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  • From outsiders like a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to such thought leaders as anti-woke scholar James Lindsay and feminist Helen Lewis, BBC journalist Andrew Gold (andrewgold_ok on Twitter/Insta) takes us away from our comfort zone and into the worlds of people on the edge and the best thinkers of our time. New episodes every Monday.

    With an open mind and a wry sense of humour, Andrew alternates the theme of guest somebody totally 'on the edge' - whether it be the woman who married a sociopathic bigamist or an ex-Muslim whose family tried to kill her - or interviews with such leading minds as conservative peer Lord Daniel Finkelstein and scholar Helen Pluckrose.

    It's placed in Apple's New & Noteworthy category and been a top Editor Pick for Castbox and Stitcher, who also placed it in their 'What we're listening to'. Andrew has been making documentaries about bizarre, unusual and remarkable people around the world for a decade. He's done battle with an exorcist, taken on anti-abortionists and hunted for UFOs, all while living in six different countries and learning to speak five languages.

    In this podcast, he aims to get to the humanity of people living on the fringes, and introduce these people with diverse ways of looking at the world to the listener. It's not all deep and sad - he aims to get humour and fun out of these people, so the audience can also entertained! Follow him on twitter here @andrewgold_ok.

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  • With my podcasts I'll be going over true crime stories. Just a warning though, some of these stories may be triggering or bad for some people to hear, you have been warned. But withought further babbling, let's get into the cases.

  • The panoramic view of the human life through the eyes of a loser.

  • A forensic science based true crime, mystery, and myth busting podcast hosted by a former deputy coroner turned forensic anthropology doctoral student. A new three part series on the Whitechapel Murders (“Jack the Ripper”) is currently being worked on with a projected release in early July. This podcast is brought to you by Kolibri Forensics, a nonprofit organization. Suggestions for other cases or topics are welcomed via our Twitter @kolibriforensic Support this podcast:

  • Részletek egy erdélyi színésznő lehallgatási dossziéjából.

    Török-Illyés Orsolya és Hajdu Szabolcs hangjátéka.

  • All Mystery is Covered here! Crime, History, Paranormal & More

    We go inside the Authors and their writing techniques

    Past Guests have included Marcia Clark, Robert Kennedy Jr., Jesse Ventura, Burl Barer, Nancy Grace, Aphrodite Jones, Mark Olshaker, Anne Bremner, F Lee Bailey, Tom Messereau, Roger Stone, Dan Abrams, Juan Martinez and cases from JFK Assassination to Making a Murderer

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  • A világ ahol élünk hasonlít egy érmére aminek két oldala van. Társadalmunk alapjait vérrel írták, annak érdekében, hogy egy olyan világban éljük le mindennapjainkat, ami elfeledteti velünk e agresszív tetteket. Podcastunkban szeretnénk rávilágítani a "föld alatti" kevésbé ismert történetekre és témákra, amelyek néhol sértőek lehetnek, a világképünkre. De mi hisszük, hogy e tények közlésével a szépségek nem változnak csak még hitelesebbek lesznek.

  • Pretend Radio is a documentary-style podcast about real people pretending to be someone else. I interview con artists, snake oil salesmen, undercover FBI agents—pretty much anyone living a lie.

  • A Podcast dedicated to UK missing people and unresolved cases.