 The SR-71 Black Bird was Almost Brought Back for the War on Terror https://bit.ly/2Qu4BeG

  • Get your red cap and your Aqualung! This is not a drill, people, we've got Fabien Cousteau on the show! In this extra-long chat, Jason reconnects with Fabien to talk all things under-the-sea. From his latest project Proteus to classic undersea habitats and water-powered watches, we even learn about how a birthday request for fried chicken ended up starting this Cousteau's prolific career under the water.

    Before we dive into the interview (sorry), Jason and James chat about Jason's first time watching Predator, one of James' most Vancouver-themed watches, watch-themed t-shirts, and the mechanical problem that saw Jason's classic land rover taking a trailer to the shop.

    Stay in the mix for Jason's Cousteau-appropriate final notes and James' ramblings about the latest supercar from the man that made the F1. A huge thank you to Fabien Cousteau for being on the show and to you for listening!

    10:22 Shane Black’s “The Predator” https://imdb.to/2XNfhZW
    14:35 Arnold Schwarzenegger on Reddit https://bit.ly/2XP41vM
    16:00 Jason's “Safarnie" review https://bit.ly/31DxpGM
    16:35 Halios Roldorf LE Seaforth https://bit.ly/2XKkYrt
    17:40 Roldorf & Co "Red Sub" T-Shirt https://bit.ly/3ixVllo
    18:55 Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical https://bit.ly/31FlLev
    23:00 Mission31 http://bit.ly/35A8yUZ
    30:30 Proteus https://bit.ly/3ivG053
    1:03:44 “Legends of the Deep” (TV series with Jean-Michel, Fabien, and Celine Cousteau) https://imdb.to/3fOAFnJ
    1:06:45 Jake’s Rolex Blog article about Cousteau family watches https://bit.ly/3izFXVF
    1:14:55 Fabien on Instagram http://bit.ly/2Gr6y8Q
    1:16:09 World Without Sun https://bit.ly/30N47WO
    1:18:15 Gordon Murray on The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris http://bit.ly/36fpUa3
    1:21:15 Henry Catchpole’s Carfection video with Gordon Murray https://bit.ly/30LhTJn

  • It’s the end of the month, so it must be time for another TGN Q+A episode! A huge thanks to everyone who sent in a voice memo question. We get into everything from straps to cameras, how to care for a NATO, naming your watch after a problematic historical figure, Shadow Divers, "what ifs," and a whole lot more. One quick note to those reading this in advance of listening: While we have loved making weekly episodes since March, the time has come to rebalance the schedule, and we're going to move to a format that will be three episodes per month. Thus, starting with the next new episode on August 13, we’ll be going back to an every-other-week format, but we're going to continue doing a monthly Q+A that will come as a surprise drop sometime towards the end of each month (so be sure to send in your questions and subscribe to the feed!). A huge thanks to all of you who have been enjoying the weekly episodes and sending in your support. We think this new format is a good middle ground that ensures that TGN remains the best show possible. Just press play, and thanks so much for listening! 07:11 Festool https://bit.ly/3gfV8Tm8:40 Dewalt stacking tool storage https://bit.ly/3fefzyC11:50 Jason’s “Safarni” https://bit.ly/2DKxkJ012:30 James’ Doxa 50th Anni Professional https://bit.ly/3bOJxsg13:30 Garmin Outage https://bit.ly/30WAv8d24:05 Otto Frei https://bit.ly/2EwBB3627:03 Roldorf & Co http://bit.ly/2nGJqYw27:50 UTEwatchco https://bit.ly/2N85wQk30:00 Garmin Instinct http://bit.ly/2K2PLLA38:30 Ulysses Nardin Torpilleur https://bit.ly/3hNYldf47:50 Richo GRIII https://bit.ly/3jT0OVG55:00 Shadow Divers https://amzn.to/2Ok2l6H1:27:10 “Shadow Diver on the U869 Narrated by John Chatterton” https://bit.ly/334KQ4C1;30:55 “Crossing the deserts of Kazakhstan” https://bit.ly/3jNQOgi

  • Buckle up, baby, because episode 119 brings the goods. Jason is back from an amazing camping and diving trip on Lake Superior and James is dropping expensive camera gear and has convinced himself he can fix it. Also, we’ve got a great chat with Analog Shift’s James Lamdin! Want to go deep on interesting vintage watches, how to wear gold, and the new Ford Bronco – you know the drill – just press play.

