• Are you trying to navigate the reality of remote workers and team members? Do you want to better understand what it takes to successfully build and lead a business with remote team members? Are you looking for insights and tools for leading a remote team, whether fully, hybrid or otherwise?
    Our special guest Laura Miller answers these and other questions about leadership, culture and doing business in a remote worker world.
    Laura Miller is the Founder and CEO of TempDev, a nationwide healthcare information technology consulting firm that specializes in NextGen EPM and EHR development. She combines an engineering background with business savvy to create holistic and sustainable solutions with positive financial and operational impacts.
    Over the past fourteen years, Laura has led and built a business with an entire team that works from home, including herself. Laura knows well the keys to leading, building culture, collaborating, innovating, communicating, and serving clients in a remote work model.
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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    The basics of a remote workforce

    The challenges of bringing people back to the office who don’t want to go back to the office

    Financial realities of remote working in terms of compensation, cost of living, etc.

    Key values to team members of working from home

    Challenges of taking care of children while working remotely

    Collaboration and innovation also happen with remote working

    Pros and cons of remote working

    Importance of boundaries and routines when working remotely

    Overwork and burnout risks when working remotely

    Leaders must pay attention to the impact of their personal choices around work and remote work

    Productivity and remote work

    Pros, cons, risks and rewards of using employee work tracking software with remote workers

    Understanding the importance of and determining key performance indicators (KPI’s)

    Shifting the focus from time productivity to outcome productivity

    Role of existing trust levels in impacting employee response to monitoring programs

    Killing your peoples’ productivity by over-meeting your remote workers

    What’s the cost of your meetings?

    Remote working requires great technology and different approaches to communication

    Today’s workforce requires more empathetic leadership

    What would you do if you could not fail?


    Laura Miller

    Temp Dev Website

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Do you struggle with challenging conversations? Do you want to learn more mindsets and tools for enhancing your crucial conversations? Are you ready to amplify your leadership and impact through conversations?

    Our special guest Andrea Newton (England)  answers these and other questions about leadership and management in the context of conversations and communication.

    Andrea Newton is the Founder of Confident Conversations and a woman on a mission to get leaders comfortable with the uncomfortable and believes there are 7 Significant Conversations that all good leaders ought to be able to have if they are truly to get the best out of their team and their business.

    Andrea has spent the last 21 years working with a wide range of organizations across all industry sectors, helping literally thousands of managers and leaders at all levels to have conversations that matter.

    Andrea believes that conversations change organizations, develop relationships, improve standards, increase results – in fact, conversations even save lives and having had her own experience of rooting around at rock bottom and peering over the edge, Andrea believe that unless leaders create the climate that encourages honest, open, frank dialogue then they will never achieve their full potential.

    As a trainer, keynote speaker, author and soon to be podcast host, Andrea is based in the northwest of England and offers a whole range of online and remote training services to her clients – from television production to the NHS – she wants to use her past to improve others futures.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    The importance of crucial conversations and different approaches to having them

    Understanding the blind spots about crucial conversations

    Confident leaders are willing to admit their weaknesses

    Going into crucial conversations with an attitude of curiosity

    Beware the words you use to label your crucial conversations

    Understanding the differences between feedback and opinions

    Leadership is not a popularity contest (do you want to be liked or respected as a leader)

    The impact of avoiding one-on-one conversations and instead relying on group conversations

    Importance of learning and teaching skills for crucial conversations

    Keys for leading and managing today’s workforce

    Understanding and navigating the Seven (7) Significant Conversations

    Crucial conversations are more impactful that processes and procedures

    The Four (4) F words in conversations: 1. Feelings; 2. Fears; 3. Family; and 4. Future

    Vulnerability and psychological safety in leadership

    Understanding the difference between empathy and sympathy in leadership

    Using the E.E.C. Model for crucial conversations (Example – Effect – Change)

    Leaders must get comfortable with the uncomfortable when it comes to crucial conversations

    The leadership of Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series


    Andrea Newton

    Really Useful Conversations Podcast

    Confident Conversations Website

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


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  • Are you feeling burnout or overwhelmed? Are you looking for unconventional strategies for navigating your life and business? Do you want to be more purposeful, productive and present in every part of your life and leadership?

    Our special guest Imogen Roy (Bordeaux France) answers these and other questions about burnout, purpose, productivity and personal energy.

    Imogen Roy is a Business Mentor who helps unconventional people to be more purposeful, productive and present in their life and business. After experiencing burnout whilst doing what she loved, Imogen realized she'd have to take a much more proactive approach to protect her most valuable business asset: her own energy.

    Despite doing what she loved, Imogen experienced a profound burnout experience that helped her to differently understand burnout, self-care and the importance of protecting your energy.

