• My friend Dr. Olivia Hurley who is a Sport Psychologist, lecturer and author is the next guest on my show. Olivia lectured me when I completed my Sport Psychology Certificate in 2016/17 and since then we've become good friends.

    I asked Olivia to join me to discuss what it's like being a Sport Psychologist and to talk through her journey which I believe is quite exciting. It includes a diverse range of people from all backgrounds, sporting and business disciplines. Also, we spoke about mental resilience and the tools necessary to find our way through life's every day be it in sport, personal or business.

    Olivia shares some insight into the science of Sport Psychology and how the same thought processes can overlap from sport to business and life.

    Olivia has worked with some of Ireland's best athletes across so many disciplines including rugby, hockey, Gaelic Football and much more.

    With a background in athletics, Olivia is positioned brilliantly to share information and guide athletes through the trials and tribulations elite sports offers.

    If you would like to find out more about Olivia, you can contact her on Twitter & Instagram @DrOliviaHurley or visit her website www.droliviahurley.com

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  • Robin Copeland is a professional rugby player and has played with a number of teams in his journey to play at the top level, Rotheram, Cardiff, Munster and currently playing rugby for Connacht. He has been capped for Ireland and at that time he was on a fantastic trajectory but unfortunately got hit with an injury. 
    We spoke about Robin’s journey in rugby and his initial introduction to the start of a potential professional career with Leinster.
    We talked about his time playing with St. Marys and key individuals that influenced him at such an early stage of his career.
    He shares some of the conversations he had behind the scenes, and why having a mentor or coach is so important especially starting off in his career. It helped him understand the business of professional rugby
    We talked about how he used injuries to learn other aspects of rugby and focus on his weaknesses which he had previously neglected.
    Robin opens up about his relationship with Anthony ‘Axel’ Foley and how much he knew rugby but more importantly, Anthony knew players.
    If you've any questions or wish to share some comments please feel free to do so. Robin's social handles are 
    Twitter & Instagram: @robocopey
    This episode is sponsored by The Merry Cobbler, a pub in Irishtown Dublin, and only a stone's throw away from the Aviva Stadium. This pub is one of my personal favourites, from the atmosphere, delicious food and of course fantastic pints. Jim and Will, thank you for all the food, booze and support.

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  • As the world’s leading TV hypnotist, Mentalist and Brain Hacker Keith Barry has been blazing a trail across the globe for many years.  

    His mind-blowing skills have been showcased in over forty international television shows, including his most recent series, The Keith Barry Experience. He also recently starred in ITV’s smash hit series You’re Back in The Room where he hypnotised the contestants to stop them winning the prize money! The first hypnotism format on TV in the UK for several years, this show garnered huge audiences and proved to be a big prime-time hit for ITV.

    Keith is currently preparing the second series of his homegrown Irish TV series The Keith Barry Experience, which is due to air in September 2020.

    As a mind coach Keith has also worked with many world-class athletes, business people, influencers and actors to assist them in unleashing their subconscious potential.  Amongst Keith’s clients are two of Ireland’s premier rugby stars, Keith Earls and Rory Best.

    My conversation with Keith is quite similar to all my conversations with him. Even with all the madness and showmanship, behind everything Keith is a husband, dad, brother, son and his major point of difference is that he has a drive and a passion to entertain like no one I've met before. 

    Like us all Keith battles the ups and downs of life and we got a chance to talk about those battles. We delve into the challenges of the responsibility of adults to guide kids in the right direction with all the distractions of technology and social media. We touch on the role of parents in a completely unregulated industry.

    We also chat through some of Keith's experiences in Hollywood and how he coped when finding out people he thought were friends had different agendas. 

    Keith shares some anecdotes of his time with Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo.

    Finally, Keith talks to me about the power of the mind and how people can build resilience if they put the proper tools and practices in place. 

    This chat really touched on loads of different areas which I hope you find as enjoyable and interesting as I did. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy my conversation with the great Keith Barry.

    If you'd like to reach out to Keith check out the links below


    IG: @thekeithbarry
    TW: @KeithpBarry

  • In this episode I sat down with a professional rugby player who is Irish qualified, English qualified and now French qualified. He rugby cv includes the USON Nevers, Munster sub academy, Irish U-19’s and Shannon.

    He happens to be my cousin Frank who is following his dream from when he was a young boy and wanted to be a professional rugby player.
    Frank is currently playing with USON Nevers and is living just over two hours from Paris. At 24 years old and standing a small 6ft 9” Frank has carved his path in life and found his focus.

    Our conversation took place in my family home in Limerick over the December break while we enjoyed a few beers to celebrate the holidays. We spoke about a number of topics including his journey from promising underage player to a professional rugby player living in France.

    Frank’s decision to move to France happened at a time when his mum lost her battle with cancer, and he openly talks about his decision-making process and weighing up the positives and negatives during such a traumatic time in his life.

    We go on to discuss his job as a professional rugby player and how easy it is for people to assume that a professional sporting life is straight forward and always a bed of roses, however, for Frank, the beginning of his professional career was a steep learning curve.

    He talks about the challenges he faced with the first club he joined and how he created an opportunity for him to move to another club.
    Frank was a big influence in the creation of this podcast and it was fitting to hear his thoughts on how What Makes You Tick came about.

    Finally, Frank gives me an insight to what he deems to be a success, and how he lives his life, what’s next for him and the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

    Here we go, enjoy the show.

    If you would like to get in contact with Frank you can find him on

    Instagram: @frank_bradryan
    Twitter: @frunk_official
    Email: frank.bradshawryan0@gmail.com

  • A few months ago I got a chance to sit down with a great friend of mine Ciaran Ruddock also known as Rudds.

    He is a very inspiring person both as a close friend and as an entrepreneur.  I have known Ciaran for a decade and whenever we get a chance to sit down and catch up, I leave the conversation either learning something or wanting to follow up on a topic he showed a great amount of passion for.  

    He is one of the people who has a willingness to learn, to adapt and is open to receiving coaching and direction from those who have more expertise in something, so that he gives himself the best opportunity to achieve his goals.

    Ciaran is the Performance Director and a founder of Fitter Faster Stronger Gyms FFS here in Dublin, a brand that has grown in stature in health and fitness for the last 7 years.

    However, prior to this career, Ciaran was a professional rugby player with Leinster. Hailing from a family of rugby personalities the apple didn't fall to far from the tree for Ciaran.

    In this episode, we got a chance to talk about his transition from professional player to entrepreneur and the challenges he had to overcome during that time.

    We talk about how he approaches life and how he lives his mission of helping himself and others become the strongest versions of themselves both personally and professionally.

    We discuss work ethic and the topic of how to create opportunities for yourself, there's simply no short cut for long term success.

    Not only that Ciaran talks about creating habits to promote positive physical & mental health.

    Speaking with Ciaran on this podcast was great fun. I know there's a lot of people who are looking forward to hearing what makes Rudd's tick and without further delay, enjoy the show.


    "My mission is to help myself & others become the strongest versions of themselves" 

    As a coach, I am passionate about helping people to improve the way they look, feel and perform. 

    I believe to do this there are no secrets of quick fixes. There is just a constant pursuit of better. 

    The 4 big pillars that will help anyone be at their best are: 
    1. Physical activity 
    2. Nutrition 
    3. Rest & recovery 
    4. Mindset

    Everyone can always be better and I enjoy helping people enjoy the process of getting better.  

    Here is Ciaran’s reading list 

    Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink & Leif Babin 
    Win or Learn, John Kavanagh
    Chasing Excellence, Ben Bergeron 
    Conscious Coaching, Brett Bartholomew
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey
    Start With Why, Simon Sinek 
    Mindset, Carol S Dweck

    Where to find Ciaran 


    Instagram - @CiaranRuddock

  • Leading Women in the telecom and cable industry, Rhona takes us through her career and more.

    In this episode, I got a chance to sit down with my sister and talk to her about her career to date, her motivations, her challenges and her approach to life. At the time of the interview, Rhona was the Senior Vice President of digital with Comcast. Her title has since changed to Senior Vice President Consumer Experience Transformation at Comcast. 

    I'm so proud to start this podcast with my sister. We recorded the conversation in her home in Philadelphia and what I learned from this was the fact that having a coach or a sponsor in your career is so important. Also, to dive into something and give it your best before you decide it's not for you. And more importantly, be part of a diverse environment with many points of view so you can learn and navigate your way through life with some perspective of other points of view.

    If you would like to reach out to Rhona you can find her on
    Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhona-bradshaw-61257b25/
    Twitter - @rosie62

  • This is the intro to my What Makes You Tick Podcast. It's a little bit of information about me and why I created this podcast. My goal is to help people and learn from people I admire and I'm inspired by. I hope you find some pieces of information within my conversations that you can use and apply to your life in a positive way. 

    This is an adventure and I can't wait to introduce you to some of the guests I'm going to have on this season. The people I speak to will come from all walks of life. I'll chat to people in business, sport, entertainment, education, the defense forces and so much more.

    For more information, you can visit www.whatmakesyoutick.net
    Instagram: @whatmakesyoutickpod
    Twitter: @Steviebrads
    Email: stephen@whatmakesyoutick.net