• In part one of this two-part series, Steph shares her favorite primal ways to reduce anxiety and support your nervous system through body-focused practices. Get ready to scream, shake, and stretch.


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  • Caught in the crosshairs of an unexpected $90,000 IRS bill?

    Perhaps not, but our host Albert has found himself in this very predicament.

    On this week's episode of Mission Daily, Albert walks us through his taxing journey - unraveling the how's and why's behind this substantial debt to the IRS and his road map for repayment.

    Albert and Steph delve into the realm of finance, revealing the influencers who've shaped their financial outlook and the investment strategies they are championing. Plus, they discuss the delicate balance between saving for your future while allowing yourself the freedom to have momentarily “splurges” in the present.

    We'd love to hear your financial stories and strategies, from navigating sudden financial shocks to balancing life's joys with savvy savings. Share your insights with our community by reaching out to us at [email protected].


    Charles HoskinsonDougherty Tax Solutions
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  • The landscape of our working world is shifting dramatically. From the rise of gig-economy positions to the increased use of AI tools at work, the dynamics of our employment paradigms are being rewritten.

    Today, Albert and Steph take a deep dive into the “Gutenberg moments” of our time - the revolutionary moments of disruptive innovation that irrevocably change the landscape of life and work. They discuss how these moments are less about the inventions themselves and more about the societal shifts they represent.

    As we approach a series of “Gutenberg moments”— notably the escalating utilization of automation and AI tools — the potential impact on employment as we know it is dramatic. As the type of work that can be done by, or aided by, machines continues to increase, being more than just competent at your job will become necessary for success. Flying under the radar will no longer suffice. You will have to stand out and demonstrate your true value. Tune in to find out how Albert and Steph recommend doing just that.

    Plus, Steph shares her take on the controversial "fire and hire fast" and why she thinks full-time employment will become less common in the coming decade.

    This episode will leave you contemplating upcoming Gutenberg moments, the future of work, and what it all means for you. What do you think is in store for future employers and employees? Share your thoughts with us at [email protected].


    Exponential Organizations (original)Exponential Organizations 2.0 A16z Podcast with Peter Diamandis
  • This week, Steph heads into the studio for an amazing 1:1 with a guest many of you probably know. To Steph, Liv Boeree is a good friend and conversation partner. To the rest of the world, Liv is a renowned model, science communicator, philanthropist, public speaker, television personality, heavy metal guitarist, and World Series of Poker bracelet winner. And that’s only scratching the surface.

    In this highly entertaining hour, Liv and Steph dive into a wide range of topics, covering everything from focused altruism, poker theory, competitive spirit, AI, among many others. Normally, we’d try to draw you in with a detailed summary… but this conversation needs to be heard in full to be appreciated.

    When you finish we just know you’ll have questions and/or comments. Reach out to [email protected].


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  • At this point in 2023, ChatGPT isn’t just a hot trend – it’s already permeated all facets of our lives. And, just like it was with the internet 30 years ago, we are already losing sight of just how much technology it takes to make AI happen for the masses.

    This week, Steph and Albert discuss the hidden aspects of AI intelligence. From the $30 million per day it costs in cloud computing, to the sheer amount of hardware power it takes to keep your AI assistant “alive,” to the hard realization that AI is still far from perfect BUT still may make some jobs irrelevant, it’s hardly an easy topic. But our hosts are up to the task.

    Plus, they also take a deeper dive into the companies driving AI innovation (and which competitors may be worth researching as an investment sooner rather than later).

    AI and ChatGPT are divisive, to be sure. Share your thoughts at [email protected].


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  • On this episode of Mission Daily, Steph takes a break from the normal routine to welcome a very special guest, author and investor, founder of Blue Sky, veteran of Google, Microsoft, AWS, Slack, Twitch, Twitter, and probably seven other companies you know, Amir Shevat. In short, Amir knows how to build developer platforms that succeed.

