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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:05 Intro

    1:32 Topic #1 - Unity's runtime fee angers all

    3:45 Fraud detection, silently deleted clause & TOS

    5:11 Unity's income, CEO selling stocks before changes

    6:38 Unity's response, Linus on hiding it

    10:24 Luke mentions Mega Crit's tweet, Linus on "premeditated"

    14:38 Luke recalls "Pay to Reload," Linus advocates for Unity

    17:45 UE4 & SOLIDWORKS licenses, Godot, what should Unity do?

    25:14 Linus on changing terms of subscription

    30:06 Topic #2 - Plex blocks access to Hetzner

    31:47 Explaining Plex, its usage, reason behind the block

    34:49 Plex's sharing & premium feature, Jellyfin & Emby

    39:36 Liking products V.S. working with sponsor, Luke on eufy babycam

    42:08 "Plex is a company with a liability," "WAN VPN"

    43:43 What game companies are doing things right? ft. Kitty bread

    44:44 Jake's Pirate Party of Canada comment

    48:18 Merch Messages #1

    49:17 Linus's autonomous lawn mower update

    53:03 Entered mall competition, received details of every entry, who to report this to?

    56:02 Guess the purpose of this Wish product! ft. Jessica

    58:04 Rules of the bit

    58:41 Product #1

    1:02:22 Product #2

    1:05:20 Product #3

    1:10:38 Product #4

    1:12:36 Product #5

    1:25:19 Sponsors

    1:36:00 Scrapyard Wars 9

    1:39:31 Merch Messages #2

    1:39:42 Are you planning to shave your beard?

    1:40:51 What if Apple invested 5% in Valve? ft. Games discussion

    2:02:11 Will there be a console with an upgradeable graphics card?

    2:03:58 LTTStore's new reversible bomber jacket

    2:06:50 LTTStore's new Merino T-shirt

    2:09:12 LTT retro screwdriver newsletter

    2:09:55 Send over favorite garment & your review on it

    2:10:34 Topic #3 - California's right to repair bill

    2:13:43 Topic #4 - Destiny 2 cheater barred from playing games

    2:24:02 How many videos were shot after the break?

    2:28:55 Answer, FP poll's result

    2:31:56 Topic #5 - Pitstoptech's handheld Framework DIY project

    2:34:16 Specs, Linus on ROG Ally's repairability

    2:37:02 Topic #6 - Meta to allow cross-apps messaging

    2:38:51 Topic #7 - Apple's iPhone 15 has Type-C

    2:40:28 Micro-B & Mini-B, discussing Lightning

    2:47:30 Linus on being stuck with Type-C

    2:51:58 Topic #8 - Intel announces Thunderbolt 5

    2:54:13 Topic #9 - Twitter (X) monetization pays LTT

    2:55:05 Topic #10 - MS ends Surface Duo's support

    2:58:59 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    2:59:16 How hard was it to set up LTTStore's desk configurator?

    3:01:02 Your take on the potential requirement of battery replacement?

    3:03:15 Has LTT considered physical copies of their content?

    3:04:16 What do you think of kids using devices during school days?

    3:12:38 Timeline for serious RISC adoption for gaming?

    3:14:57 Opinion on Asus charging $750 to replace an $800 monitor's LCD?

    3:16:41 What is the point you decide to move on from tech?

    3:18:40 What made you decide to make “Working for Linus” videos?

    3:21:00 Given YouTube's algorithm, are you getting back to daily uploads?

    3:22:05 Is the swacket coming back?

    3:22:33 Which subscriber makes the most revenue for you - YT, YT Premium or FP?

    3:24:07 History of hiring Riley, impact on LMG if you didn't?

    3:24:42 What content would you do on an experimental channel?

    3:26:56 Will Linus be upgrading his Framework 13 to Ryzen?

    3:27:37 Thoughts on AYANEO KUN?

    3:28:38 Why have you dropped the Amazon store?

    3:32:06 US's large lithium deposit, will we see lithium products getting cheaper?

    3:34:49 Did the CVO idea come organically or was it borrowed from Simon Cynic's book?

    3:36:50 Are you considering bulk ordering Framework 16 for LMG?

    3:41:25 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:00 Intro

    1:29 Topic #1 - Mod replaces Starfield's FSR2 with DLSS & XeSS

    3:10 Login authentication, mod's revenue

    5:18 Free mod alternative, backlash, debate over "paid mods"

    8:32 Luke on Skyblivion, Linus on net benefits & source of income

    15:22 FP Poll: How many mods do you use in a game?

    20:44 Work required for projects ft. MM Dashboard, Floatplane

    24:52 Starfield's sales & potential mods revenue

    28:04 Mod camps, NVIDIA's Morrowind demo & Denuvo

    33:02 Discussing possible approaches, "slider system"

    36:32 Minecraft Marketplace, recalling horse armor

    38:50 Mod revenue, microtransactions

    40:38 Topic #2 - Nintendo's private demo of Switch 2

    41:15 Luke realizes paid graphical mod is "microtransaction"

    42:54 FPS & resolution demo, Linus called this, "current-gen HD"

    45:24 "Nintendo-exclusives," RTX 40XX, Linus on Xbox

    48:58 What would your dream console be?

    54:52 Linus on how Steam Deck impacted Nintendo's decisions

    56:56 Luke Nukem LTTStore T-Shirt ft. Dan throws a box

    59:17 Series 2 Pins ft. What is Luke Nukem?

    1:03:22 Interesting line on Starfield's EULA

    1:06:13 FP's comment on complaints at the start of a trend

    1:07:02 Merch Messages #1

    1:07:34 Traditional forums comeback?

    1:09:37 Smaller LTTStore backpack update

    1:10:53 EULA of creation kit for Skyrim

    1:12:40 You say not to pre-order. Do I pre-order the Luke Nukem shirt or not?

    1:13:51 Stupidest tech you bought that you found you had a use for?

    1:18:22 Topic #3 - Google's privacy sandbox for cookies & ads

    1:28:38 Sponsors

    1:32:02 Merch Messages #2

    1:32:07 Biggest change to our lives with unlimited power?

    1:37:15 Would you live without tech if drivers became a subscription? ft. "Year of the Linux"

    1:40:16 How do you decide what tier of cars to review?

    1:47:48 What part of the YouTube algorithm surprises you?

    1:49:51 Topic #4 - Rockstar selling cracked games on Steam

    2:02:44 Topic #5 - Mozilla's report on car's privacy nightmare

    2:10:13 Topic #6 - SAG-AFTRA might lead game VAs to strike

    2:22:35 Topic #7 - Gizmodo replaces a Spanish writer with a machine

    2:25:45 Topic #8 - Frameworks sells "old" mainboards at a discount

    2:28:12 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, pizza

    2:29:18 Linus puts bread on Dan's chair, gym time, pizza sauces, fruits

    2:36:25 Any advice for working with work paralysis? Biggest "A HA!" moment?

    2:40:21 Do you like it when people discuss tech with you in the wild?

    2:46:30 How many goats are you worth, and why?

    2:50:12 Noctua screwdriver update? Bundling the Stubby & OG?

    2:53:10 How have the first few weeks of the slower video outputs been?

    2:56:50 Linus's socks preference

    2:57:22 What happened to the stray cats in Linus's yards?

    2:59:02 What would take any of you to shave your beards?

    3:01:07 When did you guys realize you had PC building expertise? ft. Train

    3:03:01 What LTTStore products are upcoming?

    3:06:00 Most frustrating example of losing work due to lack of backwards compatibility?

    3:09:07 Dropped the screwdriver from 130ft - any crazy tests on your products?

    3:12:08 Unscripted videos, how long until scripted? ft. "Chess problems," glasses

    3:25:51 If LMG became a mid-sized corporation, should the WAN Show continue?

    3:27:46 Floatplane merch update?

    3:29:54 Where to go to look for a badminton racket? ft. Linus's FB market history

    3:34:20 Linus's challenges with ADHD

    3:36:22 Suggestions if I don't want to man a million plus projects?

    3:38:01 What videos do you wish to have a do-over?

    3:40:52 Advice to give someone who starts with no experience? Pitfalls to avoid?

    3:41:32 Is there a future where Nintendo bows out of the gaming space?

    3:44:12 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:22 Intro

    1:52 Topic #1 - Experiencing Starfield

    2:52 Starfield's early reviews

    4:28 Starfield's map, Luke's experience, "feels like America"

    7:22 Luke the "Bethesda Simp," Arc performance

    10:49 Linus on "recommended spec," QOL sliders, resolution scaling

    18:42 Linus on funny bugs, Luke on experiences

    20:16 Starfield's movement, Linus on SSDs

    23:14 Luke on sluggish movements, Linus on Starfield's performance

    25:20 Linus on console generations, Luke on game quality & WFH

    31:16 Dan on disrupting warping, Luke on immersion

    32:07 "COVID benefited games," Linus's hockey arena & suburbs rant

    36:12 Linus on community pressure, Luke on Linus's take

    39:32 Linus on stadium deals, chat on passports

    42:05 Luke's criticism, good era for gaming

    48:39 LTTStore's new stubby screwdriver

    48:56 Luke showcases the Stubby, bit storage & ratchet

    52:13 Colored screwdrivers

    53:48 LTTStore's site facelift

    55:32 Mystery screwdriver ft. pin, Dan trolling

    56:42 Pet bed feedback, material type ft. FP poll

    58:46 Free extended sizing merch for testers, FP poll result

    1:01:00 Merch Messages #1

    1:07:33 Topic #2 - iFixit requests right to repair Mac's ice cream machines

    1:10:02 Reforming DMCAs, Luke on sour cream & taco pizza

    1:13:22 Dan's fine dining job, Linus's dropped patty, Luke's debate

    1:18:22 FP's experience, Luke's soup tip

    1:26:20 Sponsors

    1:30:58 Merch Messages #2

    1:51:57 Topic #3 - Lenovo's Legion Go handheld

    2:06:32 Topic #4 - Elon Musk showcases Tesla's self-driving

    2:13:22 Topic #5 - Sea of Stars

    2:15:07 Linus's must-play list, community ordering his game idea

    2:22:47 Topic #6 - Intel's PIUMA, 66 threads per core

    2:30:10 Topic #7 - Pass YouTube's course to remove strikes

    2:33:54 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Dan's new keyboard

    2:35:40 Features you'd downgrade to a slab-style phone for?

