Kids & Family – Hungary – New podcasts

  • A weekly conversation with people that inspire us, and live their lives in sync with the values we hold at Pure Green.

  • A blog/podcast for my daughter Lucy, who is 7 yrs old. In the podcast, Lucy and I will chat about the Earth, the Sky and everything in between.

  • “Parenthood Etc” is a celebrity driven podcast where no subject is off limits. Each week, celebrity parents sit down with Ashlee Malleo and her co-hosts at the family dinner table for an unfiltered, honest and hilarious look at what Parenthood is REALLY like. New episodes every week. Don’t forget to subscribe!

  • A 7 years old little girl Kiara from England talks about things in our world why they are good or bad or really good. What is like to be a child, or being a girl, or going for holiday, how much she likes school,... Podcast for children and families, from a kind-hearted smart child.

  • Cory is a husband, father of three, and whole food, vegan athlete. His blog, Lean Green DAD is a blog about food, family and fun that helps passionate people, mostly parents, who have over-scheduled, busy lives to maintain a healthy balance of nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. Visit the blog or subscribe for tips on plant-based eating, fun family activities and other great ways to support each other to get the most out of life!

  • Kata, Zsolt és a gyerekek
    Hetente megjelenล‘ podcast, benne Apple hírekkel, családi történésekkel, film és zene ajánlóval, kultúra rovattal.

    Célunk bemutatni egy keresztény polgári család minden napjait. Öröm, bosszúság és hétköznapi történetek.

  • A podcasting a rádiózás egy új formája, és mi kedvet kaptunk hozzá. Egy újságíró-számítástechnikus házaspárnak ez egy ideális közös hobby. Ha bennünket hallgattok, betekintést nyerhettek ügyes-bajos dolgainkba. Minden alkalommal egy minket érdeklล‘ témát feszegetünk, emellett szóba kerülnek filmek, könyvek és zenék is.

  • Do you want to be the best parent you can be to your dog or cat? We give you tips and tricks to improve the lives of your pets and keep them happy and healthy!

    We publish new episodes twice a week and they run from 5-15 minutes long. Sometimes we have guests and sometimes it is just the host, Liana Sanders, covering the topics you ask about!

    If you have question or a subject you want to hear addressed on the podcast just drop us a message and we will add it to our list.

    Subscribe to get the new episodes. Thanks for listening and give your pets a hug from us!