• You know how we love digging into different types of businesses and sharing with you incredible life stories, In today’s podcast episode, we share a story about the man with purpose, vision and dream. He’s also a really good chef and entrepreneur - Adrian Niman.

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  • Today we have a very special guest, an award-winning dentist James Goolnik BDS MSc. James is on a mission to help modern society kick sugar habits and redefine the understanding of food rewards. Recently James presented Kick Sugar cookbook, aiming to encourage people to take 14-day sugar challenge to help reduce sugar in their diet and regain the taste buds. Tune in now and discover the incredible benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle.

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  • Today is a very different kind of episode, we are being interviewed by The Daily Talk Show Podcast, from Australia. We'll be going all land down under with some essential life hacks and epic travel advice.

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  • Hello our beautiful friends! We are back with an exciting episode with just the two of us. Today we finally answer the most frequently asked question – are we moving to Los Angeles. Tune in now and discover what life changing decision we have made.

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  • We are back with another delightful and fascinating life story. Today we are talking to restaurateur Janet Zuccarini who stands out in the international restaurant industry as a woman and spectacular entrepreneur. The CEO and owner of Gusto 54 Restaurant Group, Janet credits her success to two passions: culinary and business. Tune in now and discover behind the scenes of a notoriously risky restaurant business.

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  • We are back with another inspiring conversation with networking and podcasting guru, Jordan Harbinger. He teaches the art of communication and interviews celebrities, authors, and scientists on his top rated show The Jordan Harbinger Podcast. From Wall Street attorney to highly skilled entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster, Jordan’s life and career trajectory is unbelievably fascinating. In today’s episode, he shares some secrets behind his journey.

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  • Hello our beautiful friends! Today we have a very mindful and relaxing conversation with Aaron Alexander, from Align Podcast. We dimmed the lights, sat on the floor and talked about the fundamental aspect of movement. Tune in now and discover what is Aaron’s method to align the life and how can you turn your body into a self-healing mechanism.

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  • Today we have a thought provoking episode on a topic we’ve been discussing lately – the sustainable way of living. Join us as we explain how our choices affect the environment and figure out how to be a better human on this planet Earth and live in accordance with it.

    We truly believe that by expressing our ideas, recent discoveries and insights, we help other people gain more awareness. And, once you become aware of something, your mind expands and your life transforms. Today we want to share with you some new perspectives that will help you be that positive change in the world.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/69

  • Today we have an extremely inspiring and alarming conversation with Alison Teal, modern life female Indiana Jones and oceans advocate. Alison combines storytelling, adventurous spirit and love of exploration to raise awareness, educate people around the world and share the positive outlook on apocalyptical issues. In this conversation, we discuss sustainability, consequences of plastic pollution, and humans’ ability to change it all.

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  • Today we have a very inspiring guest, Santiago Arana, one of the most distinguished real estate agents in Los Angeles. In this conversation, we dive not into Santiago’s accomplishments and career, but in his incredible gratitude journey based on the power of visualization. In this episode, you will discover lots of practical tools that will help you manifest the life that you want to create. So, let’s get into it.

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  • Hello our beautiful friends! Today we have a very exciting and long-awaited guest on the podcast – Kanwer Singh, professionally known as Humble The Poet. In this honest conversation, we dive deep into Kanwer’s life journey and discover how a child of Indian immigrants and a school teacher turned into creative personality, author, filmmaker, Hip-Hop and spoken-word artist, whose ideas and messages challenge conventional wisdom.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/66

  • Hello our beautiful friends! Today we have another exciting and conscious conversation with energetic British wellbeing, fashion, and beauty content creator, bestselling author of Eat Smart, and lover of all things plant-based, Niomi Smart.

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  • Hello our beautiful friends! We are back with another exciting and powerful Ask Me Anything episode, where we share some simple yet wise and essential truths about life. This week we are answering 3 important and deep questions: how to become more positive; how to make life changing decisions; and how to find work–life balance. Let’s get into it.

