• Show notes and gallery: http://videogamegrooves.com/2020/08/08/episode-67-chrono-trigger/

    With a bit of a disc flip // we're into the time slip! One of the great and influential video games of all time, Chrono Trigger, has had a fairly mixed history with its musical handling in the realm of vinyl records... but we're here to make a correction to the timeline. With the release of the unofficial Chrono Trigger box set, the original Yasunori Mitsuda score (with the assist from Nobuo Uematsu and Noriko Matsueda) is finally getting its day in the sun, paid with interest. Jeremy and Anthony explore the timescape of Chrono Trigger as a game, with all its improbably wonderful narrative arcs and themes to their fullest. From the travails of postmodern storytelling to the dubious ideas of societal forward progress, we unravel the deep mysteries of the game's music so deeply that you'll question everything... including whether we know what the heck we're even talking about. The physical artifact of the box set is also under the microscope, and we lovingly dig through this homage to both the game and the presentational art of music on vinyl.

    See our interview with the creator of the box set here:

    Of course, we don't leave you high and dry without the newest releases and news bits. So while some of the things we discuss today are... shall we say "scarce"... we make sure you get your fix with the game music on vinyl record that you (and we) ❤️.

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    VGG Episode 10, Millennial Fair
    VGG Episode 64, Nier Box Set

    Vexx (Respawned Records)
    Untitled Goose Game (iam8bit)
    Bugsnax 7" (iam8bit)
    Sparkster (Ship to Shore)
    EverQuest (Darkpaw Games)
    Borderlands (Laced Records, limited) (standard)
    Black Future 88 (Laced Records)
    Made of Sker (Perp Games, PS4) (Xbox One)
    Ghost of Tsushima (Milan Records)
    Othercide (Black Screen Records)
    Risk of Rain 2 (Black Screen Records)
    Osamu Sato Transformed Collection (HMV)
    Eiyuden Chronicles (Kickstarter)

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  • Show notes and gallery: http://videogamegrooves.com/2020/07/25/episode-66-alex-brandon-system-shock-deus-ex-human-revolution

    In our newest podcast about the intersection of new and old things, we are joined by Alex Brandon, composer of (among other things) the original Deus Ex, to discuss some of his past and present work, including new releases you can buy right now over at his Bandcamp page!

    We open this show with a discussion of System Shock, from Limited Run Games. We go (Jeremy goes) into exhaustive detail about the context of the game's release from a technology, narrative, and musical standpoint, and we explore some of the history of composer Greg LoPiccolo and how some of what was seeded in this game grew to fruition in future video games. We then go back to the future with Deus Ex: Human Revolution to discuss Alex's history with the franchise, the interrelationship between the musicality of the original games and the newer prequel, and the exquisitely-conceived (but somewhat surface-noisy) vinyl release. We did ask for this.

    Finally we talk to Alex about his new project, Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed from Materia Collective, and how the work on the series and this project has been divided with his contributing partner Michiel Van Den Bos, his own history in game music development (sound cards!) as well as the musical theory behind something that "you can't really hum."


    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @funkyrustic

    Iron Harvest (Game-Legends)
    Tekken 3 (Laced Records, Limited) (Standard)
    Tekken 3 (Light in the Attic)
    The Dark Pictures: Little Hope (Bandai Namco EU)
    Metroid: Resynthesized (One Run Records) (sold out)
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Laced Records)
    Deliver Us the Moon (Wired Productions)
    The Essential Games Music Collection Vol 1 (Diggers Factory)
    Horizon: Zero Dawn repress (Townsend Music)

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  • Show notes and gallery: http://videogamegrooves.com/2020/07/13/episode-65-ultimate-chicken-horse-minecraft

    In the land of oddities that is video game music on vinyl records, we like to think that we highlight the special ones, or highlight the special elements in the things you might otherwise overlook, and today we have a bit of both! We're joined this time around by Debug Records' Caleb Denney, primarily to allow us an excuse to highlight hidden gem Ultimate Chicken Horse, from his label. Jeremy divulges some intimate personal secrets about his listening habits, and how it relates to the super-eclectic flavor of the overlooked party game. We reckon with both the high-quality production and variety of UCH, and also the high-quality raccoon action.  We move on to Caleb's guest-feature for Minecraft, which, although the world knows the game, we may not have spent a lot of time listening to the music. Composer Daniel Rosenfeld aka C418 has one cardinal rule in the laid-back score, and it's some music to make memories to for sure.

    We continue with the new releases, of which there are quite a few, as well as a few important represses and last-chance grabs, as well as some now-shipping vinyl you can get your hands on now.

    In our final segment, Jeremy and Caleb ruminate on our interest (and buying habits) for soundtracks from "old games" versus soundtracks for "new games" on vinyl. Our personal collections, clamorings, and actual spending habits go under the microscope, along with the viability of those products for labels like Debug.


