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  • Um podcast sobre antroposofia, de um jeito leve e prático, para ajudar pais e mães na tarefa de formar seres humanos livres e conscientes.

  • Um podcast para crianças (e adultos) que adoram histórias! Venha ouvir, imaginar e se divertir com histórias contadas pela Fafá e pelo Thiago.

  • Um podcast com Thais Maruoka, sobre maternidade, mulher, filhos, família e vida!
    Criação com apego, disciplina positiva, tipos de pedagogia e alimentação, maternidade mais livre e consciente, com mais presença e aceitando as diferenças. Conversamos sobre tudo isso por aqui!
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  • Childhood is finite at just shy of 9.5 million minutes. We only get one shot at it. One of the biggest decisions we make is how we will use that time. Research has confirmed time and time again that what children are naturally and unabashedly drawn to, unrestricted outside play, contributes extensively to every area of childhood development. The importance here cannot be understated.

    Every year we aim to match nature time with the average amount of American kid screen time (which is currently 1200 hours per year). Have a goal. Track your time outside. Take back childhood. Inspire others.

  • Era uma vez um Podcast foi feito pra crianças com imaginação fértil. Aqui são contadas histórias infantis de todos os tipos: desde clássicos contos de fadas , à fábulas de todos os lugares do mundo e também histórias originais.
    Você pode ouvir tanto no carro, quanto antes de dormir, ou até mesmo durante o dia, evitando que seu filho fique por muito tempo em frente a uma tela enquanto você precisa fazer algo importante.

    Assine grátis ao podcast e receba novas histórias para crianças instantaneamente!

  • Welcome to the new official Advocate Like a Mother™ Podcast from Michelle Sullivan and Ashley Montano. Here to educate, empower, and inspire mom's to find their voice on behalf of their child with a different ability.

  • Audiolibros, un episodio por podcast

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  • A children’s book detailing early American history from the Norsemen to the Revolution, meant for educational use. (Description by the reader)

  • Motherhood Talk Radio follows Sandra Beck single mother of two elementary school age children as she battles with fatigue, weightloss, aging parents, work, PTA, other soccer moms and screaming kids while parenting with humor, candor and a dose of mommy silliness and self-love. Each week experts guide Sandra into living her best life and you can learn too as we all do our best to navigate the mommy lifestyle.

  • Parenting Mistakes is a podcast about the challenges of raising children, and the tough choices that have to be made regarding mass media such as movies, television shows, music and games.

  • First published in 1908, A Short History of The United States by Edward Channing aims to provide a compact and concise account of the events that went into the making of the United States of America.

    Divided into 45 short chapters which are laid out point-wise, the book is designed as a school text book. Each chapter has a section at the end with a set of questions regarding the facts given in it.

    Beginning with theories about the first European who may have “discovered” the North American continent, the book goes on to describe the various countries who colonized it, the impact of the American Revolution, and finally ends with the situation in America in 1900 when this book was completed. Maps and illustrations are also given.

    Edward Channing was a historian and writer whose magnum opus was a massive six-volume History of the United States, which earned him the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1926.

    Since this shorter version was designed more to be a text book for school-children, A Short History of the United States touches on the main points in the history of this country without going into details. There is not much of an attempt here to provide character studies of the prominent players on the historical stage. No opinions or points of view are offered, and the book remains a collection of facts. The approach to history has changed over the decades. Today it is no longer seen as a bald account of wars, conquests and territorial conflicts that took place – instead, modern-day readers require social, economic and political aspects as well, which this little book may not provide.

    As a collection of important facts and a quick reference book, A Short History of the United States is a useful addition to your bookshelf.

  • Inspirational history stories for you and your children as they drift off to sleep.

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  • Insightful parenting conversations with some of the leading voices in the mindfulness world.

  • If you're here looking for the perfect wife, I've got bad news for ya... I'm the least likely person to show you how it's done.

    This show is a selfish excuse to ask a handful of inspiring friends what they think it means to be a GREAT wife, and I can't wait to share our conversations with you here.

    About The Host: My name is Jessie Pepper and I host a podcast with my husband called Marriage is Funny (BECAUSE IT IS), and we air our dirty laundry over there because even after 9 years... we're still figuring this whole thing out just like everybody else. Bottom line? We’ve learned that Great LOVE is better than perfect love and when things get tough -- belly laughs and bear hugs make everything better.

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  • Kindererziehung mit Herz und Verstand. Wissenswertes aus Psychologie, Hirnforschung, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Kommunikation für dein Familienleben.
    Lerne dein Familienleben und deine Partnerschaft nach deinen Vorstellungen zu gestalten und die Entwicklung deines Kindes positiv zu unterstützen. Wir unterstützen dich darin, ganz leicht in die Anwendung zu gehen.

    Du wirst erstaunt sein, wie viel mehr möglich ist.

  • Parenting stories brought to you bi-weekly by two amateurs at their kitchen table.

  • A science fiction novel first published in 1895, The Time Machine was the first depiction of time travel, and the reason Wells consequently coined the term “time machine” which is now universally recognized. Furthermore it is considered to be one of the precursors to the science fiction genre and the Dying Earth subgenre. An undeniable classic, the novel offers a gripping plot, speculation, and an innovative portrayal of man’s hopes, fears, and human nature in general.

    The tale opens with the introduction of an English scientist and inventor, simply referred to as the Time Traveler, who hosts a dinner party for a number of guests. After dinner, the Time Traveler gives a lecture to the present men stating that time is simply a fourth dimension, and that time travel is in fact possible. He proceeds with a demonstration using a smaller model of his time machine and apparently makes it disappear into the future, though the group does not seem convinced. The following week the men return, as does their unkempt host who stumbles in, and subsequently begins the narration of his incredible account. His journey begins when his time machine takes him forward in time to the year 802,701 AD, where he encounters a society of small robed humanlike creatures called Eloi, who although possess beautiful features, are quite delicate. After exploring the area, the Time Traveler returns only to find his time machine missing, and decides to drop the matter for the time being. As the protagonist gets better acquainted with the Eloi, he infers that they lack curiosity and are rather lazy. In addition, he also comes across the bestial subterranean nocturnal Morlocks, who he believes to have taken his time machine. Left among two opposing races in a slowly disintegrating Earth, the Time Traveler must find a way back home, while simultaneously trying to uncover the roots of such a dark future.

    A great influence on future works alike, The Time Machine in turn encouraged and set the bar for other authors to pursue similar ideas and fuse adventure with philosophical speculation. Exploring various ideas including the repercussions of evolution, capitalism, and social class division, Wells not only creates an entertaining story, but also successfully accentuates the flaws of society.

  • The Cricket Podcast is a project to capture the art of storytelling at bedtime with the stories that we tell our kids. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are scary, usually a bit of both. But they are always kid-safe, entertaining, yet calm enough to fall asleep to. Most importantly, we get right into the story without a bunch of self-promoting meta talk. Production is kept minimal with intention: we try to preserve the craft of storytelling by presenting the story exactly as we would when telling our own children, using only our voices.