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  • Hello our beautiful friends! Today we have a very interesting conversation with Jake Kassan, a young passionate Californian entrepreneur who co-founded a very successful and internationally loved brand – MVMT Watches. Since early age, Jake was passionate about living the life of financial freedom. Today, he tells us his unique entrepreneurial journey and shares his business lessons.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/62

    Jake’s father was an entrepreneur – and it made him eager to learn how to make money. At the age of 10, Jake already knew he wanted to be successful and live the life where money couldn’t dictate him what he needed to do. That’s why Jake started his entrepreneurial journey so young.

    “School system is designed not to make you an entrepreneur, but to make you an employee.” – Alex Ikonn

    When Jake was 12 years old, he sold the lollipops and made between $300 and $400 in a couple weeks. At the age of 17, Jake launched his first business selling novelty T-shirts that included a microphone and lights, definitely a hit at night-club party scene in California. He then started an e-commerce business, NiteLifeDesigns.com, which he promoted successfully by making YouTube videos. At its peak, Nite Life Designs made $10,000 a week.

    Jake dropped out of college when he was 19. Together with Kramer LaPlante, two brimming entrepreneurs launched MVMT Watches in June of 2013 with $300,000 they raised through two Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns. Soon the Los Angeles-based start-up evolved into a huge success. And Jake did expect that success, because he believed in their product.

    “My life philosophy is better to try and explore opportunities than look back and regret” – Jake Kassan

    Navigating towards the right way using innovative marketing strategies and data driven thinking, MVMT quickly established itself as a lifestyle watch microbrand with a powerful online presence. Jake and Kramer were able to found a niche by advertising their product heavily on social media.In 2018, Movado Group (also known for selling Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss) purchased the company for $100 million.

    Before MVMT Watches launched, Jake was a 21 year old college dropout with more than $20,000 worth of debt to his name from previous business ventures. By achieving intense success he always wanted to achieve, Jake demonstrates –once again– that regardless of age, financials, circumstances, and even regardless of formal education, hard work, determination and strong belief always pays off, as long as you continue the hustle and are able to enjoy the process.

    Here are some tips to young entrepreneurs starting out right now:

    Try new things, and even if you fail, you can always learn from that. Before starting your own business, try to find a job or mentors who work in the industry you want to get into. In the early stages, you can find a place to work that you really believe in, where you can feel fulfilled by building something with a team. Talk to people –like CEOs, early employees, entrepreneurs, inspirational leaders– and learn from them. Educate yourself: there is so much information you can find useful. Decide why do you want to become an entrepreneur.

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Jake, you can find out more about him here:

    Jake’s Instagram

    Jake’s Website

  • Hello our beautiful friends! We are back with another exciting Ask Me Anything episode. This time, we discuss something that most of us don’t want to face – our internet addiction.

    Let’s admit this - there is something about new technologies, the Internet and social media that makes us feel connected with the rest of the world. The issue is, if we overdo it, we become addicted and can injure ourselves. In this conversation, we share our tips on how to consume social media mindfully.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/61

    In today’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode, we’re going to answer these 3 fundamental questions:

    Are there any boundaries on the Internet? How to use technology and not to be used by it? How to consume content in social media?

    Are there any boundaries on the Internet?

    Nowadays there is an infinite amount of content and, therefore, scrolling has become infinite. The way social media tools are designed, Alex explains, is to get us hooked, because the more time we spend on social media, the more money these social platforms gain, because they capture our attention, and attention equals money. And this is the currency we all play with – attention.

    How to use technology and not to be used by it?

    Alex’s recommendation is to set limits for yourself. iOS programs like Screen Time help monitor how you consume your gadget and be aware of how you spend your time. You can even set parental control on yourself and set time limits on using different apps with Downtime feature. Alex assures that the best way you do your best work is by not multitasking. He suggests to turn off distracting notifications and do just one thing at a time.