    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @debugrecords
    Instagram: @debugrecords
    Facebook: Debug Records

    Minecraft Volume Beta (Ghostly)
    Virtuaverse (Blood-Music) (sold out)
    Wave Break: High Tides (NewRetroWave Bandcamp)
    Outer Wilds (iam8bit)
    Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed (Materia Collective)
    CrossCode (Materia Collective) (Bandcamp)
    The Keyblade War (Materia Collective)
    Wai Wai World 1+2 (Ship to Shore) (Black Screen Records)
    Mega Man X 1-8 (Laced Records) (sold out)
    Mega Man X 1-8 (Light in the Attic)
    Devil's Crush & Alien Crush (Enjoy the Ride)
    Röki (Black Screen Records)
    Beyond Blue (Vinyl Me Please)

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  • Show notes: http://videogamegrooves.com/2020/06/22/episode-64-nier-automata-nier-gestalt-replicant

    What is Video Game Grooves? Is it a perfect circle, destined to have no beginning or end? Is it a planar spiral, swirling against entropy ever inward toward an imperfect concentric point of consciousness? No. It is a podcast about video game soundtracks on vinyl that you will make a part of you, forever. This week we dive very deep into the NieR: Automata  / NieR Gestalt & Replicant box set from Square-Enix. Paul and Anthony take the lead on this millennia-spanning endeavor, plumbing the depths of meaning from Yoko Taro's inscrutible oeuvre. We take meaning from the music and from the story, exploring themes of consciousness of communication, and we mispronounce ALL of it.

    Next we keep you in the know about the new releases and crowdfunding efforts in the world of vinyl. You might say that we keep your heart and mind rich, but your wallet poor. Sorry about that.

    Finally we discuss our relationship with video game music, or soundtracks in general, and what it means for us when we do or don't have a personal context with the music. There may or may not be a rant about "VGM." Anime fans and VGM community, direct your angry letters to Jeremy Anthony and Paul [-ed.]

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    A Short Hike (Stumpy Frog Records)
    Twilight Princess Arrangement (sold out) (Respawned Records)
    Vib-Ribbon (Minimum Records)
    What The Golf? (iam8bit)
    Grandia Memorial Soundtrack Edition (Wayo Records)
    Control (Laced Records) (Light in the Attic)
    Dishonored: The Soundtrack Collectio (Laced Records)
    The King of Fighters '98 (Limited Run Games) (Bigwax)
    Evoland (Red Art Games)
    Evoland II (Red Art Games)
    Blaster Master Zero 1 (Limited Run Games)
    Blaster Master Zero 2 (Limited Run Games)
    Skelettack (Mondo)
    Across the Worlds (Chrono Cross Piano Collections (Wayo Records)
    Space Quest III Reorchestrated (Qrates)
    SID Anthology: To Be On Top (Qrates) (relaunched)

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  • Show notes and gallery: http://videogamegrooves.com/2020/06/07/b-side-knight-of-the-round/

    A new B-Side is fresh from the boat, and this time we're summoning Knight of the Round for a discussion of their newest release, Seven. Band promoter Kyle Gaddo joins Anthony and Jeremy to explore the phenomenon of Final Fantasy cover music, and heavy metal game cover music in general. Band frontman Justin Taylor gives some insight into the composition process for Seven and provides details about the creation of the album and the process of making a vinyl release happen. We also have a chance to listen to a ton of heavy / pensive / outrageous / stompy / portentous metal. The band is looking to tour again soon when conditions allow, but you should consider supporting them so that you know the lyrics to One-Winged Angel to sing along when Knight of the Round comes to your town!

    Twitter: @kotrmetal, @kylegaddo, @ajohnagnello, @jeremy_lamont, @vg_grooves

    Knight of the Round can be found on:
    Knight of the Round website

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  • It's been a while since you've had a dose of that ancient far-east fare, so we are bringing it back in style in another great episode. This time we are joined again by Frederik Lauridsen of Blipblop.net to feature some of the very earliest video game music on vinyl record with Namco Game Music Vol. 2, one of those good old G.M.O. Records releases. Specifically we focus on a little-known game called Youkai Douchuuki, and hear a number of selections from a hell-themed arcade game and talk about how the earliest game music came to turntables in Japan. Next, we have a very special fulfillment of Anthony's long-time dream to feature Suite Dragon Quest II, also a Japanese oldie, but it's specifically the B-side we want. We sit down for a truly mammoth 25 minute listening session for the entire reverse side of the Dragon Quest album which features an arranged "sound story" of the Famicom game from beginning to end. We spend some time talking about the kinds of creativity in arrangements like this that we just don't see these days, although a glimmer of it exists in recent performances and upcoming releases.

    We move on to those new releases and announcements with trepidation. It's been an expensive couple of weeks for some of us... how about you? Links below in case you need to catch up on some of those soon-to-be-hard-to-find items. A vinyl collector's work is never done, it seems.

    Outro: Gameplay from Youkai Douchuuki - Namco Game Music Vol 2

    Blip Blop website
    Twitter – @blipblopwax, @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Fatal Fury (Limited Run Games US, Bigwax EU)
    Chex Quest (Limited Run Games)
    Ape Out (iam8bit)
    Wilmot's Warehouse (Ship to Shore)
    PLOK (Respawned Records)
    Sea of Stars (Backerkit)
    Hessian (Crowd Ox)

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  • Rotating like the seasons in the ambiguous and overwrought ending of Mega Man 2, the turntable has again come round to another episode of Video Game Grooves. No reason to despair, we're not dead (unlike Mega Man at the end of Mega Man 2), but rather we're here for another episode of our famously overwrought podcast for you to enjoy!  This time we get equipped with guest host Brock Wilbur, as he takes a breather from releasing his new book in the Boss Fight Books series, this time about Postal!

    In this episode we take a new tack with our feature as we devote our entire session to Mega Man 1-11: The Collection from Laced Records. We get to take our time and get out into the weeds with some of the more admirable traits of a "full series" musical take on Mega Man, but of course there are always some oddball robot masters in the attic, and we trot them out for all to see. We discuss the breadth of the iconic series and delve into some of the more obscure areas of the series, developmentally and musically. Anthony, Brock, Paul and Jeremy all have their particular spins on the records AND the robots of one of Capcom's flagship series... we just hope we're doing it all in the right order.

    After the feature, we head into news and new releases, deftly getting you the info you need to justify your expenses to whatever degree you choose or don't... it's enabling behavior, we know, but it's just one more service we provide to you. Finally, we get out of robot mode and sit down to talk about our feelings, and just what (emotionally-speaking) draws us to our record shelf instead of other outlets for passing time. We learn a lot about life, love, and each other. And we hope you do too.

    Outro: "Staff Roll" - Mega Man 10

    Brock Wilbur's website: http://brockwilbur.com/
    Postal (Boss Fight Books) by Brock Wilbur & Nathan Rabin

    Ultimatemavrickx (Deviant Art page)

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Freedom Finger (Rhymesayers)
    Minecraft Volme Beta (Amazon US)
    Death Stranding: songs from the Video Game (Mondo)
    Resident Evil 4 (Laced Records, Limited, Standard)
    Ultimate Chicken Horse (Debug Records)
    Void Bastards (Ghost Ramp)
    Chex Quest (Limited Run Games)
    Osamu Sato Collected Ambient Grooves (Mentalgroove Bandcamp)

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  • It's been 84 years since we've seen you, but our ❤️ for video game music on vinyl records has gone on, and so we're back at it! This time, Paul and Jeremy are joined by Justin O'Rear from Respawned Records to discuss a pair of features for this episode that are dubiously thematically tied together for your enjoyment and edification. Our first feature pick this time around is Vectormania by Respawned Records. We grapple with the graphics and opine aout "orbots" in this 1990s blast from the pre-rendered past on the Sega Genesis Megadrive. Justin gives us some insight into the background of the record and we even do a little comparison of the electro-farty soundfont on the original hardware. Next, Jeremy infiltrates Perfect Dark, by iam8bit, and puts the game in the context of its iconic spiritual predecessor while highlighting the style it keeps all for itself. We appreciate Joanna Dark as a cool character and explore the musical unity of this co-composed soundtrack while reliving our comp-stomping glory days of Perfect Dark multiplayer.

    Next we have quite a few items to catch you up on, commercially speaking. Times are tough but if you're like us, the call of the vinyl is strong, and we know you want to answer. In our third and final segment we sit down with Justin to learn everything there is to know about his new (but prolific) record label, and some of the... "cult pop" properties he has pursued. We ask the hard questions about Plok, and we even weasel a brand new announcement out of him for the next Respawned release!

