• Daniel Aged - one of this generations more innovative bassists just released his send solo full length project (between collaborations with Frank Ocean) titled You Are Protected By Silent Love, the follow-up to 2018's practically perfect self-titled debut. Daniel and his brother Andrew delicately carved out a pathway in reimagined of untangling genre constrictions through their band 'inc.' (or Teen Inc. or 'inc. no world'). Their 2013 'No World' LP accomplished what so many major label artist kill themselves to do, with effortless grace. I was the band's booking agent on and off for years and had the pleasure of coordinating many of their tours and shows. We catch up over the years in the convo, you can purchase and stream Daniel's fantastic solo work here: https://danielaged.bandcamp.com or https://www.danielaged.com. Opening song is "Whole Heart" (from his latest) and we close with "Hymn 2" the final song from inc. no world's 'As Light As Light' (2016). Seek all of those titles out! 
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  • We are back! After an extended hiatus The House List is here for you, back with compelling conversations recorded in person with our host Peter Agoston. Today's episode re-connects us to our friend Matthewdavid. Based in Los Angeles, MD has been operating a totally innovative music label called Leaving Records since 2008. Curating titles that truly break ground in genre and form, very cool stuff worth seeking out. Agoston also booked many live performances for Matthewdavid over the years, so we delve into the past, present and a little bit of the future. Hope you enjoy and do plan to come back very soon for more new episodes! Intro music is Matthewdavid's 'Like You Mean It' and the outro is Matthewdavid's "All You'll Never Know". More at: leavingrecords.com
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  • After nearly two years from doing interviews our host returns for a brief check-in. Time to turn the mics back on. Veteran interviewer Peter Agoston is back... but for how long?
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  • SMK is a genius producer whose widespread and often hidden influence across underground and mainstream rap and r&b has yet to be fully documented. He produced the early seminal singles of Al Kapone and Indo & Lil Blunt's full-length for Luke Records and through his contributions to Devante Swing's Da Bassment Crew massively influenced a nascent Timbaland. He's known to be the hidden author of Tupac's "Bring Da Pain" beat and in that cut you can hear his signature psychedelia - interwoven bells in visceral syncopation over a foundation of kinetic bass. It was Jazze Pha and his Bar-Kay father who brought him from West Palm Beach to Memphis where his style exploded after being introduced to the local "Get Buck" dance and sound at Studio G on Beale St. He went on to become probably the most adept re-appropriator of the Triggaman bells on record.
    This mix spans at least 30 years of his career and features Skinny Pimp, Al Kapone, Indo G & Lil Blunt, Brother Marquis and many more. As many tracks come from digi-only SMK releases that omit vocalist credits, I just omitted all the credits. (Some of those tracks themselves omit the vocalists, e.g. instrumentals from King JC tapes).
    As for me, I'm a music/video/visual/word collage artist based in Ann Arbor, MI. I first got into thug rap from hearing "Ha" by Juvenile on the radio in Atlanta, then was introduced to bounce music via taped Q93 broadcasts when, in high school, I was in a band with Matt Miller, author of "Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans" and director of "Ya Heard Me". Years later I continued the pursuit of underground southern rap through the blog "Twankle & Glisten", posting mixes there as "DJ Kid Slizzard", the last of which eventually reached you (and, amazingly, made money to feed Memphis's hungry) - DJ Kid Slizzard
    here is the track listing - please spread the word....
    Gangsta Walk (Show)
    Fuck All Yall
    Bottom Boi Style - Brother Marquis
    Real Niggaz Don’t Play
    It’z Da Beat
    Dat Nigga
    Somethin’ Ta Ride To
    Strictly For Da G’s
    Take Em On A Drive By
    Lyrical Drive By
    Handle Ya Businezz
    Jump Up
    Bring Da Drama
    Gangsta Walk
    Da Gangster Walk
    Tired Of Being A Bitch
    Kickin It With Skinny Pimp
    Pop That Puzzy
    The Ghetto
    Take Da Ghetto
    Another Riot (remix) II
    Think like a G
    Punk Ass Nigga
    Bass In Ya Face
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  • My man DJ Memphi$ Jone$ just delivered a hot and pipin' freshly cooked mix crossing all things FUNK. Quite literally it was delivered - in the mail on a compact disc - directly from one of the funkiest towns around: Memphis, TN. No, we won't let technology hold us back! The collection runs deep, he's been collecting incredible pieces of vinyl for years and years. I connected with him through Egon, and we did a very memorable night out there with Dam-Funk back in 2009. But my guy out in AZ named Smite was telling me about Chad's label Memphix Record label back in the 90's (look that one up too). He's a DJ, curator, collector and this mix is exactly what you need to enjoy the rest of the Summer with. Dig on this, pass it along to any Funk aficionados far and wide. If yr on IG - follow him @silkyvincent - he posts some dope records.
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  • College radio holds as special place in my heart. A non-commercial student run control room is my *happy place*. Records scribbled all over, racks of carts that haven’t been touched in ages, dust balls floating while local rappers freestyle their asses off late at night to a captive audience usually sitting in cars, parking lots and living rooms drinking 40’s and fingers crossed taping it all. At least that’s my vision of it. This episode of the is an offering of just that from 25 years ago (original recorded on cassette). On September 21st 1995 from the campus of the University of Texas in Austin in broadcast studios of student radio station 91.7FM KVRX on it’s greatest weekly export the House of Phat Beats show with Les aka DJ Lil Tiger and Kari Orr aka Koolaid. You may be wondering how I came to find this show and these guys, well I’m glad you asked. It’s because of rec.music.hiphop an accent early-internet forum of many decades ago - Kari Orr was respected voice amongst a gaggle of angsty teenaged Rap opinion-havers while his partner in radio Les would post their radio show playlists weekly. Back then we all were eager students in the tape trade - largely informed by Stretch & Bobbito and The Wake Up Show among other hip-hop radio in major cities. Sharing joints especially if it was unknown, unreleased or rare. Show after show 'House of Phat Beats' were an exemplary example of this. On this recording we’re blessed with an off the cuff freestyle appearance by Souls of Mischief, in Austin promoting their then sophomore album No Man’s Land. Appearances by Tee Double, Mad One, among others! Listen to this like you would the radio in the mid 90’s even if you weren’t alive in the mid 90’s. The volume jumps a bit up and down, stay close to the volume button aka knob. Most importantly, enjoy this letter from the old school, just for you. Les remembers "We had two turntables in the control room, but they were wired to run remotely through two channels on the large control board where we managed all the other machines (CD players, minidisc players, cart players, cassette decks). We had no DJ at the show. We just played tunes, and worked with what we had". I'll post the tracklist on my IG @culturama
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  • This very special mix (recorded in '98/99 but never previously released) was done by Kevin Beacham (A.K.A DJ Nikoless) in his words "is definitely dedicated to the amazing, and what I feel are slept on skills of, the great Showbiz. His tracks were always raw and stripped down with banging drums and nice melodies. I've always considered him one of my all time favorites since early on in his career, so much respect and appreciation for years of dedication to the craft of quality beat making. It features some guest scratching/turntablism from two of my good friends, DJ Pratt & DJ Precyse. This is also dedicated to Big L (R.I.P)"
    1)Introduction (Medicine Inst & You Know Now Inst) w/DJ Precyse on the cut!
    2)Check It Out-Show & A.G.
    3)Q & A-Show & A.G. w/ Ghetto Dwellas
    4)Get Dirty-Ghetto Dwellas
    5)Who's It On-The Legion w/Show & A.G.
    6)N S E W Remix-Black Sheep (w/I'm No The One Instrumental Blend)
    7)Wishful Thinking-Big Pun w/Kool G Rap, Fat Joe, & B Real
    8)The Ultimate Remix-The Artifacts (w/DJ Pratt Beat Juggle)
    9)Mind I C Mine-Scramanga
    10)Time For.... (Demo Version)-Show & A.G.
    11)Confrontations-Organized Konfusion (w/You Want It inst)
    12)The Crow-O.C. (w/The Session Inst & Represent The Real Hip Hop Inst)
    13)Breakfeast At Denny's Remix-Buckshot Lefonque (Bonus Cuts By DJ Precyse)
    14)Blowe!-KRS One
    15)All Out-Show & A.G.