    James and James take a beat to unpack Mr. Lamdin’s start in the watch industry, the impact of his Grandfather on his taste in watches, and why the sunroof on his E39 M5 has been giving him some trouble. Stay in the mix for an amazing set of final notes that has Jason looking (very) South and James thinking of the old school splendor of New York City Oysters. Thanks so much for listening!

    1:24 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore https://bit.ly/2Eb3zkM
    5:50 The Bermuda shipwreck https://bit.ly/2CvLT2Z
    12:24 Neowise Comet https://bit.ly/2D1uYVS
    13:52 Sinn U50 https://bit.ly/2CvM4eF
    15:59 Godox TT600 Manual Flash https://bit.ly/3jxU1AD
    22:45 Jason’s Sharkhunter Doxa T.Graph https://bit.ly/3hoE5Pd
    24:45 AnalogShift.com http://bit.ly/2zpRmSr
    30:25 Raise The Titanic https://bit.ly/32RLTom
    57:00 James’ E39 M5 https://bit.ly/2ZQWONh
    58:40 The new Ford Bronco https://ford.to/2ZVVb17
    1:03:00 Baja Boot story https://bit.ly/2E1twD9
    1:11:20 “The Splendid and the Vile” - Eric Larson https://amzn.to/2WM9fIm
    1:12:28 Operation Odessa https://imdb.to/2OPs8Wk
    1:17:00 The Equal Justice Initiative https://bit.ly/2CZPaai
    1:17:55 James Lamdin on Instagram https://bit.ly/2D1dnwV
    1:18:55 Sarah Airriess Antarctica blog https://bit.ly/2WOSXyi
    1:21:50 Oyster-tecture via 99% Invisible https://bit.ly/32O22eC

  • Hot Dive Watch Summer continues with Jason taking delivery of a strapping new ana-digi Seiko as James continues to work through review units by spending some quality time with the latest and greatest from Sinn. If you want to talk about sport watches, this is your episode.

    For the main topic, the TGN boys revive and old show format called “On Paper, On Wrist” in which they team up to review a watch that one of them hasn’t seen and the other has on wrist. For this installment, Jason and James are offering some in-depth feedback on the new smaller line of Seiko Prospex dive watches via James’ new SPX143 (SBDC101). After that, keep the tape rolling for a dive beneath the pyramids, the black market of bourbon, and a look at how giant ships are built. Just press play and thanks for listening!

    3:47 The Long Return Pt. II https://bit.ly/2WkXCbh
    9:06 Jason’s Seiko "Safarni" https://bit.ly/2DKxkJ0
    11:54 Sinn U50 https://bit.ly/2L4OCRp
    16:10 James’ Seiko SPB143 https://bit.ly/3fBeFNK
    46:58 Dive Beneath The Pyramids Of Sudan’s Black Pharaohs https://on.natgeo.com/2WkBkpU
    49:51 Inside The World of Black Market of Bourbon https://bit.ly/2Oo6R5Y
    53:12 How Giant Ships Are Built https://nyti.ms/2OrODR8
    55:12 The Ship Breakers https://bit.ly/2ZwUzi5

  • Fresh off of a week of vacation, the TGN boys are back with plenty of dock jumping energy. Jason kicked back cabin style and reports on the trip’s frivolities while James has become a shepherd to a flock of excellent new dive watches. From Tudor in blue to Seiko, Sinn, and Oris, too, this is an episode most summery and we haven’t even hit the main topic.

    For a wider chat about some great TGN summer EDC options, Jason and James called upon their buddy Kyle Snarr who used to work for Gear Patrol and has recently started his own company Cantonment Co and launched their first product - a nicely made and very well considered kerchief (like a bandanna). Kyle chats about the origins of the new product and Jason and James report on their experiencing of using these handy swaths of colorful fabric for all sorts of uses. After that, the trio deep dive on some of their fav EDC gear, and there is certainly a little something for everyone.

    Stick around for a varied Final Notes that brings great automotive history lessons, volcanic eruptions, and a new mini-series that is not to be missed. Thanks for listening – just press play!

