• Our teachers have had the weirdest summer jobs…

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! This week our hosts Bri Richardson, Devin Siebold, and Jess Smith share their most unforgettable side hustles.

    Sometimes teachers need a bit of extra cash when summer break rolls around, and when they need a break from teaching summer school, they have to look into other side hustles. Our hosts each have extremely diverse resumes, from working in a frozen pizza factory assembly line to being a DJ for weddings, our hosts have had a lot of odd jobs outside of the classroom; and they are excited to share some of their weirdest stories with you.

    Devin takes a walk down memory lane and reminisces about his days as a book bindery, talk about a departure from teaching! When you think of it though, it can be very nice to take some time away from lesson plans and demanding students and work with your hands at a quiet little book binding shop.

    However, not all summer jobs are glamorous, Jess once spent a summer as an Aquatic Nuisance Species Inspector at a state park. With no internet service and the hot summer sun, she was absolutely miserable, but to look at the bright side, she had plenty of time to take in the beauty of the Florida nature and get a killer tan.

    Jump right to it!

    4:30 – Teachers' Summer Myths

    13:45 – Unusual Summer Jobs Revealed

    19:30 – Balancing Rest and Hustle

    24:05 – Funniest Summer Incidents

    28:50 – Summer's Impact on Teaching

    So fire up that resume, because our teachers definitely did on this week's episode of Teachers Off Duty.

  • Did admin really just call me trash?!

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! This week our hosts Bri Richardson, Devin Seibold, and Jess Smith share some of the worst observations they've ever had!

    Wouldn’t you think it would be fun to invite admin in for a little fun game with students? Well we’ve tried that and when the kids got a bit too competitive things quickly spiraled out of control.

    This week we shared some real horror stories from our classroom observations. From literal fires, accidental scissor stabbing, nervous vomiting, we've seen it all. In hindsight it's all pretty funny, and we can laugh about it now, but at the moment we’ve all had a bad observation, so laugh along with us and don’t make the same mistakes we have.

    Speaking of terrible observations, one teacher, when they asked for feedback, only got told that their lesson plan was just “trash”. We think we need to teach admin about the compliment sandwich, because we can’t help but notice that feedback is less than helpful.

    Jump right to it!

    2:45 Tales of Classroom Brawls

    7:30 Tech Fails Galore

    13:10 Unexpected Observations Insights

    19:50 Teacher Blunder Confessions

    26:25 Observations: What Not To Do

    32:40 Funniest Observation Anecdotes

    So leave your feelings at home, because this feedback from admin is pretty harsh on this week's episode of Teachers Off Duty.

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  • This Teacher Math Doesn't Add Up.

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! This week our hosts Bri Richardson, Devin Seibold, and Jess Smith discuss schools newest subject, teacher math!

    Now if you don’t know what girl math is, don't worry, we didn't know either, but essentially it's just doing mental gymnastics to justify large purchases. Like yea, buying a new purse for 300 bucks sounds rough, but when you're returning a clutch worth 250, you're essentially only paying 50 bucks right?

    And a little bit of girl math can be good for everyone, sometimes financial decisions are hard, and a little bit of romanticizing your purchases is comforting right? And that is especially true for buying school supplies.

    So how does this pertain to teachers? Well we've come up with a new phenomenon, teacher math. For example, how is it that even though I've only been a teacher for six years, it feels like I've been teaching for fifty five years?

    Jump right to it!

    4:30 - "Teacher Math" Defined

    7:50 - First Math Mishap

    12:45 - Calculating Confessions

    17:20 - Devin's Decimal Disaster

    23:35 - Hilarious Math Anecdotes

    28:40 - Outtakes & Bloopers

    So grab your calculator, because the math isn't mathing on this week's episode of Teachers Off Duty.

  • We have a feeling the five-day school week is outdated…

    Welcome back to another episode of Teachers Off Duty! In this episode, Bri Richardson, Jess Smith, and Devin Siebold discuss a hot topic in the education world: 4-day school weeks.

    With the constant pressure to improve student performance and reduce costs, many school districts are considering switching to a 4-day school week. On paper, it seems like a win-win situation - students get an extra day off and schools save money. But is it really that simple?

    This week we break down the pros and cons of 4-day school weeks. Together, we dive into the potential benefits, such as increased attendance and improved teacher morale, as well as the potential challenges, such as longer school days and the impact on working parents.