    “We have to look at the root cause of why we are addicted to being distracted from our reality” – Alex Ikonn

    Alex thinks that a lot of as pass out because of the loneliness in some way or another. In order to change this, we need to follow these steps:

    Become aware Take responsibility Take action

    How to consume content in social media?

    Mimi believes that we have to be mindful about the fact that social media consumption is like food consumption. We have to become mindful consumers, we have to limit ourselves and care about the quality versus the quantity. Mimi explains that we should come at the first place, and the consumption of social media and content creation come after. The resistance voice make us doing all indulgences that, over a period of time, are going to ruin our lives and will make us be incapable to do things that truly matter.

    Both Alex and Mimi believe there is a lot of value that comes with the Internet. Social media in itself isn’t evil, it can be so positive and beneficial. But, in order to create some healthy boundaries, we all need to learn how to curate people and content we consume on a daily basis.

    “We need to implement mindful consumption of individuals that inspire us rather than individuals that make us compare ourselves to others” – Mimi Ikonn

  • Hello our beautiful friends! Today we have another exciting, deep, raw and extremely inspiring episode with Dan Martell, a serial Canadian entrepreneur, SaaS (Software as a service) business coach, investor and incredible human being with life-changing story. Tune in now and discover how from a jail cell and drug addiction Dan was able to rebuild himself, shine the light inside him and become an incredible entrepreneur.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/60

  • APPLY HERE: https://intelligent-change-llc.breezy.hr

    Hello our beautiful friends! Today’s episode is a GIANT MUST LISTEN, as we share with you the true journey of Intelligent Change. What started as a passion project, turned into a real successful business that has impacted hundreds of thousands of people. Also, we have some really exciting news to announce – for the first time ever, we will be building the Intelligent Change Team in Los Angeles, California, and we're looking for great people like you to join us.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/59

    It all started with the Five Minute Journal, our best-selling gratitude journal that has helped over 500,000 people become happier since launching in 2013. We’ve since also created the Productivity Planner and the Five Minute Journal for Kids, and, we are sure, it’s only the beginning.

    So, in today’s episode we wanted to take you behind the scenes and share the story of Intelligent Change: how it was created, why it was created, what is the vision of the company, and everything in between. Recently, our company has experienced some changes which, in fact, creates lots of exciting opportunities for you. So, make sure to listen to the end of this episode, if you are potentially open to work with us and Intelligent Change.

    This is the journey you’re going to hear:

    Inspiration for creating a gratitude journal Building a new partnership with UJ Ramdas What it’s like to be a lifestyle entrepreneur How and when the idea of The Five Minute Journal was born What it takes to start a business of creating a product (step-by-step system) Magical combination of Tim Ferris and Mimi Ikonn The incredible impact of The Five Minute Journal Creating a movement and a community of mind-alike people The reason we sold Luxy Hair The truth about 50-50 business partnerships The separation process How does it feel like to start from a clean slate The intention of Intelligent Change as a company The vital role of a new team

    Also, this episode is a good case study for all of you who are thinking to start their own business. Here are our lessons, observations and some key business advice:

    – Whenever you are approaching somebody, don’t come from a place of taking, come from a place of delivering unique value and giving.

    – Having free time and just making money for the sake of money gets boring really fast. The intention should be not only to sell and make a profit, but to share and provide value.

    – The reality of starting a business is that it’s going to be difficult. And in order to go through the difficulty, you better be interested in what you are doing, because pretty soon you will burn out, and it will consume you.

    – The best way to learn is to do.

    – Should you ever want to start a business or create a product, or provide any service, the goal has always to be to create things that you genuinely want to create and have in your personal life, because that way you will never ever have to sell it, but to use it, and people will be inspired if this is something they actually need in their lives.

    – How big of the impact you can make with the small things if you genuinely and authentically share what works for you.

    – To be an entrepreneur means to have freedom of following through your vision and fulfilling that potential. It really comes down to your values and priorities.

    – In every business you need two components: you need the vision and you need the integration.