    16:00 Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue Hands On https://bit.ly/3gDsBGW
    16:01 The 40mm (ish) horsemen of Hot Dive Watch Summer https://bit.ly/3gBdr5f
    23:56 Garmin Venu https://bit.ly/2AmGAlb
    30:33 Citizen Aqualand C023 https://bit.ly/2ZJ1TpG
    35:03 Cantonment Kerchiefs https://bit.ly/3e8eQ1F
    53:01 Kill Hubris Washed Pocket Tees http://bit.ly/2zC9kAf
    58:47 Buck 501 Squire https://bit.ly/3cJh5Ip
    59:15 James Brand Elko http://bit.ly/38UkuSZ
    59:40 Hohner Accordions Harmonica https://amzn.to/3f8Tgev
    1:00:55 Big I Design Titanium Pocket Clip http://bit.ly/2hnV3A0
    1:01:45 Muyshondt Aeon Titanium https://bit.ly/2O3zJQS
    1:02:30 Finch Knife Co Runtly pocket knife https://bit.ly/34YLXlC
    1:04:39 Seiko SKX013 https://bit.ly/2Z4ki10
    1:09:08 Topo 5-panel camper hat https://bit.ly/2VWCszP
    1:10:00 Triple Aught design Scout Toonie Hat https://bit.ly/31V75K2
    1:10:22 Quaker Marine Long Brimmed Hat https://bit.ly/2Z5cdJq
    1:11:00 Pedro+Tailor Hat https://bit.ly/3iEIY8k
    1:11:20 Josh Perez on TGN https://bit.ly/2O0xuhh
    1:13:32 Mountainsmith Tour Classic fanny-pack https://bit.ly/2ZOBvKW
    1:16:16 Hammock packable hammock and Python Straps https://bit.ly/2ZJ41Oc
    1:19:55 Kyality on Instagram https://bit.ly/2WbODJt
    1:21:30 “Past Gas” Podcast from Donut Media https://apple.co/2Z6YgL9
    1:26:20 “The Eruption of Instagram Island” https://bit.ly/2Z9KJCJ
    1:28:30 “Devs” https://imdb.to/2Z6YtOr

  • It’s the last episode of the month, so that means you’ve got Qs and we’ve got As. Episode 116 kicks off with a recap of James’ Halios Seaforth charity auction and details about a new charity auction in which you can support an amazing charity and get a Rolex (for real).

    As Jason and James are taking next week off, this episode is an extra long one as the guys dig into a big stack of excellent voicemail questions from all over the world. From mountaineering advice to King Turtles, watch storage, leather straps, women’s watches, and a lot more, the guys really appreciate all of the questions (keep recording and send your query to thegreynato@gmail.com). Thanks for listening!

    1:45 James’ Halios Auction result for The Innocence Project https://bit.ly/2Yu0DaA
    3:40 @rolex4eji Rolex OP auction for the Equal Justice Initiative https://bit.ly/2B582UW
    15:10 Oris Divers Sixty Five Chronograph https://bit.ly/3dpK9o1
    24:30 Seiko “King Turtle” https://bit.ly/37VTRxv
    38:50 Jason’s experience on Mt. Rainier https://bit.ly/3euA2jp
    54:45 Nanuk 910 case https://amzn.to/319Lpt6
    58:15 Favre-Leuba Bivouac https://bit.ly/3drAz45
    58:20 Oris Propilot Altimeter http://bit.ly/2agBmG5
    58:30 Richard Mille with a compass http://bit.ly/2G8W4dN
    58:53 Suunto “clipper” compass https://bit.ly/2CCbJSu
    1:04:01 Canvas and leather watch strap https://bit.ly/3fSuNtV
    1:04:30 Newman Bund strap https://bit.ly/3hWQcE2
    1:05:05 Distressed Brown leather watch strap https://bit.ly/3fX6uLB
    1:05:27 Sedona leather watch strap https://bit.ly/3ew9gqO
    1:05:45 Reid leather watch strap https://bit.ly/2NsXEJf
    1:06:30 Kangaroo leather NATO https://bit.ly/2Cuxmnw
    1:07:17 Jason’s Blancpain Hodinkee LE https://bit.ly/2VcicKa
    1:09:25 Halios Universa (prototype) https://bit.ly/2BE67qs
    1:10:05 Cartier Tank https://bit.ly/37Vwmoa
    1:11:42 Omega PO 37.5mm https://bit.ly/2NsDkYy
    1:12:48 Seiko SKX013 http://bit.ly/2DU97Nj
    1:21:39 Don’t Do That With Your Watch http://bit.ly/2y8Cmvt
    1:29:55 The Longest Johns (youtube) https://bit.ly/2Z5JzXn
    1:32:16 Donut Media (youtube) https://bit.ly/2BCC81O

  • Back for another week and recorded in the evening (sorry if we sound sleepy) episode 115 is packed with Jason’s charity auction results, news of James’ upcoming auction (#teampastel), camping successes, bluetooth updates, and just so much Seiko.