    But it's not just about the logistics. We also explore the potential impact on student learning and achievement. Are longer weekends really beneficial for students? Will they fall behind in their studies? Our panel shares their personal experiences and research-based evidence to shed light on these important questions.

    Jump right to it!

    2:45 Four-Day School Potential

    6:30 Unschooling Defined

    11:15 Public vs. Unschooling

    17:40 Five-Day Grind Issues

    23:50 Year-Round Schooling Debate

    29:05 Educational System Overhaul

    Watch us question tradition on this week's episode of Teachers Off Duty.

  • Teaching really isn’t what it used to be…

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! This week our hosts Bri Richardson, Gabe Dannenbring, and Jess Smith break down some of the morally gray areas of teaching.

    Here’s a hot take, homework is overrated. We had an intense debate over whether or not homework is even necessary in schools. Should students bring their studies home, or should teachers give them time for after school activities?

    Between grading, lesson plans, and babysitting, teachers have a lot on their plate, so it could be hard to find friends. But sometimes during parent/teacher conferences you find out that some of your favorite students are cool because they have cool parents. Is it alright to hang out with students' parents after school, or do you think it could lead to unneeded classroom drama?

    Social media is at the forefront of most of our lives, but what happens when your personal life interacts with your work life? This happens all the time with admin monitoring teachers social media accounts. Is it fair for teachers to be judged at work for bar photos on instagram, or should we just let them have a personal life?

    Jump right to it!

    03:15 Social Media Etiquette for Teachers

    08:30 Student-Teacher Friendship Boundaries

    14:20 Handling Emotional Breakups

    20:50 The Debate Over Student Hugs

    27:25 The Disappearing Teacher Act

    33:40 Faculty Potluck Shenanigans

    So tune in and let us be your moral compass on this week's episode of Teachers Off Duty.

  • I don’t think we should trust these people with classroom advice…

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! This week our hosts Bri Richardson, Gabe Dannenbring, and Jess Smith share stories of the worst unsolicited advice they've been given.

    As teachers, we are constantly bombarded with well-meaning but misguided advice. From "just get another job if you're unhappy" to "you need to strictly enforce classroom rules" these suggestions may seem like the solution to our problems, but are they really? And should we trust these people’s opinions for how to run our classroom?

    Another common piece of advice is to be stricter with students to improve their behavior. But is being a strict teacher really the key to proper classroom management? We discuss the effects of strict discipline on students and share alternative methods that can actually lead to better behavior.

    Building relationships with students is often seen as the key to a successful classroom, but what does that even really mean? We share our strategies for building genuine connections with students and how it has positively impacted our teaching.

    We've all been guilty of staying late at school to finish grading papers or lesson planning, but is that really the best use of our time? Taking care of yourself outside of school hours is extremely important, so this week we're giving some self help tips for teachers.

    Jump right to it!

    2:35 Teaching Fashion Fails

    7:15 Grade Inflation Pressure

    13:45 The Teaching Marathon

    18:20 Classroom Emergency Repairs

    24:00 Admin vs. Teacher Dynamics

    30:50 Coping with Classroom Meltdowns

    36:30 Redefining Educational Norms

    Trust us, we know what we're talking about, so listen to our advice on this week's episode of Teachers Off Duty.

  • Our middle school students did what!?

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! This week our hosts Bri Richardson, Gabe Dannenbring, and Jess Smith give you the lowdown on the world of middle school education.

    We know a thing or two, because we've seen a thing or two. You would not believe some of the hectic and hormonal things we’ve seen middle schoolers do. From giggling at textbook questions to making roaches class pets, they have some unhinged tendencies. But it’s not all bad, we also have our fair share of heartwarming stories to share about our middle school students.

    Teaching middle school is not for the faint of heart, it takes patience, resilience, and perseverance. Although we like to stay positive, middle school is a rough time for these students and teaching them comes with its own set of challenges. But don’t you worry, if you’re struggling right now, were going to share our tips and tricks on how we handle these situations

    With this all being said however, teaching middle school also comes with plenty of rewards. There is no better feeling than seeing your students grow and succeed in their goals. So tune in as we share the lighter side of teaching our middle schoolers.

    3:25 - Tween’s Emotional Rollercoasters

    8:40 - Teaching Triumphs & Trials

    15:15 - Classroom Hilarity Ensues

    21:05 - Hormonal Havoc Tactics

    28:30 - Sanity Saving Strategies

    So prepare to cringe and celebrate with our educators on this week's episode of Teachers Off Duty.