    Today Imogen is the accomplice of founders, artists, consultants and visionaries who want to create unstoppable success in work and life without burnout or compromise.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Burnout is more a product of what happens when we care too much and too long for others without caring for ourselves

    The process and importance of finding and living your genius

    Understanding and overcoming the challenges of finding and living your genius

    Living an unconventional life by choosing not to fit in

    Keys to understanding the role of energy in leadership, productivity and life

    Navigating the land mines of false boxes in our lives

    Energy as your most important asset

    The reality that not all time is equal and controllable, but your energy can be managed

    What it means to be a time bender

    The role of presence in productivity

    Presence is essential when it comes to leadership

    Three kinds of attention / presence: 1. Outward facing attention; 2. Submissive state of attention (receiving); 3. Meditation

    Understanding what presence is and isn’t

    What happens to time when you’re not present

    Understanding our attachment to multi-tasking and its connection to lack of self-trust

    The myth of multi-tasking

    The flow of energy when you’re present (for yourself and others)

    Find a small way to honor what you feel like doing throughout the day (versus what you believe you have to do)

    Asking and answering the question of where you’re finding resistance

    Getting curious with your resistance

    Self-shaming or pushing through your resistance uses more energy and exhausts us

    The ways that language / words shape our culture and reality

    Understanding the different experiences of time (quantum and gestational)

    Examining the ways that your own language is serving you and not serving you

    Foundations for integrated leadership and living

    Embracing your resistance in order to learn from it


    Imogen Roy

    Imogen Roy Instagram

    Imogen Roy Website

    A Year of Magical Living Podcast

    Unbound: A Guide to Women’s Power book by Kasia Urbaniak

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you confused about what to do to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture? Are you looking to better understand the differences that are part of organizations today? Are you committed to creating a safer and more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture and organization?

    Our special guest Marcia Alvarado answers these and other questions about diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership.

    Marcia Alvarado has been a licensed professional engineer for the past 16 years and works as a Structural Market Leader for WGI in Tampa, Florida. She graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2004, where she played collegiate basketball. Marcia then pursued a career in structural engineering starting in New York City, and received her Master’s from the University of South Florida in 2009. Marcia enjoys designing buildings and has always had a passion for helping others through the ACE Mentor Program, a mentoring program for high school student to learn about the industry.

    Marcia also has ventured in the fashion world by way of modeling and provides custom suiting for Sharpe Suiting, an LGBTQ+ owned and operated luxury custom suiting brand. In 2020, she Founded The Alvarado Experience, a consultancy focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Marcia knew her path was in design and construction at the age of four as she was standing on the London Bridge, barely tall enough to reach the glass, and told her mother “I want to build buildings when I grow up.”

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Navigating the engineering, construction and business world as an other

    Critical interpersonal skills and mindsets for supporting more diversity, equity and inclusion in the world

    Understanding the difference between gender identity, gender role and gender expression

    Understanding gender identity and expression in the trans community

    The role of sexual expression in diversity, equity and inclusion (understanding the LBGTQ+ and queer community)

    Ongoing challenges for the LBGTQ+ community in the workplace

    Leaders and organizations must do more than talk the DEI talk

    The role of intersectionality with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

    Keys to bringing values around diversity, equity and inclusion alive in your organization

    The role of vulnerability in diversity, equity and inclusion leadership

    The leadership essential of knowing thyself especially when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion

    The power of publicly using your pronouns to build a safe and more belonging culture


    Marcia Alvarado

    The Alvarado Experience Website


    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you committed to leading with more humanness? Are you ready to lead with more people impact? Do you want to learn the tools and power of stories?

    Our special guest Arthur Jones answers these and other questions about stories, leadership and humanizing your brand.

    Arthur Jones is the founder of two companies – The Art of Standing Out (a leadership development firm) and The Art of Inbound Marketing (a marketing agency). Arthur has been described as a people centric, growth focused business strategy architect, as well as a brand story architect.

    Arthur helps businesses and their customer-facing teams employ tools, strategies, and hybrid work models enabling collaboration and co-creation with the customers they serve. He’s also developed a concept called R.O.A.R – Return On Authentic Relationships.

    His mission – to make meaning by enriching the lives of the business professionals they work with, and ultimately creating a more just and caring world.

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    What is a brand story architect?

    The power of stories and storytelling

    The source of the loss of the art of storytelling

    Understanding what it means to R.O.A.R. as a leader (return on authentic relationships)

    Being a humanologist (seek first to understand)

