• Chris Spencer is one of the most respected comedy writers in Hollywood. We became friends 7 years ago when I moved to L.A. from the many times we have worked together at the Comedy Store. Chris was kind enough to come to the Rhodes library where we recorded this conversation about why racism isn't always a bad thing, sneaker culture, his friendships with Snoop Dog, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Dave Chappelle and how comedians are under attack these days. We also talk about how I am a French lesbian when it comes to relationships and how focusing on hot yoga, my jokes and being my best self is my plan to win back the heart of the woman I love. For my L.A. History documentary project we talk about Tupac Shakur's legacy and songs about supreme male confidence. Finally we discuss white nationalist domestic terrorism and how the Republican embrace of the idea that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is just a cover to mask the fact that what they are really saying is that only white votes matter and only white votes should be counted. Chris is a man who I love and respect as a comedian and I'm happy that he can delight you here and now with his wisdom, insight and stories and that is why it is my pleasure to present to you the one and only Chris Spencer!

  • "A lot of comedians can't write because in order to write you have to spend time by yourself and these types of comedians are afraid of what the silence with tell them about themselves."

    Willie Barcena is one of the realest mother truckers I have ever seen on stage. I respect him because he has a philosophy and outlook on life that he brings to every joke or story idea he brings to the stage and that is my favorite kind of comedy. He believes in the power of the pen and that to survive as a comedian you must always be writing which involves being alone and focusing your thoughts. "A man who can be alone with himself is a dangerous man. Willie has survived every imaginable hardship from childhood poverty to family betrayal during the pandemic and these circumstances have only added to his arsenal of funny things to talk about. In this episode we talk about Mexican heroes, the Low Rider culture of Los Angeles and many other dazzling knowledge nuggets to delight your brain. He is a man full of valuable wisdom and powerful punchlines and that is why it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Willie Barcena! Hooray for humanity!
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  • Ron G has the best kind of powerful goodness & this is what you need in your brain right now. Stop fighting life & let the light in. Hooray for humanity!

    Ron G is not only one of the funniest comedians working today, he has one of my favorite instagram accounts that always cracks me up and brightens my day.

    Ron is an expert on relationship advice and he showed up at the perfect time to help counsel me on the Toronto Muslim feminist that I am in love with but may have lost. Ron told me, "All you can do is show her how committed you are and what you are willing to do." His other excellent advice is "If you want to have the best sex of your life commit to one person." Ron G is not only a great comedian he is a great human being. He showed up at my place on a day that I was feeling really low and we spoke for 90 minutes on my balcony before we even recorded for my podcast. He was just the right friend I needed to talk to today and he lifted me up when I was feeling low. A spiritually centered, humble and funny man is what the world needs right now and Ron G is the first guest I ever had on my program that I prayed with after we recorded. It was just the prayer I needed at that time with exactly the right friend. If you don't know Ron G already then today is your lucky day. Put on your happy pants and enjoy this conversation I had with the one and only Ron G! Hooray for humanity!
  • "Get that money, get that money, get that money."

    - Piff the Magic Dragon In 2014 when I did the Edinburgh festival in Scotland I remember that Piff the Magic Dragon was one of the most popular acts there that year. In 2015 he and his sidekick Mr. Piffles crushed it on America's Got Talent and ever since then he has been headlining the main main at the Flamingo hotel and casino. I was tickled to have this loose and fun conversation with him and I urge you to see his show if you are going to Las Vegas. Vegas is the top of the mountain for magicians and even though this dragon is notoriously grumpy he was kind enough to show me the view from this pinnacle. Hooray for humanity and hooray for Piff the Magic Dragon!
  • She's smart, she's funny, meet my friend Madison Sinclair!