    Teachers Off Duty Podcast by Bored Teachers

  • Hey best friends! Welcome to this week's episode of "Teachers Off Duty" with Bri Richardson aka HonestTeacherVibes and give a welcome back to these Bored Teachers and Teacher Off Duty OGs Jess Smith and Gabe Dannenbring!

    The end of the year is here and we're diving into the highs and lows. From moving classrooms to the dreaded end-of-year checklists, we've got some stories you got to hear to believe!

    Don't Miss:

    HonestTeacherVibes' hilarious flashbacks to year-end classroom chaos

    Jess Smith's tips on dealing with end-of-year stress and student absenteeism

    The return of Good or Garbage with Gabe! He’s just mad he’s too tall for the yellow school bus.

    The emotional stories of student goodbyes. We always miss them, no matter how many classroom interruptions they may have been responsible for.

    It’s a long weekend so queue us up, grab your sunscreen lotion, put on that new Drake track and tune in for this week’s Teachers Off Duty!

  • Ex boyfriends and rogue bats… It's been a weird news day

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! This week our hosts Bri Richardson, Devin Siebold, and James Yon unpack the weirdest teachers of the news, that you have to see to believe.

    Sick days are hard to come by, but luckily for this teacher, while battling cancer, his fellow teachers came to his rescue. Although it's a heartwarming story of comradery between peers, should he have to take his friends sick days?

    While most teachers seem to have bad luck, a small group of teachers in Kentucky managed to win the lottery! To make it even better they had plans to donate the money to their school, but we can't help but wonder if we would have been so generous.

    In a turn of events we found a teacher in the news that was forced to resign after her ex-boyfriend maliciously sent some things to her school officials! Is it fair for this teacher to lose her job due to someone else's actions?

    Speaking of stressful situations, we found a story about a bat on the playground, but not the sports kind, the animal kind. This flying rodent created a massive commotion, causing far more chaos than we ever imagined possible.

    Jump right to it!

    3:45 - Unbelievable Teacher Wins Lottery

    10:02 - Cancer Battle and Recovery

    16:30 - Bizarre Schoolyard Bat Infestation

    22:50 - Classroom Heroics Revealed

    29:35 - Transition to Comedy Tours

    35:20 - Spiciest Teacher Gossip Unleashed

    41:45 - Balancing Teaching and Dreams

    47:59 - Unexpected Twists in Teaching Careers

    So join us on Teachers Off Duty for an episode chock full of spicy after school teacher drama!

  • Are notebook grenades a thing now!?

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! Join Bri Richardson, Devin Siebold, and James Yon in this ‘Crying in My Car Podcast’ crossover where there’s no holding back on the craziest classroom chaos stories!

    Like teaching isn’t hard enough, we have chaos slowing down our lessons like one kindergartner who glued her crayons under her desk on the first day, to another student who was so annoyed by the lack of story time that they threw all their clothes off to make his displeasure make a statement.

    Remember when we asked our student to share his milk with the class - right, because we didn’t! Just imagine the snap back to reality during an actual peaceful day when out of nowhere a student decides to turn into a human fountain, spitting milk on his classmates directly behind him.

    Sometimes we’re just asking for it like the time when a science experiment went all kinds of wrong by completely filling the lab with bubbles. Not the kind of rave we’re hoping for.

    Speaking of science, you won’t believe what a student brought from home to “enhance” a biology lesson. It wasn’t *so* bad until it decided to go home early! You just got to hear it to believe it.

    Jump right to it!

    5:22 – Unfortunate Milk Mishaps

    11:45 – Teacher Influenced Chaos

    17:30 – Detention Reflection

    22:15 – Bookshelf Blunders

    28:40 – We Shouldn’t Laugh but…

    33:50 – No More Story Time!

    39:25 – Actual Classroom Scars

    But there’s more - how could we prepare ourselves for a student starting a conga line during a math test. Imagine stepping out for just a second and returning to the surprise of a full blown makeshift carnival being run in your classroom. Whoof, there’s not enough coffee to get us through that.

    So order that venti, take the long way to school, and tune into this week’s Teachers Off Duty! Maybe that math test conga line wasn’t such a bad idea…

  • Can every week be Teacher Appreciation Week??

    Teacher Style Box is giving all Teachers Off Duty listeners a 30-Day Free Trial of Unlimited Boxes with special code, TEACHERSOFFDUTY. Treat yo’ self! https://www.teacherstylebox.com/

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    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!! Get ready for some flashbacks, our hosts KC Mack, Bri Richardson also known as HonestTeacherVibes, and The Angry Gym Teacher himself, Tom Filline are sharing some of the cringiest (and hilarious) first year teacher stories!!

    From 'phantom children' in overcrowded classrooms to the Great Glitter Explosion of fourth period, you’re not ready for these rookie teacher stories. KC admits to a mix-up that left his students brilliantly sparkling for days, Bri shares the "mystery of the mouse in the cereal box" that turned her science lesson upside down, and Tom explains how he navigated the scare of losing—and finding—a student during his first stint in the classroom.

    It's no secret that teaching is a tough job, but what happens when teachers start bullying each other? Despite the hard days, teaching is a gift that shapes future generations. KC shares his innerbattle experience of not being able to flunk a student, no matter how hard he tried.


    2:15 - Rookie Teaching Myths

    7:40 - "Phantom Children" Classroom Story

    13:25 - Great Glitter Explosion Aftermath

    21:10 - Hide and Go Seek the Lost Student

    35:30 - Keeping High Spirits in Low Times

    43:00 - Insane Rookie Mistakes

    Teaching is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Grab your safety coffee mug, turn the volume up, and tune in to this week’s episode of Teacher’s Off Duty!

    Teachers get your perks!

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  • Gen Z's sass meets classroom brass….

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty with our hosts KC Mack, HonestTeacherVibes: Bri Richardson, and the Angry Gym Teacher, Tom Filline!

    Let’s have a real talk about Gen Z. They’re just built different. What is up with these snack smugglers and TikTok pre-stars?

    Maybe we shouldn’t cry or laugh at the hilarious yet frustrating reality of teaching Gen Z students who don't know how to do a simple signature. It's a skill we often take for granted, but for this new generation, it's a foreign concept. Maybe they figured out a better way?

    Signatures stump them but we’re the ones lost at their new language that we can barely keep up with. And it's not just in the hallways, it's in the classroom too. From slang to memes, it's like a whole new language that we have to learn.

    And speaking of not keeping up with, we argue with KC about the infamous "shoe crease" dilemma. These kids refuse to change into their PE shoes because they don't want to crease them. He says he gets the issue, us not so much…..

    Drink some hot tea to prepare to yell “WORLDSTAR!” at the next teacher debate because it might just hit the internet. Who knew there was a whole wave of Gen Z students starting "fight pages" on social media. It's a disturbing trend that’s taking off - one page even got a brand deal….

    But it's not just the students who can be a handful. There was a teacher trying to bully a student who was bullying others. She thought it would hold up a mirror to their actions but that’s just not the route to take bestie.

    It’s not always crazy, sometimes its outright HILARIOUS. From "Mrs. Funny Face" to "Mr. Cool" to “[REDACTED]”, these nicknames humble us real quick.

    2:37 - Chalk Dust Confessions Begin
    5:45 - Gen Z Hooligan Behavior
    10:03 - Social Media Meets Syllabus
    15:15 - Teaching Tech: Hit or Miss?
    20:47 - Third Grader Mystery Story
    25:58 - Behind Teacher's Lounge Doors
    30:42 - Latest Tea on Teaching Fads

    Besties! Don’t forget - Teachers Off Duty listeners can get $10 off your first purchase by using the link: https://StoryWorth.com/TOD

    So tune in and listen up “bruh”! It’s about to get “lit” up in here. No cap.

    Don’t forget to follow and subscribe for your weekly dose of recess from reality. You bring the coffee; we’ll bring the stories!

  • Exploding urinal duckies and tornado drills: just another school day.

    Put away your Sunday scaries, it's time for Teachers Off Duty!! Join our hosts, KC Mack, The Angry Gym Teacher: Tom Filline, and HonestTeacherVibes herself: Bri Richardson. (Crowd goes wild!!)

    Teaching can be loud and chaotic, just the volume in the hallway is enough to make any teacher want to scream. But the louder the teachers scream, the louder the kids will be. It's a never-ending cycle of noise.

    🍎 Featured Stories:
    Ring, Alexa, and a Rolex? Imagine teaching a reading group when the classroom phone rings, Alexa mistakenly orders a luxury watch…. "Thank goodness for cancellations! Teacher salaries don’t allow for this!"

    Tornado Terrors: Picture this—100 kids and 5 teachers squeezed into a bathroom during a real tornado warning. "Hot, sweaty, chaotic, loud, panic inducing, awful!" Nothing could prepare a teacher for this.

    Lizard Chase Mayhem: Half the class thrilled, half terrified, and a tail left wiggling on the floor. "We accidentally chopped off part of its tail and it was wiggling, which caused more chaos!" Say what!?

    Milk Shootout: The day two boys discovered they could shoot milk out of their noses. Note it for the record, my guy.

    Daily Overload: "I am trying to deliver a lesson, answer the phone, write a bathroom pass, get someone a pencil, check email, answer a question, solve a technology problem and hear an announcement at the SAME TIME all day every day...I am TIRED" We feel you bestie…

    Here's a hack for you bestie....
    2:45 - Detonating Rubber Duckies
    7:30 - Teacher Car Confessions
    12:20 - Pineapple Outfit Pandemonium
    17:50 - Michael Jackson Dance-off
    23:35 - Preschool Circle Survival
    28:10 - Mayhem Management Secrets

    👉 Tune in to laugh, and perhaps shed a tear with us on this episode!

    Teachers Off Duty Podcast by Bored Teachers!

  • Get ready to dodge, duck, and dive!

    Twin with HonestTeacherVibes with the 'Ya'll Gonna Learn Today Crew Neck! https://bit.ly/BTGonLearnToday

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! Join our hosts KC Mack, Bri Richardson as known as HonestTeacherVibes, and The Angry Gym Teacher himself, Tom Filline for some of the funniest stories that NEVER made it to the yearbook.

    In what might be a "you gotta be there to believe it" situation, imagine KC Mack's tetherball turnarounds that defy physics. Let's not forget to shoutout the gym class heroes that could either make or break your day. Plus, don't miss the tea of a not-so-happy gym teacher's journey from morning announcements to the stand-up spotlight!

    Expect hilarious stories of amputated toes (not as grim as it sounds, we promise), accidental bug invasions during soccer practice, and the side of PE you never thought existed. Buckle up, because Tom, KC, and Bri aren't holding back!

    Jump right to it!
    2:15 - Dodgeball Disasters Shared
    5:40 - Tetherball Turnaround Tales
    9:25 - Secret Life of Gym Teachers
    14:00 - Missing Toes, Storytime!
    18:45 - Bug Invasion During Soccer
    23:30 - What PE Teachers Really Think
    28:50 - Gym Class Wins & Fails

    Hit play, share the laughs and remember: what happens in gym class, doesn't doesn't make it to the yearbook! 🤣

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    Teachers Off Duty Podcast by Bored Teachers

  • TWIN with HonestTeacherVibes with the LET TEACHERS TEACH! Tee

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty with our hosts Bri Richardson, KC Mack and joining us one more time, Mark Schumacher! We’re stirring the pot of WILD school cafeteria moments, from ‘Mystery Meat Mondays’ to the insane food fights - cue the battle shield food trays!

    Hold on to your milk cartons!! We're talking clandestine tater tot trade territory, PTA bake sale fiascos, but more importantly reminisce about the wonderful cafeteria staff. They are the best, serving up delicious meals with a side of love and care.

    Speaking of love and care, maybe it went a bit too far when a teacher brought in a limonada stand to school, but oops – it had alcohol in it! What about the big tortilla fight that broke out in the cafeteria? Yeah, we tried to forget that one too.

    Jump right to it!
    07:30 - Mystery Meat Mondays
    13:45 - Food Fights for the Ages
    19:20 - Reign of the Lunch Lady!
    26:35 - Embarrassing Cafeteria Confessions
    32:10 - Swap-and-Trade Deals
    37:50 - PTA Bake Sale Drama
    49:00 - Square Pizza, we love you!
    55:15 - Unsung School Lunch Heroes

    Will our stomachs ever look at school lunches the same way again? Tune in now for the good, the bad, and the nauseating! May the square pizza be with you.

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  • Haircut empire in the bathroom: an SRO's wildest crackdown….

    Match HonestTeacherVibes with your own "I Need to Pee" Tee! https://bit.ly/BTIneedtoGoTee

    We totally didn’t make these up…. Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty with our hosts KC Mack, Mark Schumacher, and Bri Richardson aka HonestTeacherVibes!

    You assumed the classroom was for ABCs and 123s, but this week's episode turns the tables with stories that will leave you questioning what's truly going on during recess!