    Outro: "End Credits" - Perfect Dark, by Grant Kirkhope

    Respawned Records: http://www.respawnedrecords.com/
    Twitter: @respawnedrec
    Facebook: respawnedrecords
    Instagram: @respawnedrecords

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions (TheYetee)
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps (iam8bit)
    Ori and the Blind Forest reissue (iam8bit)
    Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (sold out) (Limited Run Games)
    Sea of Stars (Kickstarter)
    Life Force / Salamander (Ship to Shore) (Debug Records) (Black Screen Records)
    Tekken (Laced Records)
    Tekken 2 (Laced Records)
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Limited Edition (Game.co.uk)
    Bat out of HAL (Kirby's Dream Band Bandcamp)
    Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu (Wayo Records)
    Rush 'N Attack (Spacelab9)
    Red Matter (Enjoy the Ride Records) (Black Screen Records)
    Lost Ember (Mooneye Studios) (EU only)

    Image Gallery

  • Improbable as it may seem, we are back for another podcast adventure! In this episode we are joined by friend of the show Jeff Roberts from the legendary (yes, legendary) band Marshall Art to discuss game soundtrack releases on vinyl that are a bit... unexpected. Anthony kicks us off with a look at the never-gonna-happen release of Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth from ShiptoShore Media. We explore the downright oddity of the game, the music, and the canon of this entry in the Castlevania series, and revel in the FM-synthiness of it all. Also, we may have devised the greatest track title since "Load BGM." Next we move on to Namco Museum: Arcade Greatest Hits. This one is a bit improbable for different reasons, and Jeremy and Jeff pick a few favorites (and anti-favorites) from this indisputably archival release from Spacelab 9. Is video game music bleeps and bloops or is it not? Who knows?

    Changing things around for this episode, we discuss our never-ever-ever-ever-gonna-be-released-on-vinyl picks (perhaps tempting the fates? perhaps just wishlisting). Jeff pulls one from an era and a system you might not expect. Anthony gets out into left field with a hopeful release that may or may not be recorded in an airplane hangar. Jeremy goes for something that sounds great, but just may not have the same pull on others as it does for him. Finally we let you know what all your hard-earned money is begging to be spent on as we outline the new releases, as well as some represses and rumors. Join in! It's not like there's a lot else to do this week!

    Outro: "Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Another Medley" - Minabu Namiki

    Marshall Art: https://marshallart.band/

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @marshallartband

    Resident Evil 3 (Laced Records)
    “Bubble-up” Sludge Life 7” (Devolver Digital)
    Glover (Respawned Records)
    Red Dead Redemption 2 composed score (Rockstar Warehouse)
    198X (iam8bit)

    Image Gallery

  • Hi hi hi. Before you knew it, it was time for another podcast, and here we are!  In our weird synchronistic way, we cover a couple of picks this episode that have at least one thing in common: they make Jeremy a little angry. We open with the soundtrack to (of all things) the pinball game Black Knight: Sword of Rage, and we discuss some of the history of video games through the perspective of pinball, and how the two mediums comingle. The soundtrack by Scott Ian thumps and marches to a metal beat as the pinball machine mercilessly takes your money, and we explore the mingling of the musical and mechanical in this very special release. Then Anthony brings the vertical shooter oddity Radiant Silvergun and its recent Data Discs release, which currently represents the ONLY extant vinyl release for music by Hitoshi Sakimoto. We reconcile our "Yasumi Matsuno" expectations for the soundtrack with the fact that Sakimoto is a big shooter fan, and we discuss Radiant Silvergun's place in the pantheon of shooters, and why this one is practically custom-made for frustration.

    We then cover the recent news in the world of video game soundtracks on vinyl record with some new releases, announcements, and lots of opportunity for money spending! What kind of podcast would we be running if we didn't cost you some money?

    Finally, we discuss the phenomenon of the "B-side" and whether it has a place in the world of video game soundtracks, and what it might take for a consumer to make some room, so to speak, on the releases we have now to allow for oddities and more raw creativity on our shelves versus the "as-seen-in-game" soundtrack reproductions. What do you think? Join us and weigh in!

    Outro: "Penta [5th Force]" - Radiant Silvergun, by Hitoshi Sakimoto

    Images from Jeremy's visit to the 1UP Arcade Bar in Denver, CO

    A Life Well Wasted podcast episode

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Death Stranding (Mondo)
    Kentucky Route Zero (iam8bit)
    Kentucky Route Zero (mystery vinyl) (iam8bit)
    The Missing - JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
    Metal Slug 3 (Wayô Records)
    Seven (Knight of the Round Bandcamp)
    Dead Cells Prisoner's Edition (Signature Edition Games) (PS4)
    Yuppie Psycho (Black Screen Records)
    Super XYX (Qrates) (ends 7 Mar 2020)
    The Wonderful 101 Remastered (Kickstarter)
    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (Kickstarter)
    Hessian (Kickstarter)

    Image Gallery

  • Greetings and salutations! The podcast is still running at a slightly slower-than-usual RPM, but the needle is as sharp as ever! This time we've set our wayback machine for "medium rare" and head back to the bygone era of the 2010s for the DoubleFine Productions release of Dropchord for mobile platforms. We talk about the joy of producing music, and the joy of playing games, and what it's like when those two things intersect. Jeremy completes his nefarious plan to force everyone to listen to dubstep... perhaps that was the reason for Video Game Grooves to exist in the first place? Anthony then tweaks the knob and sends us back another decade to look at an unofficial vinyl production of Final Fantasy IV, and we dissect the new storytelling of RPGs in that era, as well as the musical je-ne-sais-quois-ness of Nobuo Uematsu's work.

    We steadfastly cover the news, although it may serve as a reminder for you at this point, and those are never bad. 😉 And for our discussion segment, we look at vinyl from the long view for the new decade, exploring its possibilities for longevity as a medium, and what we think it will be like in another 5 to 10 years.

    Thanks for venturing with us into the bold new 20XX future. Keep spinning!

    Outro: "Spin Ready" - Dropchord, by Brian White & Brian Trifon

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Wattam (iam8bit)
    Metal Gear MSX2 (Mondo)
    Metal Gear NES (Mondo)
    Erica (Black Screen Records)
    Paper Beast (G4F Records)
    Samurai Shodown (Brave Wave / Limited Run Games)
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Laced Records)
    Times End - Majora's Mask arrangement (Materia Collective)
    Time's End II - Majora's Mask arrangement (Materia Collective)
    VVVVVV (Materia Collective)
    Space Quest IV: Reorchestrated & Remixed (Qrates)
    Space Quest IV: Reorchestrated: Galaxy Galleria (Qrates)
    Mighty Switch Force! Collection (Limited Run Games)

    Image Gallery


  • In the newest(-to-you)* episode of Video Game Grooves, Anthony and Jeremy tag-team the game-music-on-vinyl scene with a little bit of "weird, avant-garde, and fairly isolated" and also some "has its DNA in everything and is a major publisher's new bread-and-butter." We begin this journey of obscurity and ubiquity with D2 Remixes, an album based on the Kenji Eno survival horror game D2 for the Dreamcast. Although the game itself is an evolutionary dead end, the music itself is very modern... and catchy! Anthony takes us on a voyage of drum 'n' bass beats and gonzo horror creatures to bring us to vinyl knowledge of The Other Eno.

    Next, Jeremy steps up to the plate with the formerly-obscure-but-now-inescapable Monster Hunter franchise, with the recent Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary release from T-Annex. Music from the earliest days of monster hunting up through the latest expansion for Monster Hunter World is represented here, and Jeremy and Anthony take the opportunity to traverse the history of the series to chase the choicest tracks for your listening pleasure. But after all is said and done, the important question is: Which of our features is the car-chasiest?

    We continue onward diligently to the news and new releases, directing you to the usual suspects that want to sop up your spare cash. A couple of re-releases and a number of artistic reinterpretations have caught our attention this time, and we think they'll do the same for you!  Finally, we spend a bit of time ruminating on the best way to gift others of the video game vinyl persuasion for the Christmas season for the Valentine's Day season, and how to help those in your life be bold in gifting you.

    Outro: "Searching for the Hidden Hot Spring" - Monster Hunter X

    *please excuse any and all references to "it's Fall now"

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Rocket League x Monster Cats: Greatest Hits (iam8bit)
    Cross Symphonic (Bandcamp)
    Parallelus (Chrono Cross arrangement) (Bandcamp)
    Gears 5 (Laced Records)
    Banana Jamz 199x (Cartridge Thunder)
    Metal Gear NES (Mondo) (sold out)
    Metal Gear MSX32 (Mondo)
    Toe Jam & Earl : Back in the Groove (Enjoy the Ride Records)

    Image Gallery

  • Sometimes travel takes you to the far ends of the earth. Sometimes it gives you a new perspective on the same places you've already been. And sometimes, dear listener, it returns you, like a turntable, right back to where you began.

    We're joined this week by One Run Records' Ryan Huff to explore the idea of travel, and we begin by following Paul's lead to the iam8bit release of Monument Valley. We reflect on the music and art of the game as an invitation to slow down and simply experience, and discuss Ustwo Games' intent to make something meant for display. Ryan then takes us on a deep dive into the largely-forgotten past of early Japanese adventure games with Sound Adventure Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni Kiyu!! (Try saying that once fast.) This fairly unknown game, one of Yujii Hori's first for game studio Enix, was a reaction to the adventure game genre of the west but also a template for non-parser adventure games (including in the west!) from that point on. We explore the game's eclectic music through the "sound adventure" adaptation that uses a mix of live and digital instruments for a very early "serious" look at video game music on vinyl record.

    We continue, as we do, with the news and releases, and we dig up a few gems in addition to the widely-known products draining your wallet this month. Plug your ears for every other one to save a little money!

    Finally, we talk to Ryan about his recent trip to Japan in which he acquired his feature pick for this episode. We discuss the differences between vinyl shopping in Japan and America and Europe, and make plans to visit Asia and spend a ton of discretionary money. Ryan also drops a bit of One Run Records news for us, including the surprise announcement of a Castlevania The Adventure: ReBirth variant exclusive to that label! OOoooooh!

