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  • My Seven Chakras is a podcast that features healers, thought leaders and experts from the world of alternative healing.The responses to each of the insightful and thought provoking questions asked during the show will provide you key takeaways on how to improve your life physically, mentally and spiritually. During the show, we learn about our guest's current practice, major challenges they've faced, their life's purpose and the magical moments that transformed their life.Our show concludes with an exciting rapid-fire round called the wisdom round during which they share key nuggets of wisdom such as their morning ritual, a powerful habit, a transformational book and much more!

  • "Farrah & Friends" with Farrah Abraham is your all-encompassing, pop culture podcast from the former Teen Mom herself. Join Farrah and her celebrity friends each week for entertaining and engaging discussion about the world of Hollywood, dating and relationships, and overcoming adversity.

  • With over a decade of teaching experience I am passionate about helping people of all ages feel more capable and confident in their bodies. My method of practice blends together mindfulness with strength training, yoga, movement and mobility for a well rounded embodied experience. I teach workshops and teacher training all over the world and own a small studio in Ontario, Canada. For information on my teacher training program, international workshops, blog and more visit

  • Mom Is In Control is a podcast created for you, the woman who wants more, the overwhelmed ambitious woman, the conscious parent who wants to support her child's emotional needs and still have a life they love. If Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Danielle Laporte and Elena Brower had a love child it would be Heather. The mix of spirit, vulnerability and practical real life advice will leave you at peace and taking action towards the life you are most called to lead.

  • Are you tired of confusing health, fitness, and nutrition advice? Do you feel overwhelmed by the firehose of conflicting health information coming at you from every direction? If so, then you'll love Simple Health Show. Your host, Yuri Elkaim, is one of the most trusted experts in the health industry and a New York Times bestselling author who's superpower is making fit and healthy simple again so you can live a great life in a body you love.Each week, he'll bring you clear, actionable, and science-backed insights and advice that you can trust to get your health back on track or take it to the next level.You'll discover the most effective tips for burning fat, having more energy, creating better habits, and helping your body heal naturally. To get even more of Yuri's goodness, including countless quick and delicious recipes and workouts, head on over to

  • Birth, death & mourning doula Laura Saba works at the bookends of life supporting arrivals and departures from this adventure we call Life. This has given her a unique perspective as to what people regret and celebrate as their lives draw to a close.

    Join Laura as she explores how our relationship with our mortality shapes the epic story we're writing with the moments of our lives, our little chapter in the book of humanity.

    Want to live a life you won't regret? Tune in and start exploring the quality questions that will get you there.

  • The Canadian Leaders and Influencers Podcast offers casual interviews with leaders and mavericks of Canadian industry, community and business. The listener gets a candid, deep-dive into a wide variety of topics from inspiring Canadians.

  • The Sheroic Podcast is a female empowerment series that will teach anyone aspiring to live their best lives the secrets to taking on the world! The show is hosted by powerhouse entrepreneurs and real life friends, Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu. Cassey Ho is a designer, best-selling author, and the CEO of Blogilates - an internationally-adored wellness brand and the #1 most watched female fitness channel on YouTube. You can find her signature group exercise format POP Pilates being taught at some of the biggest gyms across the world! With her winning personality and entrepreneurial success, she’s ready to share a different side of herself. Lisa Bilyeu is a founding team member of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition, co-founder and President of Impact Theory and co-creator of the viral sensation Inside Quest with over 200 million views. Her goal is to give women from all walks of life the tools needed to make impactful change in any industry they take on. Cassey and Lisa will leave you feeling inspired and unstoppable!

  • Budgets and Cents is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Cait Flanders (formerly Blonde on a Budget) and Carrie Smith (Careful Cents). In the past few years, the two have paid off nearly $45,000 of debt, gotten rid of most of their belongings and quit their jobs to work for themselves - all of which they write about on their blogs.

    Cait and Carrie have discovered that not being weighed down by debt and clutter gave them the freedom to try new things and live the lives they wanted. If you change your money, you can change your life - it’s that simple. New episodes come out every Tuesday, and topics include budgeting for your life and business, embracing minimalism, working for yourself and more.

  • Whether you're a coach, parent or player, youth sports can be tough to handle sometimes. Good news is, you're not alone! With the TeamSnap podcast in your ears, you've got all the insights, tips and tricks you need to thrive.

    Every other week, host Emily Cohen interviews elite coaches, high-level athletes, technology gurus and the most influential figures in the world of youth sports. Some of our most well-known guests have included John O'Sullivan, Brandi Chastain, Tommy John, Keith Van Horn and Jennie Finch. Tune in and save your sanity!

  • We think one of the most important relationships in your life is the one with your father. We ask the guests questions to get to the heart of the matter and see just exactly how this relationship has impacted their lives.

  • Real talk for real women. Welcome to Ace Talks – a no bullshit, no-holds-barred, completely #unfiltered interview show where we discuss all aspects of life no matter how messy or chaotic. From relationships and romance to failures and fuck yeses and career and self-care – we uncover ways to both help you live your best life and understand that you aren’t alone when it comes to your frustrations and celebrations. A curated collection of vulnerable, real stories from women who inspire us on the daily. Powered by The Ace Class and hosted by Mandy Balak.

  • Light love and lace w/ marissalace. The podcast all about spirituality, self love, + sexuality. Where “crystals“ is my second favorite “c” word + we learn how to be a modern day goddess. The goal is always to vibe higher, love more, + not text that fuck boy back.

  • Host Nancy Regan in conversation with people living inspiring lives, helping others, and bringing LIGHT to the world