    16)Yes You May Remix-Lord Finesse w/Big L [Remixed By T Ray] (R.I.P BIg L)
    17)It's Up To You-Show & A.G. w/Lord Finesse
    18)A Lil Sumpin-Lord Finesse
    19)Soul Clap-Show & A.G. [Co Produced By Diamond D]
    20)It's My Turn [DJ Nikoless Beat Blend Remix]-Uptown (w/Bring It On Rmx Inst)
    21)Never Less Than Ill-Show & A.G.
    22)A Friend-KRS One
    23)Parental Discretion-Big Pun w/Busta Rhymes
    24)Stone To The Bone-Big Jaz
    25)Freestyle-Funkmaster Flex Presents Jay Z (Stages & Lights Inst)
    26)I Don't Understand It-Big L
    27)Represent-Show & A.G. w/Lord Finesse, Ice Water Deshawn, & Big L
    28)Hands In The AIr-Lord Finesse
    29)Fine Tune Da Mic-Maestro Fresh Wes w/Showbiz
    30)Stand Strong-Show & A.G. (w/Dignified Soldiers Inst)
    31)More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto-Show & A.G.
    32)Drop It Heavy-Show & A.G. w/Big Pun & KRS One
    33)Neighborhood Sickness-Show & A.G. w/Pary Arti
    34)Themes, Dreams, & Schemes-D.I.T.C
    35)Feel The Vibe-Diamond D w/Showbiz
    36)Mic Mechanism-Maestro Fresh Wes
    37)Set It Off-Lord Finesse
    38)Return Of The Funkyman-Lord Finesse
    39)Giant In The Mental-Show & A.G.
    40)Party Groove Inst (w/Showbiz Verses: Hold Ya Head, Fat Pockets, & Silence
       The Lambs)-Showbiz
    41)Devils Son-Big L
    42)Fire Water-Fat Joe w/Raekwon, Big Pun & Armageddon 
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  • There is no denying the soulfully unflinching personal style Brand Nubian’s songbook has made on folks, an impression whose message and lyrics from as far back as 1990 remain just as poignant, if not more today, that when they first were made. Close to being lost for good this episode is a recently re-discovered, never heard before live concert of Brand Nubian (as duo, Lord Jamar and Sadat X) with myself DJing in of all places: Bozeman, Montana, as of now, 14 years ago on: Oct 6th, 2006. A disposable-camera snapshot in time. 2006 was an at times frantic year for Sadat X and myself. My then record label Female Fun was forced to shutter after a once, albeit briefly fluid distribution abruptly stopped after that company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Forcing me to release our follow up to the phenomenal Experience & Education on a onetime-only imprint I created named after X’s onetime address, Riverside Drive Records. In Jan we toured Experience-material extensively in Europe (w/ Greg Nice and Ge-ology) once we returned we spent the next 6 months making Black October. So much so, that by that October - Sadat, Jamar and I were back on the road touring America’s Northwestern saloons as Brand Nubian performing 2nd (In God We Trust) and 3rd (Everything Is Everything) album classics with bits of new material. The live show is raw, on fire, loose and amazing. This is essential listening for any fan of Brand Nubian. I’m so grateful I found the audio and can share it. We had a lot of fun back then, I got endless respect for Sadat, Jamar, Grand Puba and all the extended Nubian family I got to met and hang with during that era (Alamo, Mark Da Spark, Sincere, Stud, Starr (RIP)). Please repost this freely on Soundcloud! 

    Brand Nubian Live in Bozeman, MT - 10.6.06 - Concert Tracklist: 
    Allah U Akbar
    All For One 
    Steal Ya Hoe 
    Love Me or Leave Me Alone
    Word Is Bond
    Back Up Off The Wall 
    Million Dollar Deal 
    Wake Up / The Sun 
    Pass The Gat
    Sadat X
    Bookings/Features/Voice over work: [email protected]

    Lord Jamar:
    Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0e4EaqYOuoxsgdd0yLDeQ/featured

    Mastered by Mike Tucci (hire him!) 