    The Big 3 of stories: 1. Story listening; 2. Story building; 3. Storytelling

    Obstacles to bringing more humanness into your leadership

    Leadership shifts for a remote and hybrid workforce

    Leadership top three … Integrity, Emotional Intelligence and Communication

    Leadership requires the courage to do the right thing

    Humanizing your brand


    Arthur Jones

    Art of Standing Out Website

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you struggling with what your culture will look like in the post-COVID workforce? Are you committed to being a learning organization? Do you want to build a culture that will engage and inspire your team?Our special guest Dr. Troy Hall answers these and other questions about culture, talent, leadership, engagement and performance.Dr. Troy Hall is the author of the best-selling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent, and the #1 title for Business and Professional Humor, FANNY RULES: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old. He was once told he did not have the talent to write. His mom, Fanny, reminded him, “It’s not the successes or failures that shape your life, it’s how you handle them.”Dr. Troy is an author, radio host, global speaker, talent retention strategist and consultant who’s been featured on the Today Show, ABC, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World.His doctorate in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship has sent him across the globe to help leaders create cultures of cohesion and retain top talent in their organizations. With more than 40 years of practical leadership experience and a Ph.D. in Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Dr. Troy's consulting and executive coaching sessions have positively impacted organizational leaders around the globe on how to create cultures of cohesion to retain their top talent.His mantra, "You don’t have to know everything, you just need to be teachable."The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.Show NotesEpisode highlights… Mother’s leadership lessons Mistakes are not failures – they’re learning experiences Five elements of a learning organization: 1. Being generative; 2. Adaptive; 3. Experimentation; 4. Diversity of thought; 5. Good stewards of the resources Knowledge isn’t power … it’s using that knowledge and turning it into wisdom Role of cultural relatively in sustaining a learning culture Importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in leadership Vulnerability and authenticity in leadership Charismatic leadership is no longer enough The importance of creating a culture to allow a collaborative voice among the team Four primary characteristics that cross all generations in the workplace Understanding the elements of a cohesion culture: 1. Belonging; 2. Value; 3. Shared mutual commitment Leadership shifts in the age of growing remote workforces Managing your people by time versus productivity / performance Differently managing remote team members Challenges of retaining team members in a post-COVID work world Being thoughtful about reboarding your team after COVIDPeople don’t follow accidental leaders – the importance of being purposeful as a leaderResources: Troy Hall Troy Hall Website Troy Hall Social Media (@drtroyhall) Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent Book Fanny Rules: A Mother's Leadership Lessons that Never Grow Book The Leadership Junkies Podcast Cardivera

  • Are you looking for ways to grow and scale your business? Are you struggling with the many challenges of entrepreneurship? Do you want new ideas and mindsets for your entrepreneurial journey?

    Our special guest Jan Cavelle answers these and other questions about entrepreneurship, business growth, and scaling your business.

    Jan Cavelle is an entrepreneur of entrepreneurs from the UK who has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her.  She is very familiar with all the challenges that go with that, having started one from the kitchen table when her children were small and she was a single mother, to go on to build that into a multi-million business.

    Jan has put her entrepreneurial experiences together with her passion for writing into a book aimed at helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the big leap from $1 to $10 million. Jan’s book is called Scale for Success and is currently available in the UK, with an early July publication in the United States and Australia.

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Understanding what it means to scale a business

    Start your business being clear on your why and where you want the business to go

    The vital role of systems early in your business

    The difference between growing your business and scaling your business

    Key questions to answer early in your business: 1. Why am I getting into this business? 2. What do I want out of this business? 3. What kind of business do I want? 4. What kind of life do I want with this business?

    The importance of getting clear on your market early in your business

    Beware the sales and marketing gap in your business

    Understanding the time realities in entrepreneurship

    Using a book for authority and rapport building

    The difference between your goals and knowing where you’re going

    The critical role mindset in business growth and success

    Mental health challenges in entrepreneurship

    Understanding resilience and its role in business leadership

    Key entrepreneur’s question: What are you willing to give up in order to build and scale your business?

    Avoiding burnout as entrepreneurs and business owners

    Don't do anything because other people are doing it – do what's right for you


    Jan Cavelle

    Jan Cavelle Website

    Scale for Success: Expert Insights Into Growing Your Business book by Jan Cavelle

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow and scale your business? Are you thinking about starting a business? Are you committed to growing your leadership and your business?

    Our special guest Bryan Clayton answers these and other questions about entrepreneurship, small business growth and scaling businesses for exit.

    Bryan Clayton is CEO and cofounder of GreenPal an online marketplace that connects homeowners with Local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 200,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day.

    Before starting GreenPal Bryan Clayton founded Peachtree Inc., one of the largest landscaping companies in the state of Tennessee growing it to over $10 million a year in annual revenue before it was acquired by Lusa holdings in 2013.

    Bryan‘s interest and expertise are related to entrepreneurialism, small business growth, marketing and bootstrapping businesses from zero revenue to profitability and exit.

