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    Episode 009. Busting 5 Big Manifestation Myths

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    In this week's episode, I'm breaking down 5 big manifestation myths that are holding you back from the health, wellness, and weight loss you desire. Curious to hear what they are and what the *actual* truth of the matter is? Tune in to find out!

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    Episode 008. My Experience Working with a Naturopathic Doctor

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    Before I started working with my naturopath, I had a loooot of misconceptions around what a naturopath was and what they actually did. I've now been working with mine for over six months and have seen some pretty amazing results!

    Today I want to share my experience working with a naturopathic doctor, how I found my doctor, what we've worked on together, and an update on my overall health.

    If you've ever considered working with a more holistic doctor, you'll love this week's episode!

    Links Mentioned

    My naturopath, Dr. Wolter: http://kelownanaturopath.com/

    To learn more about the REBA machine mentioned: https://biomedicine.com/articles/2011/12/16/reba-testing

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    Episode 007. Intuition 101 — The Beginner's Guide

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    If you're pretty new to the world of woo, you might be hearing a bunch of gurus saying things like:

    "Just tap into your intuition"!


    "Follow your inner guidance!"

    And you might be thinking, OK great — but what does that actually mean?

    That's what this week's episode is all about! I break down what your intuition is, how to access and follow it's guidance, the different intuitive styles (and how to figure out yours), and how to distinguish the voice of your intuition from the voice of your ego.

    I also share a fun little "Intuition Experiment" I've been doing since the beginning of this year, and how it's going.

    If you're looking for a shortcut to get closer to your goals in less time and with more flow and ease, this is an episode you don't want to miss!


    If not, click here to RSVP and join the fun: https://kristadickson.com/party

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    Episode 006. Being an Empath and Navigating Weight & Wellness, featuring Robin Scott

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    I’m so excited about today’s episode because we have the lovely Robin here from The Diary of an Empath, and she’s going to be sharing all of her wisdom with us. In this episode, Robin talks about what it means to be an empath and how to utilize your unique abilities in your pursuit of personal wellness.

    What’s in this episode What it means to be an empath Robin’s personal journey as an empath Shifting the view of being highly empathic as a weakness towards one of empowerment The different “clair” or intuitive types The struggles of being an empath and how to ground yourself Self-care routines for overall wellness as an empath

    Links Mentioned

    The Diary of an Empath

    Robin's Self-care Reminders Email List

    Are You An Empath? Free Course

    5 Days to Purpose Free Course


    “Where you disagree in life, that’s usually your expertise. We’ve been taught that it’s a negative thing but it’s where you stand out. It’s where you’re meant to bring something new to the table.” - Robin

    “We are incredible beings. We have such a unique and needed skillset.” - Robin

    “Recognize the value of your body saying, ‘Ground me now.’” - Robin

    “You’re going to get a lot further in your journey...like attracts like...if you love.” - Robin

    “You have to learn to love your body in all shapes, sizes, all forms if you ever want to change anything externally.” - Krista

    From Robin Scott

    Hi, I’m Robin. The diarist with the sole (soul) to help empaths like me step into their calling.

    I didn’t always know this work was my purpose; and actually, I always just hoped for a cozy life as a counsellor at a university. But my soul had different plans and in 2011 I began my awakening. And in 2015 was awakened to being an empath and it changed everything. Because for the first time I wasn't strange, weak or woo. I was deeply intuitive with a conscious connection to the non-physical.

    The diary began as a blog in late 2016 when I graduated social work school and realized the gifts I was given had very little to do with the social work jobs advertised on job boards I was searching. I had always known I had something important to do and everything I was ‘supposed to do’ felt limiting. I found myself in the real world, realizing how much the real world didn’t get me - or others like me.

    So, I started a site to use what I knew about social dynamics to out the social conditioning that has kept us empaths small.

    Because we aren’t small and I was tired of being misinformed and having my intuitive gifts and heart-centered plans downplayed and ignored. I went against the grain and started talking; and it turns out what I was saying meant something. Because since then, I’ve connected with hundreds of you! And this space has turned into a bit of an empath hub where I get to share-with, support, and inspire thousands of empaths all over this world. And there is no question I was made for this work. There have been lessons though; lessons every intuitive has to overcome to step into who they really are. Lessons I’m here to guide you through.

    I don’t believe empaths are perfect, selfless or spiritual saints.

    I believe we are human with human traits.



    And conscious souls.

    With shadow sides, deep wounds, and an ego.

    Here to heal ourselves, and in turn bring healing to this world.

    What are your dreams? What kind of change do you want to see? What’s keeping you from showing up in the world authentically? It’s my purpose to start the conversation and share the skills you’ll need, but I need you to be honest with me.

    Because we need you.

    The real you.

    The you that doesn’t fit it because it’s not supposed to.

    Website | Instagram | Pinterest

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    The Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast helps entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies — the woo-woo way. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes & connect with me on Instagram! You can also find more information on my Woo-Woo Weight Loss™ program here.

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    Episode 005. The Magic 5: How Five Daily Habits Can Change Your Life

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    When you start diving into the world of health and wellness, and the world of “woo” and spiritually, it’s super easy to get overwhelmed really quickly. There is so much information available and you’re trying to cram it all into your head and apply it to your life by incorporating all these different rituals and routines and daily habits. It’s a lot & it can be really frustrating!

    On today’s episode, we’re going to talk about a concept that I call, “The Magic 5”: How five daily habits can change your life. We’ll talk about what it is, my own experience with The Magic 5, and how to create & implement your own magic five habits.

    What’s in this episode

    My personal experience with feeling overwhelmed by all the daily practices I wanted to include in my life What “The Magic” 5 is The importance of uncovering & acknowledging what your body and soul need right now Why five is the magic number of daily habits My own current, personal “Magic 5” Things to consider when creating & implementing your own Magic 5 Examples of what you can include in your own list


    “I would always feel like such a failure when I couldn’t follow through and tick everything off on my list.”

    “Do you try to choose these daily habits that you feel like are going to make all the difference for you in terms of your health and wellness, your spirituality, your abundance, and your business, but then you get overwhelmed and you can’t follow through?”

    “The Magic 5 is all about committing to five daily habits. Five actions that you’re going to carry out each day and that’s it.”

    “There is no universal Magic 5.”

    “I always avoid giving and also taking really prescriptive advice that says there is only one right way to do something because 99 times out of 100, there’s not one perfect way to do things.”

    “Five is not too many things that you’re going to get overwhelmed but also not too few things. It’s enough habits to make a big difference in your quality of life.”

    “It is always better to do something than nothing.”

    “The Magic 5 is all about achieving balance.”

    “Your Magic 5 is going to look different than mine, that’s the point because what you & I need right now in these specific points of our lives is different.”

    “Your Magic 5 can & will change over time.”

    “There’s no such thing as perfect or permanent when it comes to The Magic 5.”

    More Info

    The Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast helps entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies — the woo-woo way. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes & connect with me on Instagram! You can also find more information on my Woo-Woo Weight Loss™ program here.

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    Episode 004. The 4-Step Framework for Manifesting Your Dream Body

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    We’re discussing one of my absolute favorite topics today: weight loss. In this episode, we’re talking about the 4-step framework for manifesting your dream body. This is the same framework that I teach in my signature program, Woo-Woo Weight Loss.

    Today, I’ll be giving you an overview of the framework, explaining each of the steps, and giving you some action items to implement in your own life so that you can start seeing results ASAP if you’re ready to lose weight!

    What’s in this episode What “Woo-Woo Weight Loss” is How to elevate your energy An exercise to elevate your energy every day How to give yourself a mindset makeover Where your limiting beliefs come from Using positive affirmations to rewrite your limiting beliefs Making the self-love shift Tapping into your intuition in order to take aligned action Different methods for tapping into your intuition

    Links Mentioned

    22 Affirmations for Weight Loss

    Free 4-Step Roadmap for Manifesting Your Dream Body

    Episode 001. How I Lost 40 Pounds in 1 Year: My Weight Loss Journey


    “The internal work must be done before your external actions can or will have a lasting effect on you or your body.”

    “Manifesting is simply bringing something from your inner world, from basically your mind, your imagination, into your outer world where you can then enjoy those things with your physical senses.”

    “One of the biggest keys to elevating your energy is positive emotion, so experiencing emotions like joy, freedom, gratitude, love, empowerment.”

    “Baby steps count.”

    “Your subconscious mind is all about survival.”

    “We need to uncover your subconscious limiting beliefs, the beliefs that aren’t serving you in your weight loss journey and then we need to re-write those beliefs.”

    “All transformation is done through love.”

    “We need to always embody our future self in order to step into that version of reality.”

    “No matter what the guidance is that you receive, I want you to commit to following it.”

    More Info

    The Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast helps entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies — the woo-woo way. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes & connect with me on Instagram! You can also find more information on my Woo-Woo Weight Loss™ program here.

