• Hold on to your britches bitches, the 909 is banging beautifully with it’s tom toms and pom poms, like a set of alternative xmas bells. This is the last episode of the year! Take a deep breath, you did it! Lots of soft presents under the techno tree. Among other goodies there’s an unreleased track as fresh as cookies out of the oven. If you don’t know the 909 this is a good opportunity to get introduced to one of the most iconic drum machines since the birth of Jesus Christ and Santa. Hop on to the sleigh and let me take you on a joy ride out of the shadows. Show me love and can you feel it, it’s all gonna snow down on you in this episode. Strap yourself in for a halleluja.

    Your host: Phtalo

    Phtalo - Afterglow
    Dana Ruh - That
    Isolée - Beau Mot Plage (Heaven Earth Edit)
    Bjørn Svin + Christian Bloch - Memento (Bloch’s memento mix)
    Barnt / Mayer - Teller
    Dana Ruh - This
    Robin S - Show Me Love
    Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It
    SØS Gunver Ryberg - Out Of The Shadows

  • This edition of New Drops is put together by Mei Bao of the editorial team behind The Lake. The mix is situated around a recent trip to China and features everything from field recordings to mandarin pop.


    Jay Chou - 青花瓷
    NewJeans - ETA
    DJ Tray - Sending My Love
    xiaolonglong - cidadas_qufu_2023
    Sodagreen - 我好想你
    xiaolonglong - VIBES
    Dj. Great - Bodyyy
    Gul Panra - Tappay Uff Allah
    serpentwithfeet - Shoot Ya Shot
    Linked Horizon - Shinzo wo Sasageyo!
    The Magnetic Fields - Papa Was a Rodeo
    Bad Habit (Medieval Version) – Brittany Foushee, Diana Gordon,
    John Carroll Kirby, Matthew Castellanos and Steve Lacy
    xiaolonglong - 231018_beijing
    Bonnie Banane, Ichon - Cour Des Miracles
    NAO - Antidote (feat. Adekunle Gold)
    Zhou Shen - 起风了
    Haruomi Hosono - Living Sketch
    Take Me Home, Country Roads - Yuji Nomi

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  • "Tell, No Show" is an ongoing series of works for radio in which we ask an artist to present a piece of art that has, in one way or another, had an impact on their practice.

    In this second episode, you will have the pleasure of listening to artist Jeuno Kim, who will introduce us to a performance only experienced once, quite some time ago, by the American artist, filmmaker, and choreographer Yvonne Rainer, under the title "Again? What Now?” performed by the Swedish dance company Weld at Malmø Kunsthal.

    This episode is therefore an exercise in both memory and an attempt to transform a durational physical experience into a coherent piece of language.

    Through shifts in texts, mediums, career paths, and ways of loving, Jeuno takes us through the importance of good teachers, privilege, ice skating, coming out later in life, as well as the unfortunate piece of music, “Bolero."

    Jeuno Kim is an artist, filmmaker, and feminist theologist. She is also the head of the MBA program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

    "Tell, No Show" is produced and edited by Jan Høgh Stricker from the Lake Radio and Andreas Führer from Institut Funder Bakke, with the kind support of Statens Kunstfond and Bikuben Fonden.

  • "Katibim Records" is a mixtape project launched by Istanbul-based music critic Özgün Çağlar in 2022.

    Inspired by the Voyager Golden Records, Katibim Records is a collection of modern and folk songs from communities around the world, mixing avant-garde, psychedelic, and the old-fashioned mainstream. It has been broadcast on different radio stations in Turkey.

    Specially produced for The Lake radio listeners, "Katibim Records +" is on air every two weeks. An inter-temporal and inter-genre 'voyage' from former Soviet territories to Latin America, the Levant and Asia. A chance to listen before the aliens!


    01. Neşe Karaböcek - Kertenkele (1984, Turkey)
    02. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Ame Debout (1971, France)
    03. Neu!- Negativland (1972, Germany)
    04. Mauricio Takara & Carla Boregas - Jundu (2022, UK)
    05. Hayk Karoyi - Sona Yar Jora Grigorian (2020, Armenia)
    06. YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) - Loom (1981, Japan)
    07. Sote - Segaah (2017, UK)
    08. Bachir Attar & Elliott Sharp - Memories of My Father (1990, Germany)
    09. Okay Temiz - The Vulture (1989, UK)
    10. Jean Kassapian - The Snake (1974, Canada)
    11. Daliborovo Granje - Mehana (2020, Croatia)
    12. Turkish Delight - Saburié (1990, Germany)
    13. Fairuz Derinbulut & Ceza - Zerk-i Ziyan (2008, Turkey)
    14. Liraz - Roya (2022, Israel-Germany)


  • Seasonal Sounds is a seasonal programme which aims to do a sonic interpretation of the current (and coming) season - both in terms of pace, seasonal events and its characteristics. It combines a variety of musical genres, sonic textures and field recordings in a mix for the season.

