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  • Béla Anda spricht mit Bundeskanzler a.D. Gerhard Schröder über Aktuelles und Vergangenes, über sein heutiges Leben, seine Erfahrungen und Ansichten. Mit Abstand vom politischen Tagesgeschäft ordnet Gerhard Schröder die wichtigen Themen der heutigen Zeit relevant ein. Mit Erfahrung, Weitblick und Mut äußert er sich zur aktuellen Corona-Krise, Herausforderungen der Wirtschaft, Europapolitik, den kommenden US-Wahlen und zum Thema Bildung in Deutschland.

    Schröders unverwechselbare Stimme macht diesen Podcast zu einem besonderen Hörerlebnis, in späteren Folgen sind Gespräche mit Dritten geplant, etwa mit Vertretern aus Kunst und Kultur.
    Gerhard Schröder, geboren 1944, war von 1998 bis 2005 der siebte Kanzler der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Von 1980 bis 1986 und von 1998 bis 2005 war er für die SPD Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages. Von 1990 bis 1998 amtierte er als Ministerpräsident des Landes Niedersachsen. Nach dem Ausscheiden aus seinen politischen Ämtern ist Gerhard Schröder wieder als selbstständiger Rechtsanwalt in Hannover tätig. Er hat Funktionen in der Wirtschaft sowie Ehrenämter übernommen, zum Beispiel als Schirmherr des Antirassismus-Vereins „Gesicht Zeigen!“.

    Béla Anda ist Gründer von ABC Communication und einer der best-vernetzten Kommunikations-Manager Deutschlands. Seine umfassende Erfahrung in Politik (Regierungssprecher), Wirtschaft (Chief Commnunication Officer) und Medien (Chefredaktion) machen ihn und ABC zum gesuchten Experten für Krisen-Kommunikation und Litigation-PR, für Coaching, PR-Beratung und Pressearbeit.

  • From drug trafficking to human smuggling and from cybercrime to illegal mining. The Deep Dive podcast takes an in depth look at transnational organized crime investigations from the Global Initiative, drawing on the range of expertise from the GI Network of over 500 experts.

  • Author, Theologian, Exegete, and Comic Book collector, Gary DeMar does what he does best: Talk about everything and anything, relating it to how the world actually works. Welcome to the Gary DeMar Podcast!

  • Rojbash! It‘s Schaima. I‘m a kurdish girl who is realllly proud of her nation. And that‘s the reason why I wanna tell you more about my people. About the KURDS!
    Hope you enjoy!

    Biji Kurd U Kurdistan❤️☀️💚

  • EJIL: The Podcast! aims to provide in-depth, expert and accessible discussion of international law issues in contemporary international and national affairs.

    It features the Editors of the European Journal of International Law and of its blog, EJIL: Talk!

    The podcast is produced by the European Journal of Law with support from staff at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.

  • A podcast where Imogen Foulkes puts big questions facing the world to the experts working to tackle them in Switzerland’s international city. Produced as part of the Genève Vision media network, in partnership with the Graduate Institute Geneva.

  • Like a lot of other kids, Nate has questions and concerns about what is happening in Washington. The Show About Politics & History will be focus on improving the political discourse in this country through conversations with politicians, government officials, political scientists and historians. With 2020 just around the corner, The Show About Politics & History will help kids (and adults) better understand the role they play in shaping the future of the US.

    The Show About Politics & History is hosted by third grader Nate Butkus, who also hosts The Show About Science - an awesome adventure into the wondrous world of scientific research and discovery!

  • „KenFM am Telefon“ befragt Experten vor allem zu tagesaktuellen Ereignissen.

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  • Claudia Conrad unterstützt seit über 30 Jahren überall auf der Welt Menschen, die in Krisenregionen arbeiten. In diesem Podcast gibt sie ihre Erfahrungen und ihr Wissen weiter. How to perform better - ein Podcast, der dir hilft, Unterstützungsprojekte in internationalen Krisenregionen effektiv umzusetzen.

  • Every story has a backstory, even in today's 24-hour news cycle. In Deep Background, Harvard Law School professor and Bloomberg View columnist Noah Feldman will bring together a cross-section of expert guests to explore the historical, scientific, legal, and cultural context that help us understand what's really going on behind the biggest stories in the news.

  • The CGF Sustainability Podcast takes a deep dive in to all things sustainability: from forced labour, to plastics, food waste, deforestation, and refrigeration. The series gives listeners insights in to the strategies of the key players working behind the scenes to tackle the challenges facing our industry and the planet.

  • Following an official request from the UN Secretary General, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is moving ahead with plans for a World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May 2016. The objective of the event – which will be the first-ever humanitarian summit of this scale and scope – is to set a future agenda for humanitarian action to ensure improved responsiveness to the changing humanitarian landscape in terms of greater needs, more diverse actors, new technologies, and political and economic shifts.

    Through this initiative, PHAP members and their broader professional networks are provided an effective channel for meaningful participation in a process that promises to significantly improve how humanitarian action is carried out. Summit discussions are intended to reach outside of the groups that are normally consulted, in the hope that the outcomes of the process will be more relevant and have a firmer grounding in the humanitarian community. In this way, working on the Summit process is an important opportunity for PHAP to pursue its mission to “enhance the capacity of the global humanitarian community to respond effectively and professionally to current and future crises.”

  • A podcast about surviving domestic and sexual violence. Claudia Pahls and Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services explore the hope in what can seem like a hopeless situation. Our goal with “I’m Not in an Abusive Relationship” is to bring you stories of hope to inspire, and conversations with experts to offer insight and advice. The inspiration for the show and the name of the podcast came from a survivor. In her story, she referenced the fact that she didn’t see herself in an abusive relationship. She didn’t think it was “that bad.” Our hope is that anyone in that situation can hear their story in these episodes, find hope and find help.
    If you need any resources, please visit the website. or call our 24-hour hotline at 800-828-2023.

  • Programa de radio, en el que tratamos diversos temas con tacto y humor.
    Una radio amena, de índole cultural y social.
    Una radio para reencontrarnos con nosotros mismos.

    Y sí, hablamos de cosas.

  • Discussion on whether or not the French Revolution was a success.
    Cover art photo provided by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash:

  • This project promotes and facilitates research into US and gender politics by creating and sustaining an online repository of interview data relating to the multidimensional relationship between US foreign policy (USFP) and women. With the questions be...