    Throughout this entertaining 40+-minute discussion, Steph and Amir cover the foundations of what makes a good developer platform, the growing need for a social protocol, and why we need to start preparing for AI’s impact on the future… like, right now.

    Is the future of mundane tasks truly going to reside with AI? And, if so, what does this mean for skills development, and the ability to develop proficiencies that will move you up an ever-shrinking corporate ladder? Let us know your thoughts by reaching out to [email protected].


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  • If you could change anything about your life - pick a different personal path, invest in a new opportunity, pivot to a different career - what would it be?

    Steph and Albert ask themselves this question, bouncing from what they would have done differently, to what advice they’d give young people, to a discussion of how they might spend their future. This isn’t an episode about regrets, but rather a celebration of life’s endless possibilities and what Albert and Steph have learned from the choices they’ve made.

    What would you change and what advice would you give to your younger self? Let us know by emailing [email protected] to share.


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  • Running a service-based business is a difficult task because striking that ever-important balance between customer satisfaction and economic reality is an ongoing challenge. These companies must regularly weigh the costs of accommodating demands, such as redoing work, against the profitability and sustainability of their business.

    In this episode, Stephanie and Albert discuss their experience working with Mission’s wide range of clients, and how they effectively address client challenges by building strong relationships, even when conflicts about service quality or deliverables are all-too-common.

    Albert cites several scenarios in which customers may ask for modifications, such as in art, websites, or our own specialty – podcasts. Sometimes, clients' circumstances change, or unforeseen restrictions arise, resulting in work needing to be redone. But how does a company balance their relationships and real-world financials having already invested a wealth of time and effort into a project?

    This topic brought about a ton of discussion topics within our own team. And we’d love to hear about the balance you strike in your own businesses. Send your thoughts to [email protected].


    GumroadKajabi Cindy Crawford
  • Is the world really ready for one centralized, government-run financial system? Skeptics believe we already have one, and they may not be far off the truth. This week, Steph and Albert dive into the topic of central bank digital currency (CBDC), a unified ledger, and how this would give governments unprecedented insight into where its money is going, and how consumers are spending it.

    Of course, with such oversight of spending comes a larger discussion of power, and how more of it will shift to the government. Not only will it be able to more accurately monitor your spending, but it will also have the power to determine how you’re spending your share of the nation’s digital currency. With no apparent checks and balances in place, will your money ever truly be yours? And are decentralized currencies a better, more independent option?

    Yes, the term “new money” has taken on a different meaning. And we’d love to hear your thoughts on how these looming changes are impacting you, your families, and your businesses. Drop us a line at [email protected] to weigh in.


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  • It’s true, the world is changing more quickly than most people are ready to accept. And we can’t comfortably rely on beliefs and findings from just a few years ago, much less our childhoods. So, as we continue to grow, how do we – as both business leaders and human beings – make forward-thinking decisions when most beliefs we currently hold will inevitably be disproven?

    In this episode of Mission Daily, Stephanie tries to throw Albert off his game by introducing this topic just a few minutes before recording. But Albert was more than up to the task, diving quickly into a discussion of how many time-honored studies and beliefs are now being disproven at a breakneck rate. More importantly, they share personal tips on how they develop different ways (such as inversion thinking) to adapt and evolve throughout life’s inevitable changes.

    And, because it’s Albert, connections are made between ice cream, The Fast and the Furious, and long-term thinking. It’s an episode that will certainly make you think and assess. (And there’s way more than we can summarize here.) But, if you have thoughts on your own mental modeling, be sure to share them to [email protected].


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  • If you’re lucky (and not a judge or a lawyer) you will never see the inside of a courtroom. Over the last eight months, Steph has spent significant time in court, handling no fewer than three different cases. This is a massively inordinate amount of time, especially when considering she’s staving off false allegations.

    But, because of the people they are, Steph and Albert use this conversation to share their thoughts about attorneys, the legal system, and the toll these lawsuits can take on family and work alike. (Have YOU recently been accused of being in a cult? Well, Steph has…)

    Like all episodes of Mission Daily, Steph and Albert manage to find humor and silver linings, even in the most exhausting situations, hoping to share and help listeners who might be facing similar hassles of their own. We hope you’ll do the same by reaching out to [email protected].


    Aaron Levie of BoxWake Forest UniversityChatGPT
  • Mission Daily is a successful show because of how real it can be for listeners. On this episode, the ever-transparent Stephanie pulls back the curtain again to share the latest from her ongoing courtroom conflict with “a friend.”

    As always, Steph and Albert lay it all out on the Mission Daily table, sharing their thoughts about the parts of the case that are on public record, the effects on continued litigation on her family and business, and the persistent flaws of the U.S. legal system. More importantly for our listeners, Steph also shares why people should stay prepared for these types of legal entanglements, and how she remains “okay” throughout the chaos.

    Albert and Steph share their stories to help others in similar situations. We hope you’ll do the same by reaching out to [email protected].


  • Though its business model has changed a few times, Southwest Airlines grew into the nation’s largest economy airline by streamlining the customer experience to cut costs. All seats are coach, seating is first-come, first-served, and the in-flight amenities are… well… limited. But these savings are passed on to legions of appreciative customers. That is, until recently, when the airline was forced to request FAA assistance in grounding its entire fleet due to old, dated communications and routing technology.

    (Yes, the same types of tech gaps that ruined the 2022 holiday season for thousands of would-be travelers.)

    In this episode, Steph and Albert discuss why Southwest’s business model – currently lacking C-suite leadership in several tech areas – is a root cause of these epic missteps. A streamlined model is one thing, but a lack of digital infrastructure is certain to send the airline on a one-way trip to corporate disaster.

    Unlike Southwest, our communication channels are working perfectly. If you have thoughts on Southwest or the state of modern travel, be sure to reach out to [email protected] to share your stories.


    Andreesen HorowitzRichard BransonJay Storrs Hall, author of Where Is My Flying Car?Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryTeslaSpaceXBitcoin
  • On this special episode of Mission Daily, Stephanie sits down with Sharon Price John, CEO of Build-A-Bear and author of the all-new title, Stories and Heart: Unlock the Power of Personal Stories to Create a Life You Love. Within just a minute or two, the discussion stops being an interview and becomes an insightful, inspirational conversation about the stories all working people have to tell by reaching as far back as their childhoods.

    Throughout this lively discussion, Sharon and Steph share their own stories, highlighting the sights, sounds, feelings, and pivot points etched in their own memories to help dismantle the “mythology of success” as it pertains to the working world. One key takeaway? Life isn’t always a straight line, and it can be far more beneficial to take “the scenic route” on the way to personal and professional satisfaction.

    But, like life, this conversation is hardly a straight line, so we hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen and learn from this enlightening episode. And we also hope you’ll reach out to [email protected] to share the stories that changed your world.


    Sharon’s Book: Stories and Heart: Unlock the Power of Personal Stories to Create a Life You Love Build-A-BearForbesMattelHasbroGoogleDisney EuropeThe Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • To most of the world, cash is king. To smart investors, cash is trash. Thanks to recent events involving certain banks, Steph and Albert have more than a few things to say about how little control we actually have over our own funds. And because of this, both of our hosts are all-in on the long-term viability of Bitcoin.

    Maybe only 5% of the world’s population is currently invested in Bitcoin. And maybe the flood of smaller cryptos is blurring the true value of new currencies. But even without an archaic gold standard in place, our hosts are quickly realizing that Bitcoin’s scarcity model is a lot more stable than the current state of traditional finance.

    Surprisingly, our hosts agree on Bitcoin’s long-term value. But crypto remains as divisive a topic as there is today. Reach out at [email protected] to share your thoughts on new currencies with our team.


