• Quantum healing: The deeper reality of mind-body medicine and the influence of consciousness on our biology. Learn how to enliven this place within us for profound and even miraculous healings.

    How to create comfort for your body so that it can heal itself.

    Infertility: An epidemic that can certainly be conquered (simply).

    Join Royal Physician Dr. Doja Purkit as he shares many simple and practical techniques that you can easily integrate into your life.

    About Dr. Doja Purkit

    Doja Purkit is a leading expert in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and alternative medicine.

    He has been practicing from London for 20+ years and is head of the Ayurvedic department at the world-renowned London Hale Clinic.

    Doja's intimate and basic approach to individualised and personalised treatments make him a saviour for royalty, rock stars and celebrities that live harsh lifestyles.

    In This Episode We Discuss:

    How to create comfort for the human body to heal itself.Dr. Doja’s 3 influential factors for healing any problem.Doja's intimate approach to individualised healing.Absorbing the karma and disease from patients. The karma has to go somewhere.Why it helps if a Vaidya (physician) has a big stomach like a Buddha.How to simply heal after a divorce.Basic healing to access thequantum level of healing.Infertility- the current epidemic, causes, symptoms, treatment and diet.Doja's 3 Most Important Tips for Infertility that every lady can easily do themselves.At Home Detox Procedure.Treatment for Polycystic Ovaries.Why Females Live Longer Than Males.Marma Therapy - Places in the physiology where the highest consciousness is located.Marma point demonstration to remove fever and the memory of disease(video demonstration).Third eye Marma point demonstration to remove stress (video demonstration).Doja’s Special Healing Stonesgiven to him from Himalayan masters that he uses as a medical instrument.Foot massage for bliss.Why Famous People Die Early.Stroke Rehabilitation.

    There is a lot of advice that you all can practically and easily implement yourself. Check out the Show Notes for details on these, plus videos from the interview including demonstrations of Marma (vital point) Therapy.

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  • Are humans really the only highly evolved beings on this planet today?

    Perhaps consider broadening your horizon into more subtle realms of existence and study history a bit deeper than the status quo’s limited chronological compilations.

    In this episode I talk with Colonel William Leeds from the US military as he touches on a BUNCH of various events, conspiracies, esoteric ideas, all considering sentient beings other than our human selves.

    But it’s not just other sentient beings. We also explore history and historical events with a more holistic approach and with a wider lense than the close minded status quo ideology that we were taught in history class.

    By the way what we talk about is all very vedic.

    We touch on a lot of parallels with the Veda and since we only touch on this, I urge you to check out the show notes on where I write about these aspects in more detail. Go to vitalveda.com.au/learn/podcasts and click on this episode.


    UFO crashes and recovering alien bodies in which Bill was appointed to interview the first man who saw the Roswell crash in New Mexico.Paul Hellyer, the former defence minister of Canada who exposes a lot of classified information.How aliens are more human than we think.Secret Executive Agreements and other interventions between aliens and governments like the US, and proof of that.The reasons aliens are here - It is to help us humans.Root Races - stages in human evolution that existed mainly on now-lost continents millions of years ago.Why other sentient beings are interested in and care about planet earth and humans.Correlating flying saucers with Vimanas, Vedic “self-moving mechanical vehicles” mentioned in vedic texts thousands of years ago.America finding a flying saucer like a Vimana in a cave in Afghanistan in 2013.The Vedic Yugas, which are eras that go back many hundreds of thousands of years, more than what regular historians can chronically fathom, and how they explain paranormal human capabilities and phenomena.Why Aliens don’t expose themselves to us.

    You don’t have to believe all this. But this episode essentially is to expand your awareness a bit and for you to consider aspects of nature other than superficial relative ideas that you may be conditionally confined to.


    After law school Bill entered into the army around 24 years old and was active in service and reserves for approximately 24 years, including being a colonel for 6 years, which is the second highest rank after a general.

    Being in the US military meant Bill could travel anywhere for free on any aeroplane. So, he found a love for travelling but then he learnt Transcendental Meditation in 1976 and learnt to travel inside.

    As his consciousness expanded as he evolved, he was exposed to government’s interactions with aliens and other sentient beings. Since then, he has extensively researched the topic along with other military and government colleagues from USA and other countries.