    “We are so excited to be in a position of putting together like-minded people and creating something with meaning and purpose from the genuine intention to deliver the value to this world. It’s not about profit, it’s about delivering unique value and different experience to other humans beings, and creating the greater community of like-minded people”

    And, finally, BIG NEWS: now that we own 100% of Intelligent Change, what we are going to do in the next year is establishing an office in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, working on Intelligent Change future vision and hiring our next Linchpins to join us on our journey to change lives and make a real difference.

    The thing we are looking for isn’t your education, it’s not even your experience, it’s the sparkle of enthusiasm in your eyes. Are you excited about this opportunity? Do you want to be a part of this team that makes a difference? That’s what we value the most. For us, it’s not about micromanaging, it’s about leading and encouraging people to lead in their position, whatever that position may be.

    If you are open to learn and become the best you can be – you can apply to all the positions that are available right now.

    If you feel you can bring unique value to Intelligent Change, we are open to hear from you - reach out to us and name your position. Also, if you know somebody who will be interested in becoming a part of Intelligent Change, this is a great time to encourage them to apply for the role they have been dreaming about.

    Books we’ve mentioned in this episode:

    The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris Linchpin by Seth Godin
  • Hello our beautiful friends! We are back with a very interesting topic, as we discuss something we all should talk more about because it is an essential part of our life – aging. Normally, the society doesn’t look positively at aging, but in today’s episode we’re going to discuss how to deal and embrace the fact that we all are going to age, and age gracefully.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/58

    This episode is inspired by one of the questions you sent us over Ask Us Anything. And the question was, how do we embrace our beauty as we age?

    We all consume a lot of social media and are exposed to beautiful, inspiring, successful and young people, and for that reason we couldn’t help but compare ourselves to them and care so much about how we look. It’s been proven statistically that we’re more attracted to younger personalities – even fashion magazines and marketing campaigns put a spotlight on the young models. Somehow, all humans are obsessed with youth.

    When we observe people on a public eye, we tend to notice that a lot of them are trying to reverse their aging by getting botox, fillers and a lot of plastic surgery, in a way, that they deny the fact that what is happening with them is real. Mimi believes that’s totally up to us to carry ourselves differently and to spread wisdom as we age to a younger generations. And this message is the following: there is so much beauty beyond the superficial things.

    “It’s important to embrace aging with grace and beauty, and not focus on the fine lines, but on what’s inside” – Mimi Ikonn

    Mimi walks us through her personal awareness of how she has faced and embraced the fact that she is getting older. This is quite a personal and intimate story, but Mimi believes that you can resonate with her thoughts in one way or another. Mimi is a natural beauty advocate, but she wants to make sure that she has absolutely zero judgment towards people who get plastic surgery, bottom, fillers and anything else done. As her favourite quote goes, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Before deciding whether she needed to get fillers in her smile lines or not, Mimi was doing a lot of inner work and asked herself if she really wanted to do it and why she needed that. And the answer was always the same: insecurity. “We, women, think we are not good enough, so we need to do this, because we are not loving ourselves the way we are right now, consequently, we are not perfect”, Mimi explains.

    “If you do something with yourself because you are not good enough, not beautiful, not perfect this way, then by doing this you won’t help yourself, because then you’ll need more injections and corrections. It’s quite obsessive” – Mimi Ikonn

    Long story short, Mimi accepted herself the way she is. Mimi is all about self-love and taking care of herself. She believes we can take a look at the alternatives that can help us preserve our youth and help us age gracefully. This is there Mimi is leaning toward herself as a woman in her early thirties. Mimi is sure there is no magic pill, and anything that sounds too good to be true is usually too good to be true.

    Let’s face the truth: the reality is unavoidable. And it’s better to embrace the aging, because the moment we fight something is the moment we actually suffer. The more we’re going to change ourselves superficially, the more we aren’t going to accept ourselves and will try to change more things. This will end up in a waste of energy and time. Mimi is sure that the choices we make on ourselves are inspired by our self-awareness, will power and belief system.

