• Happy 99th episode everyone! This week we are joined by one of the greats! We have host, comedian, Bravo personality, and friend, Daryn Carp (Shaken & Disturbed Podcast, People's Reality Check) on the show! Daryn is one of the busiest freelancers we know, but for an hour she was unemployed with us. We discuss her first jobs in her family's ski shops, working as a waitress in her hometown, and then the coveted retail job at American Apparel (RIP). But after her retail days, Daryn landed the NBC page program right out of college where she got to work on a bunch of NBC shows. Eventually she got an interview to work with Andy Cohen, where she was exceptionally honest about her opinions on Bravo shows. What could have cancelled her in the Bravo-verse turned into an 11 year job working alongside Andy Cohen at Bravo. We get to learn some great advice that Daryn has gotten over the years and it's very cool to hear how supportive of a boss he's been throughout her life. This episode is inspiring, and shout out to Andy Cohen if he ever wants to be a guest! LOL. Make sure you check out Daryn on social: @carpedaryn and listen to Shaken & Disturbed podcast!

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  • This week's episode is with an amazing Film & TV Producer, Professor, Cartographer of the Media Universe, and Anna's friend, Evan Shapiro! Evan has had some incredible jobs over the years working for big corporate media companies, producing major comedy series like Portlandia, teaching at NYU, and his latest venture- starting a podcast with his daughter about cancel culture! (Brave, right?! It's so funny.) Evan gives some of the best advice we've had on this podcast. He talks to us about the rise and fall of major media companies, and what he liked and disliked about working for some of these corporations, and how he's able to fuel his creativity into his life now. He tells us stories about running his own business, a creative marketing agency working with Broadway's biggest shows, and developing Portlandia for IFC. Evan and Anna talk about finding your passion and figuring out a way to make money doing it, which is really what a job should be. And also Broadway...they're big theater nerds. You're going to love this episode and feel empowered about work after listening to it. So to take him down a notch (just kidding) go listen to his new podcast, "Cancel Culture" with his daughter and her comedian friends who have to write a joke for Evan about a questionable topic that could definitely get him cancelled! Follow Evan on social media @eshap - and for more wise words, his Substack!

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  • We're back! We've been on a little break but hey, we're on our way to episode 100! This week we have on one of Anna's new and close friends who she has never met in person, the hilarious and talented Nicole Travolta! Nicole and Anna literally met over instagram where they were posting SATC impressions over the pandemic and then ended up collaborating on a video! A video that they shot separately from NY and LA and edited it together! Technology, people. This episode is so wonderful because Nicole really shows us what it's like when your personal life can interrupt your professional one. After going through a divorce, she truly found herself and her passion again and has been making incredible content and strides in her career! Plus we get some amazing stories about clients of hers that she has spray tanned before. It's pretty remarkable. We can't wait to make more content together and you're gonna adore Nicole so follow her at @NicoleTravolta on social media and enjoy her videos!! Also, Anna and Ellen discuss Anna's latest gig - always another gig! (Least she's not fully unemployed?)

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  • Shabbat Shalom! We're dropping this episode on a Friday because Anna has her good friend and fellow Jewish comedian, the host of the Tiktok series "Jewish or Antisemitic" Eitan Levine! Eitan is serving us the Jewish content we need where anyone can play the game - you just have to decide if it's Jewish or not! Eitan starts off this episode with a story about seeing the Baldwins which you know Anna lives for. Eitan is a hustler - he produces a bunch of shows and content and videos for companies and he's a famous porn writer! (Not a joke, his work has won huge awards!) But back in the day, he was a camp counselor, he was a Kardashian expert and wrote for many publications, and he filmed very fun videos for Elite Daily. Eitan's stories are so wild - just google "Hamiltoe" and you will love it. Eitan is super fun to work with and Anna can only hope he continues to hire her for fun Jewish projects, lol. Eitan's got the world's most interesting resume and you will totally enjoy his content on social so follow @Eitanthegoalie and have a good laugh! Listen to all the other episodes before we hit 100!!!