    Seasonal Sounds #5 marks the beginning of a new year of Seasonal Sounds. This time the season of winter has gotten colder, harsher and more disturbing since we visited it last year. The environment surrounding us cries for attention - howling as it insists on us to face it. I hope we collectively listen to what it has to say, and understand its good intentions for its call to action. Maybe if we listen closely enough, portals of alternative magical worlds will show themselves in the gloomy landscape. WINTER.

    Created by sound artist and sound designer Timmy Olivia Thyge Rosendal Johansen

    01 Unequal - Holly Herndon
    02 Song of Earth - Nasa Voyager Space Sounds
    03 A Quest for Liquid Materials - Hôy la
    04 Between Terminals - Kunisaki
    05 Cc - Ecco2K
    06 Rot (erkänn) - VilloVilduVeta
    07 p f r ds i ™ - Perila
    08 Infra - Pablo Altar
    09 Oblivion - Hugo Calcio
    10 Jóga - Björk (PS22 Chorus)
    11 unother - Terekke
    12 Alter - Bride
    13 Choral Piece - Sophus Dræby
    14 glimmering forks - f pneumonia
    15 drill_50 - santebela
    16 Resonating Wells - Timmyia
    17 Rückenfigur - Arigto
    18 Magnitude - Pauline Hogstrand
    19 Justin Bieber 800% Slower
    20 Wide Eyed - Dj Lostboi
    21 host - truthspeaker
    22 Sinatra Blue - Aries

  • In this first episode of the third season, you will have the pleasure of listening to American artist Chadwick Rantanen discuss his experience with the work of the American artist Mike Kelley, specifically focusing on Kelley's work "Craft Morphology Flow Chart" from 1991.

    This episode takes its cue from the cuddly toys often encountered in Kelley's work and, through them, brings us from the flea markets of the Midwest to the counterculture haven of California in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, seeking out the rare and noble entanglement of the specific and the convenient.

    Chadwick Rantanen is an artist living in Los Angeles. He primarily works in sculpture, and his work often involves a subtle appropriation of materials typically associated with the medical industry or domestic spaces, along with the subversion of icons and designs.

    “Tell, No Show" is produced and edited by Jan Høgh Stricker from the Lake Radio and Andreas Führer from Institut Funder Bakke with the kind support of Statens Kunstfond and Bikuben Fonden.

  • Our dreams are our antennas. With this radio show, we scroll through their signals. “On the back of that dream” is a search for connections. Where do we go when we dream? And are we alone?

    Our dreams are our flipsides. In this radio show, we turn to our backs, we connect to the ground. The sky is the mirror. The night is the sheet. What do we see? What does it sound like? Is it far away?

    Our dreams are our vowels. In this radio show, we connect their pearls on our strings; we feel their gaps, we make them meet in their words and let them shape their sentences. “On the back of that dream” is a dream coming true on the back.

    We are so lucky to have met there.

    Warm thanks to Samantha Lippett, thanks to Shortwave Collective, thanks to André 3000, thanks to Shortwave Collective for skill sharing and inspiring thoughts, thanks to 80 year old friend

    Made for OOO Radio and Forum Box, Helsinki. Co-broadcasted by The Lake Radio

    xxx ell, aoi, lou pearl

  • Words, inspired & landscaped from the text Speaking is not seeing from the book The infinite conversation by Maurice Blanchot, link: https://oceanfloor.group/ghosts/tic.pdf

    music, Suo Gân, a welsh lullaby. Recomposed & layered by oceanfloor group.

    in the end, Suo Gân performed by Cai Thomas, Choristers of St. Thomas on the Bourne, Robert Lewis, The Bourne Ensemble

  • For you
    For who
    For plurals
    For speeches
    For crisises
    For gentleness
    For saying something
    For not saying nothing
    And still not saying anything
    For being hopelessly abstract
    Shaping a shadow
    Holding a friend.

    For my forehead
    My eyebrows
    A room
    Dirty with
    A visualization, a memory & a couple of songs....

    Lets lie down, back to ground
    And seek nothing other than seeking
    Let it come
    Let it all

    Little Piano Pieces: IV. Melody - Alfred Schnittke, Simon Smith
    Liquid Sky - Lucrecia Dalt
    Grey Oceans - CocoRosie
    Girl In Amber - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    angel heart - The Crying Nudes

  • The swedish musician Isak Hedtjärn does many things. Mainly he plays clarinett, saxophone and flute in a long range of different bands and projects - Grismask, Svenska Folkjazzkvartetten, Fire! Orchestra, Viagra Boys, Kali Malone, to name a few. But he's also a sort of jazz influencer.
    His Instagram @jazzisak has over 100 000 followers. And his feed is just full of videos where the sound has been replaced with jazz.

