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  • Welcome to Very Vedic. A knowledge podcast that answers the questions we all have about life today, using the oldest wisdom on the planet — the ancient Vedic texts from India, The Vedas.

    Host and founder of Bondi Meditation Centre, Matt Ringrose, has been teaching Vedic Meditation for quite some time, and has been using this ancient wisdom to support his students along the way. The more he teaches this knowledge, the more he appreciates its relevance in the world today.

    It’s so easy to understand and to apply in your own life, and he wants to share it with you.

    The Vedas were written over 6,000 years ago with one purpose: to help us. They have the potential to free us from suffering and allow us to live our fullest lives.

    In season one, Matt is joined by his student Anna, and together they explore relationships, love, feelings, finding a sense of purpose and basically anything else that comes up, from the Vedic view.

    If you’re keen to learn how to meditate, or you have a question you’d like answered, DM Matt on Instagram @bondimeditation, or email

    Thanks for listening and if you like what you hear, please leave Very Vedic a review!

    Jai Guru Deva.

    Very Vedic is produced by Studio Offline, technical production by Pod Paste, original music by Al Royale.

  • This is the monthly Science Fiction and Short story discussion podcast where we dive in deep and see what we can learn about ourselves and the world. Every month we cover a different short story with a guest. Our guests range from writers and editors, to academics, businessmen, scientists, musicians, and everything in between.

  • This podcast is dedicated to empowering you to embrace teaching art with works of art. Each episode will dive deep into different aspects of teaching art - from passionate art teachers sharing their work, to mini trainings on art appreciation strategies that you can use in your classroom, to conversations about the highs and lows that come with being a teacher. Come back each week for an informative interview with an amazing art teacher!

  • I love meeting people from different walks of life and listening to their stories.

    The House Gardner Podcast is aimed at providing a voice to wonderful and talented people in the creative industry and beyond.

    I hope you enjoy the podcasts. If you would like to be a Guest or know of someone who should be a Guest on my Podcast, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I would love to hear from you!

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    Instagram: @jontygardner

    YouTube: House Gardner

  • Conversations for relationships in the modern world. We discuss the conflicts, connection, intimacy, growth, emotions, sex, love, and all things taboo that can benefit couples navigating the ups and downs of a modern relationship.

  • Welcome to The Very Essence. A podcast dedicated to educating you on all the different tools we can access to ensure our mind, body and spirit are in tip top nick! Join Kate Dixon as she shares her honest experiences, insights, tips and tricks plus interviews with people who inspire me to BE more.

  • We all want to be an ally for people with disability. But we don’t always know how. By listening to people with disability, this ten-part series gives insiders’ perspectives and advice to allies on how to “tool up” and make the world a richer and better place through supporting inclusion.

  • The Science of Wellbeing podcast has been created to inform and inspire you to Be a Well Being. We want you to live a happier and healthier life, naturally.

  • The home for Australian Amazon FBA Entrepreneurs, find out why 1500 fellow Aussies love us!

  • Mark Novak and legends in property share their experiences, hacks and tips to make you a smarter property GURU :)Enjoy...

  • Turn Up the Talk is a podcast hosted by 3 young Aussie blokes who are having open and honest chats with athletes and thought leaders in their respective communities.

    Through sharing stories about their own lives and speaking about uncomfortable topics in an open and easy manner, we aim to send a positive message to anyone going through mental health battles of their own and that even society’s role models face these challenges.

    The podcast includes tips on how to improve your mental health through lifestyle changes and benefit yourself.

  • Mental health has been vastly underlooked for far too long. There are too many people who are suffering from mental illnesses across the globe and we want to change this. Join us on the show as we explore the various topics surrounding mental health including mental health statistics across the world, discussing anxiety and depression, how our diet and lifestyles are impacting our mental health, how our governments are failing to address the epidemic of mental health. What treatments, support services and programs can really help people overcome their battle with a mental illness and many more.

  • Welcome to the Men of Words Podcast! This is a platform for conversation with successful people about Mental Health. Our aim is to speak to males at the top of their fields across sport, business, music and anything in between to hear stories of adversity, failure, success and the Mental Health journey throughout. Opening up about these issues is historically not our strong-suit as males and that is the area we are hoping to have some affect. Liam (Murph) and Michael (Muff) are long time friends with intersecting journeys through the highs and lows of Mental Health, having had personal and professional relationships for years and many conversations like the ones we are choosing to have with these elite performers.Our goal is a simple one. If we can motivate someone to have a conversation about their mental health, be it with friends, family or a professional, then we have achieved our goal. Thanks so much for listening, for any questions or queries please contact us through Instagram @menofwordspodcast or email us at If you need support, it's there. Talk to a friend, family, your GP or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

  • Two PDAers discuss their lived experience of PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), a subtype of autism.

  • To help businesses make better decisions we need better business partners.

    With automation relieving companies of tedious grunt work, support functions like finance, IT and HR can now focus on partnering with other departments to drive better outcomes.

    Your domain expertise is a given, but you need an additional set of partnering tools to succeed.

    What new skills do you need? I interview industry leaders and experts to answer that question.

  • Become the most sought after player on the trivia circuit.

  • Hints, Tips and Tricks for users of the Google Home Smart Speaker

  • Stem.T4L is an initiative from of the New South Wales Department of Education, Technology 4 Learning team, that has been giving public schools across NSW the opportunity to explore new educational technologies since 2018. For the full report please visit

  • How do I learn about money?
    What is the best way to manage my money?
    How can I become financially secure?
    How do I create a passive income?
    How can I improve my spending habits?
    How can I save money and still enjoy life?
    And all importantly - how do I develop a positive money mindset?

    Welcome to the Money Mindful podcast where we will discuss all these questions and so much more!
    This podcast is all about sharing practical information about MONEY. How to make it, how to manage it and the mindset you need to create it.

    Every episode, host Meaghan J Smith brings you money management tips, education about money, the knowledge you need to take control of your money and inspirational stories to support you on your way to creating the freedom and financial security you desire.

    Hi there! I’m Meaghan, a teacher and mum who is committed to educating myself and supporting others to continuously grow and evolve to achieve what we want. Financial literacy is such an important skill and yet surprisingly so many of us lack knowledge in this area when it comes to caring for our financial health. You shouldn’t have to be a financial advisor to understand money. Let’s get information about money out in the open so we can take care of our loved ones and ourselves and never have to worry about money again.

  • Improving healthcare in Australia and around the world.