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  • Recommended Usage: Respite. Chris 'Free The Robots' Alfaro created this rich vinyl mix about a week ago, that is a week before when I am uploading this, which is around Midnight between May 31 into June 1st 2020. From the get go you too may be asking just like the mix how you can't understand why the world world is pulling you, me, and everyone .. down. Take this and vibe, if there was a way to turn your off phone for a hour and still listen to this, I'd certainly suggest that. Go screenless. Get a blank page and get to work. Stare out into the sky alone on a roof, in a field, in an alley, towards water, towards something where you see no other human beings. Or run and lift, till you can't do no more push-ups. Smoke a huge blunt and pull the covers so far over your head the rest of the world will never be able to find you. But I can hopefully attempt to assure you that by the end of FTR's mix, you may have earned some new spectre of hope. Than apply that to helping someone, multiple that time and time again, while listening to this, and we just might some small semblance of progress as human kind.
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  • This is like that one scuffed unmarked cassette tape you got from the homie a long long time ago that made that move with you from your parents house to your first place and then that next one after you got dumped and then that time you drove cross country in your old Honda CR-V that still had the tape deck. You had the hand written tracklist at some point, when the homie gave it to you, but as you know that was long long gone. Probably still under the couch from your first apartment. Could but under the passenger seat. You had this back when you still smoked Bidi's and chipped away at the resin bowl when it played on the dust covered boombox out in the backyard. You washed the dishes with headphones on with this, probably mowed your lawn or shoveled some snow with the chord getting in the way. Remember the homie, Hemlock Ernst, he put you up on all types of unknown rappers. Dubs of dubs, surgically taking The Cuf, Darkleaf, Third Sight, The Nonce, Saafir and many of joints you and your other homies tried for years to find .. but this tape was the only place you heard it. Here it is again, friend. 
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  • As I delve and deep dive into the archives, striving to perfect my podcast's milieu, I present the first of what hopefully may be a small mini-series of archival conversations by either myself or my peers - that I am simply calling 'Chronicles'. Today's show being the latter. From 1988 to 91 Jamieson Grillo hosted the 'Saturday Night Rap Devastation’ show at WRBB 104.9FM at Northeastern University in Boston. During the quar’ Jamieson and I were talking on the phone while he was going through boxes of old cassettes in his office, casually he noted a 1990 X-Clan interview he’d just discovered. I inquired and he then told me of his time chasing down live interviews to be broadcast on the radio. He then mentioned doing the same with KRS-One. Soon enough he digitized those cassettes, we checked them out and he agreed to allow me to host an episode where I share these with you. They are raw, of the moment, audio captured on the fly. At the time, Jamieson was just getting his start working in the music business. During this period, DJ Shame (later of Vinyl Reanimators) was the radio show’s DJ, he would continue the show after Jamieson’s eventual departure. I start the show with KRS-One and Jamieson, which was recorded at two different times, primarily on Tues Oct 9th, 1990. Part one was done as a phone interview from the studios of WRBB while part two was recorded live backstage at a club called The Channel (a famous spot in South Boston), shortly before KRS and D-Nice were to take the stage. I follow the KRS convo with an unreleased remix to “Dope Beat”, because he mentions it being the next single to the then brand new album Edutainment. Then, we have the X-Clan conversation which takes place backstage at a venue called the Hub Club in Downtown Boston on Mon, Oct 22nd 1990. It’s an incredible snap shot of X-Clan fully intact who were promoting their indelible debut To The East, Blackwards. The interviewer is briefly joined by a friend who asks a few questions, as well. At a moment, the night manager of the club even attempt to kick them out near the end. I myself had a moment where I got to become friends with Professor X shortly before he passed away and gotta say, this was a pretty incredible artist. I met Brother J many years before that and have to say he has always been one of the great voices of the genre. Now, on this same very show was the iconic DJ Clark Kent which Jamieson recorded on the handheld as well, albeit briefly. I thought I’d include here. Now, the audio isn’t the greatest but I have to thank Jerry Danielsen for his work editing and tweaking the sounds to make it better listen. The interviewer Jamieson would go on to intern for S.O.U.L. Records and then PWL and eventually Tommy Boy. I know him even more from his Redline distribution company that has released/distro many dope records and projects PLEASE visit his store and support: https://redlinemusicdistribution.bigcartel.com
