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    Samuel Patta Ministries was founded in 2007 by Rev. Dr. Samuel & Ps. Merlyn Patta in Hyderabad, India. Both Dr. Samuel and Pastor Merlyn are also the founders and senior pastors of The King’s Temple Church that was founded in 1986.

    SPM was birthed out of the vision of loving people and changing lives around the world.

    In order to fulfil this vision, we set out on a mission to host evangelical crusades, conferences and training seminars all over India and the world to reach, teach and manifest the Word! The foundation of this ministry is based on the message of, “Building lives through the Word of Faith”

    We equip believers with the un-compromised Word of God and teach them that any challenge or obstacle in life can be overcome if you have Faith in God & His Word.

    A major part of this mission is hosting “THE CHANGE FESTIVALS” or “THE CHANGE EXPERIENCE” events all over the world.

    THE CHANGE events are usually three day meetings where we travel with our team to different towns, cities and countries and preach and teach the Word. Dr. Patta teaches on one subject over the three-day period to clearly teach the people on the aspect of FAITH, ABUNDANCE etc. And Ps. Merlyn encourages people to believe God for their increase and challenges them to sow for their needs to be met! We’ve had countless testimonies of financial breakthroughs, terminal diseases healed and many more!!!

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