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Challenges of starting and growing a start-up business

    Unique challenges for starting and growing a technology business

    The three phases of business: 1. Start up; 2. Grow up; 3. Scale up

    Leadership and business lessons from Mario Kart

    Business growth requires leadership growth

    Transitioning from being a do-it-yourself business owner to building a business

    All elements of your business must be integrated and aligned

    The importance of having a clear sales process to grow your business (and you must do the process yourself first)

    Hiring the right people versus people with experience and industry experience

    Keys to measuring leading indicators in sales (activities); not just trailing indicators (outputs)

    Retention is a key indicator of your value and its alignment with your customer’s needs

    Business success requires failures (and learning) and time

    The critical role of listening to your customers

    Strategically using fractional experts to build your business (engage the top talent instead of settling for lesser / cheaper talent)

    The shift from full time, on-site employees to fractional, remote team members

    Debunking the myth of overnight successes in business

    Entrepreneurship as a full contact sport

    Understanding the difference between self-employment, business ownership and entrepreneurship

    Leveling up your leadership in order to grow and scale your business

    Understanding what comes first in your business (the chicken or the egg)

    The challenge of entrepreneurial leadership in being ahead of your team in vision and effort

    The need to slow yourself down in order to manage and bring your people along with you

    Business ownership is lonely (the importance of surrounding yourself with coaches, mentors and advisors)


    Bryan Clayton

    Greenpal Website

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you a woman looking to grow your leadership and expand your impact? Are you an organization committed to empowering your women and their leadership? Do you to better understand what it means and what it takes to empower your women leaders?

    Our special guest Jane Finette answers these and other questions about leadership, women in leadership and growing yourself in order to grow your leadership.

    Jane Finette is a passionate advocate for women and girls, a non-profit leader, and author. In 2014 Jane founded The Coaching Fellowship (TCFS), a non-profit organization that helps advance young women social change leaders and their work throughout the world. Under her leadership, TCFS grew from helping a handful of women to now serving more than 300 young women of impact every year. More than 1,000 women have graduated from the TCFS program to date from over 70 countries, and now form the Women of Impact Alliance (the largest body of young women social change leaders.

    Jane is the author of the upcoming book Unlocked: How Empowered Women Empower Women (August 2021), which is filled with inspirational and real-world impactful stories of women working to advance women and girls around the world. The book also contains ten easy and practical keys for how every woman, can every day help every sister rise and thrive.

    Jane has spent her career pushing the boundaries of community building and human potential, and she’s obsessed with accelerating social change, magnifying participation and advancing a fairer and more equitable world. In 2020 Jane was awarded the Women Forward Gold Award from the Business Council of Peace for her work and commitment to advancing women.

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Power and empowerment that comes from coaching

    Impact of the glass ceiling and the systemic biases holding back women

    Importance of getting beyond defining yourself based upon your job

    Leadership starts with you and inside of you

    Understanding and embracing whole person coaching

    Understanding the broken ladder of systemic bias towards women

    Unique challenges and solutions for women of color

    Leadership development is an inside-out growth journey

    Understanding empathy in leadership (empathy versus sympathy)

    Moving beyond tactics to ways of being in leadership

    Business is all about people (humanizing leadership)

    Importance of holding the paradox of people in leadership

    The giant blind spot of confirmation bias in leadership

    Balancing the role of assessments against turning them into boxes

    Evidence is in … putting bold women in leadership positions, increases impact, increases bottom line, increased innovation

    Non-profit boards must also commit to diversity, equity and inclusion for the board


    Jane Finette

    The Coaching Fellowship Website

    Nightingale Fellowship Application

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you looking for different ways to build your business? Are you committed to growing yourself and your leadership? Do you want to be the most effective and impactful leader you can be?

    Our special guest Karen Weinstock answers these and other questions about entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and even dating.

    Karen Weinstock was born in Israel, served in military intelligence in the Israeli Army and then went on to law school at The Hebrew University. After practicing corporate law for a brief time, Karen moved into immigration law in part due to the challenges she faced when she came to the United States (she couldn't get a job without a visa and she couldn't get a visa without a job). Karen eventually founded her own entrepreneurial law firm, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers that helps immigrants achieve their American dreams

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Understanding key elements of immigration laws and its impact on business

    Entrepreneurial mindsets to solve problems and add value

    Building a law firm as a business, not just a practice

    Leadership and business lessons from dating

    Using business thinking, strategies, principles and processes to enhance your dating experience and personal relationships

    The critical role of authenticity in dating, relationships and leadership

    Keys to building authentic relationships

    Entrepreneurship essentials

    Understanding the differences between building a practice and building a business

    Ways that working on yourself is a game changer as a leader and business owner

    Understanding emotional mastery for your leadership and relationships

    The positive impacts of building a culture of personal growth and development in your business

    The power of being honest and direct in your communication


    Karen Weinstock

    Weinstock Immigration Lawyers website

    Matched: From Dating Disasters to Dream Relationships book by Karen Weinstock

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you looking for ways to enhance your team’s experience? Are you committed to integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into your culture? Do you want tools to help you build psychological safety into your workplace experience?

    Our special guest Khong Xiong answers these and other questions about leadership, team engagement, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Khong serves as a thought partner, business advisor, and consultant working closely with business executives and HR leaders at Fortune 500 companies on how to engage their people, unlock potential, and translate their strategy into something they can operationalize to achieve growth.