    Launching a new format, this episode is the inaugural “Challenge” episode, in which the TGN boys pick a brand and a budget and decide how they should spend those watch bucks. For the first challenge, Jason and James have $1500 to spend on anything from Seiko. What will they pick? What would you pick? Let us know in the comments and thanks so much for listening.

    3:30 Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4 https://amzn.to/2AB1mOg
    17:20 UTEWatchco.com https://bit.ly/2N85wQk
    19:10 James on The Standard H Podcast https://bit.ly/2BiJvv8
    27:49 Seiko Prospex SNJ029 “Safarni” https://bit.ly/3eeNec2
    30:25 James’s review of the standard Arnie SNJ025 https://bit.ly/3ddkAGN
    34:24 Seiko Prospex SPB143 https://bit.ly/3d2ZmMi
    39:50 Seiko Prospex SRP777J https://bit.ly/2Y8R28P
    42:30 Seiko 5 SRPD59 https://bit.ly/3edcn6D
    46:40 Seiko SUS SCXP158 https://bit.ly/2Bh6LK6
    49:00 Seiko 5 SNZG09 https://bit.ly/2Yb66CV
    53:33 Hub City Vintage https://bit.ly/2ABclar
    53:50 Seiya Japan https://bit.ly/3e6yrjo
    56:00 Jaunt Motors https://bit.ly/2N7Fb4F
    1:02:04 MPow Bluetooth Adapter https://amzn.to/2N7Ftsh

  • After a week’s break, the show returns with a loose chat about what’s going on in the world and how it all aligns with TGN and the communities the guys love to cover. This episode does not have a formal topic, but rather serves as Jason and James’ attempt to support those in the watch world and encourage everyone to listen, learn, and donate to worthy causes. Finally, don’t miss Jason’s Instagram auction in which you can get an awesome LE Unimatic while supporting Big Brothers Big sisters of America (bidding closes Friday!).

    Beyond the more pressing social topics at hand, Jason’s land rover is back from service, James managed to take one top off of his Jeep and then install a different one, and the guys both marvel at the world’s cheapest electric car – the wonderful Changli. Now more than ever, thank you so much for listening, for your emails and messages of support. We’re all in this together.

    6:10 Donation options
    - Big Brothers Big Sisters of America https://bit.ly/2YfxNJy
    - The ACLU https://bit.ly/2AcOIop
    - The Innocence Project https://bit.ly/37kSCaY
    - NAACP https://bit.ly/30t9bzP
    - Black Lives Matter https://bit.ly/3faVnOx
    - Minnesota Freedom Fund https://bit.ly/2YmrrIz
    - Southern Poverty Law Center https://bit.ly/2UvMnM9
    7:55 @Garactcle Instagram (follow him!) https://bit.ly/3hjrMoe
    8:37 Jason’s Unimatic auction for charity https://bit.ly/37gkDjR
    9:07 Big Brothers and Big Sisters https://bit.ly/2YfxNJy
    12:25 Garmin 42mm Fenix 6 https://bit.ly/3cOt33X
    17:16 Garmin Venu (with an OLED screen) https://bit.ly/2AmGAlb
    18:15 Garmin Instinct http://bit.ly/2K2PLLA
    19:50 Doxa SUB 200 T.Graph Searambler https://bit.ly/2YgVfq0
    31:34 Jason’s upgraded Land Rover https://bit.ly/2zkXsbs
    41:20 Jalopnik’s series with the Changli (aka the world’s cheapest EV) https://bit.ly/37ljWWd
    48:00 Melanin Base Camp https://bit.ly/2XQvspK
    50:15 “13th” (documentary film) https://bit.ly/3he07os

  • Lucky number 113 coming in hot with extra spice from all of you that sent in your voicemails! With messages from all over the world, the TGN boys are delighted to talk about everything from watches to gear and much more. But before they dig into the questions, Jason and James chat new old audio gear, adding a clock to the Land Rover, and getting back into some properly distanced hiking.