    Now Bill is 78 years old, retired and enjoys meditating and panchakarma, while still keeping up to date, researching and sharing his library and knowledge about conspiracy phenomenons.

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  • Lets not only explore some of the gems, techniques and knowledge from a range of traditional medicine, but let’s cultivate capabilities to relate with the essence of these ancient lineages in order to heal using a more direct, holistic and powerful approach.

    Set at the feet of Mt Wollumbin (Mt Warning) in the Northern Rivers of NSW at Jimi’s healing sanctuary, this interview explores traditional healing gems and techniques derived from a diverse catalogue of ancient lineages.

    That is what Dr. Jimi has uniquely cultivated. An ability to cross-pollinate medical traditions then apply that in his clinic and teachings while maintaining professional sovereignty.

    Jimi sheds insight into the root causes of disease by exploring deep and subtle primary wounds.

    His approach is understanding and communing with the essence of a herb, a medical device, a body system, disease or a patient, in order to heal holistically. This is what makes a physician at the top of their game.

    This interview is basically me picking Jimi’s brain on all cool things traditional medicine while he shares his philosophical views and approach. I also enquire about his journey of moving from tradition to tradition to cultivate his own flavour of healing while maintaining respect and authentic identity.


    Whether he is presenting at the UN or at a village health co-operative in rural India, Jimi is always a highly engaging speaker, writer and educator. With 19 years clinical experience and almost as much in community development, Jimi combines his deep knowledge of holistic medicine with a passion for social causes and world health. As the social entrepreneur that founded One Health Organisation in 2005, he has since steered it to become the largest holistic and integrative healthcare NGO in the world - having distributed roughly 9 metric tonnes of medicine to hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged communities across the globe. Jimi’s private clients value his obvious passion for traditional medical practices and the way in which he combines aspects of the traditions of India, China, Tibet and Persia that continue to inspire him.


    How Jimi got the name Wollumbin - the indigenous name of the mountain where Jimi lives.Mt Wollumbin as the “Ajna” (third eye) of Australia. (6:10)Cross-pollinating medical modalities and reviving living traditions. (8:30)Jimi’s personal journey and experience with medicine. (13:30)Jimi’s journey with Ayurveda.The common grammar that underlies Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. (16:30)Ayurveda and herbal medicine is a labour of love. (22:34)Jimi’s platform of practice - alternative to the alternatives. (23:10)Accessing deep and subtle primary wounds as root causes of disease. “What really needs to be healed here?” (24:30)Pulse diagnosis: deep intimacy of sentients touching sentients. (35:35)Leech Therapy: Raktamokshana (Blood liberation). (44:05)Understanding the essence of a medical instrument or herb. Understanding the basic gestalt of the pattern, principle, idea, notion or spirit of a herb or medical device (such as a leech) in order to know how to apply that to the basic gestalt, pattern and principle of a disease. (50:23)Uses of leech therapy:Healing response of Kati Basti: Warm oil penetrates drives deep down into the tissues and doshas which allows vata (the primary vital force and subtle winds of the body) to flow and for blood to move.3 Modes of Ayurvedic Blood Letting and Cupping: (01:01:43)Jimi’s favourite herbs: (01:12:28)Adrenal boosters that are stimulants in disguise vs. adaptogens. (01:15:18)Today’s most common health issues Jimi sees in practiceReductionism as a problematic approach to medicine.

    For full Show Notes and Resources see https://vitalveda.com.au/learn/podcasts

  • Immunising baby or child. I’m not talking about vaccinations, but practical innate interventions to not only strengthen your baby, prevent disease and infection, but for them to be the most radiant, healthy baby of the lot!

    Internationally renowned Ayurvedic master, Dr. A.V. Raju, talks about the importance of Ayurvedic oil massage (Abhyanga) for a baby. Then Dylan Smith shares other ways to immunise your baby through balancing the mothers health, herbs for the baby, diet, and other specific regimen.


    The Raju Family are internationally renowned leading experts in authentic Ayurveda (the science of health and longevity).

    Practicing for over 13 generations, their speciality is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive patient evaluation through Pulse Diagnosis. They also specialise in creating very effective and individualised treatments using precise knowledge and application of rare and powerful herbal formulas.

    Vaidya Dr. A.V. (Krishna) Raju is the director and head doctor at his family clinic in Hyderabad, India, where they treat thousands of people who travel from all over the world for their expert treatment and advice for everything from prevention to the seemingly incurable.