    Khong brings over 10 years of experience in leadership development and management consulting. He’s worked at some of the world’s top leadership development companies where he successfully helped his clients drive superior performance by developing their leaders and aligning their people, structure, and process. Khong offers creative insight and inclusive solutions to tackle some of human resources’ biggest challenges, such as diversity, equity and inclusion, employee engagement, strategy execution, culture transformation and organizational effectiveness.

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    The gap between intention and execution when it comes to people in organizations

    Self-awareness is vital in leadership

    Effective leaders create psychological safety in the organization and team

    Courage in asking for feedback

    Vulnerability in leadership includes admitting mistakes

    The importance of empathy in building a strong diversity, equity and inclusion culture

    Key obstacles to building a strong diversity, equity and inclusion culture

    Building your diversity, equity and inclusion team

    Importance of being present when it comes to building strong people first cultures

    Using check-ins to enhance your people experience at work

    Importance of flexible work options for team members

    Understanding psychological safety in the workplace

    Leadership is an inside out mindset and issue

    Impact of building and nurturing a culture of authenticity


    Khong Xiong

    The Purpose Tune Podcast

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you looking to grow and build your business? Are you wondering what’s getting in the way of your success? Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?

    Our special guest Maini Homer (Australia) answers these and other questions about keys to growing yourself and your business.

    Maini Homer is known as the Queen of Content Creation and has been in business for herself for over 23 years. In that time, Maini has built 13 successful businesses from scratch and usually with no money down.

    She’s also the author of Lockdown Took My Income, a #1 International Best-Selling book in three countries and three categories. Maini wrote her book in under 24 hours at the start of the pandemic. It’s a 9-step blueprint to create your own income stream from scratch.

    Maini’s latest venture, Copywriters International, was born in October 2020 after recording the video series Creating an Income From Scratch.  She did this to prove that the steps in her book really did work if you follow them. The rest is history.  Seven months later, Maini has 16 staff working for her and she’s staring down at total financial and time freedom … and deciding what her next adventure will be.

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Keys to business success especially as a start-up

    The power of outsourcing and letting go

    Importance of setting clear and high expectations for your team members

    Social media consistency allows you to be seen and heard by your ideal target market

    Effective social media is about trust and relationship building

    You must be willing to put yourself out there to be heard above the noise

    Secrets for growing an online business

    Only your thoughts and feelings hold you back

    Mindsets and beliefs are the only obstacle to your success

    Self-development requires more than “shelf development”

    Get clear on what you’re passionate about and get clear on who you want to serve (clear target markets)

    When something doesn’t work, you must focus on “What’s next”

    Discerning between quitting and adjusting / shifting

    You must become aware of your self-limiting beliefs and brokenness (and then work on you)

    Your only glass ceiling is in your mind


    Maini Homer

    Copywriters International Website

    The Four Agreements book by Don Miguel Ruiz

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you confused by technology? Are you trying to figure out digital marketing for your business? Are you looking for ideas to help your business and operations run more smoothly and effectively? Do you want to amp up your impact?

    Our special guest Jen McFarland answers these and other questions about technology, AI and digital marketing.

    Jen McFarland is the Founder of Women Conquer Business, and she also has a podcast by the same name. Women Conquer Business is a digital marketing operations consultancy to help entrepreneurs and small businesses solve their marketing technology challenges, streamline processes, and amplify impact.

    Jen describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur, who’s committed to helping businesses enhance their businesses and impact by understanding how technology can help you grow a business, systematize the business, and change the overall imprint of the business through technology.

    A former Peace Corps volunteer and operations analyst, Jen brings a wealth of experience in helping organizations streamline their operations and systems.

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Why businesses and business owners struggle with technology and software

    Assessing your business operations and goals before developing your marketing and technology strategy

    The importance of alignment between your business and your marketing / digital imprint

    Ways that technology helps you and your business work better

    Using technology and automation to allow your business to be more human

    You must know where you are today with technology and marketing before developing strategies for getting where you want to be

    Social media strategy must be built around your customer’s needs and interests, not your own

    Marketing must focus on the emotions you want to elicit in people

    If you want to understand your customers, ask them

    The role of AI in your business, technology and marketing strategies

    AI tools for your marketing toolbox

    Getting past your technology fears

    You must understand what you need before you decide what technology you need

    The importance of mentorship in your business and leadership journey


    Jen McFarland

    Women Conquer Business Website

    Women Conquer Business Podcast

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you looking for ways to improve your mental health and the mental health of your team members? Do you want ideas on ways to lead effectively after COVID?

    Our special guest Ian Adair answers these and other questions about leadership, mental health and workplace mental health.

    Ian Adair is a nonprofit industry influencer, TEDx speaker, and recognized expert in leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management. Ian is a speaker, author and advocate concerning mental health awareness and addressing mental health in the workplace. He’s the author of Stronger Than Stigma. A Call to Action: Stories of Grief, Loss and Inspiration!

    Ian Adair is the Executive Director of the Gracepoint Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Gracepoint – one of the largest mental health organizations in Florida. Gracepoint impacts the lives of more than 30,000 individuals (children and adults) each year seeking mental health, medical, and addiction services in the Tampa Bay area.