    The guys got to a big stack of questions so thanks so much to all who sent in a voice memo! Anyone with a question can record it into the voice memo app on their phone and then email the file to thegreynato@gmail.com. We can’t wait to get all of the questions together for June’s Q+A episode. Just press play an don’t forget to check out this episode’s sponsor – The Hodinkee Shop! Thanks for listening.

    4:50 Jason’s dash clock https://bit.ly/2X6PFXI
    6:15 James’ NAD C 320BEE https://bit.ly/3ddpnZC
    11:00 Google Chromecast Audio https://bit.ly/2M5w9EM
    13:00 Silvana Skindiver https://bit.ly/3ekSdY0
    14:10 Jason’s Unimatic U1-B https://bit.ly/2B5TdB3
    29:18 “Safarni” Seiko https://bit.ly/3eqRGns
    31:15 Hands On With The Doxa SUB 300 Carbon https://bit.ly/3etmqoa
    32:48 Hiking with an RM025 http://bit.ly/2G8W4dN
    47:35 Alpina AlpinerX multifunction watch https://bit.ly/2TIb33q
    52:00 Doxa SUB 200 https://bit.ly/2ZGxb1Y
    52:01 Oris Divers Sixty-Five https://bit.ly/2ZGPFzp
    1:01:40 Sinn U50 https://bit.ly/2L4OCRp
    1:08:35 Nanuk 510 https://bit.ly/3d4hSnL
    1:11:05 Cory Richards http://bit.ly/2QzHwa3
    1:11:08 Paul Scurfield http://bit.ly/2u60z41
    1:11:20 Nims Purja http://bit.ly/35eNzGi
    1:11:40 Episode 61 http://bit.ly/2y8Cmvt
    1:11:45 Episode 68 https://bit.ly/3eqyNRH
    1:11:55 Jason Lim https://bit.ly/2ZK9p5w
    1:12:18 Episode 38 http://bit.ly/2un95tt
    1:12:30 Episode 35 http://bit.ly/2shhMBA
    1:17:05 Episode 102 “Desert Island Picks” https://bit.ly/2XF8Qaa
    1:20 The Hodinkee Shop https://bit.ly/3cmkVHm
    1:21:12 The Smoking Tire with Kevin Czinger https://bit.ly/3ejSbzI
    1:22:10 Czinger cars on Top Gear Youtube https://bit.ly/2zBAlto
    1:24:01 Seiko-Design.com https://bit.ly/3d8dMLf

  • After a nine-month hiatus, episode 112 sees the return of the Perfect Product series in which Jason and James pick a fav product from their lives and give you an insider’s review about what makes it so great. For the third installment of the series, Jason has a two-wheeled suggestion and James wants to keep your coffee game quick and simple without sacrificing on taste.

    Up first, the guys chat about old speakers, household projects, and new camping adventures not (at all) far from home. Don’t change that dial as the TGN boys round out the episode with a photo that gets edited more than 1000 times (by different people) and a tour of a special camp in Antarctica. Finally, A big thanks to The HODINKEE Shop for their continued support of the Isolation tapes, just press play, and thanks so much for listening.

    2:40 Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4 https://bit.ly/2LMqCCQ
    9:30 Wharfedale S33 speakers https://bit.ly/2LIuuVp
    10:25 Lepai 2020 amp https://amzn.to/3bMjOj9
    10:30 D03K Fiio DAC https://amzn.to/3cPWum8
    16:50 Garmin Fenix 6 42mm https://bit.ly/3cOt33X
    18:50 Triple Aught Design Quantum NATO strap https://bit.ly/2WLR3PA
    20:16 Aquadive Bathysphere 100 GMT Diver https://bit.ly/3e1PxP1
    22:25 The Twin Six Rando Bike https://bit.ly/2LMFH7r
    37:05 Aeropress https://amzn.to/2zXHmEt
    43:15 Baratza Encore burr grinder https://bit.ly/3d1hFSt
    45:00 Metal filter for Aeropress https://amzn.to/2z6sFiI
    45:52 Milano coffee https://bit.ly/2WOA9jm
    51:15 The HODINKEE Shop https://bit.ly/3cmkVHm
    55:55 What happens when 1000+ people edit the same photo https://bit.ly/3cOqVZL
    58:55 A Very Short Guide To Union Glacier Camp https://bit.ly/2LHWgl2