    In this portrait, Isak talks about his journey with the clarinett and goes deep into some of the music and memories that have shaped him as a person and a musician.

    "Hemma hos Jazz-Isak" is made by swedish music journalist and radio producer Mattias Wallenius for The Lake Radio. It was mixed by Daniel Säfström.

    The programme is in swedish.

  • We go minimal and controlled with the Germans, in particular Köln (Cologne). Home of all tracks kompakt und profan. The art of putting together a meal of just a few ingredients, that works. Also it’s moonday. We get to feel the vinyl dust and stunning synth stabs through a dubby delay over heavy bass notes that drag along the floor. But don’t worry, right after this experience you’ll meet a happy-go-lucky track that makes you wonder if it even has a time frame. I’ve collected these german gems to shine on you. Super geil. Genau.

    Your host: Phtalo

    John Tejada - Unstable Condition
    Felix Fleer / Jonas Landwehr - Windows
    Reinhard Voigt - Supertiel
    Solee - Somnia
    Dana Ruh - Moonday
    Cio D’or - Ur
    Studio 1 - Gold 2
    Cio D’or & Paul Brtschitsch

  • Loads of goodies from our inbox and editorial submissions. In this one we've added a swedish audio play, along messages from avant garde cellist Charlotte Moormans answering machine and much more good stuff.

    JLin - Duality
    The Byrd Ensemble - Berlin Mass Credo
    Charlotte Moorman - Answering-Machine
    Makaya Mccraven - Mantra
    Claus Haxholm - Suspense Rhythm 6 + Clip
    Patricia Wolf - Springtime in Croatia
    Havadine Stone - Slow Bath (2022)
    Astrid Sonne - Staying here
    Skee Mask - B - 02 Steamer (Early Mix)
    x-cetra - wonderland
    Oki - Tonkori In The Moonlight
    Earliest Recording of the word Fuck (1885)
    E/I - incredible
    Ciel - Bamboo
    Eugene Von Rosen - Konstantin veda
    Ellen Fullman - Langzaam
    The Grubby Mitts - To A Friend's House The Way Is Never Long

  • Join this week's selector Rasmus C as he takes us on a journey through great releases by primarily local artists, sprinkled with commentary from slices of everyday life.

    Tracks in this episode:
    Caktus - **
    Alabaster DePlume - The Best Thing In The World
    Selvhenter - Rundhyl
    Frk. Jacobsen - På marken
    Imarhan - Ihad Saman
    slim0 - Teddy (za veru)
    Mija Milovic - truth
    ML Buch - Well bucket
    Brother Magnus - Lys Bue
    Bára Gísladottir - SILVA (excerpt)

  • Hey-hey-hey
    My name /norm /form is
    Say you are name /norm /form /fine

    This will be live radio /a garden /a living room /a family /a fog /a lie
    Today's weather will belong to approximately 30 minutes
    And we have 5 commas in the fog
    And too many stones in the garden
    Leaking out from a text by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge: Fog
    A big yes from here... (neon sign)
    Excited to read /sculpture /sing /become flaky w you

    ,,,,, kind regards xx chest

    Morgensterne - In Consorta
    When Nature Calls - Austin James Christ
    Mønstersprog - DEAP
    Buffy - Jenny Hval

  • We enter this episode in the darkness of the dancefloor which brings out our other senses to explore, other than the eyesight which is the second sense to be activated when we’re born. The first sense enabled is the hearing, which is also the last one to go, when we leave this earth. We speed up the bpm and listen to a millenial trancer, millenial as in the year 2000, as this track was made in the 90s, before the word “millenial” was used to describe a generation. There’s a little pearl of sound towards the end, made by a voice, a sort of human arpeggiator which to some degree simulate a synthetic voice, allthough recorded in all it’s natural shape. A danish synth builder ends this episode gracefully and I call out for every listener to experience peace in the midst of brutal times. Take care out there.

    Your host: Phtalo

    Rüfüs Du Sol - Devotion Luke Alessi Remix
    Robag Wruhme - Bommsen Boff
    August Engkilde - Track 09
    Photodementia - Gyrectomy
    John Roberts - August
    Jonas Olesen - Millenium Trancer
    DJRUM - Watermark
    Meara O’Reilley - Hockets for Two Voices II
    Christian Bloch - Leaving

  • New drops added to The Lake today, all chosen by Ingri Høyland. With a primary attention towards new releases, we're taken on a beautiful journey through rock music, book readings, pop sounds, and things difficult to caracterize.