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  • We're back with Episode 95 (almost 100!) and we have the hilarious TikTok star and content creator, Becca Bastos! You may know her from her Long Island mom characters, her flight attendants, her chipotle employees, and the list goes on. Check out her TikTok if you haven't already fallen in love! We discuss her road to TikTok success, and of course Anna gets advice on becoming a TikTok star, her life's goal. We talk about becoming a full-time content creator and what it's like to negotiate deals with brands, getting banned on Tiktok for silly things, and navigating the whole digital world! We take it back to her first job as a camp counselor at a musical theater camp, working at a catering hall, double majoring in college, and nannying. She's a busy gal! This is such a fun episode, and we're so glad to have met Becca! She's awesome so check out her videos (@actressbec). Thank us after. Also Anna tells a very funny story about a job she recently had. It's a HOOT! Listen to all 94 other episodes and catch up! Hire us! Xo

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  • This week on the podcast we have the hilarious comedian and friend of Anna's, Khalid Rahmaan! First of all this is the nicest episode of the pod. The complimenting alone is so sweet! Khalid is one of the most positive comics on the scene. Khalid talks to us about how he was fired over Zoom in the pandemic for a customer service job, which we believe to be iconic. But he embraced the pandemic days and started doing voiceovers and standup shows online to stay busy. Khalid wasn't always a full-time comedian and writer, he was a teenage Manny! The only "teenage, black, straight, male nanny" and he wants you to remember this. He worked for the longest running Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. And you MUST listen to this ep to hear the story of when Khalid took two young boys to a Wu-Tang concert! We are still dying laughing. He also worked as a salesperson for fake ads for college sports games which was shady AF, he was a PA, he had random jobs. Khalid tells the most incredible stories, you're gonna LOVE this ep! Then go follow him at @Khalidsays and check out his comedy! Rate & Review & Check out our Patreon if you love us!

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  • This week on the podcast we have the host of "How Cum" podcast, hilarious comedian and friend, Remy Kassimir! Remy and Anna catch up on life and talk about how she lived in Oregon at the beginning of the pandemic and ran a comedy show online out of her boyfriend's parents' basement. AKA an iconic move. Remy talks about growing up in NYC where she wanted to go to comedy shows as a teenager because clearly she had the urge to do comedy. Anna and Remy remember her crowning achievement of winning the so you think you can smoke contest on the original live version of The Unemployed Show on 4/20 years in a row. Remy tells us about her job working at a tennis club, working at a hedge fund, and other odd gigs. She also talks about how she basically made Rent The Runway what they are today - having been a boss (intern) for the company when she was 18! But Remy also started a company at a very young age and her video for the kickstarter actually launched her comedy career. Now she's a working comic and we go into depth about what that means to people we grew up with! Check out Remy on social: @Remykassimir and listen to How Cum for your pleasure! :)

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  • This week on the podcast we have Anna's good friend, the hilarious comedian Becky Chicoine (Girls With Brown Hair). Becky and Anna talk a lot about their moms, their workouts, and then deep dive into Becky's work history. From her first job as a "homemaker" at a nursing home (their term not ours) where sometimes people died, to working in accounting (but falling asleep at the desk), to working in a box factory but got in trouble for talking to a friend, to working in restaurants, to writing and doing comedy! It's a journey for sure, but you're going to love this episode. Becky's stories are so good and she clearly brought that midwestern charm to all of the jobs, even the ones she couldn't stand! Anna and Ellen discuss an audition where Anna put a little "too much personality" into it. Also, they discuss a tweet from a Wharton grad who thinks a 6 figure job is the norm lol. This episode is fire, so listen & rate & show some love. And follow Becky Chicoine @BeckyChicoine on social and tell her ya love her.

  • This week we are blessed with an incredible guest. He's a Content Creator, Digital Strategist, Shorty Award Winner, and the CEO/Co-founder of Parde Beauty, we've got Gregory Littley on the podcast this week! Greg and Anna are oldddd friends and met years ago when they were both making tons of videos, only Greg was getting paid for his and Anna was doing it for fun. They're also both from Philly, though they met in NYC. Anna and Greg chat everything from nail art to their mom's instagram accounts to crying at jobs. Gregory is so inspiring, he did a billion internships while he was still in school and truly figured out what he was good at and ran with it! He was also able to find internships that paid because he knew it was important to get compensated for his work. Smart move, because these led him to his first jobs. From working in magazines to working in digital, Greg's obviously someone you want on your team. Gregory is one of the most creative people on the planet and his work is incredible so make sure you're following @littleylittley on all platforms. And stay tuned for an Anna/Greg project coming to screens in the near future!

  • OMG we're 90 episodes old today! Happy birthday to us, it's not easy staying unemployed this long! :) To celebrate, we have the hilarious comedian and writer Zach Zimmerman (The New Yorker) on the show. Zach has a book coming out this spring so we caught him early on the press tour! The book is called, Is It Hot in Here or Am I Suffering for all Eternity From all the Sins I Committed on Earth? And while he calls it a title, we call it a poem! The stories in this episode are awesome. Zach knew from a young age that he wanted to be on a stage, and to tell stories. But before the dream set in, his first jobs were working at Target during holiday season, Papa John's for one whole week (until his schedule conflicted with his play!) Then in college he did a few jobs but his heart was in creating original work. After college he found his "dream office job" at an LGBTQ community center which sounded like a cool experience. Eventually he made the move to work in advertising, which eventually brought him to NYC where he pursued comedy. One of his first shows was a magic/comedy show which Anna saw and loved, and that's how she met Zach! Now that you're a fan, make sure to follow Zach on social media at @zzdoublezz. And don't forget to pre-order Zach's book when it's available! Anna and Ellen also listen to a voicemail (have you called us yet?!) that someone left who tells the story about getting fired from a TV show because he was accused of stealing a feather cape. We're obsessed. Call us and be our next favorite voicemail.

  • We have one of NYC's funniest comedians on the podcast this week, Maddy Smith (Wild 'n Out, That Time Of The Week Podcast)!! Maddy and Anna catch up about their pandemic, Maddy's job on MTV's Wild 'n Out, what she's been up to lately, and how she's killin it in the standup comedy world. But of course we take it back to Maddy's early jobs like when she was hired to clean her grandma's house, working as a referee for soccer games as a teenager, and ending up in a finance job. Maddy teaches us all a lesson on not being funny at your day job. She spent years at a job where she was super quiet and didn't show her personality so they wouldn't know she was a comedian. Smartest move! Maddy also had a super sweet post-college gig where she was paid to move to NYC. Ya gotta listen to believe it!!! Make sure you catch Maddy on tour in a city near you, and follow her online @somaddysmith for all the laughs. This episode rules! Follow us on social & catch our Patreon if you haven't yet!!!

  • This week's episode is awesome because we have one of NYC's best comedy bookers, the funny and charming Patrick Cotnoir (The George Lucas Talk Show, The Chris Gethard Show). Patrick and Anna talk all about how this episode happened, because it was through a DM that Patrick sent Anna when he was recently laid off from a job. (REMINDER: While we love to talk to people about their job history we in no way want you to lose jobs! Keep your benefits!) Patrick has been a booker in NYC for a while and booked one of the most popular shows in the New York improv scene, Assscat at UCB (now Raaatscraps). Anna tells Patrick how it rocked her world to get booked as the monologist on this show there before the pandemic. We take it back to Patrick's early jobs and internships which were alllll over map, one of which was picking tobacco as a teenager on a farm. Not your first thought when you hear he's from Connecticut! But then he interned at Sesame Street, so that's a fun change. Also Anna and Patrick manifest their next jobs, which are both to work for Drew Barrymore. Check out all of the incredible shows he books!! And make sure to follow him on Twitter @PatrickCotnoir so he can reach his goal of having more followers than NBC's The Blacklist: Redemption. Don't forget to rate, review, and spread the love (Patreon) for this podcast! And if you want to call in, we love that - give us a call or email us!

  • We are so lucky to have one of the funniest people and the only 'gay dad in Brooklyn' on the first pod of 2022, Jake Cornell (Going Out Podcast). Jake and Anna catch up about his viral Tiktoks that blew up in the pandemic which you will love if you haven't already seen! They also chat all things restaurant industry and how great it is to work in a NYC restaurant and make friends with your coworkers. Jake talks about what it was like to have his restaurant close down in the pandemic and turn to making videos, which were successful! We take it back to Jake's early jobs of bartending for the first time while studying abroad, bartending in a hotel, and then moving to NYC. We also discuss what it's like to go to restaurants after you've left the industry. Jake is super knowledgable about the best spots in NYC so you gotta go check out his new podcast "Going Out With Jake Cornell" that just launched this week! Anna and Ellen talk soup, literally, and manifest Anna's future cook book! Make sure to listen to all the other episodes, and follow us on social media! You can also email us at [email protected] or call us and leave a voicemail about ANYTHING: 929-274-4837 we wanna hear from you! Happy New Year :)

  • It's the end of the year and so we sat down to give back to the community and give some advice to people who have things to say about their jobs! This is the first IN PERSON episode with Anna and Ellen before covid creeped back into NYC. But this is exciting: we now have a phone number and can take your calls! If you want to call in for our next episode where we can discuss anything you desire, CALL US! 929-274-4837 and leave a message. It will ring a bunch but wait for it. We also have an email for you to write to:[email protected]. Get in touch and let us know about your work situation, something you wanna scream out loud to your boss, keep it anonymous, or let it all out! If you need advice we can also give that! On this episode we hear from someone who wants to shout out some sh*t to their old boss at an escape room and from a friend/listener Nate who has a crazy story about the liquor store he owns! This is a really really fun and different episode and we wanna thank you for being a part of this UNEMPLOYED FAM THIS WHOLE YEAR!!! We will be back in 2022 with new episodes :) xoxo

  • This week's episode is with the hilarious comedian Marcia Belsky (Comedy Central, Tonight Show)! We talk all about Marcia's song "100 Tampons" and how cool it was to have it go super viral in the pandemic with celebrities lip syncing it on TikTok and everyone sharing it. It's so funny, and continues to grow on social media, and honestly was the thing that led Marcia to focusing on doing comedy full-time. But Marcia's had her share of day jobs in customer service, and easily made friends there. And then got her friends on board with her complaints about the job and everyone was ready to revolt. That's why she's our leader of the job revolution! We also talk about doing standup and how different it feels to pack your schedule now that we've lived through a pandemic. Marcia also tells us how she started working more on musical comedy after meeting her writing partner at the coffee shop she worked in. Also, we're fascinated with her love of Glee. Follow Marcia all over @Marciasky and listen to her hilarious songs or watch her Tonight Show performance! Anna and Ellen also discuss their jobs and Anna booked a FUN GIG! So listen to find out.

  • This week's guest is the fabulous and incredible Winnie Huang. She is a content creator, nail professional, judge on Canada's Next Top Nail Artist, and Anna's friend from a job! They met working together on the awesome app Airtime, and now they're real life friends. Winnie lives in Canada and is a professional nail artist. (Do yourself a favor and follow her incredible instagram @WinnieIsAwesome because her nail art is on another level!) She works with the iconic brand CND, and makes the best content. But before she decided to become a full time creative queen, she had many jobs, and a blog about nails. That blog started to become more and more important and that's how she knew it was time to follow her heart. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family meant she had to get a "real full-time job" and would put her love of nails on the side. However, after putting herself through school she finally took the leap and made it happen. And thank god, because she's won competitions (Next Top Nail Artist), been on TV, worked on fashion shoots and movies, and is killing it. This episode is so much fun because Winnie's energy is infectious! If you love it like we do, leave a review! We love a cute review! For video: Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast

  • This week we are blessed to have an old friend and one of the funniest, most hardworking comedians on the scene, Ruby Karp! Ruby is a comedian, author of "Earth Hates Me" and senior in college...and yet she had time to be unemployed with us this week! Ruby talks about all of the jobs she's had from her early comedy writing jobs (yes she was a teen), to hosting shows at UCB from a very young age (where she and Anna met), to publishing her book! This episode is so much fun because Ruby is about to graduate and become an adult adult, where she'll be working many jobs! We talk all about what it was like to perform on a show with her when she was an actual child, and how chill her mom was backstage! This episode is full of hilarious stories, including the one where Ruby got to interview Ariana Grande. Ya gotta listen it's too good!!! And then go listen to the rest of the episodes. Also, Ellen and Anna discuss Anna's terrible day and how some of her jobs are dwindling so HIRE HER! (but really give us a cute review, thanks!)

  • We have an amazing episode this week with comedian and podcast host, Alexis Gay! Alexis hosts the amazing podcast "Non-Technical" where she talks to stars in the tech world about everything BUT their resume. So basically the opposite of this podcast! Alexis is super inspiring because she was working in tech, at startups, at Patreon, and decided to take the leap to leave her full-time job and work for herself doing comedy and starting her podcast. We talk a lot about what it's like to make that transition, and how to set yourself up for a career change. Of course we also talk about her first jobs and her crush on her coworker when she was 16 who she later in life went on a date with which is an amazing juicy story! Anna also gets inspired to call her old crushes to try and make this fairytale happen! The conversation goes deep into the struggle between going for your dreams or going to school and doing what you thought was a traditional path. But if you have the acting bug, you have the acting bug! This is an inspiring episode if you've been thinking about changing your career. Make sure you follow @YayAlexisGay on all platforms and watch her hilarious viral videos and definitely check out Non-Technical Podcast wherever you're listening to your pods these days! Lastly, please check out our Patreon because Patreon is totally the star of this episode lol. *If you want to be on the podcast, email us at [email protected] !!

  • This week we have the amazing comedian Corin Wells on the pod! Corin is a writer for The Amber Ruffin Show on Peacock, as well as a voice actor on Tooning Out The News. But on the day we recorded? She was unemployed! We talk all about her time living at home with her parents during the pandemic and then coming back to NYC and landing 2 amazing jobs. (Hello inspiration right here!) But before these awesome gigs, Corin worked in retail for Bath & Bodyworks, a theater in Philly, the citibike company of Philly, a bidet company, and she temped at Ocean Spray for 2 days (u gotta hear this one). Also she had a lot of call center jobs because her voice is that lovely to listen to! The hookup stories, the drama, and the dedication at her jobs is what makes this episode so special. You're gonna love it, and then follow Corin at @Charity_Corin! Don't forget to review the podcast! Tell us how much you love the company Tushy so Anna can get hired there! Also, Anna and Ellen discuss benefits and Anna's issues with her insurance, naturally! To watch this episode, check out our Patreon. BIG KISS!

  • It's our 80th birthday!!! And we're still unemployed! We have an amazing guest on this week - she's one of the funniest around town, Lorena Russi! You may know Lorena from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or her hilarious digital work. She and Anna met doing comedy shows and spent one of the last days before the pandemic at a bizarre commercial audition that Lorena fully remembers and Anna doesn't! Lorena talks to us about all of the jobs she had like random jobs of scrubbing off graffiti around NYC, selling condoms with Obama on them, becoming a professional soccer player, doing improv, quitting improv, moving to Italy to teach, working with groups of people facilitating difficult conversations and the list goes on. Lorena also tells us about learning 'how to be the best person in a workplace' and honestly we shoulda had her on YEARS AGO! This episode is so real, full of heart, and so much fun. Follow Lorena at @colonialmanface all over and watch some of her amazing comedy videos on her website! Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, and HIRE ANNA & ELLEN for all of your employment needs. Plus, check out our Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast for exclusive video if that's your thing!