    She is from Central Florida and currently crushing it in L.A. When I first saw Madison Sinclair I was tickled to see such an attractive young woman with such a dark and twisted sense of humor. Watching her perform I laughed out loud at the wicked spin she put on her topics. When I heard her say she was from Florida I instantly wanted to be her friend. The fact that she spent a large chunk of the pandemic in Apopka is in itself rich with fact finding life experience. I like Madison's perspective and the journey she is on in this life while getting stronger as a stand up. You might be surprised to find out that she discovered she was a lesbian while in Thailand and her life has been happier ever since. When I see people with a pure heart and a pure love for stand up comedy I always want to get to know them and be friends because we are a part of the same tribe. As the summer heat arrives let this blast of Florida sunshine along with a cool breeze delight and inform your brains. People of the earth! Meet my friend Madison Sinclair!
  • Rejoice humans! Miracles still do happen. My Instagram was hacked and for 8 days I was locked out of my own account. I was having a terrible week until I saw a woman at the grocery store in a sun dress reach for something on a lower shelf and the sight of her exposed breast cheered me up instantly. In this episode you will learn why the orange Rufus hummingbird is the most special, the power of positive thinking from Ted Williams and the artist's mindset and mission as set forth by Balzac. I will also tell you what Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars triggered in me. Plus you will learn which Beatle I would eat first and which Beatle I would eat last if I had to eat the Beatles in order to stay alive if we were in a plane crash together in the Andes. To cap off this epic blockbuster episode I will tell you about my new project about LA History that I have been working on and the cherry on the cake that it was for me to go film at The Urban Con at the LA Convention Center to talk to people about Low Rider culture in Los Angeles. And of course to see the automobile masterpieces that were on display. There are so many beautiful humans on this earth and I am happy to be one of them. Hooray for humanity!

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  • Make yourself a better human being by enjoying this fun chin wag I had with Judd Apatow about comedy and the George Carlin documentary he just made that premieres on HBO May 20th. Come get some laughter all over your face!

    I'll be honest with you, when Judd Apatow told me that he liked my podcast I thought he was bullshiting me. But then after I witnessed a suicide and put out a podcast about what happened and the PTSD that I experienced after, Judd sent me lovely message telling me that he thought it was brave that I talked about it and thought the episode would help a lot of people. Judd reaching out to me at that moment was also perfect timing because I had just watched the documentary Judd made about Garry Shandling and that had helped to lift me up when I was in my lowest, darkest place. Judd is not only a comedian and comedy film director, he is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people in all of show business. I was tickled that he came to my humble little home to record this conversation with me. In this episode we talk about our tribe of comedians and the brilliant documentary on George Carlin that Judd just made that premieres on HBO May 20th. In a world full of stress and uncertainty comedy is more valuable than it has ever been. I let the teenage comedy nerd in me run wild in this conversation, as Judd and I celebrated together our passion for comedy. I know every drop of this interview is going to bring sunshine to your heart, and that is why it is my pleasure to present to you, the one and only Judd Apatow! If you'd like to support our work, you can do so at patreon.com/tomrhodessmartcamp Music intro: Sananda Maitreya Music outro: Matt Farley Production Ashna Rodjan
  • I first met Turner Sparks 12 years ago in China where I was performing and he was just starting out as an open micer. Since then he went on to start his own comedy tour of China and bring the Mr. Softee ice cream truck franchise to China. Both of these endeavors were not without complications.

    He lives in Brooklyn now and he is one of the kindest people I have ever met in comedy. Rejoice in this glorious conversation that we recorded together in Reno.

    Joy be upon you!

  • Preacher Lawson is a talented comedian who is now trying to start a career as a UFC fighter. In this conversation I am trying to talk him out of it and trying to convince him to stick with comedy. Joy be upon you and hooray for humanity!

  • Stay cheerful because there are enough bitter turds on this earth try to see the beauty that exists among all the ugliness.

    JT Habersaat is a comedian, author, artist and my dear friend. He is also a Charles Bukowski enthusiast, so much so that he has Bukowski's face tattooed on his leg. In this episode JT and I sit down and talk about the poet Charles Bukowski and why he is meaningful to us. This conversation was also filmed as a part of a secret project I have been working on for the past year and parts of this talk will be puzzle pieces put into that project. Now with all of the hatred and violence set loose on the earth it is a good time to be reminded to stay cheerful because there are enough bitter turds on this earth and why you should always try to see the beauty that exists among all the ugliness. Special thanks to my friend JT Habersaat for flying all the way to California to be a part of my project. Friendships are the greatest treasures to be found on this earth. Hooray for humanity! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Russian warships go fuck yourself! Patreon.com/TomRhodesRadioSmartCamp
  • This episode is a repost from September 2014.


    Recorded at Johnathan’s house in Las Vegas, September 2014

    I want to pay tribute to the Amazing Johnathan before he drops dead.

    We all avoid the thought of death and superstitiously try to avoid the topic but that dirty whore will strike each of us. The Amazing Johnathan has a heart ailment and his doctors have told him that if his medicine doesn't work he only has one year to live.

    Imagine what you would do if you were told you only had one year to live.

    After years of touring relentlessly he wants to stay at home, maybe buy a new big screen TV, maybe do heroin, maybe a demolition derby in his back yard?

    I drove into his swank neighborhood, gated community with plush lawns and green trees in Las Vegas. Rich people can make it green anywhere. His house is a large sparkling palace with classic cars parked all over the front yard and back.

    The 17 year old boy in me can't help but smile to see sitting in his drive way a 1967 midnight blue convertible GTO. His tasteful home has been modified to his specifications and every painting in his house has a trick or joke function hidden that can spring forth at his command. His opulent home is exactly the way you would dream Amazing Johnathan's house would be or a mad scientist with a wicked sense of humor. I'm impressed to see the life that he made for himself and I'm proud of him for being one of the few comedians who was smart with his money.

    He earned it! Going from comedy club headliner to doing countless television appearances he opened up The Amazing Johnathan Theater in Las Vegas and his ominous presence could be felt advertised everywhere in the city during his decades run. I would credit Amazing Johnathan with being right at that turning point in Las Vegas history where it went from being a sad joke to the cool upgraded spot it is today. George Carlin was a fan of his and once left him a long complimentary message on his answering machine. He listens to it when he gets depressed he tells me. He attributes everything he has to drugs. He tells me the best and worst times he had on drugs. He is open with me and honest about his lunatic partying days. He tells me that dying is a lazy way to get compliments.

    I met the Amazing Johnathan doing comedy festival and television tapings and we have been friends from sharing those experiences. Our mad men party periods never met and I only knew him in a professional way that I respected. His comedy for lack of a better description I would call rock & roll comedy magician but whatever you would call it the man always hit the stage like a hurricane with jokes coming at you from everywhere. For me personally the reason I love the Amazing Johnathan is because when I was a young comedian watching every stand up comedy show on television while dreaming of getting there myself that is when I saw him for the first time. Destroying the audience on television and me at home.

    He was unlike all the other stiff, cookie cutter style comedians, he had his own style and his magic tricks involved fake blood and his eye popping out. Crazy shit! I loved him for his wildness and I respected him before I ever even met him.

    In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hamlet holds the skull of a comedian and he laments the fact that such a magic human who had made him laugh so hard is no longer of this earth. I ain't Hamlet and I ain't waiting until the man is dead to say how much I appreciate him. This tribute episode is not meant to be sad, it is meant to be alive and celebratory. For this reason I end the episode with a song I love instead of some sad sappy shit. The man left his mark on American entertainment and world wide comedy. I'm grateful that I know him and that he invited me over to his house to have this conversation with him.

    It is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Amazing Johnathan!

  • In the USA we had a war on drugs, we had a war on terrorism, and now I think we need to declare war on anger.

    Each one of us should fight to keep that poison out of our lives. Listening to Curtis Mayfield helps. Another sure way to perfect joy is by listening to this warm and lovely conversation I had with Zainab Johnson.

    She is someone I love and would always makes laugh. Let some light into your life and rejoice now that the new episode of TRR Smart Camp is here! It is my please to introduce you now to the one and only Zainab Johnson! Joy to you! Patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp
  • Happy love day February 14! Today I want to introduce you to the bright ball of sunshine, intelligence & hilarity that is my good friend Monique Marvez.

    She is a fire breathing dragon on the comedy stage and a possessor of great pearls of wisdom from a life fully lived. Get happy with this glorious conversation that we recorded for delight of your brain & all of humanity. Joy be upon you! patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp
  • Danny Fingers & The Thumbs have a new album coming out on February 22 & he has flown himself down from Bend, Oregon to tell me all about it. Danny is a fellow world traveler and artistic soul and that is why it is my pleasure to present him to you now. Joy be upon you!

  • My heart took a solid punch of sadness when I learned of the recent passing of Jonathan Atherton. He was a pioneer on the international comedy scene for nurturing and helping to develop the comedy scenes in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. He was a beautiful lunatic with a golden heart who made me and so many others laugh through the years with his all loving comedy in defense of the underdog. It was my pleasure to share many stages with him throughout South East Asia and I am forever grateful to him for introducing me to black pepper crab in Singapore which to this day remains one of my favorite things on this earth. I'm happy to have known him and even happier that I recorded this conversation with him in Singapore in 2013. Rejoice in his stories of a life fully lived and his rich voice full of expression. Performing stand up comedy and passing on the flame to the next generation were his greatest passions in life and it is my pleasure to honor him here and now by reposting this conversation that we recorded. My love and sympathy to his surviving love of his life Beatrice who helped him reach his full potential in life. I will miss your beautiful laugh and your caring world view, RIP my dear friend Jonathan Atherton.

  • Enjoy this conversation I recorded with my wonderful & amazing mother in Mount Dora, Florida. Joy be upon you!

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  • This year has been rough and I have been on a mission to cheer myself up.

    Comedy, baseball, rollerskating and music have been my tools to repair my joy but most of all, friendships have been my glue holding it all together. I am blessed to have so many good true friends in my life and in this episode I review the many strange and joyous experiences I've lived recently. Hooray for humanity and hooray the many beautiful human beings who populate my life. Are you interested in future podcast episodes? Support by sharing, donating and enjoying extra's on Patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp
  • Let me tell you about the time I smoked pot with Jack Nicholson at Dodger stadium during a Rolling Stones concert

    I blew it! I have been dating an amazing woman and I broke up with her only to find out that my love is stronger than my pride and my principles.

    In this episode I talk about how I'm afraid to listen to music now because the right song could destroy me. I talk about the death of Charlie Watts and the time I smoked pot with Jack Nicholson at Dodger stadium. Also I remember the best lines from the movies of Jean-Paul Belmondo who also died recently. Special thanks to Erick Urquidez who produced this episode. Joy be upon you! patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp
  • It is best to stay a bus length away from a bison and a football field's length away from a bear.

    Hear the story of my epic trip trip to Montana, from the best place to see bison, to where you can take bubble breaks along the highway and why mounted deer heads on walls all have the same facial expression. Come ride along with me to learn amazing animal facts and to hear stories that will make your belly quake with laughter. Joy be upon you and hooray for humanity! patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp
  • Never become a bitter turd, no matter what happens to you. For the first time in 37 years I had to cancel show due to illness because I got Covid 19! I am fully vaccinated so I felt bullet proof and hugged way too many people at the shows in Las Vegas last week. Fortunately I was about to perform at Brad Garrett's comedy club in Las Vegas when I found out that I had it. Brad Garrett is one of the most loving & generous people in show business & the glorious humans who work at his club are like family to me. I was allowed to stay at the MGM Grand hotel & quarantine here. The first few days I felt like a truck had run me over & the big jacuzzi tub in the room was a great relief to my body aches. Las Vegas is currently a hot bed for the Delta variant & it got me. Now this is just one more thing that I have survived. In this episode I talk about how the last 8 days of quarantine have been, the beautiful memorial celebrating the life of Carl LaBove that I spoke at that was held at Brad Garrett's comedy club on July 18. I tell you here about the legacy of the bright soul that was Carl LaBove is to never become a bitter turd, no matter what happens to you. I also talk about the influence that Annick Piel had on me, she was the mother of my first adult love story Nathalie & Annick recently passed away in Paris. With my girlfriend sitting beside me we talk about the Westwood Village memorial cemetery where we saw the graves of Rodney Dangerfield and Marilyn Monroe. We also talk about seeing Kool & the Gang at the Hollywood Bowl & seeing Charley Crockett at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. Going to cemetery's remind you to live & so does getting Covid 19. I'm ready to live & bust out of the MGM in Las Vegas & be rejuvenated & healed in the wilderness. The great wide open West stands open before me. I'm ready to breath easy among the mountains. Special thanks to Brad Garrett for paying me this week even though I didn't do any shows. I'm grateful for the people in my life & that is the best thing I learned during this illness. God bless the good hearted true friends! Hollywood be thy name! patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp