• When you hear this emotional solo episode of “Unlocked,” Savannah will likely have just left the courtroom after hearing the decision on her parents’ fate following their sentencing in Federal Court in Atlanta on Monday evening. As she was recording this, she was well aware that she could come home from Georgia without either of her parents and with custody of both of her younger siblings, her brother Grayson who is 16 and her sister, Chloe, who is 10. In case you don’t already know about this very special relationship, Chloe is Savannah’s biological niece but was adopted by her family and has been raised by this nuclear unit since she was 1. Thoughts of the holidays without Todd and Julie, the overwhelm of nonstop public opinion, and desperation of a 25-year-old female who still longs to have her parents are recurring themes. Savannah has leaned more and more into being transparent regarding her emotional health in recent months, and this raw, unfiltered monologue is no exception. High-functioning depression, severe anxiety, and discussion of past suicidal thoughts all make their way in to this episode. She admits that it truly all crashes down for her emotionally when she reaches those moments that “fix it” mode is no longer an option and she is forced to surrender.

  • In this episode Savannah and Holly get vulnerable about their personal lives. Holly shares how her unholy matrimony, filled with betrayal, strip clubs and affairs, nearly drove her back to old habits of hyper independence and addiction. She describes the experience of becoming the sole caretaker for her son, Nash, who was the youngest child to ever to be diagnosed with Autism at Vanderbilt at the time and how that shaped her life.. The confusion of being married yet feeling so isolated and alone drove her to start questioning the man she married. Would he ever step up and become a partner to her? And when is it time to walk away?

    The two unlikely friends found out how similar they are by choosing to lean on each other when their pain became too much to bear alone. Savannah’s fear of losing her parents and Holly’s fear of her family breaking apart made way for an unbreakable bond to develop between them. When it comes to getting back into the dating world…. Well, these two independent women may need another trip to onsite before trusting a man again! Savannah shares her most traumatic break up story to date and heeds warning about a certain athlete. No…it’s not Chandler Parsons… Which means it can only be one other. You won’t want to miss this!

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  • In this week’s episode, Savannah Chrisley sits down with the one-and-only, Todd Chrisley, her Dad, friend and co-star of their hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. Todd talks about the trial, what this tumultuous period has been like for him, and how his and Julie’s relationship with God (and each other) have been their foundation. The conversation touches on everything from Savannah’s dating life to the expectations she has for herself and for her significant others. And don’t be fooled… they say: The “perfect life” you see on Instagram is not reality. The duo dives into how social media can be dangerous when used to fill a void. Todd makes sure to emphasize how important it was for Savannah to find her “ride-or-dies” and the freedom those friends have given her to express her needs and be her most authentic self. As we know, the two are masters of compartmentalizing EVERYTHING and are notorious for “being happy on the outside but dying on the inside.” The mood is lightened all throughout the episode by the epic banter that this father-daughter team is famous (or infamous) for. Also, Todd makes a very strong case for why Savannah is still single… also, is she?

  • In this episode, Savannah Chrisley sits down with her best friend Chadd Bryant. The pair does a deep dive into the many adventures they have had, and they allow their listeners to begin to understand the lifelong bond these experiences have created... and why! Does Savannah have the type of "equipment" Chadd is looking for? You'll find out.
    They also talk about the emerging role of boundaries in their lives. Does it ever get easier to set them? Savannah shares her unique perspective about growing up on TV and the role social media played in her development. Beauty or madness? You decide. Chadd and Savannah agree it it looks different for everyone. The love these two have for each other is made abundantly clear.

  • Savannah Chrisley and her mom, Julie, sit down for a deep and emotional interview in which they discuss Julie’s battle with breast cancer, the importance of family in the hard times, and how their strong faith guides them through completely uncharted territory. Julie is reflective during this time of breast cancer awareness month, and Savannah shares her account of witnessing her parents’ selfless relationship during the illness and how she has learned and grown from their example. The two go on to discuss the fear of the unknown surrounding the legal battle, and Julie wrestles with the devastating possibility of being separated from her family. She also recognizes that throughout this journey her perception of being a good mom has changed, and she sheds some light on her hopes for Savannah in the future, referring to her daughter as “her hustler.” Savannah then speaks transparently about her struggles when it comes to being angry with God when things don’t go as planned, and the duality that “trauma has a way of hardening you” and “trauma has a way of breaking you.” It is clear through this episode that faith is at the heart of who the Chrisleys are, and Julie is comforted by the belief that God will not bring her to anything that He won’t bring her through. In her own words, “you don’t have a testimony without a test.”

  • In this exclusive Chrisley Crossover episode of "Unlocked," Savannah sits down with her estranged sister, Lindsie Chrisley publicly for the first time since 2017. The two discuss their differences, varying perceptions about the way they were raised, struggles for childhood attention, and their fear of fully throwing their hearts back into a sisterhood that has caused them pain in the past. Savannah also reminds Lindsie that she was not the only one who has had falling outs with Todd. Plus, they talk about what kinds of guys they CANNOT date.

    During the second half of the episode, the girls invite Todd and Julie Chrisley to sit down and join the podcast. It goes from a light-hearted conversation about the girls' "shadiness," both now and during their younger years, before going into a deep discussion about the pains of estrangement and their hopes for the future. By the way, Savannah is lowkey proud of her sketchiness. Also, Sassy outs herself to Todd for the secret trip she took in high school to a Holiday Inn Express in South Georgia. Todd also reveals that he didn't realize the secret motivations behind a request for Savannah to star in a popular country music video, and he tries to reveal her future daughter's first name.

  • On the debut episode of Unlocked, Savannah dives deep into her plan to break down the emotional walls she has built through a decade of "reality" television. She confronts the accusations surrounding her family, their tumultuous relationship with the media, and her struggle to see clearly amongst the chaos. Oh, and let's not forget about the relationship woes and the manchildren involved... She goes there too.

    Listening to understand rather than just to respond, showing up with vulnerability, and having open & honest conversations will all be themes as this series takes form.

  • Launching October 11th!

    You may know her as a reality TV star, makeup guru, or social media influencer, but in her newest project, “Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley,” Savannah is becoming the director of her own story. In a divided world, Savannah invites you all along on her journey to approaching difficult conversations from a vulnerable, uncomfortable place to grow and learn. A journey of discussing human experiences, some of great value and some just day-to-day. Through this podcast, Savannah hopes to inspire others to be their most authentic selves as she shares untold stories and introduces the world to a side of her they have never met.