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  • MediTalk is an Australian Podcast Finalist in 2019.

    MeditalkPodcast is a medical podcast ''talking all things medical, in a way you can understand''. A medical podcast that empowers people by providing credible medical information so we feel more confident and comfortable to make medical decisions that best suit ourselves and our own personal situation.

    Being a podcast it is a free and accessible. It is an independent podcast that is presented by an everyday person presenting on real health-medical issues in a real way interviewing medical specialists.

    MeditalkPodcast also shares patient stories; people who have walked or are on the medical journey so people can learn from others is also very powerful.

    To become our own health advocates or to be an advocate for family member we need to become better informed and listening to MediTalkPodcast serves to help in this way.

    MediTalkPodcast is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Podcasts App or listen to episodes by visiting

  • Have you ever thought, “What am I doing?” Turns out, you’re not alone. And even the best of the best (in Entertainment, in Online Business, in Thought Leadership) have been right where you are.

    Multipassionate Creative, Speaker, Energy Leadership and Business Mentor Coach — Karen Christensen hosts The Dreamcatchers District Podcast with its companion Los Angeles workshops, events, masterminds and virtual coaching experiences; to help fellow Creative Entrepreneurs Face Fear, Get Noticed, and Feel Free.

    Time to remember who you are, what you want, and why you started.

    Hear behind-the-scenes lessons learned and strategies to: build genuine relationships, get more done, focus and follow through, pivot your brand, find mentors, pitch influencers, implement authentic marketing, digitally detox, have more energy, practice meditation, navigate transition, handle rejection, make tough decisions, attract ideal clients, improve your EQ, flex your grit, feel more flow, set boundaries, find forgiveness, achieve goals, trust your intuition, beat overwhelm and overcome self-doubt.

    For confessions, conversations, and creative direction — Mondays never felt so good. Grab the Shownotes, Get Invited, and Work with Karen at . Share your insights, questions, and big aha's on Instagram at @DreamcatchersDistrict . Rate, Review, Subscribe.

  • Tips to delivered in under 10 minutes that will make your life better!

  • Do you work on an EMS team or in a hospital? Do you want to improve patient care, love learning new things, but never have enough time? The resus10 podcast fits the info you need into the time you have. Download a 10-minute episode today and discover tips and techniques that could help your team make a lifesaving difference.

  • Hey healthcare friends, welcome to the Burnt Out to Lit Up podcast.

    We’re your hosts Erika and Mike, an occupational therapy / physical therapy husband and wife team, and we invite you to join our movement to be changemakers in healthcare.

    Inspired by our own experiences with burnout, our goal is to give you the resources, stories, and strategies to spark your personal and professional growth, help you navigate your career in healthcare, and advocate for change in our industry.

    Join us for a new episode each week as we discuss burnout, stress, holistic wellness, spirituality, and healthcare with truly inspiring guests to help you become your most lit up self.

    Let’s dive in!

    This podcast is for entertainment purposes only and not medical advice.

  • The Lifted Life Podcast exists to help you live a lifted life. Each episode we'll be sharing valuable tips and shifts from our experience of growth, becoming, and being.

  • Insight on narcissism and techniques on how to heal after narcissistic abuse.

  • The Gymnast Care Podcast brings you cutting edge sports performance strategies to help you and your athlete succeed through sport and life.

  • Rebecca L. Weber coaches with the sustainable strategies, mindset shifts, and creative skills development she uses to help independent writers around the world.

    If you’ve got what it takes to make it as a freelance writer, but struggle with confidence, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, time management, writer’s block, improving your craft, marketing, pitching, underearning, pursuing meaning in your work, or getting in your own way, this is the writing podcast for you.

    Learn, grow, and succeed as a freelancer by identifying the wants and needs of your editors, your readers, and yourself.

    Rebecca draws on her experience as a journalist covering social justice, the environment, international development, the arts, and travel for publications like CNN, the New York Times, Dwell, and Download a free guide on how to pitch at

  • Join us on a journey from finance to fitness! Discover practical tips and tricks to take control of your financial and physical health from the personal stories of industry experts. Tune in every Monday starting in January!

  • Here at the Behavior Chef Podcast we take a look at the behavior side of nutrition. Listen with us as we explore the ins and outs of behavior as related to nutrition with a plethora of guests. From experts in their respective fields, to ordinary people sharing their journeys. We will explore the depth of humanity's most relational necessity and learn a lot about the science of behavior, nutrition, and maybe a little about ourselves along the way.

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  • “The Empowering You to a World Class Life” podcast is dedicated to helping you achieve Success in all areas of your life. To create a life of Abundance in your Finances, Health, Fitness, and Relationships. Giving you tactics and strategies that will take your life to World Class Today!

  • The best AA Speakers Tapes as chosen by the Addiction Friend community!

    Resources provided by Addition Friend are intended to assist those suffering from addiction or compulsive behaviours.

    This selection of AA Speaker Tapes has been chosen by users and is intended to represent the very best of AA speakers over many years.

    Addiction Friend is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous and the recordings we offer should not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Welcome to The MotherPod, a podcast from The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, designed by moms, for moms, to create conversations focused on staying healthy through the journey of motherhood.

  • Heilsumál er þáttur um allt er varðar heilsu og heilsutengd málefni.

  • A PODCAST ABOUT LOVE, MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIPS: Couples Synergy with couples therapy & relationship experts, Dr Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian, features interviews with real couples about their marriages and relationships and offers insights on how to create a healthy and happy relationship. Having conducted marriage counseling & couples therapy for over 15 years with thousands of couples, Dr. Ray & Jean offer their expertise in addition to interviewing couples, and over the course of their podcast cover topics such as, communication, sex, conflict, divorce, adoption, infertility, miscarriage, pornography, infidelity, anxiety, depression, blended families, dating, remarriage, intimacy, addiction, social media, parenting, and much more!

  • Proceso de generacion de los estados emocionales. Explicacion de los pasos y ejemplos

  • The Improvement Project is a podcast about dabbling in self improvement 30 days at a time. Listen in and play along as Dr. Peggy Malone takes on the challenge of adding a new habit every month under the watchful eye of her accountability partner and friend, Jenny Couse. If you are looking to add new habits that will help you to be your own best self, this is the podcast for you!

  • The podcast that demystifies Intuition as our First sense and not the sixth like weโ€™ve been lead to believe. Everyone is intuitive and this podcast will help you lead your life the 1st way! Support this podcast:

  • Útvarpsþáttur um geðheilbrigði Íslendinga. Umsjón: Steiney Skúladóttir og Sigurlaug Sara Gunnarsdóttir.