    This week, the hall pass is merely a gateway to the unexpected. We've got rampaging cows in the playground, the great Speeding Principal saga, and a tale that redefines "extracurricular" - students running a secret business. Plus, don't miss the unreal deets on a recent second grade scandal with sandwich bags.

    And that's not all—stay tuned for the ultimate Battle of the Dresses, the graduation turned into an episode of 'Tiaras and Tantrums' that you won't believe!

    Tune in to uncover the mayhem behind the homeroom door. And, hey, why not pen down your own wackiest teaching tale while you're at it? Send it our way, and your story could earn a gold star (and feature in an upcoming episode!)

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  • Stop! Admin said what?!

    Get your own 'Teacher Besties' Tee! https://bit.ly/BTBestiesTee

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty! Join our hosts KC Mack, the hilarious HonestTeacherVibes: Bri Richardson, and our Bored Teachers Comedy Tour mate Mark Schumacher as they dive into the most unbelievable and heartwarming admin stories from schools around the nation!

    👟💨 Find out what happens when a principal with a history as an Olympic sprinter challenges students to a foot race – and wins! Ever seen a principal cover a teacher's class just to give them an early leave? I guess we have to see it to believe it?

    "In a world where educators face so much adversity, these are the stories that warm our hearts" - KC Mack

    Tune in to discover why a principal donning workout gear to cover custodial duties is the hero we never knew we needed, and how a simple act of kindness can boost morale sky-high.

  • Who are the parent-teacher conferences even for!?

    Welcome back to Teachers Off Duty!

    Join our hosts Mark Schumacher, KC Mack, and HonestTeacherVibes herself, Bri Richardson as they hold nothing back and spill the teacher tea of the drama that unfolds when overzealous parents meet questionable school policies.

    Could you believe a parent would actually sneak around and go through another students’ files? They just wanted to know what other students scores were so they knew their son’s “ranking”. Sure...

    That's tame compared to one parent who's child was serving an in-school suspension for having told his teacher to "[retracted]". His mother punished him by bringing him a Subway sandwich, cookies, and soda at lunch.

    It's not all ridiculous or infuriating. Just last week, a parent snuck a bottle of wine in with their child as a gift to their teacher. While we REALLY appreciate the gesture, we're not sure if this is the best way to say "thank you."

    Can you guess in what state a parent would trade four wheels for four legs at the school pick-up? It was surely a sight to see and gives new meaning to ‘horsing around’ after the bell.

    Gallop, don't walk! This week's episode of Teacher's Off Duty will infuriate you, humble you, and probably having you feel better at your next parent-teacher conference.

  • Calling in but actually straight into the nurse's office!

    Welcome to another episode of the Teachers Off Duty podcast! Where your hosts KC Mack, HonestTeacherVibes, and Devin Siebold are starting to feel the call of Spring Break but before that gift is bestowed upon us, you got to hear these school nurse stories!

    Devin will have you on the edge of your seat with stories of unexpected injuries and peculiar parental requests for medical advice on everything from STDs to foot warts. Don't miss KC's nickname revelation, introducing us to "The Vaseline Queen." Might be better not to ask....

    The crew shares a story about a student who comes back from lunch with a note from the school nurse claiming he has eggs in his hair, leading to a school-wide lice check.

    To cap things off, Devin recounts his unforgettable encounter with a frozen pole, where he personally tested the myth and learned a lesson he'd never forget.

    Whether you're an educator, a parent, you won't want to miss these stories from the school nurse's office. We're sure you could relate to one or two...

    This episode is brought to you by:

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  • Ever seen a teacher square up after school!?

    Welcome to another episode of the Teachers Off Duty podcast! We’ve got KC Mack, Honestteachervibes, and Devin Siebold back for another hilarious episode. Where we cover everything teachers do that get on each other’s nerves.

    In a world where admin beefs with teachers and educators clash over resource hoarding, we've got stories that'll have you nodding in agreement or shaking your head in disbelief.

    Whether it's the battle for the title of Teacher of the Year or the secret wars over parking spots, we've seen it all. And let's not forget the teachers who, against all odds, maintain a classroom so calm it's the talk of the school. Want to know their secret?

    Our stories straight from the trenches of teaching will give you a peek behind the curtain of the educators' lounge. It's all about sticking together, even when we drive each other a little crazy.

    So, join us on this annoyingly funny episode and tune in for a dose of teacher life like you've never heard before!
    This episode is brought to you by:

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