    “Going back to us as humans, the reason we are here is to procreate,'' Alex reminds. This is a deep subconscious code that makes us more valuable. And, in reality, we are still those simple creatures. However, with the awareness, we can go beyond that and decide for ourselves that we aren’t defined only by that. We are at the point of life when we can create our own meaning in life.

    “At the end of the day, what will really help you move gracefully through life is these fundamentals of meaning, purpose and delivering value to the world and outside yourself” – Alex Ikonn

    The way we can move beyond the superficiality of aging is of understating what is our deeper purpose and what is our deeper meaning as a human being. This is what will light us up inside and give us that grace. When we focus on superficiality, we make it your purpose; and the moment we can move beyond it and create a higher purpose and meaning for ourselves, we will be able to make the choices aligned with our values.

    Both Mimi and Alex are sure that there is so much beauty in this world – like spark of the joy that comes through the person’s eyes. This is something we should challenge ourselves to see more: the deeper beauty. The moment we embrace the beauty in ourselves, we will be able to see this beauty in others. “Because what you judge in other people is what you judge in yourself”, Mimi sums up.

  • Hello our beautiful friends! Today we have a very special guest on the podcast. Jess Lively is a world traveler obsessed with consciousness, neurology, and helping people connect to the guidance within them through her podcast, The Lively Show. Today we go deep and explore the concept of the inner voice, and discover how it can guide us to live our dream lives.

    Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/57

    Originally from Ohio, Jess started her career when she was fifteen with a jewelry business in Rochester, Michigan. After graduating from the School of Business, she started her own company Jess LC right away, transforming the accessory company into a successful full-time career in Chicago. Then Jess realised her real authentic passion laid elsewhere, and it took her years to find her authentic path.

    “While studying at School of Business, I found myself being unhappy. And I realised – if you are not happy now, you probably won’t be happy in 20 years doing the same thing. I wanted to help the other unhappy people struggling to find their path to joyful and happy life.” – Jess Lively

    Jess had an American dream come true – she had a beautiful home, two dogs and a husband, but then she let it all go. When Jess and her partner were about to have kids, both of them understood they wanted different lives. Listening to her inner voice, Jess became aware she wanted another life – the one where she could get whatever she wants and go wherever she wants without the financial stress.

    “By having the experience of living the life you dreamt about allows you to let it go and move forward” – Jess Lively

    After that life transition, Jess realised that the real life force is our heart, and the real life force of the element of consciousness of who we are is intuition and wisdom. Fascinated by the gift of the inner voice, Jess started journaling and having dialogues with her inner voice. “My mind had no other way of having peace other than defining the inner voice in me that had peace”, Jess reveals.

    If you want to change something in your life and you feel really uncomfortable for a long period of time, then that is the most golden opportunity to find the inner voice that will lead you to the peace of your mind. How you can achieve it? First, Jess advises, you have to change your perspective from thinking to listening.

    “The difference between thinking and listening is that you don’t think of the answer, you listen for it. Your mind should stop for a moment and listen in silence to your inner voice. That’s why the only option to find peace is to go outside your mind” – Jess Lively

    Implementing meditation and breathing practices into your life, as well as having deep conversations with yourself and understanding why are you upset about something, will help you to be fully and authentically unafraid to live the life that you dream about.

    Tune in now and discover some amazing advice Jess has shared with us in this truly special conversation. We are so excited for you to discover how you can live your best life by allowing yourself to be led by your consciousness.

    Here is what else we have talked about:

    Growing up observing our parents as examples Where the values we grow up with come from Power of being aware of our values and using them in our advantage Going through divorce and building our own path How to be in touch with our intuition, consciousness, and inner voice Listening to our inner voice and intuition to make the leap Living in the unknown How to connect all the dots of our life by looking backwards The power of journaling, asking questions and exhaling

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Jess Lively, you can find out more about her here:

    Jess Lively Show

    Jess’s Instagram

    A book that we mentioned in this episode:

    The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer