• This week we welcome another new format to the podcast in which your questions are put to our chosen top angler whose in the hot seat.

    As its our first episode of this format who better to answer the weird and wonderful questions asked by you guys then the man, the myth, the legend that is Nash Tackles very own gentleman Steve Briggs. Sit back and enjoy we hope you like the new format!

  • This week joining Hassan in the studio is Carp Team England Gold Medallist, the face of Trakker and the all round personality that is Chris “Bones” Holmes.

    Bonesy talks through his early years and how he discovered carp fishing whilst heavily involved in skiing would you believe it. He also had a heavy interest in motorsport but as soon as he got involved with Rob Hughes and the British carp angling Championships his life and career would become immersed in his true passion carp fishing.

    Bonesy talks about his philosophy of angling and the importance of the social side of angling to him. He has only ever had one syndicate ticket and loves the feel of day tickets homes and abroad.

    He talks about his very successful match fishing career winning gold with team England and his successful partnership with Neil Rivers. Bonesy also shares his love for fishing matches on the seatbox nowadays too.

    Finally talks about his career and how things have changed including him leaving Trakker only to come back to the company very recently.

    Throughout the whole podcast there’s loads of banter, humour and personality in abundance as you’d expect. Underneath it all Bonesy shows just what hard work, passion and drive can get you.

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  • This week Hassan is joined by Nash Team members Henry Lennon, Alfie Willingale and senior videographer Tony Waghorne to talk about their incredible trip to Slovenia which is also available for you to see in video form on the NashTv YouTube channel.

    When it comes to big fish and sheer numbers of them the boys first location “Bear Lake” Slovenia certainly delivered. Speak about being organised and travelling to the destination the boys couldn’t believe how incredible both the place and the fishing was. Despite a slow start Henry and Alfie made a few tactical and technical changes that resulted in then catching a huge number of big carp including a 50lber each over the course of their time on the lake. Tony gives a great insight into the work that goes on filming these trips as well as a few behind the scenes humorous tales of a certain “diva” on the shoot.

    The team then moved onto fish the river in the centre of town once again with some success in amongst free beer and bakery food brought to them by the locals. In fact, the trip overall was eventful, action packed and idyllic. One thing is for sure it will have you racing to book your own trip to Slovenia.

  • This week we bring you a new format and style of Nash podcast called "The Debate". Joining host Hassan we have three other members of the Nash Tackle team in the shape of Oli Davies, Alfie Willingale and Henry Lennon.

    The episode is exactly what it says in the title, each anglers gives their opinion on four different topics and argue the case as to why their opinion is correct. The subjects covered in this first episode include the best UK carp, The best country for carp fishing, The best Uk venue and finally the best piece of fishing tackle in the last ten years.

    As to be expected the chat is lively, opinionated and funny. So sit back and we hope you enjoy the first Nash Debate!

  • This week on the podcast we have top carp angler, media guru and former TV star Pete Castle.

    Pete has been a carp angler for decades and he talks about his favourite chapters in his own angling around the UK over the years including fishing venues such as St Ives as well as many iconic venues around Norfolk and Suffolk. He talks about his style of angling and his opinions on rigs and bait and where he feels his strengths are.

    Pete has an incredible mind, and he shares how his insomnia coupled with his constantly idea filled brain have led him to develop and create amazing innovative products over the years, a lot of which he hasn’t received the credit for. He is incredibly gifted and a constant source of information which goes a long way into explaining how he can have such great results in his angling fishing short concentrated sessions as well as fishing longer session on big European waters.

    On the theme of Europe Pete talks about his foreign fishing including recent personal bests from Parco Del Brenta and his guided trips on the venue. He also shares his unique stance in not having any sponsors and his choice to concentrate on craving his own path and helping other anglers with his film and photography weekend courses.

    Finally, Pete talks about his amazing experience working in the industry for the likes of Korda, Free Spirit and Dynamite to name but a few. He talks about his TV career featuring on Matt Hayes Total Fishing and him winning “Kingfishers” a series which is still available to view to this very day.

    Pete is incredibly unique, down to earth and talented. This podcast jumps everywhere and is so varied it a real testament into how Pete has followed his passion and talent and forged his own path in the industry, a truly fascinating bloke.

  • Joining Hassan this week is a carp angling hall of famer with over 40 years carp fishing experience, a true outdoorsman who has always carved his own unique path in carp fishing, former Nash Tackle sponsored angler Shaun Harrison.

    Looking back to 1970s Shaun talks about his beginning carp fishing and how the influence of punk rock would shape him over the coming years. Being from the East Midlands Shaun didn’t have access to an abundance of carp fishing until he learnt to drive and then the carping world was his oyster.

    Into the 1980’s and 1990’s Shaun fished venues such as Baston, Savay, The mangrove as well as various trips abroad to the likes of Cassein. He was incredibly successful and thus became recognised by Kevin Nash and brought on board as a sponsored angler back in the early beginning of Nash Tackle. He talks about his relationship with Kevin and how things ended with the company. He also talks about his long standing work within the trade at walkers Of Trowel where he spent over twenty years. Shaun also talks about becoming a member of the British Carp Study Group and how he is still involved to this very day.

    During his time angling other species in particular Catfish have really taken Shaun’s’ time and attention. He talks about targeting the biggest catfish at the time and capturing numerous big cats over the years. He also reminisces about friendships he’s made with angling greats such as Tim Paisley, Jan Porter and various other carp fishing legends.

    Finally, Shaun talks about his formation of Quest Baits, his writing and media work as well has his unique outdoorsman style approach to life. He also comments on his feelings about modern carp fishing and how things have changed over all the years he’s been involved in carp fishing.

    Shaun is an incredibly knowledgeable carp angler with a real unique character and style. He is very much his own man which is reflected in his angling and he has been hugely successful doing things his own way on his own terms, the podcast is a very open honest and interesting look into his world.

  • This week host Hassan welcomes an incredible carp angler with over 50 years experience, former British Carp Record holder, former World Carp Fishing Champion and a man who has caught both a 60lb+ mirror and common in the UK, it’s none other than Lee “Jacko” Jackson.

    Starting back in the 1970s through to the late 1980’s Lee talks through his time fishing his local Kent waters including Darenth, Brooklands and Horton Kirby to name a few. On such places he rub shoulders with angling legends, founding fathers such as Peter Springate, Kevin Maddocks, Martin Locke and Paul Forward. Lee goes on to talk about how he discovered the game changing hair rig and how carp fishing was both very secretive but also very social at the same time.

    Moving on a Lee talks about a captures which trust him into the lime light when his managed to land a 40lb unkown fish from the Colne Valley. This capture along with his quest for Favershams “She” which would be the first big carp he would choose to target lead him to find himself on the historic Conningbrooke in search of the biggest carp in the country at the time, the mighty “Two Tone”

    Lee talks about how his time progressed on Conningbrook and how the rock hard fishing made him almost give up when at his lowest moment the bite he’d been working so hard for finally came. He talks about a technical/tactical edge using bread which also led to the capture of his Brtish Record 60lb+ mirror in the shape of Two Tone.

    Lee talks about his big carp match fishing including why he has been so incredibly successful and consistent. He talks about his BCAC win in 2001 and his subsequent wins on the St Lawrence river with Ian Chilcott in the World Carp Championship 2011 and his most recent World Carp Classic win on the mighty Madine with Tim Paisley in 2017.

    Lee talks about his involvement over the years in carp fishing media. From writing articles and his book to working on Sky Sports Tight Lines show and his legendary Tel & Jacko Go Carp Fishing videos fishing with the legend that is Terry Hearn. He goes onto talk about his 30+ years working at The Tackle Box in Dartford and how this came to an end for him.

    In a final section lee talks about his recent fishing including the capture of a 60lb+ common and subsequent very recent repeat capture of the fish on his Kent venue. He also talks about his opinions on the modern carp fishing scene and the cost of big carp fishing to him personally in the form of his alcoholism which he has manages to very inspirationally over come being sober for 9 years now.