    2:43:07 Plushie motherboard & case ideas?

    2:44:01 Luke's experience on BG3

    2:44:34 Times you were mad at a pet? Dan is not a pet

    2:51:36 WAN DLL pickle when?

    2:52:48 Fun April Fools idea you had to scrap? Brainstorming process?

    2:57:18 Worst bug you encountered in a video game?

    3:02:22 Linus's experience with Ecobee's Wi-Fi thermostat

    3:03:35 Go-to socks brand

    3:07:18 Boeing factory tour for Luke?

    3:07:55 Examples of a process change with an impact on productivity?

    3:09:52 Badminton court updates

    3:11:49 Have you seen Sanctuary: Shattered Sun?

    3:13:58 Had trouble with the USB reset bug Ryzen had?

    3:15:07 How long would you say a flagship system should last?

    3:18:56 Value of staying loyal to an employer V.S. finding jobs externally

    3:25:16 Comments on jacket seams coming apart?

    3:26:11 Outrageous tech conspiracy you've come across?

    3:27:20 How do you feel about MediaShare?

    3:28:58 LTT board game? If yes, what would it be?

    3:30:28 Has Luke decided on a phone yet?

    3:32:40 Favorite part of owning a business?

    3:33:22 Different colored stubby?

    3:35:20 Thoughts on the EV industry to switch to Tesla's chargers?

    3:36:32 Wife wants TV on top of fireplace, what else can I say outside of "it's too high"?

    3:37:34 "Stubby me daddy"

    3:37:48 It's 2050, you wrote a biography, what is it titled?

    3:44:02 Luke's favorite character in BG3

    3:50:39 Interest in making more colors for screwdrivers? ft. Tally of stubby orders

    3:54:42 What is your dream breakfast?

    3:57:24 What components should be the focus of a music production PC that uses virtual instruments?

    3:58:17 Why do companies focus on pure electric cars instead of hybrids?

    4:01:11 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    (00:00:00) Chapters

    (00:01:18) Intro

    (00:01:56) Topic #1 - Lack of WAN Show last week

    (00:02:44) Working & figuring things out

    (00:03:54) Steven's FP post, content break

    (00:05:28) dBrand's broken glass, Linus's pool kills his tech

    (00:11:41) Linus on fixing his Z Fold ft. Bread Cam

    (00:12:44) Luke on baking tech, Android's photo back up

    (00:14:48) LTT's Radeon pt. 2 video, supposed to release sooner

    (00:16:09) Topic #2 - Disney ditches physical disks sales

    (00:19:12) Past writer strikes up to 153 day

    (00:19:42) U.S. judge rules A.I. art cannot be copyrighted

    (00:20:16) Lack of strikers' compensation, "tax write off"

    (00:22:31) Constantly dropping shows, what will happen to industries?

    (00:25:39) Discussing global film industries

    (00:27:35) Linus on Disney withdrawing content

    (00:29:38) Luke on archiving, Linus on piracy

    (00:33:02) Linus on Superchats

    (00:35:06) Merch Messages #1 ft. Bread Cam

    (00:35:43) Bread in resin FP exclusive?

    (00:36:57) Would wireless GPUs take off?

    (00:38:35) LMG's car channel update, style of video?

    (00:40:03) Topic #3 - Illinois allows child influencers to sue parents

    (00:48:22) Topic #4 - GTA VI leaked by a teen hacker

    (00:58:36) Topic #5 - Best Monopoly spots ft. Bread Cam

    (01:01:41) Luke's history with timestamping WAN Show

    (01:02:43) Result of FP poll, "inflation" in Monopoly

    (01:04:26) Luke confronts Bread deity about the number of topics

    (01:04:49) Sponsors

    (01:08:46) Monopoly's wiki on railroads ft. "Rush for Bread!"

    (01:10:05) Linus on Monopoly purchase & auction rules

    (01:13:04) Linus's screenshare button, Monopoly Tycoon

    (01:17:02) Discussing "Tycoon," past games, "betterAnno"

    (01:20:02) Luke discuss Sawyer & Steam reviews, Linus recalls Anno

    (01:21:48) Starfield, Yukon Trail, Linus learns about FP polls

    (01:23:57) Jadeon's new FP player & features

    (01:26:47) Twitch's take on React

    (01:27:58) Merch Messages #2

    (01:32:22) Topic #6 - Luke plays Baldur's Gate 3

    (01:34:12) Luke mutes Linus the Bear Enthusiast

    (01:35:31) BG3's multiplayer & campaigns

    (01:36:20) Chained Echoes, Linus's & Luke's hours

    (01:37:20) Linus recalls Valve changing TF2's stats

    (01:38:24) StS’s Ascension, Linus on overwriting saves

    (01:40:36) Rocket league ranks

    (01:41:08) Update on Ludwig V.S. Linus game-off

    (01:42:22) This Was NOT a Video

    (01:43:24) Dan wasted paper, Linus on iGPU

    (01:47:38) Topic #7 - Microsoft pulls A.I. article writer

    (01:49:32) Microsoft's response

    (01:50:03) Fully machined artwork is ineligible for copyright

    (01:50:24) Microsoft's A.I.'s sea life suggestion

    (01:51:50) Topic #8 - Meta blocks Canadian news

    (01:54:52) Topic #9 - Experian fined $650K for violating spam law

    (01:55:29) Topic #10 - Rockstar acquires Cfx.re

    (01:57:02) Linus on goal changes, Luke on modders being hired

    (01:58:25) Merch Messages #3 ft. Bread Cam

    (01:59:08) Ever experienced "if I do this, there's no goingback?"

    (02:01:51) Favorite stories from LTX & Whale LAN

    (02:02:55) Did you think the screwdriver would be as widely used as itis?

    (02:04:12) Ever played racquetball or squash? How does it compare tobadminton?

    (02:05:41) Favorite split screen Co-Op games?

    (02:11:24) Stubby screwdriver launch date on LTTStore?

    (02:12:09) Favorite smart home upgrades

    (02:13:40) Biggest culture shock during your travels?

    (02:15:01) Any other sponsors who were weird like dBrand?

    (02:16:27) Choose between old wireless internet & rechargeablebatteries

    (02:18:23) Release of Atari 2600+

    (02:19:21) Thoughts on DLSS being a necessity

    (02:22:29) Would you do a video about FP tech?

    (02:23:33) Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    00:00 Chapters

    01:53 Intro

    02:27 Topic #1 - xQc's "reaction" called out

    04:04 Reactors' impact on viewership, transforming content

    06:38 H3H3, Linus's history, xQc & Hasanabi criticism

    08:42 Ethan's debate, xQc replies with "the worm"

    10:08 xQc leaking his DM with Ethan, LTT's GPU meme

    11:06 Drama, Linus's thoughts on xQc's invalid defenses

    16:15 Danger of "supportive" people ft. Linus's & Luke's story

    24:39 Linus's community ft. Rod, Brian, Ed

    27:56 Whose fault is this? What is the fix?

    33:16 Topic #2 - CNET removing old articles

    33:43 Linus on the difficulty of looking up stuff online

    36:03 CNET's representatives answers, Google's tweet

    38:52 Linus polls chat, archiving the internet

    43:14 Merch Messages #1

    44:58 Clear screwdrivers ETA? ft. "40k backpacks," reinventing the wheel

    51:27 LTTStore's new keyboard pin

    54:54 Linus on the store's product photography

    58:14 Linus's home theater ft. EP, tapes, collectibles, Barbie merch

    1:14:36 Linus explains reasoning behind C$ on LTTStore

    1:16:54 Pins sold, TS' cassettes, 1st gen iPod

    1:20:28 Linus sees the pin colors, C$ 0.01 more

    1:21:25 Topic #3 - Bots do CAPTCHA better than humans

    1:22:34 Possible alternatives, Luke discuss passwords

    1:26:32 Topic #4 - ShortCircuit's Pwnage mouse video edited

    1:30:25 Sponsors

    1:35:53 LTTStore's weekly deal ft. Dan is getting powerful

    1:38:07 LTTStore products on Amazon, Linus V.S. Linux

    1:41:13 Topic #5 - YouTube limits links on the platform

    1:43:38 Hipyo's tweet on YouTube's decision

    1:43:48 Amazon screwdriver seller is NOT LTT

    1:45:33 "This ends channels," YouTube V.S. TikTok

    1:47:29 Linus on Shorts revenue, scams, account breaches

    1:50:59 Linus on comment's visibility, hearts, pinning

    1:53:46 Jeff corrects Linus about betting ft. Timestamp guy

    1:59:29 Merch Messages #2

    2:01:12 YouTube Shopping & revenue

    2:03:37 Floatplane's development history

    2:09:14 Put in charge of Federal internet funding, what would you do?

    2:11:52 What would it take for Starfield to be a success for Luke?

    2:14:04 Should Linus edit a video? ft. Who would Luke backup?

    2:18:08 Topic #6 - $300K of M:TG cards stolen

    2:20:36 Experience, revenue from TV, strikers, unions

    2:25:48 Topic #7 - Intel "Downfall" vulnerability

    2:26:57 Topic #8 - A.I. can read your keystrokes

    2:31:09 Merch Messages #3 ft. Accidental outro, WAN Show After Dark, extra bins

    2:33:12 Impact of LTT's reviews on your relationships ft. Linus & Luke reminiscing their past

    2:57:27 Steam Deck's impact on third party launchers

    2:59:25 WAN Show on-time ft. Linus's family, gifted people, Yvonne, work culture

    3:24:48 Do you ever get tired of your job?

    3:26:34 Thoughts on branded hardware?

    3:30:34 Favorite CPU socket & peripheral connector?

    3:31:22 Challenges with NVIDIA & recording a live event

    3:35:14 Luke's advice on owning budgies

    3:37:30 How many LTX-edition screwdrivers have you sold?