    In 2016, Ian was chosen as one of the Top 100 Must-Follow Giving Influencers on Twitter by Give Local America. In 2019, Ian was named of the Top 100 Charity Industry Influencers on Social Media in the world by Onalytica, an influencer relationship software company in London. In 2020, Ian was recognized as one of the 30 Nonprofit Founders that will impact the World by Causeartist, a global community and social enterprise platform.

    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Understanding the state of mental health in the United States including its financial impact

    The role of stigma in limiting people from seeking support

    The trouble with self-diagnosing mental health conditions and challenges

    The interrelationships between mental health and physical health

    People take an average of 8-10 years to seek help for mental health issues

    Understanding the two types of stigmas – social stigma and self-perceived stigma

    Gender differences and mental health conditions (and impacts)

    Being high functioning doesn’t mean you aren’t suffering with mental health conditions

    The importance of opening up the conversation around suicide (data we can’t ignore)

    Relationship impacts of suicide

    Reasons we avoid conversations about mental health, suicide, etc.

    The bottom-line impacts of mental health on your organization and business (No. 1 reason for loss of productivity and absenteeism)

    Understanding the changes in our workforce and the impact of these changes on mental health and what employees desire in support

    The reality and mental health impact of toxic work cultures

    Leaders as culture caretakers in organizations

    Mental health and remote working

    Leadership and team challenges in transitioning out of COVID

    It’s vital to understand what your people want

    The human and financial impact of normalizing conversations about mental health in the workplace

    The importance of creating a safe work environment for your people including emotional and psychological safety

    The best mental health support you can offer is to just listen


    Ian Adair Twitter

    Ian Adair Instagram

    Stronger Than Stigma Book (Ian Adair)

    Oh Great One Book by David Novak

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you missing passion in your business and life journey? Are you looking for strategies to help you increase your passion and outcomes? Do you want to have a clear vision for your business?

    Our special guest John Miles answers these and other questions about passion, purpose and impact.

    John Miles is the Founder of Passion Struck™ and the host of Passion Struck Podcast. Passion Struck™ exists to ignite the next generation of game-changing companies and future leaders to make a real and lasting impact on the world. Becoming Passion Struck is for those of us who the box can’t contain — for game-changers, shapers, innovators, record makers, empire builders, career reinventors, and visionaries of all kinds.

    John is passionate about being the catalyst who helps individuals and businesses take action on their ideas. He is a combat veteran, multi-industry CEO, successful entrepreneur, top podcast host, and author who is making passion go viral. Although best known as the President and CEO of Genius Central Systems and CIO of Dell, John’s career as a servant leader spans more than two decades. He's founded or co-founded more than half a dozen successful start-ups, mentored rising entrepreneurs, and invested in successful tech ventures.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    The power of saying “yes”

    Choose to seek out discomfort and challenge yourself

    Three key challenges in business and leadership today – “contagion of the human mind, human spirit and ego” (comfort, apathy and showmanship)

    Ways that vulnerability is essential is leadership and relationships

    Taking the governor off your mind

    Passion follows purpose

    It’s vital for leaders to have a coach and keys to picking a coach

    Self-honesty is critical in leadership

    The importance of facing and dealing with your self-limiting beliefs

    Leaders are judged by their actions, not their words

    Stop helping other people achieve their dreams and start achieving their own dreams

    Prioritize what matters in your life

    Applying the mosquito principle and audit in your life – suffocator, blood sucker and pain in the ass

    Getting past the bull shit answers and getting to the real answer

    The number one thing that people aren't doing is being present in their own life


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  • Are you confused by marketing and social media? Do you want to better understand what it takes to market and grow your business? Are you overwhelmed by all the “experts” ready to sell you their get rich quick strategies?

    Our special guest Ellen Yin answers these and other questions about digital marketing, client attraction and essential marketing mindsets.

    Ellen Yin is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership helping entrepreneurs who sell services make their first $10K month, without a large audience or posting every day. She has been featured on the TODAY show with Hoda & Jenna and in publications like Authority Magazine, Databird Business Journal, The Penny Hoarder, HerMoney, and BlogHer.

    Notably, Ellen quit her job, decided she’d never work for someone else again and starting with a $300 project, quickly built at seven figure business.

