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  • Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer A James Mullaney answers Florida Divorce & Family Law Questions

  • New Dad is a humorous journey through parenthood featuring some of the best parents across the country talking about the tough issues and decisions facing parents today.

  • Transform Every Attitude of your Life with TEA of Life Podcast. This podcast is designed to help encourage and give you the tools needed to create the life you love to live. We were not meant to live a life of anguish or misery. I believe that God desires for us to live our life in full: full of love, hope, grace, intention, laughter, and freedom - freedom like you've never known or experienced before. Subscribe now, and start a journey to discover your best life - the life you love to live.

  • Linda & Drew Scott (HGTV’s Property Brothers) invite you into their home for conversations with artists, experts, entrepreneurs and innovators. Join them as they go beyond design to explore what really makes a house a home.

  • Art History doesn't have to be dull and boring! Let your kids and teens learn about the different art eras and get to "know" some of the famous artists, by joining veteran homeschool mom and artist, Alisha Gratehouse, and her daughter, Olivia, on a FUN, artsy tour across the centuries as we peek into the lives of some of the most creative minds of all time!

    Perfect for homeschool morning time, car-schooling or as a complement to your in-depth art study.

  • Your source for fully immersive, 3 dimensional audio from the Disney Parks. Join me as we take an audio journey into the wonderful sounds only found inside the Disney theme parks and resorts.

  • Honest to Dog is a weekly podcast aimed at strengthening your relationship and understanding with the dogs in your life.

  • Harvest Worship Centre exists to empower people to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.  That is the driving force behind everything we do. 
    We want people of all ages and all backgrounds to flourish in every aspect of life.  Our goal is to make a lasting difference in your life!
    HWC is the Place to Be!
    We want to partner with you to become all that God has designed you to be.  
    We all need a supportive community of friends to laugh with, grow with and to serve our community together.

  • Spiritually Shifted is the podcast for conscious family living. This podcast explores a new model and method for raising families in a more connected, present and mindful way. More and more In today’s addicted landscape, families are craving a more aligned, joyful, authentic and spiritually whole existence. During each episode, Leanne and Ric Jacobs will explore cosmic conversations, collaborations and connections with families, thought-leaders, and experts from around the globe. Join the fastest growing global community of consciously minded families as they explore leading-edge research, science, and thinking- as well as authentically honest conversations. Topics to be covered include: Holistic Family Travel, Global Family Living, Conscious Parenting, Growing trends in education, mindfulness for families, energy healing, integrative medicine, auric nutrition, sustainable self-care, spiritual psychology, simplicity parenting, pregnancy, philanthropy, legacy building, holistic wealth, spiritual principles and so much more. Join Ric and Leanne as global ambassadors supporting world healing and the human transition from spiritually starved to spiritually shifted.

  • Émission "Divan Maboule avec Dr..." est sur la santé du point de vue des enfants 😁.

    L'émission sera en direct chaque dimanche de 16:00 à 16:15 (Heure de Montréal) dans un Facebook live et un YouTube live. La version audio sera disponible à partir du vendredi suivant à 15:00 (Heure de Montréal). Aussi, le contenu de cette émission sera disponible sur le Blog Maboule.

    Cliquez le lien suivant pour avoir accès aux différentes pages de Perd La Boule :

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    Soyez Maboule 😜😉!!!

  • Your trusted source for unconventional advice and inspiration about the Womanly Art of Raising Someone Else's Kids.

  • Are you ready to REVIVE? We're a daily, one hour, live show and podcast hosted by Sunny and the REVIVE Crew! REVIVE helps refresh and renew moms and dads by giving them a break from the daily grind. The conversations are fun, honest, uplifting and focus on marriage, parenting and having a happy family life. Watch us record our podcast LIVE weekdays at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern or subscribe through your favorite podcast player. REVIVE is part of the Parents On Demand Network.

  • We research topics interesting to my son Kai (following unschooling principles) and we present the information to you! Feel free to contact us at

  • On Plus HER - A stepmoms Journey, Anne-Laurie Forbes shares the joys, challenges and lessons learned from her personal journey of becoming a stepmom. She also shares the stories of other stepmoms to give you an insight of the realities of being a stepparent. With every episode and every story shared, We aim to change the evil stepmom narrative.

  • There’s no way around it -- marriage is tough. After the exchanging of “I Do’s” and a blissful honeymoon, reality sets in. And the reality is: marriage is hard work. There are highs, and there are lows, and they both require serious time and effort. So what happens when you’ve reached your breaking point and you’re no longer interested in putting in said hard work?

    Well, if you’re familiar with her research, you contact Eve Rodsky, the author of Fair Play. In each episode In All Fairness, we’ll hear from a real life individual about a significant moment in their relationship that pushed them to their limit. Eve, along with a special guest, will provide commentary and advice infused with humor and hope.

    How it works: Eve will kick off each episode by introducing herself and chatting with her guest about today’s episode. From there, they’ll dive into the theme and story. Eve is contacted by hundreds of people seeking her advice, so we’ll hear one of their stories during the podcast. The stories shared will be real, emotional, and help our audience feel as though they’re not alone. Afterward, we’ll open it up to our guest for their perspective before getting Eve’s take, coupled with helpful tips from her book, Fair Play.

    Packed with comedic commentary, relatable stories and heart, In All Fairness is a fresh look at modern day relationships and a reminder that we’ve all been there.

  • Hello all of you good boys and girls! As the song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” says: “There’ll be scary ghost stories…” And Santa is here to do just that! Hear Kris Kringle read spooky holiday stories, and send in your own for him to read!

  • Hot Shopping Tips, hosted by consumer and financial pros Mandy Walker and Lisa Lee Freeman, is all about getting the best deals on everything—from clothing and cosmetics to cars and credit cards (and other products that don't start with a "c"!). It will also keep you up to date on the latest consumer news you need to know!

  • Hello everyone, and welcome to When I Grow Up! My name is Reyshum, and I will be your host for this podcast series. As a curious grade seven student, I am constantly asked the same question, “Reyshum what do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer to that question is, “I don’t know!” I have had the opportunity to meet many inspiring people. Doctors, singers, scientists, even politicians! What inspired me to make this podcast is the fact that I love learning and wanted to find out how some amazing people got their starts in their careers. Hope you enjoy listening!

  • Extra Scoops is a current-events based show for grade schoolers who want to learn about interesting people, places, and ideas. We help kids understand all the cool stuff that's happening in the world, and what it means to them. Host Andy Rosen is a journalist who has covered technology, breaking news, business and government at publications including the Boston Globe and The Baltimore Sun. The show is designed to familiarize kids with news reporting, but each episode deals with evergreen topics that kids can listen to anytime.