    Outro: "Ending Theme~A New Departure" - Sound Adventure Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni Kiyu!!, by Akihiko Yabu, Gozo Shiozaki, Toshiyuki Ueno

    Twitter - @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @onerunrecords
    Facebook: One Run Records
    Instagram: onerunrecords

    Minibosses Statdemon (Gofundme)
    Borderlands 3 2LP (Laced Records - USA - ROW)
    Borderlands 3 4LP (Laced Records - USA - ROW)
    Castlevania: The Adventure: ReBirth (ShiptoShore - Debug Records - One Run Records coming soon!)
    Killing Floor2 (Debug Records)
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (Laced Records - USA - ROW)
    Resident Evil 0 (Laced Records - USA - ROW)
    Kowloon's Gate (Amazon.co.jp)
    Jak & Daxter (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
    Asobi No Oto Vol. 0 (Otakumode)

    Image Gallery

  • Time is a circle, ever spinning, with tiny grooves in it, playing the music of our lives, year in and year out. We might be overworking that metaphor, but, you know, somehow it just feels right. We've arrived at the end of 2019, and looking back on it, there was a lot that happened this year, and it's been really expensive amazing in aggregate.

    We're joined once again by video-game-music-on-vinyl-record magnate, Frederik Lauridsen of BlipBlop.net, who holds not only the keys to our hearts, but the keys to this year's community vote for your favorite release of the year!

    This year there are some surprises, some no-brainers, and a lot of discussion and love of video game music, vinyl records, video game music on vinyl records, and everyone who works on them, listens to them, or (cough Jeremy cough) just accumulates them and admires them on the shelf. Special thanks to our guests, hosts, and production staff in 2019. We look forward to spinning again in 2020!

    Outro: "Clock Town" - Children of Termina, by Rozen

    To see our spoiler-filled list of 2019 favorites in text form, click here, but tell no one!


  • Speculative futuristic war. Speculative futuristic war never changes. Welcome to "Battle" week, in which Video Game Grooves brings the fight to you with a couple of fighty soundtracks that sound nothing alike but share at least one thing in common: circularity. Meaning vinyl. Yes it's too clever, let's move on.

    This week we are joined by Jacob Chase of the VGM WAX blog, which recently celebrated its first anniversary covering a more literate form of video game music on vinyl record. We recommend you swing by and check it out! Jacob and Jeremy focus on the dynamic musical score for Battletech, the Harebrained Schemes strategy game based on the iconic tabletop franchise. The unorthodox-but-appropriate musical stylings of Jon Everist underscore the futuristic-yet-feudal storylines while still capturing the flavor of giant stompy 'mechs shooting each other on far-flung worlds, and we highlight a couple of selections to illustrate that. Anthony is excited about Battle Garegga, from Limited Run Games. This vertical shooter lies at an interesting nexus point for the arcade shooter genre, and the complex musical layers of its soundtrack are a great late-era jam.

    Then we put Jacob in the hot seat to talk about the story behind VGM WAX, and we have a good old discussion about the process of "coverage" of video game music on record. How do we approach it, what drives us in our respective media, and what is it that we hope to share and give to others? So come listen and be shared with and given to. <3

    Outro: "Restoration" - Battletech, by Jon Everist

    Check out the VGM WAX review of Battletech and interview with Jon Everist at https://www.vgmwax.com/reviews/2019/9/18/battletech

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @walnutsoap, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @VGMWAX
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    Slay the Spire (Ghost Ramp)
    Machinarium Remixed (Minority Records)
    Sayonara Wild Hearts (iam8bit)
    TxK Soundtrack (Heart of Neon Kickstarter)
    Gone Jackals "Legacy" Single (Blueblack Records) (few remaining)

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  • The spooky season is here! ...or so it is whispered in the darkest corners of the pumpkin-spice infused hipster coffee shops. We will attempt to synergize with that vibe by bringing to you the scariest stuff we can in the most hipster way we can: video game music on vinyl records--horror edition. Well, as much as we can, if you include obsessive anime girls and tongue-in-cheek skeletal film noir. We're pulling out all the candy corns and sugar peanuts and making this a FULL-SIZE CANDY BAR EXPERIENCE... news and three features, and a bunch more music than you can handle, three tracks each!

    We're joined by Cassie Baralis of Ship to Shore Media to discuss music of some of the ostensibly scary games we love. We begin with Anthony's choice of a great entry in its own iconic series, Resident Evil 2, pressed to wax by Laced Records. We explore some of the key areas in the game, the idea of "nemesis" monsters and the tropes of the series, and listen to one of the more... distinct.... tracks from the release. Cassie then takes us into Japanese visual novel territory with Doki Doki Literature Club from iam8bit. Spoiler warning, we do about a 70% good job of giving away the plot points, but we leave enough intact that you should still play it. We explore the genre-fluency of composer Dan Salvato and look at the ways he has twisted it and left some really good clues and throwbacks in the compositions that gel with the plot. And our unprecedented THIRD PICK comes from Jeremy: Grim Fandango from iam8bit. Jeremy takes us on a journey through Latin America and discusses the cultural and pop-cultural experiences that meld together into Tim Schafer's 20-year-old adventure. If you ever wanted to hear an exhaustive list of the referential inputs into Grim Fandango... well this is a decent effort.

    And now, if you still linger in the land of the living, go forth and put the willies into the world with your devotion to video games, music, vinyl records, and video game music on vinyl records! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHHH!

    PS Did we mention Cassie drops a secret track for an unannounced Ship to Shore release in this episode? What could it beeeee???

    Outro: "Ada's Theme" - Resident Evil 2

    Twitter - @vg_grooves, @walnutsoap, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello
    Instagram: Cassie Baralis
    Ship to Shore Media (Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter)

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  • Well well well, we see that you have returned. It is fortuitous, because we are actually RIGHT HERE with another new episode of our famous* podcast, Video Game Grooves! And this week, we have a wonderful show lined up, wherein Anthony and Jeremy are joined by very special guest Grant "Stemage" Henry, who is no stranger to the video game music scene... and is now being swayed to the dark (classic black) side. To kick things off, Grant brings us the very special feature Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade, from Data Discs. We explore our relationship with the arcade version of the game, as well as the involvement of the Sega Sound Team in a number of contemporary projects, and we put our finger on the pulse of "cool in Japan in the 90s. 🚬"  We then shift gears to a different kind of rails shooter with Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement, from Brave Wave. The sheer unlikeliness of this project is only surpassed by its excellence, and we explore Saori Kobayashi's composition and layering, and appreciate the production and love involved in the production of the release.

    We carry on into the news, and we know it's the most painful part of the show, but we'll hold your hand. It will go quick, and your bank account is only a few hundred units emptier than it was before. You'll survive. There are also a couple of pretty good rumors that you can trade for heroic deeds at the nearby video game tavern.

    Finally, we sit down with Grant and examine him thoroughly, from his shocking opinions about Bubsy to his participation in "very welcoming" Steven Universe cults. We might even talk a little bit about music, including his preferred approach to video game cover music!

    Outro: "Atolm Dragon" - Panzer Dragoon Saga, by Saori Kobayashi

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @walnutsoap, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @stemage

    Celeste: Farewell (Ship to Shore) (Black Screen Records)
    ESCISM (Ship to Shore)
    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (Artist Arena) (Amazon)
    System Shock (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
    Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl (Limited Run Games)
    Mega Man 1-11: The Collection (Laced Records US) (Laced Records ROW)
    Wild Hunt Live (2018) (Percival.pl)
    Black Material Remake (Kickstarter)
    Gaijin Blues II (Bandcamp)

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  • Like a big translucent helper-friend or an old war buddy talking to you through a jawbone-resonant radio system, the Video Game Grooves podcast is BACK to aid and guide you in your pursuit of our common love: video game music on vinyl records!

    This week, we guide you toward Zoink! Games VR indie game Ghost Giant. Paul walks us through his process of encountering and obtaining this small-run gem. The intimate instrumentation and intimate interface of Ghost Giant makes the game feel like it's in your eyeballs and in your eardrum. We wade through some tricky Swedish to discuss the strange sounds and the silly sousaphone and how the (musical) hands of Ghost Giant reach out and grab us. Our second pick is the vinyl release for the monolithic Metal Gear Solid. We recollect a bit of the series' history as well as the cultural homage (and musical homage).

    We then continue to the news and the new releases (and there are many this episode) as well as a few now-shipping notices and rumors that have become fact. And finally, for our third-segment discussion we ruminate on the idea "when NOT to vinyl', whatever that means to us. Join us and vinyl!

    Outro: "The Best is Yet to Come" - Metal Gear Solid, by Rika Muranaka, performed by Aoife Ní Fhearraigh

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @walnutsoap, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Wolfenstein: The New Order (Laced Records)
    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Laced Records)
    River City Girls (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
    The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series (Skybound Games)
    Supergiant 10th Anniversary Collection (iam8bit)
    Solasta: Crown of the Magister (Kickstarter)
    Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Original Soundtrack (T-Annex)
    Guilty Gear Memorial (Nin-Nin) (sold out)
    Blazblue Memorial (Nin-Nin) (sold out)
    Close to the Sun (Wired Productions)
    Days Gone (Mondo)
    Machinarium reissue (Amanita Design)

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  • Summertime 2019 is drawing to a close, and it's time to beat that last blast of heat with some great tunes. When Video Game Grooves throws a summer block party, we have at least five people, which means regular hosts Jeremy, Paul, and Anthony are joined by two guest hosts this week. First, returning friend of the show Pete Smith is fresh off his release of Witcheye on Android and iOS, and he's here to talk about a little Secret of Mana with us. The music from an unofficial release takes us back to simpler times when trees were whales and JRPGs were pastoral, pastel, and primitivistic. (yes we had to search for a third "p" word -ed.) Also along for the ride is Debug Records' Caleb Denney, who we finally cajoled to come back to feature Mother Fucking Earthbound. In contrast to our first feature, MFE has its tongue in its cheek and its bionic slingshot in hand and hits us with a fun summertime vibe. We discuss the musical stylings of Erich WK and the ways in which Earthbound flirts with... musical re-appropriation.

    In our second segment we dismiss Pete to his always-on partying lifestyle, and we cover the new releases during our slightly-extended rest period, as well as highlighting some exciting products that are now shipping.

    In our final section we talk to Caleb about the post-mortem of Debug's first release, and talk about the fan (and non-fan) reaction after the vinyl arrives in homes around the world. What went well, what could have gone better, and what will he take into the label's next release, revealed inside!

    PLUS, for listeners of Video Game Grooves, Mother Fucking Earthbound can be yours at $5 off for a limited time using code DEBUGONVGG at debugrecords.com

    Outro: "A Curious Tale" - Secret of Mana, by Hiroki Kikuta
    Secret Outro: "El Bimbo x Enjoy Your Stay at the El Bimbo" - Bimbojet x Erich WK

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @walnutsoap, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @turbomcphazer, @debugrecords
    Facebook – Debug Records
    Instagram – Debug Records

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (Lakeshore Records) (also available through other vendors)
    Metal Gear Solid (Mondo)
    Resurrection of the Night: Alucard's Elegy (Materia Collective)
    The Greatest Video Game Music (Amazon.co.uk)
    Bit Brigade Mega Man 3 (Hello Sir Records) (secret link to Double Ferrari)
    The Game Paradise (Dispatch Games)
    Hover (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
    Memories of Tokyo-to (Ship to Shore)
    Horizon Chase Turbo bundle (Minimum Records)
    Just Cause 4 (Artizan Bandcamp)
    The Music of Humongous Entertainment (Kickstarter, canceled)
    Dark Souls I-III repress (Bandai Namco EU)
    DOOM 2016 repress (Bethesda store US, Bethesda store EU)
    Owlboy (Yetee Records)

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  • With summer in full swing, the VGG crew is back to help you beat the heat with some cool tunes and chill game soundtrack records. It's like standing in front of the refrigerator while your hair blows in the wind! This episode brings Paul, Anthony, and Jeremy back together to guide you through the game music we have known, and spin it up on the vinyl you love!

    This week, we begin with the Limited Run Games release of Lumines Remastered, and the eclectic but bumpin' sounds of Takayuki Nakamura. We remember the phenomenon of Lumines and how it fits into the pantheon of Q Entertainment titles, and whether their games feel like musical creation... or something else. We also note the music that is NOT on this release as well its overall listenability. Next we shift gears significantly to Sony's God of War (2018), which propelled the franchise to new levels of dadliness and new musical textures and culture to explore. Bear McCreary's dramatic score is a departure from the series' prior motive cues but brings the player along the journey of discovery and epic adventure, and we discuss the brutally-violent Kratos as one of the huggiest protagonists in all of video games.

    As always, we bring you the latest news about new releases, crowdfunding efforts, and reprints that you need to know about (or will be disappointed you missed--sorry). We know... it's the segment of the show that causes us the most internal conflict too. We top off the show with a discussion about the importance (or not) of preserving the analog signal of the vinyl audio format versus the convenience of digital technology. What about that Bluetooth-capable turntable you (coughJeremycough) are considering? Wireless headphones? How about putting that signal through a digital receiver or other tech? Listen in for the important-est viewpoints to consider! Thanks for listening!

    Outro: "Talk 2 You" - Lumines, by Takayuki Nakamura

    Twitter – @vg_grooves, @walnutsoap, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello

    Wandersong (Ghost Ramp)
    Bad Mojo (Ghost Ramp)
    Deltarune (Fangamer)
    Rend (Materia Collective)
    Poké & Chill (MateriaCollective)
    Bloodborne (Laced Records USA) (Laced Records EU)
    Red Faction (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
    Double Switch (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time (iam8bit)
    The Witcher 3 repress (Spacelab9) (2LP variant) (4LP variant)
    Silent Hill (Fangamer)
    Silent Hill 2 (Fangamer)

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