    Show Notes Summary (for full show notes + resources, see the Vital Veda website):

    Benefits of Baby Abhyanga (Oil-Massage):

    - Preventing Disease

    - Detoxifies - via lipophilic action.

    - Improves muscle and bone growth.

    - “Sramapaha” - reduces exertion.

    - Improves sleep

    - Abhyanga is like exercise to a baby.

    - Sesame Oil - Improves calcium levels, bone and hair growth.

    - Regimen for massage.

    - Why the head is the most important area to massage

    - Oils to use for massage

    Other methods of Ayurvedic Immunisation: (12:55)

    Balance mum’s physiology - post-natal herbs, garlic, ghee, ojas increasing foods. Giving baby-abhyanga will increase oxytocin in the mother. Ensure proper breast feeding.Herbs for baby. (15:02)40 days of intimacy between mum and baby.DietSattvic (pure) environment in the home.Bath - give after abhyanga.

    For full Show Notes, see Vital Veda website.


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  • What is the most evolutionary thing you can be doing right now?
    The need of the time must be attended to in this world. Are you a worthy candidate that will respond to this call from the universe? How much of your energy and time can you give to servicing the community, economy and society at large?

    Or is it best for you to recluse and live like a monk? Go live in a cave in the Himalayas or a Sanskrit only speaking village and meditate full time. Go seeking amongst holy places like India to visit sacred sites, meet holy saints and receive unique healings from extraordinarily gifted people.

    Conan Mischer has been infatuated with such experiences throughout his life.

    I was so astounded and loved hearing his stories that I had to share them with you.

  • Epidemics of chronic diseases are exponentially growing alongside our modern lifestyle.

    Ayurveda has never been so relevant to humanity than right now. And what the 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine was won for supports this, because it was won for “Circadian Medicine,” which is basically “Ayurveda 101” (living in tune with Nature’s circadian rhythms).

    Half of the men reading this will get cancer in their life. 1 in 3 women will get cancer. Diabetes, auto-immune diseases, infertility, premature blindness, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more are all rapidly taking over the bodies of our population

    Two big culprits recently on the block are talked about: Excessive exposure to EMF (electro-magnetic fields) and blue light. Dylan shares ways to mitigate the effects of these, from very simple no-brainer adjustments to bigger steps to be more proactive in changing aspects of your life to take control of your health.

    Dylan also shares basic principles and concepts of Ayurveda.

    This is a recording of a talk Dylan did in February 2018 at Bondi Meditation Centre in Sydney, hosted by Matt Ringrose. It was so well received he had to share it with you...

  • Jyotish is a profound mathematical sophisticated form of astrology. It describes how planetary patterns at the time of our birth give valuable clues in helping us understand our life’s journey. Through careful analysis of these cosmic influences, Jyotish can help us realistically evaluate our strengths and weaknesses in order to optimise our full potential.

    Join expert visionary master teacher and Jyotishi, Anand Mehrotra, as we dispel dogmas, myths and inaccurate perceptions about Jyotish and other aspects of the Veda.

    Anand reveals to us a great introduction and general overview about Jyotish - “the light of the self.” He recommends specific regimes for you to do during new moon, full moon and eclipses. Anand beautifully expresses the qualities of the core seven planets by relating them with their signifying chakras and deity expressions.

  • What are the true purpose and aims of exercise?
    What does exercise actually mean?
    How do you most effectively reap the benefits of exercise without potentially damaging your physiology?
    Is the exercise or yoga class that you are attending to actually benefiting your health or is it doing more damage than good?

    In this podcast mater yoga teacher and physiotherapist Simon Borg-Olivier investigates the mechanisms of exercise and movement in general, including “Hatha Yoga” - the physical aspect of yoga which includes asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work).

    Simon reveals basic misunderstanding and misconceptions people have about modern Yoga and exercise based science. He shares correlations between types of movement with the state of your nervous system.

    Simon and reveals tips to revolutionise your exercise and yoga practice for maximum vitality, energy and prana (life-force to every cell in your body).

  • Get to know the host, Dylan Smith and his intention for this podcast. Obtain a general overview about Ayurveda, "The Science of Life," as well as the "Veda," which is knowledge governing the unity of the laws of nature and human consciousness. Learn why these ancient sciences are currently more relevant than ever before.