    When you talk about anglers who will be forever remembered in carp fishing history Lee is very much up there on that list. His lifetime dedication to carp fishing has seen him influence a huge amount of angler, catch incredible fish, win huge international competitions and still to this very day his passion and drive for it all hasn’t remotely subsided. The man is an inspirational force.

  • This week the podcast is all about the latest Nash 24 Series 2 video series. The series features a host of Nash anglers including Oli Davies, Tom Forman, Alfie Willingale, Finley Todhunter, Jacob Worth and podcast host Hassan Khan himself all trying to catch as many carp as possible in 24hours whilst concentrating on a particular style/method/theme of angling. Each Monday a video is released and available for you to watch via the NashTV YouTube channel. This podcast discusses with each angler in depth on a technical level why they chose their particular theme for their 24, what happened and recommendations for anglers that might find themselves in similar situations in their own angling.

    Starting with the one and only Mr OD Oli Davies who chose “Edge Fishing” as his concept Oli talks about his thoughts on a subject which he is truly the master of. He talks about his episode and debriefs what he feels went well and what could have gone better.

    Next up a new member to the Nash team already making huge moves it was Finley Todhunters turn to talk through his episode all about fishing three rods on a spot. Finley talks about the reasons why he chooses to fish like this on venues such a Linear Fisheries Oxlease where the episode was filmed. He also talks about how to fish really tight on a spot and how this effects his baiting and rig choice. Finally he talks about his experience being filmed as part of the Nash team in his first shoot.

    Onto a man who enjoys the hustle and bustle of busy urban fishing in London, it was Jacob Worths turn to talk all things travelling light. He talks through how he organises his kit to travel light around various London venues in his episode. He shares some great tips that everyone could use no matter what type of venue you fish that will help you be more proactive, move quicker and hopefully catch you more fish.

    In the final section our 24 surface fishing dream team of Tom Forman and Alfie Willingale talk about their incredibly prolific surface fishing episode. They talk through the secrets to their success as well as a general guide to their experience and thoughts on surface fishing. The pair then discuss with Hassan why he chose to pick “Fishing In Weed” as his 24 episode topic. Hassan talks about how his session unfolded and about how he approaches fishing weedy venues both locating clear areas and catching fish in the weed itself.

    Overall the podcast is hugely informative and hits on a lot of topics which anglers will find hugely relatable when they are on the bank over the course of the season. Their a great about of tips and hints to help you as well as a good insight to behind the scenes on filming this series.

  • Joining Hassan in the podcast studio is the NashBait dream team of Gary Bayes and Max Hendry.

    With launch of the brand new range of NashBait Particles and liquids is imminently upon us and this podcast talks in depth about the development of the range, how to effectively fish with particles and a whole host of further tips and edges to hatch you more carp utilising particles.

    Max and Gary share their own particle fishing experiences across a spectrum of different venues including rivers and busy day ticket complexes. They talk about the choice of particles they have used at various times of year and how this impacts on fish feeding. They both also talk about the effect this has on hookbait selection as well as rig choice in a fishing situation.

    The pair then go on to talk about how they developed and built a purposed made additional Nashbait particle factory to produce the new particle range. They talk about what sets NashBait particles apart and how the complementing liquids are something hugely unique and exciting to the bait world.

    If you wanted to brush up on your particle fishing, take a look at the new particle range or get an insight into the advancements in NashBait by two of the greatest bait boffins out there then this podcast is certainly for you. An incredible amount of experience, expertise and knowledge runs throughout all of this podcast and its sure to all combine to help put more fish in your net.

  • This week the podcast welcomes Midlands based seasoned big carp angler and RH Fisheries owner Rob Hayles.

    Rob maybe known more now for his fisheries, fish farming and imported strains of big carp however he has very much been involved in fishing some of the most prestigious waters in the UK over the past few decades including the likes of Patshull church pool, Saavay and Harefield to name but a few. He has also mixed with a number of the carp fishing elite including a close relationship with one Kevin Maddocks.