    BitcoinMt. GoxSilicon Valley BankFannie MaeCredit SuisseProject Litespeed
  • The business world is riddled with abandoned podcasts. But, before you stream Sarah McLachlan and honor their memory, know this: Most of those podcasts didn’t fail because they weren’t worthwhile. They failed due to a lack of consistency, commitment, and promotion.

    In the second leg of this three-part series on building a better business podcast, Steph and Albert dive a little deeper into what works for (and against) many of today’s corporate podcasts. Whether it’s from a lack of purpose or a glut of contributors, there are a lot of reasons a show can struggle to get out of the gate. Believe us, we’ve seen most of them.

    But with experience comes education, which is why Steph and Albert are here to share tips for measuring growth and setting goals to ensure your show gets heard, not buried in the corporate podcast graveyard.

    Did your show struggle for listeners? Reach out at [email protected] to share your thoughts with our team.


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  • Albert is on the road, but that hasn’t stopped him or Steph from sharing their thoughts with the Mission Daily audience. This episode marks the first in a three-part series about building an ideal B2B podcast – one that stands out in an ever-growing sea of similar shows vying for listener attention.

    Right out of the gate, they dive into the key questions they feel any business should ask before launching a podcast. Most importantly, “Why do you want to start this show?” “What is the business application?” “What will the KPIs be for the show’s success?” and more.

    Regardless of where you are in your podcast planning, Steph and Albert have tips, tricks, strategies, and anecdotes to help any business get started. In their own words, they’re “pretty damn good at this.” From establishing goals to truly understanding your audience, they offer sound advice for making sure your podcast isn’t lost in that ever-growing sea but instead stands out as a beacon for your target audiences.

    Have a different strategy? Reach out at [email protected] to share your thoughts with our team.


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  • Lauren Berlingeri is the co-founder and co-CEO of HigherDOSE, a company focused on making biohacking technologies easy and accessible, to improve holistic health. On this episode, she joins Stephanie for a 1-on-1 interview about biohacking–specifically biohacking for women.

    Lauren explains what biohacking is, shares some experiences she’s had as a “human guinea pig,” and reveals how her passions, experiences, and personal traumas have helped carry her to what she is building today at HigherDOSE.

    She also shares why women should view becoming a mom as a superpower and why many women should think about their holistic health differently than men.

    This is a wide-ranging conversation you won’t want to miss! If you want to make sure Lauren joins Steph for another discussion of this topic, make sure to let us know by dropping Stephanie a line on social, or by sending us an email at [email protected].


    Women v Workout YouTube VideosHigherDOSEBiohack-Hers Show


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  • This week, Steph and Albert tackle a listener question asking why Mission Daily talks so much about parenting when it is primarily a business-oriented podcast. The conversation quickly shifts to how parenting styles can reflect how someone runs a business, especially when it comes to team building. They also talk about how different parenting styles can affect children and their development, with deeper looks into Albert’s tough-love approach compared to Steph’s more tailored ways of meeting her children’s needs.

    Fret not, business content enthusiasts, it all ties back to the show’s core values, as this discussion re-centers on the importance of investing in yourself, building in-demand skillsets, having a growth mindset, and building relationships.

    Another episode, another divisive discussion. Let us know your thoughts at [email protected] to share your thoughts with our team.


    Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryTom Swift


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  • Do you have the curse of knowledge?

    We don’t intend to be “uncreative” but as we lead our lives and grow our businesses, we can fall in the trap of letting our preconceived beliefs limit our thinking.

    This is why Steph thinks First Principles Thinking is a cornerstone every business leader should adopt to help them solve problems better, faster, and more creatively. At its core, this mindset is about shedding past expectations or experiences and simplifying problems into core truths you can build upon. She and Albert share examples of this, tell us why it works, and explain how you can apply it to your everyday life.

    CORRECTION: Albert mentions Lorenzo’s Oil and he mistakenly states that the movie is about curing ALS. It is actually about curing ​​adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).


    First Principles ThinkingLorenzo’s Oil


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