• Episode 4: An Interview With Ailsa Speak On Disability

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    Welcome to another episode of Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged. This is your host Natasha Lalwani. Today we will discuss a very sensitive topic many times shunned by the society with the owner of Brains On Wheels, Ailsa Speak. The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away; hence today’s topic will be on the ability of disability.

    Ailsa Speak, who is this inspiring and talented young woman with Cerebral Palsy, is the owner of Brains on Wheels. Ailsa, please tell us about this concept?

    Ailsa: Brains on Wheels is my personal blog. If you have read my blog, I am sure that you will be aware that it’s all about raising awareness of disabilities. I focus on Cerebral Palsy because that’s the easiest as I have CP myself. I talk about various subjects surrounding disabilities. I think so many people just dismiss me because they think they won't be able to understand me or the other way around. There is no doubt that other people feel the same way about this, so I want to help to put a stop to this. This is partly why I created Brains on Wheels.

    I feel that too many people are afraid to talk about disabilities because they think that they might offend another person, or they might feel awkward talking about it. In my opinion, you have nothing to stop you talking about things and if other people don't like it, then it's their problem, not yours. Never be afraid to talk about disabilities or illnesses.

    I totally agree with you Ailsa; one should never be afraid to talk about such sensitive yet essential topics which are dismissed by the society. What exactly is Cerebral Palsy and how did you get it?

    Ailsa: CP is an umbrella term for lots of different neurological disorders, caused by damage to the brain. There are lots of different types of CP, and it varies a huge amount from person to person. Cerebral Palsy is a non-progressive (does not get better or worse) umbrella term for different disorders that affect an individual's muscle control. CP can affect different people in different ways and no two cases of Cerebral Palsy are exactly the same.

    When I was born, I didn’t breathe. I was stillborn, but I was revived as it took the doctors about twenty minutes to bring me back to life. Around five percent of babies are born on their due date, and I was one of them.

    As far as I'm aware I was fine when I was in my mum's womb, but when I came through the birth canal the doctors lost my heartbeat, which is normal, but when I came out, I didn't breathe. At that point, the doctors didn't know whether I would live or not. Then they said I would live but they didn't know how long for and what quality of life I would have. Finally, they said I would live a good quality of life, like anyone else.

    As a result of me not breathing, in that period when my brain didn’t get the oxygen I needed, brain damage occurred. I was on a ventilator for two days; the ventilator took breaths for me by pumping oxygen around my body and into my brain. I had tubes all over me which was to help me breathe. If I didn't have the tubes on me, you could never tell that there was anything wrong with me because I was a perfect colour, all the other babies were premature, or they had something wrong that was visible.

    There were about three stillborn babies on that day, and I was the only one that survived. The doctors turned my life support down, so they could find out whether I would breathe on my own, and I did. I came off the ventilator on my sister's birthday, which was a wonderful birthday present for her.

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  • Episodio 3: Entrevista Con Danielle Martins Sobre Esclavitud Mental

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    Bienvenidos a Emociones Sin Filtros. Hoy, yo, Natasha Lalwani voy a hablar sobre come Elevarse de la esclavitud mental con Danielle Martins.

    Natasha: Tú, Danielle, creciste en la pobreza y sufriste muchos asesinatos mentales que continuaron y formaron tus creencias. Si miras hacia atrás, ¿qué cambiarías y cómo lo cambiarías para que otras personas sepan cómo manejar esa situación?

    Danielle: Bueno, esta es una pregunta interesante porque trae a la mesa algo que mucha gente falta hoy: la importancia de estar agradecido por quién eres.Realmente no cambiaría nada. Sí… hubo un momento en mi vida en el que hubiera deseado que las cosas fueran diferentes pero, de hecho, no sería la persona que soy hoy si no hubiera soportado tantas dificultades en mi pasado. No estoy diciendo que estoy feliz de haber tenido que pasar por todas aquellas cosas, pero todos tenemos algunas experiencias pasadas negativas, algunas más oscuras y profundas que otras, pero la verdad es que todos debemos aprender cómo hacer las paces con esas experiencias porque no se pueden cambiar: lo que fue, está en el pasado. ¡Todo lo que tenemos es el momento presente y el tiempo para que escribamos nuestro futuro que está en el "ahora"! Como un diamante, nuestra personalidad se forma bajo gran presión. En lugar de hacer preguntas como: - ¿Por qué yo? ¿Qué he hecho para merecer eso? ¿Por qué soy tan desafortunado? Haga preguntas como: - ¿Qué habilidades fuertes desarrollé debido a esas experiencias? ¿Qué lecciones trajeros esas experiencias para enseñarme, cuáles son las tomas? ¿Cómo puedo usar mi experiencia y lo que he aprendido para crear un futuro que realmente quiero? Dale un nuevo significado a tu pasado y agradécelo. Eso es lo que hago con mis clientes, los ayudo a encontrar lo positivo en todo lo que pasaron para que puedan avanzar con una nueva mentalidad. Estoy agradecida por mi pasado.

    Natasha: El blog que escribiste para mi pagina web, www.blogashopper.com, fue muy apreciado, ya que la agitación mental es un problema tan común y, sin embargo, muy pocas personas saben cómo manejarlo. Has mencionado 3 pepitas de oro en tu blog, ¿cuál de ellas es tu favorita o la que más practicas?

    Danielle: Los 3 son muy, muy importantes, no viviría sin practicar ninguno de ellos, ¡pero el primero, sobre tener un mentor, es una necesidad! Porque nadie gana haciendo todo por sí mismo. Puedes avanzar solo, pero para mantenerte siempre estirándote y alcanzando niveles más altos, necesitas mentores. Si deseas obtener más información sobre negocios, necesitas un mentor que pueda guiarte en ese tema; Si deseas dar un gran discurso en un escenario prestigioso, por ejemplo, necesitas un mentor; Si quieres ser un mejor líder, necesitarás la guía de un maestro líder. Del mismo modo, si deseas desarrollarte eliminando el miedo, la inseguridad, las creencias limitantes, también necesitarás un mentor que pueda ayudarte.

    Todos los grandes triunfadores en la historia tuvieron / tienen mentores y esa es una de las razones más importantes para su éxito. Siempre tengo mentores.

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  • Episode 3: An Interview With Danielle Martins on Mental Slavery

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    Welcome back to Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged. This is your host Natasha Lalwani. As promised to you, in today’s episode, we will discuss various mind-blowing insights with reputed co-author and transformational coach, Danielle Martins.

    Natasha: You, Danielle were raised in poverty and underwent a lot of mental assassination which continued and formed your beliefs. If you look back, what would you change and how would you change it so that other people know how to handle such a situation?

    Danielle: Well, this is an interesting question for it brings to the table something that a lot of people are missing today: The importance of being grateful for who you are.
    I wouldn't really change anything. Yes, there was a time in my life that I would have wished things were different but in fact, I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't endured so many difficulties in my past. I am not saying that I am happy that I had to go through all the things I had to in my youth, but we all have some negative past experiences, some darker and deeper than others, but the truth is, we all must learn how to make peace with those experiences for they cannot be changed: what was, is in the past. All we've got is the present moment and the time for us to write our future is in the “now”! Like a diamond, our character is shaped under great pressure. Instead of asking questions like: - Why me? What have I done to deserve that? Why am I so unlucky?

    Ask questions like: - What strong abilities did I develop because of those experiences? What lessons did those experiences come to teach me, what are the outtakes? How can I use my experience and what I've learned to create a future that I really want? Give your past a new meaning and be grateful for it, that’s what I do to my clients, I help them in finding the positive side of everything they went through so they can move forward with a new mindset. I am grateful for my past.

    Natasha: The blog that you had written for my website, blogashopper.com was very much appreciated as mental turmoil is such a common issue and yet very few people know how to deal with it. You mentioned 3 golden nuggets in your blog, so which of them is your favourite or the one that you practice the most?

    Danielle: All 3 are very, very important, I wouldn't live without practicing any of them but the 1st one, about having a mentor, is a must! Because nobody wins by doing everything by themselves. You can go forward alone but in order to keep always stretching and reaching higher levels, you need mentors.

    If you want to learn more about business, you need a mentor who can guide you on that subject; if you want to deliver a great speech on a prestigious stage, i.g., you need a mentor; if you want to be a better leader, you'll need the guidance of a master leader. Likewise, if you want to develop yourself by getting rid of fear, insecurity, limiting beliefs, you will also need a mentor who can help you and so on.

    All the great achievers in history had/have mentors and that's one the most important reasons for their success. I always have mentors.

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  • Episodio 2: Jamas Te Rindas

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    Bienvenidos otra vez a Emociones Sin Filtros

    Como habíamos mencionado en nuestro episodio anterior, los ganadores no son aquellas personas que nunca fallan, sino aquellas personas que nunca se rinden.

    ¡El tema de hoy consiste en nunca rendirse! Al conocer personas de todos los ámbitos de la vida con todo tipo de perspectivas y experiencias, he notado que el único factor similar entre todos ellos son sus actitudes intransigentes para nunca rendirse. Comencemos expresando algunas realidades amargas pero verdaderas acerca de la vida: nadie ha dicho jamás que la vida es una caminata y solo disfrutaremos la felicidad eterna.

    De hecho, incluso hay personas excelentes que lo tienen todo hoy, pero en la mayoría de los casos, se han levantado de pasados ​​dolorosos y miserables. Así que la experiencia de uno le enseña qué desear y qué no desear de la vida.

    También, debemos comprender que cada uno de nosotros tiene algún problema o el otro y depende totalmente de cómo lo veamos. Si reflexionamos sobre un problema en lugar de trabajar en la solución y ya lo manifestamos como una realidad, ¡la vida se vuelve más fácil!

    Además, los fracasos no son más que peldaños antes de que logremos nuestro propósito, por lo que no debemos permitir que nuestros fracasos tomen el control y alteren nuestro nivel de confianza. La confianza y la creencia inquebrantable es lo único que te ayudará a superar lo peor.

  • Episode 2: The Art Of Never Giving Up

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    Welcome back to Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged

    As mentioned in our previous episode, winners are not those people who never fail but those people who never give up.

    Today’s topic will be on never giving up! I have met people from all walks of life with all sorts of perspectives and experiences. The one similar factor between all of them is their die-hard attitude to never give up.

    Let’s begin by discussing a few bitter but true realities about life: nobody ever said that life is supposed to be a cake walk and we shall only enjoy everlasting happiness.

    In fact even if there are great people out there who have it all today, have mostly risen from painful and miserable pasts. So one’s experience teaches him/her what to want and what not to want from life.

    Also, we need to understand that each one of us has some problem or the other and it entirely depends on how we see it. If we ponder over a problem rather than working on the solution and already manifesting it as a reality, life indeed does become easier!

    Moreover, failures are nothing but stepping stones before we reach our purpose so we shouldn’t allow our failures to take over and alter our confidence level. Confidence and unshakable belief is the only thing that will get you through the worst.

    Personally speaking, I too have had my share of disappointments in life but if I had to sit down and cry over them and then give up, I wouldn’t have the understanding and awareness that I have today.

    So if you feel that you are all alone let me tell you my friend that most of us are constantly in this battle of not surrendering to the easy and or negative way out. You just have to remain determined on never caving in to what goes against your principles or heart’s desires.

    Listen to this entire episode and begin practicing the art of NEVER GIVING UP!

  • Episodio 1: Gratitud

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    Bienvenidos a Emociones Sin Filtros podcast!

    Estas harto/harta de vivir una vida monotona y sin sentido? No te gustaria estar feliz y prospero/a?

    No quisieras enfrentar todos tus miedos, inseguridades, y duda­s sin apuntarte a seminarios caros o consultas rigurosas? En cambio puedes sintonizarte a episodios de este podcast con consejos inspiradores semanales y charlas sobre salud mental y emocional.

    Aqui en Emociones Sin Filtros, te dare información valiosa para deshacerte de todo lo innecesario que está impidiéndote de vivir la vida de tus sueños.

    Pero antes de que empieze este episodio, me voy a introducir: Soy Natasha Lalwani, una podcaster, oradora motivacional, escritora, bloguera, disenyadora de moda y estilista. Tengo la suerte de compartir varias culturas, ya que nací y crecí en España por padres hindúes.

    Lo que antes era una vida sin sentido, es hoy un gran viaje. Hoy soy una exitosa empresaria pero no fue así como empezó. Era una ninya disléxica que solía sentarme en la última fila de cada clase para que algunos mis maestros y compañeros no se burlaran de mí y me llamaran "tonta".

    Este viaje de una niña temerosa e introvertida sin confianza en sí misma y amor propio a una mujer exitosa y poderosa ha sido como estar en una montaña rusa. Habrán muchos episodios en los que compartiré con vosotros ciertas anécdotas, hitos y fracasos antes de llegar a este capítulo en mi vida. Pero antes de eso, permíteme dedicar este podcast introductorio a uno de mis temas favoritos, que es el de gratitud.

    Recuerda que sentir gratitud y no expresarlo es como envolver un regalo y no darlo!

  • Episode 1 in English: Gratitude

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    Welcome to Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged Podcast!

    This is your host Natasha Lalwani

    Are you sick and tired of living a monotonous and meaningless life? Wouldn’t you wish to live a happy and prosperous life? How about facing all your fears, insecurities and doubts without having to join any rigorous or expensive seminars and instead by tuning into weekly inspirational tips and talks discussing mental and emotional health? Here at Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged, I will walk you through valuable insights to get rid of all the unnecessary baggage you are holding onto which is preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

    But before I begin, let me introduce myself; I am Natasha Lalwani, a podcaster, motivational speaker, writer, blogger, fashion designer and stylist. I am blessed to share various cultures as I was born and brought up in Spain by Indian parents. What was at one time a meaningless life is today a great journey. Today I am a successful entrepreneur owning two companies but that wasn’t how it started off. I was a dyslexic child who used to sit at the back row of each classroom so that my teachers and classmates wouldn’t make a mockery out of me and call me “dumb." This very journey from a fearful, introvert girl with no self-confidence and self-love to a successful and empowering woman has been quite like being on a roller-coaster.

    There will be many episodes where I will share with you certain anecdotes, milestones and failures before I reached this chapter in my life. But before that let me dedicate this introductory podcast to one of my favorite topics which is having gratitude. Trillions of people all around the world practice the “attitude of gratitude” as it is one of the most powerful human emotions we possess. Many of us start off our days by being grateful for all that we have, most of which are the simplest and basic for us, but a luxury for others. Conversely, when we aren’t grateful for all that we do have, we tend to take people and things for granted and become judgmental towards them. This creates mental blocks with clustered negative thoughts and emotions that penetrate through us and make us feel devastated.

    So we should always appreciate all the people, events, and experiences in our lives as well as appreciate ourselves for all the time, effort, and energy we channelize on us. I have always stressed on the fact that self-love is essential in having a balanced life; thus self-gratitude is a focal point of self-love. If we don’t appreciate ourselves then how will others appreciate us for what we truly are?

    You choose how to practice gratitude and make it a habit. Experiment new and fun ways which you are most welcome to share in the comments below. Let’s wind up here by reminding ourselves that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.