    Through her results-driven online courses + agency services, Ellen has worked with over 7,000 entrepreneurs and brands ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Ellen is also the host of the award-winning Cubicle to CEO Podcast, which peaked in multiple countries' Top 50 business podcast charts and has been downloaded in over 100 countries worldwide.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    You don’t have to invest all your time in attracting clients (use simple systems to attract clients)

    Mindset and implementation must work together to grow your business

    Selling done right is a collaboration, not a coercion

    Three elements of a successful marketing system are a traffic generator, a lead generator and a sales generator (they must all work well together)

    Strategy is vital in marketing and social media (not just activity)

    Consistency needs to be applied on connecting and getting in front of your ideal clients online and driving traffic to your existing best quality content

    There are no magic pills, but you can shortcut other people’s mistakes

    Choose data over drama (every outcome is a learning opportunity)

    Sales funnels alone are not the solution

    There are many ways to niche including the transformation results (not just demographics or psychographics)

    Business and sales are not like the movie Field of Dreams (if you build it, they will NOT come)

    Online courses are meant to be a vehicle that takes someone from point A to point B, using a framework, a guide or a system that has been proven to work not just with one person, but with multiple people (it’s a proven recipe)

    Not everyone needs digital products

    What is going to create the best results for your dream clients

    Creating lucrative income streams as a referral partner (you don’t have to create everything anew)

    Understand the language that your ideal clients are speaking (not the language of your solutions) … Get crystal clear on your ideal clients’ language and problems

    Beware the ways you approach pricing

    Key mindsets and questions to assess your products and services pricing


    Ellen Yin

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  • Are you tired of playing the numbers game in sales? Do you want to accelerate your sales results? Are you open to a radical shift in the ways you build trust, solve problems and engage with clients?

    Our special guest Ari Galper (Australia) answers these and other questions about true trust-based selling. He also debunks many of our long-held sales myths.

    Ari Galper is the World’s #1 Authority on trust-based selling and creator of Unlock the Game®, a new sales mindset and results-oriented approach that has revolutionized the world of selling. With a Masters in Instructional Design, which strongly analyzes the way people learn, and supplying nearly two decades of experience in direct selling in a variety of industries, Ari has pioneered a breakthrough sales system – Unlock the Game. Built on the concept of authentic communication and trust, his visionary approach to selling relieves the pressure for both the seller and buyer, producing profound results.

    Ari has been featured in a multitude of leading sales and business books for his unique and special trust-based sales approach. Interviewed on networks such as CNN Money and Sky News, he has become the foremost authority on selling around the globe.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    True foundations of trust-based selling

    Sales are lost at the beginning, not the end

    Understanding how to unlock the game – shifting your mindset, letting go of the end goal of the sale, focus only on being present with people, and build deep trust so that people will always tell you the truth

    Debunking these sales myths: 1. Sales is a numbers game; 2. Sales are lost at the end of the process; 3. Rejection is part of the sales game

    Ways you trigger rejection with sales opportunities

    Understanding the words and language that triggers rejection

    Instead of moving people towards the sale, let people decide which direction things go

    Goal is to get to the truth, not the outcome you want

    Using language that reduces pressure (never use the phrase “follow up” again – instead use “do you have any feedback on what’s already happened)

    Learn the words and phrases to never use again in sales

    Trust building and relationship building are mutually exclusive (focus on trust at the beginning and save the relationship building until later)

    You can’t offer your solution until someone tells you their problem and asks you for help

    Goal is not a sale – it’s to get the truth

    Beware being addicted to the “drug” hopium

    Potential clients ask one question: “Do I trust them?”

    Fall out of love with your solution and in love with their problem

    You must slow down the process including the pace of your speaking

    You must care about the person and their problems until they say, “How can you help me?”

    Be a truth teller in sales – You must tell people what their real problem and impact is

    Differentiate based upon your approach (not your solution)


    Ari Galper

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    Unlock the Sales Game book (Ari Galper)

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  • Are you looking for strategies to grow your business and your people? Are you committed to being a leader and organization focused on putting your people first? Do you want tools to achieve your business goals by putting your people first?

    Our special guest Lori Kaiser answers these and other questions about people first leadership, culture and business growth.

    Lori Kaiser is the Founder and CEO of Kaiser Consulting, which she founded in 1992. Lori is a chief executive, corporate leader, and business strategist with a proven track record in assessing risk and creating solutions for Fortune 500 Company C-Level Executives and Boards. Kaiser Consulting is an international professional services firm specializing in accounting, finance and IT consulting with 80 finance and accounting professionals.

    Most important, Lori and Kaiser Consulting have grown the business on the simple premise of putting their people first.

    In fact, Lori and Kaiser Consulting have built and grown a business based upon what you may think a crazy approach – ask your people what kind of career and practice they want and then deliver it. In 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Kaiser Consulting was named a Columbus “Best Places to Work”.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Building, growing and running a business based upon your people’s optimal schedule

    The death of the 40-hour work week and the benefits of having flexible schedules for your people

    You can run a people first business and still deliver high value to all clients (including large corporations)

    Building and nurturing an attraction model for building your team

    The importance of cultural fit with your team members

    Creating and using a success factor grid for your business and team

    Interview questions to help you assess cultural and success factor fit

    The importance of training and developing your people

    The value of providing a training and development allowance for your people (in addition to in house training)

    The challenge in offering flexible schedules is worth the returns

    Get clear on the skills that are needed for your people to advance their career (and support them in growing those skills)

    Using internal processes to continually evaluate your people’s time and schedules (avoiding overwork)