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  • I'm going to say it now: this is *the* preeminent Hip-House mix! DJ Spinna produced this clean, thorough all-vinyl mix in Late 2003/Early 2004 for a short-lived but very cool Japanese boutique Tube Records that specialized in CD DJ-mixes. This was part of mix series Spinna did for the imprint, released on CDR in very limited batches now impossible to find both irl and online. Mine is boxed up in storage back East, same with Spinna's - but thankfully my old friend Mas Yamagata had it and ripped it including the artwork. The artwork was all done by hand by with pens/paints and layout by Forest Stearns, an old college buddy of mine who was a big part of the Humboldt art scene at the time. I can recall Spinna asking me if I knew any artists and Forest did a lot of live-art shows at hip-hop jams and from '04-'06 all in all we'd collaborate on 5 different mixes and covers called 'The Basement Archive Series'. Mas sent me the files from the original CDR which sequenced the DJ mix individually track per tracks (27 in total). I really wanted it to play as one continuous mix for the podcast so the homie Monk One aka Andrew Mason then offered to turn it into one long track, which is how you'll be enjoying it. I had to dig deep to ressurrect it and I know it'll be worth your time! This is super high energy 1990, 91 NYC club tunes. Mixed incredibly well on all records owned by DJ Spinna.
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  • Originally broadcast on WYBC 94.3 FM on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut on longtime DJ Juan Castillo's show - this is a round-table remembrance about the late great Steve 'Stezo' Williams. His sudden passing on April 29th hit the universal hip-hop community from out of nowhere, a truly sad lose. I felt particularly connected to his legacy as I worked on projects over many years between Chris Lowe and Dooley-O, some of his oldest friends. The audio here features Juan Castillo, Dooley-O, Chris Lowe, Superman J of Skinny Boys, Jim Slice, E and Lil E. They share stories and memories from a lifetime of experiences many of which start from childhood. It's a great look back on a kid growing up always thinking way ahead of the his time from fashion, style, to dancing, to music. This brings the casual listener who may only know Stezo's seminal debut to a personal account of much more than just that record. If you know a fan of Stezo's work please shoot them this convo. They will love it. Check out some cool obscure appearances on dooley-o.bandcamp.com - I urge you to check out not only his debut album but dig further to a lot of his songs and videos after that too. He dropped a lot of music over the years worth checking, loads of dope, fly shit. Enjoy and Rest Easy Stezo - Thank you for everything
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  • This is a live board-recording of an all vinyl DJ Set from Thanksgiving Brown (pka Peter Agoston). The performance was done in one take with very little prep in front of a full house at the music venue Brooklyn Bowl on Tues, Jan 12th 2016 from exactly 8:30 to 9:30PM, opening up for RJD2. There are moments of pure delight as well as a couple of train wrecks and needle pops. This is not perfect by any means but it exists and I thought I'd share it. Especially because it was done in a room full of friends and strangers dancing and enjoying themselves. People were bowling, eating fried chicken, getting drunk as I prepared them for the headliner.
    I've never been the kind of DJ with an obsession on set-preparation, in later years I'd just grab and go (but that attitude has back-fired on me a few times!) Some folks spend days meticulously gathering records and fine tuning a pre-meditated set. I always found that kind of futile in the moment and noticed audiences reacted better to a DJ who was clearly thinking of their feet, making quick yet cool decisions. DJ's that would look up and make eye contact with the crowd, crack a smile, nod to a stranger. It's not that I'm taking requests but I'm also not icing out the crowd. You'll notice I'm not talking on the mic except to thank them at the end. They don't know me, I'm hear to throw joints at them.
    I arrived to the club solo, was on stage solo, hung out solo and bounced. My approach to this set was to play records that could universally appeal to just about *anyone (*this crowd wasn't a record-nerd audience whispering to each other about rare records, they were like college kids and couples and people that liked the Mad Men theme) .... and that a production-minded artist like RJD2 would appreciate. A proper warm-up with nothing too obscure or adventurous just feel good music.