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    Episode 003. 4 Tips for Manifesting Better Health

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    Today’s topic is very close to my heart and something that I feel like isn’t talked about nearly enough: How to manifest better health. Through talking to many of you over email, Instagram, and through my online course, I’ve learned that chronic illness and poor health are things that many of you are struggling with and have been struggling with for quite a while.

    In this episode, I’m going to share some different ways of shifting your health, your mindset, and your body for the better that you might not have thought about or come across before. My goal is that you leave with a newfound sense of hope, a sense of excitement, an understanding of how your energy impacts your health and your body, and that you also have a few key, tangible things you can start doing today to manifest better health.

    What’s in this episode My personal health journey The breaking point that caused me to make a change What your “electromagnetic signature” is The importance of changing your thoughts and emotions in order to change your energy What epigenetics is and how it works 4 tips to help you manifest better health Suggestions on the best ways to visualize and meditate

    Links Mentioned

    Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

    Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

    Vibrational Healing by Jaya Jaya Myra


    “Looking back, I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life, at least definitely not in my adult life, where I felt like really freaking good for an extended amount of time.”

    “I was really open to anything that was going to make me feel better.”

    “My role here is to encourage you to acknowledge and own up to the fact that your energy, your vibration is creating your reality, including your health.”

    “When you change your thoughts and emotions, you change your electromagnetic signature, your energy. When you change your energy, you change your life.”

    “You’ve been conditioned to think and to feel in certain ways and you’ve been conditioned that way for a very long time most likely and that can take some time to undo, but it can be undone.”

    “Health itself comes from being in balance.”

    “These four tips I’m going to share with you are going to help you attract more health and wellness into your life and to find that energetic soulful balance that’s required for a healthy body and healthy state of mind.”

    “Complaining literally achieves nothing.”

    “The words that you speak are things that you are speaking into existence.”

    “Visualization truly is the secret sauce to manifesting just about anything.”

    “Commit to meditating and visualizing your healthy self every single day.”

    “It’s so important to allow yourself to be supported by the universe.”

    “Illness is a teacher. Pain is a teacher.”

    “All illness, all disease, all pain stems from problems with our mind, body, soul complex.”

    “If I always had perfect health all my life, this podcast wouldn’t exist.”

    More Info

    The Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast helps entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies — the woo-woo way. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes & connect with me on Instagram! You can also find more information on my Woo-Woo Weight Loss™ program here.

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    Episode 002. How I Healed My Chronic Headaches

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    I struggled with headaches and migraines for decades. Today, we are talking all about healing from chronic illness, and I’m going to share my story and experience with chronic headaches. I’m going to share how I was able to heal myself with a combination of traditional Western approaches paired with a whole bunch of woo-woo energetic stuff.

    In this episode, I’ll share how my headaches started, what contributed to them, all the different things that I tried that didn’t work, and what I did that finally brought about my full recovery from chronic headaches. I’m also going to share six pieces of advice for anyone who is struggling with chronic headaches and migraines.

    What’s in this episode How my chronic headaches first began The things that I tried throughout childhood & adolescence to try to relieve my chronic headaches The car accident that contributed further to my headaches How my headaches worsened over the years My experience with medications and the effects I experienced The impact my headaches had on my professional & personal life My breaking point that led to taking steps towards healing myself The things that I tried that did not lead to long-term relief What contributed to my full recovery from headaches Six of my best pieces of advice for those struggling with chronic headaches or illness

    Links Mentioned

    Posture Brace

    Peppermint Halo

    Richard Sealey's Hypnosis for Headaches

    The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


    “I just couldn’t handle the pain. I didn’t know what was happening, I was so young. I didn’t really know that pain that bad existed. I had never experienced anything like that up to that point in my life & that was my first experience with a migraine.”

    “I was calling in sick to work a lot more often than I would like to say I was.”

    “I would get headaches multiple days a week usually. I was getting a migraine at least once a month.”

    “I would sometimes have a headache for 3 days in a row. 5 days in a row. Up to 7 days in a row.”

    “The headaches were so bad, so frequent, so incapacitating that I honestly couldn't work.”

    “It was like I was living in this nightmare and I wasn’t able to wake up.”

    “I wasn’t going to stop until I didn’t suffer from headaches anymore.”

    “Sometimes you just need a breakdown.”

    “I stopped talking about my headaches so much. I stopped complaining about them so much. Yes, they were still there. Yes, I could still feel them. Yes, I was still in pain, but did I really need to bring down the vibe of everyone else around me?”