    Keys for growing and advancing your people based upon the skills needed for the next level (not just their current level)

    Every person is different which requires enhanced listening skills to understand each person

    The clearer you are about what kind of people you want, the clearer it will be who’s not a good fit

    When you put your people first, they will serve your clients well

    Be willing to fire clients that don’t treat your people well

    Be willing to say no to potential clients that don’t fit your people first model

    It’s essential to understand and use your key performance indicators

    Ask your people and make it safe for them to tell the truth and even say “no”


    Lori Kaiser

    Kaiser Consulting Website

    Brag!: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn without Blowing It Book (Peggy Klaus)

    The Leadership Junkies Podcast


  • Are you looking for strategies to achieve balance in your life? Are you struggling with the challenges of growing a business while maintaining your life priorities? Are you feeling handcuffed to your business? Do you want tools for scaling your business without burning out and getting out of balance in your life? Is your relationship with money keeping you from your goals?

    Our special guest Cassidy Arbeli answers these and other questions about leadership, business building and life integration especially for women.

    Cassidy is a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses. She now works with businesses, especially female entrepreneurs, to help them grow their businesses, scale their businesses and get the life they want out of their businesses, including multiple streams of income.

    She also started her first business while beginning her journey as a mother – in essence, navigating the journey of business, marriage and motherhood all at the same time.

    Her foundation and podcast are called Unburden Your Business, and helps women build their businesses despite the unique challenges and burdens faced by women.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Focusing on life integration (not balance)

    Assessing priorities based upon either a “Heck yes” or a “Heck no”

    The benefits of theming your days

    Asking and answering the question, “What would you do if you only had two hours a week to work on your business?”

    It’s essential to put your team first and help them not only perform, but achieve their dreams

    The importance of having a clear vision for what you want your business to achieve for you and in your life

    It’s critical to processize your business and your team’s activities in the business

    The biggest challenge in business is execution and the role of a strategic execution plan

    Minimize the resistance to execution

    Understanding your money (not just growing revenue)

    Understanding the different ways the women function and lead in business (feminine energy versus masculine energy)

    Leading your business in alignment with your feminine cycles

    Acting and leading like men is NOT the answer for women (although it may deliver short term results)

    The reality of ongoing challenges for women (and the reality that men are often unaware of these ongoing challenges)

    It’s vital for women to show up as their authentic selves in business and leadership

    Clients care about relationships and value

    Let your people be themselves in their networking activities, dress code and sales methods

    You can create a profitable business that aligns with who you are

    Doing business with a persona requires that you work harder

    People follow authentic people (not personas)

    The difference between living an integrated life versus a balanced life

    The power of pause in your business and life

    Breaking the cycles that keep you handcuffed to your business

    Embrace the data to run your business

    Understanding your relationship with money and the ways that relationship impacts your business and financial performance

    Power Question: Where do you see yourself in 12 months?


    Cassidy Arbeli

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  • Are you frustrated with the current state of leadership? Are you wondering about the future of leadership? Are you willing to make a fundamental shift in your leadership to help enhance engagement, trust, followership and performance?

    Our special guest Paul McCarthy answers these and other questions about leadership, leadership development, and a fundamental shift in leadership for the future.

    Paul McCarthy is the Founder of a movement called FIRED Leadership. He's working on his first book that's called The FIRED Leader: Reinventing the Future of Leadership, challenging CEOs to rethink who they are firing, because they're getting rid of the wrong talents and skills.

    Despite being a global multibillion-dollar industry, studies show that the more companies spend on leadership development, the less leaders are ready for today's changing marketplace.

    Driven by the quest to discover what motivates people to do what they do, Paul thinks big, questions deeply, and strives to create the conditions for leaders of all levels to have courageous and honest conversations that build strong and healthy organizations.

    Having worked within big firms in the UK and Canada, he brings global perspective to his work as well as real-world experience and straightforward guidance that informs and supports leaders and leadership teams to navigate opportunities and challenges presented by transformation.

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    Show Notes
    Episode highlights…

    Leadership and leadership development is a broken model that requires foundational disruption

    Exploring the fundamental defects in today’s model of and approach to leadership development

    The trouble with performance review processes and performance improvement plans

    The importance of dropping your ego in order to explore solutions to leadership and leadership development

    Creating conditions for an honest discussion of what’s working and what’s not working in leadership, management and business

    Beware the guruizing of leadership and leadership development

    Understanding the profound cost of disengagement in business

    The performance impact of clarity and alignment around purpose

    Key drivers of team disengagement

    The role of fear in staying stuck personally, professionally and organizationally

    The connection between leadership, culture and mental health

    The foundations of FIRED leadership as a mindset and practice
    Fresh thinking
    Inquisitive nature
    Real and accountable
    Expressive and challenging
    Direct and transparent

    The power and impact of treating people like humans

    The many ways we’re failing in our meetings


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    Fired Leadership Twitter

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