    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Emile Mosseri - Brush Vangelis - Love Theme
    Tara Clerkin Trio - The Turning Ground
    Lost Girls - With the Other Hand
    Baby In Vain - Got It In You
    Voice Actor - Daydream
    Laurel Halo - Sick Eros
    Henning Lundkvist - Drone Music (excerpt)
    CTM - For Jannis
    Cucina Povera - Yksin yöllä
    Patricia Wold - Springtime in Croatia
    Natural Wonder Beauty Concept - Fallen Angel
    Emil Palme - Ripen
    Toshi Ichiyanagi & James Ostryniec - Cloud Figures for Oboe Solo Oneothrix Point Never - A Barely Lit Path
    Tirzah - 6 Phrazes
    Simi - Duduke

  • dears,
    this is the beginning of a new season of chest

    we dedicate this upcoming season of radio shows
    as messages to a giant we used to be,
    back then we called ourselves I,
    now we call them o-n-e-p
    these shows are for you Onep
    & also for you, others
    listeners, we adore you

    live on the lake radio every second Tuesday at 13:15 CET


    1. Little Break - nimu
    2. Pile Up - Radio Edit - Greta Eacott, G.Bop Orchestra
    3. Teddy (za veru) - slim0

  • Joining the second edition of New Drops is visual artist and selector Martha Hviid. An eclectic summer mix of soundcloud gems and memories of a residency spent in New York.

    Korean Karaoke Recordings - This_Is_My_Jam
    Ghost Phone - Intro (Perks And Mini (P.A.M.)
    China Crisis - The Soul Awakening
    Memo - Essex St / Canal St (09.07.23)
    7038634357 - Perfect Night
    Es - We Make Holes in The Heart To Break The Universe Apart
    Should - Resonate
    Janek Schaefer - Conclusions in Two Minds
    Bruce Falkian - Venezia Bienale
    RIP Swirl & Lukas Kesler - Purified
    Yann Tomita - C-Ya!
    Histeria HD - En El Trometro
    NÍDIA - Capacidades
    The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
    Satanicpornocultshop - Here's to Life
    Martin Kippenberger - Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee
    Pretty V - Principal
    MAU DRARI - KjKlj ftAizshanggen
    Sun Saja aka DJ Creole Princess - She’s Leaving Home.wav
    Memo - Salim Green at Sculpture Center (13.07.23)
    Kelela - Take It All Back Enemy (DJ E edit)
    Dreamcrusher - Lemlæstelse
    Anysia Kym - How it Feels (+Reprise)
    Makiza - La Rosa de los Vientos

  • New Drops is a new biweekly show based around the regular updates of our radiostream. Music and sounds from all around, old new, borrowed and blue. The shows are sourced from our radio community, email submissions and different guest curators.

    In this episode the regular host Frederik takes you through the newest submissions sent to our inbox, and recommended by the editorial crew of The Lake Radio.

    Tracks in this episode:

    Ken Verhoeven-Lieven Martens – 04 86905, love hate
    Speakers Corner Quartet – fix
    Pauline Hogstrand – Magnitude
    Hanakiv – No Words Left
    Karen Juhl – Bloodline
    Tricky – Overcome
    Ruth Anderson – The Pregnant Dream
    Florence Sinclair – Blue Velvet
    Joanne La Barbara sings Cage – The Wonderful Widow Of 18 Springs
    Sophistication – Kindness
    Magda Lambropoulou – SPEECH CHAIN
    Jan Krage – Snart er alting længe siden (del 1)
    Biltræf på havnen struer
    Florence Sinclair – White Horse (album version)
    V-Z – Candles
    Läuten Der Seele – Kläranlagengesang 1
    Syko Friend – Rubberband
    Eve Beglarian – Wolf Chaser
    Chihei Hatakeyama – Gray Hued Sky
    Tenniscoats – Jitsurei = 実例
    Colette Roper – Untitled
    Umeko Ando – Saranpe
    Lighty Singes – In the Morning When the Trumpet Sound
    Paul De Marinis – Yellow Yankee

  • The indian summer is bliss and slowly we'll enter autumn. Cycle of life on planet Earth. We enter this episode with a 90s feel, a windows system hacked into something better and more fun. I talk about new things like new names and new discoveries. We're all on a journey, passing through, taking in the scenery, evolving like a pathway in the electric circuitry of a synth. Processing, modulation and control modules. The body tells us so much. We go through big reverbs, pauses, distortion, tiptoeing beats in a room, squarewaves edging up through filters, everything changes. Wax your ears and get ready to meet the new you. This episode is a trip into unknown land. Vamos!

    Your host: Phtalo

    Window - Slf Hack Lite
    Emptyset feat. Cornelius - Altogether Lost
    LOL - White Noise
    Rüfüs Du Sol - Devotion (Luke Alessi Remix)
    Pantha Du Prince - Urlichten
    Marco Zenker - Remain Silent
    Huggoton - Glasshouses
    Minilogue - The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix)
    Photodementia - Gyrectomy
    Bjørn Svin - Bus To Get Her