    “When you stop complaining about your health and talking about your health issues so much, you draw your attention away from them. You can focus more on other things.”

    “I had to make changes to my workspace set up and how I was working.”

    “Stress can definitely contribute to and trigger headaches.”

    “You can’t give up. You need to commit that you are going to find relief and you’re not going to stop until you do.”

    “Don’t be afraid to tell the other people in your life that you’re struggling with headaches and migraines.”

    “Rest as much as you possibly can.”

    “Pain is always there for a reason.”

    **Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I cannot give you medical advice. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, especially chronically, this is something you need to speak to your healthcare provider about. I am simply sharing my experience with chronic headaches and what helped me heal and recover from them.

    More Info

    The Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast helps entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies — the woo-woo way. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes & connect with me on Instagram! You can also find more information on my Woo-Woo Weight Loss™ program here.

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    Episode 001. How I Lost 40 Pounds in 1 Year: My Weight Loss Journey

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    As some of you may know, I’ve been on a huge health and weight loss journey over the past year. Today, I want to share my story with you and tell you exactly how I lost 40 pounds in 2018.

    In this episode, I share what I tried to lose weight, what didn’t work, and finally what did work and helped me lose the weight for good! My goal is to open your eyes to a different way to approach your weight loss journey that’s going to give you better results, more quickly.

    What’s in this episode My background & when I first began to gain weight The contributing factors to my weight gain The wake-up call that caused me to make a commitment to myself to lose 30 pounds What was unsuccessful in helping me lose the weight The epiphany that changed my mindset towards my weight loss journey What was successful in helping me lose 10 pounds more than my goal

    Links Mentioned

    Yoga with Adriene

    Bikini Body Guide

    The Lively Show

    Woo Woo Wellness


    “Once I became an entrepreneur and started working from home, I started gaining weight.”

    “I would use food and eating as an excuse to take a break from my business when I actually should have just given myself a break.”

    “I would turn to food as a way to comfort myself and to almost numb the stress and the rollercoaster ride that we call entrepreneurship.”

    “I just felt like I wasn’t me. When I looked in the mirror it didn’t feel like I was looking at myself anymore.”

    “I decided that my number one, biggest goal for the entire year was going to be losing 30 pounds.”

    “I had been so focused on all of the actions that I thought I needed to take to lose weight that I had forgotten everything I knew about energy work, manifestation, and the Law of Attraction.”

    “I was going to spend 5-10 minutes a day visualizing myself in my dream body.”

    “The weight started to come off faster than it ever had before.”

    “I committed to following my intuition and letting my intuition guide me in all the decisions I was making about exercising, nutrition, and my body.”

    “I began to embody the version of myself that already had lost the weight and already had her dream body.”

    “Physical action alone is the slowest way to get something that you want. Your intentions, your energy, and your mindset need to be aligned with the things that you want in order for you to manifest those things successfully.”

    Links Mentioned

    Yoga with Adriene

    Bikini Body Guide

    The Lively Show

    Woo Woo Wellness

    More Info

    The Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast helps entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies — the woo-woo way. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes & connect with me on Instagram! You can also find more information on my Woo-Woo Weight Loss™ program here.

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    What is Woo-Woo Wellness?

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    Welcome to the Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast! My mission is to help entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies, the woo-woo way.

    My name is Krista Dickson and I’m a Woo-Woo Weight Loss Coach for entrepreneurs.

    What is woo-woo weight loss? Well, let me explain…

    In 2018, I used the principles of manifesting, the law of attraction, mindset work, energy work, and all that good woo-woo stuff to lose about 50 pounds, and now I teach other entrepreneurs how to lose weight the woo-woo way.

    However, the Woo-Woo Wellness podcast is about so much more than just weight loss. It’s about helping you get healthy, get well, lose weight if you need to, and do it all in ways that feel good and that are aligned with who you are deep down at your core.

    Are you ready to find new ways to improve your mental and physical health? Do you want to feel better in your own skin? Are you wanting to take the best possible care of yourself so that you can show up in your life and in your business? Well then, this podcast is for you!

    The Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast will be a biweekly podcast with both solo episodes and interviews with other health and wellness experts. I truly believe the information and stories you’ll hear on this podcast will change your life!

    You deserve a life filled with joy, abundance, and well-being, and I want to help you get there! Be sure to subscribe to the Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast on iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode & follow me on Instagram to get the inside scoop on upcoming episodes.