    There has always been a passion for foreign fishing adventures and to this day Rob still plans a couple of trips abroad to special venues. He’s fortunate enough to have fished the likes of Cassein, Salegou and Rainbow for many years and has been incredibly successful capturing 60lbers from Cassein as well as the first ever 90lber from Rainbow. He talks about a number of funny trips and incidents when fishing these venues with Des Taylor back in the good old days and how he approaches these waters now.

    Working in his family business (Red Bear toy company) under his dad Rob talks about the decision behind him leaving this incredible successful career in order to carve his own path in fishery/fishery management and fish farming with his own lakes.

    Rob is now a renowned fishery owner with an incredible portfolio of lakes holding an incredible number of big carp all of which he has now bred and reared himself. Rob has made no secret of him importing carp from Israeli, Hungarian and Croatian strains in his attempt to see if they could reach the same size potential as they do in Europe. Rob talks about how the opinions on his fish being classed as “wrong uns” by a few effect him and also how the “BIG RIG” 69lb capture from Tom Doherty and subsequent British Record claim saga played out. Onto more recent times Rob talks about developing his fisheries including his new fishery The Mere and RH Baits in his continued unrelenting quest to produce the very best fisheries for today’s anglers as he can.

    Rob is incredible passionate about carp; he also is equally passionate about business and also making the average working man with limited time dreams come true on his fisheries. He is hugely open and honest in this podcast and doesn’t shy away from his opinions. You can certainly see why he has been so successful and has certainly played a huge role in carp fishing history especially in the midlands with a legacy that will live on long into the future.

  • This week joining Hassan is one of the North Wests most understated but deadly big carp catchers and a man who has put northern carp fishing history in print with the recent release of “The Northern Chapters”, the podcast welcomes Sam Toro.

    Sam being born and bred in Salford has spent the majority of his angling life targeting the largest carp in the north west. The northern big carp scene is very different when compared to the sheer abundance of waters and big fish that are present in the south. Sam talks about the northern “circuit” waters and how the whole scene is different to the south.

    The Manchester Park Lake has been a place that Sam started his big carp exploits and has continually drawn him back. He shares stories about how on a very tricky venue his experimentation and tactical changes allowed him to capture “Mr Angry” a real significant North West history carp on two occasions. He also talks about the park lake goings on and the fish that have evaded his capture on the venue.

    Moving onto The Dear Park Sam talks about his spells “guesting” this infamous water on his hunt for an ultra-special pair of fish namely The Barrel and Jim’s Fish both of which where over 40lbs. The venue is filled with no fishing zones, rangers patrolling and with a huge expanse of water that the fish could reside in, it’s a place even the most hardened of carp anglers could spend the rest of their lives on trying to capture these fish. The events and incredible capture of Jim’s fish is a story to behold and Sam shares this in such a poetic eloquent way its sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

    Sam talks through other significant captures in his angling such as the capture of a big leather from “The deep Hole” lake and fishing Pennington Flash which is at over 170n acres a pretty daunting prospect. There’s more than a few twists, turns, funny goings on and incredible manoeuvres that occur along the way that will leave you with a great appreciation as to how hard the northern scene can be and to how devoted and determined an angler Sam is. So overcome by his quest for these special carp it has even cost Sam a marriage which he also discusses.

    Sam talks about the other huge influences and loves in his life which are music which forms his full time job and also the compilation of the book “The Northern Chapters” with the help of Gaz Fareham and the anglers that submitted chapters.

    Finally, Sam talks about his chapters travelling down south to fish including his capture of The Big Plated from Linear Fisheries St Johns as well as his current choice of water the mighty Burghfield. Sam is an incredible humble, driven angler with a real passion for his roots in the north west. He doesn’t crave fame or recognition but enjoys taking on what most would consider frankly crazy big carp targets on limited time.

  • This week joining Hassan has cemented his place in carp fishing history, from putting fishing on TV through to transforming media within the industry and catching incredible carp both home and abroad along the way it’s none other then “One More Cast” Ali Hamidi.

    It was surreal and a privilege to have Ali over at Nash HQ and to sit him down and explore the man behind the myth. A huge amount (if not all) of Ali’s angling exploits have been documented over the years and this podcast pays homage to his standout chapters on the bank, however the main focus is about what makes Ali tick, why he chose to leave Korda, his secrets to success and what drives him moving forward.

    Starting with Ali’s childhood in the warzone of the Iran Iraq war he talks about family and him moving to England. He talks about his introduction to fishing and also dealing with challenging aspects of adjusting to life in the UK especially. Ali goes on to describe his early angling exploits in Essex on venues such as Layer Pits.

    Pursuing his media career moving up north to university in Cheshire Ali talks fondly about his time immersing himself on the northern carp scene in amongst the like of Frank Warwick and Gaz Fareham. At this time Ali also found himself fishing the historic Redsmere and how writing a chapter on silty meers led to him being published in Carp World.

    Ali then goes onto explain how via work experience at Sky Sports and a brief very successful spell within another industry lead him to get the job as head of marketing at Korda. He talks about his time at Korda both behind the rods and in the office as well as his relationship with other members of the team. He also talks about the changes he made with regards to media which have shaped a lot of what we see now from media within angling.

    The decision of Ali to leave Korda a year or so ago sent shockwaves across the angling industry and community that’s for sure. Ali talks in detail about this and his aspirations with regards to his new company One More Cast. He openly talks about his start at OMC with regards to Bobby Zamora, Ray Kelvin, Nic Warner and The Grand Fishing Adventure to name but a few. The reality and challenges of starting a new business as well as Ali’s incredible drive and work ethic are highlighted in this section also.

    Finally, Ali talks about his future aspirations and what drives him. Ali is an incredibly driven, humble and knowledgeable man with an unrivalled passion for fishing and the promotion of the sport on a wider level. He has always remembered his roots and those that have helped him every step of the way and despite being so successful he never takes anything or anyone for granted. This podcast in a very open, honest and frank depiction of the man himself.

  • This week joining Hassan is a man who has been a huge part of the fishing industry for over 20 years. He’s a very modest understated man who has caught incredible fish from rivers and lakes across the UK both back in the “good old days” and he’s still out there doing it today! Now an integral part of Blakes Baits it’s the one and only Garth Ethelston.

    Garth is somewhat of a “secret squirrel” with a huge catalogue of incredible carp captures from iconic history waters such as Horton back in the 1990s through to modern day non publicity waters. He also has a huge number of funny tales about the great and good of carp fishing who he’s shared the bank and worked with over the years. In the podcast he finally speak about it all.

    Starting with his days fishing around Derbyshire where he was born, he talks about discovering carp fishing with his brother as well as his ever present love affair with river fishing, a passion which he takes with him onto the Thames where he targets the chub and barbel now.

    Garth talks about Horton and how this became a huge influence on him and how he found himself on there doing work experience as a schoolboy. During his years spent on there whilst doing his university degree he talks about his angling and the infamous great anglers he met on there as well as the crazy times down the local pub. He talks about the sadness of the big fish kill and how he fished the lake after this managing to catch iconic carp including shoulders.

    Garth continued his angling quests under the influence of Ian Russell who he met and befriended him on the Horton Complex. Garth shares a number of stories about the more “interesting” antics the pair go up to as they fished Summerleaze and Fox pool together post Horton. Garth also accredits a huge amount to Ian in terms of him influencing his angling and getting him into the fishing industry as a career.

    Garth talks about his more modern angling and why he has chosen to go down the non-publicity water route. He does share an awesome chapter on the North Herts Club water which lead to him capturing some incredible carp whilst suffering from a heart condition which required three separate surgeries to fix.

    Finally, Garth talks about his career from his early days at Gardner, DHP, Korda and now his work at Blakes Baits. He talks about his life, the future his passion for the river and how he splits his precious time between carp fishing and the river. Gareth is a brilliant storyteller, such a humble and well respected bloke (rightly so) and this podcast has everything you could want in terms of humour, history, mega carp and everything in between.

  • This week’s guest is one of the finest, most driven big carp anglers that have ever cast a rod and he’s an incredible storyteller to boot, it’s none other than former British Carp Record holder Oz Holness.

    When it comes to Oz there’s one thing that sets him apart from allot of other anglers and is undoubtably the reason for such an incredible host of big special carp captures over the years and that is his mindset.

    He talks about exactly what mindset is for him, what it means in an angling sense and being in the fire service for over twenty years shaped this. He talks about “wanting it” which meant that despite a missus and a full time job he would ensure that he visited the lake as much as possible even if it was just to look at the water for an hour and not fish. Over his career he has captures some truly awe inspiring jaw dropping carp form venues big and small. Oz shares his thoughts on bait, rigs, spots, watercraft and his fishing on limited time.

    The real stand out jewels in the crown of Oz’s captures have to be the Burghfield Common as well as the British Record at the time in the shape of Two Tone from Conningbrooke. He talks in incredible details about the lead up to these captures and exactly what it took for him to achieve these goals despite working full time.

    Being a Kent local for all his life Oz also talks about his friendships with other anglers such as Paul Forward and Si bater who helped him developed as an angler and see that nothing was impossible. He recalls the capture of three incredible full scaled mirrors from Kent off the back of him applying himself to the lake where these fish resided.

    Finally, Oz talks openly about his future and what still drives him to target the most tough, sort after special carp out there despite the changes that have been seen over the years in angling. This podcast is a true insight into the very elite of carp anglers and shows first-hand the passion, sacrifice and believe it take to capture these super special creatures but by the same token how this can very much be done by the average working man as Oz has shown time and time again.

  • This week joining Hassan is Nash Tackle consultant, Mr “Brother Carp” Jamie Bellhouse.

    Jamie is one very busy bloke with three different business that he currently manages in very different fields. From medical device consultancy through to his popular YouTube channel/brands “Brother Carp” and “The Reel Nomads” Jamie explains how he manages his life and career and this has facilitated his dream of being able to pursue his passion for travel and fishing.

    In terms of his carp fishing background and development in the UK Jamie talks about his influences and his journey discovering carp fishing around Hampshire and later the historic mecca of carp fishing that is the Colne Valley. Jamie talk through significant campaigns and captures on The Bridgewater Canal, as well as Hollybush and other lakes over his formative carp fishing years.

    On to his relationship with Nash Tackle and producing content in the form of videography and photography in fishing, Jamie talks about how and why he started his career and some of the amazing places it’s taken him to. From the Alps through to numerous French pay lakes Jamie talks through the adventures he’s had and the amazing carp he’s caught along the way.

    Finally, Jamie talks about his future aspirations and visions for both producing his YouTube fishing content as well as travel. Jamie is a hard working, talented angler who has to be admired having craved his own path to create a lifestyle which is one that any angler would dream to have.

  • This week joining Hassan is a proper all round specimen hunter who has achieved so much in and around fishing over the course of his life. Its none other then author, TV star, angling guide, photographer, radio host and all round fishing oracle John Bailey.

    John has a caught everything you could possibly dream of both home and abroad and has an incredible hugely envious set of PB’s however he describes his love of carp and how his carp fishing progressed from 1970’s/80’s when he started fishing for them by design. The words magic and mystery are what drew John to target carp and his angling progressed along with such advancements as the development of the hair rig. He share stories about notable captures of significant carp around the Norfolk area and how he like to target and pursue carp in this modern age. He also shares his opinions on the modern carp scene and why he doesn’t choose to fish a lot of modern venues.

    John reminisces about his time in Norfolk including his relationship with legendary angler John Wilson. He talks about the influence of John and how it made him a true multispecies specimen hunter. In the 1990’s he was obsessed with the unbelievable big roach fishing on the Norfolk river system especially the Wensum valley. He shares his opinions on why this is no more as well as how this resulted in him moving away from his beloved Norfolk home. He also talks about his experiences with otters and the changes in the river via predation.

    When it comes to foreign adventures John has been fortunate to have many pioneering trips for exotic species choosing to travel a path pre internet where information was very limited. He talks about his Mahseer fishing in India as well as his Taimen Mongolian adventures, these adventures also coincided with his TV career starting as these trips where documented.

    Finally, John talks about his career book writing with over 50 books to his name and accounting as well as his work on Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing. He also hints to future projects and what keeps him motivated in fishing including his guiding and his own sense of ambition. Being a clearly intelligent man John talks about despite more financially better directions he was always destined to pursue a career in fishing.

    John is an incredible, articulate and talented man who has lived an incredible life within fishing. He has such a burning passion for the sport which has always driven him and continues to be as prominent as ever despite him achieving so much.

  • This week joining Hassan in the podcast studio is Cypography’s main man Elliott Gray!

    Elliott is well known and respected throughout the industry for his incredible achievements both working within the industry as well as his big carp “target” style fishing.

    In terms of Elliott’s style of fishing he talks about his early experiences and how his background shaped the style of angling he enjoys and has become synonymous with. He talks about how targeting individual carp is what gives him the greatest buzz and goes into details about how he does this all the way from identifying a target through to baiting and rigs. Elliott also shares how these thoughts have been developed over the years and into the modern age where he like to consider not only his quarry but also competing and being different to other anglers fishing the same venues, an outlook which has brought him very successful returns.

    In very recent times he talks about how success on his local series of Essex club waters has meant him having to look further afield for targets and how this has meant a slight lull in his own angling. For Elliot his own angling is always kept very private and out of the media in an age where being able to protect what you have going is very important on a venue.

    Elliot is open an honest about his career from getting into Korda and ultimately a very big decision to go it alone and form Cypography. His mindset, talent and creativity towards media and fishing has meant that Cypography was destined for big things. Elliott talks about his perfectionist/OCD nature and how this marries with the likes of Richard Stewart and Mike Bridger who he works with. He also shares his insight into the future of Cypography and his thought on other subscription based competitors out there. There’s a host of funny stories along the way including tales of Jim Shelley, Ritchie MacDonald and many more.

    Elliot is a very intelligent, hardworking man who has craved his own way according to chasing exactly what he wanted throughout his whole life. His keen eye and meticulous nature has brought him success on and off the bank and will continue to do so, this podcast shows the values of trusting yourself and committing 100% to what you believe in.

  • This weeks’ guest is Sticky Baits media man and all round likeable northern bloke Tom Gibson.

    Tom has achieved a great deal in a relatively short period of time working within the industry. He has also caught a number of quality carp from his carp fishing escapades. He’s very much a man who knows his own mind and is incredible driven and passionate about carp fishing and everything that it entails.

    Starting with his years developing his carp fishing on Millfield Pool, Tom discusses significant moments and captures that led to the carp buzz really taking hold. In his late teens Tom’s career was a long way from tom carp fishing media man in fact he was working his way up the later in the construction industry. This career choice left him time to fish but due to his mindset and attention to detail it also meant he climbed the ladder quickly and time for angling reduced as his responsibilities at work increased.

    Tom talks about his angling on subsequent venues over the years including Erics Willows where he fished rather an eventful and very humours session with host Hassan. Tom also recalls a hugely successful campaign on a Cambridge syndicate lake where he took to using a rowboat to find spot for the first time in his angling. Unfortunately, the end of his time wasn’t so pleasant as politics and “the green eyed monster” led to his early exit on there. Finally, Tom discusses his time fishing on Girton and also his European adventurers with Sticky Baits boss Tom Anderson. He also talks about his thirst for more European angling adventures in the future.

    A pivotal moment for Tom was when he left a lucrative job in construction and his girlfriend at the time to change his life and enter the fishing industry with Trakker/Cipher. This was all in the pursuit of his own happiness. He talks about how his career has progressed and how he came to be at Sticky Baits. Tom is frank about the realities of working in the industry and what that has meant for him and his fishing. He is very humble and always creates the team of people around him and those who have supported him in various ways through his journey in the industry.

    Tom is an incredibly focus man who knows what makes him happy and what he wants to do. He has huge vision and ambition and has created a niche in a very competitive industry where he can thrive. This podcast is a fascinating look inside the mind of the man himself.

  • This week the podcast welcomes a truly inspirational man and iconic carp angler in the shape of the lovable character that is Ina “Chilly” Chillcott.

    WARNING! This podcast is a real emotional roller-coaster so be prepared for tears as well as plenty of laughter and epic story telling!

    Chilly takes us all the way back to his paratrooper days sharing funny stories and describing how he even from frankly scary young aged always wanted to jump from the sky. His para days took him all over the world into various hostile environments and in contact with some pretty menacing characters but throughout it all his love for fishing and carp angling in particular blossomed.

    Moving onto his incredible “early days” carp angling exploits on the likes of Horton, Yateley Car Park Lake, Wraysbury and Farriers to name but a few, which include the captures of infamous carp such as “Jack The Net Ripper”, “The Dustbin” and a host of epic big commons. Chilly shares his experiences in terms of his angling and how his friendships blossomed with fellow anglers such as Dave Lane etc. His success in his angling also led him to contribute to written angling media a lot as well as him being involved working in the industry with Fox International. Chilly talks openly about how his angling progressed overtime and how his involvement within the trade change up until one faithful day where his life changed.

    The life changing event was the discovery of a life threatening brain tumour. He describes in a raw unedited way how he came to undergo and pull through a very intense surgery and how his recovery has changed him as a person as well as his angling. It’s a truly inspirational and confronting tale of how incredible the human mind came be but also how fragile life is. Throughout it all Chilly has always had angling to “Light His Fire” and this fire is burning away brighter than ever as he continues to chase his carp fishing dreams.

    Chilly rounds of his podcast by thanking significant people who have helped him recover as well as talking about his prognosis for his future and what that looks like with a very surprising but exciting development.

    There’s one thing for sure you cannot fail but to truly admire the man, despite everything he has battled and continues to fight his drive, determination and shear stubbornness combined with his love for carp fishing means that he is still out there catching incredible carp and will continue to do so for as long as he can!

  • This week joining Hassan is a true big carp target angler, former Nash angler and now Proper Carp Baits boss it's Sean Leverett.

    Sean has caught an awful lot of the most iconic carp to have ever swam in our waters over the 90’s and early 2000’s. He has always thrown himself one hundred percent into his work and his angling but has very much tried to stay out of the limelight. In this podcast he discusses some incredible captures as well as how carp angling and the sacrifices he’s made to pursue the very best carp in the land.

    Starting in the early 90’s Sean talks through his captures on the infamous Essex waters of Star Lane, The Essex manor and Cleverly Mere. His captures of fish such as The Annie, Northern Lin, Spike and Hendrix from these waters were a prelude to how his natural ability as an angler and his mindset would lead to more incredible results in the future.

    Sean talks about how his work has changed over the course of his life. From setting up his own successful plumbing business through to starting up Proper carp baits with friend and partner Jon Mac. In the interim period Sean took a year to go full time and concentrate on his fishing after selling his plumbing business, let’s just say he may have been too successful in this time as he captured his target fish such as The fat lady from St Ives in record time. This led to his obsession with carp angling growing so strong that it cost him a marriage and ultimately five years of his life in full time pursuit of big carp.

    Reminiscing about his time with Nash, Sean talks about how much faith he had in Scopex Squid and also his relationship with Kevin Nash. Over thirteen years with Nash he had seen a lot of the developments over that time including Alan Blairs arrival to Nash. He talks about a particular session on Church where he was very successful and due to his camera shy nature had to tell a few tales to ensure Kevin didn’t sound a camera crew down to film him.

    Moving on from Nash Sean talks about his more recent angling with Sticky baits from 2011-2016. In this time, he set his sights on the ultimate prize of The Black Mirror from the Mere only to discover it dead on his very first session. Sean talks about success he had on various RK leisure waters until ultimately on Cassein he realised he wanted to take his future a different way and came out of full time angling to pursue his bait business.

    Sean talks about his health and future goals as ultimately, he hasn’t been fishing for over three years, but the desire, drive and mindset is there for a return in the not too distant future hopefully. Sean is an incredible example of how ability is nothing without mindset and hard work. He is brutally honest and understanded in this podcast and there’s one thing for sure, if I were a carp, I would want him to set his sights on catching me as time has shown it will only end up one way!