    In DJing my comfort zone is a tight hour or so opening up for a bigger act on a bigger stage, I don't really need a 6 hour set in a tiny spot (although I can do that). Playing joint for joint and keeping it moving is my M.O.. I like getting busy, grabbing a drink. giving out some pounds and hugs, grabbing my always modest payment and disappearing into the night. Gonna go ahead an apologize for any SKIPS on the vinyl here, or any volume issues - this is an unmastered recording from the front of house board by the sound person with me DJing on music venue turntables using all Wax (which as we know can be unpredictable). It got that house-party whip appeal. Listening suggestion would be plugging your devise into home stereo and turning it up a bit or use headphones. I hope one day to create a new mix for my podcast.
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  • Jaytram is like one of those dudes you’d meet backstage at a show at some club somewhere and be like - now, that is one cool cat. Jay’s been drumming most all of his life, plus he makes dope beats. I’ve known Jay’s live band work collaborations for Helado Negro, Yeasayer, Sinkane, along with his own solo work and killer improv styles. A North Carolina native, Jay has been living in Brooklyn for years. He’s been DJing for most of that too - one of the cool, dark, loungey vibes in Bed Stuy, Fr. Greene and the like - Jay’s tunes when DJing out are always really comforting, Funk-forward vibes. He is a Jazz cat with a Jazzy sensibility which comes across on this mix very well. One time we hung out Solange in Brooklyn well before she put any records out. I think this can work really well in hot, arid weather as well as grey, cloud-filled skies with particularly low pressure systems. On lockdown, this works great in headphones staring out the window or hooking up to the JBL’s and playing at loud volumes like how I prefer. Enjoy this one, share with a friend in need and subscribe if you’d like.
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  • Chris Greer aka DJ Mayonnaise who many will know from his early contributions to the inception of anticon and even was the collective label's first artist out with his solo production/mix album '55 Stories' in the first week of Jan 1999. He grew up with Alias and Tim Holland/Sole and has deep deep roots in the North Eastern Hip-Hop scene. Now check out Chris' all new production/mix just for the podcast, it's really represents the early anticon production ethos and soul very well, on top of dope selections of beats/other artists. A must listen for hardcore anticon heads just as much for regular listeners of the The House List. It's moody, dark, bruiting head nodders that if you've ever spent any time in Portland, Maine you'd fully get where the sound comes from. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe, spread the word. Besides Mayo's debut he also dropped a record in 2007 called 'Still Alive' definitely worth seeking out. He's also had the same haircut since I met him, 20 years ago.

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  • This is a special one - grab your ticket for a ride as Moka pulls files from his vast, infinite catalog of creations. I've known Moka for over 20 years and he has not stopped making songs and albums since then. One day we'll have a full on sit down talk on the mic, this offering is a special array of all unheard, unreleased joints by Moka Only himself. Baked in his home studio and guiding by Moka, we peep selections & snippets - this is an absolute must listen for hardcore Mok fans as well as our regular casual listeners. Enjoy!
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  • This past weekend the Hip-Hop community worldwide got a nice shot in the arm watching RZA and Primo trade joints as stars and fans alike vibed in quarantined unison. In this episode of The House List, Boston's highly respected, long established, DJ and producer 7L (Czarface, 7L & Esoteric)delivers an all vinyl, all Hip-Hop DJ mix in it's true form. A great companion piece for all y'all. He takes some classic yet lesser known tracks/white labels from the mid and late 90's and lays it down cassette tape mix style. This would be one of those joints never to leave your car stereo or walkman, with mad flavors from acts like The Beatnuts, Shades of Brooklyn, Scientifik, Ground Floor, The Legion and much more. This is a MUST listen for any head of any age, classical DJ mix from one of the modern greats. 

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  • Soulful, Spiritual, Funky and so much more. I thought it would be fitting to drop this on Easter weekend. Check this very cool all vinyl DJ mix by underground legend Oxygen. Multitalented emcee, producer and record collector, Oxygen has been creating for years. Known in inner circles for his wealth of musical knowledge and very impressive record collection he was the perfect edition to our over expanding array of DJ mixes. He brought together an awesome selection of spiritually uplifting song that anyone with a Soul can get into - no matter what part of the world you are in. Make sure that if you know folks also into Soul, Funk and especially Gospel, that you send this to them!
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