    3:41:17 LTT LTX staff pins history ft. Nick's e-mail

    3:44:23 Auction items that you were saddest to see go?

    3:45:06 Pointless A.I. implementations? Pointless A.I.? ft. Hackathon, driving Linus home

    3:49:12 Is Luke doing more reviews due to FP or the CEO?

    3:50:58 Why has Samsung's phone box gotten bland?

    3:52:48 Lux backpack update

    3:53:59 Where to put the Steam Deck in a backpack without a case?

    3:55:42 Changing Linus's midname to "Tech Tips" after purchases from LTTStore?

    3:57:06 Do you see LTT merch as a reflection of yourself?

    4:00:59 An experience you wanted to have but had to turn down?

    4:02:18 Brandless LTT backpack? Video without excessive LTTStore branding?

    4:03:42 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    0:48 Intro

    1:37 Topic #1 - Baldur's Gate 3 released ft. FP poll

    3:18 Second highest concurrent players on Steam

    4:38 FP poll results, past RPG experiences ft. Star Wars

    18:41 Baldur's Gate 3's success, movie ratings, upcoming games

    20:51 Topic #2 - Anker's eufy refuses removing Linus's face

    22:28 X/Tweet of Linus's quote, Luke's points

    24:50 A Chinese company V.S. an American site

    25:51 Merch Messages #1

    27:08 Has Linus seen the Fly Me To The Moon AI cover?

    28:48 Wisdom on why standardization fails/succeeds in tech?

    33:07 University education's importance for getting into the tech industry?

    38:16 FP's comment on parents, work ethics

    39:12 Topic #3 - Twitch changes gambling restrictions

    39:56 Twitch prohibits sponsorships, recalling past WAN Show

    40:52 Valve's C&D, gambling is bannable, Valve directly profits

    41:48 CS:GO knives, Steam users money spent on gambling

    43:51 $15M blue gem knife offer, recalling Jack Dorsey's first tweet

    45:10 Discussing gambling, xQc's "react" content

    49:53 LMG's react channel, "who owns my react content?" Fair Use

    1:07:30 Anker removes Linus after WAN Show call out

    1:08:24 Sponsors

    1:11:31 Giveaway - Asetek x Blue Horse Studios LTX 2023

    1:11:50 Anker did NOT remove Linus from sites

    1:13:33 Linus on "recruiting" bug checking through the community

    1:34:02 Luke opens a creator's gift for Linus

    1:37:38 Linus aggressively gifts the gift to Dan

    1:39:20 Luke opens more gifts, thanking Rodd, Linus's unpredictability

    1:46:14 Luke trolls everyone ft. Topic #4 - U.S. Government's NDAA

    1:47:36 Linus mutes Luke, LTTStore's new RGB shirt

    1:49:03 Indoor hoodie back in stock

    1:50:35 NSA expresses concerns, selling/buying information

    1:53:12 Merch Messages #2

    1:53:24 Was Linus nervous during LTX 2023 WAN Show?

    1:56:37 How has Luke handled difficult personalities as CTO?

    2:00:21 Was LTX 2023 as successful as you hoped?

    2:15:04 Dan offers ice cream, Luke recalls fruit roll ups & ice cream

    2:17:35 Trying out fruit roll ups ice cream combo

    2:19:50 Topic #5 - Labs' Tim response causes controversy

    2:35:08 Topic #6 - Xbox's repairable controllers parts

    2:38:16 Topic #7 - China's limits on childrens' web access

    2:39:26 Topic #8 - DMUG's review on LTT's backpack

    2:40:46 X redirects to Twitter now, Apple allows rename

    2:42:12 Topic #9 - Linus reacts to Ludwig's reaction to Linus

    2:44:22 Linus's game choices to go against Ludwig

    2:58:03 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    2:59:19 Would Luke make a self-made recipe book?

    3:01:10 How would Direct Storage change GPU architecture?

    3:02:16 Thoughts on Microsoft pushing ARM adaption?

    3:03:18 Luke Goes Places new series idea

    3:05:57 Linus's review with his current monitor

    3:06:50 Does Luke push back on Linus's unrealistic requests?

    3:08:57 Insights on how LMG approaches creating products

    3:11:18 Does LMG plan to make videos on IT struggles & practices?

    3:12:05 The SNES game would Linus play for the rest of his life?

    3:13:35 Weird areas of IT you want to learn more about?

    3:15:28 Would a female applying to a job with a fake male name be a deal breaker for you?

    3:18:05 Has Luke tried the other Star Wars systems?

    3:19:12 Game companies that do old legacy games right?

    3:21:09 What are some of your favorite small victories?

    3:24:03 Is Yvonne getting Anker stuff a Linus V.S. LMG thing?

    3:24:54 Why do two people call each other, they mark themselves unavailable?

    3:26:20 Would you be more open to free shipping with better margins?

    3:27:24 Coolest thing you had to sign on LTX 2023?

    3:28:32 Which challenge stands out as your favorite?

    3:32:12 Games you're fond of released before you were born that take you back?

    3:33:16 Would the new gen billionaires have super gaming systems?

    3:34:09 Precision screwdriver ETA?

    3:34:29 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    (00:00:00) Chapters

    (00:01:43) Intro

    (00:02:45) Topic #1 House insurance dropped as restoring a car is a "hazard"

    (00:04:12) Photos taken via drones, rejected insurance due to wildfire risk

    (00:05:29) Linus steals an LTX pass

    (00:06:22) Sven hasn't made a claim in 15 years ft. Luke's Californians burn

    (00:07:03) Insurer's idiotic claims, Linus on owning airspace

    (00:09:10) Topic #2 ESRB wants to age-scan faces

    (00:10:38) Scans won't disallow children to download restricted games

    (00:11:18) Epic Games's $275M penalty for violating COPPA

    (00:12:13) Linus asks LTX about information, photos & "samples"

    (00:13:12) Discussing solutions, information & rated content

    (00:16:28) Luke on parental control, Linus's children

    (00:21:26) Linus's sons' comedic delivery, Linus's thoughts

    (00:23:43) ESRB's function, Linus's chat with a past female LTX attendant

    (00:27:44) Merch Messages #1 ft. Go with the flow Dan

    (00:29:07) Make the audience crack their fingers

    (00:29:36) Ever had trouble with securing a trademark or web domain?

    (00:33:13) Did you grow up watching Computer Chronicles on PBS?

    (00:34:33) Linus's lambo update, derby idea

    (00:39:26) Most difficult part of LTX to plan? ft. Colton

    (00:40:48) Linus on the terrible-ness of the news

    (00:41:20) Topic #3 HounGounGagne's video on CS:GO

    (00:44:37) Linus on perceiving gambling, Luke's history with a slot machine

    (00:47:28) Linus understands why people bet, thoughts on mobile games

    (00:51:18) Robux casinos can be cashed out for real currencies

    (00:52:46) Winner of the Motherboard's House of Cards

    (00:53:14) FP's suggestion on gambling for WAN Show

    (00:54:20) Topic #4 Twitter is rebranding to X

    (00:54:52) "er" sign, stealing @X handle, Luke thought it was a joke

    (00:57:10) The "everything" app, Linus on naming schemes

    (1:01:38) Sponsors

    (1:08:06) Topic #5 - ChatGPT Creator launches Worldcoin

    (1:12:02) Topic #6 - ChatGPT worsens due to interactions

    (1:15:46) Merch Messages #2

    (1:15:54) How fun is doing The WAN Show with a live audience? ft. Wave, "take it off," charity

    (1:23:46) Dan's habit with the mic

    (1:24:37) Is FP coming over to TV streamers? ft. LMG is hiring, bingo

    (1:25:56) Got any Labs updates? any big projects in the pipeline? ft. Upgrade, bingo

    (1:37:56) Speculations about Linus's rating to ASUS in secret shopper

    (1:43:47) Topic #7 Tesla's battery report falsifies range

    (1:45:31) Topic #8 Google proposes DRM for websites

    (1:47:30) Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    (1:47:50) What's the best selling desk pad at LTX?

    (1:49:35) How long until Apple makes a folding phone?

    (1:51:48) What is the most frantic last-minute work you had to do for an LTX before?

    (2:03:05) Basement gaming computers update?

    (2:04:16) Has Linus or Luke ever shot a gun while visiting the U.S.?

    (2:06:30) Is there a limit as to how big you want LTX to grow?

    (2:07:01) Tips for post convention & expo depression?

    (2:08:00) Know any poor timing for ads or sponsors?

    (2:09:20) What is your favorite part of working with each other?

    (2:11:42) Favorite memory from creating a video or working on a project?

    (2:14:45) How does it feel to have nearly all big tech creators at LTX?

    (2:15:07) Proudest & jankiest solution that made everyone baffled?

    (2:16:22) Helpful tips on traveling with your tech?

    (2:18:16) When can we download videos on FP?

    (2:19:08) Extended kernel project? Do you think old versions can get community updates?

    (2:21:17) Is there going to be a tux plush? LTT themed mini figures?

    (2:22:58) Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters.

    1:26 Intro.

    1:53 Topic #1: LTT's video accidentally DDoSes Medicat USB.

    2:43 Who has LTT done this to before?

    3:53 Medicat DDoSed again, LTT's history of overloading pages.

    8:34 Topic #2: NVIDIA won't make FE RTX 4060 Ti 16GB.

    10:19 NVIDIA won't send review samples, "why not do something?"

    12:44 Linus mentions the spot price of DRAM.

    14:30 HU's quote on TPMs' response to RTX 4060 Ti.

    15:37 Why wouldn't TPMs add more memory? Linus's scenario.

    18:28 LTT's incoming video, Linus on controlled & soldered chips.

    25:24 Discussing scrapped shows by networks.

    28:19 Screen Actors Guilds' stupid guidelines.

    29:12 Linus on playing games, Linus's "vision."

    31:22 LMG's past of studios sponsoring.

    32:39 Merch Messages #1.

    33:28 Private V.S. public sector work.

    39:24 Worst time you've accidentally violated an NDA?

    43:11 Topic #3: Proposed Cooper Davis Act forces sites to report users to DEA.

    46:46 Possible over-reporting users for "suspicious" activity.

    50:12 Discussing prescriptions V.S. concrete proof.

    52:22 LifeLock offers a free year after identity theft.

    55:32 Linus on second-hand car sales tax, discussing tax.

    59:18 Topic #4: Water Cooled PC Build of the Month.

    1:04:22 Sponsors.

    1:09:34 LTT Screwdriver Stubby ft. Funny camera.

    1:11:31 Launch date, Luke showcases the Stubby.

    1:17:23 LTX 2023 exclusive merch.

    1:19:12 LTT backpack update.

    1:19:47 LTT x iFixit screwdriver ft. "Work," funny camera.

    1:26:04 Merch Messages #2.

    1:26:09 Would Linus be on time for LTX WAN Show? Merch messages via LTX booths?

    1:27:20 Would Linus make a deodorant? ft. MrBeast Burgers.

    1:33:43 What would Labs want to take an X-ray first?

    1:34:26 Inspections, products of choice, food discussion.

    1:51:31 Topic #5: "Glorbo" returns to World of Warcraft.

    1:52:43 "Bot-operated news website," funny Reddit post & article.

    1:55:14 Topic #6: Refurbishing phone screens using LASERs.

    1:56:40 Topic #7: Activision restores old COD servers.

    1:58:21 BattleBit, graphics V.S. gameplay, nostalgic games.

    2:11:52 Luke shows TARKOV's K/D rating leaderboard.

    2:13:26 Nintendo's remake of Super Mario RPG.

    2:14:52 Topic #8: Meta discontinues Quest Pro.

    2:21:08 Topic #9: Corsair purchases Drop.

    2:24:24 Topic #10: ASUS now manufacturers NUCs.

    2:24:49 Topic #11: Military information leaked due to a mistype.

    2:25:32 Merch Messages #3 ft. After Dark WAN Show.

    2:26:46 Luke's possible United Launch Alliance Testing Lab tour.

    2:31:10 How did last week's free shipping shake out? ft. Calling Savage Nick.

    2:40:10 Is a single cable eGPU setup viable in 2023?

    2:44:08 How did Linus develop his writing & editing style?

    2:47:10 Most stress Dan had producing something live? How did you manage?

    2:48:35 How do you think anti-cheat devs will react to Sandboxing?

    2:50:48 Framework Laptop 16" AMD Ryzen DIY is live.

    2:57:10 Linus's conversation with Terren, Linus & Luke working together.

    Cont. Merch Messages #3.

    3:01:10 Clear purple screwdriver when?

    3:07:55 When will LTTStore backpacks start shipping with new zipper pulls?

    3:09:01 What's your favorite meal to make yourself?

    3:11:40 What is the best and dumbest convention swag you purchased or been given?

    3:13:56 Ever thought of getting a dead mall?

    3:14:14 Donating my old motherboard & RAM to students? Would Labs sponsor tech students?

    3:15:38 Do you expect Apple to avoid EU's removable batteries bill?

    3:15:50 Chances of getting LTTStore jeans?

    3:16:15 Luke's FP creative day.

    3:18:28 Selling LMG items on Microcenter?

    3:20:53 Would LTT exist if you never met Luke?

    3:29:09 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    00:00 Chapters

    1:02 Intro

    1:28 The reason behind late WAN

    3:00 Topic #1 - Apple's debatable iPhone satisfaction claims

    4:00 Satisfaction "rates," 451 Research's odd surveys

    9:56 Topic #2 - Intel discontinues NUC mini PCs

    13:35 451 Research's quote on their service

    14:40 Usages of NUCs, recalling GIGABYTE's BRIX

    17:20 Intel will still support existing systems, why did NUCs fail?

    20:43 LTTStore's Lime Day deals

    22:38 Free shipping coupon for above $150, Linus calls Nick

    25:40 Merch Messages #1

    34:02 Topic #3 - China hijacks government emails, Skyblivion’s Discord hijacked

    36:36 Forged authentications, discussing the danger behind this

    39:58 LMG & Floatplane is hiring

    40:21 Free global shipping overwhelms DLL

    42:17 Sponsors

    43:59 Secret Shopper - Sponsors Edition

    48:16 Sponsors continued

    49:00 Merch Messages #2

    1:14:29 Mellow_Labs's "Hit me Dan!" desktop toy

    1:19:05 Topic #4 - Amazon is not a "large online platform"

    1:21:14 European retailers, discussing AWS & Amazon's response

    1:33:08 "Where's your Canadian Tire!?," collectible bills

    1:36:43 Linus looks at pinball forums & Super Chexx thread

    1:42:08 Topic #5 - EU will require replaceable phone batteries

    1:43:11 Video of modified Super Chexx

    1:45:17 Would this result in replaceable batteries outside of the EU?

    1:50:10 Luke notices the dashboard, "profitable margins"

    1:54:34 Topic #6 - PlayStation 5 Access Controller to release soon

    1:59:50 Topic #7 - NVIDIA pressures board partners to stop building Battlemage GPUs

    2:07:00 Topic #8 - Windows Update Restored updates old OSs

    2:08:10 Topic #9 - Battalion 1944 refunds backers

    2:12:51 Topic #10 - US Telecom cables' toxic lead hazard

    2:16:56 Merch Messages #3 ft. On a break Dan, WAN Show After Dark

    2:26:22 Dealing with management when they want to replace working on computers?

    2:27:56 How much in-house engineering do you do at LMG?

    2:30:54 Would 16:9 stay the standard, or 21:9 be more widely used?

    2:33:16 Possible conflict of interest with LTT & iFixit?

    2:35:15 Schedules for LTX livestreams?

    2:41:08 What are your best tinkering stories?

    2:46:53 Advice on protecting your devices from threats?

    2:48:52 What to do about GPU water blocks causing wrecked loops?

    2:51:03 Good headset reviews despite the lack of content creators?

    2:56:35 Any special colors for the stubby screwdriver?

    2:58:45 Do you miss the 5 hour WAN Show?

    3:01:28 How much did you expect to lose from Lime Day?

    3:04:41 What would you say was your highest high & lowest low at LMG?

    3:06:14 What would you test the gaming minivan with?

    3:09:30 Anything Linus does about his insomnia?

    3:12:51 Ever considered hiring an analyst to find a trend with the YouTube algorithm?

    3:14:26 How to get credible independent reviews you can trust?

    3:16:04 How do the ladies feel when they model merch of a channel with men viewers as a majority?

    3:18:22 Ever had an interaction with someone you wished you hadn't?

    3:21:01 Possible LTX in Europe?

    3:22:50 How would Linus's retirement party's montage look?

    3:24:56 Could NVIDIA join the CPU market?

    3:25:47 Do you have any bad memories of your past teachers?

    3:31:27 Anything to keep in mind with opening a computer repair shop? ft. Dad joke

    3:32:07 LTTStore Ryzen 7000 CPU pillows?

    3:36:41 Events that nearly caused the cancellation of the WAN Show?

    3:38:10 Creators Warehouse in Europe?

    3:41:10 Why isn't badminton as big money-wise as tennis?

    3:45:52 A service to replace M50X headcups

    3:47:49 Best job match for content creators when YouTube wouldn't work out?

    3:49:10 What piece of tech that baffles you with how old governments are?

    3:51:24 How many PCIE lanes do you need for your devices?

    3:52:18 $100,000 in sales, Luke on outro merch messages time

    3:58:26 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:57 Intro

    2:25 Topic #1 - Google accused for ripping off advertisers

    4:34 Linus's & Luke's experience with creating ads

    7:07 Hidden skip buttons, Googles' viability

    10:22 GVS's CEOs' response, list of impacted brands

    13:44 Topic #2 - EVGA's motherboard teams' resignation

    14:08 EVGA's response, GN's review, shorter warranty

    16:06 LTT's PSU video, EVGA's PSUs are out of stock

    19:44 Topic #3 - Meta's Instagram Threads published

    20:52 Linus doesn't understand IG, "this is genius"

    23:10 Linus mentions Meta's mentality & Twitter

    25:26 Luke on Threads, MrBeast, lack of account verification

    28:07 Possible LTT account, Luke on "tweeting threads"

    29:22 Luke explains Threads, Linus on the lack of websites for apps

    33:50 Twitter threatens to sue, Meta's comeback

    35:13 Linus on Elon firing people, Luke on Twitter's "revenue"

    38:57 Content moderation, Linus wishes Threads good luck

    42:30 Topic #4 - LinusTechTips's 24/7 LTT TV stream

    45:49 LTT TV is participating in a Google trial

    47:17 Discussing work on LTT TV, Dennis's sponsor spots

    52:57 LTTStore stubby screwdriver notification

    53:20 "Lime Day" three days sale from the 12th to 14th

    55:57 Luke suggests Lime Day stream, discussing shipping costs

    58:09 Merch Messages #1 ft. Blaming Dan

    58:40 Would LMG get to where Apple is ft. "Owning" land, Luke the slave

    1:02:57 Why do people prefer NVIDIA's DLSS over FSR? ft. "LMG"

    1:06:56 Topic #5 - G0at sued by Terasynth's CEO

    1:12:06 Topic #6 - Gfycat to shut down by 1st of September

    1:16:28 Topic #7 - France's law allows spying people

    1:18:57 A plausible security breach, recalling Amazon

    1:20:03 Discussing surveillance with LMG & devices

    1:22:22 Air gap network switch with a physical disconnect

    1:25:23 Luke on backdoors, Linus on laws & normalizing devices

    1:29:25 Linus's & Luke's phone pics & usages

    1:33:09 Sponsors

    1:35:13 Merch Messages #2

    1:46:22 Luke's birds

    1:47:07 Topic #8 - Jolly Roger's AI wastes salesperson' time

    1:49:43 Topic #9 - Man sued over a thumbs-up emoji

    2:07:36 Topic #10 - Nintendo's annual report, low CEO compensation

    2:12:21 Topic #11 - TikTok now promotes books

    2:14:19 Topic #12 - New 12VHPWR standard to support high wattage

    2:15:12 Topic #13 - Fairphone is arriving to America

    2:15:20 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    2:17:22 Linus's house pool updates

    2:22:41 Starting with badminton with zero friends?

    2:25:38 Do you agree with Louis Rossmann's take?

    2:28:47 Editors' creative influence & LMG's guidelines?

    2:32:55 Ever been tempted to stray from LMG's pro-consumer concept?

    2:36:34 Floatplane merch? LTTStore tech pants ETA?

    2:40:45 Linus's issues with Z-Waves

    2:41:21 Does Luke's love of birds extend to bird watching?

    2:42:46 What changed with Linus's stance on PC retail after Labs?

    2:45:53 What happened to the AMD GPU challenge?

    2:48:38 How did Techlinked's video style come to be?

    2:50:30 Advice for getting gig work despite NDA?

    2:53:54 Linus's thoughts on switching to iOS?

    2:54:18 TBD release date with the NAS product?

    2:55:22 Learning to build an infrastructure with a budget?

    2:57:26 ETA for the LTT stubby screwdriver?

    2:57:57 Is this where you thought you'd be in your 30s?

    3:00:56 Thoughts on ASUS's ROG Ally

    3:02:21 Ever thought of sharing business tip advice?

    3:04:40 Releasing plans for the LTT desk?

    3:05:34 Tips with starting a company

    3:06:24 A hot take on the printer industry?

    3:06:55 Which Labs purchase excites you the most?

    3:08:12 Possibility of merch messages getting transcripted?

    3:08:48 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:46 Intro

    2:15 Topic #1 - Terren Tong is officially the new LTT CEO

    3:11 Linus's busy week, Luke's opinion on Linus & Terren

    6:12 How Linus feels, addressing community thoughts

    10:06 Can Terren fire Linus? Why Terren specifically?

    14:50 Is Linus an okay actor? Is dropping things "acting"?

    18:36 Linus on the RTX 4060 video, Luke on Linus dropping stuff

    22:31 Linus's guessing segment idea, Linus on the LTX drop

    24:56 Linus discussing writing LTT videos, recalls Nick

    29:54 LTTStore's new PCMR collab merch

    33:22 FP LTT Support Plus subs can access LTX 2023 merch

    35:28 LMG & Floatplane are hiring!

    36:43 Topic #2 - YouTube restricts adblockers' access

    38:20 Twitter requires login to watch videos, Linus on revenue

    40:14 Linus recalls The Simpsons, thoughts on this approach

    46:10 Luke on YT Premium & Spotify, Linus on family accounts

    51:08 Topic #3 - Activision's "hallucinations" anti-cheat

    52:38 Steam & Fallout cheater history, ScriptKid's fake CS:GO cheats

    54:30 What should LTT do if they caught cheaters in Whale LAN?

    56:32 Linus plans 250 seats LANs, variations of cheating

    1:01:24 Merch Messages #1

    1:02:22 Plans for more woman LTTStore merch? ft. Sarah

    1:05:30 Thoughts on a Framework handheld conversion kit?

    1:09:20 Nature VS nurture entrepreneurial mindset

    1:14:30 Badminton-playing robot in Linus's center?

    1:15:52 Stranger than Fiction WAN Show segment

    1:16:35 Dan explains the game & punishment

    1:17:38 StF #1 - E-bike data stream, "Changeme!" school password, Elon Musk's "burnt hair" perfume

    1:18:36 Linus's & Luke's StF #1 choices

    1:19:32 StF #2 - Bose's fire hazard recall, Auto drones blackouts, Nintendo's limited hairstyle

    1:20:18 Linus's & Luke's StF #2 choices

    1:20:30 StF #3 - Flame-throwing robo-dog, AI ASMR YouTuber, robots with insect hands

    1:21:12 Linus's & Luke's StF #3 choices

    1:21:55 Sponsors

    1:24:18 Topic #4 - iOS & Android's screen calls

    1:24:26 Linus & Luke discuss screening calls

    1:34:00 Topic #5 - Let Me Spy hacked, data breach

    1:39:14 Topic #6 - Publisher hires AI writer & editor

    1:42:12 Canada passes ONA bill, Linus & Luke on Google news

    1:46:33 Topic #7 - Fillian, a VTuber, responds to LTT's shoutout

    1:49:18 Topic #8 - LTT TV, continuous backlog livestream

    1:54:30 Topic #9 - Community's response to LTT's cooler video

    2:02:36 Topic #10 - GameLinked's official debut

    2:05:10 Topic #11 - Sovereign Tech Fund's Contribute Back to Open Source challenge

    2:05:50 Topic #12 - LTT community outrage at "lack of milk"

    2:07:22 Topic #13 - AMD announces limited Ryzen 5 5600X3D

    2:09:06 Topic #14 - TikTok's "Creative Challenge"

    2:11:20 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    2:12:04 What series would you revive? ft. Yvonne, Linus's dad's joke

    2:15:30 Ever wanted to flex your internet clout for your kids?

    2:19:56 Anyone of you used Microsoft Bob?

    2:24:48 Subtle changes with Terren as the CEO?

    2:28:00 Is the translucent screwdriver going to be a product?

    2:28:36 Was Linus nervous about being a boss?

    2:33:22 Past problems while working with subreddits?

    2:35:20 Realistic end goal for LTT?

    2:37:54 Linus is presented as humble, opinions on the employer style?

    2:39:48 Microsoft's Assassin Creed impact on Skull and Bones?

    2:42:45 What's the backstory of the Linus selfie pic?

    2:44:03 Quality assurance work that was put into the screwdriver?

    2:44:45 Would the Noctua screwdriver be limited?

    2:45:00 Parts of your job that you enjoy that aren't thought of as your job?

    2:45:56 Things you knew about housing that everyone should know?

    2:45:38 Videos you decided to make private?

    2:48:40 How often would you replace hard drives? Is it a dead tech?

    2:50:08 What do you do with a creators block?

    2:50:48 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:38 Intro

    2:04 Topic #1 - LTT is in PC Building Simulator 2

    4:01 Teaser trailer, finding references

    8:30 Thoughts, free demo, more references

    9:28 Topic #2 - Mark Zuckerberg V.S. Elon Musk cage fight

    11:14 Covering heights & weights, diet quotes

    12:26 Linus on Elon's demise, Mark's reply

    14:40 Dana White's interested, FP's comments

    15:28 Linus's & Luke's "height & weight" if fighting

    18:29 Mark's advantage, Canadian measurements

    26:30 Topic #3 - Amazon driver leads to home devices shutdown

    27:49 Locked out without notice, Rossmann's report

    29:02 Linus comments on Amazon & Rossmann

    35:28 LTTStore's new waffle hoodie

    37:04 Mystery water bottle, LTT Screwdriver notif

    38:30 LMG is hiring!

    38:56 LTX 2023 updates

    41:22 Merch Messages #1

    41:27 What other names Linus pondered to name LTT?

    43:04 Feelings about parasocial perception?

    43:54 Tech development that would impact consumers? ft. Taiwan

    49:24 Topic #4 - Dell Australia guilty of falsifying sale pricing

    50:26 Linus commends Australia, mentions NCIX weekly sale

    53:02 Discussing the compensation

    54:48 Topic #5 - Intel discontinues Limited Edition Graphics Cards

    56:10 Sponsor - JumpCloud

    57:24 Sponsor - Kudos

    58:20 Sponsor - Zoho One

    58:58 Merch Messages #2

    59:22 Linus on his "Guess The Price!" stream ft. Dan nearly dies

    1:06:18 Trend of consuming LTT content without being in the ecosystem?

    1:13:52 Communications tech 10-20 years from now? ft. Wehead

    1:16:24 Topic #6 - DPReview acquired by Gear Patrol

    1:18:22 Topic #7 - FTC sues Amazon for tricking users into Prime

    1:18:34 Luke defines dark pattern, discussing Prime

    1:21:48 Summarizing lawsuit & claims, Amazon's response

    1:24:36 Luke recalls canceling his late Grandpa's Prime

    1:26:12 Linus & Luke on "Zine"

    1:27:36 Linus's scenarios on canceling, leaving, "moon cancel"

    1:30:32 Topic #8 - AMD's FSR exclusivity in sponsored games

    1:31:16 NVIDIA's comment on supporting developers

    1:32:56 Topic #9 -Subreddits change policies to lessen ads

    1:33:20 Moderators removed & locked out of accounts

    1:33:44 r/PoliticalHumor makes all users moderators

    1:34:10 Topic #10 - EVE Online now has an Excel add-on

    1:36:00 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    1:36:04 Jack-of-all-trades or a master of one in tech?

    1:40:32 Obscure innovations that would have succeeded if open and not proprietary?

    1:45:33 What would you do as Reddit's CEO?

    1:49:26 Any "Fk it, we'll do it live!" moment that went well?

    1:52:00 Biggest life choice you made without knowing what you were doing?

    1:53:22 Any WAN Show or video with Tarran?

    1:53:36 LMG channels that are in the works?

    1:55:23 What changed your mind with the Taycan?

    1:57:00 Long-term effects after YouTube's dislike removal?

    1:57:30 Luke's favorite programming language? ft. Luke & Dan moment

    1:58:35 Did people get more or less tech savvy with tech's advances?

    2:00:18 Can Starlinked help with FP's ISP coverage?

    2:02:34 What would Linus's South Park episode be, and would it involve LMG employees?

    2:03:33 The worst driving you've seen from someone else?

    2:07:56 Fixed screwdriver's durability, and being hammered?

    2:08:50 What lab would you like to visit?

    2:11:03 Is it worth it to get 8GB graphics cards?

    2:12:46 What is Linus's favorite discourse started by himself?

    2:13:27 Luke Advocating Tips

    2:14:37 Thoughts on standardizing RGB products?

    2:16:18 LTT merch that would make life more accessible? ft. Wooden & machined screwdriver

    2:18:56 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:19 Intro

    1:46 Topic #1 - Twitch's new Partner Plus program

    2:44 Program's conditions, Luke on costs of streaming

    7:42 Kick's infrastructure, who should "win?"

    9:44 Recalling Twitch's 70/30 "deal," Luke empathizes with Twitch

    11:47 Kick is unstable, xQc moves over to Kick

    13:30 Discussing gambling, "can we be less ethical and make money?"

    16:15 Topic #2 - Luke timetravels 10 years into the past

    20:50 Topic #3 - Jesus returns on Twitch as an AI

    22:22 Linus likes this approach, mentions KJB & bracelets

    27:52 Merch Messages #1

    40:02 LTTStore JRE Knife back in stock, new capacitor water bottle

    43:37 Do you feel troubled when shopping for PC hardware?

    47:32 What did you realize you missed from trade shows?

    51:07 Topic #4 - Google's Google Domains sold to Squarespace

    52:30 Luke explains TLD, Linus on recurring revenue, can we trust Google?

    59:14 Topic #5 - Intel's new processor branding

    1:00:34 Discussing confusing branding, Linus blames Apple

    1:09:30 Sponsors

    1:13:19 Merch Messages #2 ft. Most popular JRE color

    1:15:07 "Skill Issue" - Dan 2k23

    1:15:34 Do you see a real-life Westworld with AI? ft. JRE color answer

    1:20:12 Will people post reviews on LTT Labs site?

    1:22:18 Technology that would replace Bluetooth?

    1:25:56 Topic #6 - Trucking company advertises via in-game billboards

    1:27:36 Luke's opinion on in-game ads, recalls steakhouse board

    1:30:05 Luke's auto-application idea, Linus on truckers wage

    1:32:01 Recalling in-game ad placements & sponsored games, ethics of ads

    1:39:40 Topic #7 - Comcast upset with FCC's transparent fees law

    1:43:02 Recalling FDA's impact on the food market

    1:43:38 Luke's issues with TELUS's recurring billing

    1:45:38 LMG is now hiring!

    1:46:33 Topic #8 - Cyberpunk 2077 raises system requirements

    1:52:40 Topic #9 - Linus's Taycan update ft. Luke's Acura

    1:57:45 Topic #10 - Reddit's API protests caused instability

    1:59:01 Huffman's claims, messages mods to "overthrow," restores data

    2:00:04 Luke's take on Reddit's approach, Linus sides with 3P Devs

    2:04:52 Topic #11 - Rockstar places 160 GTA V cars behind a paywall

    2:06:38 Linus & Luke on hating companies, addictive games, microtransactions

    2:13:25 Loot boxes IS gambling ft. Dad jokes, Steam's "top-sellers"

    2:16:15 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    2:18:24 Would GameLinked be competitive? How would you differentiate?

    2:24:40 Privacy concerns with AI driver facing dash cams

    2:28:50 Would Linus let his kids be more involved in home videos?

    2:31:27 On privateering, is Linus worried a company would sue?

    2:38:56 Car features you thought were stupid, but now can't live without?

    2:44:26 What's the biggest misstep with LMG, and how did you stop it?

    2:46:45 Linus's experience with Epson LS12000 projector

    2:48:34 How many generations away are AMD from beating RTX x090?

    2:49:57 Mark Rober collab, something about LTX that's sweating everyone?

    2:51:20 How old were you when you got into tech? Bad security breaches?

    2:54:38 Would you consider being a graduate speaker for an institution?

    2:58:33 Whatever happened to Linus's gaming mini-van?

    3:04:23 What happens to returned LTTStore items?

    3:05:06 Would Labs accept sponsored product reviews?

    3:15:44 Linus's Eightsleep "preparing itself," Nick Light on LTX tie-dye color

    3:19:11 Ever thought about signed or exclusive merch? LTX merch messages?

    3:22:46 Does LMG writing have banned words you can't use?

    3:24:34 Prerequisites for Linus's son's possible YouTube channel?

    3:25:40 Thoughts on favorite father's day gifts? LTT coasters update

    3:26:57 What racket, string tension & stringing machine you use?

    3:28:38 Would Linus start a company alone, or 50/50? With Luke?

    3:34:28 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    2:01 Intro

    2:28 Topic #1 - Twitch's updated TOS

    3:21 Branded content policy, Linus recalls YouTube's changes

    7:05 Simulcasting policy extended, Twitch's history

    10:49 "Consistent with other services," backlash & Twitch's response

    11:52 Discussing Kick, platforms throwing away their goodwill

    16:45 Twitch's partnership fee for leaving, LTT will simulcast

    18:52 LTT's meager revenue earnings on Twitch

    21:16 Topic #2 - Apple's Proton-like tool runs Windows games on Mac

    22:30 Github's statement, Luke thought this was a joke

    37:51 LTTStore's new button-up shirt, last chance to buy Labs #FIRST merch

    40:30 Merch Messages #1

    40:34 What's happening with Intel's workstation CPUs?

    1:04:42 Topic #3 - Jake Simmen's review on LTT stick locks

    1:06:25 Topic #4 - Louisiana's age verification law

    1:24:13 Topic #5 - Subreddits protest Reddit's API costs

    1:25:09 Reddit's exception to accessibility focused apps

    1:25:30 Apollo, Sync & RIF to shut down, Reddit laying off 5%

    1:25:50 Linus mentions Christian's Reddit post

    1:35:24 LMG's past, Linus on inheritance tax

    1:37:24 Reddit's stock evaluation dropped by 40%

    1:42:50 Reddit's terrible self-hosted images & videos

    1:44:52 Sponsor - Zoho One ft. In-The-Zone-Dan

    1:46:15 Sponsor - MSI

    1:47:06 Sponsor - Corsair

    1:48:14 Merch Messages #2

    1:55:46 Products in development hell you want to come out?

    1:58:16 Did you do anything crazy to test LTT products?

    2:06:52 Topic #6 - Logitech retires Blue & Astro ft. LukeCam

    2:14:50 Topic #7 - LTT is in Bluesky?

    2:17:16 Topic #8 - Apple's Vision Pro

    2:18:14 Pricing, specs, audio raytracing

    2:19:55 On-board M2 & M1 chips, mixed reviews

    2:21:26 Linus & Luke discuss the specs & power

    2:28:32 Voice control, Linus doesn't get the sales pitch

    2:30:33 Linus discusses web surfing, Luke on Index 2

    2:33:00 Linus & Luke on the use cases of the Vision Pro

    2:38:09 Apple might not know what the Vision Pro is

    2:41:11 Linus's house pool update

    2:41:57 Topic #9 - Linus Sebastian, CVO of LMG, "died"

    2:42:49 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark

    2:44:47 Will you change what you make with the new CEO?

    2:59:05 What would get you to upgrade from Z Fold 3?

    3:01:30 Is AI far enough to help me raise children?

    3:02:31 Good graphics cards with bad drivers in the past?

    3:03:22 Is info gatekeeping a problem at LMG's scale?

    3:04:52 Advice for struggling with growing up?

    3:05:52 What was your first experience hacking?

    3:08:17 What are you excited about with LTX?

    3:10:10 Does LTT lose money if everyone got the largest size desk pad?

    3:12:45 Luke's beard care

    3:13:31 YouTube "allegedly" pushes smaller channels to buy ads

    3:16:54 Backpack zippers replacement table on LTX?

    3:18:25 How do you all keep yourself grounded?

    3:20:18 Should job seekers question the morality of working for big tech?

    3:24:11 Frore Systems's AirJet on Framework?

    3:25:00 Is FP profitable enough to get exclusive content?

    3:26:51 What's your advice for building a portfolio & skill sets?

    3:28:36 Annual payment option for FP Grandfather tier?

    3:29:04 What's the best tech flex you've ever had?

    3:32:28 Anyone in the staff that changed your mindset?

    3:33:30 How can you get LAN parties to play together?

    3:34:28 Was Linus ever invited into Hot Ones?

    3:36:46 If someone at LMG had a channel blow up, would they partner with LMG, or leave?

    3:39:33 Has Sony responded to LTT's video? any company reacting negatively?

    3:41:37 Favorite movie or TV show to watch after a media set up?

    3:44:19 Do you plan on doing a SC on ROG Ally for an SSD upgrade?

    3:44:58 Is LTT still working on the Deck carrying case?

    3:45:15 Gigabyte graphics cards cracking

    3:45:36 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:36 Intro

    2:24 Topic #1 -TaiWAN Show

    3:52 Linus's discusses how he feels after stepping down

    6:20 Linus on the lack of PC gaming LTT videos

    8:16 Microblade servers, recalling history of CPUs

    10:04 ASUS's concept product on SC, NVIDIA & Intel's progress

    15:06 Push of development in servers & its impact on gaming

    19:01 Linus on the PCI-E Gens & speed, Luke on the Switch

    23:06 Has Linus buried the hatchet with NVIDIA's Jensen? Discussing games

    25:42 NVIDIA's market value hits $1T, thoughts on GeForce

    34:27 Linus recalls company behaviors in the absence of competition

    38:12 Retention of LTT's GPU video, Linus on the history of GPUs

    40:42 Linus on GPU V.S. graphics card, NVIDIA's GPUs, AMD Uprising Campaign

    45:42 LTTStore's new fleece lined jacket ft. Breakfast

    47:34 Possible reversible garment

    49:04 Linus on LTTStore's good merch reviews

    49:56 Merch Messages #1

    50:05 Would Linus & Luke fly to space? If so, where?

    55:08 How do you think AI would affect gaming - lazy, polished or used conservatively?

    59:53 How were you motivated to make LTT? Did you think of YouTube as a feasible career?

    1:08:01 Topic #2 - GIGABYTE's motherboards UEFI backdoor exploit

    1:09:52 GIGABYTE pushes out updates, discussing forced updates?

    1:11:10 The human element is often neglected

    1:13:56 Linus recalls the people behind projects & products

    1:18:52 Luke on audiences wanting reviewers to say the same thing

    1:21:42 Linus on collaborating with creators, LTX 2023

    1:23:08 New NVIDIA rep, recalling NVIDIA's behavior & HU's controversy

    1:39:52 Luke & Linus on past LTT's quantity goals

    1:41:02 Topic #3 - Why LTT didn't cover Streacom on COMPUTEX

    1:50:38 Classic brand response, Linus's response in person

    1:53:12 Linus feels bad for Streacom, recalls Cole-Bar

    1:56:16 "Bait-&-switch," Kickstarter's terms V.S. morality

    1:58:04 Sponsors

    2:02:07 Merch Messages #2 ft. AJ, Dan's on Linus's chair

    2:03:28 Dedicated AI chips to be in future devices?

    2:05:29 How did ShortCircuit get its name? ft. History of meetings

    2:12:36 Challenges with Luke returning to LMG?

    2:14:12 Topic #4 - Linus's pool contractor update

    2:25:32 Topic #5 - LTX 2023 update

    2:25:56 Volunteers link are live, mentioning booths & events

    2:28:22 List of creators coming

    2:31:02 Topic #6 - Diablo IV's Q&A with “fan questions”

    2:32:40 Topic #7 - Dolphin's Steam release postponed

    2:35:38 Topic #8 - Reddit's API pricing

    2:46:42 Topic #9 - Update on NEDA's AI help chatbot

    2:48:18 Topic #10 - Meta Quest 3 to release this fall

    3:00:32 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show "After Dark"

    3:01:52 Why not review the ROG Ally closer to the release date?

    3:06:08 Most interesting thing you saw at COMPUTEX that wouldn't make a good video?

    3:08:56 When Linus dies, who would you want to sponsor the funeral?

    3:15:44 What are some of the ways Yvonne feels celebrated?

    3:21:15 What would the tech community desire but everyone regrets wanting?

    3:22:34 Has there been a tech trend that surprised you in COMPUTEX?

    3:32:51 Poll results, Linus Cars Tips

    3:38:48 Biggest challenges to overcome, and how did you do it?

    3:39:18 What other store centers & fronts would you consider?

    3:40:12 Would you recommend a career at tech at 50?

    3:41:38 Do you fellows have any uncle-ing tips?

    3:43:45 What are Linus's favorite configs for daily socks?

    3:44:25 How important is it to you when you don't want to be recognized in public?

    3:45:56 What's the first home project Linus has done? ft. Alarm going off

    3:48:28 Noticed improvements from the ROG Ally's update? TotK performance?

    3:50:30 Do you carry any skills from your product manager days?

    3:53:58 Outro

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:25 Intro

    1:52 Topic #1 - Negative comments on LTT's videos

    3:37 Linus quotes comments, explains the video's structure

    7:04 Comments on LTT's short on Bilibili, from piracy to official

    9:48 Linus on the comments about the 4060Ti review

    11:32 Linus's funny video ideas, possible return of Scrapyard Wars

    15:38 Linus on YouTube category channels, mentions MKBHD

    17:53 Channel on every PSU, recalling history with laptop reviews

    20:10 Topic #2 - Sony's Project Q handheld

    22:13 Linus discusses wireless consoles

    24:14 Linus & Luke recalls Wii U's wireless controller pad

    26:24 Handheld consoles & cellular network gaming

    29:53 Luke calls out the lack of listed pricing

    31:32 Linus on how bad Nintendo Switch is

    33:49 LTTStore's new premium joggers

    34:42 Linus points out the good merch descriptions

    36:12 LMG, Labs & FP is now hiring!

    37:06 Gary's funni mesag tu posibl hirez

    38:47 Merch Messages #1

    38:52 How do you think products will develop beyond Morse's Law? ft. Skyrim

    47:40 What's the longest you've ever worked in one shift?

    52:26 Topic #3 - RTX 4060Ti's low number of sales

    53:12 NVIDIA's stock up by 30%

    54:03 AMD drops RX 7600's MSRP, Linus discusses the LTT video

    59:21 AIBs not changing prices of AMD’s RX 7600

    1:00:06 Intel drops A750's pricing to $199

    1:00:33 NVIDIA wants $100 for 8 GBs, not caring at all, possible Labs test benches

    1:05:19 Linus's meeting with James on future channels strategy

    1:08:36 Sponsors

    1:11:28 Merch Messages #2 ft. "Tai-WAN Show"

    1:11:58 Tips for traveling with LAN gear?

    1:13:30 A good work-life balance? ft. Birbs update, bad Twitch take

    1:20:43 Topic #4 - Addressing Eight Sleep's subscription

    1:25:18 Topic #5 - Addressing Techquickie's Kickstarter sponsor

    1:30:02 Topic #6 - Basically Homeless's invisible PC setup

    1:32:02 Super Tiny PC video, mentioning DIY Perks

    1:32:58 Topic #7 - NEDA replaces helpline with a chatbot

    1:35:23 Topic #8 - Google Play Store suspends Downloader due to Israeli DMCA

    1:37:22 Topic #9 - Japanese YouTuber arrested for posting & monetizing content

    1:39:45 Topic #10 - Activision sends Cease & Desist to CoD modders

    1:41:42 Topic #11 - YouTube turns off the Stories feature

    1:43:34 Topic #12 - LMG's 45,000 Watts fan

    1:45:04 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN After Slightly Darker

    1:45:45 Keeping a Z Fold 3 as long as possible? French ABC's of gaming?

    1:48:34 Did sponsors ever get angry for using memeing in their videos?

    1:49:40 Any new Linus's house content planned?

    1:51:19 What steps is LTT taking to keep GPU reviews out of errors?

    1:52:41 Any LTT Labs content planned for LTX?

    1:53:42 What is Linus's opinion on sites blocking screensharing?

    1:55:34 What's with the fancier, sillier, wordlier LTT videos lately?

    1:55:48 Do you recommend some tech industry guy to go to COMPUTEX with their SO?

    1:56:38 Most interesting place you saw LTTStore merch being used?

    1:57:42 Official LTT Labs qualifications for products?

    1:58:51 Any upcoming videos for ChannelSuperFun?

    2:01:24 Is Linus switching from the Steam Deck to ROG Ally?

    2:02:08 Linus's opinion on CrossCode's post-game DLC, & RadicalFishGames's project

    2:03:00 First game Linus played with Yvonne? Recommendations?

    2:04:03 Would you take a leap to create LTT if other channels existed before?

    2:04:32 How does Linus find good contractors or paid workers?

    2:06:25 Would Linus use an e-ink watch as a successor for the pebble?

    2:07:21 How do you evaluate new hosts to stay in the role?

    2:08:28 Outro ft. Existential crisis Dan

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    0:48 Intro

    1:14 Topic #1 - Linus steps down

    2:55 Linus's past suggestions for LMG solutions

    5:18 Luke on Teams notifs, Linus workshop on storyboarding

    10:56 Discussing writing knowledge-based articles

    11:48 Linus on disruptive shooting behavior, mentions SC

    14:05 "Chief Vision Officer" Discussing LMG teams

    16:53 Linus flabbergasted at MarkBench's progress

    21:03 Luke asks about oversaturation

    23:51 Ideas for LTT Labs, SC update, RF chamber's cost

    27:28 Linus explains "moat building," quoting DMs about FP

    29:06 Community response, Linus on difficult administrative

    32:39 Topic #2 - Free TV!that spies on you

    34:01 Charged $500 if opting out of tracking ft. awkward high five

    35:02 Linus on privacy concerns

    36:37 Ad-supported V.S. business revenue

    40:24 Linus asks "What's next?" ft. Ads revenue, domains

    48:30 Linus recalls getting charged for overdraft

    51:28 LTTStore's presale LABS #FIRST shirt & hoodie

    53:26 LTTStore notebooks back in stock

    53:32 Merch Messages #1

    54:48 Thoughts on slow drop of 4070 laptop GPUs?

    56:49 Would sponsors change? ft. Discussing Terren Tong

    1:14:52 LTTStore screwdriver Noctua edition

    1:16:48 Showcasing the screwdrivers in person

    1:23:47 Luke on how the CEO would handle leaks

    1:24:03 Topic #3 - Schools struggle with ChatGPT

    1:24:48 Chegg claims ChatGPT hurt their revenue

    1:25:36 "Plagiarism," Texas professor fails half of students

    1:27:25 Should schools be responding to AI? ft. Comment bots

    1:30:26 Linus struggles with calling his contacts

    1:33:14 Topic #4 - Imgur's NSFW & old content purge

    1:36:57 How should we be retaining internet history?

    1:40:07 "Convert the moon into a server! NUKE THE MOON!"

    1:42:34 Sponsors

    1:45:46 Merch Messages #2

    1:46:40 Would it matter if I like or finish a video on FP?

    1:49:19 Which was first - CVO Linus or CTO Luke? ft. Linus trolling Dan

    1:51:19 Decision of overturning the CEO? ft. Water bottle "ideas"

    1:54:38 Is it possible to run an OS on a GPU's VRAM?

    1:56:29 Topic #5 - Google's controversial domain extensions

    1:57:32 Linus on Google Search, Luke shows file link V.S. domain

    1:59:56 Reasons for doing this, what is the point?

    2:03:50 Topic #6 - Toyota exposes live location ft. Dad jokes

    2:05:43 Topic #7 - Roblox doesn't protect kids from ads

    2:06:56 CARU's report, FTC complaint & Roblox's response

    2:08:42 Kids "budgeting," Luke on cosmetic costs

    2:16:30 Topic #8 - Valve sued by Immersion due to the rumble

    2:17:42 OCBASE/OCCT 20th "Stableversary" giveaway

    2:18:52 Topic #9 - Overwatch 2 cancels PvE mode

    2:29:37 Merch Messages #3

    2:30:58 How did you get Terren? Compensation?

    2:34:40 Any project Linus is excited to work on? ft. Nuke fab

    2:37:48 Most costly things you misplaced or lost?

    2:42:28 What worried Linus the most when stepping down?

    2:43:19 Thoughts on Kyle ending Bitwit?

    2:46:50 Most challenging part of being a CVO?

    2:48:04 Is cosplay going to be allowed in LTX?

    2:49:02 Favorite FP info that Linus leaked, and its downsides?

    2:50:42 Defunct company you would revive to thrive?

    2:54:48 Does Linus plan to have time for non-LMG stuff?

    2:56:10 Skill sets you'd like to improve on your new position?

    2:59:55 Has Linus debated how much of his life should be on the show?

    3:04:40 Is putting a camera to monitor your computer too far?

    3:12:36 Do you see WAN Show outliving you as hosts?

    3:22:46 Has LTT Labs always been the end goal of LTT?

    3:23:24 Best memory Linus made with his Taycan?

    3:25:26 How would past Linus react to what LMG became today?

    3:29:28 How did Linus prepare?

    3:31:32 What did Terren teach young Linus that stuck?

    3:37:00 Minimum age of lifeguarding has been lowered

    3:44:11 Any leadership minds that inspired you?

    3:46:10 What if the new CEO stopped you from being who you are?

    3:46:28 Outro

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    Timestamps [Courtesy of Andrew :)] - Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Start

    0:17 Topics

    1:21 Intro

    1:49 ASUS Controversy

    1:50 Why people are mad at LTT

    5:46 ASUS BIOS explanation

    11:47 ASUS can suck at PR

    18:24 How LTT handles sponsors

    20:48 Has ASUS said anything publicly?

    25:25 ASUS can suck at PR pt 2

    31:40 Manufacturers' reputations

    38:47 LTT Store Update

    39:13 Sticklocks

    47:29 Merch Messages 1

    47:30 LTT products in retail

    49:53 Floatplane update

    51:57 Dropping sponsors

    56:26 Topic 2: Google IO

    59:18 Product/Feature support

    1:05:12 LTT IO stream mishaps

    1:09:53 New phones

    1:14:07 Unintuitive phone design

    1:18:29 Topic 3: YouTube AD Block

    1:20:05 How do we approach this?

    1:25:18 The history of YouTube ADs

    1:28:29 Too much vs not enough ADs

    1:31:46 Sponsors ft Squarespace, Jumpcloud, Seasonic

    1:34:18 Merch Messages 2

    1:34:59 Dumb tech mistakes

    1:36:26 Power plants

    1:37:25 Virtual machines

    1:40:30 Basketball shorts

    1:40:53 LTX lineup

    1:41:36 LTX shopping update

    1:47:50 LTX volunteers

    1:48:07 Sticklocks on Steamdeck

    1:49:12 Topic 4: Misfit Watches not updating

    1:50:33 What the heck!

    1:53:29 Topic 5: Badminton Woes

    1:53:30 Industrial products

    2:07:20 Topic 6: Chinese CPUs

    2:08:03 Why?!? How?!? (feat Yvonne cameo)

    2:12:23 Topic 6: Net Neutrality Fake Comments

    2:14:57 White Collar crime

    2:17:11 BOINC Update

    2:18:12 WAN Show: After Dark

    2:18:40 How to WOW customers with a small business

    2:21:08 How to self-manage

    2:22:05 Do you delete videos?

    2:23:33 Build review video when?

    2:24:19 How to run your PC on your TV

    2:25:05 Bonus Topic: UBER CSO sentence

    2:26:22 ROG ALLY vs other handhelds

    2:27:59 LTT LAB logistics

    2:28:48 Sticklocks lifespan

    2:29:08 LLMs for home automation

    2:30:15 Linus' at home trolling

    2:31:37 LTT LABs future

    2:34:57 Custom chip race

    2:36:26 Underage on YouTube

    2:37:57 Valve's bad behaviors

    2:40:50 SysAdmin qualifications

    2:42:07 Impactful apps and features

    2:44:54 Small YouTubers' growth

    2:49:25 Taylor Swift concert

    2:53:04 How to treat your fans

    3:00:00 Enjoyment in work

    3:10:22 Streaming PC to Phone

    3:11:04 Merch memes

    3:19:08 Instant regret, turned out great

    3:26:14 Responsibility for products

    3:28:54 Tears of the Kingdom

    3:30:38 Newly weds

    3:31:14 WAN Show: RapidFire

    3:42:00 Outro

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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Andrew :)) - Note timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Start

    0:05 Topics

    1:22 Intro

    1:49 Topic 1: Discord Usernames

    2:08 Background

    5:00 This doesn't make sense

    8:37 Counter argument

    10:51 How would you run it?

    13:24 Discord vs Slack/Teams

    15:51 Why is this happening?

    19:03 Topic 2: OBS supports AV1 Streaming

    19:58 Why this is important

    23:15 H264 vs AV1

    25:59 Floatplane AV1 and updates

    33:00 LTT Store Update

    33:29 New t-shirts

    34:42 Cyber Stats Mousepad

    36:55 Merch Messages 1

    37:00 Future of Handheld Gaming

    44:03 LTT's Audiences

    53:14 Topic 3: EA Woes

    55:22 Ultra settings in games

    57:15 Dubious claims

    58:13 Topic 4: Pixel Fold

    1:00:24 Phone stats

    1:01:04 Foldable phone woes

    1:10:07 $1700

    1:17:12 Sponsors

    1:21:31 Proposal Pt 1

    1:25:10 Merch Messages 2

    1:25:13 Biggest crowd mishap

    1:28:00 Favorite South Park episode?

    1:29:02 Young vs old in tech

    1:31:46 Justice for Dan's christmas album

    1:33:08 Topic 5: Open Source AI

    1:39:12 The problem with rumors

    1:44:20 Topic 6: AMD 7040u

    1:46:40 Chip specs

    1:47:56 Microsoft Hardware

    1:54:41 Proposal Pt 2

    1:58:25 Topic 7: Biofire's Smart Weapon

    1:59:59 Luke's gripes

    2:01:25 Linus' smart weapon idea

    2:02:12 WAN Show: After Dark

    2:03:17 Private chef

    2:07:08 8 gigs of VRAM

    2:11:21 Computing Competition

    2:12:39 Bird Seed

    2:13:01 Liability

    2:15:28 Licensure in tech

    2:17:40 LTT products flops vs tops

    2:21:13 Future tech

    2:23:44 Parrot video calls

    2:25:21 WAN show format

    2:27:54 New channel ideas

    2:29:53 Big and tall LTT store

    2:30:31 Windows File Explorer

    2:32:10 Workplace communication

    2:35:25 Linus' 10 points for good videos

    2:42:06 Sponsor disclosure

    2:43:12 Big business

    2:45:30 History of tech changes

    2:46:15 Speakers practicality

    2:47:26 Gaming now vs then

    2:50:40 HR software

    2:52:02 Custom screwdrivers

    2:52:46 Videogame soundtracks

    2:55:21 Roast of Linus

    2:55:55 Leadership skills

    2:57:19 Ultrawide monitors

    2:59:09 Windbreaker variations

    2:59:47 Folding phone woes

    3:00:02 Bigscreen Beyond

    3:01:34 WAN Show: Rapid Fire!

    3:04:26 Outro

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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Andrew :)) - Note timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:02 Topics

    1:03 Intro

    1:29 Topic 1: Canada's Bill C11

    2:08 Background

    5:15 Unintended consequences

    9:26 What is Canadian Content?

    12:05 Local content

    18:04 Cultural pride

    19:40 C11 Cynicism

    27:36 What will happen at LTT?

    30:44 Topic 2: AMD's Burnt Chips

    33:35 Computer parts, then vs now

    37:26 Quality control

    38:46 Foreign Manufacturing

    44:57 Topic 3: ROG ALLY

    44:58 Leaked price (600 dollars)

    45:43 ROG ALLY vs Steam Deck

    49:21 LTT Store Update/Merch Messages Explained

    50:34 LTT Store Deals

    54:48 LTT Onesie

    56:07 Carabiner update and demonstration

    1:07:25 Merch Messages 1

    1:07:26 Advantages/Disadvantages ADHD

    1:09:14 Approach to content creation

    1:13:30 Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    1:15:29 Nvidia 50 series

    1:15:35 Atlas OS

    1:18:11 Nebula corrections

    1:23:48 Topic 4: School Chromebooks

    1:26:19 Kids break stuff

    1:27:45 Device lifespan

    1:33:18 Sponsors

    1:38:18 Topic 5: Twitter Re-verification

    1:41:16 Elon's deepfake argument

    1:43:01 Twitter sucks

    1:44:15 Topic 6: Linus' Cosmetic Surgery

    1:47:52 Topic 7: LTX 2023 Update

    1:50:34 LTX Digital Pass

    1:54:50 Canadian cash woes

    1:57:50 Merch Messages 2

    1:57:51 Motherboard Chipset

    2:01:16 What other company might Luke want to work on?

    2:03:45 Building LLMs

    2:06:23 GameLinked

    2:08:42 Unlimited money

    2:09:17 Ultimate gaming minivan

    2:10:53 Favorite April Fools Video to shoot?

    2:18:43 RCS

    2:19:31 LTT Cowboy hat (no)

    2:20:21 Luke's favorite bird memory

    2:22:13 WAN show as Audio Podcast

    2:23:07 Topic 8: Activision Blizzard Merger Blocked

    2:26:14 Luke's (accidental) rude hand gesture

    2:27:42 Topic 9: Colorado Farmers Win Right to Repair

    2:30:02 WAN Show: After Dark

    2:32:32 Youtube ads and sponsors

    2:37:22 Favorite memory of new tech

    2:39:15 Companies supporting games

    2:41:38 Future town square platforms (hi future you!)

    2:43:46 Future Framework Modules

    2:44:46 Perception of value

    2:46:31 Shooting videos at Linus' home

    2:48:58 Linus' pool update

    2:51:58 Non tech-savvy people

    2:53:07 Bonus Topic: Luke's NASA Trip

    3:00:14 Microcloud Server

    3:02:57 Tech concept products

    3:03:50 Apple and gaming

    3:05:44 How to time manage for Linus

    3:07:35 Merch message ideas

    3:09:34 Motivation

    3:11:09 Embarrassing screenshare moments

    3:13:02 Pet birthday

    3:14:51 Solutions for C11

    3:15:53 Relocation for LTT

    3:17:36 Upcoming Movies

    3:20:25 Young kids and video games

    3:23:20 European customers

    3:23:30 Product updates

    3:23:54 Coding bootcamps

    3:25:36 Product design

    3:26:46 Accessibility in gaming

    3:28:42 Wedding ring

    3:30:40 Quality over Quantity

    3:31:34 Nostalgia and childhood games

    3:35:40 Model train project

    3:36:36 Wii on the Steam Deck

    3:37:31 Closed vs open source code

    3:40:43 Outro